At 11:05 am on April 26, when a rail transit line 2 train bound for Pudong International Airport entered the station at Longyang Road Station, it suddenly encountered people crossing the platform security gate to enter the line, and the train braked urgently. Confirmed by 120 emergency personnel, the person who crossed the platform was dead. As of press time, the site has been disposed of, and operations have gradually returned to normal. The specific cause of the incident is subject to further investigation by the public security department.

I have to say something politically incorrect about this matter. Towards the end of my junior year, one of my seniors committed suicide. One month before he committed suicide, he cleared all the games, returned the money owed to others and borrowed things from others, released the green plants he raised, and even took off his own locks on the school cabinets. Down. In the end, he was afraid of scaring the teachers and classmates of the school after his death, so he ran to a deserted place and took the medicine to commit suicide after the last phone call with his mother. It can be said that he did his best not to cause trouble to others before leaving. Of course, suicide is not worth promoting, whether it is my senior or the man who committed suicide this time, no matter whether it is causing trouble or not, I feel sorry for it. However, although the subway suicide incident did not affect me at all, I still feel severely uncomfortable with some of the online remarks that “the dead are the greatest” (of course, I also totally disagree with those who scolded me for delaying 20 minutes. The man deserves it). The man who committed suicide this time, whether intentional or unintentional, his actions have seriously endangered public safety. What if a small error occurs in the subway dispatching, which causes the following trains to not receive information in time, and a rear-end collision occurs? Of course I know that this is a very small probability event, but if it does happen, how would the netizens who now express “understanding” “the dead are bigger” evaluate it? Both sides are dead, which side is bigger? Last year, after the girl who was flying in wingsuit died in an accident, countless netizens scolded “deserve it”, “find death by myself”, “dead and cause trouble to search and rescue personnel” and so on. I would like to ask those netizens who keep saying that the dead are the biggest ones. Compared with the two incidents, who was deliberately seeking death and who was accidentally killed, is it not obvious? You really can’t tell who is causing trouble to others because of an accident, and who is subjectively trying to trouble others? I know, you think that those who take the subway are all poor people who are 996 like yourself, and those who fly in wingsuit are rich people. This is completely different. To put it bluntly, the place where the butt sits is different, understand, after all, I am also a poor person, and I also hate 996, but I still disagree with this method of determining the head by the butt. After all, I am 100% confident that these people who speak for their buttocks now, once they sit on a chair with money, their views will be reversed 180 degrees, and there is no injustice in their eyes. , And some are just for personal gain. If a society is full of such people who ignore facts and fairness and stand in line for their own personal gain, then that would be the most terrifying era.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

It can only be said that once a person wants to die, nothing can be stopped, and it is difficult to take care of public order, not to mention that some people themselves are dissatisfied with society. But I really understand the complaints of some people, because only we know how much public resources are needed to deal with this kind of thing. Because the most important thing is not to clean up the site and resume operations, but to find out the facts. For our unit, the occurrence of this kind of incident was basically the biggest incident of the entire branch that day. It required multiple departments to interact with each other. Criminal investigations, public security, technology, and offices all had to come. The first thing to do is to eliminate criminal suspicion. Then it is necessary to retrieve various surveillance videos of the carriages, platforms, station halls, and even the ticket office. Of course, the trajectory of the deceased before entering the subway must be checked, including whether he was followed by someone before entering the station, whether he was coerced or mentally. Whether there is an abnormality, etc. To put it bluntly, it is to determine whether the person really committed suicide, was violated or mentally disordered, and so on. The technical department must conduct on-site investigations, the forensic medicine center must come to pull the corpse, the security detachment will investigate the identity of the deceased with the police, contact the family of the deceased, investigate whether the deceased has a history of mental illness, and communicate with the family to the forensic center to identify the corpse. If necessary, we will visit the deceased’s home. Some things that need to be informed, and asking whether the deceased had any abnormal behavior before the incident, and so on. These are only the internal work of our police. There are also many tasks that require the cooperation of the subway. The train control room of the subway company must sort out the train frequency on the day, affect the time point and time period of the operation, and send relevant staff and wait for the opportunity to operate the train at the time of the incident to make a transcript. The subway company will also judge whether the train is waiting for the opportunity to brake in time based on the train recorder and the video on the section or platform, and whether the sudden work at the station is well implemented. If there is any negligence or omission, these staff will also Face the internal processing of the enterprise. How to put it, anyway, all kinds of procedures are complicated, complicated, and strict. To determine the real cause of death of the deceased, the public security organs need a variety of audio and video evidence and circumstantial support, even if it is suicide. The subway side must determine whether the staff involved in the accident were paralyzed or negligent. … Once such an accident occurs, it will affect not only the passengers, but also the one or two station attendants who were present at the time. Passengers may feel that time is lost and their mood is affected, but in fact, what is really affected is a very huge situation. If such an accident occurs at a station that causes the entire subway line to stop operating, hundreds of thousands of people may be affected. So I understand your complaints, but what I want to say is that once this happens, the more cautious and complicated it is to deal with, the more it will show that the objective facts are restored and the relevant units can take on various responsibilities of their own. After all, it is a life, if it is ignored, it is not a humane approach. Finally, I would like to say that in fact, such things as moral benchmarks cannot be discussed in macro terms. Some people are so vicious in the dark that we can’t see them; some people just seem to be asking for death irresponsibly under the eyes of everyone, and we will have a panoramic view and infinitely magnify them. We can only say that we hope that this kind of thing will rarely happen and not happen. One is to cherish life, and the other is not to waste public resources. If you have the courage to choose this tragic way of death in public, why don’t you have the courage to try to persist in living? Ugh.

5 months ago

Look at their noisy faces and red ears. One talks about efficiency, order and freedom, and the other talks about humanity and compassion. How can there be so many right and wrong right and wrong? Two kinds of thinking and concepts applicable to different social environments collide. You can’t use Shakyamuni’s Lotus Sutra. The Cathedral of the Virgin Mary, Ami Buddha, you can’t use the Israeli Bible to argue about who is right and who is wrong at Putuo Temple. Instead of arguing about who is right and who is wrong, you should study how history repeats itself and how you got out of the siege. You can take a look at Japan and South Korea’s demographic cliff high pressure. The aging of suicide is beginning to smell like that. It was difficult to argue in the past. This is more like a sign of social pressure or the social environment has entered a new stage.

5 months ago

If you really want to commit suicide, you can’t stop it. The key is the reason behind the suicide. If it is caused by mental illness such as depression, then strengthen the construction of mental health. If you owe a huge loan and feel hopeless, that’s another way. The above is just an analogy, don’t take it seriously. All in all, look at the reasons behind suicide and take countermeasures.
Finally, may the dead rest in peace and the living will mourn.

5 months ago

In Japan, many people committed suicide while lying on the subway tracks. As for saying that the deceased is the big one, I can’t agree with this view.
You can’t stop someone who commits suicide. However, those who committed suicide have indeed brought trouble to the order of public transportation and inconvenience to the travel of other citizens. Other citizens, as well as the Shanghai Metro, did nothing wrong, but borne the cost for no reason.

5 months ago

The family downstairs was arguing to death. They were arguing about their children’s high school entrance examination; the opposite was an office worker who had just left work with his head down, carrying a stomach medicine just bought from the pharmacy. Two people upstairs watched the uncle Xiao Ai and Vlaf in Douyin laughing and dreaming; and the shouts of beating the glory of the king made people startled. There was a woman crying and shouting on Tesla Magic Bean 3, and the takeaway boy passing by stopped to admire. In the subway station, a man stepped into the fence, and the people in the car were anxious to go to work at the company. The joys and sorrows of human beings are not connected.

5 months ago

Simply guess what measures the subway has taken to deal with the emergency. The incident occurred on the upper platform of Longyang Road Station on Shanghai Metro Line 2 (Xujing East ~ Pudong International Airport). When the incident occurred, it was during the peak hours. There were two routes on Line 2: Xiaojiao Road (“Shuttle Bus”) Songhong Road~Guanglan Road; Dajiao Road (“Full Train”) Xujingdong~Pudong International Airport, The ratio is 1:1, the interval between large crossings is 8 minutes (7.5 pairs/hour), and the interval between small crossings is 4 minutes (15 pairs/hour). Longyang Road Station is a small crossing station, and it will pass through whether it is a “shuttle bus” or a “full-course bus”. If it is not dealt with correctly, it will inevitably affect the operation of the whole line. The following accident caused only one track to be available between two turnout stations adjacent to the accident site, and the capacity was limited. In order to minimize the interference of the accident on the operation order, a simple idea is to “cut open” the train at two switch stations adjacent to the accident site, and use their respective turnouts to turn back the train. (Including the location) to maintain a limited service. A simple operation adjustment measure. Following this analysis, the turnout station closest to the location of the accident in the downward direction is the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Station. There are two upper ends of the station. The storage lanes can be used to turn back trains, and the turnback capacity is greater than 20 pairs/hour [1], so it has the ability to turn back all the large and small road trains (7.5 pairs/hour+7.5) starting from Xujingdong/Songhong Road. Yes/hour=15 pairs/hour), the train interval of the entire Xujingdong (Songhong Road)-Shanghai Science and Technology Museum section can be kept unchanged: in the upward direction, the nearest fork station to the accident site is Longyang Road Station itself —— At the upper end of Longyang Road Station, there are turnouts connected with the entry and exit lines of the Longyang Road Depot. Unfortunately, the accident occurred at the up platform of Longyang Road Station. When the up platform was unavailable, the Dajiao Road trains from Pudong Airport could not turn back at Longyang Road Station, so they had to go back and forth. Let the Dajiao Road train from Pudong Airport turn back at Guanglan Road Station. Before the completion of the “4 to 8” transformation of Line 2, Guanglan Road Station was once the terminal station of four-carriage trains and eight-carriage trains, with sufficient turn-back capability to turn back 7.5 pairs/hour of major road trains, while Shanghai The length of the line between the Science and Technology Museum and Guanglan Road is nearly 10 kilometers, and the one-way train operation time is nearly 20 minutes. Therefore, regardless of the organization of one-way traffic or one-way two-way operation, the service quality is extremely unsatisfactory, and the difference is not significant. According to the news released on the official Weibo of Shanghai Metro, the incident resulted in “speed limit for trains from Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Station to Guanglan Road Station, extended departure intervals, and estimated delays of more than 15 minutes”, which is consistent with the above speculation: Summary: For suicide, please choose the down platform of Longyang Road Station, and do not choose the up platform of Longyang Road Station. The former has far less interference with operations than the latter (Da Mi, only one life).

5 months ago

I don’t want to blame the beggars, because it makes no sense. Everyone can become a suicide. I myself have had the idea of ​​ending my life many times. The most recent one may have happened after get off work last week. Among the many moments of death, 50% of the time I wanted to die silently; 50% of the time, I wanted to bring the enemy back, although in the end it was nothing. Now that I think about it, I still want to thank the ubiquitous restaurants. Without them, I might have been away many times. The Internet age has created a huge explosion of information, and personal value seems to have become very important. Actually, this is just an illusion. People who are staged to become popular have become a projection of public emotions, and no one really cares about the real ta.

5 months ago

The most noteworthy thing is the attitude of some netizens. The bourgeoisie destroys all feudal, patriarchal and idyllic relations where it has ruled. It ruthlessly sever the various feudal fetters that bind people to the natural dignity. It makes people have no other connection except for the naked interest, except for the ruthless “cash transaction”. It drowned the sacred emotions of religious piety, knight zeal, and civic sadness in the ice water of self-interest. It turns human dignity into exchange value, and replaces countless franchised and self-earned freedoms with a conscience-free trade freedom. In short, it replaces the exploitation covered by religious fantasies and political fantasies with open, shameless, direct, and explicit exploitation. The bourgeoisie wiped out the sacred halo of all venerable and awe-inspiring professions. It turns doctors, lawyers, priests, poets, and scholars into wage laborers it pays to hire. The bourgeoisie tore off the veil of tenderness that covered family relations and turned this relationship into a purely monetary relationship. -“Communist Manifesto” Marx and Engels, 1848

5 months ago

Most of Longyang Road Station are young people engaged in the IT industry. Their pressure is really great. They often work overtime and stay up late. The circle is also very fixed. Therefore, most of the bald people who commit suicide are people in this industry. My husband is also Those engaged in IT, in Lujiazui, he said that people often jump off buildings in Lujiazui Software Park, and there are car crashes. They are under great pressure, and they even team up to smoke downstairs to relieve their inner pressure.

5 months ago

I have always believed that no one should endanger public safety regardless of any excuse, even if it is suicide. Throwing objects at heights is harmful, but throwing people at heights is no harm? Putting an obstacle on the rail is harmful, but putting an individual on it is not harmful? Arson is harmful. Is it possible to commit suicide by burning charcoal in a house? It is easy to commit suicide as a natural person, but as a social person, suicide has a strong negative externality. I sympathize with his experience, but don’t support his approach. I think it is necessary for the subway to strengthen the penalties for such things and escalate them to crimes of endangering public safety, so that when someone commits suicide, he will not choose this way of making himself painful and being spurned after death. It’s also a good thing. Some people will say, this is a life, how can it be so cold? I said that it is precisely because of respect for life that this behavior needs to be reduced. When everyone realizes that suicide has externalities, many people may not choose to commit suicide, and bystanders respond purely to the suicide because there is no harm to their interests. The sympathy, otherwise such a simple thing is that knowing has extended to capital, extended to nationality, extended to human nature, I am also drunk.

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