On the morning of the 26th, the Heilongjiang Forestry and Grassland Bureau carried out a report on the rescue of wild Siberian tigers. According to the report, the name of the “Tiger Breaking into the Village and Wounding People” has been identified as Wandashan No. 1. The tiger weighs 450 kg, male, 2-3 years old, with good nutritional status and strong body. At present, this tiger is in a state of fully enclosed isolation. The isolation area has a 24-hour full monitoring, and a dedicated person is responsible for feeding. The animal inspection and quarantine department conducts a 45-day quarantine and observation of the tiger, and records and observes the tiger’s daily diet, defecation, and roaring behavior.

Release as soon as possible is the best option. Of course, we must study the natural conditions of the release site in advance. Including: whether there are enough natural prey (large ungulates), whether other adult male tigers have occupied the release area, whether there is the possibility of other females near the release area, and whether it is far enough from human settlements and villages. If the first three conditions are negative, the tigers will continue to migrate after being released, and it is inevitable that they will come into contact with people again during the migration process, and accidents will occur. Many netizens believe that this tiger has attacked humans and therefore cannot be released or should be released after “reserving the species”. Both of these two perceptions are problematic. First, the tiger’s two attacks were not hunting behaviors, but threatening and driving away behaviors after stress. Just because it was a tiger, it looked terrifying, but its behavior had no intention of using humans as prey. This is fundamentally different from cannibalism and hunting. Second, the Siberian tigers in captivity in my country do not lack genetic diversity at all. If the species is reserved for mating, the captive time will inevitably be extended. The longer it is in captivity, the more difficult it will be to release it. At the same time, the tiger will become more familiar with humans, lose fear of humans, and even approach humans on the initiative. After such a tiger is released, the possibility of accidents will greatly increase. After all, not everyone is a breeder. After all, not everyone knows how to face and touch a tiger correctly. When the contact method is incorrect, you will be frightened. The tiger will still choose to defend itself, but when it no longer fears humans, it may not fall down and leave. Therefore, I reiterate my point: After the quarantine is over, it is best to wear a radio collar, release it in a suitable place as soon as possible and follow up for long-term testing. Once it is found that it is close to the human settlement again, it can be expelled in advance.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

“Name?” “No name, my father and mother didn’t get it, I…” “Address?” “I just finished Dashan…” “Professional?” “I’m fine, I wandered…” Interrogation People really couldn’t stand the other party’s slick accent, knocked on the keyboard impatiently, straightened up and stared at the big shaggy face opposite, raised his eyes and asked: “How many times have you come in?” “The first… first” interrogation In the name column of the transcript, the person wrote “Wandashan No. 1” without raising his eyelids and said, “Don’t mess around with me, it’s yourself that hurts yourself. I ask you, what’s wrong with this time?” “Lying on the side of the road” “Any further forward?” “Smashed a piece of glass…” “Which glass?” “On the car…” “You smashed a piece of glass, our all-separated people go out to arrest you Confess honestly!” “I also scratched an old lady…” “Scratch?” “I rushed up, my sister thought, she fell down as soon as she rushed. Then I ran away, and then the car So I came up, we both had a good meal, and then you brought me here, and the two doctors are still going to be done, one depends on my big teeth, the other wants me to call, and the height and weight are measured…” “Shut up! Don’t change the subject!” The interrogator patted the table angrily. “Don’t you know how much damage you have caused to the people? Huh? The old ladies are all in the hospital! You broke the glass of the car and the driver was frightened. It’s so choking, don’t you know if there are lesbians in the car?” Da Mao lowered his head, hit the iron railing with his nails, making a clanging noise, and then muttered with a cat-like noise, “I’m playing…really The shot is much more serious than this…” The interrogator threw his hat off in anger, “Do you mean that you still intend to hurt people? Huh? Doesn’t it mean that you won’t cause trouble for a while?” “No, no, no, no, no. , Comrade, I…” “Who tells you, comrades, honestly confessed, did you recognize the mistake?” “I realize, I shouldn’t…” “Plead guilty or punished?” “I admit, you let me do anything… “How do you plan to compensate others?” “I…” Da Mao Lian just wanted to say that I have tiger bone wine, but felt that the price was too high, and it seemed illegal… “Leader, let me ask, what’s the behavior like me?” Can you go out at time?” The interrogator leaned on the backrest, with one hand on the table, and the other hand hitting the handle of the seat, and said, “You’re a gai liu, you can’t get anything, and you can’t pay for it.” Going out? To be honest, you can’t run anymore now. You look at yourself, and you have tattoos, and you’re screaming, on the arm of the man, and on the forehead of the man. What do you mean by paying back the whole king? My ex-girlfriend’s surname is Wang?” “No, my king of beasts…” “Well, what a shame, you will be called Wandashan No. 1 from today. In a while, someone will come to pick you up. I quarantine you for 45 days and reflect on it. You’ve been shot for serious crimes like you until no? Are you planning to go out?” Da Maoyan whimpered and said, “Leader you to be accommodating and accommodating. I’m really ignorant at my young age. It’s because I didn’t even get married. I was shot without even having a partner…” “Wait, what will you say?” The interrogator’s eyes lit up. “No partner?” “Ah,” the big hairy face wiped his nose. “Let’s do it, On behalf of the people, I can give you a way out” the interrogator unscrews the cup Zi took a sip of tea, “It depends on whether you agree to this condition” and “Yes, I will agree to all conditions” Da Mao’s face nodded quickly. “I’ll get in touch with you in the Qitaihe Zoo and introduce you a girlfriend, career editor, how about you two living a good life in the next ten years?” “That’s it?” “That’s it.” The interrogator is proud “However, the seven aunts and eight aunts of Qitaihe urged marriage to give birth to children. You can’t return your mouth. If you give birth to a few, you have to give birth to a few. Now you are the sinner of the people and you don’t have the right to return. do you understand?”

5 months ago

According to general practice, there are wild animals that have attacked humans and their fate is to be shot. But after all, the Siberian tiger is very rare, and there are only a few in China. In addition, this time I was very lucky. In the dilemma of being constantly onlookers, the tiger overthrew people, but did not actually kill anyone. So it’s not appropriate to execute it directly. After reading the tips from the old irons in the comment area, I feel that this person is very likely to be transferred to the Siberian Tiger Park as a seed. If it is released again, it is estimated that it will also be released to Russia. If you put it in China, there will definitely be 10,000 short video bloggers chasing hot spots in the country. Every day, there will be 10,000 selfie sticks and 10,000 drones behind the tiger, and then this tiger will undoubtedly die. Therefore, I am very worried about his future. After all, Dashan milk powder was my favorite when I was in college, and I have a chance this time.

5 months ago

When the live broadcast just started, the reporter said that the tiger’s eyes were indeed injured, but the reason is not certain. He said that he is in good health and he did not eat food and only drink water when he first came. This is true for wild animals. He also introduced that the tiger is from China and he has been there. Russia is back. This tiger is too young. It is only 2 to 3 years old. The Bengal tiger is 2.5 years old and has separated from the mother tiger. The Siberian tiger is about 3 years old. This tiger should have just been separated from the mother tiger. There may be no experience in entering the village. The current weight is 450. Jin, this weight is a normal weight for the Siberian tiger. We can see from the video that this tiger is very strong, but in terms of body size, it is not too big. Watch the tiger raising video at station B. Tigers of this age should It will grow for a long time. Compared with the tigers discovered in Mudanjiang some time ago and the tigers discovered in Hulin two years ago, this tiger is obviously smaller in size and much smaller in weight. The tiger has to be observed for 45 days. This time is really long. I don’t care about the name Wandashan 1. The key is that the tiger can recover well during the captive period and can continue to adapt to the wild after being released. Where is the location of the release? It’s hard to say that there are other tiger sites in Jilin and Heilongjiang. The choice of where to put it depends on the research of existing professionals. Of course, it is better to start researching and protecting the Siberian tiger corridor by Xingkai Lake, and it can be released here. Not bad. According to the chief engineer of the breeding center, the tiger’s eyes were injured before the anaesthetic was given. It should have been scratched by a tree branch. Now it has recovered. Thanks to netizens for their concern. To add, a few years ago, the tiger strangled by a bird-catching wire fence was found on the shore of Xingkai Lake a few years ago. I remember that it was about two or three years old and was as old as this tiger. Xingkai Lake has just emerged from the civilization, and at the same age, it is also a male tiger. It is time to look for the Siberian Tiger Corridor by the Xingkai Lake. Update, according to animal experts from Northeast Forestry University, the current Siberian tiger is most likely to be the largest population of Siberian tigers from the Sikhotealin region of Russia, which is closest to Xingkai Lake. There is a diffusion corridor here.

5 months ago

There is no shortage of captive tigers in China. In fact, there is no shortage of captive breeding in the whole world. There are more than 5,000 tigers in the living room of the United States alone, which is more than twice the number of wild tigers in the world. In addition, zoos are even more immeasurable. If there are dozens and dozens of a species left, don’t worry about 37 21. First raise the number to prevent extinction. However, even if the number of captive tigers is reduced by half immediately, it will not affect the number of tigers. Because tigers can give birth to 3 or 4, the zoo will give birth to more tigers. In fact, in addition to tigers, there are rhinos and leopards in zoos. And zoos need people to feed them, and zoo animals do not play an ecological role. To give a simple and easy-to-understand example, there are always entanglements about how well a tiger can jump, how far a tiger can run in a day, is it a lion or a tiger? Can a tiger beat a brown bear? How long does it take for a tiger to kill a big wild boar? These problems have not been solved from the bbs era until the development of 2021. This is because wild tigers are extremely rare. Siberian tigers can see brown bears but there are only a few hundred. There are only 30 in China. Every year, 5,000 people are choked to death in the world. It’s just that the news doesn’t report it.

5 months ago

The tiger came down the mountain. It may be because he was young and lost his way. It may also be because of lack of food. He went down the mountain to find food, but there is also a possibility. It was expelled by other tiger kings. You must know that although this tiger is only a sub-adult, it is also a big tiger of 225 kilograms. If it can expel it, it needs to be 250 kilograms. It is unlikely to be smaller than it. . If there is a Siberian tiger weighing more than 258 kg, then the previous scientific research record will be overturned, because the record says that the Siberian tiger currently weighs less than 200 kg on average, but this has always been a sub-adult tiger at 225 kg. How can it be less than 200 kilograms on average? Unless you count the newborn little tiger. Although the 225 kg is still far from the peak size of the Siberian tiger, the appearance of this Wandashan No.1 also indirectly shows the recovery of the wild Siberian tiger, and it may be able to reproduce the glory of the Siberian tiger in the future. At 2 and a half years old, it is 225 kg, and it has reached the size of the Kaziranga Bengal tiger. It feels like even the big brother of the kzt family is only this size at the age of two and a half.

5 months ago

The possibility of release is unlikely. The reason is simple. If a beast finds that it is easier to find food in human gathering areas than hunting by itself, it will definitely adhere to this behavior pattern and survival strategy, so it will appear in another village sooner or later if it is released, and it will only hurt itself. The instinct of protection is nothing more than a reaction. But one less wild Siberian tiger may threaten the existence of the entire Siberian tiger population. Perhaps it can take high-tech methods to control its area of action-provided that there is huge financial support.

5 months ago

If nothing else, I feel very psychedelic. Originally, the tiger was successfully subdued all heads and tails, and it did not cause more harm to people or the tiger itself. How can this be a good thing? But suddenly the online madness began to spread the “conjecture” that the tiger’s eyes were pierced by the anesthetic needle, and then began to criticize the yin and yang. That little blurry video in the dark night slows down, expands, and the logo becomes evidence?

5 months ago

Many years later, when Wandashan 108 saw the endless chicken, duck and fish meat in front of him, he would surely remember the palm of Wandashan No. 1 struggling to hit a human car.
With a flutter, he threw himself into the system and raised his iron rice bowl.
Take care of food, take care of, and package the distribution objects. There is a doctor if you are sick, ice cubes if you are hot, and warmth if you are cold.
And this treatment is hereditary and irreplaceable, the descendants of Fuze.

5 months ago

To answer the question, I don’t know. Ordinary people interfere with decision-making methods, and they don’t know what logic the decision-makers will follow, but the names are all taken. The current wind direction also says that it’s just a little tiger, and it’s not dying. It should be put on an artificial base. After research, Put it in a sparsely populated place. The problem is that the wind is in the wrong direction. The society is so big that most people are neither interested nor sympathetic to the situation of others, and always feel wrong. Protecting animals is right, but it comes from protecting the ecological environment.

5 months ago

There is no human blood, no homicide record, and the tiger itself has not been seriously injured. It still has the ability to survive in the wild. Then the reintroduction is the best option, but what lies ahead is the tiger’s activity area and route range. If the problem of overlapping with human settlements is not fundamentally and properly resolved, then the situation similar to that of human tigers may still occur in the future.

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