Background A certain scientific research unit is not a combat unit, so there is basically no physical and military skills training. The queue and internal affairs occupy all. The queue instructors are from the 99 parade. I will not write about the queue for the time being. Let me talk about the internal affairs. From leaving home to the army, when you joined the army in 2007, you were pretended to be issued to you by the local armed forces department, and then returned with the cadres who were pretended to be following the army. Generally, family members and relatives will send you to the armed forces department. Relatives who have been in the military will help you tie the quilt with a backpack strap, that’s it; it’s been developed so it’s very flat and there are no wrinkles, but the quilt that the Armed Forces sends you is brand new, fluffy and a lot of wrinkles. Coupled with the backpack straps along the way, of course you, as a little white, don’t understand what this means at this time. After a long journey of two days and one night, it is already midnight to arrive at the recruit’s station. I brought it to the cafeteria for the first meal. The egg noodles in a large stainless steel bucket were delicious, but the second bowl was gone before they were served. Then they were taken to the barracks. They were filled with fifty or sixty. The recruits from other places arrived in batches. Some arrived earlier than me. With an uneasy heart, I made the bed and lay down in the dark. For a long time, our biggest enemy is the quilt. The previous article said that the army issued by the armed forces was fluffy and a lot of folds, plus it was tied up by a backpack all the way. , The wrinkles have penetrated into the cotton wool inside. In the first week, I was pressing the quilt and spreading the quilt on the tiled floor. I knelt down and bent down like a prawn. My upper arm and forearm were at a 90° right angle. Next, the two forearms and the backs of the hands were folded to press down on the quilt, and then stretched hard to both sides to stretch and smooth the folds of the quilt. For me, I was repeating this action for a week except for eating and sleeping. After a week, the quilt was almost compacted and the wrinkles disappeared completely. Then the platoon leader of the recruit company will come to help you line the quilt, which is a sketch for you to fold the quilt in the future. , Like a plane folding but draw the line for you, then you will follow the line drawn by the squad leader on your quilt and draw it with a knife, just like the palm of your hand turns into a knife. You need to follow the line drawn on the cotton wool in the quilt. Cut but the appearance is still intact. This process is another week, and then you can fold it. The quilt folds well after these two processes, but it still looks like a round steamed bun after being folded according to the lines. Go to the third step, use your fingers to slowly pinch and pull slowly, make it have edges and corners, the upper and lower ridges will not bulge in the middle. This is the most difficult and very finger-consuming. Remember the recruit company wakes up at 6:20, but countless people I started the bed at three or four o’clock and carried the quilt to the hall of the study room to fold the quilt, because you can’t fold the quilt after the wake-up call sounds. The quilt is really lost to you if the house is not up to standard. The most painful thing for the recruit company every day It’s going to bed and cover the quilt. The quilt that has been folded for several hours must be removed in front of the platoon leader. Because there have been recruits who did not want to fold the quilt and would prefer to sleep without removing the quilt. In order to better shape the quilt after folding, there are some with canvas, some with water, and with clips on the side against the wall. I have seen them all. I finally don’t have to fold the quilt after I got off the line, because the veterans have long developed a way of not folding the quilt. There is a thin wooden board under their military quilt that is slightly smaller than the military quilt. When the thin wooden board was stretched out, the entire army was held up and placed aside, and then a bed of quilt that I bought myself was taken out from the bedside table. In the morning, the army was gathered in the army and was slightly modified for a few minutes. The only thing BUG is an emergency assembly. You must use military quilts to pack your backpack. Every time you assemble in an emergency, everyone refolds the quilt on their own bed to fix the shape, because the quilt will inevitably become deformed and wrinkled after playing the backpack. The above is my memory of one of the quilts in the house. This is the real thing. After being discharged from the army, I waited at home for a year to wait for resettlement. I fried chicken at Dicos for half a year. The fried chicken was on an open workbench, so I often cleaned the tabletop by hand. After cleaning, I would fold the rags and place them neatly. The sister at the Hamburg workbench next door exclaimed when she saw it, and the manager on duty and the cleaning staff ordered the food at the front desk. The cashier sister took turns to visit the rags on my workbench. The sentence I heard the most came back as a soldier. Because this skill has become an instinct, I am not trying to show the limelight, but I have doubts about this skill when I look at their expressions. Is it difficult to stack a rag? Because I was just discharged from the army, the internal affairs of the army stipulated in which direction the hair on the washbasin, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap box and even the towel should be placed. I haven’t converted yet. Later, I went back to my alma mater and wandered around and saw a 7s standard quilt on display in the lobby on the first floor of the teaching building. I realized that the strongest skill I learned in the army was actually folding quilts. For this standard, it’s better for me to use my feet to fold it. There are countless times when I want to go back to school, I want them to see what is called a quilt.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Ten years of military career, continuous training in a month. For me, I only knew when I was a soldier: the rules, the army is a uniform group, the upper order, the lower order must be forbidden. Write notes in a fixed format; you can’t put your hands in your pockets when you walk; when you walk, you must sing a song and the squad leader will not shout to eat, even if you’re hungry, you can’t use chopsticks…work and rest, It is said that the lights will be turned off at ten o’clock in the evening, and one more minute will not work; since six o’clock in the big winter, the day is still dark; you have to ask for leave on weekends, and the time of return is stipulated in the leave slip; whether you like it or not, the news broadcast is a must. Freedom. During the college entrance examination, I thought about taking a university far away from home. I don’t want to stay at home anymore. After enlisting in the army, I hope every day when I can go home and see my family. I watched my classmates and friends go out in my circle of friends. Traveling photos can only secretly bury the envy in my heart, and can only use the phone to provoke a bridge with my family. I originally thought that I must earn a lot of money in the future to be happy. During the military training, I queued up for meals every day, because I have time for each meal, and I can buy a bag of pure milk, which can make me happy all morning. It turns out that happiness is so small. In love, I used to want to talk about a vigorous relationship, but I was surrounded by news of breaking up because of the long distance and waiting. Because I was not with my children, I couldn’t take care of the elderly, and there were silent complaints between husbands and wives… I remember what the examiner asked during the enlistment political trial. Why did you serve as a soldier and “defend your family and defend your country”? I used to be back in my ears, but now I have retired from the army and returned to my family. Only I know all kinds of sadness.

5 months ago

Before I became a soldier, I thought it was easy to fold the quilt into tofu. Who knew that after joining the army, I was the worst in the class. When I enlisted in the army in the autumn, it was still very hot to be a soldier in the south. At that time, I was still covered with a small quilt, and I didn’t need to work hard to practice. But in winter, the weather is getting colder and I need to start preparing for a change of clothes. It’s about to play, because everyone has a new quilt, so the first thing to take out a big quilt is to grind the quilt, fold the quilt in half in the middle, and then use a flat iron stool to grind the quilt back and forth every day at noon. The first thing after eating is to grind the quilt, until the quilt is thin and neat, it starts to be folded into a tofu shape, and then each corner is kneaded into shape, repeated every day until it is perfect!

5 months ago

If you don’t serve as a soldier, you never know that you can live well away from society and cut off all the internet. You don’t know if you don’t serve as a soldier. You never know the feeling of eating instant noodles in the toilet. You don’t become a soldier. You never know the feeling of being homesick in the middle of the night. Just one parting, you can smash in pain. You never know what I mean. You don’t know what I mean. You don’t know what I mean. You don’t know if you are a soldier. You know that the opposite sex in the army is poor. It’s either a woman or a family member. It’s never your turn to approach, because the leader has already banned it, and finally you suddenly find out that the unmarried has become married, and you may still meet every day, because your own leader embraced the beauties among the crowd and became a soldier. It turned out that the squad leader The nagging was really annoying. He kept saying that he was just like his parents for your own good. But when the squad leader retired and stopped nagging, he realized that he was really the same as his parents. It turns out that the army does not run on the land every day, and there are no tanks and chariots. It turns out that the air force does not fly planes, and the navy does not all go to sea. It turns out that everything is the same as our usual, but it is about protecting the country. The mission of winning wars is different. It’s only when you become a soldier. It turns out that computers are really nothing fun. It’s not as good as a mobile phone. It’s not as if you are a soldier. Sweeping leaves, clearing weeds, and doing chores are daily trivial things, just like imagination. It’s not the same as fighting all day long. I occasionally come here once or twice. It feels like it’s over before I’m enjoying myself. I’ve been looking forward to the next time I’ve become a soldier. I know how long it is when I miss home and want to reunite with my family. Only after I became a soldier did I know that the new recruits and veterans would cry in a mess. It was obviously not that sad. Why is there always such a person who takes the lead when the music is played. It is only when you become a soldier that you know how painful it is to fold the quilt. Things that are always thrown away are always bad, and they always think that these housework are a waste of time and useless. In fact, this is to sharpen us to have patience and perseverance in everything. It is to take time in this boring life. Realize, because everything needs to be rigorous and rigorous. Once the moment of war comes, it will be over. If a small screw of high-end equipment shakes, everyone may be finished. Only when I became a soldier did I know that there is a line up and down, left and right, front and rear, with edges and corners, and the hands are clean everywhere. This habit in my bones is taken everywhere after retirement, not because of anything else, but just because of nostalgia.

5 months ago

How much do you remember from the barracks? After Wednesday, I climbed a mountain. After Thursday. Basically nothing. After Friday, there is still one morning. It’s Saturday. Go out for a walk. After Sunday, I look forward to rainy days. The quilt of the eight monsters in the barracks cannot be covered during the day, and the clothes cannot be dried after washing. If you buy a cell phone, you won’t be allowed to bring it, and if you have feelings, you won’t let love. I bring my books to class every day, and walk without knees when it rains. Sleep with pigs in get out of class, and eat faster than dogs after class.

5 months ago

Former officer, talk about something that outsiders don’t know! 1. The special police belong to the public security system, and the armed police belong to the military system. The armed police include internal guards (government agencies in prison detention centers), mobile (stability maintenance and emergency operations), and maritime police (maritime law enforcement). 2. Outsiders think that special forces wear special combat uniforms and have platoons, companies, battalions and brigades. However, real special forces, such as the Dragon Commando of the Navy, are at least brigade-level units, because their training content even includes wiretapping and eavesdropping. Communication, foreign language. 3. The current composition of the army includes officers, non-commissioned officers, soldiers, and civilians. The sources of officers include college entrance examinations for military academies, soldiers’ entrance examinations to military academies, soldiers’ meritocracy, special care for the children of cadres, promotion of college students and soldiers, special recruitment of 985 colleges and universities, and non-commissioned officers. Sources include direct recruitment of non-commissioned officers from military college students, training of non-commissioned officers in local academies, and promotion of conscripts. Civilian sources include the transfer of active-duty military personnel and local social recruitment examinations. 4. Graduates from military academies or military officers. Graduates from noncommissioned schools are noncommissioned officers. Soldiers are qualified to promote their cadres and the children of cadres have a college degree! 5. I don’t deny that soldiers are heroes when they do meritorious service, but they may also be like bears in peacetime. 6. The troops you work for are hard-working, but in big cities, there are also some scientific research institutes, military agencies and other technical units, and most of them are masters and doctors before they have the opportunity to enter. 7. Everyone has a different purpose for enlisting in the army. Most officers enlisted are for the purpose of transferring to civil servants. Noncommissioned officers are enlisted in the army because there is no better development in the locality. Soldiers enlisted either at home to persuade themselves and have no better plans, or they are college students who want to retire and seek a place to get a place. Special plans for public postgraduate entrance examinations. Few people really come for their ideals. 8. I do not deny that this profession is great and glorious, but if you want to start a family with him, please put aside your uniforms and analyze yourself. He may not necessarily be serious and responsible for you. Nine, the sergeant chief (especially the first-level and second-level) in the army is also a god-like existence, or is a technical expert, or a good person. 10. If you see our collective action outside, it is not necessarily a task, but it may also be exercises, training, and transportation of equipment. Don’t make a fuss! Eleven, a general is successful, even in peaceful times, most of the soldiers are demobilized, independent, and sacrificed. 12. If you see us in the station or the hospital about to jump in the queue, please be considerate of us. If it’s not a hundred thousand rush, we generally don’t want to jump in the queue. There are really important things to do. 13. Those with high ranks may not necessarily be able to command those with low ranks. The first is that most of them depend on the direct command relationship, and the second is that some of the high-ranks may be technical cadres. 14. The first-class merit is really good, but it only means that the starting point is high. If the performance in the later stage is average, it may be stunned by everyone. What’s more, once retired, it will be embarrassing. 15. Military academies have a variety of destinations for graduation. Most of them are technical units, and some are all hard-working grassroots units. The National University of Defense Technology, which is the most famous in the military, can only be regarded as middle and inferior in the distribution. . . 16. If you are short-sighted and do not want to have laser surgery, there are only two ways to join the army. You can either take the military civil service examination, or go to 985 graduates and go to military special research institutes, such as the Academy of Military Sciences, National Defense University, and welfare benefits. It is also leveraged, and even divided rooms. . . 17. Zhang Xinyu cannot represent the army’s wife, most of whom are either doctors, teachers, nurses, policemen, or unemployed with the army. 18. Girl papers are not recommended except for two years of conscripts, civil service recruitment, and 985 special recruitment! 19. The scores of the military academy’s college entrance examination are high or low. The highest score is 700 points to enter the ace major, and the lower one is to enter the special warfare major near the first line. Twenty. There are also a small number of officers who have been discharged from the army ahead of time. They just don’t arrange jobs. Most of them end up in two ways. Either they don’t recognize the reality and have a bloodshed, or they are really talented, and they go on the postgraduate entrance examination. 70% of them have memorized heavy punishments!

5 months ago

Is there anything you knew only after being a soldier? Talk more complicated. Boring, interesting, just talk about a few nonsense. Before folding the quilt, you need to grind it. Use a bench grind to compress the cotton wool. Otherwise, it must be impossible to fold it out, and it is either a tank quilt or a pile of quilts. Queue training, this is as boring as rubbing a quilt. Long-term military posture exercises, forward kicking exercises, especially these two. I was enlisted in the Winter Soldier in 2012. Just one morning, my hands were covered with frostbite. There are cotton-padded clothes and cotton trousers in the camouflage uniforms. This is the most fucking thing. It is too cold to take off and affect the movement. The gun stability training (the training subject after the next connection) is the same as everyone sees on TV. Hold the gun and hang a helmet with bricks or a water bottle filled with water on the barrel. This is both boring and tiring. No matter how strong, the arm must be sore for 10 minutes. Some military fans said before that this kind of training will affect the performance of the gun. No, because it is a model rubber gun. Let’s talk about some funny and funny things. The chat is too serious and it’s boring. A recruit I went to the recruit company. The recruit company has been abducting for three months, that is, with the same hands and feet. I believe that every unit has this kind of person, and this kind of person is called a great god or fairy soldier in the army. Xialian this kid is actually assigned to the mobile detachment, or he is still in my class. At that time, I was thinking in my heart that this kid should go to the police station and finish the work for two years. It’s all here, dead horses behave as doctors. All kinds of methods used Azure Dragon and White Tiger to go all-in, and it was normal for a month and a half. But I also have to say that he also has his advantages. The little guy has strong perseverance and he is willing to practice, but he can’t practice even how to practice. Kind of similar to Xu Sanduo. The second thing is making a fool of yourself. Tagou, a soldier brother of the same year, came out. Traditional martial arts are indeed very good-looking. When I was in the army, he also taught me Gongzi Fuhuquan and serial boxing. He said it was authentic Shaolin Kungfu, I don’t know if I haven’t learned traditional martial arts after all. Where did this brother make a fool of himself? I didn’t learn the horizontal bar 4 exercise yet, so he said he wanted to experience the 8 exercise giant loop. My mother guessed that he didn’t grasp the body firmly and went forward a wave and flew out and took a mouthful of sand. I really laughed at that time. All of these are chattering, but in the end, they are also true. The comrades-in-arms in the army are indeed deep. My first comrade-in-arms is now also discharged from the army. Last time I asked me to borrow money and said that my investment in a small project was still short of 30,000, and I also loaned it to him. I repaid 500 more money later. I said what are you doing, there is so much money. He said he was sorry to have delayed you for so long. This 500 is interest and must be accepted. I said don’t engage in these things with me, if you want to engage in these things, then don’t say anything about brothers or brothers. Later, he returned 500 yuan to him. Having said that, the villain has troops everywhere, no exception. Some people stabbed knives secretly. When I was in the army, I was frustrated. I knew that the kid did it. My heart was cold. I treated him as a brother and he gave me some moths. Call him directly to the laundry room to have a fight with him. I’ll say after I’m done, the two of us will not know each other from now on. I was blind when I recognized you as a white-eyed wolf brother. People like Mom can’t change their nature even if they wear military uniforms, and they can’t pretend to be like a pig with green onions in their noses.

5 months ago

Only when you have been a soldier, you know that you can survive the next day without going to bed at night. You know that the leader is the leader, and the superior is the superior. If you say you can do it, you can do it. If you can’t do it, you can do it. If you can’t do it, you can’t do it. It’s not a good idea to be a soldier. It turned out that in the daytime in June, the temperature can reach 40 degrees. At noon, a raw egg is buried in the sandpit where you fell. It will be cooked after a while; in mid-June At night in the Gobi Desert, I didn’t know if I had been a soldier wearing a military coat. The talented person is awesome and can enjoy some reasonable preferential treatment. If you refuse to accept it, you have to have the ability and you can enjoy being a soldier. , The squad leader is so fucking cruel! Training you is the same as training grandchildren. The long line leader will only be more ruthless than the squad leader, but they all sincerely hope that you are good, you make progress, you can be admitted to the military academy, you can participate in the Grand Tournament and take the rankings. You are happy, and there is light on their faces. The whole unit has light before they have served as soldiers. Honor is sometimes more important than fate. To put it in the most earthly terms, Laozi’s unit has advanced for eight years, and the detachment has praised it many times. , The local unit of the linkage cooperation gave a thumbs up to everyone. I can’t shame such an excellent unit. I can’t afford to lose that person. I have to be exhausted and have to work as a soldier before I know that someone really cried when I was discharged from the army. It was a group of five big and three rough men who hugged each other and cried together and served as a soldier. They knew that after being discharged from the army, the good habits of the army did not remain much, but there were a lot of stinking problems. Smoking, drinking, swearing, and a mouth is a “fuck”. Only after the soldiers knew that after being discharged from the army, everyone was stunned. There is nothing to be proud of, and nothing to miss, but you dare to say that our unit is not good. You have to work hard to find a job without any preferential treatment. It’s all on your own. Work hard! Only when I was a soldier did I know that sometimes I also think about the army, but also regret leaving the army. When I think of it, the smoke can’t stop. Later…what the hell is there? I can’t go back, I can’t go back anymore. It’s useless to think about it. It’s better to go to work and earn money to support your family. Isn’t it good to be a sand sculpture? Live without heart and lungs, you are not tired, the days are over, so sad, why?

5 months ago

1. Recruits under the company, veterans celebrate the New Year
Veterans retired, recruits dance
2. Chilblains on hands can be cured by doing push-ups
3. The squad leader needs to be scattered
4. A camel bell will be released when retiring from the military
5. Outstanding soldiers and awards are obtained by ability, so the third-class merit is not necessarily.

5 months ago

No soldiers assault, no special forces, no fire blue blade, military life is just like that, it’s quite boring occasionally to yearn for girls, the pink boy’s heart thumps and thumps, but when the girl is really there, he immediately counsels! There are a lot of ruffians. Not everyone will counterattack and become a brand new self. Being a soldier is just an experience in life. There are not so many legendary comrades. The difference between friends and comrades is that I hope that my friends will live well, but deep down I hope I have the best life. Hey, my comrades-in-arms, only if you have a better life than me, I can rest assured that I habitually complain about how fake weapons are in certain TV shows, how weak the war scenes are, how non-standard the actors’ actions are, the facts It was boring, boring, bitter, and tired when I didn’t touch the gun very much, but I don’t regret it!

5 months ago

Only when I was a soldier did I know that the troops never used mops, but used towels. The troops never use toilet brushes to wash the toilets, they always use steel balls. The army washes things and can wash the old ones even newer than the new ones. Only when I was a soldier did I know that when I went to the army, I had to learn to eat, to walk, to talk, and to learn to sleep. -Once a Beijing Armed Police who won two years of outstanding soldier

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