At 1 am on April 27th, Apple officially pushed the official version of iOS 14.5 system update. This time, iOS 14.5 has undergone a total of 10 beta version updates. It is currently the most beta version of all versions of the iOS system. There will also be beta push withdrawals during the period. The time span of the beta version is from February 5th beta 1 to 4 RC version on the 22nd. What updates have been brought about in 14.5 this time?

The main highlight is that the privacy policy adjustment has finally taken effect. After the user updates the system, all apps need a separate pop-up prompt and obtain the user’s consent when collecting user data and using it for cross-app delivery. However, if the user chooses not to agree to be tracked, the number of advertisements received will not decrease, but the accuracy may decrease. Song Xing, founder of marketing consulting agency Fana Consulting, believes that after the adjustment of IDFA, consumers can’t naively believe that their privacy can be fully protected, so they can sit back and relax. “IDFA is a completely random symbol, and it is completely impossible to read the real-name information of consumers directly from it. To a large extent, IDFA has reached a balance between privacy protection and the application of consumer anonymous and non-sensitive data. The so-called IDFA (Identifier For Ad-vertisers), which are the advertising identifiers that Apple sends back to advertisers, which are used to let advertisers know who their advertisements are directed to. IDFA provides a data basis for optimizing advertising effects in the iOS ecosystem. Advertisers take these Data analysis can find the “most valuable” or most likely to convert consumers, so as to maximize the effect of advertising expenses, which is commonly known in the industry as “precision marketing.” If there is no IDFA, consumer data can still be collected, and the data The application will have to rely more on real-name information. In addition, in order to collect consumer characteristics, more methods of spying on consumer information may appear, which will expose consumers’ privacy protection to more unknown risks. “. When the IDFA adjustment news was just released, small and medium-sized App developers and advertising marketing practitioners panicked, worrying that this adjustment would make Apple’s ecological advertising “return to pre-liberation overnight.” Once iOS 14 is officially launched, the industry predicts that only 10% of users will allow apps to track themselves, which means that the digital advertising industry’s past delivery system on the iOS side is facing reshaping. What worries the industry even more is that Apple’s adjustment will trigger an industry demonstration effect, and Android may follow up. In response to various concerns, Apple CEO Cook responded: If a company is built on the basis of “not providing users with any choice” and “misleading the audience in data acquisition and mining”, then the company is not worth it. To be sought after and praised should be reformed instead. Apple has taken several “vaccination shots” for this update in advance. As early as June 2020, Apple announced the adjustment of its privacy policy at the Developer Conference, tracking the original plan for transparency. “It’s been too long, and I’ve been numb from the initial panic. Long-term pain is worse than short-term pain.” After 9 months of preparation and waiting, Wang Wei, head of Appsflyer China, described the psychological changes brought about by Apple’s IDFA adjustment. Many people in the industry believe that after the adjustment, the attribution of traffic and conversions, the identification of cheating on traffic, the relevance of advertisements, and the data insights of audiences will all be affected. However, only when this feature is actually launched can the industry know how much impact this change will bring. Advertising is the core business model of the Internet industry, and it is also the basis for many Internet applications to be free for users. According to Apple’s first quarter financial report for fiscal 2021, more than 1.65 billion Apple devices are used worldwide and more than 1 billion iPhone installations are active. And Apple mobile phone users are often regarded by advertisers as a “high-value” user group. The China Advertising Association predicts that the Chinese Internet advertising market, which is worth about 200 billion to 300 billion yuan, may be affected by Apple’s IDFA adjustment. Playing the privacy card is to cater to the general trend of user data protection supervision, but what Apple is even more afraid of Facebook is its ambition to in-depth content services and expand its advertising business. In the past two years or so, “transition to service business” is Apple’s new story for the capital market. This hardware-based company is standing at the intersection of revenue structure adjustment: the growth of mobile phone sales has slowed since 2016, and the current iPhone The proportion of sales revenue has fallen to about 50%; the proportion of subscription service revenue has risen from single digits to about 20%, a steady increase in absolute value. Since 2019, Apple has announced multiple service plans such as news, games, videos, and credit cards in one go, and launched the “Apple One” at the 2020 autumn conference to integrate music, TV, news, games and other content services.


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5 months ago

Before iOS15, this was Apple’s largest system update. After 3 months of continuous improvement, 13 new functions have been brought, and 12 BUGs have been fixed and improved. It is recommended to update the models that meet the upgrade requirements, because there are many upgrade functions this time, which will enhance the experience. I think the biggest highlight is ATT (Ad Tracking Trancparency). Before application tracking, the user’s consent must be obtained, otherwise the IDFA of the device cannot be obtained, and data tracking across applications cannot be obtained. After the transparent APP privacy tracking function is launched, users can turn off all under Settings-Privacy-Tracking, or choose to turn off a single application, and only after authorization can track the behavior data of using the mobile phone, which further protects the user’s personal privacy. The following is the content of iOS 14.5 update 1. Apple Watch unlock iPhone 2. Support AirTag search 3. New emoji 4. Sir can broadcast incoming calls when using AirPods and Beats earphone 5. App privacy security continues to strengthen 6. Apple Music quickly shares songs, Even though the city’s music rankings 7. Podcasts’ program page has been redesigned. 8. Optimized the 5G network and extended battery life. 9. Maps iPhone and CarPlay can be used to play incidents ahead through Siri. 10. Reminders have been added “Title” and “Priority” Other functions 11. Translation Long press the play button to increase the playback speed 12. The game supports XboxX/S, Sony PS5 wireless gamepad 13. Share the map through Siri in CarPlay. Below is the BUG fixed in iOS 14.5, and the bottom of the dialogue is fixed. Information may be blocked by the keyboard 2. Fixed the deleted information may still be displayed in the “focus” 3. Fixed the problem that the information could not be sent 4. Fixed some models need to restart the phone to enter the mail 5. Fixed the incoming call Blocking and identification will not be displayed in the phone settings 6. Fix the iCloud tabs cannot be displayed in the Safari browser 7. Fix the problem that the iCloud keychain sometimes cannot be used 8. Fix the reminders set by Siri will be accidentally changed For the problem in the early morning hours 9. Fix the inaccurate battery health on iPhone11 10. Optimize the low light problem when displaying black background on the iPhone 12 model 11. Fix the AirPods “automatic switching” to send audio to the wrong device. 12. Fixed the problem that AirPods’ “automatic switching” may not be displayed or displayed repeatedly. Generally speaking, if you use a device above iPhoneX, it is recommended to update it, and the 5G experience that iPhone 12 has been complained about for a long time has also been greatly improved, and it can also save power. Is the battery life problem solved? The specific usage needs to be experienced for a few days before there is a result. I hope the battery life can be longer.

5 months ago

In the past, your iPhone required a four-digit passcode, and you shared it with people close to you; when you grow up, your iPhone, with Touch ID, can only be unlocked with your finger; later, your iPhone , Equipped with Face ID, your wife called you, you turned around, the iPhone was unlocked; and today, your one (he) bought an Apple Watch for you, and also told you to update to the latest iOS 14.5 System; apart from joy, you go to sleep with contentment…At this time, she/he picks up your iPhone, (the advanced iOS 14.5 system works with Apple Watch, automatically unlocks), saying: Your next iPhone , Why unlock…

5 months ago

What users can’t perceive and is very important: privacy and security. The most important (and coolest) perceived by users: don’t kill the background! Guo Guo, you have finally grown up, don’t kill the backstage! Favorite of 5G users: more stable signal and lower power consumption. Apple Watch users: wear a mask to unlock iPhone in seconds, which is more convenient. AirPods users: wear earphones to know whether to answer calls or not. AirTag users: unlock all new iPhones The user will help you find the skill points of things together (Can pets bring hhhh and others? Other updates are not important, so don’t care.

5 months ago

There are many highlights, but there are many prerequisites for using new features! In the early morning of April 27, the official version of iOS14.5 was released. After 84 days of testing for 10 versions, it has not been for nothing. It does bring a lot of “new features”. Although the features are new, you don’t It must be used! 1. Of course, the most useful and hottest feature is that you can use Apple Watch to unlock iPhone while wearing a mask, but first I have to have an Apple Watch… 2. Support AirTag search function, first you have to buy an AirTag 3. Add new 217 brand new Emoji expressions, and among all the kiss expressions, you can freely choose the gender, skin color, etc. of the two people. However, you must first have a girlfriend, a boyfriend, and support dual 5g networks to be online at the same time, but you must first There is an iPhone12 5. It supports modifying the default Siri music playback. Finally, there is a practical new function. Previously, music playback through Siri could only be through the built-in Apple Music, and now it is finally possible to play Internet cloud music through Siri. No need to change phone or buy a watch… Six. Recalibrate the battery information of iPhone11. Well, you only need an iPhone11. Seven, the latest wireless gamepad that supports Microsoft Xbox and Sony PS5. What if I don’t have one! 8. Support Siri emergency call emergency contact or SOS, great function! 9. It supports Sir to broadcast the caller’s name when using AirPods or compatible Beats earphones, and there is no need to answer it manually. Do I have to buy an AirPods earphone. 10. Privacy protection is further improved. In the official version of iOS 14.5, App tracking transparency allows You can control which apps are allowed to track your activities on other company’s apps and websites. The popular point is for example, you just saw a product on Jingdong Taobao, and then when you use other apps, you will find those that are bounced. Isn’t the advertisement the ones you just watched and browsed… It’s incredible! Although iOS14.5 began to allow users to control the activities that those programs allow to follow you, but the road is one foot higher than the magic! 12. I heard that the green screen problem of iPhone 12 has been fixed. Anyway, I can’t afford iPhone 12. It seems that I have nothing to do with me. I consulted the friends who bought 12 and the online comments seem to be of no use to the repair! Unusual functions such as Apple music, blogs, and Apple map enhancements are not listed one by one; summary: Although this update adds a lot of new functions, but after a careful look, it seems that most of them are useless, most of them are a little bit The functions used are either for accessories or for new phones. At least you have to have a girlfriend or iPhone11. Otherwise, there is no need to update. It is not recommended to update mobile phones below iPhone11, for a few infrequent functions. If you go to a more up-to-date system, it is not worth it to lose a bit of service life. You have to know that the faster the mobile phone system is, the faster the distance will become slower and the slower will not be able to keep up!

5 months ago

The relationship between Android users and domestic software developers: If you don’t give data permission, you just close the APP directly, so that you have no APP available, and dare to refuse to give me privacy authorization so hypocritically. No, I will just push some ads. The relationship between IOS users and domestic software developers: please ask the user’s father to authorize it. It is really going to go bankrupt. I promise I will absolutely not push ads (inner OS: we can’t live without data reselling). After upgrading to iOS 14.5, open the App and you will see a prompt message asking the user whether to grant permission to collect data from ads. If the user refuses, the App cannot track the user’s related information. This privacy authority is probably the core privacy protection feature of this update. I hope that domestic Android system developers can keep up and solve the chaotic information abuse and leakage problem. Here, Xiaomi’s MIUI, OPPO’s Color OS and VIVO’s ORIGIN OS seem to have failed to take the lead, and they are blindly pushing advertisements to strengthen X users. If Huawei Hongmeng can directly keep up with this design, it should also be a big selling point. According to the update page: iOS 14.5 fixes that in some cases the information at the bottom of the dialogue may be blocked by the keyboard, deleted information may still be displayed in the “focus” search, “information” may not be able to send some text in the dialogue, Some users can load new emails in “Mail” only after restarting the device, call blocking and identification may not be displayed in the “Phone” settings, iCloud tabs may not be displayed in the Safari browser, iCloud keychain It may not be able to close, etc. (the original page introduction). The new version of the battery health report system will recalibrate the maximum battery capacity and peak performance capacity of the iPhone 11 to solve the problem of inaccurate battery health report estimates encountered by some users. iPadOS has also launched version 14.5, if you are using iPad, you can also upgrade to the new system as soon as possible. After upgrading to iOS 14.5, iPhone will also support the newly released AirTag, and users of iPhone 11 series and iPhone 12 series can also accurately know the location of AirTag through the U1 chip. In addition, the purple version of the iPhone 12 just released will be pre-installed with iOS 14.5.

5 months ago

Apple pushed the official version of iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 system early this morning. This system version has many important updates and optimizations. I personally recommend that the iPhone 11 series and all iPhone 12 series users that have been upgraded to iOS 14 system update. Let’s take a look at the updates and optimizations that are closely related to you. 1. Wearing a mask to unlock this is a feature that all Apple mobile phone users hope to have during the normalization of the epidemic. In iOS 14.5, the face unlocking of the Apple mobile phone can be completed in conjunction with the Apple Watch. Obviously, this function is to promote the watch. And not every table can be used. As long as the iPhone has a full screen, that is, X and above models, but the watch must be Apple Watch S3 and above, the mobile phone must be upgraded to iOS 14.5, and the watch must be upgraded to watchOS 7.4. What if I want to wear a mask to unlock without a watch? You have to use the learning ability of Face ID. You first cover a small part to record two faces, then slowly cover a little more until Face ID learns how you look after changing your face, cover your chin, cover your lips, cover your nose to unlock, enter the lock When the screen password is also facing the face, it can finally achieve the effect of wearing a mask to unlock. 2. The battery life calibration article has also been written before. The number of battery health is for reference only. The number of recharges and battery life are only positively correlated, not absolute. Some people have charged hundreds of times and there are more than 90. Some people It’s just over 80 when charged hundreds of times. This is related to usage habits. If you play while charging and often play with a low battery, it will damage the battery even if you charge it less. Apple officially recalibrated the battery value of the iPhone 11 series. If your phone’s battery life drops quickly, it can be upgraded to iOS 14.5. 3. Optimize the 12 series “green screen” effect When the new model was first launched, there was negative news that the iPhone 12 screen was green, making unreasonable users think that the screen can directly see green. I think it’s a “wishful person” in the black apple, and I can’t see the green screen at all in normal use. I can only see it after I adjust the specific parameters and open the specific interface. I only deliberately adjust this when I’m full and I have nothing to do. This time, Apple has optimized the possible weak light of the iPhone 12 series in the low-brightness display on a black background in the iOS 14.5 system. 4. Optimized the 12 series boot logo before there is user feedback. When the iPhone 12 Pro is turned on, the white logo on the screen will flash a few times, and some users went to the official after-sales service to check that there is no hardware failure. It can be seen that it is a system bug. The 14.5 system is specially optimized for this, if you encounter it, you can upgrade to this system. 5. The secondary card also supports 5G and roaming. In the dual-card dual-standby iPhone 12 series, previously only the primary card could support 5G networks. The two cards cannot use 5G at the same time. You need to switch between the primary and secondary cards. The current iOS 14.5 system is new The additional card can also open the 5G network. At the same time, you can open international roaming, provided that your carrier package supports it. Sixth, the system update can choose the version. Remember that after the iOS 13.6 system, you don’t need to download the description file to block the update. You can turn off the automatic update in the settings. Now you can select the system version you want to update in the software update settings. Of course, this option is only a selection in the currently unclosed version, and you can choose to update the beta version. 7. Updates to AirPods 1. Added AirPods caller broadcast function. If you have a call coming in while wearing a headset, not only will there be a voice prompt, but you can also broadcast whose call it is. 2. Optimize the bug of “automatic switching” and the error of automatic device connection. 8. Updates to Siri 1. Siri is no longer a female voice by default. You can choose male and female in the settings. 2. Using Siri to play music, you can freely choose which music software to play from. 3. Added the use of Siri to call emergency contacts. 9. Newly added 217 Emoji expressions, including AirPods Max icons, couple expressions to choose skin color, female expressions with long beards, etc. 10. For the update of AirTag, if you want to use AirTag to search, you must upgrade to iOS 14.5 system. 11. Smart data mode improvements optimize the 5G network usage of iPhone 12 series models, bringing better battery life and data usage statistics. 12. App tracking transparency in privacy settings can control which apps can track your activities to provide advertisements or share with data agencies. In addition to the above 12 more important updates and optimizations, there are some other updates, not everyone needs to use, Xiao Yi will not say more, leave it to your own experience. Still at the beginning of the sentence, old models that are not iOS 14 systems can be even more so, do not want the above new features to maintain the status quo. IPhone 11 series users and all iPhone 12 series users who have already upgraded to system 14 are recommended to update to this version, which will benefit you more.

5 months ago

There is a bug that can be solved manually: when you turn on sleep mode, although the system will remind you to “turn off sleep mode on Apple Watch to unlock with the watch”, you can still turn off the phone in the unlocked status bar Sleep mode (and no need to re-enter the password), and then use the watch to unlock the phone as normal. The solution is: remove the sleep mode button from the phone/watch status bar, or cancel the mirroring phone sleep mode of the watch

5 months ago

Let’s talk about a very interesting point. ios14.5 forces idfa to pop up the pop-up window with the user’s consent to collect this thing. The meaning of this thing is to associate the advertisements you watch and realize the personalized recommendation of the advertisements. So everyone’s solution is to connect to Apple’s one. The solution is that Apple collects user information and then sends it to the company, so users feel that they are safer, and the company does not suffer a world where no one is injured.

5 months ago

ios14.5, the watch can be unlocked with a mask in the Bluetooth connection range of the iPhone (the default is to turn it on manually). It can also be unlocked when someone else wears a mask. After the other party wears a mask and unlocks, quickly enter the settings and turn off the Bluetooth. It’s useless to lock the iPhone with the watch (see whose hand is fast), so I honestly turn off this feature.

5 months ago

In the early morning of April 27th, the latest Apple iOS 14.5/iPadOS 14.5 official version (version number: 18E199) has been launched. Let’s take a look at the details of the update-feature overview: ​iOS 14.5 has the ability to wear a mask The option of using Apple Watch to unlock iPhone, adding support for AirTag, supporting separate selection of different skin colors for couple emojis, and App tracking transparency allows you to control which apps can track your activities in other companies’ apps and websites. The specific update details are introduced: 1. Unlock the iPhone through Apple Watch; personally, it is a kind of hidden “bound consumption”. When we distribute power masks, we can unlock iPhone X and subsequent models through Apple Watch Series 3 and subsequent models. Model, do you need to buy a Watch…2. AirTag and “Find”; support to track and find your important items such as keys, wallets and backpacks in a private and safe way in the “Find” App through AirTag “Accurate search” uses the ultra-wideband technology provided by the U1 chip on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models, and uses visual, auditory and tactile feedback to direct you to nearby AirTags, which can be located through the AirTag’s built-in speakers by playing sound. The Internet can help you find AirTag through hundreds of millions of devices. Even if it is not nearby, “Lost Mode” can notify you when AirTag is found. You can also enter your contact phone number 3, emoji; support for all kissing couple emoji and love Each person in the couple’s emoji chooses their skin color individually. Add facial emoji, love emoji, and female emoji with a long beard4. When Siri is wearing AirPods or compatible Beats headsets, you can use Siri to broadcast calls and callers. You don’t need to Hands-on answering support allows Siri to dial a FaceTime call to a group of contacts or “message” group names to initiate a FaceTime group chat that allows Siri to call emergency contacts 5. Privacy App Tracking transparency allows you to control which apps are available in other companies Track your activities in apps and websites to provide advertisements or share with data agencies 6. Apple Music shares your favorite lyrics through “message”, Facebook and Instagram snapshots, and subscribers can be in “message” without leaving the conversation The list of cities for playing clips shows popular music in major cities. 7. The “program page” of the podcast “Podcast” has been redesigned to make it easier for you to start listening. The option to store and download episodes can automatically add episodes to the “database” “For quick access to download behavior and notification settings, you can customize the popular categories in “Leaderboard” and “Search” for each program to help you discover new programs. 8, 5G improved smart data mode improved, deep optimization on iPhone 12 models The use of the 5G network brings better battery life and data usage experience. 5G international roaming can be used on the iPhone 12 model through supported operators. 9. The map can be used on the iPhone or CarPlay to report accidents along the way through Siri. , Dangerous road conditions or road construction arrival time (ETA) can be shared not only when driving, but also when cycling or walking: let Sir i Share it for you, or tap the route card at the bottom of the screen, and then tap “Share Arrival Time” 10. Reminders can be sorted by “Title”, “Priority”, “Due Date” or “Created Date”. New Added the option of printing reminder list 11. Translation Long press the play button to adjust the playback speed of the translation 12. Play games support Xbox Series X|S wireless controller or Sony PS5 DualSense wireless controller 13, CarPlay car You can use CarPlay while driving The new Siri or keyboard control in the new Siri or keyboard control easily share the arrival time in Apple’s “Map” 14. This update also fixes the following problem: In some cases, the information at the bottom of the dialog may be obscured by the keyboard. Deleted information may still be displayed in the “Focus” “In the search, “Information” may have been unable to send part of the text in the conversation. The user can only load new emails in “Mail” after restarting the device. The call blocking and identification part may not be displayed in the iCloud tab in the “Phone” settings. The page may not be displayed in the Safari browser. The iCloud keychain may not be able to turn off the reminder created by Siri. The reminder created by Siri may be accidentally set to the early morning hours. The battery health report system will recalibrate the maximum battery capacity and peak performance capacity of the iPhone 11 model. Solve the problem of inaccurate battery health report estimates encountered by some users. Optimize to reduce the low light that may appear when the iPhone 12 model displays a black background in low brightness. AirPods “automatic switching” sends audio to the wrong device AirPods “Auto Switch” notification may not be displayed or repeated

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