I bought the tickets to and from the hotel, but I don’t know how much it will cost to eat in Beijing. We plan to eat a meal of roast duck and stewed it at any time. Because the student party can’t afford it, the attraction is also the most common summer palace in the Forbidden City. What kind of money do you need?

We had a graduation trip in our dormitory before, and we just chose to travel to Beijing. The following is our itinerary, I hope to help you~ Day 1: Shichahai + Beihai Park + Yandai Xiejie + Houhai (Sit on three jumpers) Nanluoguxiang (Wenyu Shuangpi Milk + Fangzhuchang Hutong No. 69 Line up for fried noodles) Day 2: In the afternoon at the Forbidden City (buy tickets on the official website in advance) 8 am and 5 pm Take pictures Route: Meridian Gate-Wuying Hall-Ci Ning Palace-Yangxin Hall-Qianqing Palace-Baohe Hall——Treasure Hall——Zhonghe Hall——Taihe Day 3: Make an appointment in advance at Peking University and Tsinghua University (Mini program appointment, must be on time) I went to Tsinghua University and went to the National Library along the way. About transportation: Download Yitongxing (Metro) Beijing Public Transport will do. Share some of the beautiful scenery of Beijing~ 1. The Forbidden City is the most complete and largest wooden structure ancient building complex in China and even the world. Here you can experience the inheritance of Chinese civilization. Be sure to buy tickets in advance, grab the tickets on the official website of the Palace Museum or the mini program one day in advance. Go to the Forbidden City and walk to Donghua Gate, walk along the city wall to Meridian Gate. The ticket checker first takes the ID card and Beijing Healthbao to the west side of Wumen for pre-check, and then swipes the ID card from the door to enter the Forbidden City. Looking at the suggestions of Danchen Everlasting Exhibition, pick it up as soon as the door opens or closes in the morning. When I went there were too many people, and I couldn’t see much. There is a free bag storage service in the Forbidden City. You can deposit your bags from Meridian Gate and pick up your bags from Shenwu Gate, so you don’t need to go shopping with your luggage! Recommend the “Fun for the Forbidden City” mini program, which includes the Forbidden City route, mini games, cultural and creative shops, etc.! 2. The Badaling Great Wall is known as one of the nine great walls in the world in history. It is the essence of the Great Wall and is uniquely representative of the Great Wall in the Ming Dynasty. It is highly recommended that the newly opened Great Wall bus directly goes to the Badaling Great Wall scenic spot from Beijing. It is more economical and more affordable than self-driving, more convenient and time-saving than ordinary bus transfers, and provides convenience for immersive tours in the scenic area. The Great Wall Bus runs on Saturdays and Sundays. Departure location: Exit C of the National Library Metro Station. Departure time: 09:00 If you are climbing the Great Wall by yourself, I have some experience for your reference. The vast majority of tourists climbed from the north first floor to the north eighth floor and descended the mountain. The road from the north eighth floor to the north tenth floor is extremely steep and difficult to climb, but there is also a reason because the north first floor to the north eighth floor have been exhausted. So I suggest that you can climb backwards and go uphill from the north eleventh floor to the north eighth floor. There are few tourists in this section and you can take some good photos. 3. Temple of Heaven Park where the emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties worshipped the gods of heaven and earth and prayed for a good harvest. There are four entrances to the park, and most of them choose to enter at the south gate and exit at the east gate. The South Gate is near Jingtai Subway Station, and the East Gate entrance is near Tiantan East Gate Subway Station. It is recommended to enter from the South Gate, because the emperors of the past went to the Temple of Heaven to worship the emperor and pray for abundance of grains. To understand the history and story of a scenic spot, you still have to start from the beginning! This way you will be able to play all of them without fail. The Temple of Heaven is the general name of the two altars of Tuqiu and Qigu. There are two altar walls to form an inner and outer altar. The altar wall is round in the south and north, symbolizing the place where the sky is round. The main building is the inner altar. The round hill altar is in the south and the Qigu altar is in the north. The two altars are on the same north-south axis, separated by a wall. The main buildings in the Yuqiu altar include the Yuqiu altar, the imperial dome, etc., and the main buildings in the Qigu altar include the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, the Hall of Emperor God, and the Gate of Prayer for Good Harvests. 4. The most well-preserved imperial palace garden in the Summer Palace is known as the “Royal Garden Museum”. Reminder: The Summer Palace is a large area. It is recommended to plan the route in advance. If you want to wear ancient costumes and take photos, you can prepare your own before entering the garden. The more concentrated attractions of the Summer Palace are in the Houhu area. Go in from the north gate, after passing through Suzhou Street (Suzhou Street and Foxiang Pavilion are temporarily closed for maintenance), turn left ← and walk to the Houhu area. Autumn scenery is mainly in Houhu (especially the left area) To Xie Qu Yuan and Le Shou Tang, the road is smooth, as long as you walk straight along the back of the lake. Because there are quite a lot of people shooting here in Houhu, the road is not too wide, pay attention to safety, I personally recommend Xie Qu Yuan, relatively speaking, there are fewer people! ! 5. Yuanmingyuan Qing Dynasty imperial palace garden, once the garden of ten thousand gardens, is now ruined, telling the unforgettable history of the past. Now when we step into the Yuanmingyuan again, we can only pay tribute to the wreckage (Zhengjue Temple is the only place in the garden that survives The building that has been preserved to this day, but is currently being repaired and is not open), looking for the glorious figure of the empire from the broken bricks, falling leaves, and remaining wreckage. This is a page in Chinese history that cannot be ignored. It is a pain and memory that every Chinese cannot forget. The Old Summer Palace is dominated by gardens with few relics, so it is still dominated by natural landscapes. Many citizens who exercise in the morning are regular visitors. It is also a popular place for autumn outings and patriotism education in elementary and middle schools. There are a lot of cartoon statues of Qing emperor, Gege, elder brother, guards in the garden. They are lovely and lovely~ Don’t forget to take photos with them when you see them. We are also afraid of being pitted. We did a lot of strategies and looked for a lot of guides. Later, friends introduced them. I recommended Xiaoxiao, a young and enthusiastic girl with a good attitude and attentive person. Like an old friend I haven’t seen for many years, you can consult the situation if you need it.


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5 months ago

A meal of roast duck, a meal of marinated stew, whatever else you can eat and eat, three days and two nights tour, tickets and hotels have been booked, as far as meals, tickets, and transportation costs are less than 800 yuan, mainly the tickets for scenic spots in Beijing are not expensive , Are dozens of yuan, some don’t need money. It’s a long way to go to the Badaling Great Wall, and you have to take a train. Most of the attractions are near the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace. Since it is a student party, it is recommended to use the subway and shared bicycles as the main means of transportation. The Forbidden City must go early. It is best to go to the entrance of the Meridian Gate at 7 o’clock in the morning, and strive to be the first person to enter the Forbidden City, avoid the crowds and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Come out of the Forbidden City and go directly to Jingshan Park. The top of Jingshan Mountain is the best view overlooking the capital. The aerial views of the Forbidden City are all taken here. Go to the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube at night, where the night scenery is mainly beautiful, but it is not beautiful during the day. By the way, the night view of the National Centre for the Performing Arts is also very beautiful, so you must take pictures and check in. In addition, you can stroll around on Qianmen Street. It should have been updated and upgraded. Think about it, I haven’t been to Beijing in two years. I don’t know if the Begonia flower in Yuandadu Ruins Park is still there. You can search the phone on Baidu and call to ask (the friends in the comment area report that Huaer has lost). The sunset at the Summer Palace is very beautiful, better than Hangzhou West Lake. Beijing’s latitude is high and the sun goes down relatively late. My suggested route is to play near the Forbidden City on the first day, including the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Beihai Park, Shichahai, Jingshan Park, and go to the National Grand Theater and Qianmen Street in the evening. On the second day, I went to play near the Summer Palace, including the Summer Palace and the Old Summer Palace Ruins Park. After watching the sunset in the Summer Palace in the evening, I went to see the night view of the Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube. On the third day, I went to the Badaling Great Wall. I went early, but it was hard to get crowded when I went to the Great Wall. There were many people on the Great Wall.

5 months ago

My aunt in Beijing: 1 Live at Jinjiang Inn (Beijing South Railway Station, No. 9 Yongdingmen Street, Dongcheng District) 265 yuan, use a shared bicycle directly on the second ring road, ride to Tiantan Park in 10 minutes, Tiananmen Square in 20 minutes, Forbidden City, go down one line-Beihai, Jingshan Park Houhai 2 ride 15 minutes to Yutingqiao-cheap room roast duck restaurant, eat roast duck, 300 yuan is enough, duck racks don’t make soup, let him fried 3 old Tianqiao brine Cook (Xicheng District-the southeast side of the intersection of Wanming Road and Renmin Road) 15 minutes of cycling (opposite the west gate of Tiantan Park, ride on the opposite side of the horse, turn right at the second intersection) -27 yuan/bowl 4 Summer Palace: ride three Ten minutes (ride along the road, cross Taoranting to the crossroad of Caishikou Fulu, turn right, ride to Metro Line 4-Taoranting Station), take Metro Line 4-Beigongmen Station and get out of Beijing, don’t catch a traffic jam. Drivers are mostly out-of-town people and detour; use bicycles + subways without traffic jams, the best travel route, you take a taxi, bus traffic jams, especially on holidays~1 It is convenient to ride where I live at the address I recommend, and the transportation fee is lower. Yes, save time 2 In addition to accommodation, it is the ticket. You can check the ticket and add the accommodation fee to know your expenses. Cycling saves energy. 5 Climb the Badaling Great Wall: High-speed rail-G2447~6:25 Beijing North Railway Station (Xizhimen ), G8883, 8:51, 35 minutes to reach the Badaling Great Wall back to the city and buy the Beijing North Railway Station (don’t buy Qinghe) The Jinjiang Inn I recommend is in a good location, just outside the bus station, at the west gate of Tiantan Park Between the South Gate and Tiananmen Square, ride from the hotel to the subway line 2 and take the subway to the North Station

5 months ago

Braised stew is not expensive, you should be in your early 30s. Roast duck is actually made in many places. If you don’t go to the big stores in the scenic spots, such as the Quanjude store in Qianmen, it is not expensive. The most important thing is to try not to eat at the scenic spots. The surrounding areas are very expensive. For three days, I don’t think we should go to Badaling because it is too far. It’s better to transfer to museums, all for free, no cost, National Museum, Military Museum, Natural Museum. Except for the Summer Palace in the Forbidden City, other parks are basically free. The Summer Palace in the Forbidden City has a total of more than 100, and the total is less than 100 in other places. Regardless of accommodation fees, not much money.

5 months ago

You’ve got the hotel and the round-trip tickets, and you won’t spend much money on the rest. Eight hundred yuan should be no problem. A meal of roast duck counts as two hundred, a portion of braised cooking does not exceed 35, plus one roasted white for one dollar. Other meals are also processed as 35 meals. There are many attractions in Beijing, but the tickets are cheap. The most expensive is only 60 yuan, so you can rest assured. In terms of transportation, there is not much to go in, but it is a bit more expensive to go to and from the Great Wall (tourist line 1 fare is 60 yuan). I went to Beijing to entertain myself in accordance with the specifications of the student party. After all, the money is not brought by the wind, the emphasis is on experience. I hope you all have fun and leave beautiful memories that you will never forget!

5 months ago

Roast duck is better to recommend Four Seasons Minfu, and Dianping can search for a nearby one. Don’t go to Qianmen Avenue where the service is not good. But try to go at three or four in the afternoon, or you can arrange the number in advance. Before, I took my friends to eat at Wangfujing, and I only eat it at 10:30 in the evening when I go at five. The Siji Minfu couple ordered half a roast duck, a little bit of greasy side dishes, yogurt, almond tofu and the like, almost 300 are good. I have eaten a lot in other roast duck restaurants. Friends in old Beijing often say which ones are better when I was young, but I feel that the traditional old restaurants only have roast duck flavor (although I don’t have an impression). The other dishes are average, the service is not good, and the price is very high. Expensive, not very recommended, especially in Quanjude…Luo Zhu just find a living area in the hutong (don’t eat in tourist areas like Houhai, Wudaoying, etc., expensive and unpalatable) It’s good to eat in a small restaurant with good diarrhea. It is very likely that you don’t like it. The price is not expensive. For Beijing snacks, I prefer Men Ding Meatloaf, you can also try it! For scenic spots, tickets must be booked in advance for the Forbidden City Summer Palace, which is probably already sold out by this time. In comparison, the price of food in Beijing has been rising in recent years. It is significantly more expensive than other cities in China (except Lhasa), and the food is not as good as some cities in the south. Transportation is basically accessible by subway or bus. As far as the tickets are concerned, the price of large attractions is really not expensive, basically tens of dollars apiece, small ones such as Beihai Park, Jingshan Park and the like are only ten yuan. If you like art and literature, you can also go to 798 for free. Walking in the alleys is also free. Transfers in Houhai are also free. There are also the National Museum, the National Library, and the National Grand Theater. If you are interested, you can also take a circle, edify, and just look at the architecture. If you like tea, you can find Wu Yutai at random. There are many gift boxes in Qianmen Street and other scenic spots, and the staff may sell them, but the price seems to be the same as other stores. It is recommended to buy bulk ones; Daoxiang Village is not as good as the southern pastries. But you can bring some, don’t go to scenic spots like Wangfujing to buy it, it’s expensive and not good. There are many branches in Daoxiang Village in Beijing. Just search on your mobile phone. Many big supermarkets also sell them. If you buy more, you can also ask the clerk to help pack the boxes. In addition, some subway stations may be closed during major holidays. Pay attention to the broadcasts in the station. Beijing’s epidemic prevention and control are relatively strict, and Beijing Health Care is ready in advance. I wish you a happy May Day!

5 months ago

Now that the hotel and the round-trip tickets are booked, the basic cost is a bit more expensive. If you really want to play and eat, it really won’t cost you much. Since I don’t know how many of you are, if you eat roast duck, you can eat a hundred per capita very well, but May 1 is a bit too many and it may be crowded. Braised cooking is even cheaper and can be done at 20-30. Other old Beijing fried noodles are not expensive at 20 yuan. Other meals are priced at the market price as long as they are not eaten in the scenic area. Other tickets for the Forbidden City are divided into low and peak seasons. Student tickets are 30 or 40, and museums and parks are basically free. Tickets don’t cost a lot of money. But basically you need to make an appointment in advance, and it’s okay if you make an appointment in advance

5 months ago

I will remind you to eat this part. Don’t go to the cheap shop for roast duck Quanjude… If you budget on eating, go to Dadong, Jiuhua Mountain. If it is delicious, go to Siji Minfu, Duck King. Don’t look for it by the roadside. When you go to Guijie, you can go to the old Beixinqiao shop, which is relatively balanced and has two fat meats. To the west, you can go to the door frame braised pork at Xinjiekou. There is a stewed Lu at Ping’anli subway station, who likes to eat tightly. Go south to Xiaochang Chen on Nanheng Street. On the roast duck side, the name of the person can be, and the chain has quality control guarantee. You can only recognize the store for this type of stewed cooking. Don’t see the stewed stewed at the door frame and go in. These are all near the subway, so don’t worry about it.

5 months ago

I quite like the taxi masters in Beijing, who are enthusiastic. Call one in the future. The drivers in every city are tour guides. There will always be discrepancies between the planning and the actual situation. Ask the master if there are any changes in the attractions. Don’t go for a trip in vain, but don’t be fooled. I have eaten three braised pork in Beijing, the price difference is a bit big, small shops 20 to 30, 40 to 50 braised pork, his belly is also quite good. If you are here, try Yanjing Beer. I have spent half of China in college in the past few years. Yanjing Beer is the best beer I have ever drunk! I just don’t know how it is with Xinjiang Usubi.

5 months ago

One or two hundred roast ducks are good enough. To be honest, stewed in a stew can’t be served on the table, usually about 35 for a serving. There is basically no budget needed for the Summer Palace and the like. It is recommended to buy a Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Travel Card, and you will pay back if you go to two scenic spots. You can also buy annual tickets for Beijing Park. This may not be cost-effective for a single play, but it is super cost-effective to go often. These are all sold in Jingdong Mall. It is estimated that other e-commerce platforms are the same. It’s hard to say a budget for meals. Keep it simple. Buy a few biscuits a day. Ten yuan a day is enough. It’s extravagant. There is really no upper limit for a day. Generally speaking, one person can eat well between one hundred and two hundred a day. However, the market snacks in Beijing are indeed too general. Compared with the south, the price is high and unpalatable. In terms of transportation, the Beijing public transportation and subway shared bicycles are almost enough, not much for a day, thirty is enough. Take a taxi or rent a car separately. Tickets for various concerts, Peking operas, cross talks and other performances can be booked in advance from Damai.com, depending on personal wishes. There are also many free museum exhibition halls. Those who are interested can pay attention to the Beijing Tong app, which is very convenient. Generally speaking, regardless of accommodation, the daily budget is about 400, the basic budget arrangement is very good. If you want to save money to play, there is no problem with fifty a day. Living in Beijing is indeed too expensive. If you have relatives and friends, it is also a good arrangement to take refuge.

5 months ago

It doesn’t cost much to eat. It’s not expensive to cook it. It’s thirty or forty. My impression is that for roast duck, I have eaten the Four Seasons Minfu, which is also delicious. It feels better than Quanjude, and it’s not as expensive as Quanjude. , Should it be considered as recommended by a local? I have also heard others say that word-of-mouth should be good anyway. The store I went to in the Forbidden City was considered an Internet celebrity. I had to wait in line for several hours, and I could go to other stores in Four Seasons Minfu, other foods, in fact, It’s similar to other places, you can eat as much as you want, and there are many different price points. I saw someone recommend Nanluoguxiang. How do I say it? Although I like to go there, I feel that it is a place where locals don’t go very often. There are also snacks, but most of them are Internet celebrities. I like to start all over again. Eat to the end, but on May Day, you must be mentally prepared. It is estimated that there will be a lot of people. I have been there on November of a year, and there are almost the same people and ants. If you want to visit the alley and there are too many people, you can walk from there. In Wudaoying Hutong, you can take the Guozijian road on the road. There will be fewer people on this route, and these can be searched on the map. For the Forbidden City and other attractions, you need to make an appointment in advance. I don’t know if you have made an appointment. It seems that the current limit is now. The tickets for the Forbidden City are all over. It’s about one meal. I think one, two hundred, two or three hundred per person per day is fine. It depends on how you eat.

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