According to Korean media, Lee Kwang-soo will get off the car from “RM” due to health reasons, and will have the last filming in May. Later, he will focus on acting as an actor and focus on acting activities. It is reported that the producer and cast members also respected his decision, and then the show was recorded with 7 human bodies. In 2010, Lee Kwang-soo joined “RM”, and it has been 11 years.

After the news that Lee Kwang-soo would get off the car from RM was exposed, the brokerage company issued an official response, stating that Lee Kwang-soo will get off the car after participating in the recording of “RM” on May 24. It is not easy to make this decision, but he has been injured in an accident last year. After receiving rehabilitation treatment, it is difficult to maintain shooting in the best condition. After a long discussion with the members, production team and the affiliated company, I decided to re-adjust my body and mind. Thank you for your love and support for him over the past 11 years. No, uncomfortable

rm is almost over. When Gou got out of the car, the damage to rm was actually not that big, but many 7012 fans would give up the show. Why is the impact small? Because Gou’s position in rm in the later stage is very vague, or he can’t find a new character. Moreover, the positioning of Gou Ge is a bit similar to that of Jin Zhongguo. Song Ji-hyo’s role positioning in rm does not need to hold up the effect of the show all the time. In fact, the entire team, before Xiao Huatou and Frog join, mainly rely on Liu Jae-shik, Lee Kwang-soo, and Wang Bizi, haha ​​to support the content in the program. Those who are familiar with Lee Kwang-soo know how difficult it was for Lee Kwang-soo to join the rm team at the beginning, and will be scolded by some black fans for “bullying” Song Joong-ki in the show. At that time, Lee Kwang-soo was very uncomfortable with the rhythm of variety shows, but Lee Kwang-soo has survived, and his brothers and sisters have been helping and supporting Lee Kwang-soo to find the show’s positioning. Slowly betrayers, cowards and other people set up images in the show. RM has brought a huge exposure to Lee Kwang-soo, and also has the title of Asian prince. However, in South Korea, variety shows have the lowest status in the food chain of entertainers. While variety shows bring long-term exposure to entertainers, they will actually act as a backlash for actors. Because the deep-rooted screen image is difficult for actors to portray characters, the audience’s impression of you has been solidified. In recent years, Kwang Soo’s film and television roles are mostly funny, which greatly limits Kwang Soo’s future play. In fact, Kwang Soo deliberately reduces the backlash caused by this exposure, and he rarely updates sns dynamics. It is the 11th year that RM has entered this year, and Kwang Soo has also become the mainstay of RM in 11 years. The current situation is that most of the members can no longer exercise vigorously as in the early stage. After the frog joined the initial stage, the current state of the program is fluctuating, and the slick is now more and more popular, but there is still no way to sustain the effect of a program. This show has also come to the end. With the departure of Lee Kwang-soo, the date when the show is announced will be getting closer and closer. Just as it was difficult to accept the end of the infinite challenge, it was also difficult to accept the end of RM. But the world’s banquet will eventually disperse, so I hope that the next 9 members can live happily, after all, they have given us more than 10 years of smiles together.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

I remembered the saying in Coldplay “everglow”, “People gather sometimes, but they are scattered, but memories will eternally shine in the stars.” From the perspective of Kwang Soo’s acting career and rational considerations, RM is currently more of a torment for him. What has supported him in recent years is the profound friendship established by the program team over the past ten years. This may be where he struggled. This kind of news is unexpected and reasonable, but for me, I still feel regretful and reluctant. I remember that in the period when new members joined in 2017, the Great God said, “We will not start together, but will end together”, thinking it will be so. Even if it was not, I thought it would be Uncle Bi who left first. Because it was Kwang-soo who cried into tears on the awards stage at the end of 2016, Kwang-soo who used to come to the RM recording site until three or four in the morning when filming, and Kwang-soo who came to the scene with a cane before he recovered from a broken bone. what. I still remember these sincere pictures, but there may still be so many compelling reasons to make this decision. Understand and bless. Thank you for your company and happiness, and I hope Guangzhu will continue to shine in his acting career, restore health as soon as possible, and everything goes well.

5 months ago

I thought about the separation, I never thought that I would be separated so quickly. I thought that the members would get off the bus. I didn’t expect that it would be Kwang Soo. I thought that the first person to get off after Kang Gary would be Wang Nose. I didn’t expect it would be Kwang Soo… Unprepared…May is the last recording…When I was a child, I wanted to go to see an RM tour when I grew up…I haven’t finished the separation and I always came by surprise; I borrowed the wb on the young lady’s sister’s The development of the original story is always inseparable from a separate ending.

5 months ago

I imagined that the princess would come again, and suddenly I didn’t even let my dream be done. You said it’s hard to feel too busy at work, and I still took a little time to say that when the dog was gone for 16 years, I was very uncomfortable, not only 7012, Not only the couple on Monday, but also the charming dog himself. I regret and cherish rm. Now, Guangsoo in the house is about to leave. I am glad that he met the princess. I thank him for his youthful dedication from the age of 26 to rm. But it is also regretful that the 300,000 of the Great God has not been used up yet, I have not seen enough, I regret that the princess has not been able to rm again. According to the princess, it is because of shyness. I also have a trace of worry, worrying about the future rm, I have never stopped since I entered the pit in 13 years, no matter what, no matter whether it is funny or not. Because this is the memory of my youth, I cherish this memory, and also cherish the last stage that is stopped at any time. The years are wasted, time has passed, and looking back, rm is still the variety show in my heart that is most worth cherishing and spending time. I just hope that there will be no verbal abuse or resentment for Kwang Soo’s getting off the car. He has enough left, just like Brother Dog, I love you all. Salanghey, Kumar

5 months ago

Speaking of memories, I won’t say there are too many. Tell me why he got off the car. In my memory, he has acted in two movies since watching the show. I still watched them all. How to put it, whether it was the QQ group or WeChat group at the time, the most comment was: Although he was acting as a , he wanted to laugh when he saw him ah ah ah ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. This should not only be the opinion of the Chinese people? There should be Koreans who have this idea, right? So, think about it in another way. If you were Lee Kwang-soo, what would you think after seeing this evaluation? ? ? You are his agency, what do you think when you see it? ? Don’t think that when Liu Jae-shih Tiantian asked him to make up the dues on the show, he is really a comedian. He is an actor. You Baidu Li Guangzhu, his first identity is an actor, the third is the host. That is, the brokerage company doesn’t care about your affection. They look at the interests. No matter how much you like it, no matter how you love it, you can’t change the show. The show is going downhill. At first, I wanted to end it together, but the company stopped it later. Why. Because I can make money! Because of the heat! Is it popular? Is Lee Kwang-soo’s brokerage company a shantang? What does he want to do? As for the physical reasons, just talk about it. Who in the show didn’t go to the hospital for surgery because of confrontation? This was said by haha ​​himself. Of course, all of this is speculation, maybe I’m just talking about one of the reasons. Although we all hope to continue and be happy all the time. But there is no permanent banquet in the world. Let’s do it and cherish it. There can be a beautiful end early. It’s not a bad thing.

5 months ago

RM is likely to end here. Because no one can replace Lee Kwang-soo, when Gou got out of the car, he obviously felt that Gou was unable to do what he wanted. Kwang-soo was the core. He is more handsome than Guangzhu, without his sense of variety. He has a sense of variety than Guangzhu, not as handsome as him. You have a sense of variety and are handsome, why join RM? Is it bad to be an actor? There is an Asian prince in front of Zhuyu, who can’t replace it at all. Because the current RM is not the RM of 13 years, the feelings between MC in 11 years, poured cold water together, concert together, so many stories are zero for the replacement. There must be a reversal in the ending, this is the runningman.

5 months ago

What should come will come. I did not expect it to come so suddenly, and it started with the giraffe. I hope that the giraffe can take a good rest. Since it is said that it is for physical reasons, it is estimated that the legs are not completely good. Although the giraffe is a little older these years, for the male actors, 36 years old is still very young, and the future is still very long. It’s time to plan your life well. Get off from the variety show that is broadcast every Monday to reduce the exposure and controversy. Can the giraffe classmate consider marrying the prince and concubine Xiucheng Zhengguo and have children? The current schedule is to record the May program, that is, if there are no other changes, there will be no giraffes in mid-June. This time point is very close to the 11th anniversary. What will happen to the 11th anniversary program as a whole? Do you want to have a great reunion and finally end? I still have a dream~ I feel like it’s time to prepare to say goodbye to RM. For me, this preparation has been made since the ninth anniversary of the excitement, so even if the news is not exposed very suddenly What kind of sign, I have already prepared in my heart for a long time, I hope that everyone with my dog ​​Zhongji LIZZY will be well in the future~

5 months ago

In the past few years when Infinite Challenge stopped broadcasting, I was actually ready to meet the suspension of RM. I have been chasing the junior year for 10 years without picking + RM. The more than one hundred issues in 2006-10 years are making up, and all the other hundreds of issues are chasing. After 18 years of no picking, I also started RM. I didn’t watch it all. I haven’t watched many episodes. I still remember when the first issue of Runningman was opened in 10 years. At that time, Wuchang was a long-term special of wrestling. When HAHA and Dashen cue another new show with Song Jihyo’s at the beginning It is still time to make CP settings with HAHA. Looking at the one-week issue, I really experienced countless big things and countless small things in MC’s life. It really felt like a good friend. Lee Kwang-soo didn’t have any shots at all from the beginning of 1011. In each issue, he didn’t have a big shot. The laughing point is his only laughing point (just like entering the unchallenged Zheng Hyung-dun at the beginning). Later, the character set as the “Giraffe Betrayer” finally began to rise, and then slowly began to have “The God of Variety Favors”, in the middle There are countless trivial things, love breakups, starring in movies, trivial life between members, who has conflicts with whom, we audiences have spent more than ten years with Wuchao and RM. More than that, let’s wait for the day when RM announced the suspension of the broadcast. Actually, I think it’s almost the end. Infinite challenges have been held for more than three years after Hong Zhe and Heng Dun got off the car. For people like me who don’t usually watch Korean entertainment at all, Now it’s impossible to pursue new long-term variety shows again. Maybe after RM stops broadcasting, these people will never see them again.

5 months ago

This morning, I saw this news and I was very stuck and I didn’t want to go to work. In fact, I haven’t watched rm since the last map incident, because I was disappointed with the program group, and there was a great god (because of the last time the great god and Lee Hyo-ri) I was already very dissatisfied in the show. This time something like this happened again. It made me feel that the Great God is only a Korean after all, and I will still be disappointed. You kong is what I say to me hahahahahaha) How do you say it has been 11 years since rm The story that started on the night of the rainstorm was really hard at the beginning. Every day after the mall closed, I kept tearing up the famous brand. It was really tired. I stayed up late and slowly became a global program. Many well-known celebrities came. Some people get off the bus slowly and some get on the bus. I always thought that Liu Jijin and Lee Song were on this show until they got off the bus. Although they were reluctant to move forward and retreat, Kwang Soo Oppa’s career as an actor must be smooth and profitable. Although I am reluctant to bear it. I think maybe you don’t have to join the newcomer if you don’t have Kwangsoo. If a variety show is about to end, don’t keep it and say goodbye with applause. I thought that the better ending would be everyone getting off the bus together, but then I wanted to treat him like this for the great God Kwangsoo. People don’t have such a big influence, but for the remaining members, they may have lost a big show platform. Let’s try hard again and hold on again until there is really no applause. Then give up. From 2014 to the pit. It’s been six years ago. I have watched every issue of laughing and crying for them and shared their trivia to me who watched the video because they have always wanted to go to Korea to experience it and because they have known many, many Korean celebrities. I don’t see you at night every week, I always watch some of the previous highlights and cuts. When I’m upset and bored, I find out the episodes I like to watch, but I always say goodbye. Although I always feel that they have become family members after so many years. In fact, they still have a personal story and life. That’s it. There is no more Liu Li’s 300,000 jokes. There is no betrayer. There is no combination. There is no ignorant sister and brother. Every section of the road always has someone to go first. The rm made Lee Kwang-soo. It’s also Lee Kwang-soo who has achieved rm. Finally, please wish each other well, please continue to cheer for actor Lee Kwang-soo. Even if you get off the car, you must always go home to see. If you always love your brothers and sisters, you will see you bye bye rm’s member Lee Kwang-soo.

5 months ago

I watched rm a long time ago, and I will always remember the appearance of Lee Kwang-soo in the first episode. It was inexplicably raining. From then on, the title of “decline” has been accompanied by Lee Kwang-soo. Betrayers behind, coward, giraffe, avatar, rm three silly, weak, A series of titles such as the Asian Prince were broadcast along with the show, and they were attached to Lee Kwang-soo. In fact, his acting skills are even more admired by me. “It’s okay, it’s love”. There is a bit of neuroticism in “Good Friends 2014”. It seems silly but inwardly. The strongest and kind-hearted Minxiu, Dong Jiu who has a bit of IQ problem in “My First-degree Brother”… used to be in the lowest rm period, basically relying on Lee Kwang-soo and Liu Dashen to support the whole program effect. They worked hard. I didn’t give up on rm, but the whole world is going to feast. People always have to leave. Lee Kwang-soo will finally leave rm, but fortunately, he left that beautiful memory. If we are the same, everyone will leave in the end, so when we have them, we cherish them.

5 months ago

I think of the period when Brother Gou left. I watched it in the dormitory while laughing and crying. It was my lost youth~11 years. It is not easy to stick to it. This is true for Kwangsoo, and it is also true for several other people. In this way, everyone has their own illnesses, so I am too understanding, but it is unavoidable to be a little sad, because I did not expect Guangsoo to be next. But I will continue to watch the weekly rm, because this is not just rm, it is still the “pulsation” that can accompany me through the trough. Finally, I wonder if Kwang Soo’s withdrawal was also because he was about to get married? I hope it’s because of this. If it’s really a physical reason, then it’s really…

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