Teacher Liu has updated the 14 million fan welfare video, do you like it? Passersby, fans, and professionals all want to hear your opinions.

The strength proves that the real sexy is not in the dress. This video is addictive. Liu Yuxin’s sexy is very similar to her whole person, low-key, restrained, and majestic. Since she started to receive wide-ranging attention, Qingyou began to say that she was a fusion of a teenager and a woman, who was handsome and charming at the beginning of the stage. Then later, the evil sexy of “Bro Feng”, the cool sexy of “Want to See You” and “Su”, the domineering and seductive sexy of “lion”. Out of the blue you, the contradictory sexy in the masked dancer jazz. The traces of her growth can be seen in these stages-the youthful roots are forever, and the femininity becomes more and more mature. All these sex appeals have nothing to do with “sex”. Without those hot eye movements that are full of sexual hints, it will not make people feel uncomfortable, will not make people feel offended, but will make people blush, heartbeat, and body heat. She is a very contradictory person, probably she is also struggling constantly. This contradiction gave her uniqueness, and gave her a mysterious and powerful fatal attraction. In addition, as everyone knows, Liu Yuxin’s dance strength can support her ideas and support such works. Every movement, from small finger tapping smoothly, to large straight up from the ground, makes people extremely comfortable to see. A good foundation does not necessarily have to be seen by people who know how to dance. The work is for the public. Everyone knows that such a dance is strong. Her sensuality is noble sensuality. The fishing line is the fishing line

To be honest, from years ago to the present, the style is single and the stage is small, I do think it is fine~~. The only thing that can pull me out is dance. It’s amazing~. Yu Xin is really the only one in the crowd that cannot be replicated. Even if the dance style is sexy, she can’t hide her handsomeness. Her sorrow is in the bones. She is the handsome and just right girl I have ever seen. When I was young, I was too boyish, and now that kind of female sprout temperament really depends on being handsome and spreading. She is absolutely the best in the world. The style includes gentle/stubborn, handsome/charming, and pure/sexual tension. Contradictory but harmonious existence. Her special experience created her uniqueness. This is how many girls want to live.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

From April 25, 2020 to today… 367 days… Several times I went to bed at 3:30 in the morning, almost all thanks to Liu Yuxin’s dance… It was the first day, I did not know how many times I brushed it… The refreshing spirit and the fragile feeling…try’s heart shocked and the layers of goosebumps…the double attack of the Sanchakou and the chypher, perceiving the charm of dance……1400W’s high-level sexy…Liu Teacher Online Guidance# Wear the most clothes and dance the most sexy dance# Originally, I was very busy at work recently, and I went on a business trip in April until I had a seizure… I hope that I will be working on May 2nd! But in the end nothing fell…The surprise of April 20th, the chorus of acne marks behind, the cover of the national K song, and another three in the morning without sleepiness… At first I just thought she was strong, strong willpower, and gentle. Transparent… But slowly I realized that it was not my intention to like a little idol. Then something must be guiding me? Oh, maybe I like Liu Yuxin, and I’m also accumulating virtue… Let me get rid of all the interference and get happiness in addition to the exhausting reality of work and life. This is Liu Yuxin’s blessing to me! Yesterday’s pictures were too difficult to sleep, the lazy little cat in the afternoon~ I like you, it doesn’t make sense!

5 months ago

I watched on the way after I got the courier (Liu Yuxin’s Youjia Double Seal). I was holding back the hard work, abruptly holding back the mood of what I wanted to call, causing the corners of my mouth to twitch and my nostrils widened. It’s really…Fortunately, there are no people on the road. Otherwise, Liu Yuxin’s face will be lost. Liu Yuxin’s jump is really too, too, too good to look at! And leopard print, I can! The key point is that Liu Yuxin is all right. If you say I can’t do it, I’ll show it to you. Although this is a fan welfare right, fan welfare, then I think Liu Yuxin is really good. In fact, she doesn’t need to do it at all, but it is. It’s only 1 million more than the last time. I feel that I can wait tens of millions before engaging her. I really cherish the love that fans give to her. I just want to give fans what she can give, regardless of whether I’m tired or not. Selfishness is to hope that she will be colder and be farther away from us. You don’t need to read every letter. Every one million wants welfare, so that she can have more rest.

5 months ago

Can I say it’s very sad, Liu Yuxin, who has practiced dance for more than ten years, Liu Yuxin, who has never lost in the underground and 1.8-meter boy battles, Liu Yuxin, who starts with 200 push-ups every day for muscles, Liu Yuxin, who is generally recognized by the hip-hop gods, hip-hop Liu Yuxin, the only apprentice of the Great God Lin Meng. It’s not even better than Douyin Internet celebrities and b-station house dance fire. I suddenly feel so uncomfortable. She has worked so hard for so many years and won so many professional hip-hop awards, but now she has to be criticized by passers-by who don’t know anything. I really don’t understand. Passersby are so noble, you can criticize others at will, even if you don’t understand.

5 months ago

I watched it over and over again, I really like it.
It feels good to be a fan of her. In fact, I didn’t expect to have 14 million in welfare, because 13 million in welfare has just passed, and I am still imagining that 15 million will have welfare, hehe. So I was very happy to receive this high welfare suddenly.
Yuxin, Ma Ma loves you.

5 months ago

After watching Liu Yuxin’s dance, I realized that I really like to watch sexy dances, but I don’t like the kind of girls with topless breasts. I watched it repeatedly for more than 40 minutes, and kept cycling. Every joint was like lubricated oil. It was very silky, the stuck points were very precise, the core strength was strong, the bottom plate was very stable, and I loved it too much.

5 months ago

Since it is a fan benefit, as a fan, I have to speak. Liu Yuxin has always been a fan. Needless to say this. The number of 14 million can only be regarded as a whole million, not a whole tens of millions, in fact, it does not need to be issued. But she posted. She said she wanted to try a more sexy stage. After reading this benefit, I think she can control the sexy style and has personal characteristics. This benefit is worth the money, and it is Liu Yuxin’s feedback to the fans’ love.

5 months ago

It’s amazing, high class and sexy. I usually like to watch dance videos, mainly on station B. I like to see the charm conveyed by dance. Whether it is modern dance, street dance, or Mongolian dance, it has its own unique flavor. But one thing is that I don’t like watching those girls who are bare-chested and pretending to be sexy. It is undeniable that some dancers are indeed sexy, but more people pretend to create a sexy atmosphere deliberately, rather than the dance itself. . In Liu Yuxin’s place, I saw the message from the dance. Don’t look at her rigorous dress, but it’s just too tempting. I watched it over and over for hours. Yes, I really watched that video. Several hours.

5 months ago

I still want to answer the opinions of passers-by on the term “14 million fans”. Some people think that there are not so many. First of all, this 14 million refers to the number of followers Liu Yuxin has followed on Weibo. When an artist posts fan benefits, it is usually when the number of followers on Weibo increases by 1 million. But generally, after 10 million followers on Weibo, each increase of 1 million posts depends on the artist’s own wishes. Moreover, the “several millions” of the millions of fans mentioned by the artist refers to the number of followers on Weibo. Of course, the people who follow are not necessarily fans, but this is the default statement by everyone. Of course, some people don’t mix with the fans, and it’s normal if they don’t know. It’s normal to think that Yuxin doesn’t have so many fans. But don’t laugh without understanding. You don’t know that doesn’t mean that others don’t know. Passersby don’t represent objectivity or nobility. Don’t look at things from a commanding height. I personally think that the subject is the original version of Yuxin’s own statement on Weibo, and I didn’t want to use this as a gimmick. Secondly, the point of this question is to ask everyone about their views on dance. I think it is inappropriate to always avoid the importance and discuss other things. (If you think the point of this question is 14 million fans, I have nothing to say)

5 months ago

It’s outrageous. What is the basis for Liu Yuxin’s rush to shoot you, brother, do you use your eyes, or is it a conclusion drawn from a comparison between you and the four big dancers behind her? Hey, I said, if you have the courage, go to Xiaopozhan to find the video and put it at 0.5x speed. Haha, can you see if you are wrong or she is wrong? Don’t open your mouth and spray nails without the diamond. Liu Yuxin has practiced dancing for more than ten years. Haven’t you just watched the dance for so long? Passersby? Haha, it’s really interesting, noble can have my fans noble? By the way, do you know what poppin dancers are? They are all stuck-at machines. What you practice is the ability to control every small muscle in your body. What you listen to is the little beats in the music, so, Liu Yuxin is like that A person of, the body seems to be assembled, such a person who survives with stuck points, tell me she is rushing to shoot? ? If you are interested, you can watch the video of the red dancer who shakes 5 times in 0.8 seconds. Welcome to watch https://b23.tv/c8tljr by the way, even if she can’t compare to OG, But it’s more than enough to beat you

5 months ago

When I saw it for the first time, I was absent-minded (recently anxious), so I didn’t feel anything except for the exclamation. And that khaki filter really made me quite blind. Haha. The second time was at midnight last night. It was because I was more anxious and couldn’t sleep, so I looked at it again. Suddenly, I was caught… The first two twists were looming. Her black vest, semi-wet hair, leopard-print gauze shirt, help, I must have been blind the day before (although it is still the death filter that needs to be adjusted to the highest brightness in the middle of the night), I am very grateful to her, and surprise us during my busy schedule. I also lament that fans are really increasing. The first thing that comes to my mind is that the umbrella must protect her, she must stay on the stage she loves forever and pin me on the stage! I want to cheer up too. This is the strength Liu Yuxin gave me, alas, so happy.

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