Faker Czar is absolutely strong, but it is not exclusive, bdd and dade czars are also very strong. Personal opinion: Exclusive either plays this hero into a new realm, or changes the gameplay, or the game is unusually weird, everyone Let’s take a look at it, don’t use friendly discussions, pure entertainment, except Faker, let’s talk about the others in order of position. The previous single article 1. OMG Gogoing’s Ryze (I know the order is wrong, but the next article mentions the big brother, and there will be doubts in front of it.) s4 knockout, OMG vs. FNC, OMG vs. White Shield, big brother Ryze is In a two tough match, one person stood in the front, chasing five people opposite, and then flashed W to keep people. In that era, the top singles played like this can be said to be “the only one”. Before telling the truth, the Chinese and Korean anchors Someone in Sai didn’t know the eldest brother who said that this stone man is a real mess, I am quite emotional, and Ryze’s redo may also be attributed to the eldest brother. 0. Faker’s Ryze, Galio. If I say that big brother redo Ryze’s play, there are indeed some doubts, but that Faker redo Ryz’s play is absolutely unquestionable. It can be said that Ryze is because of the existence of Faker. It has been redone several times. Galio has seen that Bo5 and RNG’s bo5 and knows it, there are countless waves of outrageous protection, the well-deserved shield of the sitting giant LCK, like doinb, is a kind of limit for Galio. (Lena furious) 2. Letme’s Aoun, to be honest, is not necessarily Aoun when letme played the best. When he was in GT, he singled out koro1 and gogoing those LPL’s T1 tops, but Ao En played Spring for Letme again. Everyone who played with Aoun knew that the warriors who played Aoun really eat the details, w distance, broken percentage, knock-up, etc. It was very uncomfortable to play almost alligator swordsman in the same rank. However, letme is able to beat you five or five, and even kill you when you are in a hurry. 3. The shy’s short hand is just to tell the truth, shy brother, this is simply another genius, but unfortunately the time is not as long as faker, really s8 no matter what the shy takes, I feel that it is stable, ad has a sword Steel Shadow Thain, ap has Lamborghini Angel Vampire Silas Akali, the early game can be directly suppressed, and the late game can evenly stabilize the later invincibility, which is really outrageous. 4. The shy’s long-handed man wanted to vomit when he talked about it. Originally, Calista, vn, Lucian came out and I was really happy at that time, because I think IG is really going to take off and it’s invincible. This ban is really invincible. Knowing how to use it, who knows it will become the first choice after the disease is no longer added and jackeylove leaves the team, hey, it is hard to say, I can only talk about the characteristics. Jungler Chapter 1. Insec, the originator of the blind man’s swing kick, first invented the jungler of the maneuver kick. So far, the blind man directly broke through the upper limit of the gameplay. 2.mlxg’s jungler I really want to find a famous jungler of Mr. Guo, but I found that his jungler is really unreasonable and outrageous. The first level of the game is broken. The blind man still swings and kicks the Kz down road and forcefully leads. Xiaohu went to find the rhythm, ignoring the gank, and not talking about the game. GNR flashed Q to DYU’s Morgana. The wave of Q in the sky is extremely outrageous. There is also the prince immortal god of war against the veteran of China and South Korea. Really the teacher will play. Every hero is outrageous. 3. Ning’s barrel, Zach, you will definitely be curious, why I didn’t choose other heroes, but chose the barrel and Zach. Speaking of ning’s signature, it can be regarded as being forced by ig… the jungle position needs to be opened. A series of auxiliary tasks such as regiment, frankness, vision, etc., in order to adapt to IG, ning played Zach, and for s9 someone to take the initiative to take the initiative in order to not open the sapphire blue, ning chose the wine barrel. In the single (faker mentioned earlier) 1. Doinb’s Galio, Kled, cards. If Galio of our department is the limit of protection, then the doinb predator, the aura cloak and the sprinting routine is definitely another limit of understanding, let alone playing this hero from the mechanism to the understanding, let’s talk about it. Cards, cards in this version are definitely one of the strongest in the system for doinb. Just like in the previous fpx game, the lwx Kai’Sa’s famous scene and the doinb card flashed in place. It looked like doinb was lying down and did not do anything, but in fact, he is the most important one in the middle, because he is in Qinggang. The shadows can be taken arbitrarily, and at the same time, the down road ad Kasha also has the protection of defensive towers. It seems useless, but in fact, doinb is the core of the single-belt system that protects this green steel shadow. Let’s talk about Galio, Galio, you may seem to have different skills in doinb, but after trying it, you know that this Galio is almost full of shortcomings. One is that it does not have the frankness that the green system brings, and the other is that it loses the frankness. The pressure on the line, these are the difficulties that I got after trying. 2. Xiaohu’s aircraft Xiaohu’s aircraft has a reputation of 90,000, as well as a confident aircraft against SKT. Although the loss is not enough, it shows Xiaohu’s confidence in the aircraft and the ability to carry. 3. Knight’s Ike’s Ike on the left is indeed one of the signs, against SKT’s instant faker czar, and Ike’s confidence in Wei Shen in ym to beat Verus (although that one was educated.)


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Who told you that the czar is exclusive to faker. . The Tsar’s championship skin is indeed SKT’s, but it’s Li Ge’s substitute easyhoon, Hou Ye’s. Of course, it’s not that faker’s czar is not strong, or even one of faker’s best heroes, but it really has nothing to do with exclusive heroes. I think Faker’s exclusive heroes should be Demon Ji, Ryze and Jie, but Jie has many versions that are not suitable for playing. Since the myth of the undefeated golden body of s5msi was broken, the enchantress has not been so legendary. But Ritz is basically not controversial.

5 months ago

The Tsar is easyhoon. He was Faker’s substitute at the time and the most hated man in the world. As long as he appeared, it meant that Faker was unable to play. He and his stability were like a defense tower in the middle. A tie makes the game super boring. In the finals, he was regarded as the ultimate tool for winning. The fists held injustices for this man. For the first time, the bench also had skin, and then coach Leehom was transformed into a sand soldier under the czar to relieve easyhoon’s sorrow.

5 months ago

In fact, the skin of the czar who played the czar, including SKT, belonged to Hou Ye! Lord Hou, always drop God! The faker is Rizgario. I can’t say if there is a fox. In what year was Demon Fairy Jinghuashuiyue, I remember correctly that the 100% win rate Demon Fairy was finally given to underworld BP by EDG, and then lost. Fengshen is hard to say. In the case of Jie, faker is a double-juggle battle, mainly for show to fly, but it is really not exclusive to someone. In the end, it was Ryze and Galio. Galio of Faker, I have studied for many years. It’s only one thousandth of his

5 months ago

In the top version of the Tsar, Faker is often criticized that the Tsar’s level is obviously not as good as his other heroes. Even the champion skin of the czar belongs to Lord Hou. Exclusive to someone, does it mean that only this player can play well? A Shui and Crystal Ge’s Delevingne Doinb’s Titan, Kled, madlife’s Thresh, the shy. If it is the earliest naming, it means that the hero thinks of the player. Olaf of Strawberry, Ruofeng’s card. Froggen’s ice bird, xpeke’s Casadine. Godv’s bright moon Yasuo, Faker’s robbery Demon Ji Galio. Uzi’s vn, smlz’s Jin, Xiaohu’s plane.

5 months ago

Isn’t Faker exclusive to Demon Ji and Ryze? . If it is exclusive to someone. Top laner: the shy’s sword demon vampire, marin’s sword girl, Letme’s Aoun jungler: clearlove’s widow, Karsa’s scorpion mid-laner: easyhoon’s czar, Simon’s murloc, Faker’s Ryze clockwork demon ADC : Kasa Weien of Uzi, Jinx of Deft Support: Bull Head of Mata, Thresh of Madlife

5 months ago

Faker’s signature is Ryze, Fox, Demon, old man, among them, Demon Ji once had a 100 winning rate, and the old man has a 100 winning rate so far, and whenever faker gets into trouble, the old man always saves the world with one hand. Even the famous double robbery, Yasuo in the Infinite Show, or the five cold Galio that year, are not exclusive to faker. However, for some spectators who watched the game late, especially after Faker’s first transformation, Faker’s two strongest heroes should be Clockwork and Rock Sparrow, CD-streamed outfits, and the middle lane is like a defensive tower. Steady, open-to-the-money swiping speed, the most important thing is to always get stuck in your choking throat. It is often faker’s big move, which is a flash, and a big move is all the way high. That is when Li Ge no longer relies solely on operations, but on his sense of smell, overall situation and big heart. Even in the Asian Games finals, Li Ge still chooses clockwork as his hero in the battle of life and death. . Fortunately, the incense pot kick, otherwise the clockwork has gradually begun to control the rhythm at that time.

5 months ago

The following three heroes who are exclusively used to objectively judge Faker’s true deity are neither the enchantress nor the robbery nor the czar, but Ryze, Galio, and the fox. The first one is the bottom of the box, and the European rabbit is forced to be dragged into it. The real trump card of the fifth game, the second, the ubiquitous hero debut and TP, refreshed my understanding of how a player can affect the other 9 players. The last one is that he abused the entire OGN singles and played all over the world. The terrifying auxiliary killer of the invincible. The logo of rookie is two goals and one Ji. This man’s clockwork has the same suppression power as Syndra. This is extremely scary. I have never seen a mid laner who can beat the clockwork into an assassin, and rookie Syndra’s EQ is really directional. doinb mid laner Titans, the only one who completed the strongest roaming mid laner mark for the Titans, the team’s first choice for BP, broke people’s usual fixed thinking about mid laners, and played an effect on the field and won the championship. Mata’s bull head can be said to be a representative support for the team to go around. The excellent bull head show of Samsung brain has played a trick on bull head, =madlife. Needless to say, Thresh refreshed my previous concept of support Wei Shen for the first time. : Bright moon, Yasuo, I think this game can still be played so grumpy and unrestrained! The unique personal understanding and smooth operation, it is a pity that the reverse arrow took away a spiritual and unruly young brother: Crocodile, Ryze. Back then, China had a 1V4 top order chasing a Korean stick. I I would like to call my eldest brother the strongest elixir: Mantis, there is no doubt that you smiled and said that you were willing to be a coward for a lifetime or a hero for a second. The mantis who leaped high, and the mantis who sacrificed his life brought me countless times. Tearless and stateless, Fox, the hero who drove with Pinnacle 55 back then, should be said to have opened the traditional small day of single-handed fox playing in OMG: Blind Monk, S9’s Blind Monk Show, 3 things made me cry out again and again. Sha is exclusive to the puppies, and the Kai Sha Xiu of S8 is the symbol of UZI’s true pinnacle. Ning: Wine barrels, S8 nuclear bomb barrels, 500 ap wine barrels to catch FNC on the road, autistic, FMVP’s way of opening a group Royal Blue: Luo, Xiaobao’s representative hero even changed Luo’s mechanism because of his fist, S8 is the first One support is well deserved, Luokai 4-5, Galio Zhenfei 5 people, everywhere. LQS: Songbao’s Thresh show in the decisive game, S9’s excellent wild assistant roaming, dominated the wild Jacklove: Delevingne, Xia, EZ, Jacklove’s mixed reputation comes from these two heroes, but I still think these two are the same. The cornerstone of Jack’s achievement and fame, 16 minutes of flat pushing SKT’s Delevingne, showed the horror director of LPL ad: Widow, s5 BO5 defeated SKT. The widow walked around the widow for a long time and could not be calm. The ace of the ace SHY: Vampire and Jess , Akali should say that shy brother can play any hero, but I only think that these two are his terrible exclusives. The blood pump and the pre-horror suppressing power let me know that the opponent can be destroyed in the early and mid-term. In the later stage, it can be brainless 1V4, let the ad’s health bar disappear. Akali, the real Thunder God, walks on the tip of the knife. Little Tiger: Demon Fairy and Vampire, Little Tiger was exclusive to the single kill of faker’s blood, I think Tiger The strongest pinnacle of the general should be the enchantress letme: Sheep, this is really unique. Simon: The little murloc, Simon’s little murloc counters everything, kills Kassadin E flash judgement, handsome I look like pray: Ashe still remembers S6 The arrow that turned out to be born? pawn: The representative of the captain’s earth fire, the man with a sword skin and the vampire imp: the mouse knows everything. marin: S5 Sword and the crocodile, the crocodile slings the protagonist’s unique skills, the sword with the faker to lie down and win the ruler : Verus, the same flashing R, reminds me of the ugly skin signature. Adambition: The prince of this man has something mlxg: The prince of Nightmare, if there is one person who will tell me that the jungler is the strongest, I Wish to call the incense pot the strongest, and the hunger strike is moved by the wind: cards, unique skills have nothing to say about Mao: robot unique skills brother korol: Gnar, Tathagata palm, S5 short-lived touch, spiritual players, but unfortunately the attitude is not correct condi : EZ, the son of the blind monk dragon, can’t be excited anymore. Xiye: Holy Gun, single kill faker, general Xiye who never cheats in the foreign war, congratulations to our leg brother: Klie, 1v3 can still run, leg brother Coming, S7 leg brother moved me, the most reliable top order, or our Zhejiang Taobao Quan: Blind Monk, this kid is really a pity Looper: This person’s Bobby is so outrageous and stable. The gods are the same as Ming: Dawn Wind Girl, the barrel of this person is very powerful, how to open it, how to have it, the protection ability is first-class, the excellent user of Aurora: beryl: Pan Sen, Pan Sen of S10 is really strong and afraid of showmaker: Akali This person’s assassin is really art, especially Akali Canyon: Leopard Girl S10 dominance level performance smeb: Kenan, Rambo, S6 Rambo Show and Kenan Tianlei, I would like to call the number one top laner at the time the strongest sofm: cd meat poodle, jumping repeatedly in the World Championships, art Europe G2: Parker, this is their unique skill Ignar: war enthusiastic Japanese girl, robot founder bin: 1V2 silk blood to fight back to kill Jess’s escaped sword girl, Five Kills Sword Fairy, Igniting TP Qinggang Ying, and Captain Knight: The Enchantress of MSC, it’s really a show of Jing Hua Shuiyue’s performance. I haven’t even mentioned it, maybe I didn’t see it, or I didn’t feel it. , Please add

5 months ago

Faker should be Demon Ji, Ryze, Jie, Galio, the name Faker is to represent Demon Ji, and Ryze can be said to be another hero in Faker’s hand and the final trump card. Needless to say, Jie is too much. Lun is sad, Galio is the last supernatural power. Uzi’s vn and Kai’Sa are also the first representatives in China to let everyone see the charm of these two heroes. There are countless famous scenes. If you only remember that s3 was taken away by ez aq, then I I suggest that you can name the mouse of a player Imp who has never died. In the second level catch, the third game of the game against Samsung Blue directly killed Ryze who changed lanes. It was extremely fierce as the little murloc that Simon Ye said. , If you say that single killing Faker is an achievement, then two cool single kills in a game is to unlock the achievement of Ming Shuishi, and the first wave of pre-judged single kills, and the second wave hangs Ignite Chishao back to single kill the factory manager. The widow of Faker broke the myth of Faker’s undefeated enchantress. As long as she doesn’t show up, the hero who is scared to death will be scared to death. The factory manager once said that if the widow can still appear in the game, it must be his. After that, Kanavi took a hand from the factory manager. Anne who came back to Tabe, Tabe’s self-developed auxiliary Annie allows the world to learn, and basically won’t let his Anne come out. In the version that assists the poor gang of beggars, a pair of five-speed shoes is God’s Jinx with Deft. The line is stable and tough, and one of the most harmful ad players in team battles. Jinks, as a standard team battle hero, became a very iconic hero Ts sword demon in the edg period. Although the first god descended normally, But the Sword Demon of TS One Hammer Four has completely changed the world’s understanding of this hero. As long as TS is frozen, the next thing is the bomber of the gods descending to Mortal U. He only sees the bomb but no one. Although his career is short and not glorious, but The Bomberman has been difficult to compete for so many years. Mentioned that this hero is u Xiye. Lu Xi’an of ts has a hand. Lu Xiye singles out Faker, and ts don’t eat the top lane so that he can’t get mixed up in the ad position. The heroes play their unique charms in the middle and upper levels. Liu Qingsong and mata’s Thresh have different styles of Thresh. As an aid to the previous carry games, the two of them are really not ordinary, and madlife is even more outstanding. , Both the initially removed q flash and the flashing lantern have broken people’s inherent cognition of assistance. Since then, the cognition and role of assistance in passerby games and even in the game has risen straight up like wind cards, curly robots, The death song of the gesture, the gogoing crocodile of Ryze, the stateless fox, the Sindra of the sunset, the bright moon of Wei god, the prince of pdd and the incense pot, the Aoun of letme, the creed of 957 and doinb, the wind girl of mata, Froggen’s ice bird, marin’s promise, Xiaohu’s plane, lvmao’s Bud, ming’s bull head, and some very unpopular ones that most people don’t know: Morgana of lemonnation, Ignar’s horrified Japanese girl for ssw , S7 almost overturned SKT’s war enthusiasm. The last one I believe 99% of people don’t know: Timo of Reginald

5 months ago

Everyone does not read the question, understand the meaning of the question, is this question asking who is the best to play a certain hero? Then I said that UziVN is playing well, and Gang Jing will jump out and say that the dog was bathed by the pig and ez was killed by QQ. I said that if the assassin of the seamaster is playing well, the Kong Jing will jump out and say that the seamaster is hilarious and stealing the house. As long as the Kong Jing thinks about the Kong, wants to pretend to be x, if everyone is drunk, I am alone, he will always find the Kong. The meaning of this question shouldn’t be, mentioning a certain hero, which player can most remind people of? For example, when talking about Ryze, don’t you think about Faker’s face-rolling keyboard set to kill the sword girl? Speaking of Galio, don’t you think about RNG vs. SKT? Speaking of vampires, don’t you think “TheShy’s equipment is a bit poor”? Even if he is the first to play vampire in LPL, what is the use? Who will remember his first game? But why did you remember the first one to play the dead song? Isn’t it just enough to be ornamental, innovative, or open up a path that was not conceived? Talented people have come out from generation to generation, and they have led the way for hundreds of years. This is true, so Obama ez can’t choose the heroes who can play the best and most impressive. I said that the super crocodile plays well, then you must be dissatisfied, you say that Marin is more powerful. Another said that the current Faker can’t beat the Yue Lun of the year. Good guy, a boy who really tears time and space, rather is a time assassin, looking back in time. So if you have to fight for someone to be better than someone, isn’t that cerebral palsy? It’s not the same version. Even if it is the same version, Faker Galio still lost two games in five games. Can you say that he didn’t play well at the time? So let’s say who plays well and is famous. When you talk about this hero, you can think of him and what he did. Being famous for playing is the strongest. For example, if Bolt were still farming in Jamaica, would you think he was the fastest runner? If you are not famous, you have to fight for a p, you have to type out the ornamental creativity, and you have to rush into a set to stop the opposite ad when others think you are poorly equipped. (Do you know what a Scarlet Reaper is?) You are right. The head of the prince An is really good at playing, but his influence is not as strong as that of the prince Galio system. May I ask anyone in the world who knows LPL’s strong team formation system? Who doesn’t know the prince Gario Kegmo? You said that the prince Haipai played well, and I said, oh, yes, uh, I can’t remember what he did. You said that the MLXG prince played well, I said, yes! Reverse EQ to pick a small cannon, and the two towers will start a group, and one ride will be a thousand! It’s as simple as that. Everyone plays well in different versions of a hero in different periods, different regions, but some people are famous and some are not famous. Famous is the spokesperson of this hero, and the most famous is the strongest. The following original answer is that you are right when you raise the bar, and you are right when you say you are right, hospice care. Faker’s Czar is relatively average to be honest. The following are only personal opinions.

5 months ago

On the single skateboard shoe Yue Buqun’s card, of course, only cards can see Fogan’s ice bird Jkl’s Delevingne Dandy’s Poodle’s Sindra on the left hand. This version of Sindra’s winning percentage is all my contribution. What was the name of the former m5 jungler by Edg’s Tree Monkey’s Kled? Forget, at that time, the dragon girl was also the signature monkey of the Titan Green Haired Bud Niu Coulee’s money-stealing rune. That man had too many unique skills. It’s hard to say that although the world game is very invincible, I think Casa’s giant is too invincible. The magic is also unique, but it hasn’t become a signature yet. But the czar is not exclusive to Lee Sang Hyuk, only the fifth love.

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