On the evening of April 21, 2021, Hefei first grade two girls did their homework until 3 in the morning. After finishing her homework, the girl cried with joy. The girl’s sister said that the high school entrance exam is now under great pressure, and her sister has to make up lessons every week, distressed and helpless.

The amount of homework for junior high school students is really larger from one generation to the next. My little baby Momo just went to kindergarten, but my sister-in-law’s daughter happened to be on the first day of this year. When his sister-in-law’s daughter was in elementary school, Mo Mo always wanted to play with her sister. Every weekend, her sister could come to the house and eat together. Then her sister was very patient with Mo Mo playing with clay, building blocks, placing Lego, and jigsaw puzzles… I also wrote that our whole family played Bunny Bouncing board game together. My sister was more excited than Mo Mo and devoted herself to breaking through the barrier: Every time my sister-in-law was half joking and half emotion, saying that sister Mo Mo, “You are here for my younger brother. Wen childhood?” I used to scribble and write with my sister, but even this little chance to “relive my childhood” is gone. Since my sister went to junior high school, the time to see her sister is getting less and less every weekend. When Mo Mo saw that only the uncle and the aunt (that is, the sister-in-law) came, he curled his lips and asked “Uncle, why didn’t the sister come?” Every time the uncle said: “At home, I haven’t finished my homework.” It’s not forced. The sister-in-law’s daughter is very serious about her studies. She herself requested that “I won’t come to play until I finish my homework.” Everyone knows that just recently, the Ministry of Education targeted high school students with homework. The “Notice on Strengthening the Management of Homework in Compulsory Education Schools” was promulgated on the issue of excessive amounts. The notice requires that the total amount of written homework should be strictly controlled, and written homework should not be assigned to the first and second grades of primary schools. The average does not exceed 60 minutes; the junior high school does not exceed 90 minutes. At the same time, the “Notice” clearly stated that students should not be required to self-improve and correct themselves, and it is strictly forbidden to assign or disguise assignments to parents, and it is strictly forbidden to ask parents to correct homework, so that the homework can be returned to the school education link. I feel that this time the amount of work can be specified to “no more than 90 minutes”, which is really a very clear time indicator, which shows the determination of the Ministry of Education to increase its efforts to reform. However, different children have different homework completion speeds and abilities. I don’t know if this 90 minutes is completed. What kind of student speed is used to measure 90 minutes? In addition, even if the school homework can be strictly controlled within this one and a half hour, it is really difficult to estimate and control the homework of the child’s own extra tutoring class. With the fierce competition and internal examination of junior high school students today, if the school’s homework can be completed in one and a half hours, will parents continue to add extra online lessons, oral 1v1, and tutorial exercises for their children? I don’t know if Sister Mo Mo can “take a breath” because of this reform, at least make time for the Harry Potter Lego she is thinking of:


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

According to my observations, there are two types of people in their student years: one type does not give up in order to achieve their goals, as long as they can achieve high scores, stay up late to study questions, or kneel and lick the teacher, they don’t care. The other kind is calm and gentle, and they are careful about their work, they will not break the rules for their goals, they will never stay up late when they go to bed, and they will not escape physical education to do two more questions. These two types of people account for a very small proportion, they are pure, and they all know exactly what they want, so every time I see them, I am envious. Others are stuck in the middle of the two states, using the online words-intermittent smugness, continuous mixed eating and waiting to die. Many answers have been analyzed from the perspectives of education, parents, and teachers and pointed out the problems, so I won’t repeat them. Here I want to look at it from a girl’s point of view. Have you ever thought that she is the first type of person? If it is the first category, finishing homework is her only choice, and it is the most direct way to relieve stress. If she is forced to put down her homework and go to bed at this time, will she sleep soundly? I’m afraid the notion of not completing the task will make her sleepless at night. What happens if external force is continuously applied, will she be transformed into the second category while maintaining performance? Nor! She will be depressed because she can’t accomplish what she wants to do, and will develop obsessions. People with obsessions just can’t become the second category. The transition from one category to the second category can only be spontaneous, not the result of external force. . Therefore, when there is no problem in the objective environment, respecting the girl’s choice is the best solution. In the past two years of graduate school, I feel more and more that with age, the first group of people account for more and more outstanding groups, because they know what they love and are willing to work hard for it. If they finish their homework, they will pass the exam. High school is the girl’s goal and her passion, wouldn’t it be better.

5 months ago

As a frontline teacher, I would like to talk about the problem of overwork for the reference of non-educators. 1. Due to the alienation of the assessment mechanism. Generally speaking, schools have an assessment mechanism. In layman’s terms, it is the school’s KPI. As we all know, learning input is positively related to learning time. Therefore, subject teachers often assign more homework to occupy seats, allowing students to invest more time in the subject. At this time, there is no diminishing marginal effect, discipline competition is out of order, and students suffer. 2. Absence of students’ autonomous learning habits. At the beginning, some teachers realized that assigning more homework is actually not very useful. Then try to reduce the weight, with the intention of letting students digest, think and summarize on their own. At this time, the students lacked self-arrangement, they thought it was not called homework, and then wasted time. This kind of negative feedback gave the teacher a feeling that I should have illuminated the moon with my heart, but the moon illuminates the ditch. So cruel, more homework. In this sense, I think that any kind of disordered education model cannot be simply blamed on the pressure of entering a higher school to cause involution. It is the collusion of teachers and students. The prison was built by both sides while trapping each other at the same time.

5 months ago

In today’s society, it seems that children, adults, middle-aged people, and even old people are under great pressure. I don’t know what’s wrong with this society. I went to my relatives last week. They have two children. The older is in the second grade and the younger is in kindergarten (except for the kindergarten children who are not stressed). The second-grade brother is at school from Monday to Friday and goes home on weekends. But every time I passed by, I always saw that he had endless homework and endless books. Sometimes, I feel that his pressure is no less than that of an adult. Such a small child finally came back over the weekend and had to do all kinds of homework and go to all kinds of cram schools. Of course, parents are also very hard, always want to give their children the best, fearing that the children will lose at the starting line. So no matter how hard you are, you have to spend the best money for your children. Parents pay more and naturally hope that their children will become better. Private schools cost tens of thousands a year. Invisibly, one’s own expectations, children’s pressure, layer by layer, it seems that no one’s pressure is small. It’s just that sometimes, I really feel sorry for these children. They are still so young, just playing and getting in touch with new things. When in nature, they are kept in the house to do homework and take online classes whenever they have time. Sometimes, is the child’s physical and mental health important, or the academic score is important. If they are important, can they reduce their workload and pressure slightly? I feel that in their world, they only have to study hard, make progress every day, take endless classes, and write endless homework. When they grow up, their world is indoctrinated again, work hard, earn money, buy a house and a car. . . How to alleviate the pressure of students should be arranged reasonably while ensuring their physical and mental health. Instead of blindly attending classes, writing homework, and coping with exams. Listen to the children’s own voices, and don’t impose your wishes on them. Blindly reading, too much pressure, will it be counterproductive, is this really good for their growth? It’s really worth reflecting on it…I’m @是深飘小姐吖, a grassroots migrant worker who likes to manage money, write, and make money by doing side jobs~

5 months ago

What relief is relieved? Intensify. Hefei at three o’clock in the morning is nothing. Have you seen Beijing at four o’clock in the morning? I have never seen it before. See you, how do you know how to write the word despair? This little child can’t be alone in despair. Let’s get together. Report what you can play every day, and report to everyone has no fun. Then the children did their homework and cried with joy until three o’clock in the morning; the adults sat next to the supervisor and cried with joy until three o’clock in the morning; everyone cried with joy. Roll it all up for me.

5 months ago

It reflects that some parents follow the trend to buy a school district house to harm the next generation, do not know their children’s academic ability, mental health or not, they just drive the ducks to the shelves and send their children to key schools to suffer death. Parents’ lack of affection for their children, and incompetent parents who regard their children as a tool to satisfy their own desires. There is a huge gap in the workload of different schools in Hefei. For example, forty-fifth middle school, 50th middle school, and Shouchun middle school, the workload of these schools is there. It is normal for students with weak levels to write late at night or even early in the morning. This matter is all from Hefei. all know. Sending the child in now that he knows it? Isn’t this deliberately putting the child to death? I wish your child will find you a nursing home where you can’t sleep in the middle of the night, and you will also be happy and live a few years less and suffer less.

5 months ago

What problem is reflected? Can’t reflect the problem. You think that internal scrolling is getting more and more serious, and the pressure on middle school students is getting more and more serious. Middle school students are being affected by “internal scrolling.” In fact, the pressure on middle school students has always been so great. The high school entrance examination pressure is still the initial pressure of small promotion, which was as great as 20 years ago. At that time, the criticism of examination-oriented education and tactical homework was too much, so that students could not get enough sleep and exercise, and that the children’s creativity was damaged. There are also the so-called “middle-class chicken baby anxiety” that have appeared over the years, “can’t lose at the starting line” and so on. Primary school students have three or four extracurricular classes at the same time. They have always been like this more than 20 years ago. , More than 20 years ago, people were discussing “cannot lose at the starting line.” Of course, these remarks in those years mainly appeared in newspapers and magazines. Now they appear on Zhihu. It is not convenient for people to comment publicly on Zhihu. People can comment publicly on Zhihu, that’s all.

5 months ago

In fact, liver work is meaningless. Because of this irritation, I would definitely fall asleep in class the next day. Whether I can comprehend the content of the textbook by myself after sleeping in class is random. A safer way is to read the content of the next day the day before. If you can understand it, you can do your homework with confidence, because you can sleep casually in class the next day. But if you don’t understand, then the homework can only do whatever you want, no matter what you do, save your energy until the next day. In many cases, homework is not for students to review, but to delay the pace of students, forcibly confining students who have enough energy to learn so much (because there will be no time after finishing the homework). Of course, at the same time, it also prevents the students from cultivating bad interests and hobbies too leisurely to get rid of the money at home. Nowadays, some minors use their home money to give online game krypton money and give rewards to female anchors. Parents are very troubled…. Summoning the big homework to imprison the formation. Let these students be trapped for a few hours before talking. Of course, as for how to judge which homework should be done… Hey, how can ordinary students have this ability… When I found out that I could do this question after finishing it, it was not already too late… Maybe the liver homework is of greater value, yes After the student has done this, it is better to admit his fate when he still hasn’t passed the exam. If you don’t try your best, you will think “If I work harder, maybe…”, I will regret it for a lifetime. Now that I have worked hard enough, I have reached the limit of energy, and I will recognize everything after the test.

5 months ago

What does it reflect? I know that once this question is mentioned, there are a lot of objections. No matter what you say, there will always be people who have a negative foundation in the education profession to give them special cases and their own logic. Therefore, if you say the previous, pure theory ➕ personal opinions based on professional experience, don’t like it. First, it is impossible for a good student not to be tired from fighting. On the other hand, to a certain extent, efficiency is one of the basic abilities of a high school student. So will the learner be tired of homework? I have poor eyesight and can’t see all parts of the country, but a normal school normal teacher assigns homework, is it not according to the three-point standard of Xueba? What about six o’clock for ordinary students? It’s almost half past eight, 28 hours a day? Second, in turn, it illustrates an obvious phenomenon that doing more questions, especially time to do more questions, does not mean progress. Otherwise, Xueba should be 28 hours a day, right? Third, it is easy to lead a battle. Doing more questions may help your grades in the short-term, but it may be harmful to your study and the final exam in the long-term. Let me just say that there are at least four types of investigations in the exam. Many parents are confused and think that (usually) good results are everything. I’ve explained the results questions before, and obviously no one likes to watch them, so I won’t be long-winded. In the end, studying hard is basically a dead end. Learning cleverly and learning lovingly is the idea of ​​self-help. Please refer to the “Four Realms” I posted on the public account. Education is like how to cook and raise fish. It is not complicated, but there are certain rules. If you do it right, you can easily win it. If you do it right, then noisy toad pits-are you all right?

5 months ago

Why is this girl writing homework so late? Because she can’t write! ! ! It takes a long time to think about a question, and it may not be possible to do it, so the time to do it is extraordinarily long. The child of one of my relatives also writes homework every day until one or two in the evening. Originally, the parents thought that there was too much homework assigned by the school. They secretly inquired about it, and found that other children were writing until after nine in the evening. To put it bluntly, these students have limited learning ability, but they have a strong desire to learn. There is a contradiction between limited ability and higher pursuit. It must be admitted that there is indeed too much homework in primary and secondary schools! But not so much yet. So parents need to pay attention. If their children do homework too late, it may indicate that their children have learning difficulties. Regarding the solution to this problem, some respondents believe that universal high school education can alleviate junior high school students’ anxiety about entering higher schools and reduce their learning pressure. I am more inclined to support national programs. Establish a sound vocational education system, from vocational high schools to applied undergraduates, to professional masters, to open up the three supervisors and six veins of vocational education. In this way, students with some learning difficulties don’t have to squeeze the entrance examination, the single-plank bridge for the college entrance examination. In vocational high school, you can still take the undergraduate course and take the master’s degree in the vocational college entrance examination. Of course, if family conditions permit, it is better to send your child abroad to go to university than to suffer here.

5 months ago

As a person who has lived in Hefei for a few years, I can still speak up when I cheat others in the tutoring class. In Hefei Junior High and High School, the school grade is almost stair-like, with no slope, good schools have one book for the entire class, and the garbage school has a junior college for the entire class. Therefore, the senior high school entrance examination is a battle to determine fate, and the high school entrance examination cannot be repeated. The second grade begins to roll. In high school, Anhui has 250,000 science subjects, 250,000 liberal arts, and only 48,000 liberal arts undergraduates. The acceptance rate is 19.2. No. 1 in the country, and telling his own story with the whole body curled up to death. I went to a high school in a county in Anhui. The second best school in the county. There are a total of seven science classes, seven of which are key classes. In the first year of high school, liberal arts and science were not divided into subjects. Among them, there were two top students in the class, and their grades were far behind the third place in their age. One of them went to the key science class, and the other said that he didn’t want to fight with her, so he went to the key arts class. In my opinion at the time, these two people were all figures in the sky. Aloft, I’m not the same kind of mortal as my grade-junk. My studies in the county town were not good. I had three books in the first year, and I barely reached one line after repeating one year in the second year. These two are the first in the science class, 1,000 in the college entrance examination, and the first in the liberal arts class in Shanda University. The college entrance examination is also about 1,000 in the province, and they have not even passed 211,985 in the general undergraduate law. The enrollment of liberal arts in Anhui is particularly low. I carefully counted the admissions guidelines of Anhui Province in 2019. There are 250,000 liberal arts candidates, of which 985 enrolled 378. You are not mistaken, only the top 378 of 250,000 can read 985. I was really stunned! The narrow county seat restricts everyone’s vision. After graduating from the National Palace sauce major, I went to an electric appliance factory in Hefei to do research and development work. It was less than 10,000 per month, and the work was very tiring. After graduating from law major, I went to a company in Hefei to work as a legal affair, with a monthly salary of six to seven thousand yuan. And Ben Diaosi is now more than nine thousand yuan a month. Classmates reunions often use the two of them as negative teaching materials. . In fact, it is in other provinces. 1,000 science students can go to a key major in a prestigious university, similar to computer science. I won’t get Gongjiang professional. How about 1000 liberal arts is also 985, Anhui is actually an ordinary one. Hey, don’t open the forest. Can you not roll it? Everyone is full of questions, let me answer again. The first place in science was admitted to Shandong University in 2010. I am studying a major related to machinery, so I won’t disclose the specifics. Anyway, it has a lot to do with electrical equipment. If you come out for employment, you can go to an electrical appliance factory to do research and development. Computer was not a good professional at the time, and Gongjiang was a good professional. This professional score is quite high. Her first choice was Xi’an Jiaotong University, but she didn’t seem to get it. She is not married yet. When I graduated from college, I asked to talk to her, but she didn’t like me. The blind date failed, as if it had something to do with her school. The first place in the liberal arts test was a certain Dongzheng law. Majors related to law. She is also about 1,000 liberal arts students in the province, and a certain Dongzheng law score in Anhui is higher than many 211. If she chooses 211, it is also possible.

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