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Looking at problems outside of the environment is a hooliganism. To be able to pass the exam to Tsinghua and Peking University, the teacher first asked him to teach students who had impacted Tsinghua and Peking University. He had that need. It is estimated that only one of the 100 high schools in China will be able to take the Qingbei candidates (I may not be sure, probably the meaning is in place). Most of the remaining teachers can’t even understand the class. I know that there are already more than one student following. I have to use Xiao Yuan to search for questions by my own teacher, including many of my colleagues. They are not very capable and can only bring poor students to live with them. There is even a junior high school math teacher among my colleagues who is often recommended by the company. Those who came up to teach two high school art examination classes, one can imagine how different the level of high school math teachers is. This kind of teacher asks him to take the college entrance examination to Qingbei… emm is indeed impossible. However, for teachers of key classes in first-line schools, doing questions is really a basic skill. Why can I tell the students if I don’t understand? In fact, this is not only a difference in experience, but also includes adults’ crush on the ideological level of minors. After graduating from university, I spent half a year, even teaching and practicing, and the level of my self in high school dropped a lot. I am a contestant in high school. I am in the top five in mathematics competitions in the province. I am crazy about math questions in the college entrance examination every day. It takes one and a half hours to one hour and 45 minutes to make a set of math papers, and many methods seem to be troublesome now. . Doing a set of math papers now takes 40 minutes, basically the most standard way to locate it at a glance. I asked my students that the teachers in the best public schools are now very good at doing questions, and being able to do questions is only the teacher’s first requirement. The requirement of an excellent teacher is probably that first of all, they must be able to do the questions, secondly they must use the most standard, the most suitable way for students to do the questions, secondly, they must explain the topics clearly, and secondly, they must summarize and categorize the topics, and the same test sites. The questions are collected together, and then a specific knowledge system is formed. For example, when I talk about trigonometric functions today, those knowledge points will be tested on trigonometric functions. I must quickly filter and select a set of the most representative questions for students. Cover all test sites, and then design different question sets according to the requirements of students in different grades, and understand the difference between students’ thinking and their own thinking in the process of contact with students. Like me, students from Qingbei, from the 30s to 40s, have to teach the basics. Those who need to teach are convinced and trust me completely. There are no two brushes. In this process, the level of different teachers has been opened up: some teachers are very good at doing questions, but the methods used are too difficult for students to think of, and the effect of speaking is not good; some teachers have no system, and they think about it. Some test sites often fail to teach. If students do not cover the contents of the exam, they will naturally be dissatisfied with the teacher; some teachers have a very clear system, from point to surface, they can pass one or two questions to get the whole piece of knowledge Point to make it clear. Teachers of commercial organizations also require marketing skills, typesetting when designing handouts and PPT, design elements, not as rough as school teachers, and good home-school communication, urging parents to pay, and managing things other than learning… Questioning is really the most basic of these things.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Can’t. Taking Hebei as an example, it is known that there are more than 600 high schools in Hebei Province. Each high school can send at least one group of teacher candidates (groups) composed of teachers of various subjects, and the province can send at least 600 teacher candidates (groups) in total. . It is known that in a college entrance examination, the total number of students enrolled by Tsinghua University and Peking University in Hebei Province is 100. Therefore, at least 500 of these 600 teacher candidates (groups) must not pass the exam. The certificate is complete. Did you say my answer was not what I asked? You go to change the problem to a reasonable one first? Or let me give you an exhaustive list? Will all the teachers pass the exam together? ——See my answer. All the teachers take the exam together, will there be someone who will pass the exam? ——Who can guarantee that one or two hundred student geniuses in the land of Yanzhao are not uncommon. All the teachers take the exam together. Is it possible that some of them will pass the exam? —Of course it is possible, otherwise, what else will TM teach? There is only one group of teachers, can I be admitted? —See 2. There is only one group of teachers, is it possible to pass it? ——See 3. Also say it is based on the score line? What is the score line? The score line is not even statistically significant when the sample size of Tsinghua University and Peking University is negligible. I took a 700-point test at Tsinghua University and chose a major at random. It was only last year that I was able to get a score of 700 points. This is the score line. What’s more, discriminating logic in the comments? Under such a non-logic question, the logic of the tap? Do you know what logic is? ? ? The logic is that whether you can be admitted to Tsinghua University and Peking University depends not on how strong you are, but on how many people are better than you. If you don’t understand such a simple truth, then you deserve to be fooled by experts who say “Everyone can go to Tsinghua University.”

7 months ago

My mother is a high school math teacher… I once asked her this question once. She said that their math group had indeed taken this kind of test, that is, all the teachers who taught math took a simulated college entrance examination math paper. As a result, there was only one male teacher with very deep qualifications and got a perfect score (150). (This male teacher, my mother has always respected him, probably because of this exam) The other teachers are all 120+. Now, my mother has retired. When she was young, the level of teachers in this industry was uneven. Many students who really studied well did not become teachers after graduation. I don’t know how it is now. According to my mother, smart students are actually better than teachers.

7 months ago

The gatekeepers of key high schools in the city can take the exam together. Believe in the competence of professionals. The test paper with a full score of 750, the province with the most volume, 710 can also be admitted to Qingbei. The most unreliable thing is Chinese. The teacher judges the papers very differently, but the outline is there, and 130 can be tested. Mathematics teacher can basically pass 145+ English teacher can pass 145+ Physics teacher+ Chemistry teacher+ Biology teacher can pass 290+ This is the worst case. In fact, for a 20-year-old and young teacher, except for subjective questions and essays that may be deducted due to different understandings, the rest of mathematics, English and comprehensive science will basically not miss. Learning those knowledge over the years has formed a reflection. Don’t use your amateur eyes to explore other people’s ability to eat. The biggest difficulty for students to pass the test is that there must be no flaws in any subjects, and all subjects must be of the teacher’s level. At the same time, there are some contradictions in the logical thinking of these subjects, and it is difficult to reach the highest level. There are also some chances. Many people may have misunderstandings about teachers. In the profession of a teacher, preaching is subject to karma.

7 months ago

It should not work. My dad is a high school physics teacher. There was a year of college entrance examination physics, the last big question, he couldn’t do it, not only he couldn’t do it, but the physics teachers in his office couldn’t do it. My dad’s classic quote: “The last big question of physics in the college entrance examination is for the students of Tsinghua and Peking University.” The level of students who can impact Tsinghua and Peking University is even better than that of teachers. Let the teachers of all subjects take the college entrance examination together. As long as these teachers are not bastards, there will be no problems in getting a book. Or some teachers are of high level, and the exams of 985 and 211 are also acceptable. But it is still difficult to hit Tsinghua University and Peking University. Of course, it is not ruled out that some teachers are very good, and they can do the questions quickly and accurately. But not all teachers can reach this level. However, even if the last big question can’t be done, it doesn’t prevent the teacher from teaching. It is also a classic quote of my dad-the biggest gap between the teacher and the student is that the teacher can understand the answer, and many students also read the answer. Don’t understand.

7 months ago

I am a teacher. Once I proctored my own subject exams. The questions were given by myself. When the proctoring was boring, I picked up a blank paper and wrote down the standard answers so that I could correct the papers in the future. When I changed the paper, one of the multiple-choice questions in the first six or seven papers was wrong, and the wrong answers were exactly the same, which caught my attention. I checked carefully and found that I did not review the questions carefully when I wrote the “standard answer” when I was invigilating the exam, and the “standard answer” was wrong. In fact, the students in the first six or seven papers got the correct answers. This is my own paper, but I can make mistakes when I do it myself. I hacked my funny history for a bit. What I want to express is that if the answering state is different (for example, when it is inattentive), the results will be different in the grade close to the full mark. But if teachers above the normal level go all out to do the questions, and get extremely high scores (I dare not say a certain full score, after all, the horse has stumbled) there is no suspense.

7 months ago

Doesn’t it depend on the level of that high school? Compared with the key high schools in the first-tier cities in a small county town, the faculty is definitely different. I studied in a provincial key high school, and a teacher mentioned before that he invigilated the monthly exams and had nothing to do, so he took the exam papers for his subjects and did it himself. What he learned by himself was that he didn’t encounter problems that he couldn’t do, but he did it a little bit slower. When the time comes to hand in the paper, there is still one question left. Of course, there are situations where the teacher himself does not do the questions at full speed. After all, the teacher’s purpose in doing the questions is to find out which questions students are prone to make mistakes. Finally, after finishing the correct answer, I found that one of the questions I had done was wrong, and the examination of the questions was not careful… That is to say, the last question of this paper was not done, and one of the questions was wrong. It was a high score in the examination room. If you do the questions at full speed, you can get higher scores if you are more careful. Therefore, if teachers of all subjects are of this level, the hope is actually very high.

7 months ago

The head teacher of a rocket class in a provincial key high school once said to his students: “I can teach you here that you are not as good as you. It is necessary and necessary for you to surpass me. You are among your contemporaries. Outstanding people, your future is Qingbei, and the farther future is professors and scientists, the elites of the times. Teachers were the most ordinary members of the same generation. That’s why they came here to be your teachers!” Tsinghua University and Peking University cannot be achieved by the accumulation of quantity. It must be that the overall quality is far ahead of the talents of the same generation.

7 months ago

I can do mathematics and physics, and the full score is also possible. Physics Cantonese papers are the most difficult to test Lorentz force motion cycle problems, collision problems, the second level conclusion that the radius of the track is equal to the magnetic field radius, and the more difficult minimum area problem has not been given. , Is essentially a test of plane geometry skills. It is even simpler if you take the electromagnetic induction double track. The most difficult mechanics is the slider model. When the friction factor between the skateboard and the ground is smaller than that of the slider and the skateboard, the teacher often rolls over. When there is no friction between the skateboard and the ground, momentum can even be used (collision-like model). There will be teachers who will think about this direction. Neither the eight-province joint test nor the Guangzhou Momentum content involves the core of momentum. Most of the key points of the syllabus have not been investigated. I think the college entrance examination will be normal. In the end, there are multiple-choice questions about the relationship between force balance and function in the old traditional puzzles. If you get it all done, you can almost only lose points in the experimental question of thermodynamics, which is a partial liquid pressure test last year. It is estimated that many teachers can’t figure out how to deal with the routine points of mathematics. There is no such thing as the finale. The combination of number and shape is classified. Discussing the undetermined coefficients plus the knowledge of advanced mathematics calculus is enough to hang the new national paper. I believe that mathematics teachers who have studied mathematics analysis will definitely reduce the dimensionality and attack English. It is estimated that the score can be high. Level 4 and 6 add postgraduate knowledge Enough to slam the college entrance examination, chemical biology, no confidence, too much forget that it is forced by work. Every year, institutions grab hot spots and ask for exclusive answers to the liver college entrance examination papers. Students dare to answer questions in 15 minutes and can’t solve the performance deductions-the national paper/Guangdong paper actually It is not difficult to note: Physics in 2021 is now the Guangdong autonomous proposition test. The data refers to this year’s eight provinces joint exams in Guangdong, Guangzhou model, Zhaoqing model, the autonomous propositions of some schools in Yuexiu Liwan, 13-20 national papers-finally sent Everyone is a universal solution for Lorentz to find the center and radius of the circle. I personally find it very interesting and very versatile. I practiced the ability to generate a trajectory in 1 minute. 1. If the problem can’t directly find the value of the trajectory radius or the radius is known The algebraic expression of the parameter. Then the question will be given or the first question will be the three of four of the incident position, the exit position, the incident direction, and the exit direction. Therefore, it must be drawn as the perpendicular line of the incident direction, the perpendicular line of the exit direction, and the perpendicular bisector of the two points whose trajectory or incident point is known. The intersection point is the center of the circle, and the radius from the center to the point is 2. If The question can directly calculate the value of the trajectory radius or the algebraic formula with a known length. According to the other known line lengths of the question, use a ruler to measure the reference radius length, and combine one of the three in 1 to draw the accurate center of the circle 3. The incident point is indefinite with a circle translation , The direction of the incident point is variable with a circle rotation, the speed of the incident point is variable with a circle zoom, the track radius is equal to the radius of the circular magnetic field and must be parallel. The magnetic field converges at a point or a point enters the magnetic field in parallel. This article is mostly used for multiple-choice questions 4. Other conventional skills are available in the workbook. If you still don’t use it well, there may be loopholes in the knowledge of plane geometry. It is recommended to use more rulers to assist in the questions. Among them, the underlying principle of the two points 1, 2 is that three points determine a circle. If the center of the circle is known, only two points are needed. The incident point and the exit point of the particle correspond to the points on the circle. The particle movement direction is equivalent to providing a half by making a vertical line. Coordinates of the center of a circle-Facing the physics problem of investigating plane geometry, many reference books always stack models to solve partially without talking about mathematics. When facing physics problems full of coordinates, they don’t talk about analytic geometry, but they are full of functional image problems. Talking about rate of change and calculus, it really provides a premium space for teachers who know mathematics. The test questions are getting more and more complex, and there is so much physics knowledge. No matter the high school entrance examination, I love to entrain mathematics to make questions. The vector that can be forced to maintain the state of mathematics is the vector. The composition and decomposition of forces are the vector sum, and the work is the vector product. Alternating current description, fluctuation, is the trigonometric function Ampere force The electromagnetic induction direction is all kinds of lines and planes perpendicular to the Lorentz force, the essence is analytic geometry or plane geometry function image problem. Come on and see its physical meaning. Resistance is represented by real numbers, capacitance and inductance. Expressed by imaginary numbers

7 months ago

The topic I understand is to let Chinese teachers test Chinese, mathematics teachers test maths, English teachers test English, each elective teacher test their own elective subjects, and finally put the scores together to form the total score of the college entrance examination. Chinese is more metaphysical, and Chinese teachers can generally guarantee 130+, but the higher it is, it depends on the scoring teacher. For essays, where scores fluctuate greatly, even Chinese teachers can only choose more conservative writing routines, get an average score for essays, and don’t blindly rush higher, as long as they don’t become three types of essays. Then there is a fixed point deduction for modern text reading, because sometimes the title of modern text reading does not even the original author (such as the “weird light” of the Zhejiang Volume in 2017). There are no demerit points for the rest. Classical Chinese reading students may deduct points, but language teachers should not deduct points. Mathematics depends on the province. There is nothing to say about the difficulty of the Beijing paper. If you don’t take 150 points, you are embarrassed to say that you are a mathematics teacher. If you lose 1 point, you can drop out of the group; the old national one, two and three papers are more difficult than the Beijing paper, but for math teachers That said, 150 points is also very easy. The difficulty of the new national paper (Shandong Province 2020) can be guaranteed to score 142 points. The remaining 8 points depend on the teacher’s own level. The average teacher can get about 146-148 points. If the teacher is strong, it will not get 150 points. Too difficult; the old Jiangsu roll is very difficult to get full marks, but it is not a big problem to get 185 points. The most difficult years in mathematics in the province are generally around 188-190 points, and the low-difficult years will have 200 points (for example, in 2020, add a group of ridicules). The No. 1 Scholar of Science in Jiangsu Province of Soochow University is the perfect score in mathematics); the Zhejiang paper can guarantee 140 points, but the last 10 points are quite difficult to get. After the old Jiangsu paper has greatly reduced the difficulty of mathematics compared with before, the Zhejiang paper is currently the most difficult mathematics. Volume, the difficulty is quite high. The difference between the new national volume and the Zhejiang volume is mainly in the score of the last question. The final question of the new national volume is 12 points, and the final question of the Zhejiang volume is 15 points. The first question is usually a sub-question, and the difficulty lies in the following questions. So the deduction will not deduct too much. There is nothing to say in English. Even if the English teachers are teachers from Baoding College and Tangshan Normal College, the general English level is TOEFL 110 (IELTS 7.5 sub score 7.0) and above. Doing high school English test papers is a dimensionality reduction. Chopping melons and vegetables, except for a fixed point deduction for composition, all other questions can be easily and completely correct. The paper with a perfect score of 150 can keep 145+ without any problem. Teachers with English majors will study English for four years undergraduate degree. They must learn writing, reading, Chinese-English translation, oral English, audiovisual, and research on English literature from various countries, as well as knowledge of subject teaching. As long as they are undergraduates, they must take the college entrance examination. The degree of English questions is almost non-existent. The selection of subjects is based on the scoring system, which is more metaphysical. On the contrary, I am not afraid of difficult problems. The teacher of difficult problems has experience advantages for students and can easily assign 100 points (if it is one point and one assignment can guarantee 97+); the fear is that the question is too simple, and then accidentally make a mistake, it will be overturned. The Beijing Chemistry roll noodle score of 93 points was finally assigned 79 points, which means that you can’t make any mistakes when you encounter a simple test paper. If you deduct one or two points from the roll noodles, you may lose a lot of points. If the score is 100 points, the score is definitely 100 points. Therefore, high-scoring players will choose the three science subjects with fixed answers, and try to avoid the three liberal arts subjects with more open answers. Teachers in the three science subjects can generally guarantee 100 points, but liberal arts are not necessarily guaranteed. It is possible to drop to 88 points. Select material and chemical biology, Chinese 130, mathematics 150, English 145, all three electives are 100, and the total is 725 points. This score can be used to select any college entrance examination major of Peking University and Tsinghua University. Except for Tsinghua Tea Garden, which may require competition awards, there is no way to enter directly with the college entrance examination results. Other majors can be selected. Zhejiang Province is the first batch of new college entrance examination provinces. The top scorers in the college entrance examination over the years have been around 720 points (723 points in 2017, 718 points in 2018, 720 points in 2019, and 721 points in 2020). Shandong Province has one point and one bonus (Zhejiang Province who can score 100 points in a single subject is probably only about 97 points in Shandong Province, and Shandong Province only gives 100 points to the first person in the volume), so the score of the college entrance examination champion Low, only 711 points.

7 months ago

As far as my high school teacher is concerned, there is a high probability that it will not work. Because the college entrance examination is time-limited. Teachers are more experienced than students and have a deeper understanding of the subject. But after all, being older and slower to respond, there may be a situation of “can do it, but not finish it in the end” in the college entrance examination. If the test time is relatively short and the difficulty of the test paper is normal, it may be that I ended up answering more questions than the teacher, and the score was higher than the teacher. However, as time goes on, I will probably still do the questions that I should not be able to do, but experienced teachers can solve difficult problems and score more than me. Our teacher’s understanding of the subject can still form a dimensionality reduction blow to me. And knowing it really does not mean knowing how to take an exam. The teachers are experienced, but they don’t usually undergo any exam training, while the students have undergone a lot of mock exam training. The problem directly caused by the lack of exam practice is that there will be “meaningless score loss” in the formal exam. (Non-intellectual factors lose points) College entrance examination Chinese composition, give me two hours to write I still have more than 40 points, but the teacher can definitely write close to full marks. I am stuck in the mindset of the math derivative questions of the college entrance examination, and I can’t get it out if I give me another half an hour, but the teacher can solve it if he sees too many questions. Of course, the college entrance examination is not only a test of poor ability to do questions, but also a test of your level of care. For example, our mathematics teacher often calculates the wrong questions in class, and maybe we really make more low-level mistakes in exams than me (doge).

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