373 is responsible for trading DNF game currency. Tencent’s appeal is: DNF is Tencent’s game. Players’ game currency, equipment and even characters are owned by Tencent. Players only have the right to use it, and they have no right to trade privately. Then during the trial, the lawyer of 373 asked Tencent, according to this reason, I only have the right to use the money in wx. If I transfer the money, will I be sued? (Netizen Chaldean Observer)

I suddenly remembered that I had played a game called “King of the Battlefield” before, and I can’t remember the test I started playing in 2008. It’s the agent of Penguin. After playing for several years, it was free at first, but later the free stuff was weakened to make way for the payment. The paid items include body armor and smoke bombs, instantaneous explosions (can’t hide, ordinary ones can hide when they see the bombs), and powerful rifles. You can pay for all the outer clothes and you can pay for the liver. When you get to the penguin, you can pay all. This basically counts as the current monthly card, 60 yuan. This kind of thing is basically everyone has to buy, there is no concept of body armor. It’s not like the games of some factories now, which can still be prostituted for nothing by relying on the liver. Later, the paid body armor was too thick to move, and a turntable draw was started, which was the same as the current 648. Inside are specially strengthened weapons. This is an exaggeration. In FPS games and gun games, paying players can’t kill with a single shot, and they can resist 2-3 shots more physically than monthly card players. Good guys are even live targets for monthly card players. The game data is encapsulated by the Korean Ruddy Duck, but Penguin has invested in it and has independent operation rights, which is different from the servers in the world. After the data packet is sent, Penguin needs to modify the data first. A bug occurs during this process, which leads to the game currency can be swiped in the game. After Penguin finds out that it is not to review the bug fix by itself, it is to restore the data package to the user who swiped the money. Banned. However, many of the major players in the banned game currency were legally issued by 3399. (That’s the liver, a few accounts swipe the victory game) At the same time, many guns bought by normal users have also been recycled. (And I don’t know where the bug of the money was leaked.) Later, it was estimated that the doorknob in the desert may be worn by a GM, and I was depressed, and said I saw through. Directly type on the public screen: “I am the game manager, you are waiting for the title.” The next day, my friend came to me and told me that I was banned (you can see the status in the friend list). I said I am in the game now. Then I log out and can’t get in again when I go online. Then half a month later in the next issue of the banned list, I saw that it was banned for a year, and the reason for the ban was not written. (I want to note here, if it is really cheating blocked or machine code identification, it will not be blocked immediately. It will not go online until the next period. There is a reason for blocking behind the account, one period per month. And cheating is permanently blocked. , Money swiping and malicious BUG modification of game files are sealed for 1-3 months, and there is no one year sealed in the process). Then retired to CSGO, and got on the big glass ball in a year. Later, after unblocking and going back, I found that it was no longer possible to play without re-Krypton, and because the privately modified data would not be optimized, the game optimization was very stretched, and the data conflict was stuck. Moreover, there are some big melons in operation, no less than the entertainment circle, Chinese events and so on. Everyone who plays this game knows it. In the end, the game was out of service. At that time, it was basically all paid users, and basically couldn’t play without paying. It was all Xinyue 1 Xinyue 2 and so on. Then he went to make trouble and said that he would lose money. The penguin lost a wool, but in the end the player had no choice. They said that they would get a discount and exchange them for a game of Penguin for props (it seems to be DNF or something, the equipment was more valuable at the time), and the penguin ended up disgusting. The idea is to change the props for crossing the woolen thread to make those paying users disgusting one by one. Finally, I don’t know if I changed it. (The ratio seems to be that if you charge up 10W to exchange for 2K woolen items, I can’t remember clearly.) The above is the same logic as Penguin this time. The game is for you to play, you charge up, and I want to change the data. its mine. My fault is also the player’s back. The player’s gaming experience is irrelevant.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

I don’t know the law, I just want to bb. It seems like a reasonable right to defend, how come you are so evil in Tencent’s hands? It’s not a day or two for tx to be ugly. The entire company’s operation method is one of the best, that’s right. Money seems to have a weird obsession. Games and QQ are trying their best to collect money. Takeaway WeChat payment has also begun to play a monopoly. He can be seen in all walks of life. It is already close to covering the sky in the Chinese market and it can truly develop. For a century-old company, the praise of users is a very important development factor. However, Tencent has been criticizing constantly in the past two years. Although they have been using his products, no one is grateful to him. Doesn’t this mean anything? Just take the game. For example, what is the well-known CSGO operation method in the industry? Don’t force Krypton, make money by relying on the skin of guns with no attribute bonuses. You have hundreds of millions of pairs of guns in stock, and you are in the same position as my whiteboard ak. Compared with similar gunfight games like CF or Peace Elite, the gold points can gradually become stronger. If you have money, you will be a master. In other words, you will be forced to krypton. If you have no money, you will not be worthy of entertainment. If you can also become stronger, then you should hurry up and sleep.) I didn’t say in the wave of suing DNF that rights protection is normal, but rights protection can arouse such great public outrage. If tx still has a conscience, think about it.

5 months ago

Good guy, go back and look at the account opening agreement. Maybe the money I put in the stock trading with the broker goes to the broker? Compare the logic. . Registering a game account = opening a brokerage account and recharging to get virtual currency = getting account funds (real money and silver investment) getting early and greedy and moving bricks = various research transactions (on the basis of the services provided by the platform, a series of physical and mental labor), some equipment = earned Some money (account income) So, why do I only have the right to use the output of my labor? Tencent wants all account income to settle the player’s salary first, right? See how much service fees other brokerages take. It’s really a proper conscience enterprise. The account is rented to you, so all the income you put into the account to spend energy and money is also rented to your old social landlord land has not been pitted so hard. To put it bluntly, it is definitely the overlord clause. I hope that the conclusion of this case can advance the process of legalization of virtual property. . In fact, it shouldn’t be difficult. Just take the provisions of the labor law and protect the players’ labor income.

5 months ago

“DD373 is responsible for trading DNF game currency. Tencent’s appeal is: DNF is a Tencent game. The player’s game currency, equipment and even the role are owned by Tencent. Players only have the right to use it, and they have no right to trade privately. Then during the trial 373 The lawyer of Tencent asked Tencent, according to this reason, I only have the right to use the money in wx. If I transfer the money, do I have to be prosecuted? “Personally, there is no problem with the transaction, even if it is the right to use the transaction, it is okay. , And this is a fact, that is to say, they are doing this now, not only domestically, but also abroad. There should be no objection to this point. Tencent’s appeal may be that DD373 is particularly like a plug-in, this may be a starting point. Players don’t have to worry too much. Generally speaking, tx will not offend the majority of gamers on a large scale. After all, it is the parents of food and clothing. The goal of tx is DD373, and that’s it. As for whether more than 40 million can be compensated, we can not care about it, anyway, we will not divide me if we lose it.

5 months ago

Let me tell you a story first. Damocles was a courtier of Dionysius II, the tyrant of Syracuse, Italy in the 4th century BC. He liked to flatter Dionysius very much. He flattered: As a great man with power and prestige, Dionysius is really lucky. Dionysius proposed to exchange identities with him for a day, then he could try the fate of the leader. In the evening banquet, Damocles enjoyed the feeling of being a king. When the dinner was about to end, he looked up and noticed the sharp sword hung with only a horse’s mane above the throne. Dionysius II said: “This sword is a dangerous symbol that threatens the king every minute. As for the king’s happiness and well-being, it is just an appearance.” Yes, here is the story of the sword of Damocles. Why mention this? Because today I just saw that the sword of Damocles, which hung over Ali’s head to punish monopoly, has begun to fall. I was wondering when the ponytail hair with the sword of Damocles tied to Tencent’s head will be broken!

5 months ago

Legislation in this area is still very vague, but the country is advancing it. In the process of advancing, I think the country needs to listen to the opinions of this industry and combine it with the status quo of the industry. The ownership of virtual items directly affects the development of the industry, especially online games. Online games are different from stand-alone games. After a stand-alone game is purchased, data such as the game and the player’s archive are undoubtedly owned by the purchaser. But online games are different, because online games often need to adjust and balance game data during operations. If the ownership of the items in the online game belongs to the player after the purchase, then according to Article 240 of the Civil Code (The owner shall have the right to possess, use, profit and dispose of his real or movable property in accordance with the law.) It is stipulated that when online game developers or operators want to adjust game data, they must obtain the consent of the players. If the player disagrees, the data of the virtual item that the player has acquired cannot be adjusted. This will cause huge obstacles to the development and operation of online games. In the same way, some game modes will also become “illegal”. For example, in the previous legend, killing a player character would explode equipment and become a robbery of virtual property. Similar to the setting in DNF that upgrades and strengthens equipment will explode, the equipment operator will have to compensate the player if it explodes.

5 months ago

I wonder if you, Tencent, did it for me to play for free? right? Did everyone remember this? It’s like you lent me your toy car to play with. I’m building a house and buying a runway. When you want to return to your car, you want to take the runway house away by the way, and you won’t pay me. Does it make sense? Is this money yours? Is this account yours? Every piece of clothing in this account has a relationship with you, oh unless you send it, do others have a relationship with you? How did the money come from? The player recharged it. It’s like a swimming fitness tube, I get a card. One day you went bankrupt, can the money in the card still belong to you?

5 months ago

Personally, this is two concepts. Although we often see Tencent’s monopoly, this defense is difficult to establish. Although Tencent Games and WeChat Pay are all products of Tencent, they are developed and operated by them. However, the game characters and equipment are developed and produced by Tencent, and the copyright ownership is fully owned by the research and development party. Tencent provides users with game currency, characters, equipment and other transactions based on the transaction of the game platform itself. What players spend money to buy is the use of these virtual assets. right. The defendant’s use of plug-in behavior must have constituted unfair competition. There are many previous cases of this kind. The money of WeChat Pay is different. The user deposits his own property into the payment account and has the premise of binding a credit card or debit card. It is essentially his own money, but it is only used for online transactions.

5 months ago

Just look at how NetEase did it…
Two players trade game currency, which is illegal
You have to buy and sell game currency through the official platform. If you don’t believe in evil, you will have no place to cry.
When there is power and ability to monopolize, even without legal risks, it is the individual (entrepreneur) who will do this
It’s silly to be rich and not earn
As for how to look at it, it depends on whether you are a 373 shareholder or a Tencent shareholder.

5 months ago

The first thing I want to say is that Tencent’s terms are not legal. Don’t think that signing yourself is a compromise. Violating clauses are not recognized by the law, even Tencent cannot. The player’s account is indeed owned by Tencent. This is true for all platforms in the world. For example, games purchased on Steam are paid subscription games in their user agreement. Players only borrow the rights and can withdraw them at any time. Why is there such a setting? Because if you have the ownership of the account, you open the game in the game, do any violations, the official has no right to block your account. Then Tencent said in the video that the property belongs to Tencent, which is not recognized by law. The property in the game belongs to the player, and Tencent’s terms are completely invalid before the law. He used this as a reason. Basically, as long as the judge’s mind is normal, he knows how to make a decision. Then the problem of DD, the DD platform, has always had a serious loophole in account transactions, that is, the problem is retrieved and will not be dealt with. Ten DD numbers were bought, and nine were retrieved. That is commonplace. To be honest, if DD does not have this problem, the entire network of absolute public opinion supports DD, instead of having a certain mentality to keep watching the game and eating melons. But there is no if. At best, this is a capital-to-capital game. There is no benefit to the player.

5 months ago

There are a lot of young user groups. A common sense question, the issue of account ownership in World of Warcraft caused a disturbance in the player community at the beginning. The ownership of the network account belongs to the platform operator itself. The logic should be to quote the account ownership of the bank card as the bank. If you mind the ownership, it is recommended to use it. Cash, because the account ownership of Alipay and WeChat is not yours, but don’t worry, the money is still yours. This is not washing Tencent, it is just a matter of common sense. Secondly, dd373 is not a good thing. It’s good if a dog bites a dog and sees the result. People who have fun are happy to fish. Later, I went to watch the trial video and found that the video was misinterpreted by various people. The focus was not on Tencent’s account ownership issue. This is an attempt. The most important thing is that Tencent proposed that all the props in the game are Tencent’s value-added service content. , Not owned by the user, although-this is the unspoken rule established by the Internet that everyone knows. The reason why you recharge other people’s games on the Internet will not be refunded. Everyone knows that, but this is not It should be put on the table, not to be put in the court trial. DD373 is almost laughing to death—and in this way, Tencent Q coins are also value-added items. Tencent used to use Q coins to pay wages, benefits, and transaction payments on behalf of RMB. Didn’t it commit fraud? It is recommended that those who have the conditions initiate a lawsuit against Tencent; I can only be a fan of Xiao Ma, and officially withdraw from Tencent’s fan list. The company is big and there are so many problems. It is obviously a big company. I have given so much money. S_B Can still so much

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