In fact, watching the entire video, to my senses, Yue Shishui is very clever and clever to put out Chen’s words of derailment, you will find that she has been very gentle to guide the man to the passage of things, the detailed time, the cause, After going through, how did you derail in the end, and even how did you get the set when you derailed, and the room rate for the derailment to open the house, all asked. All of them were answered intermittently from the man’s crying and crying, and then in the fuzzy place, Yue Shishui would repeat it again. I don’t know if you have seen the man’s so-called response, saying that his wife beats and bites people and refuses to divorce, and that she loves to play suicide and disappears, but from this video it is also said that there is no domestic violence between them. Even they can talk about it, although Yue Shishui also said that she used some clever words to trick Chen into writing a divorce agreement. She also mentioned it on her Weibo, and admitted that it was clear. In the end, it was almost the same. At the end, you thought that they were about to reconcile, but you also asked him to write a letter of guarantee. Regarding the issue of joint debt, asked Chen who cheated to also include the money for opening the house. Here, you can see that she just wants to collect money for herself. Favorable evidence allows her to divorce. It’s right with her Weibo. Some commented that the moon passed away and the water was arrogant. He didn’t like to talk to Chen for a long time. That’s why Chen cheated. But besides love, a person probably has something he wants to do, and Yue Shishui said that he wants to spend three or four months to spend a lifetime with Chen, especially in these three or four months. Do your own affairs well, and even give birth to a child for Chen to quit smoking. When she went to see Chen, she had already packed her luggage and ended her long-distance relationship. Even in order not to put pressure on Chen, and to control Chen’s pressure value, he did everything well before going to him. But Chen said that Yue Shishui ignored him, which became the reason for his derailment. To be honest, after three or four years of marriage, how can it be as affectionate as when you first got married? Everyone has the pressure of life. They don’t work hard for each other’s lives, but because of one sentence, they go to bed with someone else when they are lonely. And I advise everyone, don’t set up a chastity memorial for yourself when you are trying to tear it, remember to keep a recording for yourself, either WeChat or email or recording. There is no evidence, it will only be indefensible. Only evidence can be convincing.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

No conspiracy theories, using Internet violence or something, to be honest, I didn’t even look at it carefully, even if it’s true. I think the world’s original partners have this kind of heart, and I can rest assured. Don’t tell me about the original partners. Don’t take advantage of public opinion. Scheming Internet violence is not cyber violent men’s marital derailment, the third party destroys other people’s families, it’s not going to be washed away, even if you and the mistress meet by accident, the true love is moving, you divorce and then pursue happiness. How much effort did you delay? You two are so in love, Fang Ting can’t even wait for your divorce? If you really love her, do you want to get a divorce first and just go after her. Don’t let people call her a junior, it’s normal logic. If you love her, let her be a junior. What’s wrong? Even if the writer calculates you two if you don’t cheat, how can she calculate? If you sit at home and take photos of your brains, you can count on you. It’s because you let Xiaosan be a Xiaosan before giving everyone the opportunity to accuse her of conspiracy and not conspiracy. You are both cheating and she will always be a Xiaosan. What if you have to get divorced, you have to be married. If you can stay away from me, you can cheat. Don’t talk about this original partner. Don’t take advantage of the netizens. Don’t take advantage of the public opinion. As a member of the netizens, I expressed my willingness to be used by her. If she really has such a mind, I really want to raise my arms and shout. I have a strong saying that I am self-improving, and finally I have a clear original partner who found out that after my husband cheated, it was not a womb, crying, crying, two troubles and three hanging up. Isn’t it illogical that the man should die, the third party should die? In addition, I think that the man’s derailment is first, and now the woman can’t call it a scheming maneuver, which should be called “victim’s counterattack.” As for how she wants to deal with suicide, she wants to divorce or she doesn’t want to get divorced, that’s hers. I really didn’t listen to the recording, and I don’t know where the woman’s mind was before the man cheated, or did he turn back ten thousand steps after he cheated. Even if she had a strong desire to control from the beginning, the man’s heart and soul were not divorced. If you can’t bear it, you can’t tell the man forced by the woman to derail, because it can’t be called the reason for derailment. The reason for derailment is that the man did something wrong. You can’t find the reason from others. You can say that the woman forced the man to divorce, but you can’t say that the woman is forced to divorce. If the man is forced to derail, if he is a moral person, he really can’t stand his wife and can’t make it through. He should do everything possible to think about divorce instead of doing everything possible to think about derailment. The derailment in marriage is wrong. This is the main premise that the man should not blur the direction and confuse the audiovisual. A sister with a very clear mind in the comment area pointed out a point that I did not expect. If it is a couple who use these things to make things happen to netizens, it will not work. If they are engaged in traffic monetization, then Snowflake announced that it will withdraw from this farce. I’m a brainless netizen, but I’m also the kind of netizens who don’t want to buy Yin Shihang’s toilet paper. The netizens hope that everyone will say her idioms, scheming, and so on. They are aimed at his cheating husband instead of cooperating with her cheating husband to make netizens bad money. Values) and Jimei pointed out that the original partner wanted to use netizens to play a small third to keep the spicy chicken cheating. I only read her Weibo on the 25th. If this is the case, I am really a bit speechless. If this is the case, I really didn’t expect it. I am willing to be a snowflake to condemn the man who cheated in marriage and help the original partner to divorce, but you should be aimed at your cheating husband, Xiaosan, of course it’s not right, but you can solve the problem of 30 million youngsters and stand up. Guo: “Stupid women solve women, smart women solve men.” In any case, Ben Xuehua’s point of view is that cheating in marriage is wrong. Good, no-brained netizens can think of so much for the time being.

5 months ago

I didn’t finish listening. Although the author’s speech was clear and organized, I couldn’t listen to the words of the male lead. I briefly read the text version and the comments of netizens. The author said before that in order to divorce the scumbag, he used some small tricks to coax him. I don’t understand why some netizens empathize with Xiaosan, say that the author deserves it, and scold the author. It’s 2021, why is the “victim guilty theory” still continuing? Obviously unforgivable are the scumbag and the mistress. What if the author is careful? Usually when the TV show sees the heroine playing revenge against the scumbag, they clap their hands and applaud, but in reality, some people start to provoke them? I can only say that the author did a good job. Waiting for the heroine to stand up.

5 months ago

I think it doesn’t matter whether the woman is rational or emotional, and whether this incident is impulsive and committing suicide, or just wanting to avenge the scumbag and let him die in the company (if you don’t have a public name unit or something, it won’t be the death of the company, right? ), at least one thing that can be clear is that the man has derailed in marriage. It’s impossible to wash white, right? Marriage is not suitable for divorce (is the woman violent or restricting the man’s personal freedom or threatening the safety of the man’s family, so does the man dare not divorce?), what is the derailment in marriage? In this regard, it is safe for the woman to be the victim of this marital infidelity. So I don’t understand why so many people want to see an original partner who is weak and “affectionate” to suicide instead of an original partner who dared to save evidence to protect their own interests… What age is it, the spectators are still looking forward to seeing a “perfect victim” Or the “perfect weak”? I don’t know if these spectators will choose a rope and a well when they encounter this kind of thing, or calm down and protect their rights? As for the conspiracy-what is the conspiracy, is it the woman who set up a set to make the man cheat? ? ? In a word, even if it is really revenge against the scumbag, the man deserves it.

5 months ago

The original partner must be uncomfortable when he encounters a derailment. The man again maintains that Xiao San is a particularly nice and kind person and blames himself for impulsiveness. Therefore, the original partner guides the man step by step to admit that Xiao San is not an innocent and kind person. You can start to enter the link of writing a divorce agreement. The original IQ is still crushing the man, and there is still a scheming, but I don’t think this is a bad thing. I hope that everyone who cheats has this level and don’t let yourself suffer. Being betrayed is miserable enough. There is no reason to be a Virgin. . It’s also said that the woman is too strong. Falling in love is a two-way choice. Marriage is a lifetime event for the two families. I used to like a strong man when co-authoring. I didn’t want him to marry, but when I got married, I found out that I actually liked it. Childish little milk dog, I was depressed but didn’t want to get divorced, so I cheated quietly and surprised everyone! I derailed just because I was upset just because I didn’t like you. Isn’t this a scum?

5 months ago

As a man, frankly speaking, I was a bit lucky. I naively thought that there was a problem with the marriage and it must be the problem of both parties. It must be something that can’t be slapped. I was wrong. Because of this kind of thought, I feel a little embarrassed guilty. Why can an adult man be so naive. The more she forced herself to calm down with every word she said, the more heartache she listened. However, the most unacceptable thing in the audio is that the injured is clearly the woman, why is the man comforted, taken care of, and crying.

5 months ago

This man is really a 30-year-old giant baby, fat, bald and useless. The girl is too kind. In the fifth recording, the girl is still comforting the scumbag: it’s not all your fault that you were deceived, you were asleep. It is she who seduce you rather than you take the initiative to find her. Don’t take the responsibility on yourself. Why are you so stupid. While listening to the man’s crying and crying wife’s disgusting death, he felt sorry for the girl and comforted him so calmly and tenderly. Physiological nausea.

5 months ago

You see, if you don’t hit yourself with the board, you don’t know it hurts. As long as you are not dead, you can be generous to others. It really touched me, because there is no forgiveness, no compassion, isn’t it funny? Does the victim record a conspiracy theory? Can the derailed party be relieved of his mistakes because he was recorded? Oh, is it right? The victim should be ashamed, have a nervous breakdown, win the sympathy of others, and then walk out of the style of an inspirational woman, unrestrained and unobtrusive. Now society is too demanding of victims. Emotional breakdown is said to be a lack of strength in the heart, and a period of decadence is said to be self-defeating. You haven’t experienced the collapse of others, so what standpoints do you have to comment on? I really don’t know why there are restrictions on the Internet that “the most qualified predecessor should…”. Too ridiculous. Different people have different experiences, so why are they demanding others. Who wouldn’t be generous to others?

5 months ago

After listening to the recording, the righteous indignation of the scumbag man immediately disappeared, and a sense of powerlessness to face the truth surged into his heart. If both parties did not deliberately perform inducing elements when recording, it would reflect their daily getting along with each other and their patterns. Then you can infer the following points: (1) From the beginning of the two people’s acquaintance, until the face was torn apart, the man basically obeyed the woman’s arrangement, but has been suppressing his inner dissatisfaction. In the relationship between the two, the woman is the dominant position on the surface. The man is like a rebellious child who relies on her. The unsatisfied dissatisfaction that cannot be vented accumulates with time and daily contradictions, forming a restless molten lava, while freedom in a different place and the appearance of white moonlight become the crater of all eruptions. (2) The man’s feelings towards himself are undoubtedly not mature enough. He couldn’t tell where the emotions surging in his heart came from. That night of passion, was it the true love he pursued or the revenge against his wife and the catharsis of marriage? (3) In the two families, the woman often plays the role of a superficial villain, and the man should be a good old man. The woman feels that she has a tofu heart, and her intentions are good, and the man who has been following her should be clear. It doesn’t matter if I don’t know it temporarily, as time goes by, she thinks he will always understand. But in fact, the man feels that he is good, and the woman is evil. He feels that his compromise is forbearance or goodness, and aggressive tolerance to his wife. (4) The woman’s feelings towards her husband’s derailment are complex—unbelievable, collapse, anger, helplessness, reflection… the only light that she thinks is vanished overnight. Would she hate the light more or the night that caused the light to disappear? The answer is obvious. As far as the woman is concerned, until the moment she learns that the man is cheating, she has beautiful illusions about the relationship between the two of them: she loves him arrogantly as a child, and he is willing to tolerate her with a love package. She didn’t want to admit the moment when it was beautiful and broken. Unwilling to admit that the man really fell in love with others, so he had a “passionate derailment” analysis, and eagerly wanted the other party’s approval. He doesn’t want to admit that he is a scum for the man he has liked for so many years, so he would rather blame him for more sins. I don’t want to admit that the happy marriage in my eyes for many years is the shackles of the other person’s heart, so I struggled my brain to analyze the reasons for this “passion derailment”, and even thought about what it was like at the beginning… The whole incident is not a meticulously choreographed farce, nor is it a cool story about the heroine’s awakening and killing the Quartet, but a very real family ethics documentary. Does the judgment of the bystander make any sense in this case? As the people who eat melons, we are not qualified for any cyber violence, nor do we have the ability to determine the course of the incident. Just watch it quietly. At the end of the day, communication is by no means a long-term solution for long-term relationships. Because one day there will be an outbreak. So just say it if you are not happy. When these traits such as “knife mouth tofu heart” and “arrogant” are displayed, you must be 100% sure that the other party can get your deep meaning in time. So I finished it in an entertaining manner, explained it in time, and expressed my original intention. If you want to separate, speak quickly. Don’t use the so-called true love as an excuse for reluctance to face problems.

5 months ago

Actually finished listening. It’s awesome for me. In the beginning, I really didn’t understand this kind of emotions. I really couldn’t empathize. We were obviously opposing parties. We were still so calm. We were gentle, rational and methodical. We analyzed the junior third’s table, coaxed you, solved your psychological obstacles, and told you just Be induced to commit a crime. Then I saw that it was the author’s great divorce talk. Then try to understand. I thought it was the author who had committed an occupational disease. He was really kind enough to make him suffer from a scumbag. Then I feel that the author’s industry is not easy. Ordinary people may just live with sex, love and hate come from the heart and move with temperament. And the author must dig deep into human nature, dig deep into the logic behind each behavior, and support the deep-seated character of personal behavior. Clarify the details of what happened and the logic behind it. I remember seeing an interview with a psychologist before. The interviewer asked, do you analyze the mental models of family and friends in your life out of professional habits? the answer is negative. I didn’t quite understand at the time, but now I seem to understand. In the surface recording, the author is very calm and organized. It’s not clear what happened in the middle so that the author suffered from great pain and collapse later, and he would be extinct from the world. My feeling is that the author has developed an instinct to take care of the emotions and emotions of the scumbag. Divorce is the final calm. He has to contend with Xiaosan’s true green tea character. The author’s routine is consciously insufficient. The author is essentially a perceptual person. What’s more, the scum man has been emotionally passivated into the existence of the author’s eldest son. In his daily dealings, he has noticed the scum man’s emotional psychology. The scum man does not need to be responsible for himself. The author’s conference optimizes his behavior to suit him and frees time and space for him. He, the scumbag was so spoiled that he only had to be himself. If the author’s creation of novels is to raise his son’s feelings, the scumbag is another real son. To give meticulous emotional care, I should be the least able to accept the stabbing of my own son, and Xiaosan is an expert at handing swords. The final calm of being unable to divorce can’t be maintained. It’s nothing more than a thought of heaven and hell. As for listening to the recording and saying that the perception has changed, I can only say that they have a stereotype of the author’s victims. Suddenly there was a deviation from your imagination and you failed to adjust your expectations in time. Sorry, the lack of organization is just an intuitive feeling.

5 months ago

Yue’s voice is really nice, clean and cold, and his speech is clear. Halfway through listening, Yue’s feelings for Chen are very complicated. She wants him to regret it. Chen regrets it, so Yue shakes up and thinks it can be saved? As a result, Chen cheated twice again, how can I say? Chen is cowardly, unaccountable, childish, and paranoid. When it comes to the division of property, Chen obviously does not want to divide it to Yue, nor does he want to admit that he is at fault. I really appreciate Yue’s approach. Even if he is cold, he still has to leave evidence that is beneficial to him and calmly let Chen tell most of the truth! It’s great. We are not a party. We don’t know Yue’s suffering and determination. I hope that my wife can come out step by step and she will be beautiful in the future. As for the scumbag and San’er, they must see people’s hearts forever. Even if Yue used some words to induce the man to tell the truth that is good for him, what happened? Isn’t this the truth? Is it true that the man’s derailment in marriage? Isn’t it true that the man used the woman’s tt to talk to San’er? Doing something wrong is to bear the consequences, which is not acceptable to adults? Shouldn’t you be punished for stealing something from someone else? Those who support the man’s claim that the moon conspiracy theory have a persistent brain infection? No matter what your life is like, some people will make irresponsible remarks, but we only come to this world once, eat delicious food, watch the bustling world, and feel the crowds of people. Seeing a sentence, it is difficult for people to love themselves, and most of them will choose to love others. Please love yourself first? Do your best to make yourself happy!

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