In the monument to the People’s Heroes, every sentence is a disgusting word from the revolution. “The people’s heroes who died in the People’s Liberation War and the People’s Revolution in the past three years will be immortal! The people who died in the People’s Liberation War and the People’s Revolution for 30 years The heroes will be immortal! This goes back to 1840. Since then, in order to oppose the enemies inside and outside, fight for national independence and the people’s freedom and happiness, the people’s heroes who have sacrificed in previous struggles will be immortal!” This inscription is again immortal! Referred to as “Three Immortals” for short. “In the past three years, the people’s heroes who sacrificed in the People’s Liberation War and the People’s Revolution will be immortal!” The first immortality of the inscription indicates the extremely lofty and important position of the War of Liberation in the history of the people’s revolution. The raging fire of the people’s war in China between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, which was watched by the capital chaebols of the world and expected by the workers and peasants of the world, directly gave birth to a great republic. To firmly bind the flag for the war of liberation is to build the foundation for the unquestionable legitimacy of the republic’s regime. This is the atmosphere of public opinion in which the mainstream media in China likes to commemorate the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and ignores or ignores the War of Liberation in the past forty years. It needs to be reflected and reversed. Not to mention the literary chaos that Guan Hu and his like vainly tried to re-deconstruct the anti-Japanese view of history and to clean up the army’s inability to fight against Japan. The first sentence of Chairman Mao’s pen is to praise the War of Liberation. This is by no means unreasonable. Did the Anti-Japanese War change the dual nature of China? not at all. China and North Korea/Germany are almost indistinguishable from the two divided countries. They were also cut by the two major powers of the United States and the Soviet Union in Yalta: the north of the Great Wall (including Mongolia, the Middle East Railway and the Port of Lushun) returned to Stalin, and the south of the Great Wall (including shipping) Sovereignty) belongs to Roosevelt. Who is the one who acquiesced to all this while clearly defeating the country? Chiang Kai-shek! Before that, who was holding Stilwell’s US aid but not resisting the Japanese? Chiang Kai-shek! After the victory, who was the one who tried to protect the butchers such as Neji and Neonbo from death, and invited them to help them fight Gong? Chiang Kai-shek! Who really made the Chinese people stand up with a long scream and a big wave? It was Mao Zedong, and the people’s soldiers under his command. The three major battles of “Great Depth and Great Siege” ran through the north and the south, smashing all the profits sold by the “Sino-American Treaty of Friendship and Trade” between Jiang and the US; in 1950, he personally visited the Soviet Union to re-negotiate, and crushed Jiang and the Soviet Union. All sovereignty sold by the Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship and Alliance. The War of Liberation, no matter in the sense of the people’s revolution (the Chinese people overthrew the rule of the landlord class and the bureaucratic capitalist class under the leadership of Chairman Mao) or the sense of the national revolution (the artificial hand of the Chinese nation to overthrow US imperialism-the Jiang Dynasty The colonial rule in China has the nature of subverting and overthrowing the international order dominated by the United States. As Chairman Mao said in the report of the Second Middle School of the Seventh Session of the Party, the victory of the Chinese revolution “broke the eastern front of imperialism.” For nearly 40 years, in the eyes of mainstream Chinese elites who are obsessed with the global order of the post-Cold War era and desperately wanting to be embraced by the United States, this is simply a kind of “historical record” that they are ashamed to mention. Therefore, this group of people with the right to speak strongly avoided and belittled the War of Liberation, and at the same time they vigorously promoted the War of Resistance against Japan, and they deliberately or unconsciously were keen to exaggerate the “American help theory” and “American determinism” when producing anti-Japanese literary works. Up. It must be seen: Without the War of Liberation, there would be no New China, and the victory of the War of Liberation allowed the blood of 20 million martyrs to not flow in vain, and they gathered into a majestic people’s power. So there is a second immortality: “For thirty years, the people’s heroes who died in the People’s Liberation War and the People’s Revolution will be immortal!” Thirty years, from the 1920s to the 1950s, from responding to Sun Yat-sen’s call to unite the Kuomintang, Launched and participated in the Great Revolution, and then continued to unite with the cowardly Chiang Kai-shek under the iron feet of the Japanese invaders, formed an anti-Japanese united front, and sent troops to North Korea to successfully fight against the U.S. and the so-called United Nations forces, invigorate and unite the oppressed nations of the world-these thirty In 1988, the Communist Party has been “uniting”, uniting all forces that can be united. Therefore, it has always been the Communist Party that can play the mainstay role in the evolution of history. This is the second immortal meaning expressed. Because only the Communist Party can mobilize the vast majority of the people to start a “people’s revolution,” and only the people’s revolution can be overthrown by the three mountains. In the past 30 years, the Communist Party has never had an airplane, to no aircraft carrier, to no atomic bomb. It has never been the dominant party in the sand table game. But Mao Zedong, who has millions of soldiers in his chest, said: “The power of war lies in the people!” He awakened millions of workers and peasants, telling them that all their struggles are ultimately to “liberate themselves!” This is the reason why farmers and workers will be willing. “Follow the party” is its core political bond. Under the banner of the party and under the banner of the Red Army of Workers and Peasants, the hundreds of millions of vagrants who were originally scattered in sand found their identity and class belonging. With these foreshadowings, the third immortality of the inscription can be drawn: “It goes back to 1840 years. Since then, in order to oppose the enemies inside and outside, to fight for national independence and the people’s freedom and happiness, he sacrificed in previous struggles. The heroes of the people will be immortal!” The rise of the Communist Party was conceived by the awakening of modern national consciousness; in turn, the victory of the Communist Party brought about a century of national resistance to blossom. This final bloom, the establishment of New China, can only be accomplished by a political organization that represents the interests of the largest number of people. That is to say: “The history of the Chinese Communist Party is the most evocative chapter in the history of China since modern times.” At the same time, it was because of such a majestic scale of sacrifices “dating back to 1840”. With the birth of the People’s Republic, this political organization that has stood up for the Chinese nation must always keep in mind the path it has traveled, it must always adhere to the creed of “serving the people,” and it must always adhere to its class status. That is: it must be a political organization that represents the interests of the largest number of people. This is the meaning of Mao Zedong’s third immortal words. The flood of blood over the past century has supported the party’s victory. Therefore, the party that seems to have “sit on the world” must not let down the heroes and heroes who have passed away. Revolution is endless. “I am not selfish. I don’t want to seek anything for my children. I just want the Chinese people not to suffer. They want to take the socialist road. Therefore, I rely on the masses and cannot let them go back.” How many people have died in China? Has anyone seriously thought about it? I thought about this problem…” The Monument to the People’s Heroes, standing still after ups and downs, insisting on the party’s original aspirations, and the portrait of Chairman Mao across the street from Chang’an Avenue. Gaze at China together. There was a passage in the TV series “Ten Sending the Red Army”: Many young Red Army soldiers died one after another at the gunpoint of the Kuomintang army, so some people asked them: “Going forward is death. Why don’t you go forward if you are not afraid of death?” “The Red Army soldier trembling in the cold wind, holding a frozen steel gun, replied: “In order to realize our ideals, in order to put the world of this dog in the hands of our generation!”


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5 months ago

Of course this is what Mr. Lu Xun said:
May the Chinese youth get rid of the air-conditioning and just walk up, without listening to the words of self-defeating people.
Do things that can do things, make a sound that can be vocalized.
There is a bit of heat, and a bit of light.
Just like a firefly, it can also emit a little light in the dark.
-No need to wait for the torch
After that, if there is no torch, I will be the only light.

5 months ago

Step into this door and you will be a criminal policeman. This brand will be imprinted on you for life. You must have paper and pen, inkpad and handcuffs in your bag. You will see the most cruel murderer and the most innocent dead person~ you will Accustomed to the smell of rotting corpses, you will slowly become indifferent and cruel, seeing the distance between life and death! You will talk to the most cunning criminals, you will look at the most painful victims, you will take up the law and the sharp blade, and stick to your heart, justice, tenacity, courage, and brothers!

5 months ago

The United States asks you to pay attention to what we said in this leaflet. We have mastered the most destructive explosives that humans have never had before. The explosive power of a newly invented atomic bomb is actually equal to the explosive power carried by two thousand of our giant B29 bombers in one mission. This terrible fact is worthy of your consideration. We solemnly assure you that the dropping of the bomb is extremely accurate. We have just begun to use this kind of bomb in your homeland. If you have any doubts, please find out what happened to Hiroshima after only an atomic bomb. Before using this bomb to destroy all the military’s resources to delay this useless war, we ask you to petition the emperor now to end the war. Our President has outlined for you thirteen results of a decent surrender. We urge you to quickly accept these 13 Articles and start working towards building a better, peace-loving new Japan. You need to take steps now to stop military resistance. Otherwise, we will resolutely use this bomb and all other superior weapons to immediately end the war forcibly. Evacuate from your city now!

5 months ago

Health is tied to life and life. When I entered the sacred medical school, I solemnly swear: I volunteer to dedicate myself to medicine, love the motherland, be loyal to the people, abide by medical ethics, respect teachers and disciplines, study hard, tirelessly, strive for perfection, and develop in an all-round way. I am determined to do my best to eliminate human diseases, help perfect health, maintain the holiness and honor of medical skills, save the dead and heal the wounded, spare no effort, persistent pursuit, and strive for the development of the motherland’s medical and health industry and human physical and mental health for a lifetime. ——Medical Student Oath

5 months ago

A paragraph in the preface of King Teng’s pavilion: Huh! Uneven fortunes and ill-fated fate. Feng Tang is old, but Li Guang is difficult to seal. Qu Jiayi in Changsha is not without a holy lord; is there no time to traverse Lianghong to Haiqu? The gentleman who depends on is poor, and the master knows his fate. When you are old and strong, would you rather move the heart of the white head? Poor and strong, not falling into the ambition of the blue sky. Feel refreshed when you are greedy for springs, and feel happy when you are in trouble. Although Beihai can take it on credit, it can be picked up; Dongyu is dead, and Sang Yu is late. Meng Chang is noble, free to serve the country; Ruan Ji is so rampant, how can he cry in despair! In front of it is this passage: The sky is high and the earth is great, and the universe is infinite; the happiness and sorrow come, and the knowledge is full and empty. Hope that Changan will be in the sun, and Wu will be in the clouds. The terrain is extremely deep and Nanming is deep, Tianzhu is high and Beichen is far away. Guanshan is difficult to pass, and those who have lost their way; meet by the water, they are all guests from other countries. When the Emperor Huai missed seeing him, how long did the Feng Xuan room be? I thought: The most valuable force in life is to still cheer up in the hesitation! Wang Bo who has such life thinking is only a young man in his twenties, and his life will always be fixed in his twenties. It’s amazing!

5 months ago

When I was a freshman in high school, I read a novel “Zichuan”. The end of this book touched me a lot. “Your father, as well as many uncles and uncles, used blood and steel to cut through thorns and thorns to recast order in the chaotic world, bring peace, turn swords into ploughs, bring civilization to the wild, and replace barrenness with prosperity. Iron and blood, sacrifice and self-dedication are the natural missions of our generation. The stories of heroes and heroes will become legends in your age.” “Now, as fathers, we have completed our mission. We gradually When you get old, and you will grow, this is the law of good fortune, and it is inevitable. The future world belongs to you. You don’t have to fight day and night like us, walking in the shadow of the sword, the father’s tall back, A roof has been built for you to shield you from wind and rain.” “Child, you will lead a peaceful, serene, and carefree life. You will be destined to be better than ordinary people. This is also doomed and lacks tempering. You can’t be as good, as good, brave, firm and fearless as your father.” “So what?” “In childhood, when we told you hero stories, we didn’t necessarily want you to be a hero, but I hope you have a noble character. When you were young, we let you be exposed to poetry, painting, and music in order to make your soul full of fun. These fun will support your life. In this way, even in the harshest winter, you will not I will forget the fragrance of the rose.” “A nation where heroes are born is an unfortunate nation, and a peaceful life is destined to be mediocre and cumbersome. There are some things that you may not understand now. But when you grow up, you will understand: yours Father, I will definitely not want you to be a hero. Many things in the world are dazzling and worthless. As long as you can grow up healthy, be an honest person, think independently, and live a happy life, this is the highest expectation of your parents.”

5 months ago

“I, Bai Jingqi, was born in the 6th year of Guangxu. I was stubborn since I was a child. I didn’t obey discipline, made private schools, beat my brothers, ruined teachers, and committed all kinds of evil. I grew up even more unscrupulous. He was eventually driven out of the house by the loving mother; from then on, he wandered through the rivers and lakes and created his own family business. A poop deceived two thousand silver, and he collected twenty-eight squares along the river, and created the original’Longjiao’ and’baosheng’.’Nine Treasures’, ‘ Qixiu’s thirty-two secret recipes, saving the world, saving the people, and prospering the family; for Jiuhong, I have been in the warlord’s prison, as Sophora japonica, and in the prison of the Republic of China. For Xiangxiu, I have offended the whole family. What am I doing? What am I going to do! Except for my mother, I have not bowed my head to anyone, nor have I bent over to anyone! Now, the Japanese devil has hit our door and killed the three elders. I swear that I would rather die than be a subjugated slave! After I die, if there are people of the same race as the Japanese devils, everyone can scold them! After I die, if there are those who have the same breath with the Japanese devils, everyone can punish them! After I die, if there are any The Japanese devils who have the same breath: speak according to my knife! Testator, Bai Jingqi!” Taken from the last episode of the mansion gate. He is hard-working in his life, and the man is arrogant, and he is an individual when he stands still. There is love and responsibility, and I am self-improving without support, this arrogant body knocks loudly. No regrets and blood, intending to help the common people. Whenever you encounter depression, you have to look back twice to know how you can live a personal character.

5 months ago

This is a little poem that I used to see in “The Reader” or “Youth Digest”. It is very shocking. I will share this poem with everyone. If – Radiyad Kipling, if people around you irrationally attack you, you can still be calm and calm; if everyone is jealous of you, you can still be confident and think of their suspicion Excusable; if you are willing to wait patiently and not be impatient, or be slandered but not reciprocate, or hated but not repay evil; neither pretentious nor arrogant; if you have a dream, and If you are not the master of dreams; if you have a mental mind, but you don’t lose your mind; if you face triumphs and disasters calmly, you are open-minded about the illusion of victory or defeat; if you can tolerate such a rogue and distort your mouth Tell the truth to fool the stupid man, or watch the hard-worked career collapse, and still be able to re-climb with humiliation; if you dare to make all the victories you have, you will desperate for a more lofty goal, face loss, and resolve to start all over again without mentioning your own. Loss; if people have left you long ago, you can still hold on to your position and push forward, and you have nothing left on you, only the will is shouting “stand up”; if you talk to the common people without becoming humble, or take a walk with the princes Don’t show your flattery; if your enemies and friends can’t cause you harm; if everyone trusts you but doesn’t rely too much on you; if you can cherish your time and take advantage of the irretrievable time every minute; then, yours The cultivation base will be as broad as the heavens and the earth, and you will have your own world, and more importantly: child, you have become a truly indomitable person!

5 months ago

1. People who have never been younger must not be able to appreciate the prejudices in this world. We are torn apart by the world, and we must be brave for love; we are humiliated by housing prices, and we must let the simple reality become warm; we are ignored by authority, and we must remain proud of our talents; we must be tortured by mediocrity, and we must start to speak A walk-and-go adventure. The so-called glorious years are not the days that later shined, but when no one cares about your paranoia towards dreams, whether you have the courage and loyalty to yourself to the end 2. “You are just a child, you don’t even know what you are talking about So when you ask about art, you might come up with the rough arguments in art books. You know a lot about Michelangelo. His political enthusiasm, his inconsistency with the pope, and his indulgence in sex. You know him well, right? But You don’t even know the smell of the Sistine Chapel? You haven’t tried standing there and looking up at the famous paintings on the ceiling, have you? Surely you haven’t seen them? If I ask about women, you can tell me as many treasures as you can. You may have been in bed several times, but you can’t tell the true joy of waking up beside a woman. You are young and sturdy. If I talk about war with you, you will throw Shakespeare to me and recite. “Go to the battlefield together, dear friend”, but you have never been in the battlefield, you have never tried to hold your close friend’s head in your arms, watch him take his last breath, stare at you, and ask you for help. I ask you why For love, you may only sing the wind and make the moon, but you have not tried to devote yourself to the wholeheartedly, and understand each other’s heart when you exchange your eyes. It is like God arranged for an angel to go down to the world and only dedicated to you, saving you from the abyss of hell. Come out, you have never tried to feel caring for her in every way, you have never tried to stay together with her love and money, knowing that she is terminally ill, you will never hesitate, you have never tried to lose your beloved Feel…”

5 months ago

A section of “Those Things in the Ming Dynasty” Yu Qian is the Shangshu of the Ministry of War and the convener of the meeting. Although anyone can speak at this meeting, he only counts if he says it. He stood up and said his own point of view: “Also came first with the army. The arrogance is already very arrogant. If you can’t hold on, they will only grow their arrogance. It has been nearly a hundred years since the founding of Ming Dynasty. Sweeping across the world and sweeping Baoyuan, how can my generation be afraid of Xiaoxiaowa!” He looked around everyone, paused, and sternly issued his first order: “The army has all opened out of the nine gates, and lined up to welcome you.” Enemy!” The ministers were silent. I really don’t have to talk anymore, anyway, it doesn’t count as we say it, you can figure it out. Yu Qian then gave his second order: “Jinyiwei patrols the city, but as long as it finds armored sergeants who do not go out of the city to fight, no matter how they kill!” Yu Qian was so tough and the military order was so severe that he had never heard of it before, and even Shi Heng, who was used to killing people on the battlefield, was shocked. Before they could catch their breath, Yu Qian’s calm and majestic voice sounded again: “The Nine Gates are the gates of the capital, and the generals are now assigned to guard them. If there are any lost, they will be killed!” “Andingmen, Tao Jin! ” “Dongzhimen, Liuan!” “Chaoyangmen, Zhu Ying!” “Xizhimen, Liuju!” “Zhenyangmen, Li Duan!” “Chongwenmen, Liu Dexin!” “Xuanwumen, Yangjie!” Door, Gu Xingzu!” He stopped. This is not an ordinary pause, because everyone knows that there is another door he didn’t say, this door is Deshengmen. Deshengmen is the most important gateway because it is in the north of Beijing and faces the army of Yexian. Once the war begins, here is bound to be the most intense battlefield. This is really not a good place to go. Everyone did not wait long, because Yu Qian quickly said the guardian: Deshengmen, Yu Qian! ” He looked at everyone with firm eyes, and this kind of eyes also told everyone that he was not joking. The ministers of civil and military affairs were surprised again, but they were still more surprised, because Yu Qian was about to issue a They have never heard of military orders. “Every soldier who defends the city will kill the enemy bravely. Once the end of the battle begins, it will be the time to fight to the death! ” “When you are in battle, you will cut immediately regardless of the army’s first retreat!” ” “On the battlefield, the army ignores those who will retreat first, and the back team cuts the front team! ” “Those who dare to violate the military order, let’s kill them!” ” This is the famous military battle company sitting method in the history of the Ming Dynasty. Since then, most famous generals in the Ming Dynasty have adopted this method. Hearing this murderous language, everyone seemed to not know the talking Yu Qian. Just a month ago, He is still a scholar who has never commanded war, or an elegant civil servant, a gentleman who always maintains a calm expression on his face. At this moment, Yu Qian is still calm and calm, but he seems to be a different person. He has become A strong-willed, decisive and stern battlefield commander. On a cruel battlefield, the weak cannot survive. Only the strongest and resolute strong can survive and win the final victory. Yu Qian is such a strong man. 。 It seems that the issues to be discussed in the meeting are over, and it seems that the meeting should be adjourned. Just as everyone was fortunate to be free from Yu Qian’s suffocating military order, Yu Qian gave his last order. The last order Yu Qian pointed his hand at He went to Wu Ning, the servant of the Ministry of War, and issued his last order: “On the day the army went to war, after the generals led their troops out of the city, they immediately closed the nine gates. Anyone who dared to enter the city arbitrarily cut it off! ” Hearing this command, even Shi Heng and other generals who did not blink their eyes were shocked. This means that anyone who goes out of the city can only retreat from the enemy, and there is a way to survive. If you can’t win, you will definitely die! Really spared no effort. 。 Everyone looked at Yu Qian in surprise, and they realized that Yu Qian was ready to kill his life this time, not only with his own life, but also with everyone’s life. Yu Qian looked at these surprised people without fear, I said the last words to them: “Hundreds of thousands of troops were destroyed, the emperor was captured, and the enemy soldiers were near the city. When the country is in such a situation, are there any concerns? If this battle fails, Daming will follow the mistakes of the former Song Dynasty. What face do you have to meet the people of the world! ” “Fight to the death, only at this moment!” ” Yu Qian is right. This is a war that cannot be defeated. If it fails, the northern half of the country will inevitably be unprotected, and Daming’s national fortune will also change. This war, Yu Qian can’t afford to lose, and Daming can’t afford to lose. So Yu Qian is The person who guarded the city and himself left the only choice: If you can’t win, you die!

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