[The school behind the return of boiled eggs: starting from the Zheng University teaching building, blindfolded literacy was exposed]

Guo Ping (real name Guo Huaping), principal of Chunlin Vocational Training School in Zhengzhou City, published an article “Boiled Eggs Turned into Raw Eggs—Experimental Report on Hatching Chicks” in the magazine “Photo Geography”, saying that they passed the “idea and energy of special students” Spread”, can make the cooked eggs return to life, and then hatch the chickens normally. The Paper News survey found that in May 2016, Chunlin Vocational School began to hold an ability training class, known as the right brain latent intelligence development for children (hereinafter referred to as “whole brain latent intelligence development”), and gradually opened the “super-sensing all-around all-rounder” “Brain”, “Atomic Energy Fluctuation Speed ​​Reading” and other courses. The school also released videos of students “blindfolded to distinguish colors”.

According to Tianyan Check, the legal representative of Chunlin Vocational School is Guo Huaping (Guo Ping), which was registered on February 6, 2015 with a registered capital of 100,000. The business scope is “computer operators, baby nurses, public nutritionists, and psychological counselors” , Enterprise Human Resource Manager, Marriage and Family Counselor”. Under the name of Guo Huaping, there is also Henan Chunlin Education Technology Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 1 million, established on November 1, 2018, and its business scope is “technology development and transfer of educational technology and electronic technology; psychological consultation, etc.”. The business scope of these two organizations seems to have nothing to do with the development of children’s latent intelligence.

The official website of Chunlin Vocational School could no longer be opened after the article “Boiled Eggs Return to Life” was exposed. The Paper noted that the school’s public account “Chunlin Education” stated that the school was established in 2009 with the approval of the Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security. The earliest article visible in “Chunlin Education” was published on June 4, 2014. The content of this official account is mostly about parent-child education, and occasionally there are news about the enrollment and class completion of training courses such as family education instructors and baby nurses. The training address is in Building 6 of the South Campus of Zhengzhou University.

[Jilin sent a working group to investigate the rebirth of boiled eggs]

The reporter learned from the Jilin Provincial Press and Publication Bureau on the 27th that the bureau has set up a working group to conduct in-depth investigations in response to the publication of the “Boiled Eggs and Chickens” in the magazine “Photo Geography” that appeared on the Internet. If violations are found, they will be dealt with seriously in accordance with relevant laws. Relevant investigations will be announced to the public in a timely manner.

Public information shows that the “Photo Geography” magazine is a national regular publishing periodical sponsored by Jilin Province Yulin Newspaper Development Co., Ltd. in charge of Jilin Provincial Press and Publication Bureau.

[The second author of the essay on the rebirth of boiled eggs regrets participating: it is ridiculous and has written instructions to cooperate with the police investigation]

A recent online paper claimed to successfully instruct students to “use super-psychological energy” to regenerate boiled eggs. The incubation base involved in this experiment is the “Yuanzhiyuan” family farm. The owner of the paper, Guo Tai’an, is the second author of the paper and is a local An elementary school teacher. On April 26, Guo Tai’an stated that he only participated in the incubation of eggs throughout the experiment, and he did not know that he was listed as the second author. Guo Tai’an has submitted a statement to the Education Bureau, describing his involvement in the incident, and received a notification from the police requesting to cooperate in the investigation.

[The Principal of the Vocational School Publishes a Paper on the Return of a Boiled Egg and Hatching a Chick Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security: Has been investigated in the school]

In response to Guo Ping, the principal of Chunlin Vocational Training School in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, who issued the paper “Boiled Eggs Returning to Life”, the relevant person in charge of the Zhengzhou Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau told @Peng News on April 26 that the approval department of the Zhengzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau has come to the school survey.

The school’s recruitment of infant brain development teachers is suspected of carrying out relevant courses. The staff member said that if the school engages in teaching outside the approved content, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau will definitely punish and deal with it. (The Paper)

The principal of the vocational school published a paper on the rebirth of boiled eggs and hatching chickens, Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security: Has been investigated in the school


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5 months ago

[Over 10 titles of the parties involved in the “Return of Eggs” papers, agents of the journals involved: 700 yuan per edition, can be written on behalf of them] Original 丨 Chen Weijing; one of the papers involved. “A group of specially trained students, under the guidance of Teacher Guo Ping, are conducting a peculiar experiment, that is, boiled eggs are turned into raw eggs again, and the regenerated eggs are hatched into chicks, and more than 40 have been successfully reborn. “Recently, two wonderful papers on “boiled eggs return to life to hatch chickens” aroused public condemnation. The first author of the paper is Guo Ping, the principal of Zhengzhou Chunlin Vocational Training School. She said that she has completed this “experiment with very contemporary significance.” The above two papers are included in the journal “Photographic Geography”. Why can such a “wonderful” paper be published and even be included by Wanfang and Weipu in the three major Chinese journal databases? On April 27, the Jilin Provincial Press and Publication Bureau issued a notice stating that the Jilin Provincial Press and Publication Bureau attached great importance to the publication of the “Boiled Eggs and Hatched Chickens” in the “Photo Geography” magazine that appeared on the Internet and has established a working group. Stationed in the magazine publishing unit to conduct in-depth investigations. If violations are found, they will be dealt with seriously in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. Relevant investigations will be announced to the public in a timely manner. At present, there are many webpages and public accounts that have released the call for papers for the journals involved. An agent introduced to China News Weekly that as long as it does not involve sensitive content, the journal can basically publish it, “it will be accepted on the same day as it is reviewed on the same day.” The price is 700 yuan per edition, and writing can also be arranged, and the price is 850 yuan per edition. Well-known educator Xiong Bingqi pointed out that behind the “wonderful” papers, there may be an interest chain of pseudo-scientific training. The Wanfang data platform with more than 10 titles of the parties showed that the full text of two papers on “Return of Boiled Eggs” was published in June 2020, and the authors of the paper were Guo Ping and Bai Weiyun; the other was published in March 2021. , The authors are Guo Ping, Guo Tai’an, Yin Damin, and Bai Weiyun. The names are “Boiled eggs into raw eggs (return of eggs)-experimental report of hatching chicks” and “Experimental reports of “return of cooked eggs to hatching chicks” (incubation stage)”. Public reports show that “Guo Ping” and “Guo Ping” are the same person. According to the first paper, the experimental process of “egg rebirth” is to boil the eggs in boiling water at a high temperature of 100° for 20 minutes. After the eggs become mature, 10 students in the special training class of Chunlin School use the super-psychological energy method to start the egg return. The eggs will regenerate successfully after 20 minutes. After that, the observer conducted a light transmission experiment. The egg was light-transmissive, and the white and yolk were clearly visible, and one of the eggs was broken on the spot, confirming that the egg regenerated into a liquid state and was successfully regenerated. What is puzzling is that in this paper published in June 2020, the experimental time indicated in the article is August 2020. In a paper published in March this year, the author stated, “This is an experiment of very epoch-making significance. The success of this experiment will surely provide new ideas for related life science research.” In the article, one of the seven “reincarnation eggs” used in the incubation experiment successfully hatched a chick. At the end of the article, it was emphasized that “7 students, 6 parents and 2 professors participated in every step from the beginning to the success of the experiment, and jointly witnessed the authenticity of the experiment.” After the above two papers caused controversy, Guo Ping said in response to the media that the phenomenon in the experiment did appear, “I don’t know the principle, I only know the phenomenon.” The official website of the Zhengzhou Chunlin Vocational Training School of the same name showed that the school was in 2009 It was established with the approval of the Zhengzhou Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau in 2016, mainly engaged in national vocational qualification certification training projects. China News Weekly noted that the school also has whole brain development courses including “Atomic Energy Fluctuation Number Reading” and “Super Perceptual Potential Whole Brain”, which showcases content such as “Meditation Power, Reshape the Brain.” According to the above official website, Guo Ping has more than 20 years of teaching management experience in Zhengzhou University. He was the first to introduce and teach brain imaging development projects, and is committed to the development of young people’s potential intelligence, to build the “most powerful brain” development and training base in Central Plains. In addition, Guo Ping also wrote articles such as “Experiments and Thoughts on Objects Passing Through a Bottle and Crossing Walls” and “Experiments and Thoughts on Regeneration and Sprouting of Cooked Mung Beans”. It is worth noting that Guo Ping, the protagonist of the thesis, is not only an “educator”, but also has multiple identities such as “entrepreneur” and “scholar”. In October 2020, the Henan local media published an interview with Guo Ping, “Ping is endless, chasing dreams 丨 Interview with Guo Ping, principal of Zhengzhou Chunlin Vocational Training School”, which listed 16 titles. The article also introduced, “Over the years, Guo Ping has successively won the title of “Advanced Individual of Zhengzhou University Committee for Civil Progress”, “Advanced Individual of Zhengzhou University Provincial Alumni Association”, “Advanced Individual of Private Education in Henan Province”, and “Outstanding Teacher of the First Private Education in Henan Province”. ”Henan Province Private Education Industry Characteristic Advanced Individual” and other honorary titles.” According to Tianyan Check data, Zhengzhou Chunlin Vocational Training School has a registered capital of 100,000 yuan, and its purpose includes cultivating computer operators, baby nurses, public nutritionists, Enterprise human resource managers, etc., have repeatedly released the recruitment of “children’s brain development teachers” information. Agents of the journals involved: “You can publish if the content is not sensitive.” In addition to the papers themselves, the journals involved have also been pushed to the forefront. According to the website of the journal, “Photographic Geography” is a national comprehensive professional academic journal of emerging geography approved by the State Administration of Radio and Television, headed by Jilin Provincial News, Radio, Film and Television Bureau and sponsored by Jilin Province Yulin Newspaper Development Co., Ltd. In terms of content, it covers humanities, geography, economics, science and technology, education and other fields. It is a comprehensive evaluation database of Chinese academic journals, a database of Chinese academic journals (CD-ROM version), a database of Chinese core journals (selection), Wanfang data knowledge service platform, etc. Periodicals are included in a large authoritative database. In the submission requirements, there are statements such as accurate data and scientific nature. A search of China News Weekly found that multiple webpages and public accounts had published the solicitation of contributions for the journal. One of the notices stated that this journal has no impact factor, the duplication rate is within 40%, and the difficulty of reviewing the manuscript is average. Another said, “It can play a role in scientific research accreditation in the evaluation of professional titles, promotion performance evaluation, and job competition.” China News Weekly contacted an agent who claimed to be the magazine, and an “editor” introduced that “Photo Geography” is a weekly magazine with 2500 words per edition, and the price of self-writing is 700 yuan per edition. 1 to 3 working days, the price is 850 yuan per edition. Contribute now and schedule for publication in August. “We guarantee acceptance and publication.” The above-mentioned “editor” stated that after the paper is received, it will be reviewed by the agent for a round of review and then sent to the journal for the second review. “Basically, we have passed the first review here. Can be accepted, as long as your article does not involve sensitive content, you will be accepted on the same day of review.” According to data from the Wanfang Data Knowledge Service Platform, “Photo Geography” magazine will publish 52 issues throughout 2020, with a total of 15,218 articles published. Another journal agent in Jiangsu introduced to China News Weekly that after the above-mentioned paper incidents were fermented, “Photographic Geography” has been suspended. When talking about the “reincarnation egg”, she frankly also felt “very outrageous.” According to the agent, the price of “Photographic Geography” is relatively cheap among journals of the same level. She analyzed that the client should have used some channels, “It’s OK for her to have money, and it’s not a good magazine.” Pedagogist: Well-known educator Xiong Bingqi told China News Weekly that the chain of interests of pseudo-scientific training might be behind it. According to the information reported by the media, the “Boiled Egg Rebirth” paper does not just raise “academic issues” but It may be the benefit chain of pseudo-scientific training. He believes that the wonderful papers published in academic journals are likely to be a pseudo-scientific training platform for institutions, “showing” the scientific and authoritative nature of these trainings and for recruiting students. “Otherwise, it is difficult to explain. How could journals publish this? How did the anti-scientific papers pass the review”. Xiong Bingqi said that the investigation of this matter should not be limited to the investigation of academic misconduct, but an independent investigation team should be formed. “Investigate what training training institutions are doing, why these anti-science and anti-education trainings are so popular, and how to operate these trainings. , Who is supporting these trainings and how is this chain of interest created?” On April 26, the staff of the Zhengzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau Office said in an interview with The Paper that they have paid attention to the above situation and are cooperating with other departments to cooperate. survey. The staff member also introduced that the projects involved in the above-mentioned papers have not been reported to the Science and Technology Bureau, and the publication channels of the papers are not in the Science and Technology Bureau. In addition, the relevant person in charge of the Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security stated that the examination and approval department has gone to the school to investigate.

5 months ago

“Undecided, quantum mechanics”, as expected, all stems are derived from real life. If this is true, recruiting teachers for brain development in children, conducting related courses, and parent-child education, first there must be a market. Before the incident, Yang Yongxin, the “Legend of Thunder”, didn’t know how many parents were rushing. On the one hand, we are cracking down on this kind of thing, on the other hand, similar problems continue to occur. We must do our best to crack down on illegality, departmental supervision, and social education. Illegal matters must of course be cracked down, but there is a delay. When this incident was exposed, I didn’t know how many victims had been. This reflected the problem of supervision. Why can such papers be published? Why can such a business be carried out? Why can such a person get the “expert” label and title? When this link is not effectively controlled, the general public is blindly trusting the “expert” mentality. A series of tags and titles are absolutely persuasive, and they have not been checked. In addition, social education is not in place. Parents’ “chicken baby” mentality and awareness of competition are prone to this problem. One party has the need and the other party has the supply, and this kind of problem has not been effectively supervised. Whenever one place is in place, this kind of business is also difficult to do. I remembered that some time ago, a business had borrowed academician Zhong Nanshan to advertise, and there was also the problem of TV sales by experts who were complained about. Why use experts to advertise and publicize? Because your consumers believe it. Sometimes I think again. Some things don’t appear when they are in demand, and many things come into demand when they appear. Is there a demand before the soap comes out? There may not necessarily be market demand before shampoo comes out. Therefore, in addition to severely cracking down on illegal behaviors, the emergence of these problems also needs to focus on establishing a long-term and effective market entry supervision mechanism, implementing social education, and guiding the correct education mentality and competition awareness as much as possible.

5 months ago

Normal people will find it ridiculous when they look at it, and they will not look at it. That’s right, people are effectively screening target customer groups. Remember a very popular scam SMS? I am Qin Shihuang. Actually, I am not dead. I have 10 billion tons of gold in Xi’an. Now I need 8,000 yuan to unfreeze my gold in Xi’an. After the money is transferred, I will lead the army to fight tomorrow and let you lead the three armies. . Normal people know it is a scam at a glance, but the world is so big that there are no surprises, and this society is always full of fools. A normal person may be overwhelmed by cheating, and the initial investment will be in vain, but a fool can’t, and a fool will cheat. Obviously, it is much easier to deceive fools than to deceive normal people. Naturally, it will be a little bit outrageous. Normal people will not come. Basically all fools will come. Okay, let’s go back to this matter. Anyone who has received nine years of compulsory education knows that chickens cannot be hatched when the eggs are cooked, but people have to make up the cooked eggs to hatch the chickens. People who can even believe in boiled eggs and chickens have a serious lack of basic judgment ability. He believes everything you say. It is not too simple to deceive such a person.

5 months ago

Why do I want things to be true so much? I have a few questions. Is the author a second-hand? Once this kind of article enters the media’s field of vision, it will become popular. If it is true, it is a revolutionary scientific breakthrough. If it is false, it is a phenomenon-level academic scandal. Is the author afraid that he will not be killed by the society? Can you do both of these things? Is his mentally handicapped EQ in kindergarten? Second, if the author is not a second product. So what does he want? Want a name? I dare to have such a reputation, and the way is a bit wild. Want money? If this thing can make money, it would be the parents who have never read a book in a small town on the 180th line. The profit margin is limited. Or the author thinks that with the vast sea of papers, others can’t see his papers, and he just showed off his academic authority during admissions promotion? ! Third, how did the reporter find this paper. Is it entirely accidental, is it a coincidence? There is no evidence for this, I am not talking nonsense, waiting for readers to dig deeper. In the end, I was at a loss and didn’t understand the magic of this world. Is it because he thought he was in India?

5 months ago

Since the author’s signature was signed without his knowledge, how reliable is this situation? Under normal circumstances, the motivation to put your name on without notifying others is to improve your reputation and improve the chances of the paper being published successfully (I really want more). But in combination with this matter, it should not be done like this, so the author’s signature should also be investigated. There are two possibilities: either the second author lied or the first author violated academic ethics and violated the paper’s signature specification; and the review of the paper How did you live? In accordance with the review process of international journals, at least 4 scholars in the same field must be invited to review the manuscript. The editor will make the final decision to accept the manuscript or reject it based on the returned review comments. However, as a provincial-level regular journal, it was finally accepted through layers of review, so…Is there something wrong with it?

5 months ago

In the quality education market, many years ago, there was a kind of naughty quality education courses called “book shorthand”, “brain development”, “memory thinking storm” and so on. All kinds of “memory masters”, “quick calculation masters”, “mental potential development masters”… the child took the book with a brick and flipped through it like a fan, and then said that he could memorize the entire book! ! ! Guess how much this kind of courses cost tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands per minute… For a while, it was really popular, but after the market returned to rationality, it stopped a little. But you can feel how many shameless people in China are doing fraud under the banner of “education”. What the hell is the brain development of young children? ? ? What kind of potential development? ? ? There really aren’t too many such people… This person is still a principal. . . Ha ha Oh, let’s talk about the inside story of these “principals”. Do you think she is really a decent principal of education? No, she is a “businessman”. So why is there such a big divergence in education and such a disparity in quality. Because in this circle, this kind of person runs a bad school and collects too much money from ignorant parents.

5 months ago

“Super-sensing, all-powerful brain”, “speed reading of atomic energy fluctuations”, and “using super-psychological consciousness energy” to regenerate cooked eggs. I suggest that this principal has such a supernatural power, not only teach children, but also teach the medical profession. Think about her All of the students can bring eggs back to life. When she comes, she may be alive and dead. She teaches doctors to no longer have to endorse the sorrow. She teaches doctors to directly realize what is wrong with a glance at the patient. Teaching clinical medicine to achieve atomic energy to eliminate cancer cells is just around the corner to benefit the medical field, the medical field needs such talent

5 months ago

This individual thinks that some are academically discussed within a certain range, and some are not mature; of course some are pseudo-scientific or inconclusive fields. For example, some superpowers, brain consciousness, etc., are then applied by concepts, and then packaged in disguise, as a mature axiom propaganda as a curriculum is not appropriate. It’s just that the loopholes this time are relatively straightforward, and there may be many ambiguities that we can’t identify are also flooding around us, but it’s not that easy to find.

5 months ago

Because no one has studied, the field is blank! It is easy to post articles. Nowadays, in order to post articles, many teachers deliberately look for things that are of no value. Students think that “it makes sense for no one to eat shit”, but eating shit is a blank. A teacher in a university studied the topic of “what is the benefit of eating shit” and forced students to study it. As a student in the research group, in order to graduate, for the future and professional title of the teacher, there is no way! Bite the scalp and study. Otherwise you think that graduate students are willing to always jump off the building, that makes sense!

5 months ago

The thesis of the principal of a school in Henan became popular She even hatched a chicken with a boiled egg! Science has progressed to such an extent that I know nothing, regretting that I am not knowledgeable and ignorant! But I suddenly thought, wrong! Unfertilized eggs can’t hatch chickens yet. Boiled eggs are a solid state formed after high temperature in a liquid state. How can they hatch chickens? Water can kill bacteria at a high temperature of 100 degrees. Are the microorganisms in the egg liquid stronger than the bacteria-the chicken is stronger? According to the paper, the incubation procedures and processes are not complicated, and they are done entirely by the incubator’s ideas. I really don’t know if this is scientific progress or a purposeful flicker. Boiled eggs hatch chickens-if science fiction is still understandable, Darwin must jump out of the coffin if it is used in scientific papers. What is more conscious is that someone believes that I thought I was already very ignorant, but I did not expect that there would be someone more ignorant than me. I implore the staff of the cemetery to add more soil to Darwin’s grave. I will pay for it, because I am worried that he will open the coffin cover.

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