So far, there has not been a variety of stand-alone games and resources. Boldly predict that the next wave will be a variety of stand-alone/LAN games, and various game resources will be blocked. The only domestic compliance of steam is Steam China. The Emperor Penguin game platform vigorously recruits domestic independent game companies. The number of users of the international version of steam in China is enough to cause a round of harvest, just like Renrenys. The difference is that everyone is violating the copyright law. Although steam is all genuine, it can still start from channel violations and content violations. As for the game that the old driver wants, it can’t exist anywhere. Don’t think that the existence of various download stations registered in foreign countries is that they can’t be picked up from them. Practice has proved that as long as you decide to move you, you will be useless to go abroad anonymously, just like finding you. They still exist now, it’s just that there is no need to move. The reason is very simple. Even hunters know that rabbits can’t bluff as soon as they see them. You have to wait for the opportunity. You have to live a day and cherish the present. Do your own stand-alone/LAN games, and then exchange the era of playing with each other. Just provide a game engine of a certain theme. Note that it is a theme engine, not a game engine that is often said. You only need to learn how to use modeling. , This thing is very simple, at most the difference between ugliness and beauty, and you can also use other people’s models to meet the engine requirements. . (This plan may be the only way for you to pursue a personalized game) There are only three ways to fight against the oligarchs: First, thunder from heaven. Second, users collectively do not buy it. Third, there will always be several free competing products of the same type in the world.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

The Sinicization Group has no future at all, and it is not a serious career. Everyone is doing their best to give back to this circle. I don’t feel too pessimistic about the shutdown of the Sinicization group. On the contrary, it’s a miracle that the large group has been big for so many years. Daily life is a series of miracles, but I can only say that it is too young to regard this as a daily life. It may be that for a long time in the future, everyone will accept changes such as the reduction of Sinicization and the deterioration of quality, but it is too early to say that the culture of Sinicization has disappeared from the public’s vision. The reason why large groups are prone to accidents is that they are too famous and large in number. In fact, the fewer people, the better, and the more concealed the better. Therefore, for anonymous gkd such as this subnet, the organizational structure is dispersed as much as possible, and it is not a way to feed back the domestic battlefield with foreign battlefields. Of course, as long as others are interested, it is just a matter of probability. If you are willing to give up something like reputation, such as not setting a group name and logo purely for love, you can still effectively lower the probability.

5 months ago

From the results: 1. The domestic market for Japanese ACG works will shrink further. 2. Enhance the motivation of the two-dimensional culture lovers to learn Japanese. 3. Due to the reduction of Sinicization resources and the higher threshold of language acceptance, there will be fewer and fewer new Japanese comic fans. From the reasons: 1. Lack of newcomers who “use love to generate electricity”. 2. Due to the non-profit nature of the Sinicization Group, the old members are unable to continue. 3. The pressure and legal risks of piracy. 4. Reports from some people are contradictions between Chinese and foreign cultures. Foreseeable trend: the second dimension will return to the underground, and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

5 months ago

How should I put it, the population of the Warhammer 40k empire is the Emperor’s currency. Young people can’t lie down like Ada’s young people. They have to deal with these harmful things and make things that can be used without making friends with the opposite sex. Get it right in the empire. How could the court of justice allow you to engage in such nasty things, full-scale Ada behavior, but what should I do if the emperor’s currency is not enough? I suggest that the mechanics should hurry up and study the growth technology of the orcs. The kid waggggh grew out of it.

5 months ago

There is no way, after all, human beings are not green skins, they can grow out of the ground in a stubble, and then they can live well by absorbing some sunlight. Now it is the high lords who want human beings to absorb the sun and live, while stubble grows, but also have the energy to waaaaaaagh. Then I took a look, eh, the emperor’s currency is not enough. Then, after investigation by a large group of Tailun civil officials, the reason came from the corruption of the evil things, assholes, ah no, rat people, ah no, the residents of the nest do not want to give birth. Then the high lords hurriedly gave orders-this is no longer an ordinary sex stuff, you must punch hard (no)

5 months ago

The governor of the empire is speaking: Citizens, the Supreme Council of Terra believes that evil followers have deceived the citizens of the empire. Indulge in the excitement of the joyful prince, but refuse to breed new currency for the emperor. Citizens in the lower and middle classes of Chaodu are even more bizarre. Some believe in blue skins and some believe in bugs. Citizens, as the loyalty of the emperor, you must vent your desires in a reasonable place, and the emperor will reward you after you are loyal to the emperor. (Pvt Hawkins, won the beautiful imperial nun after completing a trivial feat) Pleasure that cannot contribute is to provide power to the prince of pleasure and is illegal. The emperor approves of reproduction, praises citizens who work hard for reproduction, and refuses to choose to vent the pleasure of reproduction at the feet of Shalish for this effort must be strongly condemned and the strongest forbidden. . . . At this time, step into a purple creature, the Governor, the Prince of Joy has designed a new game for you, and the sixth waiter selected and trained by the Lord God is already waiting for you in the sleeping hall.

5 months ago

In the short term, I am extremely pessimistic about the development of the two-dimensional cultural industry. After all, there is nothing to see now. Since the beginning of the year, the update speed of new works has been almost non-existent. From a long-term perspective, I am highly optimistic about the development of the two-dimensional cultural industry. After all, it was just needed. Prohibition has been banned for so many years. The only thing that has been created is the gang and the black market. The only proof is that alcohol is still to be drunk. From the perspective of user experience, I am highly pessimistic in both the short and long term. After all, the emergence of the black market means charging, and the bargaining power is not between the official and the users. Charging chaos is difficult to prohibit. If the subtitle group does not return, paid viewing and membership systems may become a trend. From a national perspective, I am extremely pessimistic about the development of domestically produced two-dimensional culture. But I am extremely optimistic about the development of the two-dimensional cultural industry in Japan and South Korea. after all. In any case, there are 200 million single young people here. To solve the single problem, housing prices, education and medical care are all mountains. After a round, it is estimated that it is still virtual cheap for stability.

5 months ago

So many answers are you haven’t seen these groups of things? In most cases, the folk Sinicization group is closed for one reason, and I don’t want to do it anymore. These groups add another reason that is too risky. After all, what they translate is not something that can be bought formally. The matter of non-governmental translation, whether it is R18 or normal, whether it is in English or Japanese, is powered by love. It cannot be a long-term thing in itself, and it is not a business. Those professional translators and professional subtitle groups are careers. So it’s quite normal to be separated. After all, there is no money to make. It is pure interest. Students may still have time. After work, many friends no longer accept the Chinese language. Take myself as an example. I used to help or personally translate some games, movies, TV shows, and so on. Now I don’t even bother to read the proofreading. Only a few intelligence teams are left for translation or proofreading from time to time.

5 months ago

It reminds me of the previous Holo official team graduation. At that time, there were many personal barbecue man and the barbecue group. Later, there were fewer passersby and everyone became lazy. The output became low, and it became a chat in the fan group. But it’s not a bad thing for me. After all, I don’t like to think about the future. At present, the concentration of the circle is high and there are not so many disruptive things. In fact, it is more happier than before. This wave should be about the same. Shrink the circle and increase the concentration. Throw those elementary school students and ky to Guoman. Please go back ten years.

5 months ago

To be honest, these few are not very familiar, but I still have a deep heart of the previous text. There are four people who have nothing to do and need to take a break. One is rich, one is powerful, one is human, and the other is otaku. The rich pay some money, eat, drink and have fun, don’t be too happy. The authoritative said a few words, and he also embraced and embraced him. Human spirit, brain and spirit will come, and will follow the two of them to eat and drink. The otaku found that there was nothing he could consume, so he returned home with a few bottles of Happy Water and turned on the computer. Just about to watch the drama, it reminds me that I have been taken off the shelves because of the abusive emotions, and I am ready to play the game. It reminds me that I am being repaired because of violence and gore. I want to find some resources. I found all 404s. I can only watch the news. The news said that we should continue to increase our violence against violence. The management of love rights…At this time, the twilight is thick, and the otaku has nothing to do and stares at the screen, thinking about what the unit leader does on weekdays, and he has never extravagantly asked for power and money. For a while, I can’t help but sigh. I have never done anything wrong in my life. Why is there no way to go? At this time, an advertisement popped up on the computer, are you still sighing? Please spend your most precious thing-time on studying. As long as you sign up, you can get a free trial… The otaku smiles bitterly. He thinks the computer advertisement is really good. If people don’t have money or rights, they won’t have trouble, and there should be no way to go. Tomorrow, the otaku will start 996,007 to make a living. The otaku will work, confused by money, succumbing to power, and dealt with things in a perfunctory manner, and the society will deal with him in a perfunctory manner. After a while, the otaku feels that he has not changed. Like his original life, he still can’t afford other people’s entertainment.

5 months ago

Let me say from another point of view that acgn will use love to generate electricity less and less. Not only will the groups and various “sharing” and piracy be reduced, but also the fundamental focus is on the output of understanding and learning regardless of return. There are fewer and fewer people. Because it’s a bit awkward, it used to be able to make two-dimensional elements. Not to mention that Jiao guys are about to be expelled from the two-dimensional elements. They say that they can collect physical comics, even if they are pirated, they were at least “well-off” in the past. “Home”, and now that the threshold of the two-dimensional element has been opened, the demand has greatly increased while the domestic life has become more and more volume. The proportion of enthusiasts who can use love to generate electricity is declining. The use of love to generate electricity is really commendable, but it is difficult to maintain (The glue guys on one wall can use love to generate electricity, but the three-box masters can only fight glue on weekends to be happy-using love to generate electricity has no time, energy or motivation). At the same time, the second dimension is no longer screening audiences, a bit similar to the period of barbaric development in District 11. From the age of 6 to the age of 66, you can say that the Lord is the second dimension. In this period, even in the 11th district, there have been such magical things as the sound regulations. In this regard, we can be regarded as crossing the river by touching the 11th district.

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