Re-watching “Zhen Huan’s Biography”, it is not accidental that the queen Ulanala Yixiu will eventually lose to Zhen Huan. All her life, she has been competing with Yingying Yanyan in the palace. Of course, the most unstoppable competitor in her heart is her own sister-Queen Chun Yuan. Yixiu first entered the mansion as a side of Fujin, and originally had a happy relationship with the emperor, but because after she became pregnant, her elder sister came to see her sister, and suddenly brought disasters. Yixiu was promised because he was a concubine, as long as he gave birth to the eldest son, he would be straightened. But what she didn’t expect was that the emperor would fall in love with Jun Yuan who met for the first time at first sight. At that time, Prince Yong was immediately attracted by the beauty of his sister Chun Yuan, so when his sister was pregnant, he had put aside his promise and helped Chun Yuan in the position of Fu Jin. For this, Yixiu held a grudge, but she was also an extremely forbearing person. On the surface, the sisters were harmonious, but secretly, she took a stab at her sister. The Queen’s position obtained by this is not too glorious, but the culprit is, after all, someone’s lust. In addition to her hatred of Chun Yuan, there has always been a dispute between concubines and concubines. She cares too much about her status as a concubine. Of course, she is not to blame. After all, in which era, the division of dishu is much harder than we thought. How could it be possible for Shuchu to enter the Forbidden City as a leader, and he can only be regarded as a deputy leader. What’s more, she might have realized later that she was just a pawn of the queen mother, and her sister was the one who would take advantage of it. Before Zhen Huan appeared, Yixiu’s life was smooth. She did not expect that there is still a woman like “Wan Yu Lei Qing” in the world, who is so similar to Chun Yuan, she is afraid of a repeat of the tragedy. So, where did she lose in this competition between her and Zhen Huan? 1. Her personality is extremely insecure, and she is out of identity restrictions. As mentioned earlier, the woman who was born out was not regarded highly in ancient times. In the play, we can see Yixiu calligraphy and medical skills. This is a rare experience in the age when a woman could only embroider. It can be seen that she How much effort has been put into this! What’s the use of working so hard? As soon as the elder sister appeared, she was forced to go offline immediately. How can she be willing to give so much? So you see, at this time she has begun to secretly compete, but all of this, in the final analysis, is the imprisonment of the feudal concubine! 2. She extremely forbears to pretend to be herself, and always looks like a good wife in front of the emperor. When Zhen Huan Yibo’s young lady first entered the palace, the queen went to the emperor to propose a title and reported the arrangements for the dormitory. The emperor talked about Zhen Huan and wanted to seal a noble person. Yixiu changed the emperor’s mind and gave the noble person to Huan Huan and sealed a permanent presence. Yixiu said that the House of Internal Affairs should be titled. Huang Sang took Yixiu’s hand and wrote the word “wan”, “I think Zhen’s smile is beautiful!” Yixiu’s embarrassed look, not to mention it. It’s ugly, she must be thinking about this future by no means a waiter. After that, she arranged a good place for Huanhuan. She knew that Concubine Hua would definitely come to suppress her. She arranged a good arrangement and suppressed Concubine Hua once. Sure enough, Huanhuan was arranged to the broken Yuxuan far away. But all the calculations can’t stop the emperor’s feet, and people are willing to go no matter how far away. So you see, she is not a silly white sweet who can’t be slaughtered by anyone. She is obedient and obedient to the emperor on the surface, and there are so many twists and turns behind her back. The picture comes from the Internet 3. Everyone is a pawn in her hands, and defeat is the loss of popular support. After Zhen Huan returned to the palace, she found that Concubine Hua couldn’t beat the Queen by herself, so she started to pull up her team. She was sincere to her teammates. She gave her teammates what they lacked, gave her children, and helped them get promoted. Each of them was sincere, and even her own daughter was raised by the concubine. Looking at the queen again, from Qi Fei to Guarga to Anlingrong, everyone uses various calculations again and again. When discarding, it is as simple as discarding a rotten chess piece, without any emotion. For them, Yixiu used them as well as using them, and immediately abandoned them when they were useless. Treating her comrades in this way, do you think she can win? As the old saying goes, those who win the hearts of the people win the world. When I saw that the concubine and concubine Zhen Huan began to approach Zhen Huan, I knew that she would be the last king. The picture comes from the network of Yixiu’s whole life, struggling to stay behind and becoming a queen mother, and wanting to grasp the emperor’s heart all his life, but in the end it was nothing. It was like what she said to the emperor, “I wish to see each other day and night.” After all, it was just a poor man in a deep palace.


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5 months ago

Because Zhen Huan didn’t care about whether she would be the queen mother in the end, what she cares about is to survive in the harem. So looking at what Zhen Huan did, sending children, winning concubines, and treating her offspring, there is nothing that looks bad. She needs the help of others to make her survive. The same is true for others, such as Jinxi. , Even if she went to Shen Xing Si Lao Ren and might offend Long Yan, she would still go. But looking at what the queen did was like Battle Royale. For the queen, she could only be a victor. Even if the other people formed an alliance for a short time, it was not sincere. Her ultimate goal was to kill them all. Like the emperor’s fight for the throne, only one person can win, but the loser who participates in the fight will end badly. Regarding allies, after the blood test ended, the queen, as the loser, lost a noble man. As a result, she still said that she was “not useful”. Although An Lingrong did not like noble man, he saw the queen like this. Attitude, how can you not be sad. Huechun came out and was beaten to the Department of Sentences. Qi Guiren was beaten to death with a stick. The queen didn’t mean to save people at all, so she immediately discarded what they wanted them to stay away from herself. Zhen Huan’s utilitarianism is not so important. For her, apart from having no feelings for the emperor, there is also the fact that the family is not important, and there is nothing wrong with win-win.

5 months ago

In terms of scheming, the queen is better than Zhen Huan, and the city is deeper. She also has an advantage. She has been around the emperor longer than Zhen Huan. It can be said that she knows the emperor’s character and weaknesses very well. But in the end, why was she hit by Zhen Huan with one blow and another without the strength to fight back? First of all, she is too vicious to the alliance, and has no sympathy. She completely treats the alliance as a pawn, overwhelming others with power and interests. For example, An Lingrong, a colleague who has always given her advice and is always by her side, always stares at her whether she will become pregnant or whether she is too petted, and does not leave An Lingrong with any hope or dignity at all, An Ling Rong hated her a lot while doing things for her. To suppress someone in this way, as long as this person is desperate and given a chance, he will definitely have to retaliate. The last clue An Lingrong left to Zhen Huan can be said to be not in The people around the queen for so many years really couldn’t find it, and this clue was also a great cause of the queen’s downfall. In the past, there were unwritten rules in the noble house. You must not treat people around you, such as personal maids, because they know too much. If you have a heart, you can kill the master in minutes. And Zhen Huan is a hundred times better than the Queen. She often uses her feelings and understanding each other’s sufferings to win people’s hearts. She will give the people she wants to win over what she wants most. Except for the mistake of An Lingrong, other people. , It can be said that she is very accurate. She uses feelings for Meizhuang. For Concubine Jing, she raised Ozuki with trust. For other people, it is beneficial to profit, and affectionate. Secondly, the queen will lose because she always regards herself as an eldest wife. In her heart, as long as she destroys all the women, she can keep her position as the queen. To completely lose myself. She couldn’t see through the emperor, and the emperor lingered in the flowers. It was not that those women were too attractive, but that the emperor himself was too ruthless. She never saw through this point. She always had a little illusion about the emperor.

5 months ago

Seeing a lot of answers, I didn’t see the fourth elder brother, so I wanted to answer a wave. When Zhen Huan was pregnant with twins, didn’t the emperor want to take her back, but the queen used Qin Tianjian to trap Zhen Huan. Oh, now Zhen Huan is uncomfortable. After all, she is outside the palace and it is a nun’s nun. If the queen moves slightly, Zhen Huan can’t guard against it. What’s more, it is the most important thing to go back to the palace early and blow the ears to the emperor to rescue her family. But the queen was too anxious. She thought that Zhen Huan was trapped by Qin Tianjian, and Zhen Huan would not be able to return to the palace, so she pointed the finger at the fourth eldest brother. It’s true that Si elder brother diligently made her jealous, but it is still early, let alone the identity of Si elder brother who originally didn’t like the emperor, as long as the third elder brother is invincible, he is the one in the future. As a result, the fourth eldest brother was not successfully poisoned. Instead, the queen mother thought of Zhen Huan outside the palace. The emperor had few children. If Zhen Huan’s child had done it for the queen outside the palace, it would be even less. The queen mother persuaded the emperor to pick him up. Zhen Huan is back. I feel that all the ways in front of the queen are okay, but this is too impatient, so that Zhen Huan can’t go back to the palace and want to kill the fourth elder brother, which makes it difficult for the queen mother to do Ann, the queen is also a wrong step…

5 months ago

In fact, Zhen Huan’s biography is simply and rudely divided into two parts. In the first part, when Concubine Hua was there, Concubine Hua and the queen fight in the second part. After the fall of Concubine Hua, Zhen Huan was temporarily suppressed (out of the palace), but after returning, she entered Concubine Xi and Concubine Xi. In the second part of the Queen’s new round of battle, many of the plots are slightly sloppy. The Queen is obviously different from the previous one. If you want to go into details, I think it’s mainly the first part of the emperor’s attitude. No matter who the emperor favors, whether it’s a favor or not, it’s not a complete comeback. He loves Concubine Hua because of her brother, and he loves Zhenhuan is just because of Wanwan. Class Qing, but Wushan is not a cloud. The emperor really loved the dead Chun Yuan. Therefore, the queen can use the technique of power to balance the concubine and fight against her dissidents. However, in the second part, after experiencing Zhen Huan’s exit from the palace, the emperor suddenly realized that he did not completely use Zhen Huan as a pure-yuan shadow pet, but really fell in love with her deity, and was completely unable to let go of the period when she was with Zhen Huan. “I thought I was using Zhen Huan as a shadow.” This was terrible. The emperor began to love someone, and once this person returned to the palace, he gave birth to twins and had a lot of guilt that the emperor had toward her, which was much more difficult to deal with than Concubine Hua. So the queen is difficult to parry in the later period. Even the risk of a blood test is used, as if it is urgent.

5 months ago

In the early stage, the queen was an invisible Ah Ke, who was chasing Zhen Huan and beating her and dared not come out under the tower. However, in the later period, the queen robbed the team and scolded others, causing his teammates to hang up and soak in spring water online. There are also two direct offline. The queen felt that the old lady was pretending to be a god, and she didn’t want to play like playing five. But she found her position was exposed by An Lingrong who had jumped upside down. Silk Blood Zhenhuan filled herself with milk in one bite. The duan Fei Thief, who is on the opposite side, can resist damage. The opposing shooter Ye Lan was the only one to be a pet, and he was as crackling as he was opening up. Although the concubine Jing is a bit silly, her ability to advance is pretty good. The most miserable thing is that I haven’t found it. The Hazy Daji Yue, who is in the grass, jumped out and hit the face directly with a set of “The emperor’s mother sucked and pushed her.” She immediately went back to her hometown and said plainly, that is, the other party. The economy is up, and I am isolated and helpless

5 months ago

A major premise is that Zhen Huan’s mentality and position have changed. For the queen, two people are already tearing their skin, and the barriers are clear. In the early stage, it belongs to me and the enemy is in the dark. Zhen Huan once thought that she was attached to the Queen and was not prepared for it. But the Queen just wanted to use Zhen Huan to overthrow Concubine Hua, and she planted the chess piece Lingrong early to provoke the discord and take it for her own use. Therefore, Zhen Huan is equivalent to the enemy, and weakness is inevitable. Not to mention that Zhen Huan’s methods have been upgraded from love to hatred to the emperor, from throwing a rat to avoid using it to use it schemingly. Then let’s talk about the source of the power of the harem woman: 1. The power of the mother’s family. Zhen Huan was raised to become the Niuhulu family. Of course, this is considered an honor, but it has no practical value; it should be cultivated as the Ulanala family, but the clan has no help, and the concubine cannot be favored. The only reliance on the Queen Mother was also disappointed with her because she repeatedly abused the emperor’s heirs. In this regard, there is no extra point for two people regardless of superiority; 2. Spoiling. Zhen Huan wins this point. Although it was all because of Chunyuan, Huanhuan was like Chunyuan, after returning to the palace, she took this to the extreme, and the emperor cherished it very much. The only thing the queen had was Chunyuan’s sister. This is just to protect her status, there is no extra point for petting. At this point, the queen loses; 3. Heirs. Needless to say this point. The queen tried her best to kill her mother and win her son to get the third eldest brother who is mediocre and unloved. Zhen Huan adopted two sons and two daughters in succession. For the pancakes with thin heirs, it is really a treasure love concubine. 4. Comrades in arms. The two generals of the Queen’s Party, Qi Bi and An Xiaoniao. The one who is stupid and has no brains and beauty, and the one who is not talented and virtuous depends on medication, and can be spoiled by his opponents and the empress, and he can’t get pregnant. The three also have their own minds and are jealous of each other; Zhen Huan Party Huanhuan respects concubine and Duan Concubine. The concubine Duan, the concubine tiger girl, and the concubine Jing concubine calm and calm, are all wise, smart, experienced and full of combat effectiveness. All three have been killed by the queen, and Duan Jing’s failure to conceive can be regarded as deadly enemies. In addition, Duan Concubine was able to adopt Wen Yi Zhen Huan and made great efforts. Jing Concubine’s Ozy Moon was even Zhen Huan’s biological daughter. Zhen Huan also raised her daughter to Jing Huan, which is regarded as an adult favor to Jing Concubine. The relationship between the three is unbreakable, with common enemies and children, which is a hundred times stronger than the Queen’s Party. As for the other concubines in the harem, they are naturally sitting on the fence. However, as the brain circuit of normal people, a team of an imperial concubine, two noble concubines, and four princesses and two elder brothers, seems to crush a team of unfavored queens and mediocre elder brothers in terms of numbers alone? So Xingui and his ilk are also standing in Zhen Huan silently. The right time and place, and the queen who is not occupied, is also inevitable to fall into decline, right? Of course, the last thing I want to thank is the protagonist’s halo, which made Huanhuan’s death and good fortune repeatedly, and finally embarked on the pinnacle of life.

5 months ago

The queen never grasped the main contradiction of the struggle. She has never really distinguished who is her enemy and who is her target. The queen’s two biggest mistakes are: always acting emotionally, trying to get the emperor’s true love. Feelings are the taboo of political struggle. Second, the queen was able to unite most of the forces to fight the concubine Hua in the early stage, but after the fall of the concubine Hua, she was triumphant and failed to unite the majority of people. Whether the Queen and the Concubine Hua and Zhen Huan are good, it is actually a struggle between the Queen and the representatives of the Empress. Zhen Huan can win because she sees the essence of the contradiction. She unites most people and fights against the emperor. The queen is still vying for favor, wanting to fight other concubines. Strategically lost

5 months ago

The harem is a battlefield without gunpowder. There is no Chu River and Han realms. The so-called precautions, the queen must step up to train a Chun Yuan No. 2 and Hua Fei No. 2 in Zhen Huan’s practice for two or three years, or let the concubine give birth to a few children to expand the camp, or be strict Monitor Zhen Huan to prevent her from returning to the palace, but she is too proud and feels that she has no worries. Yixiu understands that Zhen Huan will definitely have revenge when she comes back. It is easy to hide with a spear, and it is hard to guard against an arrow. It is better to start first. , But the lineup is too poor, and the effect is very low. She understands the importance of heirs and stands as the eldest son. The eldest son will only consider the virtuous until the eldest son is guilty of a major offense. Therefore, the queen clings to the third elder brother and designs to kill the concubine Qi, but she fails to raise her well. He has caused Sange’s ability to be a defender of the city reluctantly, unable to keep his duty, easy to believe that other people’s core weapons and equipment are too weak, the enemy’s attack is too strong, can only defend, and cannot attack and select teammates. The vision is too bad. One is deep-minded, one is superficial and arrogant. He can only send blood to the front line. As he gets older and older, near menopause, emotional instability is a big taboo. The blue buff of the queen mother is useful, but the body is not good. Actually Zhen Huan returns. The queen of the palace is in the state of a queen. In the early stage, it is best to pretend to be a white lotus, crying miserably, and let the others go first. Cui Jinxi’s affairs can be completely relaxed. Involving Su Peisheng is to work against Shiro. At this time, it is to show his kindness. The best time for mercy is to make Shiro grateful. The management of the Sixth House must be held in his hands to maintain harmony, and make a fuss about the performance of the king of the county to Zhen Huan. Loyalty is the emperor’s bottom line. In short, take your time. The longer the time, the better the chance of winning. Big

5 months ago

Yixiu has no vision of sustainable development. Imagine the equivalent of his husband changing from a fringe salesman to a CEO, 50,000 second-hand cars are replaced by Aston Martin, business capabilities and scope continue to expand, one sentence can determine the life and death of other salesmen. From public rental housing to single-family villas in the city center, the number of employees has expanded from 200 to 20,000. Her husband’s thinking has entered the era of intelligence. She has remained the same, and managed her 200-person team in accordance with the original method of individual positions. Her husband said: This year, we will take it to the next level. She said: Husband, you are already great. By the way, in your success is the 20,000 angel investment of my natal family. By the way, you still owe me a promise. If you fall in love with the real goddess, you throw me aside. This is unfair. The goddess can’t stand it anymore. You have to control me and give me back. Also, don’t forget, the goddess is still my sister. If you don’t listen to the goddess, you are ungrateful! You still owe her. up to you. At the same time, there was a new goddess who shared a common language with her husband, who was young and beautiful. Her husband left you aside again. But she never has a long memory. She and her husband are arranged marriages and marriages of interest. Her husband was attracted to your family at first, just to win 20,000 angel investment and expand the reserve, and to respect her like a guest is just to look at her family’s face. But her sister is here! No way, at a glance, thousands of years of free love killed the arranged marriage in minutes. Her husband’s nature is exposed, but how does she deal with it? Deal with other people’s true love. Then she thought this was the most effective. I thought it would cure all diseases. She has a good IQ, but her EQ is worrying. Ten years of Jingsheng has become a habit. She did not learn new knowledge and skills. Because her husband loves the goddess and her mother’s face, and supports her with delicious food, she thinks she loves you. But who is her husband? Addicted to true love! As long as he suspects true love, he is desperate. As long as you suspect that you don’t love, slay the horse with tears! The new goddess Shuangshang Online, with a long-term vision, is not her sister, she still wants to use expired tickets to start a new ship? ? Her original single-digit organization for 10 years was not guaranteed. The new goddess and new officer took office, uniting all the forces that can be united, and developing the team from single digits to a hundred, completely female version of her husband. Well, that’s it, the crushing begins…

5 months ago

The first point is that Zhenhuan Ganlu Temple’s determination to become a monk strongly stimulated the emperor’s heart so that the sick wanwan became Huanhuan. After all, men are cheap and they can’t get them. The second point is that Zhen Huan, a monk in Ganlu Temple, indeed experienced the suffering of humble status enjoyment, and also experienced love and love, and even after the accident of the Guojun king, his father had an accident. He understood that the status of power in the imperial society is the most important. It’s important, as if we don’t experience the severe beatings of the society and don’t know the importance of learning. The third point is that the queen has no culture and too underestimate the enemy. I think Zhen Huan who is a monk has no threat. If the queen has a little culture, she will know that Wu Zetian who has no hair will become a queen, and Yang Miaozhen who brought her to Taiqing to practice will still become a queen. The imperial concubine. If the queen could concentrate on learning, instead of chanting sutras and rituals, it would not be the case. The fourth point is that Huanhuan can be healthy. One is the literal meaning of being able to give birth and raising, and can send children to teammates, the other is that our Ozuki’s emperor sucks and pushes her mother, and Hongyan’s I want my aunt to die! Fifth point (a bit sleepy, go to bed first, and continue to dig when someone sees it)

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