[College students were sentenced to 10 and a half years for defrauding one million shoes] In order to earn the price difference of limited sneakers, after receiving an order from a “retail investor”, college student Huang bought the corresponding style of sneakers from Xiaoyan, the “big man in the shoe ring”. In three months, 1.37 million “shoe purchases” were transferred. But when the agreed delivery time was reached, Xiao Yan refused to deliver the goods on time for various reasons. After signing the contract, Xiao Yan sent a few parcels, but was complained that all of them were fakes. Huang realized that he was deceived and immediately called the police. It turned out that Xiao Yan was also a college student, and there was no upstream channel business at all, nor any physical store shares, and the fraudulent shoe purchases were squandered.

The court held that the evidence in the case can prove that the defendant Xiaoyan did not have the ability to deliver sneakers to the victim, nor did he make any preparations for the performance of the contract. He defrauded the victim dozens of times without a real transaction. According to the confession of the defendant Xiao Yan, part of the money he defrauded the victim was squandered by his “retaliatory consumption”, so he did not intend to deliver the sneakers.

Defendant Xiaoyan used the methods of fabricating facts and concealing the truth to defraud citizens’ private property for the purpose of illegal possession. The amount was extremely large. His behavior constituted the crime of fraud. He was sentenced to ten years and six months in prison and was fined RMB 10,000. One thousand yuan.

Being tricked by fried shoes is an incredible thing at first glance. How can college students believe in these pie-in-the-sky things? But for teenagers who are deeply involved in shoe frying, the precise logic of each link in the process of frying shoes is the reason that really traps them. ①The first ring is the marketing of the selling company. For a thing to be speculated, it must be scarce and in short supply. Many of the shoes used for speculation meet this condition. Those shoes that can be speculated are often limited editions, which require online registration, or You can only line up offline, and what’s more, you need to draw lots to qualify for purchase. This is a legal and compliant marketing strategy for enterprises, but it is precisely the shortage of demand caused by this strategy that allows shoe speculators to take advantage of the opportunity. Secondly, in these limited-edition shoes, companies often give them certain cultural elements, such as the exclusive use of certain stars, the generations of certain stars, or the joint name of certain brands and certain stars, by increasing the cultural value of the shoes/ IP value, in order to increase its brand premium, this is also the main reason why shoes can attract a large number of young people. ②The second ring, the myth of the big man’s rich wealth. The image of the big boss created by the shoes-fried shoes is often the rich and golden local tyrants of famous cars and watches. What is the myth of 20-year-old college students who rely on fried shoes to earn one hundred thousand a month to achieve wealth and freedom? What are the young guys who buy a house in Pudong, Shanghai by selling shoes? It seems outrageous, but it is a great shock and excitement for young people who have not been involved in the world, or for children whose life values ​​have not yet formed. Under the stimulation of these shoe-making myths, the shoe-making circle can attract fans and promote. High popularity. In this process, the bigwigs in the circle are also constantly contributing to the flames. Maybe they are not rich, but they want to create an image of making a fortune by frying shoes, making young people who have just entered the pit more believe in the so-called myth of getting rich with shoes. . ③In the third ring, shoe vendors are hoarding goods. Many shoe dealers can also be called the leader of shoe-shoes. They have sufficient funds and know the rules of the shoe-shoes game. They have a wide range of purchase channels. Therefore, they will first stock up a batch of original price sources, and for the limited amount purchased offline , They also often hire a large number of naval forces and line up offline to scan the goods. Everything they do has only one purpose, hoarding most of the market’s supply in their own hands. In this way, the original limited edition shoes become hard to find, and the shoes that can be bought will have a feeling of selling explosions. ④The fourth ring, to promote fans to buy. All kinds of shoe sellers, internet celebrities, big bosses, and interested parties who can profit from them, began to use specific events to promote marketing, resulting in a kind of “you buy it soon, you won’t be able to buy it if you don’t buy it”, “now increase the price.” The illusion of “buying is also earning”, especially as mentioned earlier, the selling company will give them strong cultural value/IP value when they sell these shoes. This is a breakthrough point used by shoe speculators, and some are not particularly appropriate. For example, after Kobe’s death, Kobe-related limited-edition sneakers were directly fired at sky-high prices. In addition, there was the Nike Adi incident a while ago. Shoes speculators took the opportunity to speculate on domestically-made limited-edition shoes. These are all used by shoe speculators. The IP value or cultural value of a particular style. ⑤The fifth ring, the Internet provides convenience for shoe speculation. Instant messaging platforms and online trading platforms make it very convenient to trade shoes, and under the low cost of Internet information dissemination, it is much easier for shoe buyers, shoe dealers, and big names in the circle to make marketing efforts than it was five or ten years ago. . A group of shoe appraisers and traders who claim to be professional have even been born from this. In fact, they are also a link in the chain of shoe speculation. In the end, under certain conditions and events, they will detonate certain styles, harvest information and do not understand the market. Leek. It can be said that the Internet fries shoes, it only takes such a wave, and one wave will wipe out the undeveloped leek group. The process of frying shoes is interlinked and has a clear logic. Every time a wave of frying shoes is detonated, a wave of leeks can be harvested. It is similar to an economic game of drumming and spreading flowers. In the end, the injured are the followers who follow blindly, and most of them are They are young people who love sneakers but are not well involved in the world. Those young people who were deceived saw the profitability of the shoe market and tried to become a link in the chain of interest in the shoe market. In the logic of the Wuhuan shoes-fried shoes, they have a high degree of trust in shoe dealers and big men in the circle. If someone pretends to be a big man in the circle wearing a famous watch and driving a luxury car, they can easily believe this group of disguise. Scammers, especially under the delayed delivery of “shoe futures”, they will not wake up for half a month or a month. And many upstream suppliers play this way on sneaker futures. If the price of sneakers rises after a few months, he will tell you that they are out of stock. If the price drops, he will ship the goods quickly. The delivery process is all based on the so-called The source of the supply decides, good guy, I call good guys directly, and stocks don’t bring such scams. For these young people who have been deceived by frying shoes, this should be a tough lesson taught by the society, but for some people, the cost of this lesson is a bit high. Of course, we should improve the corresponding laws. Regulations, strengthening market supervision, and cracking down on phenomena such as frying shoes should also be guided by media organizations in a positive and positive direction. But at its root, greed in the heart is at work. Many people who are deceived are embracing the idea of ​​getting rich and making money easily. They are deeply trapped in the logic of the five rings of the shoes and cannot extricate themselves. Buy shoes, buy limited-edition shoes, you can, but do what you can, and use official channels. For ordinary young people, don’t try to follow the trend and get rich overnight. After living for so long, have you ever seen a pie in the sky?


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

As a running shoe blogger, when someone asks me about running shoes, I will add one last sentence: In fact, the previous generation of shoes are also very good, and the price of the old models will be reduced when the new models come out. I recommend you to buy old shoes, which are more cost-effective. . Not only did I say that to others, I also bought a lot of old shoes myself. For me, shoes are used to wear a pair of running shoes. Try to run a pair of running shoes: try running 5km first, and then run 10km if you think it is possible. Try a long distance of 20km. If this is ok, just wear it to run the 42.195km marathon. I have such a consumption habit, but I will not oppose the behavior of buying sneakers at high prices. I am happy that money is hard to buy! If a person strives hard for the sneakers he loves, studies hard, and uses the money he earns legally to buy things he likes, isn’t this also a positive behavior! But I hope I must consume within my ability! When I was in college, I was too embarrassed to ask my family for money. I did a semester of tutoring. When I got the money, I spent every penny carefully. This is because I sit back and forth again and again at minus 20 degrees in the winter. The hard-earned money earned by bus for more than an hour!

5 months ago

The background of the case is as follows: In recent years, “fried shoes” has become the “get rich experience” of many speculators. But a speculator in the shoe circle not only failed to make money, but was scammed by the “shoe-speculator” for more than one million yuan. In the case, the so-called “shoe ring boss” Yan was a college student born in 1999. He was intern in a hospital at the time of the case. The internship salary was 1,400 yuan per month. He started contacting the “shoe circle” at the age of 13. At the age of 16, he became the owner of a well-known post bar. He met many people who like to play with shoes like him and entered the “shoe circle”. Regarding the matter of frying shoes, a shoe dealer once said bluntly that frying shoes also has a way. Those who are proficient in the routines and grasp the timing can make money, and those who do not understand will be “cut leeks.” Some insiders also said that the sneaker index of some sneaker trading platforms is regarded as a “barometer” for speculating shoes. Behind the scenes, these index data can be manipulated and can even be tampered with. As early as October 2019, the Shanghai Branch of the People’s Bank of China issued a financial briefing on “Beware of the “Fishing Shoes” Craze and Preventing Financial Risks”, pointing out that “Fishing Shoes” is really a fancy capital game, which may involve illegal fund-raising and illegal absorption of the public. All voluntary agencies should pay close attention to issues related to public economic and financial violations such as deposits, financial fraud, and illegal pyramid schemes, and take effective measures to prevent such risks. However, it has been repeatedly banned. This also reflects the current young people’s desire to “get rich overnight”, and this mentality will naturally cause some people to be deceived. Since the reopening, there has been a wave of speculation, including but not limited to: Fried Tibetan Mastiff, Pu’er Tea, Orchid, Hetian Jade, Real Estate, and Coin… Actually, it is mostly a game of drumming and spreading flowers. Does anyone make money? Of course there is. The daring, bright-headed, and good luck of the art masters make some people make a lot of money. Some people choose to stop after making money; some people continue to linger on drumming and pass flowers, always thinking that they will be the one who gets the biggest oiran. If they are not careful, they may wet their shoes and never get on the shore. Most of the speculation has lost ground; it is not uncommon to speculate with huge amounts of leverage, bankrupt the family, and carry huge debts. It is worth noting that the shoe ring boss in this case, Yan Mou, came into contact with shoe ring culture when he was a minor. That is, when the Three Views are not established and stable, they are seduced by this vanity “shoe culture”. The economic conditions are also relatively ordinary (college, doing an internship with a monthly salary of 1,400 yuan). In order to maintain a high consumption of shoes, he personally involved in shoe-making, and was eventually sentenced to fraud. It is a tragedy for this young college student and the family behind it.

5 months ago

“The myth of getting rich overnight in shoes-fried shoes has been spreading among young people. In fact, the phenomenon of “fried shoes overturning” is not uncommon. In cases involving shoes-fried shoes, the perpetrators and victims tend to be younger, and there is a” “Drumming and spreading flowers” should be vigilant in the trading chain and speculation capital games, and should not blindly follow the trend and have the mentality of getting rich overnight.” Don’t blindly follow the trend, don’t believe that the pie is falling in the sky, you don’t fry, I don’t fry, everyone doesn’t fry, it’s fine. Shoes are not worn. Shoes are used and can only be worn. If there is no market for shoes, they will naturally not exist. And now the development of domestic products is possible, I hope to support our domestic products!

5 months ago

Ten years and six months! What is the concept of this sentence! I don’t know, before Xiao Yan, a college student, did he know whether he knew how to determine the legal nature of this behavior, and what the legal consequences were! ? Does he know if he collects the money for shoes, even if it is put in his pocket, it is not stable, and he has to vomit it out! ? He may not be clear, he just knows that this is an illegal act. In other words, he doesn’t know that this fraud involves six months of detention? One year in prison? Five years in prison? Ten years in prison? Still life imprisonment? However, the law will not impose penalties on ignorance.

5 months ago

Shoes don’t fry. Since the Xinmian incident, we have seen ugly faces such as N and A, which have become a hot topic for a while, but they should become the consensus of all people in the country. Here I appeal and put forward, “Shoes are for wearing, not for speculation.” I hope that relevant platforms will introduce supporting policies that involve the negative aspects of “financing (fraud) capital (fraud)” and personal credit investigation. The first function of shoes is to use function, and it is necessary to strengthen the classification and control of the shoe market. Strictly implement the control and restrictions on N and A, and inform consumers not to buy. For those “Guo (Zou) Brand (Dog)” that take this opportunity to increase prices, it is necessary to conduct joint interviews with multiple departments to standardize their market behaviors such as design and sales. Because of the brand’s policy, we have resolutely curbed and cracked down on the behavior of frying shoes and raising prices to destock. To meet the needs of the broad masses of people for the use of shoes.

5 months ago

Xiao Huang wanted to fry shoes to get rich, and found Xiao Huang who also fries shoes. Unexpectedly, Xiao Yan had an empty glove on the white wolf. Xiao Huang found out that he had been cheated, and immediately called the police, but Xiao Yan pleaded guilty. After I understood it, I couldn’t be happy about the fraudster’s work. I can only sigh, who Xiaohuang “speculates”, and speculation in shoes and real estate are not market-standard behaviors. They got rich through “speculation”. But those who suffer are those who are taking over or the ordinary people who are about to become the taking over. On the one hand, although the fraudster should be punished, the wicked still need to be punished by the wicked. Those who fry shoes and renters should also be taught a lesson. In this incident, although Xiao Huang was the victim, those who actually bought the shoes handed over the order to Xiao Huang, which resulted in losses. So Xiao Huang, as a shoe speculator, should also be subject to certain sanctions.

5 months ago

Gentlemen love fortune, in a proper way. Undergraduates’ thirst for “shoes” can easily be exploited by criminals. “Fried shoes fever” has become very popular in recent years. Shoes that were originally sold for a few hundred or thousands of dollars, after being labeled as “Limited Edition”, have been hyped up, and some shoes have been fired up to tens of thousands of yuan. Some fans, Shoes speculators work hard to find and buy them. After some buy them, they are reluctant to wear them, and collect them like wenwan, waiting for the appreciation. College students should also guard against “inside ghosts”. Xiao Yan is clearly a student himself, and the target of the deception is also a student, so he can get acquainted first. The college student Xiao Yan, knowing that he did not have a way to buy shoes, used the purpose of illegally possessing and defrauding other people’s money and conducted fraudulent acts of fabricating facts and concealing the truth, and the amount reached a particularly large amount, and has been punished by law. Xiao Huang’s life is not easy. From a criminal point of view, he is also a victim of Xiao Yan’s fraud. However, from a civil point of view, the contract you signed with other students is still valid. More than 1 million yuan has been taken by Xiao Yan. Squandered, I am afraid you will need to fill the big holes left. I hope everyone learns Xiao Huang’s lesson, the “price difference” is not so profitable. Criminal Law: Article 266 [Crime of Fraud] Whoever defrauds public or private property in a relatively large amount shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention or surveillance, and a fine or a fine; if the amount is huge or there are other serious circumstances, the punishment shall be imposed. Fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than 10 years, and a fine; if the amount is particularly large or there are other particularly serious circumstances, it shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than ten years or life imprisonment, and a fine or confiscation of property. If there are other provisions in this law, follow the provisions. For everyone to analyze, the legal basis for Xiao Yan’s sentence of ten years and six months’ imprisonment is that the amount of Xiao Yan’s fraud has reached a particularly large amount. According to the Supreme Law and Supreme People’s Procuratorate’s interpretation on several issues concerning the handling of fraud cases, if the amount of fraud is more than 500,000 yuan, it is determined that the amount is extremely large. Large amount: 3K-1W; huge amount: 3W-10W; particularly huge amount: more than 50W; each province can also determine specific standards according to local economic conditions.

5 months ago

Shoes were originally used for wearing, but some people used it for financial hype. In front of the wealth bait, many people were immersed in it and enjoyed it. Most of these speculations are hidden hot money. They are holding a production line capable of producing tens of thousands of pairs of shoes per day, compiling so-called limited editions, out-of-print and other lies, soliciting investment, but selling high and buying low, arbitrarily distorting the market. In my eyes, batches of so-called collectors and investors are actually batches of “leeks.” Frauds are all crimes of high intelligence. They use people’s greed to show off how awesome, how powerful, and have a way to give you some sweetness, step by step to lure you into his trap, and finally be harvested. That sentence still makes sense. It is difficult for people to earn money beyond their cognitive abilities. I haven’t been deeply involved in a certain field for several years, and I haven’t paid tuition several times. You don’t know where the pit is. Finally, I praised an excellent judge Gao who was interviewed by CCTV

5 months ago

People still have to know how to calculate. 10 and a half years is actually good to say. Judging from what I saw in the newspaper in 2011 that the average life expectancy of Beijing’s male population is 73 years old, it still has a long time to come out. However, discrimination and social exclusion will not only be experienced by oneself, but will also last for children and even three generations. With such an environment in the marriage and love market, the bargaining power will inevitably decline and a greater price will be paid. But the problem is that now is the era of big data. Even if there is no such thing as [archives], it will be recorded in various judicial systems. The fault tolerance rate of individual crimes has dropped rapidly, basically blocking the public examination and joining the army. The route has left a heavy political burden on future generations, and the descendants of this bloodline have entered an even worse environment and situation. Therefore, once the children have grown up, it is very difficult to get their children to provide for the elderly. After all, this is not “retribution” because of my own stupidity. What’s more terrible is that science and technology are developing faster and faster. Even if the sentence is commuted, they are still in jail for a few years. They will inevitably be out of touch with the social environment and context. Learning is even more difficult and laborious. In the [Stock Game], even the elementary school is in the scroll, and everyone is studying with all their strength. In the case of [arms expansion and preparation], it is a terrible thing to artificially create a [empty window period]. Judging from the case, the failure to fulfill the ability to reimburse the compensation after spending the money also shows that the family is not rich, otherwise the sentence will not be so severe. In addition, the so-called “retaliation consumption” also shows that there is no common sense of law. This kind of natural [vulnerable family], in today’s involuntary and stock game environment, each family should be cautious, like walking on thin ice, but this prisoner, the young prisoner, not only does not maintain, but also actively commits fatalities. It’s even harder to make a comeback. As an adult, if you don’t know how to calculate, don’t know how to refuse, and don’t know how to restrain, it will always lead to the destruction of the family and the death of blood. Of course, who can see the fate of a few decades later? The appropriation of social wealth is achieved through people. If you become weak, you will not make a lot of money, and you will naturally be replaced by others. Of course, we still have to concoct and rise up to make way for the rise of other families and leave room for it, right? This is what I have always mentioned. Even in peaceful times, people are still animals, still aggressive, aggressive, and expansive. They are only achieved by peaceful means of competition through money-making efficiency. The rise, growth, and aspirations of the family are the result of every generation trembling, walking on thin ice, accumulating bit by bit. It’s easy to get lost if you don’t pay attention. Now it’s a fast-paced society, but we still have to stick to [step by step]. By myself, open a better path and direction for future generations. Advantages will be superimposed, and disadvantages will also be superimposed.

5 months ago

In recent years, with the prevalence of “fried shoes”, related fraud and other crimes are commonplace. Many young people like Xiao Yan have paid a heavy price for this. Why are so many young people involved, even if they take risks for it? 1. The blind believers have changed from “fried shoes” at random to a trend. Merchants create a sense of scarcity, supplemented by brand promotion, and even have their favorite celebrities “extra points”, making a product far beyond Its original value generates huge profit margins. Many students are not able to distinguish clearly. Under the flood of information, they blindly follow, follow the trend at will, hoard shoes frantically, and finally pay for the brand’s hunger marketing. “A product has the value of speculation, and at least it must have a guaranteed value. The so-called guarantee is what can be used for this pile of things in the worst case.” Houses, stocks, and futures can be exchanged at any time. Make money or produce materials. And a pair of shoes obviously does not have such functions and values. It is difficult to distinguish true from false, and the true and false are of little significance in themselves. I would like to remind everyone: Avoid blind obedience, consume rationally, and buy products that really suit you and meet your real needs. 2. The desire to make money + irrational behavior is similar to that of college students such as Huang Mou, who thinks that they have seen business opportunities from people around them or online information, hoping to buy at a low price, sell at a high price, and make a difference. Although the idea is good, he has no channels, and he conducts transactions without a full understanding, and finally gets into the scam of others. There are not a few college students who earn money from part-time jobs. Many students have inexperienced society and are easily deceived. Xiaoyi advises everyone: Choose legal and compliant channels, be vigilant, don’t be dazzled by money, and stay sensible at all times. Don’t take risks and find a school if you have difficulty. You have to know: learning is the main task of college students. 3. Weak legal awareness and disregard the law. According to Article 5 of the “Administrative Punishment Regulations on Price Illegal Acts” revised by the State Council on December 4, 2010, Article 5: Operators collude with each other to manipulate market prices, resulting in substantial increases in commodity prices If there is no illegal income, a fine of not less than 100,000 yuan but not more than 1 million yuan shall be imposed, and those with more serious circumstances shall be fined not less than 1 million yuan but not more than 5 million yuan. Fine; if the circumstances are serious, it shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification, or the business license shall be revoked by the administrative department for industry and commerce. Article 6 of the “Provisions on Administrative Penalties for Pricing Illegal Acts” stipulates: If the operator commits one of the following behaviors to promote the excessively rapid or excessive increase of commodity prices, he shall be ordered to make corrections, the illegal income shall be confiscated, and a fine of less than 5 times the illegal income shall be imposed; no illegal income shall be imposed. If the income is obtained, a fine of not less than 50,000 yuan but not more than 500,000 yuan shall be imposed, and a fine of not less than 500,000 yuan but less than 3 million yuan shall be imposed on the more serious circumstances; if the circumstances are serious, the business shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification, or the business license shall be revoked by the administrative department for industry and commerce: 1 . Fabricating or disseminating price increase information to disrupt the market price order; 2. Except for production for personal use, beyond the normal storage quantity or storage period, a large number of goods that are tightly supplied in the market and abnormally fluctuating in price will continue to be hoarded by the price authority Hoarding; 3. Using other means to drive up prices and promote excessively rapid and excessive rises in commodity prices. Gentlemen love fortune, in a proper way. Even if the legal consciousness is weak, one should not ignore the law, like Xiao Yan, a college student, drill loopholes, take risks, madly accumulate wealth, and squandered. Xiaoyi recommends that everyone: raise awareness of the law, do not do illegal things, make money in a way, compliant and legal.

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