Zhang Heng released the chat voice and screenshots. Shuangzi and Hou Minghao filmed “A Chinese Ghost Story”. Her salary was 150 million. Shuangzi was too low, and the demand rose to 180 million. In the end, the film party gave her 160 million, filming for 77 days and earning more than 200 per day. Million. But Shuangzi’s dog became ill. She felt that the medical treatment was too expensive and asked to throw the dog away. Shuangzi’s mother said: It’s not easy to be an actor now because of the salary limit. Shuangzi also said that he never pays for food in the supermarket, which is very interesting.

What is the concept of earning 208w a day? In my opinion, it means buying a 100-square-meter house in a second-tier city. Today I came up with a topic called: “Why contemporary young people feel that a million is not enough, but they can’t spend 10,000 yuan”, someone replied: “Because one million is too far away from most of us. One million can buy a house or a luxury car. It has no reference material, but a distant goal; 10,000 yuan is very close to us, and a newest mobile phone requires 10,000 yuan, and I have a monthly salary It is only five thousand. Using my monthly salary as a reference, I think ten thousand yuan is too much.” After reading it, I also thought that I couldn’t even get ten thousand yuan, and even felt that one million was less. Look at our Shuangzi, 2.08 million a day, 2.0 million, not 2 million, don’t erase the fraction. Because ordinary people like us may not be able to save 80,000 a year, let alone 80,000 a day. It is equivalent to that she can buy a house a day, and this house may be bought by most of us in 40 years. A house we bought in 40 years, she can get it in a day. We study hard and work hard. Obviously we need to work overtime until 12 o’clock at 6 o’clock. What is the return? A better company may have ten dollars an hour’s overtime pay, while most companies should not be paid overtime. of. There was a hot search a few days ago, which seemed to be called “How cute are people who work hard”. I don’t think it’s a hard life, right? This is the squeeze of capitalists. There are working hours for get off work. The off-duty time belongs to us. Is it to live hard to use our rest time to go to work? Pulled away. The reason for not treating a puppy is that it is not worth saving. I think it is more expensive to save a dog than to buy a dog. Earn 208w a day, but if you take out a fraction, you can save the dog, right? I also understand that even going to the supermarket to drink a drink can be unaccounted for, and buying noodles on Taobao can be refunded. Of course, I am reluctant to spend money to save the dog. Ok, you can’t bear to spend money to save the dog. You take it to the pet shop for euthanasia, okay, at least don’t put it in a shoe box and let it die in pain. Really unworthy of being human. If the dog is dead, the little companion will be sad. Whether it is dead or not, I don’t think there is any need to save it. Where’s the face of scolding? Who gave you your happy life? During the epidemic, who can be healthy and happily growing fat and fat, who is the strong backing? You can earn 2.08 million a day, who gives you the environment? Vomited. I don’t think Zhang Heng is a good crop, but Zheng Shuang is definitely not a human being. Abandon y on behalf of y, and abandon your own flesh and blood, and you are not worthy of being a mother. Stealing s and leaks, taking huge rewards, not thinking about acting skills, but wanting to make more money, not worthy of being an actor. Dog abuse, my pet is sick, and I don’t want to be treated, but I think about how to throw it away and become unworthy. I really vomited. During the meteor shower, she felt pure and lovely; during the summer solstice, she felt her peak value; during the plastic surgery period, she felt straightforward; she felt mad during the breakup period; she felt immoral during the explosive generation and abandonment; now she felt that she was not human. Oh yes it.


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5 months ago

“The country belongs to the game”? Zheng Shuang’s mother’s words really proved that “whatever parents have, there will be children” and “tmd is so annoying that you can’t beat them”. This sentence came from Zheng Shuang’s mouth and understood it instantly. 2.08 million a day, Zheng Shuang I feel less, 180 million at the beginning! Such a huge salary even said that going to the hospital to see a dog is expensive? ! Oh, it doesn’t matter to children, let alone puppies. Zhang Heng broke the news that Zheng Shuang’s salary was 150 million, and the daily income was 2.08 million! Heathcliff’s video. 33 thousand broadcasts for one day’s salary to catch up with ordinary people’s entire life. How fair is this? What is the social value of movie stars like Zheng Shuang? They are collecting money like vampires, but the people who really work hard are earning poor wages. Those “professionals” who have made outstanding contributions to social construction, shouldn’t the wages be inferior to that of a surrogate and abandoned actor? Zheng Shuang abandoned his voice and exposed again! Heathcliff’s video 30,000 broadcasts. The funny thing is that Zheng Shuang’s mother attacked the national salary limit order. This is not enough, and 50 million can’t be seen. This is accustomed to it, on the surface one by one. Standing up a set of non-eating fireworks, I love money secretly, holding the benefits brought by the good times, but only thinking about personal enjoyment. There are still goods on the Xianyu. I really don’t want to miss a penny. ! This is all looking at “money”! It is recommended that relevant departments conduct a thorough investigation. This yin and yang contract is illegal, and this kind of celebrity collection behavior must be severely cracked down to give the public fairness!

5 months ago

What is high-quality goods… This is high-quality goods. The drama is refined. The actors are refined. At the end of the boutique, the content business will be turned into a traffic business. What is content business? That is, users pay content producers based on their favorite content, and the platform earns information fees. In order to make more money, the platform must push more good content to more users who like it. What is a traffic business? That is, the content that is pushed on the platform is strictly restricted, and only fixed-volume content can be pushed. Therefore, the platform will definitely leave the promotion opportunity to traffic that takes up the same opportunity but makes more money. Obviously, in the process of high-quality goods, content business will definitely become a traffic business. After becoming a traffic business, Zheng Shuang was given the opportunity to eat traffic. She can eat 500 million, but she only needs 160 million. Give me the opportunity to eat traffic. I only need 50 yuan, but I can only eat 200 yuan for a promotion opportunity. At this time, because of the boutique strategy, the opportunity to eat traffic is limited to one. At this time, if you are a platform, what do you do? Give me traffic? Isn’t this something wrong with your brain? This is the essence of exquisiteness. Mobile games, online novels, TV series, movies, none of them can run away.

5 months ago

To be honest, all lunatics! ! After watching that audio video, Zheng Shuang’s image in my mind was completely shattered! ! ! 1. Zheng Shuang originally loved money so much. Before, she thought she was stupid and generous. 2. Zheng Shuang even thought that the salary of 150 million pieces was too small, and he asked to increase it to 180 million? ! Is her acting embarrassing? 3, earning 2.08 million a day, but not willing to spend 2,000 yuan to treat a dog? ? I thought she was very caring. She never paid for food in the supermarket? ? Are you proud of it? ? …As a passerby, although I thought she was a bit crazy before, I didn’t hate her, and I thought she was quite real, but now I found out that she is the white lotus who can pretend most! ! Finally, I forgot to say that if the fact of tax evasion is hammered, Zheng Shuang should go to jail or be fined more than one billion yuan! The three views of Zheng Shuang’s family feel terrifying! ! All lunatics! !

5 months ago

There is such a woman who does not want to have a child by herself, so she spends money on a surrogate. There is such a woman who suddenly doesn’t want a child, she wants to abandon it. This is not something that happened in ancient times, nor is this a poor family who can’t eat enough. The money she earns in a day can buy a house. But if a dog is sick, it can be thrown away at will. Men, children, dogs, and everything around her are all tools she uses to decorate herself. We work hard overtime every day, exhausted and exhausted, but get the meager wages. She is 2.08 million a day, and we are less than 208 yuan a day. Her daily income is the same as my salary for 27 years without food or drink. Others think that her salary is restricted, called a salary limit order. I can only say that poverty limits my imagination. All this is not because everyone is born with hardship, but because their income is too high and the distribution is too unfair. So what should we do? I really can’t do anything. Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to tell me the solution.

5 months ago

I’m a good guy, even with a daily salary that others may not earn for a lifetime, and even tax evasion. With such a high daily salary, what contribution have you made to society, or have you promoted human progress? You even evaded taxes! With such a high daily salary, you can’t bear to spend money in the supermarket? Purely for fun? It’s too frugal! With a high daily salary, it is too expensive to treat a dog! Is it unreasonable feelings, or over-learning? Is there no right or wrong or no morality, surrogacy, tax evasion… Now I will go back to watch the meteor shower, and see the following paragraph, it is really embarrassing.

5 months ago

I really like Zheng Shuang’s fans so much, every time I get Zheng Shuang to death. When the two broke up, fans scolded Zhang Heng frantically, forcing Zhang Heng to expose the child, and the child was exposed, and then frantically cursing Zhang Heng, forcing Zhang Hengfang to record the surrogacy. The surrogacy came out, and he criticized Zhang Heng for editing and recording, forcing Zhang Heng to explode about the sky-high price of the movie and hate Guo Heng files. Now I see fans are still scolding wildly. I like to watch the excitement and see what kind of melons Zhang Heng has in his hands. I bet a dime, and he has bigger ones in his hands. Just leave Zheng Shuang fans to give him a chance. I am most shocked by the fact that Zheng Shuang’s family is not grateful. It is obvious that my daughter is backed by Guo Jia and is eating the bonus of the entertainment circle and is holding a sky-high remuneration. How can you be satisfied if you still say hate Guo Hendang? You don’t need to be filming, and someone will throw money on you for nothing. Even then, is it too small? When border guards of the same age as her were sacrificed for the country with their normal wages, she was kidnapped and scammed for gold, and she still cursed her mother. Everyone said that she picked up the bowl to eat and put down the bowl to scold her. Zheng Shuang’s family was directly involved. Scold while eating. She was reluctant to treat the dog with the sky-high remuneration, and went to the supermarket to steal things. Yes, I was right. She was stealing. How about she is wicked, stealing and eating still doesn’t grow meat, ah, it’s so bad. Originally I only thought that she had psychological problems, but now I think she is an anti-social personality and a bad family. The funniest thing is that fans are still scolding Zhang Heng for having ulterior motives. There are fans of this kind of stuff. It is strongly recommended to investigate the entertainment circle carefully, or it is really bad for the children. It is not a joke that Sanguan follows the five senses. Shovel all the malignant tumors

5 months ago

Suddenly I understood Hu Yanbin’s song “Take All You Want”. Take everything you want and take the rest. I will bear it. Leave our dog behind, whether it’s useful or not. I’m afraid it won’t be spoiled in the future, even if it doesn’t understand my pain. Suddenly I understood why Hu Yanbin said, “There is a pit in front of it, it may be a cesspit.” Such a crazy, unsatisfactory woman, has become a top entertainment star, and has a daily income of 2.08 million, which is unreasonable. What is the concept of 2.08 million? It is an ordinary wage earner. If you earn 10,000 yuan a month, you need to work for 17 years. And 160 million, you have to work 1333 years. Rijin 2.08 million gold, but ruthlessly abandon the puppy he raised, and understatement to give away his children, I think Hu Yanbin’s words are too light. This is a vicious artist with broken three views and lack of morality, as well as his shameless parents who directly dissed the national policy. It’s time to fix this misty family. Tax evasion and tax evasion will certainly not escape, and there may be some illegal money laundering activities.

5 months ago

Now you know why these domestic traffic film and television dramas are rampant, right? To put it bluntly, for these traffic, money is too good to make, Zheng Shuang can earn 160 million yuan for a drama, even if the traffic is one or two grades worse than her, is there an eight-digit number? On the contrary, although the real strength faction is famous, the flow is not large. For example, Uncle Da in the Wandering Earth will only get a few hundred thousand, which is only a fraction of Zheng Shuang’s one day’s pay. Who will be the whole domestic entertainment atmosphere? I am willing to focus on the business level and spend my energy on marketing hype to earn traffic. The internal entertainment traffic model is a kind of cancer to the output of the entire Chinese culture. The traffic is paid with a huge amount of money, and there is no acting skills, and it can even wash money in this way. Zheng Shuang’s explosion shows that the previous Fan 800 million punishment did not have a good impact on the internal entertainment. The entire entertainment circle needs to be rectified, not just the salary limit order, otherwise the domestic film and television dramas will not work at the domestic level, let alone No cultural output.

5 months ago

Regarding the animal, the popularity is really angry. I remember that the Voice of Animal Protection Asia once awarded Zheng Shuang the honorary titles of “dog lover” and “small animal lover”. After the surrogacy was exposed, her honor was cancelled. It seems ironic now. Previously in the variety show “Make Life Look Good”, Zheng Shuang also exposed her attitude towards pets. The program team revealed the little-known side of Zheng Shuang for everyone, and revealed the scene of her taking her dog to the pet shop to wash her teeth. . While washing the dog’s teeth, Zheng Shuang was so shocked that he even asked the pet doctor to help the dog smooth his teeth. After hearing the strange request made by Zheng Shuang, the male guest Wu Jiacheng directly screamed and asked, “Are you kidding me, sister?” It can be seen that Zheng Shuang’s behavior is indeed incomprehensible to others. Although Zheng Shuang also used her mother to block guns in the show and said that she was afraid of being injured, these can hardly conceal her true attitude towards pets. Some netizens later revealed that the dog was suspected to be raised by Zheng Shuang with his ex-boyfriend Hu Yanbin. Zheng Shuang had previously written about it in the book. After reading the chat records carefully, you can know that Zheng Shuang’s so-called price limit in the chat records is only more than two thousand yuan. This figure can also be affordable for ordinary people, not to mention that Zheng, who has a lot of income as a star Cool? Zheng Shuang’s attitude towards pets has exceeded the bottom line of many people. I also raised a dog. When I just graduated and came out of school, the dog fell ill and took it to the pet hospital. It was checked for canine distemper. The doctor said that the chance of cure was very low, so I took it back directly. Forget it. I did not give up, and asked the doctor to treat him and give him a drip. I feel distressed because the salary is not high at first, and I still need monthly subsidies from my parents. It’s too long, I only remember that I only saved less than a thousand living expenses that month, and the other money was used to treat the dog. Although the outcome was not satisfactory, I worked hard. Finally, I found him a place where birds and flowers are scented, and set it up. For a long time after Doggo passed away, I was very sad, thinking that I didn’t take good care of him. I blamed myself and felt sorry for him. It is confirmed that it is not cheap to see a pet. It may cost several times the amount of money to buy a dog, but I have never regretted it. I think that if you raise it, you must be responsible for it to the end. This is the most basic bottom line of people.

5 months ago

Every time I see Shuangmei’s melon, I find that she is more and more tigers than the Siberian Tiger, but I really envy and cry. I have never taken so much money to play Monopoly. According to the Hollywood income ranking published by Forbes, Dawn is strong. Sen has become the highest paid actor in 2020. His single film pay is as high as 23.5 million US dollars, while the Shuang sister “A Chinese Ghost Story” pays 160 million US dollars, 24.67 million US dollars, Shuangzi has surpassed Hollywood’s highest paid actor. On the list of Hollywood actresses’ income, Shuangzi’s pay for a play surpassed Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman’s annual income… And what did she say? On the other hand, should I raise the children you don’t want, and if you raise the dogs you don’t want, you can divide me a fraction, okay? My child’s last name

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