There is a kind of black humor that covers the whole world, but human beings rarely pay attention to it: people who mix very well often regard themselves as losers, and they want to beat all the powerful people to be the first. People who are very crotched often feel very good about themselves. They think that they are not at the bottom of the food chain at all. You said he couldn’t eat anymore, he pointed at the dead person next to him, and said you see, the insider can’t even eat shit, why don’t you say him? And the insatiable people often lose themselves in the crowds. It takes a long time for them to find themselves in their graduation photos before they can find themselves who are neither ugly nor handsome, nor can they laugh or lose. On the bustling commercial street, they occasionally glanced at the figure shot out of the glass of the mall, and they had to look for it to see themselves. They have worked in the company for several years, and by chance they had a close contact with the chairman of the board. The chairman was all smiles: A new partner who just joined? Every time they encounter a crush on campus, they try their best to control their facial expressions and body language. As long as they are still in the other’s field of vision, they must maintain a reserved but expressive look. When the time is right to write a love letter to confess, the one who has a crush on a face is stunned: Ahh, are you? Yes, the biggest frustration of mediocre people is not ordinary itself, but the large wide-angle lens of society, which can focus on 10 billion pixels for three days and three nights, and they can’t take the mediocre self. People often say: For oneself, the world is a mirror. The mediocre people say: The world is a wall. black. In my opinion, all people who question the meaning of life because of mediocrity want to please the wall of the world too much. They always hope that by using their own flesh and blood on the wall, they will be able to reflect their own shadows somehow. This is a typical living for others. People step on horses for a lifetime without giving themselves alive, and devote all their energy to the feedback given to them by all things in the universe. People who praise you will be happy, people who complain about you will be frustrated, they will be angry when they meet spleen, and they will be sad when they see tears. Is this stupid? Still too stupid? To be alive, to live is an experience of your own, rather than an experience that the outside world changes form due to your existence and then gives back to you. This is all false. The superior sees countless smiling faces every day, do these people really like him? But not necessarily, many of them hide knives in their smiles. When the downfall encountered a dog, he would be barked several times. Does the world hate him so much? That must not be! Some people are just happy to wave their hands. Look, there is a scum with only 5 combat power inside-to show that they are not the weakest. All the feedback given to you by nature in this world is true. You punched the wall and your hand hurts. This is really painful. All the feedback, meaning, and sense of existence based on the human heart are mostly imaginary. You scream, people ignore you. This does not necessarily mean that people do not hurt, he is just afraid of you being powerful, afraid of you beating him. The mediocre people are often troubled because they don’t even have the opportunity to say anything. Let alone feedback, let alone your own feelings, let alone the meaning of life… In fact, since you know that these feedbacks are fake, you don’t have to be miserable, and you can’t tell the truth. Live for yourself Comrades, the meaning of life for everyone is internalized in the heart. The joy that the heavens and the earth give you is true joy; the sorrow that Hua Yingyueming gives you is true sorrow. The meaning of human life lies in what you see, what you hear, what your hands touch, and what you can reach. Bring these together to form a unique code that belongs only to you, and give it back to all things in the universe, spanning life and death. between. This person who rides a horse is called a horse: meaning! As for others who envy you for being close to the immortal, or slandering you for grotesque behavior, let him let him, and everything is up to him. These messages are all the meaning of his life, and they can’t be added to your body. People often complain to me, saying that they have spent half their lives and never live out themselves. I laughed: You all have a mouth in your heart, and you never thought about what you are, what you have, and what you want. Only when you can live out of yourself, you met Nie Xiaoqian! A group of fucking incredible creatures. Ah.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

“A Mediocre Like Me” follows a predetermined secular trajectory to carry on his own life step by step. This is ordinary us. We can do this. Or, on this basis, do what you like and make sense. As long as you are willing to. I was born in a small town, ordinary and mediocre. I never feel how good I am, in any way. When I was in elementary school, the amount of reading was pretty good, so my Chinese was very good. When I was in middle and high school, I was addicted to online novels and games. Although I still spent most of my energy on learning, I was limited by talent and my college entrance examination scores were not high. The best test is Chinese, 118. This is almost the highest Chinese test score in my three years of high school. When I came to university, I found that I was more mediocre and even lost my basic self-confidence. I always like to have my own ideas, and then take them with them, write them in my diary, and inject my feelings. I always want to record beautiful things, so I drew some pictures. I can reap happiness, which may be one of the meanings. I don’t think I have a talent that surpasses ordinary people, in any respect. I also fished for three days and dried the net for two days. Painting and recording are probably one of the few hobbies I have kept so far. My dream is to have a stable job. In my spare time, I can lay out pictures, write words, and follow my passion. This is very small and very ordinary. After my friend talked to me today, I said this. He said a bit of salted fish. I said that I lie down and laugh at it, and that peace in my life is happiness. In the case of normal life, such as studies, such as work, such as marriage, such as education, try to do well. In this spare time, you can have your own time and energy to accomplish your favorite things. The years are so long, it is to find something to spend. Small things, long-term persistence, can also have a lot of world. I look back at the graffiti in high school and compare it with today’s paintings. There is progress. that’s enough. Take a footprint every day and grow little by little. Think day by day, get something monthly. It took me a long time to understand that if you want you to remember me, you don’t need to say my name aloud three times when you say goodbye. Instead, you’re trying to be as high as you when you turn your head over and you’ll know that I am Who. Hope to find someone I love, of course, she loves me better. I don’t know what kind of person I will meet next, but I can be sure that no matter what kind of person the other person is, she must also long for me to be excellent, calm, and mature. So I don’t need to spend a lot of time imagining what the future should be. Instead, I should spend all the waiting to arm myself, just to be able to confidently say when I meet you one day: “I know you are fine, but I am not bad. I hope I can take every step of my life well. There are not too many quarrels, more understanding. Not too much stubbornness, more understanding. Hope I will meet her someday , You can say: “For the rest of your life, please advise. “Then walk this long life side by side with her. When we are young, we can travel freely. When we are old, we can support each other and appreciate the most beautiful scenery in the world. This is a short and long life. We have Try our best to live an ordinary life. But we use our best to live a beautiful life. This should be the meaning.

5 months ago

I don’t have a good appearance, and I don’t have the capital to squander, I have been ordinary since I was young. It’s usually quiet in front of people, and it looks like it’s not good at talking. Individuals are very independent and try to do their own things by themselves. Never take the initiative to talk to or help with the opposite sex, rarely express myself, and always be transparent in the crowd. The news is always from group chats, official accounts, and various flagship stores, and I often feel that I am not doing well enough and look ugly. My heart is very sensitive, and sometimes someone’s unintentional words may make myself depressed all day. Talking to others is always gentle, carrying the sad things on your own, listening to music for a night, and falling asleep is a new day. In the brightly lit night, watching the stars and the moon fall boredly, it’s a cycle every day. Whenever someone asks why I am not in love, I always prevaricate with trouble. Someone started asking me who I really liked, and I downplayed the negative. My friend told me, maybe you haven’t met someone you really like, but I can’t tell them. In fact, I met it, but I met it too early, so that I lost it before I had time to figure it out. In the ordinary days of more than 20 years, I have not been able to become my own moon, and I have achieved nothing, and I can’t surprise anyone. What is the meaning of being a mediocre me? Your mother, I prefer the desertedness in my own bones, quiet by nature, but also aloof and obeying my heart. The shadow under my feet has never been willing to try to be like anyone, and I have never been offended by the wind and rain sweeping a few streets. My yearning for a better life is the meaning of my life. I want to work hard, make a little money, and then achieve financial independence and do what I want to do. Go to the beach to watch a sunset, feel the sea breeze on your face, forget all your worries for a while, the sunset is like a salted duck egg yolk. Ride a horse on the prairie to see the wild flowers being blown by the wind, cattle and sheep rushing, the prairie is like a torrential rain. The blade of grass rolls, and when you step on it, there will be a creaking patter and gentleness. Travel to remote villages. In the evening, the wind is very light, and the sky is hung with white clouds. On the quaint stone bridge in the small town, the big dog is walking slowly along the avenue of sunset. I also want to write about the moon in my hometown, make up for the debt to my family, apologize for my ignorant past, and forgive my life’s shortcomings. At that time, the sky was very blue and close, and the sunset glow smudged on the horizon, and the village gave out circles of white smoke. The girl and I stood under an old tree full of chestnuts, gently beating autumn. I now want to meet someone who can share my feelings. Watching the moonlight faintly climbing up the treetops, grasping the little luck in the ordinary days, planting a flower that grows toward the sun in my heart, which is more fragrant than all fine wines. Someone asked a mediocre person, what is the meaning of life? In fact, no matter how magnificent life is, it will ultimately return to plain firewood, rice, oil, salt and dust. I thank myself for living humble and fresh. Some people say that being alive is very tiring. Actually, I haven’t had any hardships in life. This life is fortunate to be loved by my family and taken care of by my friends. Most of the reasons for my unhappiness are that I have magnified myself, and some small setbacks in life have failed. There will always be a lot of ordinary happiness in life to indulge in. For example, the delicious foods eaten every day, the interesting clips shared with friends; after washing the clothes that have been accumulated for a long time, I reap praise and care from strangers; under the gentle sunset, go downstairs in the community to feed the stray kittens and let them go Throwing and rolling in his arms. Life is made up of scattered fragments. Sometimes it’s easy and happy. If you are willing to use the most delicate emotions to experience the ordinary and trivial wrapped in fireworks, you will gain new softness and touch from it. If we feel unhappy, it may just be that we put our focus on the wrong place, so we don’t have to stay on one thing for too long. Life is boring, but when you run, there will be wind.

5 months ago

Seeing this problem, I just think of a French niche fairy tale that I recently read-“Oscar and Granny Rose”; this is a book about the plot of life, very romantic and very healing. When Oscar, who was suffering from cancer, met Grandma Rose, a volunteer in the hospital, he seemed to have lived a long life in the last twelve days of his life. Grandma Rose said, you have to live every day as ten years and make a wish to God every day. On the first day, Oscar told God that he was born in the morning, five years old at noon, and ten years old at night, but he didn’t know anything before he was ten. The next day, he began to have the worries of adolescence. He likes a beautiful girl, Peggy, whose skin has turned blue because of a strange disease. At noon he felt that he was 15 years old and it was time to confess to the girl. But another black-haired girl with leukemia who he called a Chinese girl said that he had never kissed a girl. So, in order to prove that he bravely offered his first kiss to a Chinese girl. In the evening, he was 18 years old, and with the encouragement of Grandma Rose, he finally confessed to Peggy Blue successfully. He made a wish to God: I want to marry Peggy. On the third day, he moved towards the age of thirty and married Blue Peggy. So he climbed onto Blue Peggy’s bed, and the nurses roared. But at the critical moment, Grandma Rose protected them. He worries about whether there will be children with mouth-to-mouth kisses, especially what if the Chinese girl has a child. But Grandma Rose definitely said no. The two of them had a very happy day with Granny Rose. Blue Peggy will have an operation tomorrow. He made a wish: Let Peggy go well. On the fourth day, from 30 to 40 years old, he felt a little troubled in life. He was sick and his wife had an operation. He guarded the blue Peggy until she opened her eyes for the second time in the evening. After the day, he also felt very good, because she got along well with Granny Rose and father-in-law. There is no wish today, God can rest for a day. On the fifth day, in his forties, he was completely plunged into a midlife crisis. The thing about kissing a Chinese girl was discovered by Blue Peggy. Peggy was about to break her relationship. Everyone in the building thought Oscar was a playboy, and he was very sad. Finally he asked God: Tomorrow Christmas, what gift should I give to God. On the sixth day, early on Christmas morning, he was over half a hundred years old and finally reconciled with Peggy in tears. But Grandma Rose wants to go home, Peggy wants to stay with her family again, and the hospital is very depressed, so he decides to plan a big escape and secretly hides into the back box of Grandma Rose’s classic car. In order to find Oscar, the hospital found Oscar’s grandmother Rose, and had a deep heart-to-heart conversation with Oscar. Oscar promised his parents to come to Granny Rose’s house for Christmas. Very enjoyable evening. Forgot to make a wish. On the seventh day, I was in my early sixties, paying the price for yesterday’s excessive activity, and the pen heavier and heavier. Peggy is recovering well, her skin is beginning to turn pink, and the two of them listen to music hand in hand like an old couple. The wish is, God, come and see me. On the eighth day, in his seventies, I discussed life, death, faith, and God with Peggy. He made a wish again, hoping to see God. On the ninth day, in her eighties, Peggy’s skin became normal and she was discharged from the hospital in good health. He knew that he might never see her. I was lying on the bed alone, my hair fell out, I felt sad, and aging was really hateful. He said to God, I don’t like you today. On the tenth day, when he was over ninety years old, he suddenly felt that he was in love with everything that God had created. Thank God. On the eleventh day, he was over a hundred years old, and he slept for a long time and felt good. He said to his parents, life is a peculiar gift, one hundred years old, when a person is too old to move, one must use wisdom to enjoy life! On the twelfth day, he wrote: Oh, I am a hundred and ten years old, but I am a bit old, I think I am beginning to die. The story is not long, but after reading it, it feels like I was on the scene and spent this long life. There is another touching detail in the story. At Christmas, Grandma Rose gave Oscar a gift. It is a plant that grows in the Sahara and can only live for one day in a lifetime. The seeds germinate and grow as soon as they come into contact with water, then wither and wither, and it’s all over at night. As a flower, it is very weak, but it bravely fulfills all missions as a plant, in one day, like a hero, without slack. We will die eventually. Death only reminds us that life is limited. Bloom bravely like a flower, even if it’s just a flash in the pan, what does it matter? Use the twelfth letter Oscar in the book as the end of the motto: Life is a peculiar gift. At the beginning, we overestimated this gift, thinking that we had eternal life. Then, I underestimated it, thought it was rotten, short-lived, and almost abandoned it. In the end, people realized that this is not a gift, but just a loan. So, we try to be worthy of this life.

5 months ago

The mediocre people can also work hard to live, set some small goals for themselves, and complete them one by one without thinking too much, just do it! Fighting, fighting every day, for those who look upset, can’t directly fight, just verbal and insinuating on the Internet, it feels too cool! When you really feel painful and anxious, you can also consider medication. It is not shameful to be sick, but it is shameful to refuse treatment. Be a little bit more spicy, and it’s best to have the temperament of an aunt. As soon as you seem to be a delicate little mushroom, then everyone wants to blame you, and everyone wants to pinch the soft persimmon. You should be scolded, you should scold, and you should be polite. Living comfortably is the beginning of a lifetime romance.

5 months ago

I used to think about these issues every day when I was suffering from depression. Now that I see this problem, to be honest, I feel very melancholy and miss it. Well, it is enough to laugh at all the past, now, please let me answer this question seriously. (It’s really not my good point to chew words, but I will work hard!) Among the words…well, I hope that you on the opposite side of the screen can watch it patiently! Let’s talk about myself first. I found that it’s not just me. I’m more depressed than I was at that time. There are a lot of people living in confusion, and I feel like a living world independent and around me. If I have to use it A color to describe the world in my eyes at that time, it must be gray! That kind of numbness, to be honest, really lonely! Even now, I often feel that my feelings are different from ordinary people’s indifference. I don’t know whether it is the fault left over from the beginning or my own cause. I have had headaches countless times because of this. As for how I got out, I will talk about it later. I don’t know why you, who is on the other side of the screen, asked this question for what reason, but as someone who came by, I know very well that at that moment, or even now, it is still the same. If there are a few impressive words to describe you in this state, I think there is nothing more than the five words “Abyss Gazer”. If you are really confused and not a momentary negative or feeling, then I can probably understand how you feel when facing such a title. If it’s the latter, then I don’t need to say anything more here, just vent your emotions, find someone close to talk to them, or go for a walk, change your mood, I think it’s all right. And if it is the former, I hope you, even if you frown, you will see the end! And I will also write down my own thoughts on your problem later. First of all, there is no need to feel pity for the same disease or subjective rejection. In fact, as long as you observe carefully, you will find that most of the people around you have had the experience of “gazing into the abyss”, only deep or shallow. To put it bluntly, it may be a bit stinging, but the truth is that you are lost in life! Numb! It’s the first time to be a human being. Who hasn’t been confused yet, and how many people have really lived up to a few expensive periods of time? In fact, my purpose of saying this is to tell you that this is a very normal thing. There is no need to worry too much about it, let alone to separate yourself from the whole world subjectively. Sometimes, when we look back, we are surprised to find that we ourselves are the biggest enemy hindering our progress. Similarly, only when we are willing to open our hearts, willing to accept and listen, willing to discover and pay attention, and willing to look forward to and change, can we find an answer that truly belongs to us in the bottom of our heart. Similarly, only at this time will we be willing to believe, believe in the answer we have found, and let go of it because of this. Perhaps this is only a moment, just a change of thought. Or maybe, it will take a long time. Everyone’s situation is different, but as long as you stop staring at the abyss, I believe that your eyes will eventually reflect dazzling colors. At this time, when someone asks you the same question, maybe you will feel strange, kind and miss like me. Apart from feeling, you will truly feel that you have already had a fortune. Intangible wealth. Some thoughtfully said a few more words, let’s talk about how to solve the problem below. First of all, let’s talk about your problem. What is the meaning of life? This is a metaphysical problem. I have been pursuing the answer to this question for a long time, but then I discovered that the answer is actually very simple, and there are countless ones. You may be surprised to see this, but it is true. This is the conclusion that I have thought about countless times. What I want to emphasize is that this conclusion is only the result of my thinking, it does not mean that it is my answer. Well, I don’t know if you can understand it, I will try my best to make it clear. (I have limited expressive ability, thinking hard…) I used to have no sleep for how many nights because of the same problem. In the end, I discovered that I had not found my own answer. What I want to say is that, in fact, this question cannot be given to you by others. For such a question, different people and even things will get different answers from different angles. Because everyone has their own life, different lives determine that our final answer may be similar, but it is by no means the same. Because only when a person really finds his own answer, he will truly understand what his answer is, and before finding his own answer, everyone is just on the way to find the answer. And in this world, how many people can really find their own answers? Therefore, the people who can really answer your question are those who are mediocre but have found their own meaning in life. Their answers belong only to themselves, and they are all correct. In the same way, for yourself, only you can find your own answer to this question. There are also different answers from different perspectives on why people live and what their meanings other than individual individuals are. To make an analogy, from the perspective of “home”, there are new people with a new home. Isn’t people trying to live to build another new home? From the perspective of “nation”, the answer becomes the continuation of the country, and the continuation of the national culture is different. From the perspective of all mankind, the reason why people live is because our ancestors survived the cruel natural environment, evolved into human beings, and continued their efforts from generation to generation. And the meaning of our efforts to live is not for the continuation of race, the continuation of life? But this is only for humans. If the earth has thoughts, you think it is, why do humans live? Does it make sense? If the entire universe has thoughts, what do you think is the answer to the question for it? What if parallel universes are added? Adding all the dimensional spaces, plus the latitude of time… step by step approaching the limit of human cognition, and then beyond the limit of human cognition, do you think the answer to this question will be the same? Human life is the process of continuously discovering problems and then searching for answers. The same question may have different answers at different time periods. The answers to all questions are only our supervisor’s cognition. The so-called correct answer will only exist when we believe it! Well, the above are some of my thoughts on this issue. Next, I want to talk about my suggestions, I hope it will help you. (Ma yeah~, accidentally stayed up all night) To make a long story short, what I said before is actually not important, what is important is how to get out of the negativity and darkness. Because I believe that as far as the problem itself is concerned, since you, who is on the other side of the screen, think of this problem, you must have your own understanding and opinions, perhaps more profound than my knowledge and understanding. (Self-deprecating~) The reason for asking this question, I think, is more because of loneliness. Here is a self-recommendation. If you don’t dislike it, you can choose a contact method and reply to tell me. Although I am not very good at talking, I am very willing to be your close friend. Suggestion 1: Keep exercising. Suggestion 2: When you feel tired, watch more inspirational movies when you have time. Suggestion 3: After work and exercise, cultivate a hobby that specializes in your own research. Suggestion 4: Arrange time to learn the key to communicating with others. Tip 5: Arrange time to learn speaking skills and practice frequently. Tip 6: Spend reasonable money on things you are interested in and plan how to earn back the spent money. Tip 7: Try to manage your finances and make money for your own small vault. A detailed planning proposal 8: Establish your own principles and draw your own bottom line. Summary: Don’t be immersed in the confusion and numbness of the past, and strive to boldly move forward and climb up! Adjust your mentality, keep your feet on the ground, and look up at the stars. Remember that sentence and take it as a warning-when you are staring at the abyss, the abyss is staring at you too! Finally, I hope you don’t ignore the colorful surroundings because of the obscuration of the abyss. Your life is short, and you will cherish it!

5 months ago

If you can’t change the world, then use your own way to know the world. It’s good to be a bystander. Those big shots are the material for our gossip, so we just watched the play with melon seeds. When I was young, I always thought that hard work would get everything. But later discovered that effort is not worth mentioning in the face of talent, and talent is not worth mentioning in terms of relationship and money. Many things want to be done, and most likely it is luck. Just as the Round Table Group mentioned in one issue that there was a person who specializes in taking care of the wealth of the wealthy. Others asked him why these people have such a large wealth, and then he replied, pure lucky, pure luck. The person who can ride the torrent of the times is the greatest luck, and the inheritance of the family’s industry is also a great luck. When the class slowly solidifies, fewer and fewer people come up from the bottom, and more and more people will lie flat. like me. Therefore, to be a mediocre person, you should strive or struggle, especially when you are young, because this will raise your life to a lower limit as much as possible. But the premise is that you want to fight for yourself, not that your boss tells you to fight or your mother tells you to fight. Do what you can and don’t give yourself too big a goal. In this world, there is no big difference between me and me, so why should I devote my time to work to the boss? Mediocre people, wives and children are the best home, family friendship and love are the most important things in this life. Enrich your inner world, enjoy life and feel life as far as possible, even if you don’t have much money, you can live a happy life. As long as you are at peace and don’t compare with more people. Mediocrity does not mean a dull life. Most people in the world are mediocre, but don’t expect too much to be painless. Although that sentence is not said by Wang Xiaobo, it is also very reasonable. A person’s suffering stems from the gap between his abilities and what he wants. A little bit of Buddhism, just accept it when you see it, don’t set a goal for yourself to create pressure for no reason. Slowly you will find that a mediocre life is also very good. I am in a good mood, happy every day, and have a little more knowledge and yearning for the world every day, so I will not live my life in vain.

5 months ago

I sometimes look at my daughter, no matter how much I love her, I have to admit that she is not pretty at all, and she can’t be an ordinary little girl. With a single eyelid, a collapsed nose, and a running head, even the mom and dad who love her most can only sigh: I hope the woman will change. Moreover, she has a bad temper and gets angry at every turn. It’s still a girl’s careful thinking, don’t say anything directly, let you guess. Also greedy for ghosts, love to eat all kinds of snacks, not to eat. Loves to sleep late and can’t get up at all in the morning. In short, she has all the shortcomings that all girls should have. But we love her, love her without any conditions. We will not condone her unreasonable troubles, but we will meet all her requirements within a reasonable range. Eat a piece of chocolate, yes! You can only eat one piece a day, after a meal. Looking at her contented expression, this is the meaning of life! Watching cartoons, yes! Pick it yourself, in our delineated range, the cute chicken team, the small column, the deer team, all do. Just watch one episode and watch it after learning. That kind of cheerful laughter from watching cartoons is the meaning of life! Each stage has its own greatest satisfaction, greatest desire, and satisfaction, which is the meaning of life at this point in time. In the future, she will grow up, will have her own new troubles, will get married, be a mother, or even be a grandmother, and live an ordinary life of an ordinary person. Maybe no one cares, but I have tears in my eyes thinking about this. Any ordinary person is a good son, a good daughter, a parent, a good buddy, and a good girlfriend. This kind of connection with others is a very important meaning of human beings. Your own achievements and career are also very important. Let others thank you for your contribution, and your life will be more meaningful. From home to society. There are so many nonsense, in fact, people are social animals, and meaning exists between people. From family affection to friendship, to class feelings, to nation and country, in short, the meaning continues to expand, and each layer has its own meaning. There are no lonely people, no one who rebels. There will always be someone who cares about you, you are his meaning, and he is also your meaning.

5 months ago

“There are 10 million protagonists in this world, and one billion supporting actors.” “What about the remaining 6.5 billion people? What are they?” “Props!” When they were young, everyone felt that they were the protagonists of the world. . When I got older, I realized that I was not that unique, maybe just a supporting role. Later, I discovered that I didn’t even count as a supporting role, but at best it was just a prop. For most people, growing up is a process of learning to accept their mediocrity in the worldly sense. They are being hammered day by day, and their extravagant hopes disappear day by day. In the end, it became the hammered cow described by Wang Er, who could only eat grass and work. But what kind of life is mediocre? Who can give an absolute standard? not at all. I think that as long as a person has burned in his life and struggled for the things he loves, then he and his life are not mediocre. It’s not that everyone has to have rich materials and be admired by others. Those are just shackles that the world wears for you. Finally: people live to live themselves, not to live for anything other than living. ——Yu Hua’s “Living” I have very low demands on myself: I live in the world, and I just want to understand some truths and meet some interesting things. If I can do what I want, my life will be considered successful. ——Wang Xiaobo

5 months ago

The story is very long, I hope you can read it carefully. I am a senior in high school. I have been subjected to campus violence (the kind of language violence). I can’t stand the stimulation and swallow the medicine, but the gastric lavage is rescued. I still don’t know if I am depressed, because my family thinks I am Pretending to be pretentious is to cry a little. How could it be possible to get that kind of disease, and the examination is very expensive, so I haven’t checked it. After thinking about it for a long time, I figured it out. Maybe I can give an answer, which only represents my personal opinion. My family is two sisters, my sister is five years older than me. Family conditions are ordinary, living in a small city, my dad is a truck driver, the kind of hard work, my mother has always been a housewife in my impression. There is also a grandpa at home, who is eighty-five years old, the kind who needs someone to look after him. My parents divorced when I was in the second grade of middle school. The cause was that my dad’s car was driven by a driver (my dad was sleeping in the back of the car at the time), and the car got into the bottom of someone’s car (I don’t know what the family said so), and then my dad’s car was scrapped , My neck was broken, and my dad was decadent for a while. My dad himself has nothing to do with him, but he speaks a little bit of yin and yang, he likes to care about everything, for a little thing I can scold you and I can’t find the kind of North, my mother herself Personality is also a bit flawed, just a bit lazy, my dad has a cleanliness habit, and they quarreled when they touched a piece, and then they divorced after a small quarrel. The story after the divorce is a bit complicated, I said briefly. My mother found my stepdad in less than a year. My sister was in college at that time, so I was witnessing the whole process. That man was okay with my mother, and my mother was a woman who was helpless outside. For many years, the housewife didn’t know anything, so I just closed one eye, but my sister didn’t do it. She felt that my mother had a seamless connection and was vindictive with my mother for more than a year. My mother was also ill-fated. She was pregnant with that man’s child, and because of her age, the fetus had no heartbeat in her belly and could only flow away. That man is also a driver. Once I asked my mother to drive him a truck. My mother was also involved in a car accident. She was second-degree disabled and her tear duct ruptured, which was equivalent to disfigurement. He also found an ear problem. He was deaf. Later, my mother might have figured out something, and divorced the man before long, and the relationship between my mother and my sister eased. Last year, my dad also got married, and the marriage partner was pretty good, because my dad was divorced from my second year to my second year of high school. This is the first time to bring a partner back, and my sister also supported him, so they got married. Now I am quite used to it. That aunt is very kind to my family and she is hardworking. My mother is now working, buying a house with a loan, and repaying the loan alone. Fortunately, there are various social security systems. My sister and I are also owned by my dad. My sister and I have been stupid and lazy since we were young. My ideal is not to be a woman like my mother and not to marry a man like my father, but now I am surprised to find that I have all the shortcomings of my parents, such as speaking with a sense of superiority and not showing mercy to others. Still lazy. My health is not good. I am only 94 kilograms at 1.7 meters tall. I was hospitalized since I was a child and lived in a big one. This has caused a lot of trouble to my family and caused me to feel that I was a burden since I was a child. My sister is better than me. At least she got a second book by virtue of her specialty. But since I was in a bad mood, I have never studied seriously. I took more than 300 exams every time, not even an undergraduate. on. Tonight, my sister discussed with my dad that they wanted to go to Russia for the postgraduate entrance examination. The two quarreled for two hours. My dad meant that the conditions at home were difficult, and my sister didn’t work hard and couldn’t pass the exam, so the money was spent in vain. As for my sister, I think it’s okay if you don’t give me the exam. The conditions at home are really bad, but you can’t say that I didn’t work hard. The topic of the two of them was seriously off-track. In the end, no results were found. My heartbeat has been very fast throughout the whole process, and I don’t know why it is so fast. The two of them continue to go off track. My sister said that she will not get married or have a baby (we are both afraid of marriage), and she also said that she can’t live without walking. She died when she was taking care of herself. She said that she survived because of her family. If she was an orphan, there would be no need to live now. I was particularly flustered when I heard this, because this is what I think. Pave the way for a bunch of nonsense, then move on to the topic. Looking at the world from the perspective of post-95s and post-00s, many things have actually deteriorated. We now have a lot of pressure that people didn’t have before, such as employment pressure. Adults will say that if you don’t work hard, don’t complain about others. You don’t have a good job because you didn’t study hard. In fact, for most post-90s and post-00s, people with strong self-control are rare. Most people pursue a moment of ease and enjoyment. In layman’s terms, everyone is lazy. It may also be related to the current situation of society. Enjoying more and more information, people no longer want to drink coffee and read books in their leisure time, but choose to play mobile phone shopping scripts. This situation is temporarily unable to change. Another example: social pressure. My landmark province is Ningxia, a small remote city in the northwest. If you buy a hard-covered school district house of about 100 square meters in this small city, it will cost you about one million. My family is not a farmer’s family, but the only source of income is my dad driving a truck under coolies. My dad can earn up to 10,000 yuan a month. The house is now bought after demolishing his hometown. It should be regarded as my grandfather’s money as well as the car. The money my grandfather paid is not considered to be earned by my dad himself. Even so, my dad still has to pay for my tuition and living expenses, as well as my sister’s student loans, so there is almost no money left in a month. My dad will be fifty next year. He said that he can’t do it anymore and can’t make it through the night, so I have decided to finish the college entrance examination and enter the school half-work and half-study. This is the pressure of my family, it is already considered light, not to mention that I am from the city, and the most poorest people in our place are rural people. Survival pressure in other places may be even greater, and house prices may be higher. One person may not be able to afford a house for half his life. Another example: pressure on marriage and childbirth. My sister and I are both afraid of getting married. We both agree that if men have money, they will go bad. If they don’t have money, it’s not good. There are many men who play games outside the delivery room. Combined with the social pressure of the previous article, what is the purpose of marriage and childbirth? Is the picture stable? Cooking for other people’s sons all day under the range hood, turning oneself into a yellow-faced woman, and possibly serving other people’s parents and being wronged by other people’s families. Looking at it this way, is old nursing home not fragrant? There are a lot of dangers in raising a child. Maybe the fate is gone, and there is still great pain. After giving birth, there may be postpartum depression. All the expenses for the child from childhood to adult are huge sums of money, and there is also concern about the child’s character development and development. The rebellious period and the future life, worry about a lifetime. In addition, when a woman has a child, she may lose her original job position and become a mother to re-employ. What is the comparison with those energetic youthful vibes? The most important: family pressure. I found that parents have the greatest influence on children. A word from parents may make children fall into infinite self-doubt. After all, parents are our closest people. So family pressure may be huge. My dad thinks that he treats us very well, but now I see him I am a little scared, subconsciously put down the phone to work, afraid of being told by him. I have to say that the family has nothing to say about the goodness of the child, but sometimes the love is the wrong way, that kind of love is also heavy, no less pressure than any kind. Therefore, facing life pressure, employment pressure, marriage and childbirth pressure, social pressure, and pressure for students to study, these kinds of pressures are like a big burden, and people can’t breathe. I have seen a video of a psychiatrist who said that depression’s vision of the world is actually deeper and more realistic than most people. People who are not depressed are generally a little blindly optimistic. But it is this blind optimism that makes people happier, isn’t it? Mediocrity abounds, and the most indispensable thing in this society is mediocrity. Those geniuses and winners in life generally only appear in TV dramas. So please allow mediocrity to exist. Why did philosophy come about? I understood it with my simple eyes. I think it’s probably because everyone thinks too much. Everyone wants to calculate life’s account layer by layer. I don’t know if I want to calculate it or calculate it. I am satisfied with the results, but I think that the more you think, the more you make mistakes, because when you observe the world, you will always be nervous. People who love life blindly live the happiest lives. They will not plan for the future. They just want to enjoy the moment. So, what is the meaning of being a mediocre person? That is to enjoy the moment. Don’t worry, we are all the same, we are mediocre people, we will accompany you to enjoy the moment together. Do what you need to do well, work hard for what you want in the near future, never look back, don’t give yourself a chance to regret, and slowly find happiness in the ups and downs of life. I tried to change the status quo after I was in a bad mood, and I found it was useful to try to do it, such as finding ten cold jokes to amuse myself every day, keeping pets, and finding warmth and warmth in my daily life with kittens and puppies. Happiness, I found that I actually enjoy this feeling of looking for happiness, and it makes me feel that it is actually good to live well. I began to explore my strengths. For example, I’m pretty good. Although I’m very thin and thin, I’m tall and look good in clothes. For example, painting is okay, and my daily handbook is praised by my classmates. For example, writing is okay. The essays and short stories I wrote were praised by the Chinese teacher in two classes. For example, singing was okay, class activities, singing competitions, and so on, they would think of me. Mediocrity is one aspect, but mediocre people must also have advantages, such as gentle personality or straightforwardness, such as being good at making friends and being able to endure hardships, these are your shining points. You have to be good at discovering these, and then tell yourself that I am not really useless. Although I am mediocre, I have many advantages and I am very confident in myself! Mediocrity is not a sin, happiness is true. Thank you for seeing the end! After reading my boring stories and poor opinions, I hope I can help you! In fact, we are all duckweed in a confused life. Hope we can all find the motivation to move forward and the meaning of life!

5 months ago

There will always be people in this world who are more handsome and handsome than you, smarter and capable than you, have a more prominent family background, are loved more deeply than you, and focus on many advantages. I realized that I usually sit in the study room in a normal afternoon, and I am actually playing on my mobile phone. I always like to watch vlog, especially the beautiful girls studying abroad. I am not envious, I just like to look at other people’s lives. I am mediocre. Sometimes it will be a little sad. Why, because I always reach an upper-middle level that I’m satisfied with in my small circle. Let me briefly introduce myself. My appearance is not ugly, nor is it particularly good-looking. From elementary school to now, there will always be nice girls in the class. I was just below them, still looking at the past eyes, just a little longer. I was born in a small county, a key high school in the small county. Although this high school is a provincial key, it is ranked low. My grades are only the top five in the class, and I only took the first test once, in the ordinary class. The school ranks more than one hundred. When the classmates in the experimental class were fighting for the top 30, I was happy that I was able to pass the entrance to one hundred. I didn’t perform well in the college entrance examination, and I was admitted to a school close to home, in a small city, to study medicine. Fortunately, my dad chose a good major for me. Others say this major is the best. But there are two schools and one major. It’s embarrassing to not get up and down. There are more than one hundred people in the university, and my study ranks are between 5 and 15. My family background is actually very ordinary. But I am very content, I can eat and drink without worry, but I never wear famous brands. As long as I lack the monthly living expenses, my parents will give it to me at any time. In fact, if I count it alone, I only spend about 1,000 yuan a month. My dad always thinks I am saving, he doesn’t want me to treat myself badly, but I am a thrifty character, I never compare, I have never bought Adi and Nike shoes. Therefore, I am a very ordinary girl. I am not that poor but not rich. I am not ugly but not pretty. I am good at studying but not good. I didn’t realize that I was mediocre, and in my own narrow vision, I even thought I was good. It wasn’t until I went to college that I knew that being beautiful was so advantageous. It turned out that some people’s clothes could be tens of thousands, and it turned out that some people could get so many offers at a young age. I said, oh, I’m just billions. An ordinary person. How dare the light of candlelight compete with the sun and the moon? Maybe I was born with the light of candlelight. I was born ordinary, but I want to live a splendid life. I think ordinary people, we may not be able to change the world, maybe we will never be the protagonist, but as a supporting role can still live wonderfully. I hope that my family and I will be safe, healthy and healthy, and then try my best to be a good doctor and help more patients. If I really have the ability, I hope to make more contributions to the country. I think it’s good for mediocre people to live an ordinary life. Because maybe those ups and downs of life are really not suitable for us, and can’t afford it, so let’s leave those to heroes and great men.

5 months ago

Have as much fun as possible and leave a good experience in your life. The mediocrity may not sound good, so I will use the ordinary instead. Take me as an example. As an ordinary person, I am nothing in this world. This is normal. Ninety-nine percent of people may not be able to do anything worth recording in human history. So, for me, I don’t want to live, and I don’t have the ability to pursue tall things. If I’m lucky, as a small citizen in a fifth-tier city, I will live peacefully to 60 or 70 years old. I may die alone, or I may get married and have children normally, but the former is most likely. However, for me, there are many, many, wonderful experiences awaiting me in the future. I haven’t been out of Sichuan, I really want to go outside to see, there are relatives in Lhasa, I am very curious about the Potala Palace. Although I am a house, I occasionally think about traveling, especially walking alone on the prairie alone. Thinking about it makes me look forward to it. Between the heaven and the earth, I am the only one, the wind and the grass are moving, bathing in sunlight. I also like to read books. I say that reading a good book is talking to those great writers. When I was studying, I was thinking, why can someone write such a great book? How did they create it? To be honest, I only learned about many of the faculty’s books when I went to college. They all feel very good, and I really want to read them. I also like books on psychology and economics. Of course, I’m just interested and don’t have the idea of ​​professional research. I’m just curious about the various “psychological weaknesses” of human beings and how businesses use these to make money. . “Influence” and “Weird Economics” are very good and worth reading. Of course, “Social Animals” is almost a must-read work in psychology. To be alive, for me, also means that I can continue to understand the spiritual thoughts of great people, and I can also understand more of the strange aspects of this world. To put it simply, being alive, another meaning to me is to enrich my thoughts and accumulate better and more knowledge. Even if it may not be useful, it is good to be able to gain the knowledge and experience that interests you. Ordinary, ordinary, outstanding, or great. I think that as long as a person can continue to have fun in his life, in the things he does every day, and continue to let himself be rewarded and comforted every day, so that he can look forward to tomorrow. Enough for us to survive. For most people, the meaning of life is really not the meaning of “you want to survive the ages, you want to be rich than the enemy, and you want to be above all people”. Of course, there has been a lot of history, and some people have actually discovered some people. They are really destined. They are destined people. There seems to be destiny in the world, as if the meaning of their birth is For that. However, these are very few. At least, for me, you ask me, what is the meaning of being a mediocre person? Based on the above, you think I will answer: experience the good experience as much as possible in the limited life, feel the spiritual thoughts of great people, stir up your own emotions, sublimate your spirit, awaken your own soul…no, a mediocre What is the meaning of being alive? I just want to say: “Living, just alive, of course, it would be better to be a little happier every day.” Don’t think too much, no matter the mediocre people or the outstanding elites, don’t you have to eat while you are alive? ? It’s six o’clock. Instead of thinking about these ghosts, it’s better to think about what to eat tonight. Anyway, have a good meal and be happy. The meaning of life, to be simple, is whether you can live your life happily without regrets. If you want to live once in the next life, then it makes sense. I wish everyone a good life

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