On the afternoon of April 24, the 2021 Track and Field Invitational (East China Division), the men’s 100m final, Guangdong star @苏炳添 ran 9.98 seconds (-0.9m/s) to win the championship, ranking first in Asia in the season and fifth in the world Bit. Su Bingtian overcame the (0.9m/s) headwind and ran out of 9 seconds 98 to win the championship! However, Su Bingtian said frankly after the game: The run was not particularly good. Before this game, most people probably did not expect Su Bingtian to break ten, because he just returned from injury and he was a Chinese athlete born in 1989. He is almost 32 years old. It is hard to imagine that he has such a strong ability. . But in fact, Su Bingtian is really amazing. In the outdoor season debut in March, Su Bingtian ran the season’s personal best time of 10.05, creating the world’s best result at the time. In this competition, he was relaxed in the preliminary rounds. He ran 10 seconds and 16 to advance. In the finals, after 20 months, he once again ushered in a confrontation with Xie Zhenye. Su Bingtian still started so smoothly, established the lead early, and disrupted Xie Zhenye’s rhythm. After that, he kept accelerating and sprinted with all his strength! 9 seconds 98! And it’s really too strong in a headwind situation! This is the first time that Su Bingtian has opened for ten seconds after three years, and he has set many records in World War I: 1. Refresh his best results of the season. 2. It broke the record of 10 seconds 04 held by Zhang Peimeng. 3. Create the fastest achievements of the Chinese in China. 4. This is the sixth time in his career that Su Bingtian has reached the ten-second mark and created his best record in the 100m in China. 5. This achievement ranks first in Asia and tied for third in the world. After the game, Su Bingtian was still watching his own video of the game, which should prove a sentence: It makes sense for a person to succeed! However, after the game, Su Bingtian said frankly that the race today was not particularly good. The start was good. The middle and late stages were tight and the muscles were tired. However, it was really not easy to run this result in the domestic competition. Thanks to the younger generation in China. Own pressure, let yourself go all out in the game. Su Bingtian also mentioned the next preparation plan to maintain the training volume! Don’t get hurt!


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Su Bingtian’s 9 seconds 98 shot is of great significance. 1. Break 10 seconds in a domestic competition for the first time. The competitive pressure in domestic competitions is very small, and Su Bingtian is a big competition type player, often refreshing the best of the season in the competition. 2. Running under the condition of 0.9 meters against the wind is the most unfavorable race in the current breaking 10 score. If you encounter a gale of more than 1 meter, you have a chance to run to 9 seconds 90. 3. This is only the third shot of this year. From previous years, Su Bingtian’s best condition is generally from June to August. In other words, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Combining the above three points, Su Bingtian’s current strength should be stronger than in 18 years, and he is expected to run into the Olympic finals and even hit medals.

5 months ago

Unexpectedly, when I ran out of the 10.05 release of water in March, I knew: The Sushen of 2018 is back again, and he is eagerly pointing to Tokyo. If he does make it to the finals, he will be the first Asian to make it to the finals in the history of the Olympic Games. At this time, the results are not important. With Su Bingtian leading the new generation of track and field men in China, he must be more confident and Su Shen will definitely go all out in the Tokyo Olympics, not only for him, but also for Xiao Tiantian. For his children, he will definitely go all out to let Tiantian know why his dad has lacked his company in recent years. Let him understand how awesome his dad is doing. Cheer Su Shen, “Olympic year, everything is possible!” And I want to say that a 32-year-old athlete can still run for ten seconds in the world. Not much. So I don’t care if Su Shen’s last singing competition is good or bad, I hope you will keep a little bit of virtue. Only those who have practiced track and field know how difficult it is for the 32-year-old 9.98. I don’t want him to win cards at the Tokyo Olympics. I just hope that he can retreat without getting hurt. Xia Liude

5 months ago

It shows that it has resumed. First of all, such a good result can basically confirm this year’s Olympics. If you can enter the competition, you can basically say that the current state is still OK. Then, if it means that you can run for ten seconds in such a headwind, you can say that you can get rid of last year’s injuries. And also got rid of the previous injury. It is equivalent to this state. It can be said that he has returned to his peak state, or at least the same state as it was during the Asian Games in Jakarta. Moreover, I think it’s okay to look forward to this year’s Olympics, because an athlete of this age, and a sprinter, can withstand a lot of pressure, so I think for Su Bingtian, it can be in the present Running such a good result at the time is a very good entertainment omen or a good direction for him.

5 months ago

This is the strongest shot of Su Shen so far (0 wind 9 seconds 92), which is a 100% level to enter the Olympic finals. This is only April, and the Olympic Games may see a more peak state in July. Wind 9 seconds 90, even 0 wind 9 seconds 8+! And 0 wind 9 seconds 90 is the strength requirement to win the bronze medal in recent world competitions, but this year’s Olympics, in the absence of Coleman due to the suspension, the 0 wind 9 seconds 90 players have obtained the theoretical possibility of competing for the gold medal. Of course this year In the Olympic year, we do not rule out that everyone’s strength will be further improved. After all, it is unreasonable for many black players to increase their scores. In addition, the 99 years of mixed race players from neighboring Japan are very worthy of attention. He is currently training with Renault again, and this year is likely to break out.

5 months ago

He is already a great athlete and only hopes that his career will stay away from injuries.
I also hope that he is facing a more mature audience.
I also hope that if he goes downhill or is injured unfortunately, everyone will be tolerant.
I also hope that no matter what the reason is, he won’t become the most ruthless one in the end.
In fact, what I want to talk about is those people who talked about Liu Xiang.

5 months ago

I’m so relieved. In fact, I’ve been sweating for various events in China before, because although we have done a good job in national prevention and control during the epidemic, our athletes cannot participate when other countries have resumed world competitions. High-level contests are actually influential. I saw the news of Su Bingtian today. This should be the first time he ran for 10 seconds in a domestic field. It was still headwind, which proved that his 32-year-old body is still strong (in fact, the older age of sprinting is sometimes not a hindrance), away from Tokyo. The Olympic Games are still more than two months away. As long as the normal training state is maintained, it is expected that at least Su Bingtian will still have the strength to enter the finals.

5 months ago

I paid attention on the same day and came to bhu to search. However, at that time, I was slow to go to the hot search and said a few words. Don’t underestimate 9.98. For the players who are not the strongest, it is not easy to score 10 There are three general sprinters in our country, and one of them had an accident at home and changed the project, so don’t think too much about it. Xie’s performance was okay this time, and Su is very strong. The entire number of non-blacks entering 10 is counted with just a few hands. The most important thing is that according to this trend, it is very promising to enter the Olympic finals. If we get into the finals, let’s dream again, the competition will perform super-normally, 9.85, and another player will roll over the car and get a medal, then it will really blow up.

5 months ago

Seeing Su Bingtian’s breakthrough record, what I think of is not congratulations, celebrations, and a sense of pride, but of Liu Xiang. An athlete’s vocation is to win the championship, otherwise hard work is useless. This is the opinion of most people, and it is also a burden that athletes cannot bear. For those breakthroughs, those athletes who did not become famous before, they are actually happy. They don’t need to consider too much fame and profit, and don’t need to consider the opinions of people around them. Although their coach knows and their leader knows, they always give tolerance and some care. It can even be said to be indulgent, because they understand the athletes and understand the industry. Once you get out of the circle, the pressure you endure is not imaginable, nor can it be endured by ordinary people. They have lost their original passion and affection. Of course, this is just a guess. Some people can overcome, some people fall. In any case, we should respect them. Even if they fail or fall, we must thank them for their achievements. Don’t be like Liu Xiang. He shed tears in front of the stage and others laughed behind the scenes, which is really chilling. In fact, we lack a tolerance for failure and have too much desire to win. When you win enough, you won’t care too much about this. The people have developed self-confidence. Today they will be the first in one field, and tomorrow will be the first in another field. They will no longer have the excitement they used to have. On the contrary, it is better for us to do the work at hand and do the things that should be done. Finally, of course, I would like to congratulate Sushen for the breakthrough, and hope that you will stay healthy, create greater glory, and retire safely.

5 months ago

In fact, I really hope that Su Bingtian’s peak will be in this Olympic cycle and this Olympics. Su Bingtian is 31 years old this year. For a sprinter, Tokyo is basically certain that it will be his last Olympic Games. If some breakthrough runs can be made in this Olympics, such as standing on the final runway at night or even (without even thinking about it) on the podium, then his career will be drawn to a successful end. There are two kinds of people watching track and field. Real track and field fans and (in a broad sense) champion fans. The former should all have brains. It is normal to know that you can’t run well in your thirties. After the Olympics, you won’t be embarrassed by the results. The latter is a mixed bag, but with a large number (I am one of them), it is also the main source of glory and shame for athletes at the same time. A large part of them are the best at putting people on the altar, and then at a certain opportunity they are worthless. You should remember the example of Liu Xiang. The scenery in Athens is as tragic as Beijing and London. Imagine if Su Bingtian followed a normal trajectory and reached the final in the last Rio Olympics. So this time the Tokyo Olympics, he will definitely have no retreat. Can’t make the finals? No way! It was OK last time, why not this time? Old? bad mood? Good luck last time? Excuses! It is to use a good grade to deceive our feelings! Do you not participate in the game because of injury before the game? No way! Persuaded! Just don’t dare to face pressure! The injury is definitely a public relations collusion with the doctor! Deceive our feelings! Injured in the game? No way! I could not participate in the competition, but it was not for that point of sponsorship! It’s not easy to run when it comes, so why are you hurting? All excuses! Deceive our feelings! The existence of the spray makes it difficult for China to produce sports heroes. Li Ning is great, right? No gold medal in the Seoul Olympics, no! Zhu Jianhua is great, right? Los Angeles Olympics did not win the gold medal, no way! Lang Ping is great, right? When the coach of the US team in the Beijing Olympics defeated China, no way! Liu Xiang is great, right? Retire from the Beijing and London Olympics due to injury, no! Yao Ming is great, right? After becoming the chairman, the men’s basketball team didn’t make it to the Tokyo Olympics. No way! Sun Yang is great, right? Was punished for unknown reasons by the Swimming Federation, no way! Li Na is amazing, right? Playing solo is just not patriotic, no way! Zhang Jike is great, right? Fall in love with the entertainment industry and go to a variety show, no! Only a victorious general like Deng Yaping, Liu Guoliang, Zhang Yining, Guo Jingjing, who has no moral flaws, is worthy of being a Chinese sports hero. There should be no problem with Su Bingtian’s personal morality. As long as the Tokyo Olympics achieves a good result, he should also be lucky enough to win a beautiful reputation. In the future, even if he pulls his hips again in any Grand Prix World Championships, there won’t be too many problems, because the spray will not be watched. Come on!

5 months ago

I haven’t raced for so long and I can still have this state. I still ran into 10s against the wind. Su Shen is really amazing. In the current men’s 100m world rankings in the 2021 season, 9 seconds 98 is also an excellent result tied for fifth place in the world season. It is not easy to be able to persist in the sprint at the age of 31, and it is even more respectable to be able to maintain such a good athletic state and constantly break new records. Another is that everyone may not know this wind speed very well. Next, Xiaoyu will explain to everyone. In the 100m race, the tailwind is more than 1m/s, and the record will not be recognized. Today Su Bingtian’s 9.98 seconds, this shot is converted to zero wind speed is 9 seconds 935, tailwind 0.7 m/s is 9.90! Therefore, our Su Shen, in his current state, has the strength to break 9.90! Breaking 9.90 seconds is also a goal for Su Bingtian before retiring! Hope our Su Shen can break the record soon! Create more brilliance

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