I bought all the projectors on the market and tested them one by one. Buy a few hundred more Dota 2 notebooks and open all the accessory boxes. Buy a few interesting and good-looking cases, a few sets of top equipment, Samsung’s original granular solid state and memory, AMD and intel top equipment each, the old Huang’s RTX30 (X0) series, one by one, Try both water-cooled and air-cooled, weird ways of running pipes, all kinds of strange air ducts are neat. You may model yourself and customize several sets of limited-edition cases worldwide. Then give away most of the things and keep one or two cases for yourself, usually. Send away all the projections that have been tested, and will not get out of it. When I go out to play, I may still complain about 30 or 40 yuan ice cream in the scenic spot. But I may not say, I will complain in my heart. At that time, I might be very busy. I don’t know if I have any time to sit down and watch this movie well in the evening, chase after a fan, and make a DOTA. Maybe you will set up a company, don’t think about making money, think about doing something for others, you can invest more than one million in this every day. For example, if there is a problem with Tesla, I will buy 3 Teslas to test. One accepts OTA upgrades, one does not accept OTA upgrades, and the other runs Didi, which is measured on actual roads. The current imagination still seems to be unable to imagine that more than one million lives will be spent every day. It may be more practical to recruit more than a hundred employees, but it is also difficult to find more than 100 satisfactory employees. Finding 10 employees who can give a daily salary of 100,000 yuan may be a more reliable thing, with low management difficulty, high efficiency, and small but beautiful. It is really cruel to think about. When there is so much money, it is more inclined to spend more money to recruit fewer people, and wealth is still accumulated in the hands of very few people. Maybe this is life at the top of the pyramid? Think about it every day, how can you spend the extra one million dollars today? So, if you think about this in reverse, the best way to earn one hundred thousand daily salary is not that you earnestly try to start from 500 yuan a day, but you find someone who can earn 2 million a day and give him Provide enough value to make him willing to pay you a daily salary of 100,000 yuan. In the same way, if you earn 2 million a day, the easiest thing is to find someone who may earn 40 million or more every day, so that he is willing to pay you a daily salary of 2 million. Of course, the more you go up, the more difficult it becomes. Maybe the final difficulty may not be easier than doing it alone. Looking back, 2 million per day is still an exaggerated figure, with an annual income of 730 million yuan. I feel that this is quite difficult. If it is based on a 5% return on capital, then that person’s wealth should be 14.6 billion yuan. I checked the 2020 Forbes Rich List; the asset size of the 2020 Forbes China 400 Rich List is probably ranked 262 in the Forbes list. Counting the missing fish outside the list, they are probably the top 500 richest people in China. If there is no “what if” in this question, this question is about the lives of the top 500 wealthy people in China. We must not know what they are doing. We may not be able to discuss it publicly if we know it. Let’s take a look at the top 262 on the Forbes list, what bosses/executives are doing. My knowledge level is relatively low, and the news channel is limited to the Internet, so I will tell you what I know. Of course, there are too many things that big guys do that I don’t know, so I can only look at what is being said on the Internet. The first place, Boss Ma, in the Internet industry, is now said to be retired, saying that he has gone to work as a rural teacher. Then I think rural teachers can be done. If you do it well, Boss Ma may divide you several million. Of course, this is something for you. The most important thing is that if you do it well, it will be the sun of the motherland tomorrow. They may in the future. Someone will appear on the rich list. The second place is Boss Ma, the Internet industry, Tencent, social networking and games. Games are good for making money, and they may make more and more money in the future. Therefore, it is also good to follow Boss Ma to engage in games. If the reputation of the game explodes, then half the country It is not impossible for the people to give you a dollar each. Third place, Zhong Suansui, Nongfu Spring, mineral water, and various beverages. For the production of water/beverages, we may only be involved in opening a small shop and a stall on the beach. Good sales are also a way to make money. Isn’t the current milk tea shop just a variant of selling water? It contains a lot of tea, milk, flavors, and even fruits and nuts, but it is essentially a water business, selling the water for the price of a lunch box. . Let’s talk about it, I think coffee can also be said to sell water, and it sells functional beverages. The fourth place is a family that sells drugs in pharmacy. This seems to have a low threshold. At least it must be a chemical or biopharmaceutical-related major, or else it is a drug sales representative who is proficient in the internal channels of the hospital. Ordinary people can’t participate easily, which also shows from the side that this industry has high natural thresholds and high barriers, which creates inherently high profits. If you can’t sell medicine, you sell health care products and nuts. In general, you sell health and cure diseases. Fifth place, a family, beautiful, selling all kinds of electrical appliances. In Guangdong, there is a lot of business in various electronic products, and the unit price per customer is relatively high. Moreover, consumers see a box of electronic products, and they sell a box inside. What, in fact, many people are not clear, which brings more information gaps. The premium brought by the brand is one aspect, but I personally feel that Midea is not a deeply rooted brand, and it does not occupy the minds of consumers enough. There is still a long way to go in the competition of consumer electronics brands. Fifth place, tied with Midea, Wang Wei, the boss of SF Express, I have read his autobiography. Express delivery, logistics, the logistics pattern is almost set now. It seems that there are not many new express delivery emerging in China. Now the fighting is fierce, the next one should be all kinds of mergers, and there will not be too much left in the end. SF Express had a good reputation before, but in the past year, I feel that SF Express’s couriers are becoming more and more lazy. It doesn’t matter if you don’t deliver them to your door, or even pick them up. I made an appointment three times and pushed me all three times. Time, say no time, be late. Then I simply made an appointment with a rookie, but I didn’t expect it to come up in minutes. This problem should have been accumulated for a long time. The reversal of user word of mouth and the decline in revenue are not a momentary matter. The seventh place, the CEO of Pinduoduo, is very young on the list, which has met the online shopping needs of the sinking market and has also robbed a lot of business from the commissary. I mainly educate us. In fact, there are still a lot of people who need cheap and able-to-use products. If you look down on it today and don’t understand it, you won’t be able to climb it the day after tomorrow. No one thought that there would be such a blank in online shopping that Pinduoduo would fill in. But fakes are a problem after all. All kinds of inferior products cannot get rid of at the beginning of Pinduoduo’s birth. They grow in the bones. If they grow upward, they will certainly not be able to contact the original group of people. In the long run, I am still not optimistic, but it does not matter if I am not optimistic, I am a ball. The eighth place is another family, engaged in real estate, Country Garden. Us ordinary people may only start by selling a house, and building a house is of course also a way. My grandfather, just built bridges and paving everywhere, and retired from plasterer. If you start as a plasterer and become an interior decoration design team, it is also a good route to renovate and remodel old houses and decorate new houses, and it is even clearer than the route of selling houses. No. 9, Zhang Yiming, ByteDance, this product is really too young, 36 is already this wealth, the Internet is really good. The efficiency is super fast, so that people have such a fast accumulation of wealth. Many former colleagues have gone to ByteDance, and the entire business is still expanding. Live delivery of goods to interest e-commerce are all milestones in efficiency improvement. And they are still playing games, just rushing to the top two of the list. The entire Internet cake is still expanding, and the aborigines of the game world will continue to increase in the future. It is a good choice to be an anchor of an interested e-commerce or a creator in the game field. The 10th place, Xu Jiayin, Evergrande Group, is another real estate. No. 11, Ding Lei, Netease, is also an Internet company. Netease seems to do a little bit of everything, and the products it makes are still very good-looking. There are also boutique e-commerce companies, carefully selected by NetEase. I always think NetEase Cloud Music is a great product, but unfortunately there are still many songs without copyright. Listen to the daily recommendations, which is very good. In the game part, I have played Onmyoji before. When I first came out, I felt that the screen was done very well and I was very careful. Game, game, or game, most of us will eventually live in the game world. No. 12, Zhang Yong family, Haidilao, a hot pot brand, I have also read his book. Sometimes I don’t think that Haidilao’s service is so outstanding, it just has done a lot of details that were not thought of in the store. In the future, there will be more and more stores doing this, with more and more standardized services. . Many food and beverage brands have not yet emerged in this way, or have not appeared on the list. In fact, a large number of similar food and beverage outlets have appeared in real life. Eat this, this is the first giant. There should be more and more abundant catering services in the future. Young people are getting too lazy to make it by themselves. Many quick-frozen foods should become easier and easier to process. All foods also require standardized seasoning packages. So this piece of condiment packs, quick-frozen food, and instant food businesses should have better and better lives. The thirteenth place is Haitian Flavor, who makes seasoning. Hey, what I just said, here comes a family who makes seasoning. In the future, there will be more mature cooking packages, cooking solutions, food ingredients packaged, or a combination of various small-portion packages for the C-end seasonings. For eating, one is to eat ingredients and the other is to eat seasonings (three for atmosphere and four for objects). The 14th place is another company controlled by a large family. Muyuan shares the business of commodity pigs, piglets and breeding pigs. Pork does occupy a large part of our diet and consumption. It does not seem surprising that pork is a listed company. But this company may not be well-known to ordinary consumers. Makihara sounds a bit like a dairy factory, but who knows it is a pork factory. 15th, Zuo Hui, the boss of Shells looking for a house, Internet + real estate, alone, can be said to be a big project. I also saw earlier that many Internet companies also have two real estate companies, and there are many more behind them. They integrate offline listings and move online. At the same time, they have offline service channels and franchise channels, Deyou. Real estate developers may not have a good life in the future, but the real estate market is always indispensable for transactions to match the commodity with the largest unit price in ordinary people’s life. The profit margins in it can be said that ordinary people can see with their eyes closed. To the wealth. No. 16, Meituan Dianping, Wang Xing, after the merger of Meituan and Dianping, offline catering and entertainment service portals are controlled by Meituan. If the shell above controls the largest real estate sales channel, then Meituan controls a considerable share of offline catering and entertainment channels. All the merchants clearly open their own stores, but they are helping Meituan Dianping to collect traffic. In the end, Meituan Dianping can just collect the money. This platform is Wokai. You have to pay to set up a stall here, and you have to pay for selling things. It’s really a good deal. At number 17, JD.com Liu Qiangdong. JD.com may be the largest online electronic product channel. Taobao has a more comprehensive range of products, like a department store, and JD.com is more like an electrical appliance mall. At present, the advantages of JD’s self-built logistics are becoming more and more prominent. What you buy on Taobao is basically Cainiao’s logistics, and the vast majority of people who use their own logistics are basically available the next day. Hurry up, basically place an order in the morning and arrive in the afternoon in the evening. According to my own online shopping experience, most of the products are purchased from JD.com. Tied for 17th place, Xiaomi Lei Jun, I will be more optimistic about the development of Xiaomi in the long run. Last year, we talked about JD.com. Xiaomi actually went even further. JD.com is a distributor of its own supply chain products, while JD.com is a distributor of its own supply chain products. From mobile phones to smart appliances, the core parts are designed by themselves. For manufacturing, if it is a little bit more external, only part of its own design is retained, and all production and manufacturing are managed, and if it is more external, it is OEM. Many things are not simple. Everyone thinks that just sticking a Xiaomi logo is the end. There are many products that have been redesigned and polished through Xiaomi’s hands. I have read a lot of materials on the Xiaomi ecological chain. Xiaomi itself has invested in 4 listed companies, and there may be more in the future. This model of front shop and back factory can open up capital flow, logistics, and information flow, and the turnover efficiency in all aspects has been greatly improved. The 19th place, Zeng Yuqun of the Ningde era, finally saw electric vehicle-related enterprises. Ningde era is to make batteries, especially batteries for electric vehicles. The next ten years will be the ten years when electric vehicles will gradually replace fuel vehicles. The innovation of battery technology will directly lead to a series of innovations, greater energy density, and safer. The controlled battery is used in all aspects. In the future, it should be more deeply embedded in the global supply chain. The concentration of Chinese electric vehicle companies also depends on the maturity of battery-related Chinese supply chain companies. Qian Xuesen’s proposal in the 1980s and 1990s really greatly affected the history of China’s electric vehicles. The 20th place is Li Xiting from Mindray Medical. Mindray Medical should make no less profit in 2020, mainly engaged in the design, production and sales of medical devices. Medicine is long-lasting, and in this lifetime, I am afraid that few people can escape to open a hospital. Tied for 20th place, Tencent Zhang Zhidong. The Internet is good, but the Internet is wonderful. The 22nd place is another family. The related listed company-Zhifei Biological, its subsidiary and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have jointly developed the world’s first recombinant subunit protein COVID-19 vaccine approved for clinical use. The 23rd place is another family. The related listed company-Zhonggong Education. I had never noticed this company before. It turned out to be an educational institution for civil servants. There are really too many people who want to test civil servants.


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5 months ago

If one day I become rich, my first choice is not to travel the world, lie on the largest and softest sofa in the world, and wake up after eating, and then eat again. If I become rich one day, You can keep everyone by my side, eat, drink, drink, chat, and chat happily every day. Don’t worry about tomorrow or parting. I will become rich. How many people waste time and become rich. I will become rich and pretend to be humble. Saying money is not everything. If one day I become rich, I will buy all the rare smiling faces so that all poor children will no longer be timid, and all evil people will no longer have the right to speak. If one day I become rich, I I will do everything I can to turn back time, not to contribute to human ideals, just want to say to her I am sorry to become rich, I become rich, how many people waste time day and night to become rich I become rich and pretend to be humble Saying that money is not everything, I become rich, all my worries are left in the sky, I become rich, I become rich, and then from the bottom of my heart, money is not everything, I become rich, I become rich, how many people waste time and become rich day and night Money, I become rich, and then pretend to be humble, saying that money is not everything. I become rich. All my worries are left on the horizon. I become rich. I become rich. Then I say from the heart that money is not everything. 》If I can earn 2 million yuan a day, I am willing to give out 1,999,800 yuan to friends who Zhihu likes me. Why leave 200 yuan, because I can really make 200 a day.

5 months ago

It’s annoying! If I knew this, I would post 10w to my fans every day and let them support me! Then take 10w every day to donate, so that everyone thinks that I am a caring person. Then I go to the supermarket to buy things every day, and I have to pay a dime; then I go to the stray dog center, no, no, no need for me to go, I donate 10w to them every day, I have to pretend that I love small animals very much. There are still 170w, so annoying! It’s annoying! Help me think about it! I want to give you 1w!

5 months ago

Do translation without distraction. Even directly open a translation company. Translate by yourself, as long as you like the subject matter. Thousand-character 50 is also accepted, Thousand-character 20 is also accepted, even if you don’t pay. Self-published, as long as the subject matter you like is published. Highly paid translations. Is 500 English words enough? Is 1,000 words enough? Is 10,000 thousand words enough? Is 800 thousand words enough for small languages? Is 5000 thousand words enough? Is 20,000 words enough? Why can I get higher money? Just one, depending on the level of translation. No copyright? Pay for it. Is 100,000 enough? Is 500,000 enough? Is two million enough? I do a lot of this kind of business that is not afraid of losing money. I create a new century-old translation movement, and I open a wisdom palace by myself. I want all the shit companies in the market that squeeze translations to close down. I want to make those translators who simply rely on machine translation and lack the most basic language skills to lose their jobs. I want Chinese people to pick up the brightest jewel in the cultures of all countries in the world, and I want foreigners to directly read the real China.

5 months ago

My wish may be simpler, that is, when I order pancakes in the morning, I fill up all the ingredients that can be added. Rather than thinking about how much money can be saved by adding one less egg.. This is probably the world’s unevenness. Female celebrities average 200w a day, and the average person is 200 yuan a day. In fact, it may be that I didn’t have 2 million in total for 10 years. It’s hard for our parents to save up to 2 million for most of their lives. It’s really sad compared to social animals. Then I ordered a cup of milk tea to calm down, and the money still flows in. Capitalist pocket; I’m so sad.

5 months ago

The teacher taught us to review the questions well, so when I get the question, I must first judge: 1. Is the “one day” of the 2 million that can be earned in a day every day or only one day? If it is only one day, then just move on to the question “If you lottery Won 2 million” How would you spend it? If it is every day, then continue to think about the next question; 2. What is the “2 million” currency unit that can earn 2 million a day, and what is the historical background? If you say that 2 million is Vietnamese dong, then I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I can still achieve it with a day’s hard work, and I can’t do much. The most is to add a dish when ordering takeout. Also consider the historical period, if it is. During the Republic of China, the currency was over-issued as the “fiat currency”; it was long like this, but it was basically installed like this; you can guess that it is worthless; finally, if it is determined that I can have a salary of 2 million yuan a day, and it is sustainable, it is like Elegant and beautiful, like Ms. Zheng Shuang, who loves animals, loves children, and doesn’t scold others. I will turn the answer to this question into an anonymous identity. Prevent Qiu Fu from digging into my personal information. Next, I will directly donate these 2 million points to those in need! You must be curious why I am so noble? Let me tell you a story: A reporter asked a farmer: “If you have a hundred acres of land, can you donate it to the country?” The farmer replied: “Yes!” Then asked: “If you have one million, you are willing to donate Give it to the country?” The farmer replied: “I am willing” Three questions: “If you have a cow, would you like to donate it to the country?” The farmer replied: “I don’t want to” The reporter wondered: “Why?” The peasant was embarrassed:” Because I really have a cow”

5 months ago

Go to the supermarket to steal drinks. No kidding, sometimes I really want to experience the feeling of nervousness that stimulates my palms to sweat and adrenal hormones when doing bad things, such as going to the supermarket, pinching instant noodles, stealing drinks, and then hiding in the corner and watching the next one. The facial expression of the person who got this bag of noodles and this bottle of drink, wondering, anger and knowing smile? I can’t guess, just like I can’t guess what the next piece of chocolate will taste like, this expectation of the unknown really fascinates me. Perhaps the life of earning 2.08 million per day is hardly the unknown that makes me so obsessed and expected Right. I expect his expression to look like gluttonous anticipation of a feast, maybe like I like to pretend to make mistakes when playing games and throw Molotov cocktails at the feet of my roommates to see their reaction. Is it possible that pranks are human nature? But unfortunately, I don’t have the guts to do this kind of thing at all. According to my current income level, if I do this kind of thing, I am afraid I will really be caught and beaten as a thief. And if I had an income of 2.08 million a day, it would be a big difference. Others would definitely think that I’m cute when I kneaded instant noodles. I didn’t give money for a drink because I didn’t steal it but because I forgot to give it. You see, the daily income of 2.08 million is so colorful and charming.

5 months ago

If I can earn 2 million a day, I will register many entertainment and film companies to sign idol trainees, those handsome and beautiful men and women; when they are not yet famous, sign the squeeze treaty; and then spend money to package them , Hype up people, speculate cp; in this way, if they become popular, I can start harvesting; if I earn 208w a day and draw 200w10, I will earn 2000w a day, and 100 I will earn 20,000wnice a day!

5 months ago

I plan to work seriously for a month and then resign. At this time, my deposit is about 60 million. I rely on. Deposit in the bank, at most buy some capital guaranteed wealth management, I don’t do it, the stocks will never touch, the fund can buy up to hundreds of thousands. 60 million, I can’t finish the interest every year! ! Then I started spending money. I bought a small bungalow with a yard for my parents in my hometown. My parents don’t want to work anymore. They quit their jobs immediately. It’s not uncommon for a pension. My dad went to the park every day and wrote poetry. My mom went with my sisters every day. Take a walk, travel. Buy a small villa for my sister, next to my parents, and buy her a cat and a Shiba Inu. My sister must also quit her job, write novels during the day, take a walk, fluff her hair, and tease the dog. Ask my grandma to have a caregiver, take good care of my grandma, make good food for her, and talk to her. I also spend more time with my family and relatives and never waste time on leaders and colleagues. My husband must also resign. He likes to play table tennis and he opened a table tennis hall to teach children. My mother-in-law doesn’t have to work anymore and travels with relatives. But I can’t publicly announce that I have 60 million. I can say that I have 6 million at most. I’m just like this.

5 months ago

Make a daily profit of 2 million: I must buy a house. Every friend who likes it will give me a set of real estate. Thank you for your appreciation. Every relative wholesales a house, so don’t worry about it all day long. The house is worrisome; to be honest, I really need so much money, and I’m worried about spending money every day, so worrisome. However, if you are poor, you will be alone, and if you are rich, you will benefit the world. Give others some financial help to those who don’t have money, and they will definitely do it. Come back to the house: what kind of investment now can be compared to investing in a house to make money. You only need to invest in a good house, even if it is a very small house, you can make money. The first one is rent, which can make money, just the rent collected is enough for one’s daily expenses. The second is the appreciation of real estate, and this one is also a big one. It is very difficult for a person who works normally to buy a house. If he can’t afford a house now, it’s hard to afford it in the future. At least he can’t afford it in a short period of time, because the rate of property appreciation is faster than wages. The increase is fast. From this perspective, investing in real estate is worth faster and more profitable than investing in yourself.

5 months ago

Let me earn a few more days, don’t be greedy, just follow Shuangzi’s standards. If I can earn 2 million a day and earn 90 days, I will change to a big house to support my parents. The remaining money makes a “Pancake Sauce General Education Competition Fund”. Only students from high schools in counties and towns who have just been lifted out of poverty are eligible to participate in this competition. The assessment content of the competition includes the core principles of the following disciplines and basic business information: China’s economy and industry The economic value of the current profession, Marxist philosophy, criminal law lectures, economics, political economy, political philosophy, statistics, logic, social psychology, personality psychology, consumer psychology, and one assessment goal: students participating in the competition must write two business plans within a short period of time Books, one is the project that can make quick money the most, and the other is the project that does not make money for a long time but is the most beneficial to society. Two months of study and one month of participation. Tutoring guests and judging guests are tentatively set to be Zhihu’s big Vs in various vertical fields, and students who write well will send money directly. Since I can learn biochemistry, language and mathematics well, it is not bad to learn more general knowledge while I am young and have energy. The doomed poverty caused by poor information, the sooner it is eliminated, the better. One can save one. the above.

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