According to RIA Novosti, on the 26th local time, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zakharova announced that the United States was included in the list of “unfriendly countries”. The countries on the list are not allowed to hire Russian citizens to work in their diplomatic agencies.

Zakharova said that the final list will be announced after the Russian government’s cabinet research and confirmation. She emphasized that the current result is entirely caused by the unfriendly behavior of the United States, specifically, the US sanctions against Russia and the expulsion of diplomats.

Not long ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree restricting countries that act unfriendly to Russia from hiring Russian citizens in their diplomatic agencies in Russia. (CCTV News Client)

The cause of this incident is obviously the new sanctions imposed by Biden on Russia, and there are two reasons for the new sanctions imposed by Biden on Russia: One is the so-called Russian attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of the United States, especially the 2020 U.S. election. The second is the Crimea issue. The Crimea issue occurred as early as 2014, so it will not be the main reason for the new round of sanctions against Russia. Obviously, the main reason for Biden’s new sanctions on Russia is the first. But the so-called Russia’s attempt to interfere in the U.S. election in 2020 has no reliable evidence at all, otherwise the U.S. would have spoken out all over the world a long time ago. And from the results, Russia certainly hopes that Trump will be re-elected. Then Biden’s coming to power shows that Russia has not successfully intervened. On the contrary, in the 2020 US elections, many people still suspect that Biden came to power through election fraud. Whether Biden came to power through election fraud, at present, it does not matter what the facts are. What is important is what most Americans believe in the facts. If Biden fails to effectively address the domestic social division and the gap between the rich and the poor during his tenure in office, then the comeback of Trumpism four years later will be the biggest nightmare for Biden and the Democratic Party. At that time, I believe that Biden will become more and more popular by cheating. But at present, it seems that it is almost impossible for Biden to solve the problem of social division and the gap between the rich and the poor in the United States in just four years, because this requires major changes to the American political system. For example, the establishment of a social welfare system with sufficient coverage and the reduction of the medical and educational burdens of ordinary people will involve in-depth issues such as the division of federal and state jurisdictions. It is very important to obtain consensus within the Democratic Party alone. Great difficulty. After all, the current Democratic Party’s political spectrum covers both moderate rightists and social democrats. The current unity is only to confront the extreme right and conservative forces represented by Trump and the Republican Party. When Biden sanctioned Russia this time, he also said that he did not want the tension to escalate. This statement seems to be self-contradictory, but contacting the previous series of measures by the Biden administration is logical. At present, it is the consensus of the U.S. ruling and opposition parties to contain China and challenge the United States. Now that politicians in the United States dare not oppose China, the election will definitely suffer. One of the main measures of Biden’s containment policy on China is the so-called US-India-Japan-Australia four-nation strategic forum, which attempts to form an encirclement of China from the Sea of ​​Japan to the Himalayas. But in fact, a big problem is that India is actually not owned by the United States. Traditional ally, on the contrary, India is an ally of Russia. India has long tried to maintain a balance between the United States and Russia in order to obtain its own interests. India is not like Japan or Australia. India has the potential to become a superpower, and it is also a country with such ambitions. Although India and China have territorial disputes, it is nonsense to say that China may launch a large-scale war against India. There is a conflict between China and the United States, but no one can immediately let the other down. For any third party, it is the best choice to sit on the mountain and make a fortune. As a political veteran, Modi certainly understands. Therefore, it is not easy for the United States to persuade India to participate in the encirclement of China. In this regard, what Russia, as a traditional ally of India, will do is of course the United States needs to pay attention to. Although the United States has adopted a containment policy against Russia, its main purpose is to prevent Russia and the European Union from joining forces to create a rift between Russia and the European Union. After all, Russia alone is not enough to challenge the United States’ global position. But if the so-called from Lisbon to Vladivostok Large Europe is controlled by the same political group, which is also a nightmare for the United States. But at present, it is still far away to achieve this point, and China’s challenge is already a reality. According to the consistent style of the United States, it is in line with the United States to win over Russia to a certain extent. The national interest of the United States, but the national interest of the United States may not necessarily be the interest of the US government and the ruling party. The so-called ties to Russia have been used in party disputes in the United States since 2016. Russian hackers have also been used by the Democratic Party as a reason for party disputes when interfering in the United States elections. If you want to turn to Russia, it is difficult to reach a consensus within the Democratic Party. Similarly, facing the challenge of right-wing populism represented by Trump, it is an inevitable choice for the Democratic Party to use Russia as a tool for party struggle, especially Putin himself is the idol of many right-wing populists in Europe and America. This puts Biden in a very contradictory situation. It is necessary to use the so-called Russian intervention as a tool of party struggle, and to draw in Russia to a certain extent because of the national interests and the need to continue to govern. This inevitably puts Biden’s policy toward Russia in a precarious situation, and his policy toward Russia will inevitably appear to be contradictory to a certain extent. The current so-called expulsion of diplomats is more symbolic than substance, and it still retains the possibility of cooperation to a certain extent. I believe Putin also knows what the United States is thinking. Then, it seems that the move of the Russian Foreign Ministry this time is very logical. It is common for countries to be unfriendly to each other, but few countries will explicitly declare that the other party is an “unfriendly country”, because this will make their diplomatic actions lose flexibility to a certain extent, so generally speaking All countries have seen through this situation without telling it. To publicly list the other party as an “unfriendly country” usually means to see through what the other party wants from him, so he just sits down and raises the price first.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

I was really shocked.
The United States and Russia have been fighting secretly for more than half a century since World War II. After the Cold War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the disintegration of the Soviet Union and other major historical events.
This year, Xiongjiang finally realized that Yingjiang is unfriendly? How can Biden Hod?
There is a saying in a detective novel that eliminates all impossibility. No matter how incredible the rest is, it is the truth.
So the truth is,
Chuanhuangtong Russian real hammer

5 months ago

The embassies and consulates of countries listed as “unfriendly countries” by Russia cannot hire Russian citizens to serve the embassies and consulates of these countries. In other words, the front desk reception, translation, gardener, babysitter, cleaning the toilet, sweeping leaves, sweeping snow… etc. must be done by the diplomats themselves. And it seems that Russia has restricted the number of American diplomats a while ago. It is no longer possible to bring a bunch of receptionists from the United States, and cleaners who sweep the floor and toilets. However, Americans have strong hands-on skills. Basically everyone can repair cars and replace tires, go to the house to repair the tiles, and build the furniture and decorate the house by themselves. Therefore, it is estimated that they will not be troubled by cleaning the toilets and snow by themselves.

5 months ago

“According to RIA Novosti, on the 26th local time, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zakharova announced that the United States was included in the list of “unfriendly countries”. The countries on the list are not allowed to hire Russian citizens to work in their diplomatic agencies.” This means that the United States, which has just limited the number of diplomats, can only clean the toilets by itself, but it is estimated that they will not be troubled. They can hire some Japanese to take them there. The Japanese must be happy to do this job, a good opportunity.

5 months ago

Show the monkey to the chicken. The symbolic political declaration has more meaning than actual meaning. This is to tell all unfriendly countries, your boss, we can all insult face-to-face, and the rest of the cats, cats and dogs should not be humiliated by themselves, whoever reports to the group will insult them together. This is to declare to the world once again that the two camps in this world are not completely overwhelmed by one side, and not only fighting the other side but fighting against each other, but are evenly matched and inseparable. We don’t even care about the big brother of the other side of the United States. If your diplomat likes to leave, he will leave as soon as possible. It will not save face if you leave it, and it will only be humiliated. I believe that some independent and rational countries will choose to move from an obvious tilt to gradually neutral. Because they will find that China and Russia are not resistant. Whoever stands too early is risky and the consequences will be lasting. There is always a trend in the international community, and some follow the trend. Now this is an effective move to stop the anti-China and Russia camp from becoming a trend. Just like this Czech Republic, let’s yell others, and yell with you. If others yelled and no one moved, you were the only one stupid and rushed over. Who will give you a blood if you don’t? As a result, when Russia came hard, the Czech Republic realized that he was not a stone or an egg, and he could not do anything, except that he could “howl” and was good at “kneeling”.

5 months ago

Personally, Da Mao may have discovered something. First of all, this “restriction on hiring Russian citizens” is aimed at hiring all Russian citizens. First, as a basis for legislation and rules, you want to hire aunts, gardeners, and cooks. Must go through “recording”, and the person who can pass the record is either Gen Zheng Miaohong is allowed, or the agent that I carefully trained pretends. If someone dared to help the American CIA in private, even if it was cleaning the toilet, they would all need to be severely punished. It didn’t work before, because there was no “legal” basis. The biggest benefit is to reduce the cost of identification in intelligence work. So, what exactly does Da Mao need to do to prepare intelligence and confidential work in advance? Several conjectures: 1. There are too many espionage acts by the US emperor, and a fuse-level leak has occurred. 2. Da Mao is about to take a certain action and needs to do a good job of confidentiality of information. For example, the action against the Donetsk region of Ukraine. 3. Knock the mountain and shake the tiger, in some countries, don’t put aside my spying on intelligence, I know that about you, this time it is a warning, next time you will be on the list! Be strict with confession, and be stricter with resistance!

5 months ago

Too soft. The United States clearly says that Russia is its number one opponent. It is said that Russia directly threatens the security and development of the United States. Russia can only say one thing, the United States is an “unfriendly” country. Where is there such a rivalry? In the struggle between the United States and Russia, the United States has absolute initiative and strength. And Russia just counterattacked passively, gently. It’s just that in today’s world dominated by the United States, Russia’s counterpoint is a bit special. In fact, Russia’s reaction is reported by almost no other country except China. Americans will not take it seriously. to be honest. The main reason is Russia’s lack of confidence. Although Russia claims to have the second largest force in the world, it is actually because of Russia’s poverty. These forces can’t even maintain the security of their surroundings, and they can’t even deter Ukraine. Like everyone, I hope that some powerful countries can stand up and take the lead against the United States. Unfortunately, we can only rely on ourselves. Fortunately we have up to

5 months ago

Russia’s action is not very harmful and very insulting. This will be an important beginning. It may be the starting point of the decline in American influence. This starting point appeared much earlier than we expected. The speed of this decline is likely to be faster than we thought. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the United States became the only hegemony in the world. The absolute hegemony made people think that the empire was going to be forever and prosperous forever. However, the fall of the United States in recent years has exceeded all expectations. It is jaw-dropping. The reason is that the dominant position of the United States is lame. This position is all supported by strong economic and military advantages and lacks the support of advanced cultural values ​​and international systems. The latter factors are not as direct as money and fleet but are determined. The decisive factor of whether a power is long-term. Unfortunately, these are the shortcomings of the United States, so there are current problems. Even if the total amount of the United States still has a clear advantage, even the US dollar is still strong, even if the aircraft carrier battle group is still cruising, but as long as the United States is economic and military. Absolute superiority appears as a signal of decline, even if it is only a signal that may be pursued, the United States will be overwhelmed to enter the downward path. American hegemony will be immediately suspected, and this suspicion will in turn promote the decline of U.S. hegemony. This will be a vicious The cycle is also an accelerated cycle, and because the lameness of the United States is more robust than historically strong power, such as the decline of the British Empire, once the decline of the United States begins, its speed will be much faster. Russia, a less harmful and highly humiliating action, is likely to be. A sign that the U.S. is beginning to accelerate its decline

5 months ago

After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, when the United States prescribed shock therapy, this should be done. Of course, this is a disgusting policy and has no specific meaning. Form is greater than meaning. From the disintegration of the Soviet Union to the present, Russia’s domestic pro-American forces have always existed, but with the international situation, they may now be fewer. At present, the Russian economy is tied to the energy market, and when oil returns to $60, Russia will become alive again. This is not Putin’s fault. If it weren’t for Putin, the Russian oligarchic economy would be even more terrifying. Yeltsin would have no Russia after ten years of work. Putin has made a lot of holes. But the current situation cannot be reversed by Putin. The Soviet population has a population of 280 million, while Russia is only 140 million now. What’s more, there are no Soviet friends, the market is much smaller, and the United States has long been excluded from international trade dominated by the West. Besides, Russia is difficult.

5 months ago

Everyone knows that the United States and Russia are friendly or unfriendly. But when did I say it in black and white, I was particular about it. The speech of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not for the United States. Does the United States know that you are not friendly with me? This is for these small countries in Europe to see. It is to tell you that if you are pro-American, you can think clearly, and if you stand on me, you can stand. (It’s been obvious that the diplomats from these small countries have been expelled from a few days ago)

5 months ago

Putin said that the disintegration of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical disaster of the 20th century. I deeply agree that this is not only a disaster for the Soviet people, but also a disaster for the United States and the entire West. The disaster has three consequences: 1. The Soviet Union’s own disaster; 2. The geopolitical vacuum caused terrorism to ramp up; 3. The collapse of the international economic order. Speaking of the problems of the Soviet Union, after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, there must be a degree of fragmentation and degeneration of the Soviet Union and Russia, and follow-up measures must be taken after the fragmentation and degeneration. It is only the destruction without construction, and the result can only be a rebound. And it must be clear that countries such as the Soviet Union, the United States, and China are truly great powers, and great powers are ambitious, and the temperament of a great power penetrates into the bone marrow. The so-called “non-invasion of great powers” does not mean that you cannot defeat him militarily. But it is difficult to completely obliterate him in the eyes of the people. This sense of national honor will inevitably erupt in a difficult situation, and this kind of eruption is almost unstoppable. The West has also experienced this issue several times, and they are not far away, but unfortunately they also did not take it to heart. The more famous one was the rise of Napoleon III. The reason why Napoleon III came to power was largely because France experienced a period of completely denying the Revolution and demonizing Napoleon. The people still miss the glory of France in those days. The more they understand the glory of that era, the more they are dissatisfied with the present. At the climax, it finally formed, as long as the surname Napoleon is the emperor, the people will support it. Another more recent example is the coming to power of German President Hindenburg. Hindenburg also came to power smoothly when the country missed the glory of the empire. It is precisely based on this that Russia finally chose Putin, which resulted in the outcome of what the United States calls “democratic regression”. If a country cannot achieve orderly development after major changes, the chances of looking backward will be very high. If the guidance is not good, the result can only be confrontation here. What is the worst thing the United States has done in the past two decades? Naturally, it was dealing with the Soviet Union. Summarizing the lessons of the United States, we put forward a big principle: neither can we extravagantly hope to kill a major country completely, nor can we let him be free from the system.

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