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Who said that Netease Cloud can only suppress the cloud? The following comments will make you laugh so much that your stomach hurts. 1. Jiang Jieshi likes sycamore trees because of Song Meiling’s line. Because you don’t like thieves, I gave up all the batteries in Guangxi-Netease Cloud Hot comments on “Slowly Like You” 2. To be honest, I am very satisfied with the bride on the wedding day. That day was her most beautiful day. However, when the emcee asked: “Do you want to marry this woman as your wife”, I hesitated. After a fierce struggle, in the end, I still chose to remain silent. After all, I’m just a wedding drinker. —— Netease cloud reviews “Slowly like you” 3. Since childhood, color blindness, with the help of girlfriend, saw green. ——Netease Cloud Review “A Person Thinks of a Person” 4. The sentence “I like you” is too frivolous, “I love you” is too heavy, “I will buy you a villa”, this sentence is just right —— Netease’s hot review of “Her the Wind” 5. Science: Let’s go to blow the sea breeze at night and Liberal Arts: You fart at night and blow the land breeze-Netease’s hot review of “The Wind” 6. I want to be the sweetest girl. The best-looking bottle puts the ex-boyfriend’s head into the best-looking shape-NetEase Cloud’s hot review of “summertime” 7. Girls must not run at night because it is too dangerous. If you encounter a barbecue stall, it will be over. ——Netease Cloud Review “summertime” 8. The murderer is Wu Bai, he closed everyone’s eyes. ——Netease Cloud Review “Someday or One day” 9. This song is too suitable for wedding background music. I use this song every time I get married. ——Netease Cloud Review “Millennium” 10. I am a chef. When I listen to this song while cooking, I feel that the entire restaurant belongs to me, and the proprietress also belongs to me. ——Netease Cloud’s hot review of “End of the World” 11. A girl asked me what 520 means, and I laughed: 5 is 5 implementations, implementation of economic restructuring, implementation of targeted poverty alleviation, implementation of social security, implementation of environmental governance, implementation of anti-corruption initiatives Lian; 2 is two requirements, not only gold mountains and silver mountains, but also green mountains; 0 is zero tolerance for illegal and criminal behavior. ——Netease Cloud’s hot review of “The End of the World” 12. My girlfriend just came back from a business trip and asked me: “Where is the dog?” I suddenly wanted to tease her and said, “I gave it away.” Seeing her crying expression , I laughed, picked up the pot on the stove and said: “Haha! I lied to you! It’s in the pot!”. —— Netease Cloud Review of “The End of the World” 13. Once I went to play in the mountains, I met a fox on the road, and shouted at it on a whim: “Naughty animal! Isn’t it quick to show its original shape?!” The fox was shocked. Suddenly, he suddenly said: “This is the original form!” “Mom there are monsters!!!” I yelled Sa Yazi and ran away, and the fox screamed and ran behind, yelling: “Where is there? Monster! Don’t leave me! You scared me to death…”. —— Netease Cloud’s hot review of “The End of the World” 14. A: Your name is the most beautiful love letter I have ever written. B: The head teacher looks at the roster in his hand at this time and said that he is a little bit carefree.-NetEase Cloud’s hot review of “Love Poems” 15 , I will teach you a trick. If someone sprays you on the Internet, you should reply to the other party. In this way, the other party will be suddenly confused, overwhelmed for a while, and may even influence the other party-Netease Cloud’s hot review of “Small Duan”, thank you for your likes, and praise it too much! I came again with a funny Netease cloud review, ready! 16. Hello, the landlord’s cat, my name is the landlord’s dog. ——Netease Cloud’s hot review of “Everything I Think About Galaxy” 17. I used to see a girl’s notebook full of my name. At first I thought she liked me. The next day, I knew she was disciplined. Members. ——Netease Cloud Review “Why Not” 18. Just now I saw a dirty boy on the road, his eyes kept staring at the milk in the hands of a little girl on the road. After the little girl drank the milk and threw it away, the little boy squatted down to pick up the milk on the ground and put it in his mouth. Seeing this picture, my nose couldn’t help but feel sore. As soon as I was about to lift the boy, I saw him blowing the box bulgingly on the ground and kicking it down, “Bang!” He frightened me!-NetEase Cloud Hot review of “Why not?” 19. I just went to the bathroom in the mall and sat on the toilet. I found that there was still a person’s residual temperature on the toilet ring. I couldn’t help crying. This is the first time I felt in this city. warm. (Obviously a sad reality, why did I laugh out loud.)-Netease Cloud’s hot review of “Why Not?” 20. Today I rejected 2 girls again. Looking at their disappointed backs, I can only say silently Sorry, after all, I really can’t afford your real estate and fitness card. —— Netease Cloud’s hot review of “Why Not?” 21. It’s almost 7 o’clock, and the street-side fried dough stick hasn’t come yet, so I can only call him. The eldest brother said over there: Labor and capital have been selling fried dough sticks for so many years, and they have always been free. Ever since I have known you so much, it has made me feel like I am at work! ——Netease Cloud Review “Mo” 22. I bought a fish and didn’t dare to kill it. I wanted to drown it with water. —— Netease’s hot review of “Mo” 23. I was sentenced to lifelong loneliness and not fight back…—— Netease’s hot review of “Mo” 24. I am thin and rich, and I am also me for the rest of my life. —— NetEase’s hot review of “The Rest of Your Life” 25. Put on your headphones–the world is not worth taking off your headphones–What do you eat today?–NetEase’s hot review of “Really” Wow! Let me update again. 26. He: “Your hair is so fragrant.” Me: “I haven’t washed my hair for four days. Does this smell?” He: “…” “Fragrant” 27. Once I was taking a bath and saw a bug on the wall. I took the nozzle and slapped it. The little guy washed it very well, so I adjusted the temperature to the maximum and burned the little guy to death. I proudly turned the sprinkler on myself. —— NetEase’s hot review of “Missing Miss” 28. Fortunately, I am ugly, and I have never experienced your love and hatred.—— Netease’s hot review of “Drop of wine is not so good that no wine is not happy” 29. When college entrance examination: Qiankun Undecided, you and I are both senior high school students after the college entrance examination: What color should I dye?-Netease Cloud’s hot review of “I Want to Find You” 30. Six suggestions for girls: 1. Find a man who can make you laugh 2. Find a man with a stable job 3. Find a man who likes to do housework 4. Find an honest man 5. Find a romantic man 6. Don’t let the five of them meet-Netease Cloud Review “Sleeping in the Wind” 31. First of all, please read the following words carefully in turn: So, yes, we, discover, understand, taxi, one second, individual, energy, concession, hello, waves, cost, drop, peninsula, separately, clock tower , Time, interval, taxi, compact, farewell, trick. Next, please read the first word of each word. ——Netease Cloud Review “Sleeping in the Wind” 32. Friends: What song are you listening to, listen well~ Me: Don’t ask it’s terrible. Friend: If you don’t want to say it, let’s just scare others. Netease Cloud’s hot comment on “Don’t Ask It’s Scary” (I understand it) 33, “What is the experience of confessing success”, “He is finally blind, he is finally blind He is finally blind”-Netease Cloud Review “Slowly Wait” 34. “Why do I feel suffocating when listening to music.” “Please don’t put headphones in your nostrils.”-NetEase Cloud Review “Slowly Wait” 35. “It’s raining, lend you an umbrella.” “What about you?” “It doesn’t matter, I shake my hand and go back.”-Netease Cloud Review “Wait Slowly” 36. Just now, someone asked me I went out for Valentine’s Day during the Valentine’s Day and I was decisively blacked out. It’s okay to lie to my feelings… but it’s okay to kill me, absolutely not. (Because of the epidemic)-Netease Cloud’s hot review of “Or a Song” ! Come here! I’m here to update again! 37. My mother came in with a plate of fruits and said to me: “Don’t study all the time, pay attention to rest.” I looked at my mobile phone in the book, and was silent for a long time…——Netease Cloud Review “Summer” Wind” 38. An uncle went to the vegetable market to buy vegetables, picked 3 tomatoes to the weighing pan, and the stall owner weighed it down: “A catty and a half 3 yuan 7.” Uncle: “You don’t need to make so much soup.” Removed The biggest tomato. The stall owner: “One catty two taels, 3 yuan.” Just as people around him wanted to remind the uncle to pay attention to the scale, the uncle calmly took out the seven cents, picked up the big tomato that was just removed, and walked away chicly. ——Netease Cloud’s hot review of “Summer Wind” 39. The person I just liked has confessed. Let’s congratulate you just now. —— Netease Cloud Review “Summer Wind” 40, A: I suddenly remembered that I had been in love eight years ago. Now she is married as another woman. But he was all cumin. B: All cumin, you need to brush some oil. C: The process is wrong, first brush the oil, then sprinkle cumin, he needs chili noodles now. ——Netease Cloud Review “Walking in the Cold Wind” 41. If you turn into ashes, I also recognize you. —— Netease Cloud Review “If You Become the Wind” 42, Wang Sulong has been in love, Xu Liang has been breaking up, Xu Song directly sees through the world. —— NetEase’s hot review of “If You Are Windy” 43. Break up and break up. Why do you go to the Ant Manor and beat my chicken-NetEase’s hot review of “Stars and Sea” 44. You are my little orangutan-NetEase’s hot review “Little Stars” 45. In the first years of our love story, what is the most touching note you have received? AACBA CCBCD ACBCD BBDCACBABC ACBDC AACBA CCBCD ACBCD BBDCA AACBA CCBCD. 46. ​​Yesterday I was eating pie upstairs, and the pair of CPs downstairs was arguing. The woman said: “Impossible, unless the pie falls in the sky…” I hurriedly threw the pie in my hand… In the second day, I was a mixed double. Netease Cloud commented on “Little Star” 47. I ordered this song on KTV and sang and cried 8 princesses. Seven of them were beaten and cryed by me, and the other one was scared to cry. ——Netease Cloud’s hot comment on “Sunny on July 7th” 48. It was sunny on July 7th. I suddenly got up to university and did not dare to open my eyes. I hope that my illusion is smoking on the balcony and taking the math test in the afternoon (high Count) I haven’t turned over my book yet. . . . . . (It is recommended to listen to songs and eat, and feel more)-Netease Cloud Review “Sunny on July 7th” 49. Teacher: “Nobita, the teacher will give you 90 yuan, and you can borrow 10 yuan from Fat Tiger, so that you have a total of How much money is there?” Nobita: “0 yuan.” Teacher: “You don’t understand mathematics at all!” Nobita: “You don’t understand Fat Tiger at all”-NetEase Cloud Hot Comment on “July 7th Sunny” 50, July 7 Sunny, sunny on July 8th, sunny on July 9th…Sunny on July 24th, sunny on July 25th, damn it, I’m overwhelmed by the heat-NetEase’s hot comment on July 7 “Sunshine” 51. Let’s talk about the experience of iPhone 11: It’s lighter and thinner than XS in appearance, much better than expected, and the screen is obviously much larger. The most intuitive improvement is the running speed. The A13 processor is fast, and it is very smooth when opening various apps and multitasking. I haven’t had time to look at other functions, because the person playing on the phone in front of me has gotten off the car. ——Netease Cloud’s hot comment on “Sunny on July 7” 52. I met a female junior high school classmate in the restaurant, but she did not remember me, so I reminded her: “You still remember when you were in junior high school, because you were kissed in the small forest. The boy who was punished?” She blushed and said excitedly: “Are you the one at the time…” I smiled ashamed: “Yes, I was the person who informed us at the time!”-Netease Cloud Hot Comment “The Most Romantic Thing” 53, My mother: Do you want to go to Tsinghua University or Peking University? Me: It’s OK-Netease Cloud’s hot review of “JieKe” 54. Xu Song: “What’s wrong.” Tian Fuzhen: “It’s all OK. “Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha-NetEase Cloud Review “Jieke” 55. Listen to the sweetest song in headphones and walk with the most indifferent face-NetEase Cloud Review “Be With Me” 56, “You Do you know why the sea is blue” “Why” “Because there are fish in the sea” “Fish can spit bubbles” “Blubru” “blue blue”-Netease Cloud Review “Be with Me” 57. Her It was a school flower. One day she suddenly came over and fed me a piece of Oreo. I ate it. She was surprised and said to me that there was toothpaste in the middle of Oreo. I said affectionately, because you gave it. The sun shone on her face that day, her face was very red, I hit it. —— Netease’s hot review of “Being with Me” 58, “You said that the dog is lost, would you see a police dog as a policeman?” —— Netease’s hot review of “Following Me” 59. Self-in-class in a day According to the introduction, a boy came to the stage and said loudly: “My name is You Yong! I love to play chess!” Then a girl blushed and shyly said: “Hello everyone, my name is Xia Qi, I love swimming!” There was a warm applause in the class! At this moment, I saw another girl shouting: “My name is Xiaosan, and I love swimming too!” Suddenly the applause in the class became even more enthusiastic! ——Netease Cloud’s hot comment on “Embrace” 60. I found that I can trick a girl into going to bed. As soon as I send a message to her, she will say that she is going to bed. Oh, I’m really a scumbag. —— Netease Cloud’s hot review of “Hug” 61. Let’s learn donkey call together, and we will meet together-ah-ou ah-ou-ah-Netease Cloud’s hot review “Learn to Meow” 62. Cats are a kind of mind Very simple animal, you get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet and get kicked by it, it will think that you just get up in the middle of the night just to kick its head. ——Netease Cloud’s hot review of “Learning Meowing” 63. One day, the teacher began to hand out test papers. A girl took one more test paper, and she shouted: “Teacher I have it, I have it!” A boy didn’t have a test paper, he shouted: It’s mine, it’s mine. The classroom is quiet for a moment. ——Netease Cloud Review “Learning to Meow”


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9 months ago

This is probably Wangyuyun! I went to the hospital for an interview and found that there was a piece of paper on the floor, so I picked it up and put it in the trash can. This behavior was seen by the interviewer and I was admitted. Now I am a cleaner in the hospital. —— Netease Cloud’s hot comment on “Four Seasons for You (DJ)” good brother has passed away eight months, very sad. So in front of the brother’s tombstone, he said, “Brother, I miss you! My daughter-in-law has been pregnant for eight months, or you should come back.” A month later, the daughter-in-law gave birth to a child. He grows up day by day, and the more he looks, the more he feels like a brother. He is very happy and feels that he has succeeded in making a wish…—— “Not Showing Off”

9 months ago

At night, I was alone at home “Are there any ghosts? Turn off the light for me, I’ll ask you to eat ice cream.” The light flicked off and I was afraid to make a sound. At this time, a small voice in the corner spread. Come, “Can I have strawberry flavor?” “Hey? There is no strawberry flavor anymore?” (。•́︿•̀。) Ghostly turned the light on again, “Then turn it off by yourself!”-“I really want to love “This World (live)” 5 Patient: Doctor, how long can I live? Doctor: 5 patient: 5 years? Five months? Doctor: 4 Patient:? ! Doctor: 3 Patient: What’s the situation? Doctor: 2 Patient: Am I going to be cold? Doctor: Oh yeah, it’s off work-“Ambiguous”

9 months ago

I was shopping with my school girl today. She fancyed a dress but didn’t have any money. I lent her the money. The school girl asked me if I have a girlfriend? , I said no, the school girl stood on tiptoe, lifted the skirt and turned around, and asked me, does it look good? Me, good-looking, the school girl said, my boyfriend bought it, and I slapped it over. It was obviously the money I gave, don’t you want to pay it back? ——”Traveling Light”. When the epidemic is over, we will either raise a group of fat people, or starve a group of thin people, or hold a group of madmen, or create a group of children. After many years, the child asks: Dad, why are all the classmates in our class? Is it a birthday in the same month of the same year? Dad looked into the distance and said deeply: It must start with a bat… [mask][mask]——”Traveling Light”

9 months ago

A Chinese old man searched for her passport at the customs. The Korean female customs asked bitterly: “Have you been to Seoul?” The old man said, “I have been there once.” I didn’t check my passport last time. The female customs had an unbelievable expression: “Impossible!” Chinese people must check their passports when they come to South Korea! When was the last time you came? “The old man said calmly: “January 51, I drove a tank. “—“Resist US Aid Korea”-“Faded”. One day, the teacher began to hand out test papers, and a girl took one more. She shouted: Teacher I have it, I have it! A boy has no test paper, he shouted: It’s mine, it’s mine. The classroom is quiet for an instant-“Faded”

9 months ago

My brother is in the second grade of elementary school, and I accidentally saw my brother’s composition. I appeared 8 times in his composition, 2 times I was fighting monsters, I died 3 times, I was resurrected once when I died, I was eaten by monsters once, and was taken away by aliens 2 times…in an instant I felt myself It came from this world. Finally I saw the teacher’s comment: take me some time to get to know your great brother-“Faded”. Brothers, I successfully grabbed an iPhone11pro max today. How did I grab it? After I get out of the police station, I will give a detailed account. Everyone. ——”#Lov3 #Ngẫu Hứng”

9 months ago

. There are still so many people in the world! ! I went out to take the bus today and the bus came. I dig out my pocket and had no change. Just when I was unable to do anything, a beggar stood in front of me and stretched out the money cylinder in his hand towards me. He shook the change inside. I shook my head. I insisted on reaching out and shook the cylinder again! My eyes moistened for a moment, and I nodded at him, took a dollar from it and boarded the slowly starting bus. Standing in the car, I looked at him outside the car. ——”#Lov3 #Ngẫu Hứng”. I listened to it on the subway, and the girl next to me asked if I was Faded. I asked her how she knew. She said she knew it from the rhythm of my stepping on her feet. ——”Faded”

9 months ago

Tengger’s version of “Invisible Wings” Angela Chang sang the stubbornness of the helpless girl and the beautiful hope for the future. Tengger sang the big eagle on the grassland that was fed and had nothing to do with flying around. The original version is a pair of wings that fly slowly like angels. This one, I feel that the wings are not in good condition. It goes up and down, jumping and running while taking off, so I close my eyes and savor it carefully. To shit to listen to this song, the stool just came out and indented, came out, and went in again… Don’t think that holding a gun in your hand is bravery. The real bravery is that you know what justice is, and Insist on not doing unrighteous things. by Su Gengsheng Hearing the invisible wings sang by Tengger and the heaven sang by Angela Chang. This is really you breaking my wings and I ruining your heaven.

9 months ago

I want to cry every time I listen to this song. My family was poor when I was young, and I always wanted to go to the zoo. My parents just didn’t agree that my father finally agreed to take me with me after repeated requests. Unexpectedly, it rained that day. I was sitting on the front beam of the bicycle and singing with my father. He said that the pain in the wind and rain was nothing. After more than an hour of cycling, I finally took me to the zoo in the county seat. I saw many animals, including chickens, ducks, fish, pigs, cattle and sheep. I only knew it was a vegetable market when I grew up. ——Zheng Zhihua’s “Sailor”. The love of many couples is very difficult. When they meet each other, they turn back and forth, and when they fall in love, they are repeatedly obstructed. When they are in love, they have to work together and live. After the success, the feelings tend to be flat again. In contrast, you are much luckier than them, and you don’t have a couple. ——Song Dongye, “Guan Yibei”

9 months ago

“Slowly like you” Chiang Kai-shek, because of Song Meiling’s love, planted phoenix trees in Nanjing. Because you don’t like thieves, I gave up all the batteries in Guangxi. To be honest, I was very satisfied with the bride on the wedding day. That day was her most beautiful day. However, when the emcee asked: “Do you want to marry this woman as your wife”, I hesitated. After a fierce struggle, in the end, I chose to remain silent. After all, I’m just a wedding drinker. A man once told me that if I don’t marry him, he will become a monk. N years have passed, and I searched all the monasteries and found no trace of him. Could it be that he has become the abbot?

9 months ago

A girl in “End of the World” asked me what 520 means, and I laughed: 5 means 5 implementations, implement economic restructuring, implement targeted poverty alleviation, implement social security, implement environmental governance, implement anti-corruption and promote honesty; 2 are 2 requirements, It is not only a golden mountain and a silver mountain, but also a green mountain; 0 is zero tolerance for illegal and criminal acts. ——My girlfriend just came back from a business trip and asked me: “Where is the dog?” I suddenly wanted to tease her and said, “I’m giving it away.” Seeing her crying expression, I laughed and raised the stove. The pot said: “Haha! I lied to you! It’s in the pot!”

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