India switched from exporting to importing oxygen, but it is still in an oxygen crisis. The price of a bottle of oxygen on the black market in India is US$600, but the per capita national income of India is only US$2,120.

In order to alleviate medical pressure, India requires that all liquid oxygen can only be used for medical treatment, which restricts Indian industrial production and intensifies pressure on other countries.

According to British media reports, in order to save the life of her father-in-law, a Delhi woman named Priya spent 50,000 rupees (approximately 4340 yuan) on the black market to buy an oxygen cylinder. Under normal circumstances, an oxygen cylinder The price of the bottle is only 6000 rupees (approximately 521 yuan).

50,000 rupees is equivalent to the five-month salary of an ordinary Indian worker, and 50,000 rupees a bottle of oxygen is only the starting price on the black market. In other places, the price of a bottle of oxygen is even 100,000 rupees, which is close to ordinary people. 1 year’s salary.

Now is the time to spend money to buy time. A bottle of oxygen can be used for 12 hours. 2. One of the deaths caused by the new coronavirus is to fill the lungs of patients with pus. The inhaled oxygen cannot dissolve into the blood. The key is how to suck out the pus in the lungs in time. Otherwise, the oxygen will be supplied all the time, and it will be hard to escape death. The world can support India’s inexhaustible oxygen. Can’t support enough doctors. $600… just buy half a day’s life. 3. Brahmin is a high caste, yes. But the high caste does not mean that you have money. Oxygen traffickers in the black market will not give you oxygen for nothing because of your high caste. Everyone is equal before money. The loss of control of the epidemic will certainly have an impact on China. 1. The mutated virus is likely to cause all existing vaccines to fail. 2. The mutant virus has been exported to many countries around the world. Those countries are likely to usher in a new round of outbreaks. Let China continue to close. 3. China’s border is very long. Many places are unguarded. It cannot be ruled out that the mutated virus was brought into the country by Myanmar smugglers.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

When the Wuhan epidemic was severe, the gas company affiliated to Wuhan Iron and Steel immediately adjusted the process parameters of the oxygen generator, energized 24 hours a day without stopping work, and supplied liquid medical oxygen four times the amount before the epidemic. India’s Tata company, when a single company in steel production was able to cut down the entire Chinese steel output in seconds, what are you doing now?? Oh, Tata is a private company, that’s okay… When the oxygen price rises, Tata thinks it’s changing. The production of medical oxygen is profitable. If the profit is large, the problem can be solved completely. This is the invisible hand. Of course, the universal market does not rule out. Tata “accidentally” broke several of its own oxygen workshops. Then the price of oxygen is an operation that skyrocketed…Of course Tata is just a synonym, not the actual Tata.

5 months ago

Isn’t this a routine operation of Indian businessmen? Without a strong government to guarantee supply and crack down on the black market, the imbalance between supply and demand will spontaneously evolve into this phenomenon sooner or later. Oxygen cylinders are hoarded, let alone oxygen bottles. All shortages of supplies caused by unfavorable epidemic control will be hoarded, including but not limited to medicines, ventilators, transportation resources, firewood (burning dead bodies), other funeral supplies and services, and food. , Job opportunities, etc. Let’s just watch the show. In such a strong place and weak central society, they will step on the pits that our country has stepped on along the way. They will even step on more of the pits that we have avoided because of the summed up experience. , In the second half of the year, take the bench watermelon seeds and get ready to watch the show.

5 months ago

Some domestic so-called “economists” like to brag about an unregulated free market, and this is the result in India. After the government loses its normal control over the market, there is no fairness and no market. Only the threat of capital to everyone is left. Internet celebrities such as “Xue Zhaofeng” do not study seriously. Simply believe that after commodity prices rise, there will naturally be more people and more resources engaged in the production of commodities, and the final result will lead to the rebalance of commodities. At some point, this theory is true. This is also the basic logic of the free market of commodities. But the existence of this logic has a foundation and a price. In the medical industry, I even saw some “malicious” people promoting the so-called free-style medical market in the United States. In fact, the US medical industry is recognized as the worst medical industry in developed countries in the world. American medical companies, medical groups, are completely free in the United States. How free is it? Let’s take an example. The same medicine, produced in the United States, sells for $100 in the United States, and only $10 in the neighboring country of Canada. The same operation costs US$10,000 in the United States, and generally only US$3,000-5,000 in other developed countries. These are normal conditions and have nothing to do with the epidemic. For this reason, the average life expectancy of the United States is the same as that of a developing country in China, which is only 78. (Other developed countries even at 80) If the United States can restore the normal medical system, GDP is equivalent to an increase of 20%! ! After the outbreak, more than 570,000 people died in the United States. From the government to the medical group, deception is the primary goal. This is the result of a completely unregulated free market. (In fact, the United States is still regulated by public opinion and opposition parties) After all, the United States is currently the world’s largest power. Even if he has some medical problems, he still has the confidence after all. For example, there are a large number of young immigrants, such as the world’s strongest armed forces who can buy excess vaccines. For example, US dollars that can be issued in large quantities. And these confidence is not in India. This is why, an unregulated free market will cause much more destruction in India than in the United States. A bottle of oxygen costs $600. Although it is high prices in India, it is the norm in the United States. Indians can’t afford 600 dollars to buy an oxygen cylinder, but Americans or other developed countries have money. According to the so-called “Unregulated Xue Zhaofeng-style free market” theory, Indians should continue to export their own oxygen. Let the noble Americans breathe oxygen, and they will live and die. Then, after the Indians reach the sky-high price, the market will naturally adjust the balance and produce more oxygen. After writing this, I sighed. For the rich, he eagerly hopes that everything in this world will be market-oriented without any supervision. Because they can buy everything they need, including the scarce oxygen, including other private medical care, including security, including nationality. Because they are rich. For medical groups and related capitals, they also eagerly hope that there will be no supervision and no need to take into account fairness and social effects. Because only in this way can they maximize their profits. For most ordinary people, proper supervision and management will not affect everyone’s purchase of masks and oxygen. On the contrary, it will protect everyone, everyone has oxygen and masks.

5 months ago

The impact is not significant. my country has formed a relatively complete social prevention and control system that can deal with the epidemic. 1. The imported personnel from foreign countries are unified and forced to be quarantined. Multiple tests during the quarantine period can avoid the import of the epidemic. In addition, my country’s nucleic acid testing on imported goods, especially cold chain goods, can largely prevent the epidemic from relying on cold chain imports. It should be noted that there have been three cases of epidemics in Ruili for illegal immigration at the border. Judging from the epidemic situation last year, the air ports (Pudong, Shijiazhuang) and the centralized isolation point (Chengdu) for immigrants are relatively weak links. 2. Internal non-proliferation my country’s surveillance system is relatively complete, with a mature epidemiological investigation mechanism, and close contacts and secondary close contacts can be quickly identified after a case is discovered. After timely isolation of the infected and close contacts, the chain of infection was severed. 3. The management of medical institutions is relatively complete. Infectious disease hospitals are generally strictly partitioned, and medical personnel are protected in place. The probability of hospital patients infecting surrounding communities is very low. 4. Sufficient anti-epidemic materials my country is a large industrial country, and various anti-epidemic assets are sufficient. 5. Strong ability to respond to emergencies. my country has a tradition of collectivism and can concentrate on major events. If there is a shortage of materials, the factory can be immediately mobilized for full production. Due to the management in place, the hoarding of medical supplies will not happen on a large scale in our country. 6. Looking at the three elements of infectious diseases, the prospects of our national defense epidemic are relatively optimistic. Use a picture to summarize. As long as any one of the three elements of infectious diseases is “control the source of infection, cut off the route of transmission, and protect the susceptible”, the spread of the epidemic can be prevented. . Even if the vaccine is temporarily ineffective due to mutations, there is no specific medicine available. As long as the social prevention and control system is in place, my country can also respond to the epidemic.

5 months ago

The Indian nation has two problems. One is that it depends on the mouth to solve problems, which is worse than Taiwan independence, which “uses love to generate electricity”. It always thinks that rhetoric can cover up all challenges and troubles. At the same time, he also loves face, always thinking that China should be a poor third world country on par with him. They also wanted to benchmark against China this time, deliberately not wanting China’s aid. At this stage of the field, it is really impossible to accept assistance. Don’t worry, they will deliberately forget it afterwards. Their second problem is monkey sex, and they have never had a long-term plan. Even the so-called Indian elites, Indian managers and engineers in Silicon Valley also share this virtue. This time they had enough time to deal with it: it has been more than a year since the epidemic, and given a year to prepare, enough time! But Modi and his like still want to be fooled by luck. Can only say that if you don’t die, you won’t die! Why is it said that India is not in the same class as China at all? Why is it stupid to say that they are not self-reliant… It has been independent for so many years without decent infrastructure! This is the minimum for a modern country! However, China began to have infrastructure in the 156 project aided by the Soviet Union after the Korean War. By the time of reform and opening up, it was already very complete, and a large number of professionals were also trained, so there is a foundation for taking off. Why do you say that India is not promising: How many good things have you inherited from the old Britain, and people continue to give you blood transfusions, but what does China have? The Soviet aid for the past few years was an external cause, mainly due to its own efforts. With the help of its strength, it entered industrial modernization. So India is actually a small country, and it will appear when it catches up with major events. This time the virus is raging and there is a lack of oxygen. Is this something worth mentioning to China? It’s killing people in India. Because it lacks infrastructure, oxygen production is limited, and there is no electricity needed to increase production capacity. In addition, there is a world-wide difference from China: Indians procrastinate and do nothing, perfunctory and sloppy. In this way, even if it can be done, it will be slow and full of loopholes, and it will not be done well. What makes the situation worse is that the maid has a dream of a young lady, and she also imagines that she is on an equal footing with China. She is so embarrassed, she doesn’t want China’s assistance? SB old seal.

5 months ago

The current situation in India is caused by multiple factors and will not affect China in general. Let me talk about oxygen first. This thing is similar to a mask. It is not something difficult to produce. It is even easier to increase production capacity than masks. After all, masks also involve the production bottleneck of meltblown cloth, and there is no bottleneck in oxygen production. There is no shortage of oxygen. The lack of oxygen in India is essentially a problem of deployment. Coupled with the nature of the profiteers of Indians, hoarding and driving up prices, this is the result. Waiting for the oxygen cylinders purchased by the Indian government from abroad. When the oxygen generator comes in, the domestic hoarding party will have to dump the goods. If it can’t be done, the oxygen in India has to be cheaper than usual. As for the epidemic itself, in fact, several pieces of news have to be read together. Although the recent “Big Pot Festival” and election rallies are the reason, objectively speaking, India’s riddled epidemic prevention policy is really not the case. Not bad! You have to read the news together. Recently, there are several news that are worthy of attention: 1. The Serum Institute of India has conducted several rounds of COVID-19 antibody ratio sampling tests in succession last summer. The most recent sample of Delhi residents in February of this year (there are two More than 60% of people have new coronavirus antibodies in their bodies; 2. The proportion of double mutant viruses in India’s current confirmed cases is quite high, and the proportion is still growing rapidly; 3. India’s daily COVID-19 screening capabilities are not obvious The increase is still about 1.5 million cases per day, and the recent confirmed cases have increased significantly, due to the increase in the diagnosis rate; 4. White-collar workers, middle-class and young people accounted for 90% of the newly confirmed cases recently; several pieces of news are connected The first article says that the number of people carrying antibodies has reached 60%. It stands to reason that this is already very close to the lower limit of herd immunity. As a result, a large-scale outbreak has occurred. What does this mean? I’m afraid that the previous antibodies have limited effect on this new double mutant virus. In a step, what about the vaccine? After all, there are too few people in India who have finished two shots of the vaccine, but at the current growth rate in India, I am afraid that it will not be a few days before we can know at least whether the AstraZeneca vaccine is effective against the mutant virus. As for the third, The four pieces of news indicate that the actual cases in India are far from being diagnosed now. India is also close to 1.4 billion, and the number of tests per day is 1.5 million. It is said that sampling tests are about the same, and the 90% of white-collar workers, middle-class and young people are more like Survivor deviation (you dare want to detect it too?), the real situation in India may be far beyond imagination! As for the impact on China, as long as we continue to be optimistic about the country, it is not a big problem. Now many countries are aware of the terrible epidemic in India and have begun to ban Indian aircraft from entering the country. They don’t know where the well-proposed Shobo alliance is going.

5 months ago

China should be grateful for two points: 1. There is the Himalayas between China and India. 2. The Ganges River flows from China to India, not from India to China. The estuary of the Ganges River is in Bangladesh, and Bangladesh needs to ask for its own blessings~ The population density of Bangladesh is higher than that of India, and the water of the Ganges River can’t be stopped. Besides praying, what else can China do? Shenzhen Customs, on a flight to Hong Kong, a plane tested 52 positives. That’s a terrifying ratio. It would not jump from 0 to 53 directly. How many positives did the previous flight put in? According to Hong Kong’s anti-epidemic nature, as long as there is a fish that slips through the net, Hong Kong, which has not yet been vaccinated on a large scale, will be helpless in the face of the dimensional reduction of the mutant virus. Shenzhen has a long way to go to seal customs!

5 months ago

It is only a matter of time before the virus enters our country if the communication with the whole world is not cut off. Even if it does not flow from India, it is very likely to flow from Dubai, Europe, America, Pakistan, Nepal and other countries. Although everyone knew that India was raising Gu, no one thought that such a sturdy thing would be raised. Two mutations, three mutations. Therefore, this epidemic in India is not just a matter for India, it is a crisis that all mankind must face and overcome together. According to the information on the Internet, this virus with two mutations and three mutations is terrible, and the infection rate of asymptomatic infections has greatly increased. In other words, in the face of this virus, existing vaccines may fail. (There are also reports that Pfizer vaccines have increased the infection rate of variant viruses in South Africa). At present, the new crown crisis is not a test of that country, but a big test of mankind. It is hoped that my country can obtain virus samples as soon as possible for response research.

5 months ago

The first thing to be sure is that things are rare and expensive, and price increases are expected. Secondly, no one really thinks that donated materials from other countries will be distributed to everyone fairly. Of course, the upper class is more important in the caste society, and only the upper class is capable of purchasing these materials. Finally, it seems to say that ten private jets of India’s top wealthy landed in the UK overnight? But the general public can only go to the river to bathe and eat cow dung? The Buddha only flies to the wealthy, and it is cruel and realistic to spend his life with money.

5 months ago

These questions have several meanings, and not answering them is not enough to make civilians angry. A bottle of oxygen is 600 US dollars, which is 4,000 yuan. It can save a person’s life. Sometimes, where can relatives and friends care about the price? In my WeChat circle of friends, some people send out “water drop crowdfunding” for help. Which university student mother with excellent academic performance needs to donate to a serious illness, and which Pearl River Delta migrant worker needs a donation if his palm is cut off. Not to mention that many seriously ill people have to go to India to buy cheap imported drugs, which are said to have been made into movies. So, I call upon you to know all the questions and don’t ask this kind of question about how poor people become rich in the future. The second question is whether the time and space of the epidemic will affect China? Of course it will affect, but no one can predict what will be the ultimate impact. Maybe diplomacy will ease? Maybe there is another wave of production outburst made in China? The whole world is interconnected, so we can only hope that ordinary people will be safe and healthy, and the world will be peaceful.

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