The Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government attached great importance to it. On the evening of April 23, an inspection team was dispatched to conduct an on-site inspection, and three special meetings were held to listen to the inspection report, and study in-depth investigation and resolution of related issues. After several days of field inspections, the report revealed that the five-guarantee households in the two villages had implemented centralized support or decentralized support policies and measures before they took off their hats and withdrew. The people involved solved the housing safety by relying on relatives and friends and renovating dilapidated houses. The problem is that the drinking water safety of the two villages is solved through tap water, wells, and water cellars. The exit of the two poverty alleviation villages and poverty alleviation households met the national and Shaanxi Province standards of “two no worries and three guarantees”, and the exit procedures met the requirements. However, problems such as low levels of safe drinking water protection, seasonal water shortages, low levels of management and protection, and lax and untruthful cadres’ style do exist.

Our province will do a good job in the follow-up work and take the opportunity of accepting media supervision to further draw inferences from one another, improve work style, and continuously consolidate the results of poverty alleviation.

Shaanxi Provincial Government Information Office
April 26, 2021
Event review

According to CCTV Finance Channel, Luonan County in Shaanxi Province was once a national-level poverty-stricken county, and it will withdraw from the poverty-stricken counties in February 2020. In accordance with the requirements of poverty alleviation, the village needs to centrally resettle the five-guarantee households who are unable to work and have no source of livelihood. However, now, the five-guarantee households who could have lived in the resettlement site have to find a place to live on their own, and the reporter launched an investigation.

it is good! Let me talk about an experience a few years ago when I was selected as an acceptance test for poverty alleviation during my undergraduate period. Let me start with the conclusion. The poverty alleviation efforts are worthy of recognition. Money is indeed sent to poor households, dilapidated houses are renovated, and every household has tap water. The efforts of the grassroots personnel are also commendable, but the implementation of poverty alleviation is a bit inverted. The poverty alleviation in response to inspections is not consistent with the goal of poverty alleviation work. The following will only talk about the problems I encountered. Checking the poverty alleviation situation at home, all the old men and uncles answered very neatly, and many people remembered the time and amount of each subsidy very accurately. For poverty alleviation industries, such as breeding, just ask, “The government-subsidized breeding X is only X written in the book, can you take us to take a look?”? Most of the answers received were, “It has been sold; it has been sold; I just sold it recently. You see, I raised ducks in this pond before.” At first, it didn’t feel abnormal. After the inspection work started for half a day, I felt something was wrong, so I added it a bit. Pay attention. A rough estimate is that most of the farmers’ poverty alleviation manuals include breeding for poverty alleviation, but during the inspection time of three or four days, my teammates and I only encountered poverty alleviation households raising livestock and poultry in their homes, and they might be able to count them with one hand. Those of us who have been assigned to check on poverty alleviation work seem to be Ministers of Qincha. Stay in a local four-star hotel at night, and go to the township to eat at the town government during the day. Feel free to say that this dish is delicious when you eat, then there must be this dish next time (generally, the dish is not repeated every time). The mayor and secretary deliver cigarettes at the lowest price in China, with a price of 90 or 100 (not to mention the brand, otherwise the exposure is a province) a lot of cigarettes. The phenomenon of giving gifts is very common. As long as there is a little error in the inspection process (such as the inconsistency between the answer of the poverty alleviation household and the record in the poverty alleviation manual), you will understand what will happen later. PS: I have never seen a dog in the village. Later, I heard that in order to welcome the inspection, all households were required to leash their dogs at home; because a team found a crack in the wall of a resident’s house during the inspection and pointed out that it was not in compliance with housing safety. , No dilapidated houses were renovated. That night, the town’s poverty alleviation specialists and cements went from house to house overnight to plug the walls; all townships shared information, and if a problem was found in one place, they would be immediately notified to other towns and rectified themselves immediately.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

But this may be a landmark event. 2020 National Poverty Alleviation What is this? This is a great political task. It was clearly put forward by the General Secretary. It is the commendation meeting that has already been held across the country. It is not a joke. Next, there are great goals of 2035 and 2050, which need to be solidly moved step by step. If we say that there are adulterations in the 2020 poverty alleviation battle, this…this…it can only be said that some cadres are really courageous. This report is not from tabloids or online newspapers, nor is it about risking their lives to investigate and collect evidence. It is from the most authoritative CCTV report! I have to admire the role of the people’s media! Must praise CCTV’s investigations and public reports! Communists have always been upright and honest. If there are problems, they talk about problems, face problems squarely, and solve problems. They can’t mess up. I believe that the central government will thoroughly investigate and deal with it, and that the people in the reported places will truly get rid of poverty. Believe that similar Sao operations are difficult to reproduce. In an atmosphere of truthfulness, the revival dream will really come true.

5 months ago

Well, I am a resident of Luonan County, but not from Lingkou Village. Now there is no tap water to eat at home. There used to be, but recently the water pipe was blocked and no one repaired it. The young people in the village have all left, and only the old people are left behind. It is indeed not easy for the grassroots cadres, and the work is not easy to do. The poverty alleviation has been in full swing in the past two years, but the results are not very obvious. I was fractured and couldn’t carry water, and I had to ask my neighbor to carry water for me from the river. Ashamed. I hope that there will be water as soon as possible, and that poverty alleviation can be better. Finally, thank CCTV.

5 months ago

How many steps can a poor county take to get rid of poverty? Everyone who has been involved in poverty alleviation knows how many inspections have been made during the years of poverty alleviation? Routine inspections include disciplinary inspections, people’s congresses, and poverty alleviation offices at all levels. There are continuous inspections, followed by cross inspections, third-party assessments, county inspections, city inspections, provincial inspections, and finally national inspections, etc. There are various inspections in the middle. After the evaluation of each level of inspection, Guan Erye will definitely be ashamed of passing five stages and six generals. However, such a thing happened after the central government announced to the world to get rid of poverty. The basic problem of two things, three guarantees, has not been solved. . After much deliberation, there are only the following possibilities. 1. Inspectors at all levels are blind or walk through the scene, and they can’t find anything after investigation. 2. The county’s public relations are strong. No matter how many inspections and find out any problems, it can be “internally digested” to turn major issues into small ones. In practice, this ability cannot be possessed by a county-level government. It is possible that a higher-level leader is endorsing it. Until I felt that everything was going well after poverty alleviation was over, I was attacked by unannounced visits. As for the report given that there is a seasonal water shortage, I personally feel that it is unreliable. Because I have been to a certain village during a cross-check, the village has not rained for eight months. The old man in the village told me that he had never seen such a drought in decades. The water volume was small and occasionally water was cut off, but basic drinking water was still OK. After checking on the spot, I know that during this period, the village secretary led people to dig wells, build pools, draw water pipes from mountain springs and rivers, and dig holes like a marmot, just for fear that a farmer would say that he has no water to drink. The county’s leather water pipes were once out of stock. It can be seen that the saying “As long as the mind does not slip, the way is more difficult than the difficulty” is reasonable. The explanation given by the Shaanxi Province official this time, a discerning person knew at a glance that it was a sloppy attempt to get through. It’s not surprising, because if you really had the determination to work on poverty alleviation, these problems would not exist. This shows that the problem with the precision poverty alleviation work in Luonan County does not lie in this county. Without the protection or support of the superior, it will not develop to this day.

5 months ago

The “China Rural Poverty Alleviation and Development Program (2011-2020)” puts forward that by 2020, the overall goal of my country’s poverty alleviation and development for the poverty alleviation targets is: “Stable realization of poverty alleviation targets without worrying about food and clothing, and guaranteeing their compulsory education, basic medical care Housing”, referred to as “two no worries, three guarantees”. With reference to the national inspection and evaluation standards, combined with the actual situation, the standards of “two no worries and three guarantees” are summarized as follows: 1. “Two no worries” “Two no worries” means no worries about food and no worries about clothing. 1. “Worry no worries about eating” specifically includes having no worries about eating and drinking water. (1) “Eat without worrying” According to the eating habits of the place of residence, farmers have the ability to meet their ration needs and supplement certain necessary nutrients such as meat, eggs, and soy products through self-produced or self-purchased. (2) Drinking water is guaranteed. According to the “Rural Drinking Water Safety Evaluation Guidelines” (T/CHES18-2018), the water volume is not less than 35L/, and the water supply guarantee rate is not less than 90% (not more than 36 days per year) (Cannot guarantee), the convenience of water use, the round-trip of human water intake is within 20 minutes or the horizontal distance of water intake does not exceed 800 meters, the vertical distance does not exceed 80 meters, and the water quality meets the basic requirements of the “Rural Drinking Water Safety Evaluation Criteria” (T/CHES18-2018). Up to standard” standards.

5 months ago

Since the advent of the information age, public opinion has become a relatively powerful weapon for solving problems! The annual 315 gala, CCTV reporters’ surveys, and the exposure of major online platforms are all proving the capabilities of public opinion. Just like this incident of poverty alleviation and adulteration in Luonan County, Shaanxi Province, if there is no investigation by reporters, will it be discovered? It’s difficult. After all, five-guarantees do not live in the place where the five-guarantees should live. Who cares? Are you right, the village party secretary. (According to the requirements of poverty alleviation, the village needs to provide centralized resettlement for the five-guarantee households who are unable to work and have no source of livelihood) The following is adapted from the reporter and the staff dialogue reporter: May I ask why the five-guarantee households do not live in the centralized resettlement site? Local staff: It’s impossible not to live there, do you know, have you visited it? How can the masses survive without living there? ! Reporter: There is no water, do you know? Local staff: I don’t know. Reporter: They buy water to drink, 50 yuan a bucket of water, do you know? Local staff: I don’t know. One question and three questions, but still arguing, how to promote poverty alleviation and how to convince the officials of poverty alleviation? ! Of course, you may also be wondering, why can’t the five-guarantee households live in houses in well-centralized settlements? The answer is that there is no water, which is inconvenient. But I don’t want to say this. What I want to say is if there is no news, would you have such doubts? Obviously there will be no such thing. The same is true for the local staff, who have not even made field trips. How can there be such doubts? Let alone the solution? This is because the local staff is very upset: the house is okay, and compared to such a good house, no water is a problem. You can’t live by yourself, blame me? Do the villagers still think like this: I just leave the house and don’t live, hey, I just play~~ But who said the house is better? Local villagers told reporters that in order to meet the acceptance inspection of the higher-level poverty alleviation, the repair work of these five-guarantees centralized resettlement sites was carried out in a hurry, and the water was not connected, and the village cadres rushed to let the five-guarantees live in. As Luonan County has lifted its hat from poverty, the living conditions of these five-guarantee households have long since been deprived. Good guy, whitewash the wall and do the face-saving project, maybe it is the tofu project! Besides, 80% of your brain is water. If you don’t get close to the water, are you afraid that others will say that your brain is easy to get water? Moreover, the “Rural Drinking Water Safety Awareness Card in Luonan County, Shangluo City” has clear regulations on drinking water safety standards: the water quality meets the national “Drinking Water Sanitation Standards”; if it reaches 20 liters/person/day or more, water is supplied to households or human water is drawn. The round trip time does not exceed 20 minutes. But actually? “Cross-province” pull water, 50 or 60 yuan ask someone to pull the water, just use gauze to filter the water, the waste water in the washing machine is also reluctant to go, even when the farming is busy, there will be water grabs. This is the so-called drinking water safety? ! But what makes people most speechless is that the local water conservancy department has “excellent political achievements.” In the face of reporters’ investigations and questions, the first thing that comes to mind is not how to do it, but to ask, “Whose relatives are you? Such boldness.” Times have changed. Are you still the same boy before, without a trace of change? Sometimes the cannibalization of flies is also terrible! Poverty alleviation and hating are not the end, this is the decisive work requirement of the central government! Poverty alleviation is a national policy, the foundation of rural revitalization and people’s livelihood. The result of fraud and dereliction of duty will bring disaster to the country and the people! Public opinion must play a supervisory role, conduct investigations at all levels, implement policies in place, and severely kill unhealthy trends!

5 months ago

According to the work styles of some local cadres, this incident is likely to be a fraud! Now the grassroots play with Xutou and do superficial articles not once or twice. There are too few cadres like Kong Fansen and Jiao Yulu who often go to the countryside. Most of them are used to sitting in the office and writing materials even if they are working! It can only be said that there are very few cadres who really understand the situation in farmers’ homes! Retreat, dealing with superior inspections has become a basic principle for many local cadres! Under this line of thinking, will CCTV make a mistake in its investigation?

5 months ago

The courage is really big, and the county water conservancy bureau does not know the water supply situation… As a small teacher in a certain township and village in a contiguous poverty area in Anhui-the person in charge of assistance, I was spot-checked by the county poverty alleviation office some time ago and asked me Do you know the situation of poor households? In a poor household with five children, the male protagonist is seriously ill and unable to work physically. Regarding the situation of this family, if the poverty alleviation staff from me to the county level do not understand, it means death. As long as there is a random inspection in provinces and cities, this family can’t get away… Just a word, ov’s low-end mobile phone is the IQ tax. In September last year, the three children in this family went to a secondary school, and the family could only pay for two people’s mobile phones. They bought two vivo y series phones of 1,200 yuan, which is enough to buy three Redmi 9. Both the configuration and the quality kill the vivo y mobile phone. Finally, I bought a replacement

5 months ago

I talked about poverty at the end of last year. The causes are complex, poverty caused by illness, poverty caused by accidents, poverty in the natural environment, customary poverty (in some parts of Daliang Mountain, poverty is a custom of laziness) and even due to schooling. Poverty is an upside-down thing. (Some families in Northwestern China get three loans and become unemployed after graduation. Going to school should have changed their destiny, but these families returned to poverty due to tuition fees.) The warning from the small housekeeper came in time.

5 months ago

Zi Gong asked how to cultivate benevolence. Confucius said: “In order for a craftsman to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. To live in a country, he must serve the wise among the doctors and make friends with the benevolent among the scholars.”-Confucius “The Analects of Confucius · Wei Ling Gong” In other words, relying on people who have a strong desire to improve the bottom, and pinning on a group of people with impure goals, will not achieve the goal. These comrades who admire the grassroots line and care about the people’s livelihood, why are they silent, suicide, and resignation, and there are frauds for promotion. What’s so strange about them? Secretary Mao Hongtao is such an old party member who is loyal to the party and the people, so you will not report it; Secretary Xie Wanying, an old party member who is loyal to his faith and loyal to communism, jumped off the building, you don’t want to commemorate it, and now you say that poverty alleviation is not effective. All of these people have impure goals, and they cheated for promotion-but aren’t you the one who caused this situation? Those idealists who sympathize with the bottom and are willing to dedicate their lives to the poor, where have they gone? Where are the thousands of Mao Hongtao and Xie Wanying? Only they remember that this is the country of the poor, this is the country of the bottom, this is the country of the proletariat, but they also died, thousands of years later, who will remember?

5 months ago

When this information comes out, what we should be most concerned about is that these small towns in the depths of the Qinling Mountains have these problems. What about other places? There must be more than one such phenomenon, but coincidentally, it just broke out, so although we said that, the revolution has not yet succeeded, and comrades still need to work hard. But as the subject mentioned above, it is better not to discuss this topic.

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