35 years ago today, a nuclear reactor accident occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine. This is considered to be one of the most serious nuclear power accidents in history, at the same level as the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in Japan in 2011. In order to prevent the leakage of radioactive materials, the former Soviet Union sealed the reactor by pouring sarcophagus.

Today, 35 years later, Japan’s largest public media NHK criticized this disposal measure in the form of a headline report on the grounds that “the specific situation in the reactor is unknown” and it is not known how to discard it.

In the report, NHK introduced in a larger space the casualties caused by the Chernobyl accident, as well as the injuries to local residents that are still indelible. Regarding the status quo of nuclear power plants, NHK mentioned that the Ukrainian government intends to develop tourism and plans to apply to UNESCO for the site to be listed as a World Heritage Site.

A person in charge of a nuclear power plant said in an interview, “How to deal with 200 tons or more of nuclear fuel? You can only persevere, not give up, and move forward and solve it step by step.” These words of firm will have been interpreted by NHK and have been distorted. Reluctant for the relevant departments, “When the nuclear power plant will be decommissioned, the prospects are still not optimistic.”

It is not difficult to see that in the view of NHK, the disposal of the former Soviet Union has left many problems.

For example, the area within 30 kilometers of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant that caused the accident is still inaccessible, and the local economy is in urgent need of recovery.

NHK also interviewed local residents, tourists who had visited the site before, and media professionals who filmed related documentaries. Among them, Olena Panchuk, a journalist now living in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, expressed concerns about the future lives of accident victims and called on the world not to forget their existence.

In addition to NHK, the Asahi Shimbun, one of Japan’s five major newspapers, also published an article on its new media platform that Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia are all victims of the accident, but they cannot understand why there is no anti-nuclear wave in these countries, and even the governments of the three countries are still there. Vigorously develop nuclear power. Asahi Shimbun believes that such a contrast is ironic.

It should be pointed out that according to the International Nuclear Event Classification Scale, the Chernobyl accident was the only major accident that was rated as a seventh-level event by relevant international organizations. The other case occurred in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan on March 11, 2011. Accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Both belong to the same level, but both the NHK and the Asahi Shimbun have qualitatively defined the Chernobyl accident as “the worst in history (evil, meaning serious)”.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

After 2020, we can clearly feel that the world situation has changed. Entering 2021, the country is constantly adjusting and correcting itself. Although there are still many unsatisfactory and unsatisfactory places, I will rush to it from time to time, but overall I feel that the main force affecting the world will return from sea power countries. To land power country. I don’t have much hope for resuming Wanchai, nor do I have any hope of qualifying for the national football team, I am interested in industrial upgrading, and I am interested in the elimination of 996. But what makes me most looking forward to is what the state of these maritime power countries will be after the return of the right to speak to land power countries. Western countries with maritime power, as well as Japan, use developed countries as their shells, and constantly carry out national image marketing, playing double standards can play flying, because the power of public opinion is in their hands, they can let go of their words and discredit those defeated. Land power country. I really want to see how Japan will be scolded when the world center returns to Eurasia and China and Russia take control of the world’s public opinion power. What will happen in Japan after the Japanese’s international status is suppressed. I really want to see Japanese people in the world are treated as disaster stars of mankind by people from other countries in their lifetime, all kinds of contempt, so that they can also taste what it feels like after they have been counter-killed by their own evil. .

5 months ago

This report was broadcast by NHK TV, and NHK has always had two characteristics. One is that the door-to-door salesman is extremely annoying, and it can be called a major public hazard in Japanese society, and people hate ghosts. That is why Japan has a special party called to protect the country from the NHK party. The only political platform of this party is to overthrow the NHK and prevent it from charging. The leader of the party, Takashi Tachibana, often records various programs to teach the public how to deal with NHK’s door-to-door charges. All kinds of life tips, give the people free repelling NHK cards, if you are found by NHK, call him, he will immediately send someone to help you repel the toll collector, and will be elected as a senator in 2019. The most embarrassing thing is that NHK has also interviewed the party leader and reported on his propaganda activities. Second, as the only state-run television station in Japan, NHK is responsible for the early warning of natural disasters and news reporting on weekdays. Japan has many earthquakes, tsunamis due to earthquakes, and typhoons. Japan is a country with frequent natural disasters. Most TV stations will broadcast disaster warnings. Even if they have always been cynical, they must be released when big things happen. TV Tokyo, which is famous for cartoons, also broadcasts disaster warnings. However, in these TV stations, NHK is more professional and more active in follow-up and professional reporting of natural disasters. It can even be said that in disaster reporting, NHK’s Professionalism in journalism is relatively strong. So the reason why after Yoshihide Suga’s cabinet made the decision to illegally discharge sewage, NHK jumped out to describe Chernobyl as the worst in history, it is really a great possibility that illegal sewage discharge in Yin and Yang strange Japan. NHK is a more interesting TV station. Although it is an official TV station, it particularly likes to catch who sprays and it is not aimed at anyone. It just says that everyone in the room is rubbish, and there is no thing it is used to watching in the world. This kind of news reporting attitude has become a style and label of its news. Its news particularly likes to broadcast all kinds of things that Japanese politicians make ugly, even the kind of very subtle things, such as dozing off during a meeting. thing. In addition, most of the news about NHK’s China-related documentaries are relatively positive. For example, it blew the documentary about overseas investment projects of China’s sovereign fund, which turned China’s overseas investment projects into a kind of universal lighthouse/hanging pot to help the world/wealth and wealth. That’s called a boil. I dare say that the person who can blow China the most on the Chinese Internet may not necessarily have the sound of NHK. I am embarrassed to blow my little pink. The whole is a super large Volaf, and for this reason , It is called the Japanese TV station and the non-national TV station. Issues related to comfort women were also broadcast that year. Taking into account NHK’s consistent characteristics, these yin and yang behaviors can only say that Japanese society is actually aware of the issue of illegal sewage discharge, but Japanese society has always been fragmented, and the institutional corpse is serious. Everyone knows that things are getting worse. , Everyone has also contributed to the solution of the matter, everyone is criticizing the ills, but things will continue to deteriorate. It is unrealistic to expect Japan to solve this problem by itself. It is already the limit of what they can do.

5 months ago

Teacher: Classmate Aben, look at your good deeds! We all know that you have prostatitis, but you can’t pour into the artificial lake on the campus when the urinal is full? Now the whole campus has a scent of urine! Aben’s face flushed red, held back for a long time, suddenly stood up, raised his fist and yelled: 35 years ago, the U.S. leader once shit in the class because of a stomach trouble. That was the biggest leak in school history!

5 months ago

The real bad guys must like to file a complaint first, because only then can they prove that they are a good person. In fact, the underlying logic of all “villains” is the same. Talking about a piece of news that was “just to do what is right” a few years ago is extremely insulting, and also extremely ironic: 1. In 2018, a man in Zhejiang Province passed by a community and found that the garage door was not closed tightly. So greedy, secretly moved a jar of wine. Unexpectedly: Just as he was about to leave, a business aunt happened to pass by and found something was wrong, so she stepped forward to question her. The man had a guilty conscience, threw away the wine jar, turned around and ran away. As a result, she was grabbed by Aunt Shang, and the two scrambled. What I didn’t expect was that Aunt Shang was originally a martial arts master, and while entangled, she could still use one hand to call the police. In the end, the police came and arrested the thief. But during the interrogation transcripts, what everyone did not expect was: the police suddenly announced: “Arrest Aunt Shang.” 2. You must be very surprised: Aunt Shang has acted bravely, why did the police arrest her? Because Aunt Shang has forgotten. One thing, what thing? She forgot that she was also a thief. How is this going? It turned out that Aunt Shang had stolen a tricycle just two months ago, and she wanted to deny it at first. It was not until the police at the police station took out the surveillance video at the time that Aunt Shang had to admit that she was also a thief. You see: She immediately called the police when someone stole a jar of wine, and she stole a car by herself but pretended that nothing happened. It turned out that the crow fell on the pig, and you can’t see it black. What is bad thinking? This is! Therefore, there is an old Chinese saying: Sages are often wrong, but villains have no faults. why? Because the saint is always staring at his own shortcomings, the villain is always staring at the mistakes of others. In fact, although this kind of “courage to do what is right” like Aunt Shang is rare, her “blindness” towards herself is a universal human nature. 3. According to Carnegie’s investigation in the book “The Weakness of Human Nature”: There are many murderers in prisons in the United States. They kill people without blinking, but they turn a blind eye to their crimes. A “the most dangerous perverted murder criminal in the history of New York law and order”-Crowley-was still defending himself until he was executed on the road: “I am not a bad person, I did that because of self-defense.” There is a king of Europe, Louis XV, who loves Shakespeare for ten minutes. Result: While sitting in the theater gritted his teeth against the tyrant on the stage, he ordered the inhumane abuse of the prisoners in the prison. There was also a domestic legal news report that said: When felons in prison are watching movies, they will also hate the villains and thugs in the movies, and even lick their sleeves and feel resentful. But actually? Many of them are far worse than the mob in the movie a thousand times or ten thousand times. 4. So do you understand? In fact, the real bad guy will sue first, because only in this way can he prove that he is a good person. For example, during the Yuan Dynasty, the Mongols slaughtered Han people: to kill a Han, you only need to pay a donkey. why? Because the Mongols define the Han as the fourth lowest race. Look, before the bad guy kills you, did he “sue” you as a “low man”? Another example is the Japanese massacre of the Chinese during World War II: They took pleasure in killing and competed with each other. Why? Because they were killing and shouting three words: “Cina Pig.” Look, before the bad guys kill you, did they “sue” you as a “non-human”? For example, the Americans slaughtered Indians in the eighteenth century: every Indian scalp can sell 40 lists. why? Because Washington publicly declared: “Indians and wolves are predatory beasts, but in different shapes.” You see, the bad guy must have “sue” you as a “beast” before killing you? Yes, this is the underlying logic of the bad guys. 5. Therefore, we must always remember one sentence: In this world, no one will think that he is a bad person, including the perverted murderer in prison. In the same way, no country will consider itself a bad country, including Japan, which has broken through the bottom line of human civilization time and time again for thousands of years.

5 months ago

The feudal dross maintained its tradition, and the shameless aspect was completely Westernized. After all, during the raging epidemic in Europe and America, the so-called “sweat-covering pneumonia” was also “the worst in history.” For those who have made a heroic sacrifice to the sky, regardless of how brilliant they have been, apart from the necessary summary, there will always be so-called understanding people and real flies to find absolute rationality for his decline. In martial arts in the world, only wealth is not broken. Living long and well is the best counterattack against the enemy.

5 months ago

Unexpected time to finish reading Yes, 35 years have passed since the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, but we still attach great importance to it! The Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident occurred on April 26, 1986 in Pripyat, Ukraine’s Soviet Republic. The nuclear reactors were all destroyed and a large amount of radioactive material leaked, making it the largest since the nuclear power era. accident. The radiation hazard was serious. After the accident, 31 people died on the spot, more than 200 people were exposed to severe radiation. In the following 15 years, 60,000 to 80,000 people died, and 134,000 people suffered various degrees of radiation diseases. More than 115,000 people were forced to evacuate. But in order to eliminate radiation hazards and ensure the ecological safety of the accident area, Ukraine and the international community have been working hard! Before Japan was preparing to pour nuclear waste water into the sea, I had always admired the image of Japanese monsters. Now, I finally understand the correctness of the saying that art comes from life! (Surprise) Chernobyl is a global problem, and it is certain. Japan’s discharge of nuclear waste water is also a global issue, and it is certain, but after the Chernobyl incident, countries related to it are actively responding. The government sent troops to force people to evacuate, and sent a large number of soldiers and workers. A reinforced concrete sarcophagus was built for the destroyed No. 4 reactor and completely enclosed. But what about the Spoke Island incident? The only thing Japan can do is bow. The Japanese people like to use bowing to solve their mistakes, but what they call bowing is just to end this matter as soon as possible, for fear of bothering themselves. And there is no meaning of apologizing like a Chinese bow. This kind of no shame, no repentance, knowing a mistake and committing it. A nation without a sense of responsibility is destined to be unsustainable. From “ancient” to the present, people have been beautifying Japan, saying that Japan’s system is superior, welfare is good, and so on. But these so-called “beauties” only exist under the pen or keyboard of Rixuan. When they are led by the nose, you will never see the oppression, squeeze, or the inherent profit-seeking zbism of zbism. That’s it. They only recognize the “dead reason” of interest, without any sense of responsibility or responsibility. The only things they can do or can do are aggression, exploitation, oppression, plunder, shirk responsibility, and pretend to be noble, these “virtues” engraved in their bones. “. In the past, there was Japan and there were spokes to share, and after that, there was India. The world is looking at the “good things” that zbism has done recently. It is probably a precursor to a new generation. I see, the days when the red flags are everywhere are coming soon.

5 months ago

Because of the issue of nuclear waste water discharge, although the Japanese government has obtained the understanding of Western countries, South Korea has also expressed support for Japan under the pressure of the United States, but public opinion in Japan, opposition from China, and private public opinion around the world The attention of the Japanese authorities has also put great pressure on the Japanese authorities, so they have to spend a lot of public relations expenses. NHK’s whiplash against Chernobyl this time, in the final analysis, is just a part of Japan’s image public relations. After all, what Japan is most concerned about now is the opinions of Europe and the United States. By arousing the memories of the European and American people about Chernobyl, and comparing the impact of Chernobyl on the lives of European people, Japan hopes to take this opportunity to let Europeans and the United States People believe that Fukushima, Japan, is not as good as the Chernobyl nuclear leak, and it will not have much impact.

5 months ago

This generation of us born in the early 90s can be said to have grown up watching Japanese anime since we were young. Apart from the education of national hatred when we were young, we still have a more or less yearning for Japan, feeling the plot of Japanese anime. Very passionate, the protagonist inside always has a fearless spirit, giving up his life for justice and saving the world. However, in recent years, as the years have grown, the understanding of Japan as a country has become deeper and deeper, and completely different ideas have emerged. What is the real Japan like? I think this way is probably the most appropriate way to explain. We can imagine that all the farce or black humor that happened in the real Japanese society is a typical Japanese anime. All the elements that cause these farces, such as human indifference, human selfishness, and human shamelessness, are all real, farce. It also happens step by step like a script. But in this script, there is no superhero in the anime who is willing to sacrifice himself to save the world, no matter if his name is Xiaozhi in Pokémon, or Conan we are most familiar with. In a series of accidents at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, if there is a Conan and a small wit, maybe everything will happen in the opposite direction, but such a passionate animation protagonist does not exist, there are only self-interested, shirk Responsible, indifferent supporting character in anime. And the result is natural. We can imagine the ending of Conan or Pokémon in a certain year without the intervention of the protagonist. This is Japan. Of course, when an anime painter is creating an animation, he will not die and can fully output his ideals, but when a nuclear accident occurs, some people will die and sacrifice, so everyone does not want to rush forward. This is not incomprehensible. But in other places in history, whether it’s Chernobyl or the Great Patriotic War, whether it’s soldiers who yelled at me in the face of terrorist siege in Syria, or those great writers who were not afraid of exile during the imperialist-Russian era. Russia always has that kind of spirit of sacrifice for justice, in the final analysis, this is the power of faith. Japan has borrowed a lot of culture from China, but it seems to be incomplete. It has absorbed loyalty, but has forgotten benevolence and justice. Before the end of World War II, Japan had a morbid belief that in order to be loyal, it would be kind to others and to itself. As long as you can stud and fight without declaration, which Japanese will remember the word “yi”? After World War II, even this only belief seemed to have been castrated. Now in addition to believing in egoism and bowing and apologizing for wrongdoing, what else do you believe in besides not caring? What is it to guide their words and deeds? They seem to only know that they are like animals, acting completely according to their instincts. About two or three years ago, I stopped watching Japanese anime and Japanese literature. I probably couldn’t find the inner core that can make me feel happy. On the other side, when we talk about Russia, this is of course a nation with many shortcomings. Just like when I was studying, I was always puzzled by the Russians’ behaviors of duel regardless of their lives, and were addicted to alcohol, lust, waste, and so on. Habits are also flooded with the layout of almost all great Russian literary works, and behind the protagonist’s brilliance there are such countless shortcomings. But among them, especially among the hundreds of millions of people, they can always feel the power of faith and the ideal of saving the world, such as the Paul Kochagin we are most familiar with. The heroes in Russian literary works may be interpreted by Lermontov’s “Contemporary Heroes”. They are small and do not shy away from a bunch of stinky problems on their bodies, but they are always reflecting, more or less hoping that they can make progress. . They may not need to create a world crisis for heroes to save like Japanese anime or Hollywood disaster films, but just plain mocking themselves while purifying the hearts of the world. Perhaps many times I still love wine, but in that sober self-reflection, I still cling to the simple ideal of letting the world continue the beautiful things. But regardless of the country’s honor or disgrace, the seeds of faith have been planted. When the scene switches from literary works to reality crisis, don’t the warriors of Chernobyl know the fate they will face? Of course they know, but they have countless compatriots, countless human beings, and a motherland that they need to protect, so even if they are afraid, even if they are reluctant, in the end they will never hesitate and give up their lives. As a person, whether it is religion or doctrine, you have to believe in something, rather than purely for profit. This is the first point. Your belief should be to love the world and to make the world a better place. This is the second point. In Japan before World War II, their loyal monarchs could be desperate for the monarch, and there was no lower limit. They didn’t care about themselves or people other than the monarch. Obviously, this was not a belief that would make the world and the world better. In Japan after World War II, even this pitiful belief was castrated, and it was completely animalized in thought. It only knew that it would seek advantages and avoid disadvantages at the most micro level, perhaps from Showa men to Heisei waste wood, and then to Reiwa. Even worse chai, Japan’s sacrificial heroes and role models only exist in animation or other literary works. Regarding the current Japan, whether it is the news media or other things, there is no lower limit to how things can be done, I probably won’t be surprised. Chernobyl is of course a man-made disaster, but there is also the light of human civilization, and Fukushima is only a man-made disaster. The Japanese media wanted to step on Chernobyl to make other Japanese people have an illusion that “we are doing well”. This is nothing more than a typical Japanese behavior. I just hope that when we see Japan now, we can think about ourselves. In addition to benefits, besides physical enjoyment, are there any other people who love the world and want to make the world a better place, but the reality is not What should be missing is something called “faith”.

5 months ago

The despicable is the pass of the despicable, and the noble is the epitaph of the noble. In 1986, 600,000 heroes challenged the impossibility with their own bodies. Firefighters died for the country and were put into lead coffins and buried underground in concrete. Three workers risked their deaths to manually open the valve to release the water. The miners dig tunnels under the reactor. A death squad composed of more than 3,000 Soviet Red Army cleared the graphite blocks in the Martha area and completed the mission 2011 to 2021 under the radiation of 12,000 roentgens. , What did Japan do in the past 10 years? ​How can a noble person withdraw when encountering difficulties, acting for the public regardless of selfishness, but the way of heaven is ruthless, so the noble often becomes the epitaph of the noble person! The despicable are only for self-interest, so if you are already harmful, you can compromise and give up. There is no bottom line, so the passage is unimpeded. This is human nature! Conversely, as you said that it violates human nature, is it not afraid that it will eventually become “freedom, how many sins will be done in your name.” Or is it that the Confucianists are surging and the water is too cold? ​Could it be that in this world, what is used by me, what is good for me, no matter how vile, dirty and anti-intellectual, say it is noble, it is noble, it fights against me, is contrary to my interests, how good it is, how good it is , It’s all despicable, despised by me, and need to be strangled. The Japanese media are still mocking the Soviet Union today, mainly because the Soviet Union is gone. If the Soviet Union was still there, Japan would not dare to point fingers at it. Knowing the small etiquette but losing the righteousness, being too small and lacking in virtue is very like “The soldier fell, and the fly was the first to find it, and he screamed in his ears, as if to declare his victory, but he did not know that the fallen soldier was still Soldiers, flying flies will always be flies.” Friend, I want to tell you the background of the time. On June 7, 1981, F-15 and F-16 fighters of the Israeli Air Force ran across the Iraqi capital of Baghdad for thousands of miles and completely blown it up in one fell swoop. The Osrak reactor in Iraq. The 5 MW IRT-5000 scientific research reactor was built with the aid of the Soviet Union, so the Ministry of Atomic Energy Industry of the Soviet Union is very worried about whether the nuclear power plant can be shut down normally after the power is interrupted if the nuclear power plant is attacked during the war. Therefore, Chernobyl is required The power station carried out relevant tests, and as a result, a huge accident occurred. The chemical defense regiment of the Kiev Military Region first entered the disaster area. Then the Soviet Kiev Military Region governed the 17th, 51st, 97th, 15th, and 40th Motorized Rifle Divisions and the 34th and 161st Motorized Infantry Divisions. More than a dozen combat divisions, including the infantry division, were all mobilized urgently. Suicide rescue by military helicopter group without any protective measures. There were more than 10,000 soldiers in the core area of ​​the accident. The final lost equipment was equivalent to a reorganized motorized infantry. Abandoned equipment covered the entire area, with more than 600,000 soldiers. The military and civilians of the Republic have participated in the rescue, especially the army. They are all troops with anti-chemical knowledge. They know where to go and what problems they face. But the soldiers of the Republic did not hesitate. They solved Chernobyl, but Europe and the United States slandered them and solved their country. When the Soviets sealed Chernobyl with their lives, the Westerners did not have a trace of gratitude, they were all malicious insults. . When the Japanese discharged nuclear waste water irresponsibly, the Westerners did not even come out to give pointers. The hero is slandered by others, and the villain acts recklessly. I really believe in your evil. The future of mankind is definitely not in the hands of this group of people.​

5 months ago

233NHK is a famous Japanese rape station. The Japanese angry youths on 2ch call it the cctvJapanese branch. The most famous is the special program that exposes the atrocities of the Japanese invasion of China, the 50-minute “The Truth About Unit 731”. Unlike the Western media, NHK has produced a large number of films praising China’s great history, and it is true to use the family’s money to help others. Picking this point of time to review Chernobyl, I would like to call it a good job. The government has just broadcast a few hundred million to calm public opinion. As a result, NHK ran out to deepen the impression for everyone. I am afraid that it has not been secretly making the Fukushima nuclear leak. The film is out, secretly broadcast and then amaze everyone. Laughing death

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