This question was jointly asked by Zhihu and China Youth Daily.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, to encourage contemporary young people to remember their original aspirations, keep their mission in mind, and shoulder the historical responsibility of the power generation generation, Zhihu and China Youth Daily jointly launched a cross-hundred-year, immersive interaction with the original aspiration-“Mirror of Time” Experience activities, and use this as an opportunity to launch a series of questions and answers to show the belief and power of contemporary Chinese youth in the new era of patriotism.

After the founding of New China, the manuscript “Lovely China” by the martyr Fang Zhimin, who had been carefully kept in a safe in the basement of a bank during the war years, was made public. This is the work of the author’s hard work in the dark prison in 1935, and the firm ideals and convictions and the determination to shed the last drop of blood for the cause of the liberation of the Chinese people are embodied in the lines. He looked forward to: “My friend, I believe that by then, there will be lively creations everywhere, and rapid progress everywhere. Songs will replace sorrow, smiling faces will replace crying faces, and prosperity will replace poverty…”

Manuscript of “Lovely China”
In today’s “Lovely China”, there are magnificent mountains and rivers, warm and friendly people, brave frontier warriors, cute national treasure pandas… Which lovely people and things have you witnessed? How do you feel?

My brother and I are both college students. I barely got a policy 211, but he got a private second book. My tuition and accommodation fee for a year is about 7,000, and my brother is 20,000 a year. Every month, my school will also give a subsidy for non-staple food, about 80 yuan a month, and sometimes a little on holidays. Our class has a particularly good grade but is difficult at home. I applied for a work-study program and went to the college every day. For some chores, such as maintaining the computer room, cleaning the laboratory, etc., he took a scholarship and reduced tuition, but he made more than one thousand. The school also has a food committee. The banner of this recruitment is free meals, but it also requires labor. A large part of the cleaning and maintenance of the school canteen is done by them. In other words, if you don’t want to spend too much money, As long as our school is willing to work hard, it can survive. My cousin is in the third year of high school this year, and her family is poor. She was worried that she would have no money to go to college. Let her be fooled by her family to marry a good person, so I went to do her ideological work. I remember the first day of our university, we The dean of the college said that if there is a student in the university who can’t afford to go to university because his family is poor, he should go to the principal. If the principal can’t help you solve this problem, then he can not be the principal. Why? Regulations. When I was in my sophomore year to receive freshmen, I was told to ask if I need a green channel. If necessary, I have to take them there. The green channel policy is actually aimed at students with family difficulties. You can postpone the submission of tuition fees first. When you enter school, you can pay the tuition slowly later. If you can’t afford it, there are many ways. There is no saying that you must drop out if you can’t pay the tuition, but the tuition must still be paid. It will not force students in difficult conditions. This is a better university, so I told my cousin to study hard and go to a good university without worries. If I want to say what is the cutest place in China, I think there is a college entrance examination, so that the poor can have a bright future without being overwhelmed by tens of thousands of tuition fees.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Of course it is time for the cutest people to cross the Yalu River. It was they who won the war for the founding of our country and made our nation stand in the east of the world again. “We don’t have planes, we don’t have tanks, we don’t have artillery, but we have the determination to win.” , A word often said by volunteer soldiers.

5 months ago

The first reaction to this question was the text “Lovely China” I learned in elementary school. I didn’t understand anything at that time. I only remembered that the illustration was of a man in ragged clothes with shackles and shackles. Twenty years later, when I picked up this text again, the text was still the text of the year, and the illustrations were still the illustrations of the year, but I was different. After reading it again, I felt sand in my eyes and couldn’t restrain my mood. , As if I walked to his side and told him gently: Please come back and see the lovely China… I would like to excerpt a part: Yes, the current China is of course a broken country and poor people, but who Can it be concluded that China does not have a bright future? No, never, we believe that China must have a glorious and bright future. The Chinese nation built a great wall and dug thousands of miles of canals long ago. This proves the great creativity of the Chinese nation? Once China has cut off the chains of imperialism and eliminated the traitors and traitors in its front, and gained freedom and liberation, this kind of creativity will be exerted infinitely. At that time, the face of China will be transformed by us. All poverty and famine, chaos and vendetta, hunger and cold, disease and plague, superstition and ignorance, as well as the chronic opium poison that kills the Chinese nation, these are all abominable gifts that imperialism brings to us, and they will be in the future. With imperialism driven away, he left China. My friend, I believe that by then, there will be active creation everywhere, and progress with each passing day. Songs will replace laments, smiles will replace crying faces, wealth will replace poverty, health will replace disease, wisdom will replace Instead of ignorance, friendship will replace hatred, the joy of life will replace the sadness of death, and the bright garden will replace the bleak wasteland! At this time, our nation can stand in front of mankind without any shame, and the mothers who give birth to us will be decorated most beautifully, and join hands equally with all mothers in the world. Such a glorious day will never be in the distant future, but in the very near future, we can believe in this way, friends! China is ours and also his. In his time, it was not a dream, but a real cry. After a hundred years, I can still feel his fiery heart, even if he is ragged and has nothing… But China has a lovely him, and he has a lovely China.

5 months ago

People are dependent and find those moments where life gets better over time. My family is in a small county in the northwest. My parents are public officials. When I was in kindergarten, their wages were always deducted by unscrupulous leaders into various kinds of liquor and things were sent down. The small bungalow was full of liquor, but they could not be sold. There is no place, and there is no money for the New Year’s Day. In the fifth grade of elementary school, my dad rode a motorcycle to take me to see a construction site in the north of the city, and said excitedly that we would be able to live in a building in a year. When we were in junior high school, a new elementary school was built to the north of the community where we lived. The new junior high school has a large park and fountains, the community environment is better, and there are more elderly people enjoying the sun and dancing in the square. In 2018, parents bought a house with an elevator in the city for the elderly. The provident fund can fully cover the loan. Many of the newly renovated furniture are smart and convenient. There is a wetland that stretches for more than ten kilometers next to the community. The air quality is also good. Very good, you can take a walk in the sun on weekends, and there are many more foreign tourists. Compared to ten years ago, now my parents no longer need to dry coal in the summer and pour the slag in the winter, and no more unscrupulous leaders who can easily violate the regulations and use tobacco and alcohol to deduct wages. There is not much worry for two people to provide for the elderly. Up. The “loveliness” of a country is not how many world firsts it has won, nor is it full of force to dominate the world, it is the people who live in this land, really cross the better~~

5 months ago

I am from Nandeng, Wa State, and our children can now go to the Yunnan class elders separated by a ditch to enjoy nine-year compulsory education, free! There is also a free nutritious lunch! I hadn’t studied yet. Then one day my sister came back and said that reading will be free in the future. At that moment, I felt very cute. It is difficult for people outside to understand how difficult it is for Wa State to study, it is really difficult! An epidemic broke out in Wa State last year. Yunnan sent a medical team to fight the epidemic successfully! Vaccination started again today. very cute! Here, I hope that Yunnan Higher Education will provide more places for Wa State foreign students. It is too difficult for Wa State people to study. It can also help the Wa state to establish a high school, technical secondary school or university. This is a win-win!

5 months ago

A country and civilization, if there are no people who are willing to sacrifice themselves, the country and civilization will come to an end. In the long 5,000 years, there have been countless victims who have not been recorded in history. From “The Biography of the Assassin” to Qiu Jin’s heroine, the chivalrous spirit will last, and the loyal and righteous will never die. Especially the victims who were misunderstood and killed by mistake, what do they want in their lives? Not money. Not fame. Even in the end, they did not see the hope of victory. When they die, is it liberation or anticipation? We have no way of knowing. They are not loved by the country, by the people, by their families. But, they are cute. They are cute and the country is also cute.

5 months ago

At first sight of the word “cute” made me stunned. In the noisy dormitory, the first thing that came to mind was the “loveliest person”. It coincided with the birthday of the People’s Navy today. He was full of thoughts and I don’t know where to start. I am a hard-core military enthusiast, and I know the importance of weapons and equipment to an armed force and a country. December 17, 2019, a day I will never forget. I was still in Osaka, in a foreign country, and just spent the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Day. Accompanied by the solitude in a foreign country and the anger of the Hong Kong riots, on December 17, 2019, our second aircraft carrier was at the same time It is also the first domestically-made aircraft carrier, the Shandong ship entered service. At almost the same moment when I saw the news, tears of happiness or anger burst into my eyes. In fact, I have heard the wind a long time ago, the aircraft carrier will enter service in those days, so I prepared the wine early. I was in a slightly drunken state, under my eyes blurred with tears, and with trembling hands, I typed little by little. I think that our great nation has gone from Zheng He’s voyages to the West, who had “danced the sky, inspected the palace, sighed for nothing, translated the palace, filled the emperor, and is so magnificent”, to the dignity ordered to hit Yoshino, “this Deng Shichang, a hero who sheds tears every day and has public feet to strengthen the navy; and then General Liu Huaqing stood tiptoe at the US Navy aircraft carrier like a thirsty child, and became the second largest aircraft carrier in the world after 72 years. The People’s Navy of sea power. Behind this lies the hard work of people with lofty ideals who dare not imagine. A dream of trespassing into the oceans, solidifying the borders of the sea, and pointing to the deep blue is not a miniature of the dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation? The Chinese nation, a nation that has always stood tall in the world, has used the wisdom and experience passed down over five thousand years to build New China into the world’s fastest-growing and fastest-growing country in just 72 years. Five thousand years of years and 72 years of achievements complement each other and shine brightly. As the saying goes, the sacred flame of civilization, the one who has not endured through the ages, but I am unparalleled. How many nations have tried to erase our nation from the world-there were five chaotic China in ancient times, and now there is the Angsa chaotic party. Yamato, Gauls, Slavs, Anglo-Saxons, one after another martial races are all defeated at our feet-at that moment, at this moment, countless tigers and wolves are waiting around us, exhausting all conspiracies and tricks. In a vain attempt to destroy our country and our race. Little did they know that the shotgun that beat the American imperial ambition wolf to the Anti-US Aid Korea is still hanging on the bed, and that the hero who frightened the enemy by self-defense at the border still sits on the frontier. The Chinese nation never lacks warriors driving 81192, never lacks Chen Hongjun, Chen Xiangrong, Xiao Siyuan, and Wang Zhuoran, and there is no shortage of countless heroes who can set the world but cannot enjoy peace! As my signature says-I am willing to use my body to cast my national shield. The history of our People’s Navy is the development of our nation and our country in the new century! Tribute to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy! Tribute to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army! Pay tribute to the swordsmiths who have dedicated their years since the founding of the People’s Republic of China! Pay tribute to the heroes of the people who sacrificed in previous struggles in 1840, since then, in order to oppose domestic and foreign enemies, strive for national independence and the freedom and happiness of the people! Pay tribute to the heroes who have inherited the national will and glory for five thousand years! Tribute to the Chinese people and the Chinese nation! I am you, you are all people, all Chinese sons and daughters, all the epic moments formed by us and you, the infinite accumulation of all these moments, this is the moment that makes me feel China “cute”!

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5 months ago

During this global COVID-19 pandemic, a local epidemic occurred in my city. When I learned that millions of citizens in the city could all get free nucleic acid testing, even when I actually finished free nucleic acid testing, I finally ” I feel “cute in China!” In this global new crown epidemic, China, as the country that first broke out, was caught off guard and had no other experience to learn from. It not only quickly controlled the new crown epidemic, but also became the only country in the world whose economic situation has entered a positive growth. Then, I began to reflect: Why, those western developed countries that are leading the world, have not been able to control the epidemic? And China, in the process of catching up, can not only quickly defeat the plague, but also become a hunting banner to save the world? Not only China, but why Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, and Singapore are far better than the West in controlling the epidemic? I want to understand: Because the latter are all countries in the Confucian cultural circle, they all have a profound Chinese civilization, which is the result of the top-notch Chinese cultural heritage of mankind! The core element lies here. Look at other places on the planet. In this global epidemic, not only Westerners can die for “freedom”, but blacks in various countries can die for “freedom”, and some Muslims can also die for “freedom of belief.” However, compared with the people in the East Asian Confucian cultural circle, they generally lack one word: “degree”, the degree of “degree”! Therefore, countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, and even Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau can effectively control the epidemic; while the developed Western countries and even backward Muslim countries cannot effectively control the epidemic. In particular, during the epidemic, people from many countries in the West took to the streets, demanding that quarantine be lifted and work resumed immediately. why? Because of their extreme cultural concepts, they don’t save money in advance consumption, so if you isolate them a little bit, you will have nothing to eat early! If you don’t hurry to resume work, will you still be waiting for starvation? This is what many of us have always admired and learned, the western characteristic “advanced consumption”! Do you see the drawbacks now? This is what I have been paying attention to and finally thought of: the so-called “advanced consumption” in Western countries is actually what the ancients called “yin to eat food.” The more I think about this problem, the more I feel unreliable, and the more I think about it, the more I feel that it deviates from the principle of “sustainable development”. Yin eating Maoliang has developed to a certain extent, because the more you eat and the more empty you will be, the more empty you will eat; it is like to solve polydipsia, not hesitate to use wine as water, the more you drink, the thirsty, and the more thirsty you drink. “Drink poison to quench thirst”. If this goes on, it can only lead to increasingly excessive and crazy consumption of resources. After all, resources are limited. What will happen when these developed countries, which eat their own food, run out of resources? Although, these developed countries, which are eager to eat food, are currently mainly consuming the resources of developing countries. However, when the resources of developing countries are also exhausted, or even after all the resources on the earth are exhausted in advance? Is it not far from the destruction of the earth and the arrival of the end? This is also a question of “degree”. For thousands of years, Huaxia Culture has always emphasized “the harmony between man and nature” and “the doctrine of the mean”. The so-called “Golden Mean” means being impartial, not going to extremes, neither conservative nor excessive. Only by keeping to the middle way can we self-discipline and achieve moderation. Facts have proved that this kind of cultural heritage that can self-discipline and achieve an appropriate level can also be the most effective response to the epidemic. The concept of consumption is the same. Only by keeping to the middle can we self-discipline and achieve moderation. If most people in our country also consume and eat food in advance like Westerners, then in this epidemic, we have to be like Westerners, knowing that going to work is dangerous, we have to give up isolation and go to work to earn money. Otherwise, they will not survive, let alone repay their debts. In that way, we would be as dangerous as the West. Fortunately, mainstream Chinese have retained some of the Chinese culture of the Golden Mean after all. Therefore, we are not afraid of long-term isolation and no money to buy food. Only then can we be able to respond to the government’s call for isolation for several months, and finally successfully overcome the epidemic.

5 months ago

There may be some inconsistencies: I think China has always been cute. I forgot who said: Chinese people are always well protected by the bravest among them. People’s Liberation Army, People’s Police, Fire officers and soldiers, etc. are silently guarded. Our moments will look like China is cute. They have always been there, so China has always been cute. If all of us can understand and thank the bravest people, then China will be even more cute.

5 months ago

Although xx Youth Daily believes that “being [the writers] is “envious, jealous and hate” for Ding Zhen, the country still encourages reading, insists that knowledge can change destiny, affirms the role of the college entrance examination, and affirms the efforts of the small town as the writers. Thanks to the country, Thank the country for not giving up to ordinary people, leaving a broad road for poor disciples and ordinary-looking writers. In this impetuous society, everyone wants to explode overnight and take shortcuts to “success”, and Internet celebrities are popular. . But the country can calm down and tell people that being down-to-earth is the most stable channel to success. There are shortcuts, but the naive encouragement of students to study hard, is this country not cute enough?

5 months ago

When I was walking in the countryside, I saw my grandma and grandpa arguing for a few cents and bargaining for a few cents. People around were watching with gusto. Finally, my grandma and grandpa took out the mobile phone from my trouser pocket to settle the settlement. I think China is very cute at this time. And the people around me are very cute. The previous generation of Chinese was still Chinese a hundred years ago, but China is no longer the same China as before. I would not envy the so-called decent and gentlemanly demeanor of foreign countries at all. A hundred years ago, the Chinese style of living that outsiders seemed to be aggrieved is precisely the spiritual atmosphere of the Chinese nation. It is like the rich people even wear slippers and others think you are a virtue, but the poor people wear slippers even if you wear slippers. Suits and ties. Others also say that you are shit and glamorous. They are saying that all the habits that seem to be bad habits are the economic ability behind them. This is true for small individuals and large countries. At this stage, we Outsiders will make irresponsible remarks about everything. Looking at all the ugly habits combined with history, this is how normal, so we are making progress, we are groping, as long as the economic level goes up, everything will be better. The direction of development, oh, yes, that grandma and grandma are bargaining for the flower maw.

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