I have personal experience of this, and a friend Cai didn’t know it. Tucao Tucao first. If you don’t want to see, please move directly to the bold part. Choose Lu Snake in seconds, and blow up ten to nine like you said. After a round, the damage is generally lower than that of the support, and if it is not lower than the support, it will burn high. You say he is cooking, he is going to watch the video to learn those skills and costumes. You say he is amazing. The only skills that can be used are the Juggernaut’s double swords q and seconds. The snake girl can’t do any of the skills. It is normal to be single-killed by the opposite side. The most spoken word in the whole game is: Jungle XX, come and help me. Good guy, the opposite side of the third-level middle road is full of blood, he is already stubborn blood. The jungler will help him. He doesn’t care about his blood volume when the opponent is dying. If the assists are already mixed, he can leave. He wouldn’t leave, he wanted to flash up and collect the head, and he would often change one for another, but he just didn’t change it. I can say that I can C, but what about the facts? Help me, I don’t C. If I don’t help, I will blow up. Ask who I am and the canyon raiser. The opposite middle road disappeared, he must either resurrect in the spring or make up his soldiers in the middle road. Nine out of ten times, he will not report a miss. I think he has improved compared to last year. “Why is the opposite middle road in the bottom road?” “I don’t know.” “You are in the middle road, don’t you know to report the miss?” “I just came out of the base.” His Silver IV was helped by a friend of mine. Really, silver is considered high to him. He also had a solo kill when he was opposite, ah, I looked at it, not that the opponent is better, but the opponent is better than him. I am proud of myself, bragging about how good I am. Then recorded the shots of his solo kills in this game and sent them to us, and let us praise him one by one in private chat and ask us the details of this wave. We are all question marks in our hearts. This is also a detail? Tactfully tell him, your opponent is too good, don’t be proud. This wave is actually quite normal, because the opponent is too dishonest. While saying that I know, I occasionally singled out the opposite side when I was driving black, deliberately talked loudly and singled out the opposite side, and then said that this wave is very detailed, and I suggest reviewing it. we? ? ? Other people’s replays are replays that have not dealt with the problems well in this round or are particularly exciting operations. Where is your excitement? How proud of an opponent who is better than you. Everyone has been playing with him for a long time, and they have said everything that should be said. If you don’t listen, then we can only avoid you. Carrying him for five rows, as long as the squad is not in private mode, he immediately enters the room and starts to feed, hello hello! Give me a 1 in the double row in this area, and I will tell others to ask me to double row in advance. I just don’t want to take him to play games with a heavy load. When someone wants to come and it’s hard to shirk the situation: flexible arrangement? No way! match? Row! Everyone took the hero they wanted to practice, and didn’t care about winning or losing. Because the most passionate thing in the voice is his voice: Oh, I can’t beat it, how can I line up this thing, I don’t dare to eat it. Alas, I really can’t beat it. I’ll be disabled by others’ methods. If the opponent is too strong, I can only be killed. It’s too hard to be a jungler… I have talked to him seriously, and he also wants to score. I asked him to watch more high-segment technical anchors and watch more video enhancements. I also stayed in bronze, and I came out to diamonds by myself, so I gave him my experience. Tell him 1v1 about the pawn line, the details of the line, the judgment of some situation and the arrangement of the eye position. Two words: useless. It’s still that way for a year. Give him advice, say whether to change a hero? Another way? He would say that he really likes Snake Girl and Midway and wants to practice well. Then you go to watch the video to learn your ideas. The video links have been pushed a lot for you, um, you just watched the first two minutes and didn’t watch it. There are a lot of complaints because of empathy. Seeing this is too much trouble. Here, I suggest that you still make an appointment with him behind your back. When he asks, he tells him that this is the appointment of you. The strength is recognized, and the more times he knows a little bit of self-awareness, he knows that everyone doesn’t want to play with him, so it’s time to reflect on it.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

There are very weak friends, but no one with bad character. The ranks of the friends around me are all around gold and silver. Although the pit is a pit, it will not be said to torture others. They like to play c, middle and upper ad junglers, but they will also make up when it is time to make up positions. If the upper hand is pitted, the next one will consciously assist, although the support is also quite pitted. From my point of view, I never ask others to play. I only ask myself to play better. If I lose, I will think about my own problems. If I have a better operation, I will win. When the mentality is really exploded, I just shut down and didn’t say a word, and silently played the game to do my C part. No matter how many games I won or lost, I didn’t say anything. Those who knew would understand. The most straightforward way is to stop playing games with him. If the voice is spoken, then directly close the microphone, just play the game without talking. Single-row happy points, neither need to be angry and improve skills, but also pave the way for him in the future.

5 months ago

Why would you go to jail when you get off the road? The advantage runs on the line, supports the wild area, the disadvantage, um, double row bottom, there should be no disadvantage, unless the opposite bottom is also double row, and it is better than you. The downside disadvantage may be that he didn’t change his blood at the first level, didn’t grab the second, and didn’t shake the jungle at the third level. Once he did a little bit, he should be able to line up the second tower. If you are a bronze of the nine kings, it is recommended to push flat without torture. By the way, the third row is flexible. There will be no one who plays flexible and does not practice heroes and does not bring sisters. The top score is good, and there is an attitude of top score. Open the black, just open the black, and experience the fun of opening the black. Now I can’t find anyone who wants to find a pit, and they are all scattered.

5 months ago

Let me talk about my friend. We usually have 3-5 blacks on weekends, except for Fatty, who have their own heroes. The overall strength is from gold to platinum. But the level of the fat man, to be honest, has to polish the number of games in silver. Take 5 black as an example. When the 5 black is black, the fat man can only go to 2 positions. Either assist me and play the advantage in the early stage of the midfielder. In the later stage, I will take over the game, or choose a meaty hero, not necessarily a meaty hero, but he will only play. Meat, after jungle 6th level, squat down and control the dragon with the following road as the core, fighting for the dragon soul 30 minutes ago. However, the fat man returned to the food, but he has a good mentality. The few of us who played well in the laning will still curse. He has been single killed seven or eight times without saying anything. If it weren’t for a big daddy who stood up opposite the team battle, I Thought he was just a petty. Just be happy when you open the black, don’t be too entangled

5 months ago

If the relationship is average, don’t play with him, it’s the easiest and direct. The two ranks with poor strength are destined to be the entertainment bureau, otherwise you can’t lead you to do what you want. If the relationship is good, you can make fun of it. Just tell him, I don’t want to be tortured by you, sorry, I want to be alone. After dozens of minutes, take out your secretly edited video of his meal and play it in the group in a loop. Then @他, said I just beat Yasuo, you can see how well you are. Well, when you turn into a yin and yang person to torture him.

5 months ago

My suggestion is to change teammates. My own account is in Reiser, but I often go to Zu’an and my friend Wuhei, one of whom is my friend’s girlfriend. He only plays the mid-lane small method to assist the nanny and Morgana. Anyway, he plays everything and his mouth smells bad. You teach her how to play games and she said: I have some kung fu, it is better to study how to make money. I lost points and scolded the four wastes of conscience. When I played on the middle field and went down the road with her, everyone beat me stupid (except for her, the four of us were filled randomly, and my other two friends also Very good. Only me and the other one are better.) Anyone who plays adc should know how it feels to stand behind me with three positions behind me. I won’t talk about the skill hit rate. When it comes to fighting, pull it back without a click.I really can’t stand her problem behind, so I won’t play with her. I was bored on vacation the first two days to play. Hey, the rank does not rise but falls

5 months ago

I’m not exaggerating by everyone here. I posted this simple spit about the beginning of the story because my friend who is often Wuhei and this friend (called A later) kindly said that you played lol together? The nightmare of 4 years began. At the beginning, our level of five blacks was not high. S7 and s8 were all aimed at scoring the gold. The team that was happy to get the top score. We rarely met A at the end of s8 because of the five black teams. There was one who didn’t play so often, so A joined when we first came in, we played with him less than once, but one or two. At that time, we were not very good, so he cheated and we didn’t say much. At the end of s8, ig winning the championship pushed the enthusiasm to high. Occasionally, we are uneven and we also practiced the skills in single row until the end of s9. Everyone is at least platinum and has a little temper with a unique understanding of high rank. The platoon began to have bottlenecks, and the perfect team battles became less and less. We played with A again and found out that the real dish was pointing (one who didn’t start the postgraduate entrance exam very often) he played anywhere, except that he didn’t play very much with the help of the road to play Sword Ji, vampire, jungle, and male gun mid-road play. Kali demon Ji Ruiz played ez down the road, Lucian assisted. If he didn’t play hard cover, he would see the bull’s head. Don’t you show him, he didn’t play the 0-n start. We also asked him to play meat, but only smiled and said no. Because of the face of that friend, he was very positive and embarrassed to not pull him to play just to assist the postgraduate entrance examination. Another friend knows that playing with A does not care if I win or lose. I am more serious. Several mentality explosions. 1 There was one I was playing in a single plane. When A played the top laner, Rambo’s opposing laner is estimated to be a sister paper. We jungler caught a quasi-opposite jungler but he didn’t come. He won at least 5 heads to end the laning period. On the opposite side of the road, the thief was fierce. I didn’t have any heads before the power stage, and the road was at a disadvantage. Relying on him, the dragon pit has sprinkled a few times (to be honest, it is not so beautiful, it is not divided, and many people are purely hurting the high second person). In the end, my friend joked and said that you are not as useful as Rambo. We played ez in 2A and ended the laning period 0-2. Our team is a little bit good but the lineup is relatively early. Many of the wave dragon group pioneers just don’t come, and they can make up the sideline at most without saying a word. Scratching the basics is still crooked, which caused the economy to be unable to open. It was dragged to the middle and late stages and began to be more positive. We were forced to open the 4v5 when pushing the line and pushing the tower. We still used the sideline to brush the economy. He also harvested two groups like this. After the data came back, the equipment came and the two highlands were pulled out. The outcome was obvious. He started to hurt the group. In the end, his mvp has the most damage and the most economy and the most replenishment forces. I think the tgp scoring system is the most in history. After incident 3, I didn’t know if my friend said too much. I played meat for a short period of time. One of them was Kenan who played Rockman vs. Kenan. I told him to start the game. I replied with a good answer. After choosing the corruption potion, I was lined up. If there is no accident to raise a big father Kenan, I have a huge advantage in Jinx, and it is useless to play a group in the middle and force me to get a small mercury. Kenan killed me by hurting and electrocuting me. Looking at the Rockman data 0-8, Luden was held in his hand. Let me tell him the meat again. If I resist it for a long time, I can win and give me some output space to win. Later, I took the line to make up for the golden body. Should I be called or be called in a group? Should he be empty or empty? I watched me equipped with a split sword, endless little mercury, a blood-drinking sword, and his equipped with Luden’s golden stick; in the end, he lost. Watching a 22 kills Kenan’s mentality exploded, he encountered various power leveling baptisms at the beginning of the s10 season (my main player is playing). After each baptism, I looked at my score lower than A. I didn’t play much anymore. Later, he went back to play in District 1 (he said that he had gone to gold in District 1), and because of some new colleagues and new friends, many of them were in District 1. I raised a level 1 number and played slowly. During the period, I also played with Wuhei. Friends of the team feel the atmosphere of bronze in Zone 1 and add an A; I play every weekend and I am too lazy to play now; I see him still traveling in the bronze and occasionally super gods and occasionally super ghosts. In the five kill group, but no one cares. I often wonder if he is not good enough or I have a problem.

5 months ago

Regardless of whether it is black or single row, the problem is always with oneself. If he pits, then you can’t end up being strong. How strong he is, how strong you are. Can’t you do that? You say you are very strong, but he keeps sending me and can’t stand it. Then he can keep going. Send, you can kill all the time, can’t it? Then you are not strong, just not as weak as him. Maybe it’s because he pulls down the opponent’s level so that you can kill well, and then you can become stronger. If he really gets stronger one day, your rank is up, and it’s your turn to be killed. You have to persuade yourself to give up this game. Whether he is strong or pitted, you will always run into people you can’t beat, teams that you can’t beat. Do you want to be the number one in the world? If he doesn’t pit you, can you be able to play professionally? Just like playing basketball. If you are an NBA player, would you blame them when you play with your classmates? If you are also an ordinary person, he does not pit Can you play professionally?

5 months ago

Don’t say it, you are not strong enough to lead, and then you don’t want to take it (of course you take someone to play the trumpet, or take the lead). I have also taken players of this level, and my mentality needs to change. At the very beginning, you will also pursue victory (you must win in the rankings, and you will definitely match with someone). Then, let’s look at it, and just have fun with the match. At that time, we led people, three belts and two were a little bit stressful. Four belts and one play depended on the mood (don’t play with two belts and three. Only novice players can play that kind of game, because after your winning rate is high, the opponent will basically be able to play. Play, after all, the league has been ten years) Generally speaking, there are two bottom lanes, one mid lane or jungler. Don’t place an order, the risk of placing an order is too high, because if Nakano can’t play, it is an ATM. This kind of bot lane, with a better coordination, can basically kill through the opposite side, and then there is a line missing on the opposite side, and then walk around to drive the jungle and mid laners. Basically, whether you win or not depends on your mood. If you want to wave, you will wave, or you will use the dragon to push the ground. Cherish the little friends who still want to play games with you now. When you grow up, each has its own troubles, and playing black games will become so far away.

5 months ago

How to persuade him to give up this game or give up the mid laner? When you say this, I don’t even think you treat him as a friend. All three have to go to jail. Should I scold, scold, or continue to play with him. If he loses, he will be a big mess. I always think about whether it is really all because of his food. If I play better, maybe I can take it. Does he win? A friend of mine takes his sister to play with her every day. He has been to a six-hundred-point master of the first district, and he often fights with platinum with her sister. He has never blamed his sister. It’s just because you are not strong enough but you dislike him as weak, and you are just a weaker who is stronger than him.

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