I must nominate my roommate. Seeing him at the beginning of school, he felt that it was ridiculously high, to the extent that he would get hit without bowing his head when entering the door, he said he was 194. I have never seen such a high 194. After physical examination, this brother was barefoot 207. Because of his height, he had to go to the counselor, hoping to have a bed where he could lie down. The counselor thought for a while and said that you see that there are classmates who are about the same height as you in the sports institute. You can go and see how they solve the problem. After all, the beds are fixed, and it may not be easy to change. This brother thought it was very official and reasonable, so he couldn’t stop it. Since then began to sleep diagonally. Until the junior year, the older brother went to an orientation party at the sports academy on a whim, and came back angrily said that the sports academy is not about the same height as me! The counselor lied to me! So I went to the counselor to confront him. The counselor thought about it and said, you see, I have been here for the first two years of the four years of college, so let’s stick with it. I think this bad man is very official and justified. ps: Po a thousand likes, add even more! Brother 207 has been facing two questions for a long time, how tall are you and do you play basketball? Brother 207 plays table tennis and badminton well, but he doesn’t play basketball. Maybe this question has been asked too many times. He felt that not playing basketball had disappointed everyone’s expectations, so he started playing basketball. It’s a pity that things backfired. Because he was too tough at the basket, he had long legs, long hands, and heavy weight. No one asked him to play near the rebound. Because he couldn’t make a three-pointer, Brother 207 had a brilliant and brilliant basketball career. Only lasted for half a month. The college team actually invited him, but unfortunately there are no girls. Brother 207 expressed his willingness to go to the women’s basketball team as a cheerleader, but it’s a pity that cheerleaders don’t want boys.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

My cousin hides my cousin. The real height is about 175-177. In fact, he is not short. This is in Shandong. If you go to the south, he will be taller, and he will dress well. He is very tall, as long as he doesn’t walk with me. Together (I’m 190…) But in the past two or three years, because of blind dates, I’ve said that I’m 1.8 meters tall when I go out. In fact, the difference between 177 and 180 is not much. Generally, girls can’t see it, but you say you’re finished at 1.8 meters. Hey, he doesn’t know what kind of monsters he is doing recently. Blind dates say that he is 183… and 177 and 183 are supported. The gap is still quite big…? But there are also girls who believe, and when he introduces me to his girlfriend, he always says: “This is my cousin.” “Your brother is really tall.” “He is 193.” Me:? Good guy, he even made me taller and later when we played together, he always said intentionally or unintentionally, “Hey, are you almost two meters? Dunk a basketball?” Me:? Is this trying to make him look taller by holding me up…

5 months ago

Have seen. The most impressive time. Not long after entering university, the students reported each other’s height on the basketball court. A person who was half head shorter than me opened his mouth and said, “I am one meter nine” and “Nine.” The word “nine” didn’t fade away, so he realized that there was a person half head taller standing next to him, and then he was stunned. Looked at me. (I 191) At that time, I was also very outspoken and had no deep understanding of words and colors. Let’s just say “It’s a coincidence, I am also one meter nine.” Then, after so many years, he saw me like a plague god. I really love to pretend to meet someone with low EQ.

5 months ago

I never add water to net height of 154. At that time, I was holding activities in my freshman year and needed custom-made class clothes. Because you want to print the class badge designed by your class, the finished product cannot be changed in size, so the height is counted and filled in truthfully. At that time, some of those who seemed to be about the same height as me wrote 160 and some wrote 162. Later, the monitor took a few people to try on the white T without printing, saying that the code number was not accurate, and it was fat and big, so it was recommended to reduce the size by one. At that time, I was 89 Jin, and a girl in the dormitory who was really 162, 82 Jin decided to ask for the 150 number, and only we had this number. Those who lied about their height looked at the statistics and laughed at me, saying that I was the shortest in the class. The class clothes were sent down, and the girls in the dormitory and I dressed very well. Then there were at least 5 girls who ran to our dormitory and wanted to change clothes with us. I might change it with you, instead of mocking me for being short, it’s time to order the number 150? What’s wrong with being short? What’s more, if you say that you are 162, you are really 162? It’s not that difficult to face your height, right?

5 months ago

Myself. I measured my height at home barefoot, and it was 180.8 when I got up early. Even if it shrinks a little during the day, it’s about 180, and it’s more than 180 if you put on your shoes. So when people ask me how tall I am, I always say 180. But my head is big, how big is it? About the same age as Lei Jiayin. If it hadn’t been for the extreme challenge last week, Lei Jiayin said by himself, I can’t see that he has 185. So I am not showing up. So I have encountered situations like this several times: How tall are you? 180. you? 1.8 meters? (With a suspicious expression) Really, barefooted and…well, I have a big head and noticeably short. … Later, when I met someone who asked about my height, I said, “About 1.7 meters.” At this time, the other party has doubts, saying that you can’t be one meter seven. I just said, um, 10 centimeters to the right.

5 months ago

The undergraduate roommate must be named. The student said he was 180 when he entered the freshman year. I believe it was true; the other roommate said he was 183, and I also believed it. It wasn’t until the second day of the sophomore year when these two stood together that I realized that things were not simple. why? Because they look 10 centimeters apart! From then on, I began to doubt the height of classmate 180, until one day we went to physical education class together, and I, who was carrying a schoolbag and wearing spray shoes, reached the same height as he who was wearing sneakers! My net height of 174 has never been falsely reported, which makes me feel that I am so close to 180. I suddenly felt suspicious. Later, during a physical examination of the whole school, the student told a roommate that he was measuring his height on tiptoe, and the result was 179. Good guy, I wonder who gave him the courage to measure his height on tiptoe, which is not a false report! Don’t tell me what the North and South are opposed to. Southerners like to make false reports to the northerners. This buddy is an authentic Northerner, and I am a Southerner. There are such people everywhere.

5 months ago

More than encounter? First expose: I only took off my shoes and socks and only 159 cm, but I have always claimed 160 cm. Therefore, false reports of about 3 centimeters seem to me to be human nature. But too many false reports are too much! Especially boys around 165, say they are 170; boys around 175, say they are 180…Is it true that others are blind? These are actually not the most intolerable. The most terrifying thing is that wearing a super large thick bottom to increase the height, like stepping on two bricks, plus 8 cm high hair, up to 178, dare to say that you are 180. ! I would also like to say something nicely: “Are you girls like me the most like 180, a safe boy! Hey hey the cutest height difference!” Meng, a girl with an actual height of 175 passed by on the spot: ” We both took off our shoes and straightened out our hair. If the top of your head can reach my eyebrows, even if you are not talking nonsense, dare you compare it?”

5 months ago

I’m the kind of person who likes to report net height, and I always report this at home. I have a barefoot net height of 165. After I reported the height of 165, the girl next to me who was shorter than me couldn’t report the height. It was embarrassing. Is that 165 still reported? After the baby with a net height of 188 in the dormitory reported his height, the roommate insisted that he must exceed 190. Otherwise, how could he report that 180? To sum it up, those who are of decent height generally don’t like to falsely report their height. Tell the truth how much it is. However, people who are not tall enough will generally make false reports. The short ones report higher, and the tall ones report lower. As long as you don’t meet real people like us, it’s generally okay. It’s easy to be embarrassed when you meet real people who report your net height.

5 months ago

No, I rarely ask this question, including the ex-boyfriend’s height. I remember about 1.7 meters. How much do I remember. He thinks he is short. I don’t have any concept of height. I don’t care about height. Like my friends, the height is the same. I don’t doubt that it’s unnecessary to make a false report as much as I’ve said. Why do you pierce someone’s false report? If someone asks me how tall I am, I will tell the truth. That’s me

5 months ago

That is, my tiger master told me that I can think about 170. As long as 170 is not shorter than me, it will do (I am 168 in the morning and 167.5 in the afternoon). As a result, on a whim, I measured his height in the morning. Good guy, barefoot. The amount is 170.5! Since then, he has been floating, calling himself 171, and also changed the height on the resume to be embarrassing, falsely reporting 0.5 centimeters, it is better to wipe a zero, when people ask: how tall are you, answer: I asked 170 again: eldest brother Be modest. I think you probably have 171. I remembered it. I also did this. My third-year roommate told me about myself 167. Another told me about 170. Two people asked me. I said I was 165. A shoe) Quit doing 167: I’m 167, you’re taller than me and 165, 170 I’m not doing anymore: We are about the same height, how could you be 165? So I compare with 170 barefoot, even though she looks Taller than me (I have short legs and people are still fat), in fact, the height difference is not more than 0.5 cm, that is, two people stand together, but she looks a bit stronger. My heart: two vain women later I took the college entrance examination Height: 168 Oh, so I grew up after high school, so they also falsely reported their height, hum, and then I read the 167 physical examination sheet: 164 can’t change it with a pen, if 163 can reluctantly change 3 to 8 (I took all the bamboo shoots)

5 months ago

Yes, I actually didn’t know my height at first. I was barefoot and didn’t wear shoes. Then I told the truth about myself. 173 Afterwards, many people told me that I wanted to wear shoes. I was a little puzzled, but I still obeyed this statement. I became 175 in everyone’s mouth. Later, I often saw some classmates and colleagues who claimed to be 180 178 and I were about the same height or even shorter than me. This embarrassment became more obvious that they were embarrassed and I was even more embarrassed, so I also called myself 178.

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