On April 27, the National Health Commission held a regular press conference. Jiao Yahui, Director of the Medical Administration and Medical Administration Bureau of the National Health Commission, said in response to “The Oncologist of the Third Hospital of Beijing Medical College reported that the tumor treatment is shady” According to the review, it is believed that the principles of treatment of Qinghai patients reported by doctors of the Third Hospital of Beijing Medical University in a certain hospital in Shanghai are basically in compliance with the norms during the entire treatment process.

“As for the individual issues reflected in it, such as the issue of gene sequencing and genetic testing, including the issue of cancer cell treatment, whether there is any improper exchange of benefits in the process, we have also asked the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission to investigate again, and we are now investigating The results have not yet come out, and we also require the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission to conduct investigations, if some violations of laws and regulations are found in the exchange of benefits and transfer of benefits, we will never protect shortcomings, never evade, and be serious in accordance with laws and regulations. Processing.” Jiao Yahui said.

Previously, the medical oncologist of the Third Hospital of Beijing Medical University reported on the Internet that a Qinghai cancer patient was involved in a series of treatment shady problems in the treatment of a third-class hospital in Shanghai.

Jiao Yahui said that after paying attention to the online news, the National Health Commission attached great importance to it. On the one hand, it contacted the third volunteer and asked the third hospital of Beijing Medical University to contact the doctor, and the doctor can provide more detailed information. Investigate and verify the problems reflected in it. Regarding the situation of a patient in Qinghai that can be clearly mentioned, the National Health Commission also organizes the National Cancer Center to organize authoritative experts in related fields in the country. The entire treatment process of the cases will be reviewed by an expert and peers.

After the evaluation of experts and peers, he believed that the principles of treatment were basically in compliance with the norms during the entire treatment process.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Many people are saying what this “basically conform to the norm” means. I still have my opinion, professionally, I don’t understand or comment. Logically speaking, it should be “no evidence of non-compliance has been found.” But I don’t think this is no result. From Dr. Zhang Yu’s publication of an exposure article, in just a few days, there were heated discussions on the whole network, CCTV reports, investigations by the Health Commission, and responses to the development conference. It can be said that the degree of attention this incident has caused and the action of relevant departments are still very high. Our hospital has indeed received a notice about “Tumor Diagnosis and Treatment Project Rectification”, which is directly marked in red. Regarding the chaos of cancer treatment, we hope for the improvement of the entire industry, rather than hammering someone to death, although I may hate unscrupulous doctors more than most people. In Dr. Zhang Yu’s Wanyan Book, most of the content is also calling everyone to pay attention to tumor treatment and hope that the relevant departments will strengthen supervision and supervision. I admire Dr. Zhang Yu, not because he is angry with him, but because he dared to change the whole industry with one person. I think to a large extent, Dr. Zhang Yu’s efforts have already achieved results. I believe that the future will get better and better.

5 months ago

From the beginning to the end of this matter, I have received various invitations to answer, but I have never written anything. Because he did not see the medical records, the person concerned did not make any response, and all public opinion fell to one side. For a period of time, the attitude of the teachers in the medical circle towards this matter was-muddy water, whoever disturbs it is the same. I do not comment on this response from the Health Commission, nor do I stand on either side. I will only talk about my experience from the perspective of a young doctor. What is the relationship between doctors and patients? In public opinion on this matter, patients are all victims, and doctors are all perpetrators. For the benefit of the doctors, regardless of the patient’s treatment and prognosis, the medical guidelines and norms are in vain, and the money is used to prescribe medicines. Almost every once in a while, online public opinion needs this kind of catharsis about the doctor-patient relationship—patients are always weak, and doctors are always condescending. Doctors use the huge information asymmetry between doctors and patients, which is above the patients. But almost everyone did not think of one thing-there is also a huge information asymmetry between doctors and diseases. If you have a cold or a fever, you don’t need to go to a big hospital. People who are weaker will prescribe their own medicine. Difficult and complicated diseases rushed to the large hospital in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, looking for expert and famous doctors, and then looking forward to a conclusive conclusion-what disease, how to treat it, and what medicine to take. But the diagnosis of the disease will not hang on every patient. No matter how the condition goes during the treatment, it will not jump out of the doctor’s order system. In the face of routine and common diseases, doctors in large hospitals will have more experience in diagnosis and treatment, but this does not mean that they have seen everything, and it does not mean that every diagnosis and treatment plan can hit the nail on the head and cure the disease. Healing a disease is like crossing a river by touching a stone, and the same is true for both doctors and patients. It is true that the rise of evidence-based medicine has given us more guidelines and norms for diagnosis and treatment that we can refer to. But the cure is not a guideline, and the cure is not a norm. If common diseases can be cured by relying on a guideline, then the medical level in Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa should be the same as Europe and the United States. After all, the medical guidelines around the world are just language barriers. But the fact is that even in the country where the same medical guidelines are used, there are differences in the level of medical care between cities and cities. This difference is not because doctors did not put patients in the guidelines for standard treatment. It is precisely because the doctors have seen The situation of the patient is different from the guideline. When I was in medical school, the first thing my teacher told us was that patients are the best teachers. Because only patients can teach doctors how to treat diseases. The reason why medicine is an empirical science is that we sum up rules and cognition through trial and error. We are accustomed to using antibiotics for infections, and fevers should be quickly reduced. These are all summed up from experience. In most cases, we discover a phenomenon of treatment, and then study the scientific basis behind this phenomenon. The establishment of medical guidelines and diagnosis and treatment standards also comes from this process. Therefore, the relationship between doctors and patients should not be antagonistic, but stand together. Doctors treat patients, and they also learn experience and knowledge from patients, and then a lot of such knowledge finally converges into a medical theory which is written into textbooks. You ask me, will there be individuals who cannot be cured or saved? I can only regret to say that there is. Even behind every medical theory, there are such individuals. Medicine is not only an empirical science, but also a science that carries the cost of life. Can we fully trust the doctor? This is probably the cause of this incident that shocked the entire industry. Because it is not just the distrust between doctors and patients, there seems to be “infighting” among doctors. This incident made many doctors angry that this pot of dirty water was too wide, and it also chilled the hearts of many hardworking doctors. A friend in the group said, “While I was talking, my patient asked me, am I here to prescribe chemotherapy drugs? I was surprised because I had never been asked this way before as a doctor for more than ten years.” In the era of public opinion, everything will be magnified, not to mention the iconic event labeled “unscrupulous doctors delaying the patient’s condition.” After this incident, I once asked myself, when the benefits are great, you can squander a human life? Do you know what picture came to my mind for the first time? It was the patients who I tried to rescue for a long time, but failed to rescue them in the end. I believe that every doctor has one thing in common, that is, he will always remember the patients who walked away on his own hands, and he will remember every death triple order he signs. When graduating from undergraduate, the principal will take all medical students wearing white ribbons to swear. This picture may seem nothing to ordinary people, but it is just a form. But if you look carefully at every medical student who takes the oath, you will find that many people finish the oath with tears in their eyes. Not because of how noble this oath is, but after this oath, he has a benchmark for being a healer ever since. He knew that behind all the tedious and complicated medical knowledge, he had a bottom line and principle to support him. Therefore, I have always believed that any act of trying to figure out the starting point of a healer to treat a disease and save a person is nasty. This is not a question of money. Therefore, even if you are a colleague in this industry, when questioning the starting point of another doctor, you should first ask yourself, do you think that when the benefits are great, a human life can be squandered? Where is the future of the doctor-patient relationship? Many people say that the root of the tension between doctors and patients lies in the asymmetry of information, but in my opinion, the root of the real tension is their own insecurities. The patient is afraid that the disease will not get the best treatment, and the doctor is afraid that the patient will be messing around. So they put up their shields, and no one wants to hurt anyone. However, the essence of treatment is the mutual feedback between doctors and patients. It is today’s discomfort that guides tomorrow’s treatment. Today’s improvement will enhance the confidence of persisting in treatment tomorrow. When they put up their shields, the mutual feedback is naturally less. And this kind of insecurity between doctors and patients may be overwhelmingly derived from insecurity in life. Patients are afraid of “lack of wealth”, and doctors are afraid of “disruption and suspension of treatment.” Therefore, this may not be a problem that doctors can solve unilaterally, and it cannot be changed by a more detailed explanation of the condition or a more friendly conversation attitude. The root of the doctor-patient relationship lies in the face of disease. Our society has not yet developed to the point where it can provide complete protection. When an ordinary person faces a disease alone, the support he feels behind him is not strong enough. Therefore, the real way to solve the doctor-patient relationship is to allow this society to provide ordinary people with more comprehensive and safe protection, so that when an ordinary person faces a disease, he can pay more attention to the “enemy” of disease instead of Worried about being “helpless” behind him. Fortunately, our country is working hard in this direction. This is a sincere gratitude for being a doctor. Therefore, as a young doctor who is still growing up, I still have hope for the future doctor-patient relationship. I don’t think this one or two mistrust incidents will break the tide of doctor-patient side by side. This is why more and more doctors are devoting themselves to the work of popular science. Because only by clearing away the layers of fog, can the sun shine more brightly!

5 months ago

Until now, many people’s accusations against Dr. Lu Wei have completely turned into emotional catharsis. “If the doctor didn’t withdraw the deduction, why would he introduce the patient to buy such an expensive medicine? This is no different from the judgment of the Nanjing judge. “To kill people is to punish the heart.” People have determined that the starting point of doctors’ behavior is for profit, not for treatment and saving people. However, in real life, there are doctors who recommend patients to buy medicine outside the hospital not to recover the deduction. If you don’t believe it, you can search for it. “Shandong Liaocheng Chief Physician Selling Fake Medicines” incident. To be honest, if the family member in Liaocheng was not too arrogant, but because the family members pretended to be pitiful from other incidents, the outcome of Director Chen Zongxiang is really hard to say. Dr. Lu Wei may have received a kickback. The deduction may not be withdrawn. This requires the clarification of the government’s investigation results. But this is not important anymore, because in many people’s minds the tacit understanding of the patient’s purchase of self-paid drugs is equivalent to receiving a rebate, although this is a standard presumption of guilt.

5 months ago

The profession of a doctor is really a work of conscience. I know that writing articles never break the jobs of alumni. Let me explain the cancer in an easy-to-understand way. Humans develop from one cell, and that cell is called a fertilized egg. A man ejaculates hundreds of millions of sperm at a time. All cells of a normal person are in order. The cells of the stomach are only in the stomach and the brain cells are in the brain. Each cell does its own work without crossing the boundary. Gastric cancer cells are gastric cells that divide wirelessly out of control, and go there to secrete gastric acid. Cancer cells are disobedient. Each cell is the patient’s own cell, but without order, normal human cells will not secrete messy hormones. Cancer cells secrete all kinds of substances. Cancer is a very difficult disease. The cancer cells of every cancer patient are worlds apart. No two patients in the world have the same cancer cells. Therefore, in theory, there is no best solution for cancer treatment, and there is no same patient. So there is never the best way to treat cancer. Cancer patients will die. When a person dies, the experimental data is not faked, only God knows. For example, AIDS and HIV are similar no matter how they mutate, and bacteria are similar no matter how they mutate, and there are previous patients as a reference for the treatment effect. Are you a pharmaceutical company, do you choose to experiment with people with good health, or do you experiment with people with poor health? Try to select patients with mild symptoms to do drug experiments, and the data is the best. All cancer patients have different cancer cells. Although they are all called gastric cancer, the cancer cells of patients are worlds apart. Because there is no patient with the same cancer, the previous treatment methods can only be said to be a reference. But cancer patients are not good. People have identical twins with identical genes. Everyone is made up of hundreds of millions of cells. As long as one cell has the ability to divide and live forever, it is cancer. The division of cancer cells does not make any sense. Which cell mutations and what magical substances are secreted by each patient is worlds apart. I don’t think there will be a cure for cancer in 100 years. A technique that is 100 times simpler than the treatment of cancer, the fertilized egg is cultivated into a kidney, heart, and transplantation technique, all of which have not changed in 50 years. Cloning is easy, but it is super difficult to make a fertilized egg only become an organ. Therefore, the Health Commission can only say that the treatment is in compliance with the norms. The doctor did not foul, and they used the textbook method and the drug insert method, which was reasonable and legal. As long as you follow the medical textbooks and drug instructions, the doctor will not make any mistakes. At present, there are endless confusions in medical textbooks. For example, the pink foamy sputum caused by left heart failure. Many circulatory doctors have never seen pink foamy sputum in their entire lives. Psychiatry, depression, psychotherapy, personality and IQ tests, analysis of dreams and psychological problems, the writing of a class of textbooks is even more confused. American children do not have China’s large-scale duck-filling education. Using American guidelines to treat Chinese mental illness is nonsense. Homosexuality is not a disease, but also confused. Some medical textbooks say that homosexuality is not a disease. This textbook says that homosexuality is a sexual orientation disorder. This makes the front-line doctors very embarrassed. The textbooks are all fighting, and the textbooks are all confused. Therefore, it is very important to have a doctor friend. Doctor is a profession of conscience. It is difficult for you to single out what is wrong with the doctor’s treatment, everything is reasonable and legal, in line with the guidelines, and in line with the textbook. Some doctors can only say that he is wicked, he knows what the Chinese medicine injection is, but according to the drug instructions, it is reasonable and legal, and you can’t spot any faults. So you can only say that the doctor is wicked and not good at medicine. You can’t say that he was deliberate.

5 months ago

Malignant tumors have always been understood by the common people as the impression of difficulty in treatment, low survival rate, and high cost. The plans and methods of tumor treatment are updated every year. As a pharmacist in a tertiary hospital, I want to talk about my views. How to treat the doctors of the Third Hospital of Beijing Medical University revealing the shady of tumor treatment? In fact, this matter is not uncommon in the oncology treatment industry. For patients with advanced malignant tumors, in the face of patients and their families’ strong desire to survive, doctors often have to face many challenges. We analyze from the following points: 1) There is definitely a shady in tumor treatment, but it does not mean that all the shady in tumor treatment mentioned by Dr. Zhang Yu. It may exist in the top three hospitals in first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, but some small top three hospitals may not There must be. Taking the author’s hospital as an example, it is impossible to purchase new anti-cancer drugs in time, such as PD-1 anti-cancer drugs, such as long-acting leukocyte-boosting needles. These new anti-cancer drugs are only the top three in big cities. Only hospitals can purchase them in time, and other hospitals can’t use them if they want. What about super-standard treatment? Of course, the problem of adjuvant drug abuse mentioned by Dr. Zhang Yu deserves attention, because many adjuvant drugs other than anti-tumor drugs are available in hospitals all over the country, including some proprietary Chinese medicine injections. Cancer may not be needed at all, and the use will only increase the number of patients’ families. It’s just a financial burden. 2) Does tumor treatment follow guidelines or use drugs beyond the instructions? Dr. Zhang Yu raised many questions about Dr. Lu Wei’s treatment plan. One of the points is that the treatment plan did not follow the standard recommended by the guidelines, and the plan used has not been strictly clinically confirmed. However, in fact, there may not be a clear and clear treatment plan for some rare tumors and some patients with advanced tumors. , There will be cases in which doctors use literature and experience to over-specify drugs. This situation is also very common in tumor treatment. Medicine is originally an exploratory subject. If you only use the guidelines and do not try, tumor diagnosis and treatment may also stagnate. But exploration does not mean that doctors can “fish in troubled waters” and use this method to “make money and profit.” The author still supports an exploratory treatment plan for tumors that doctors have a certain theoretical basis and patients are fully informed. 3) Is it necessary to do expensive examinations and immunotherapy? Another question raised by Dr. Yu Zhang is NGS sequencing and NKT immunotherapy. Both of these are expensive. However, NGS sequencing chooses to do blood instead of tissue, resulting in a certain degree of inaccuracy in the results. NGS does have a certain positive outlook in the oncology industry. As an oncologist, it is more common for patients to recommend NGS sequencing to help formulate treatment plans. Speaking of NKT immunotherapy, we have to mention the Wei Zexi incident. The mechanism of immunotherapy is more complicated. Especially for patients with gastric cancer, choosing this expensive treatment plan does need to be considered. It is not the latest and most suitable for the patient. When considering the treatment plan, the doctor should consider the patient’s family situation and economic situation together. At the same time, popular science is needed. The most expensive examination is the best. For example, PET-CT examination, 10,000 yuan once, can be used for tumor diagnosis, treatment guidance, curative effect evaluation and recurrence monitoring. It sounds really tall, but it is not recommended for ordinary people to use PET-CT as a “cancer check artifact” as a daily cancer screening item for examination. Although PET-CT seems to be able to scan tumors throughout the body, there are still many “fish that slip through the net”. Because some tumor cells do not have a strong sugar metabolism, they cannot be screened by PET-CT, such as hepatocellular carcinoma and transparent kidney. Cell carcinoma, signet ring cell carcinoma of the digestive tract and some low-grade tumors. Normally, our brain has strong glucose metabolism, so PET-CT has limitations for neurological diseases, and it is difficult to detect small lesions smaller than 0.5 cm due to the impact of image resolution. The author once saw a child who was only 14 years old, a boy who went to the doctor because of unexplained vomiting. Repeated examinations could not find the cause. PET-CT was also examined, but no lesions were found. Finally, the doctor in charge gave him a cranial MRI. Resonance (MRI) examination, found the lesion, it turned out to be a brain tumor! It can be seen that an NMR of one thousand yuan is sometimes better than a PET-CT of ten thousand yuan! Zhankuhailuo concluded that medicine is inherently a complicated subject, and any decision cannot be guaranteed to be 100% accurate. If doctors are allowed to decide for themselves, corruption may indeed breed, but if doctors are not allowed to use programs outside the guidelines, it may cut off the hope of many patients with advanced cancer. Therefore, doctors must be able to ask themselves whether the medical decisions I make are from the perspective of the patient to ensure the maximum benefit of the patient!

5 months ago

From the moment Doctor Zhang Yu broke the news, I didn’t think this whole thing would have any results. It’s not because of “understanding everything” or the like, but I think this kind of problem is simply normal, and the solution cannot be mainly based on supervision. The medical industry itself is an industry with extremely high barriers to entry. It is highly professional, but at the same time it is closely related to everyone, so it can be said to be just needed. Any industry of this kind will have the following two characteristics: 1. High service costs and high profits for practitioners; 2. Low industry transparency and low public trust. The first point is the status quo of the industry that Dr. Zhang sees-because no one understands it, no one can control it, so some people will behave in violation of medical ethics for profit. The second point is fundamentally derived from the first point—because the gaining of benefits is a deduction for gaining trust. That is: if A helps B do something, and A can get benefits from it, then B tends to think that A is deceiving him for profit, thereby reducing the trust in A. “Doctors are all cheating money”, “The doctor is just to prescribe you more tests, and to prescribe you more medicines” and similar things, do we still hear less? In Zhihu, how many patients were “stupidly” not following the doctor’s advice and seeking a home remedy without authorization and ultimately tragic cases? Even under this question, there are still a group of high praises complaining about “a patient in three minutes”, “I don’t raise my head, and I am very impatient”… Therefore, Dr. Zhang broke out that these things are kind, but I am afraid that they will only make the patients. The feeling of being new to doctors is further reduced, and more patients are looking for folk remedies. The final result is contrary to Dr. Zhang’s original intention. Dr. Zhang hopes to resort to supervision to solve these problems. I do not deny that supervision is necessary, but we have to consider one thing: an industry with high professional thresholds requires a high level of professionalism for its supervision. So if you want to supervise the cancer treatment process, the rules must be formulated by cancer treatment experts. But these experts themselves are doctors in various hospitals. Doesn’t this mean self-monitoring? What’s the point? If a special supervision department is established, it will mean wasting some of the top doctors’ resources in non-medical positions. However, if only knowledgeable but not skilled supervisors are used to supervise, they will fall into the dilemma of layman’s guidance to experts, and the rules formulated are completely inconsistent with the actual situation. Rigid rules will also cause clinicians to be unable to analyze specific problems in detail, and to deal with emergencies in a timely manner. Who will bear the consequences? Isn’t it that consumers use their lives to bear it? Therefore, I do not think that this problem should be solved mainly by strengthening supervision. The solution that I think should be mainly relied on has actually been called for a long time in the industry: improve the basic treatment of doctors; let the value-added benefits of doctors be linked to the treatment effect, rather than linked to the number of inspections and prescriptions; in addition, transparency The benefits of doctors are transformed, so that consumers know that their money is not spent on doctors, but on themselves…Of course, this will also lead to some problems: such as how to evaluate the effect of treatment and who will evaluate it. But if we strengthen supervision, we will encounter similar or even more problems.

5 months ago

Tumor treatment is really troublesome for family members. Many family members say to the doctor, “I beg you, we must save him at all costs”, but in fact, we should think about it. In the face of malignant diseases, there are only a few things that are possible: if it is cured well, it is cured with money, there are minor sequelae or basically no impact, such as thyroid cancer, breast cancer, but the major sequelae are left, such as rectal cancer. If you can’t cure the anus, spend money to live for a few more years, and the patient has a minimum of dignity to live. For example, if leukemia is not cured by long-term medication, it means to live for a few more years. The patient lives without dignity, such as various After the cancer develops to the middle stage, the complications caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy are even worse than the cancer, and the money is spent in vain. For example, if any kind of cancer reaches the advanced stage, if there are only 1 and 5 in reality, then the problem will be easier to solve. Loans that can be cured can also save people. If you can’t cure them, don’t waste money. Save more for the living. But the actual situation is far more complicated than the ones listed above. If the family member inputs to the doctor incorrectly, once they are faced with 3, 4, or 5, then they must be deprived of money in the end. At this time, it is necessary to give the doctor the correct input according to the actual situation. Because if the input is “Save anyway”, then the doctor will use all the effective and inferior methods, because he doesn’t know if it can be cured, so he can only try it. It can be cured. As for this step. Although it is cruel to say “rationality” to family members, when to choose to let go…really is not a question that can be avoided…

5 months ago

The Huawei incident and the H&m incident have made people deeply aware of the importance of unity. However, with the rapid economic development, none of the fundamental problems have been solved. Food safety, anti-counterfeiting, medical shady, and punishment for human traffickers. . I really hope that I can proudly say to foreigners that our motherland is not merciful to counterfeit goods, and that the enforcement of food safety laws is not inferior to that of Europe, and I can proudly say that the milk that Chinese people drink does not have melamine. There is no illegal ripening agent for bean sprouts. Although the medical treatment is not well developed in Europe and America, the doctors are of high moral character. If there is a problem, there is a third-party supervision. Any problem can be handled properly. Ugh

5 months ago

When I go to the hospital for treatment after this is possible, is the voice recorder a necessary item? Cancer treatment is basically this route. Surgery + chemotherapy (or chemotherapy and then surgery). If it doesn’t work, it’s radiotherapy. If it doesn’t work, it’s targeted drugs. But in the end, most of the people and money are empty. I have a deep understanding. I have also personally experienced the treatment of my loved ones, which is really painful. I read the news. Among them, He Jie, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of the National Cancer Center, said the following: based on the current relatively limited medical evidence, the diagnosis and treatment consensus, guidelines, and even It is a standard, and it is not able to keep up with the development of medicine. Therefore, patients should be given some super-indications or super-guided treatments based on relatively sufficient clinical evidence. It is also to explore the effect of diagnosis and treatment. In fact, many drugs are beyond the indications. effective. This is innovation, not over-treatment, but implemented under strict supervision. Indeed, it’s very good, there’s no problem, but I’m afraid that some doctors will treat their patients as “little mice”. They can increase or decrease the dosage of drugs according to their own ideas, and they can also carry out so-called innovations to change their own problems. The mature idea is applied to the patient successfully, and the credit is the doctor; if it fails, the patient suffers the pain alone, and eventually dies, and both people and money are empty; the investigation must be strict, and the statement must be understood, please do not Think of us as the so-called “stupid people” and that is, a case will always be a case. Before the official statement comes out, we still have to wait and see the changes.

5 months ago

Does the National Health Commission respond to China Business Daily/China Business Network (Reporter Li Meng) On April 27, the National Health Commission held a press conference to introduce tumor diagnosis and treatment, regional medical center construction, and Internet medical care? And the situation regarding the prevention and treatment of rare diseases. Jiao Yahui, director of the Medical Administration and Hospital Administration of the National Health Commission, said at the meeting that the five-year survival rate of malignant tumors in my country has increased from 30.9% ten years ago to the current 40.5%, an increase of nearly 10 percentage points. Previously, the medical oncologist of the Third Hospital of Beijing Medical University issued a document reflecting the chaos in current tumor treatment, which aroused many people’s attention to tumor diagnosis and treatment. The press conference also responded to this issue. The above-mentioned doctors from the Third Hospital of Beijing Medical University once stated that some cancer patients died due to irregular or even incorrect diagnosis and treatment. In the course of treatment of cancer patients, will there be cases where the treatment and medication are not in accordance with the treatment guidelines? If you do not follow the corresponding guidelines, does it mean that the operation is not compliant and is a treatment for shady? A doctor from a third-class hospital in Beijing once told a reporter from China Business Daily that this is not the case. In order to ensure the scientific nature of diagnosis and treatment, some hospitals implement single-disease quality control and standardized management of the diagnosis and treatment process. However, due to the different medical histories and individual differences of patients, the use of drugs beyond the guidelines in the treatment process does not necessarily mean drug abuse or indiscriminate use. “At present, individual differences in cancer patients are very obvious, and the treatment process is also very complicated. The consensus, guidelines, and even standards for diagnosis and treatment based on the current relatively limited medical evidence are not able to keep up with the development of medicine.” Chinese Academy of Sciences He Jie, an academician and director of the National Cancer Center, said that the development of medicine is a process of exploring science. Many standards, including international practices, are a few years ago. Therefore, the approved drug indications or medical plans written in the guidelines are now approved. It is likely that they are all lagging behind, and some treatments beyond indications or guidelines should be given to patients based on relatively sufficient clinical evidence. Facts have proved that many drugs are indeed effective beyond the indications. Hejie also emphasized that clinical pharmacological institutions and ethics committees should be strictly supervised. These clinical studies on super-indications and super-treatment guidelines are innovations in clinical treatment, not excessive treatment, and should be implemented under strict supervision. In response to a recent publication by a doctor from the Third Hospital of Beijing Medical University that there is chaos in tumor treatment, Jiao Yahui said that in response to the Qinghai patient case mentioned by the doctor, the National Cancer Center organized domestic authoritative experts in related fields to conduct expert and peer treatment of the case. Of comments. After review, experts believe that in the entire treatment process of the patient, the principles of treatment are basically in line with the norms. Whether there is improper exchange of benefits in genetic testing and NK treatment, the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission is currently investigating, and the results of the investigation have not yet been released. Jiao Yahui also stated that the National Health Commission will never protect shortcomings or evade if any violations of laws and regulations, such as the exchange of benefits and the transfer of benefits, are discovered during the investigation, and will be dealt with seriously in accordance with the law.

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