First of all, even if AppletV has been reviewed, why do I have to AppleTV if you give me a built-in Aiyouten? AppleTV’s national review is of little significance. I believe that Apple’s appleTV+ will not be reviewed. After all, the content on it does not meet our national conditions. The content of TV is highly regulated. If Apple wants the content to come in, it must accept the bureau’s approval. Rectification, how can you dare to pass the review if you don’t accept the rectification? So the content you want to watch can’t come in. You can only build in Aiyouten to solve the needs of the drama. Of course, these problems are not a problem for some people. Now everyone has a lot of ways to solve it. In fact, everyone needs to toss to buy this product. More often, they use NAS to play high-definition 4K movies. I have to say that appleTV is very powerful in this respect, and the display effect of appleTV It’s really good, much better than the Android TV box, but maybe because the Android box I bought is not expensive, the better Android box will definitely be better. I have compared a lot. At present, I think Dangbei B3 Pro This box can barely compete with AppleTV! The advantage of the Dangbei box is that it does not need to be tossed, and it is indeed a good choice in the domestic Android box. Then of course, you need to toss about AppleTV. If the Bank of China has built-in Iyoteng, it doesn’t seem to be interesting. You will still change accounts in individual countries to watch more content, but this requires you to think of some solutions, but The problem is not too big, a treasure has many solutions, as long as you spend money you can buy services. In fact, I think this thing is quite tossing. TV boxes are all limited, especially appleTV. If you want to use it well, it does need a certain tossing ability. I think the simpler solution is the domestic Android box, but the experience is not good. , There are advertisements, everyone is more annoyed by this, if you like Apple’s equipment, then I think the better choice is macmini, this thing is much better, there are no restrictions, it is a complete computer , You only need to connect your monitor, what you want to watch, what you want to play, and many people complain about not having a remote control, but this is not a big problem. Is the remote control a problem? I don’t think so. Macmini is not at the same level as appleTV. Although it is expensive, you can use it as a home computer. Even if you want to work and bring it to the company, it is also very convenient. You can pack it and go, and you can work for office entertainment. You are tired from work. It is very convenient to watch movies. I believe that few people use appleTV to play games. Most people use it to play 4K movies stored in their NAS. Of course, you need a NAS. The most famous device in NAS is Synology. Of course, there is the most original solution, router hanging disk, this is not bad, there are requirements for the router, at least it has to have a USB port, right? At the very least, you have to buy it, right? So if you want to enjoy Blu-ray 4K movies at home, the requirements are quite high. If you want high requirements, you have to buy a 4K TV, right? Do you see this is just an appleTV thing? More equipment is needed! If you want to use appleTV well, you probably need to prepare so many things. Of course, you can also put it on top, such as using the old TV at home, such as using your own computer as nas, of course, this is all possible, not to say No, but since you bought an appleTV, of course you want to enjoy the high-quality standards, otherwise you can buy an Android box, right? If you want to have no ads, it’s a big deal to open a member. Although there are member-specific ads, you can skip it! After all, if you don’t have enough money, you can bear it. Isn’t it impossible to watch? It’s cheap, right? Isn’t it unbearable to watch advertisements for so many years? Therefore, it’s nothing if AppleTV’s national line is not a national line. It’s nothing more than a high-end TV box. Of course, this product is not cheap. More importantly, if you want to use this TV box well, other related accessories are not cheap. All of them need to be invested, and all of them can be used. In this case, you don’t have to be obsessed with buying an AppleTV. If you ask me if I want to buy an AppleTV TV box? Let me answer you this way. When you don’t change any equipment and only consider the Android box and appleTV, I still recommend buying appleTV. Why? AppleTV is indeed clearer and smoother to watch movies. Of course, the Android TV box can also do it. Then you have to buy the more expensive TV box. The box of two or three hundred yuan is definitely not good, and the expensive box is also seven. There are more than 800, but it is not much different from appleTV, so let’s choose appleTV first! There are more places to toss about appleTV, and Android boxes also need to be tossed, mainly depending on what you want to do.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

It means that there is an additional set-top box that is not a waterfall UI and supports Dolby Vision/Atmos, and that’s it. Current smart TV users have relatively low demand for network set-top boxes, especially H series and previous Sony TV users. The “content-oriented” waterfall UI of domestic TV is the advertising push UI, which is the bulk of users watching advertisements. There is nothing to say. Those who don’t like the TV waterfall UI can buy one. Speaking of the Dangbei who made the waterfall flow UI for Sony National Bank J series TV, our own Dangbei box is not a waterfall flow. Also, J-series Sony TV users who hate the waterfall UI can actually change the launcher, which is a bit of trouble. Speaking of Uaiteng, if you have a TV with strong dynamic mapping capabilities such as Sony Dafa TV and Hisense U7G-Pro, you can directly watch Uaiteng’s SDR version of the film source in the standard mode. It is more likely than the so-called so-called. The accurate HDR version looks good. Here is Tencent’s self-produced drama “Skyscraper”, which is neither real nor beautiful and loses the details. What does this HDR want me to watch? >The above HDR photos were taken in August 2020. At that time, Tencent’s HDR image quality could light up the TV HDR mode, and the picture was weird. I just tested it. The color HDR of “Skyscraper” is now renamed to Color Vision, and the HDR mode that cannot light up the TV is already a complete SDR and no longer pretends to be HDR.

5 months ago

Now it is getting more and more outrageous… First of all, it is hard to say whether you really intend to enter China and pass the trial. At present, it is only based on the words of the family. Is it true and reliable? I have to wait…Secondly, if I really plan to enter China and pass the trial, ATV is useless in my opinion. The reason is that the TV box is a TV box even with M1, and the content determines everything. . First of all, the National Bank version of ATV+, do you think you can watch Netflix? Don’t forget that the iTunes Store, which has been in GG for 5 years, hasn’t been restored for you. What advantage can I say to you by relying on Aiyouten alone, I said,

5 months ago

The most important thing is to lock and not lock the area. Buying an Apple TV to watch Aiyouten is really farting…Now smart TVs are all built-in systems. If you only watch domestic content, it is a better choice to use a projection screen or TV system. The current mainstream The coverage of video platforms of most domestic manufacturers is almost the same. Currently, Hisense, TCL, Xiaomi, and Huawei have supported all mainstream domestic streaming media platforms. Moreover, the performance of this gadget can only be played out on mid-to-high-end TVs. Even if the zone is not locked, this gadget is still more suitable for users of real HDR TVs.

5 months ago

The development of domestic smart TVs to around 85 inches-100 inches will have a relatively long period of stagnation. In the future, the use of flexible screens will solve the problem of elevators carrying large TVs, and too large TVs will not solve the problem of housing area. The ordinary living room is 4-6 meters, and the viewing distance of 3-5 meters from the sofa is almost 100 inches. Then after the TV reaches 85 inches to 100 inches, the smart module will be outdated. In fact, a batch of early smart TVs have this problem. The early TVs used A7 chips, and the TVs have been stuck and difficult to use. Fortunately, the size of the early TV was more than 40 inches smaller. But you have already achieved 85-inch-100-inch TV, can you still change it? The alternative is of course to buy a box. So the TV box will have an increase in the next few years. When Apple TV enters China, the pre-installation will definitely be castrated clean, and then users will crack and perfect the functions themselves. However, given the domestic ban on American TV dramas over the years, this cracking is estimated to be locked by Apple. If you are not allowed to see anything, the Bank of China will definitely not let you see, and all that is allowed to you are reviewed. If you look at Tencent and iQiyi, you don’t really need to buy APPLE TV. Even if you want to upgrade, you can also look at the cheap Android box. APPLE may bring some new content that can pass the review, after all, the content of iQiyi and Tencent is limited. Compared to the hard disk era when BT downloads various unpopular resources around the world, there are far fewer things to see now. If APPLE TV brings new content that has been reviewed, it will be competitive. APPLE TV has another strong point, in the game. APPLE TV is a natural game console, the hardware is closed and self-compatible. This generation of APPLE TV entering China is estimated to be A12. The performance of the A12 can run a lot of 1080P 3D games (4K is not needed). As long as the control problem is solved, the domestic IOS mobile games are very easy to transplant. It is not ruled out that Apple has the possibility of higher hardware APPLE TV. X86 PC+XBOX, both of which are X86 processors, form a system by themselves. Once the game is developed, the two platforms can come together. Mobile phones and tablets use ARM, TV boxes use ARM, which is relatively easy to transplant. For users of Glory of the Kings, Elites of Peace, and Primordial God, using the handle to play on the big screen on the TV when at home, the experience is much better than that of a mobile phone.

5 months ago

If the news is not reliable, put it aside. The main question now lies in whether a series of film and television and game resources created by Apple can follow the domestic market. Otherwise, Apple TV is a toy that fruit fans will buy. Real passers-by say they don’t even look at it. At the same time, only when the above-mentioned series of resources can land in the country, can we ensure the practicality of Apple TV. Otherwise, after buying it, users will still watch Iyoteng. From the point of view of film and television resources, there is no difference. In daily use, only the UI of the TV has changed. What’s the point? Moreover, the price of Apple TV is not cheap. The cheapest version in the US is $179, which is 1000+ when replaced by RMB. Moving to Xiaomi’s side, you can buy a small TV at this price, which is really not cost-effective. As far as Apple is concerned, it is definitely hoped that its software and hardware products will further land in mainland China. As one of Apple’s most important markets, the main income of the mainland market has always been hardware products. I think this part of the growth is not far from reaching the ceiling. To continue to maintain sustained growth, Apple will definitely need to fully roll out its services in the mainland in the future. Only in this way can it further enhance the stickiness of users and ensure Apple’s status in the arena while continuing to provide impetus for growth. As for whether this series of services of Apple can really land, I think it is very difficult anyway. Oh, by the way, if you really bought an Apple TV, I’m afraid you still need to buy a high-end TV. Otherwise, a 2k file Mi TV, and a 1k+ Apple TV. When watching 4K movies, the mother of the card will be I don’t know, what’s the use of buying it? This one goes in and one goes out, but it’s 10,000 yuan.

5 months ago

Maybe it’s my personal problem for so many years. I don’t use all the boxes smoothly, so the TV is always connected to the HTPC or intel NUC. It’s better to set up an HTPC. The WINDOWS system + PC hardware is a hundred times stronger than the box, and it is independent. If you have a graphics card, you can play games. You said the box is cheap. That’s right, but APPLE TV is not cheap. I don’t know what other people think. I am an Apple user and I have a bunch of Apple devices at home, but I can’t get out without APPLE TV. Continue to use my HTPC

5 months ago

There is a high probability that this information is false, and Apple’s set-top boxes may not be able to adapt to the mainland market. why? Because this thing is in the homeland of the United States, it seems to be classified as another set-top box. If it wasn’t for the iPhone6 series that had a feeling of reaching its peak, Apple would not have customized tvOS for him. This thing seems to be used when it was launched a generation, Intel’s customized Y series Pentium processor. Later, with the introduction of the A-series processors, their own chips were used. Therefore, the TV set-top box cannot be said that Apple has not achieved success, it can only be said that it has been tepid. At the beginning, this little box. I don’t even have my own proprietary operating system. The initial mission of this thing is to try to open a Mac computer. The door to television is replaced by Apple’s failed product MacintoshTV, which is also one of Apple’s failed hardware. Only about 10,000 units were produced. The distribution was stopped, so I am skeptical about this news. It is okay to go to China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, but mainland China is really inappropriate.

5 months ago

The news is mostly unreliable, or at least not as good as you think. There are actually very few domestic set-top boxes. Why less? Not without demand. It is a license, an Internet TV license. There are only 7 licenses. Can’t get it. Even if you don’t consider TVs and set-top boxes, what are the prerequisites for obtaining this license: have legal personality, be a wholly state-owned or state-controlled unit, and have no records of violations of laws and regulations within three years before the date of application. Among them, state-owned holding units include companies that are absolutely controlled by the sum of the shares of multiple state-owned capital shareholders and companies that are relatively controlled by state-owned capital (non-public capital shareholders cannot have an associated relationship), and do not include foreign-invested companies. Without this license, it is not possible to directly provide users with film and television works through TV sets or set-top boxes. So if Apple TV can be sold legally. Then you need to be like Haimedi. The built-in is Mango TV. Xiaomi is a license plate for CNTV to cooperate with CNTV. Apple TV must not be taken down. If you want to take it down, you must first modify the policy. Therefore, we can only supply equipment and use the content of the current licensee for the content. So the videos you can see above are part of the videos you can see on various video websites in China. See who you are working with. Then play games on this thing? I don’t remember if there are any policy restrictions. Maybe there are. After all, the game version number is now subject to radio and television approval. The type must be indicated during approval. Mobile games may not allow you to play on a set-top box. Of course, most set-top boxes themselves are not suitable for playing mobile games. Most domestic game companies are not very interested in making set-top box games. So even if this thing is officially on sale in China, it will probably be completely different from the Apple TV in your mind…

5 months ago

Apple TV is for selling tv+, arcade, fitness and other services. I would like to know what the 404 service Apple looks like in mainland China. Does Apple TV hardware have a high gross profit? How much does it cost, dear? Figure smart home? What is HomePod used for? Does picture love hurt again? That poor bit rate and picture quality, Apple TV’s signature is smashed and left a.

5 months ago

Put aside Iyoteng, which is broken from content to image quality. Whether high-quality content such as Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, etc. will also be online is a very important question. If you don’t have it, you can also support the iTunes Store. The above are all practices that do not want to toss, if you are willing to toss, please read down. I currently use Apple’s solution for ecological viewing: Film Source downloads 4K HDR+dolby audio films from Beijing Post. I bought a WD NAS inventory in my computer. Use infuse pro to read movies directly from the NAS disk to Apple TV 4K. Apple TV 4K and dual HomePod form dolby Atmos. Get double dolby (vision+audio) viewing experience. After tvOS 14.2 update in November 2020, Apple TV 4K will support dual HomePod Dolby Atmos output. However, only the iTunes Store’s own movies and a few apps such as Disney+ and HBO MAX supported Dolby Atmos output to dual HomePod. So I bought more than 60 movies in the iTunes Store, and it was quite expensive for a few hundred dollars (each price varies, with an average price of $10). However, after the infuse pro 6.6 update in February 2021, it also supports Dolby Atmos output of dual HomePod. So immediately decided to switch to the infuse+Apple TV+HomePod+Beiyou people’s solution. Infuse has super decoding capability (Blu-ray 4K HDR+DTS7.1 is silky smooth) and high-value movie automatic classification and poster wall. And infuse can add Chinese subtitles is still very comfortable (English level is still not comparable to the native language), Disney+, HBO MAX, Amazon Prime do not support Chinese subtitles, iTunes Store and Netflix only support a few movies. Although I care more about the quality of video and audio than subtitles, after all, the price of long-term membership and movie buying is a bit painful. And during the epidemic, you can’t go to the cinema to watch movies. After the hardware is invested in the early stage (the price is only about $800 without TV) + the lifetime subscription of infuse pro ($69.99), you can almost watch 4K dual Dolby videos for free. Now the only bottleneck is that there are many old movies without 4K source. There is no solution to this problem for the time being, and I can only watch it at 1080p. If you want to play games on Apple TV, let’s take a break. The content is too scarce. There is still a long way to catch up with Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. In my opinion, if you don’t want to play an exclusive game PS5, you shouldn’t buy it (so I sold it before Christmas after grabbing the first release last year). It’s good to play on the computer. For example, the computer version of the famous cyberpunk2077 last year has a good experience. These are not possible on Apple TV. Even if there are small games such as just dance, the experience on switch and ps is better than Apple TV (switch is the most comfortable to play this kind of party games). It is also a good choice for the central control of smart home. At present, my HomeKit smart home has sockets, lamps, desk lamps, decorative lamps, thermometers and hygrometers, humidifiers, and motion sensors. It is quite comfortable to cooperate with some of the instructions and scenes I designed. But compared to amazon and Google’s equipment is more expensive. Xiaomi should be more cost-effective in China. But overall there are still very few devices available. So from the perspective of viewing movies, games, and smart homes, it is not the device itself that determines the upper limit of Apple TV, but the quality and richness of their respective content. If there is no good film source, no good games, and no good home appliances, Apple TV is just an Apple device AirPlay projector.

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