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I would like to call this episode the God of Variety, it’s so good, so good, so good! A good review is like watching a good movie, with moving, joy, surprise, and warmth. It has all of them in the third issue. The overall look and feel is very smooth. After watching it, it is like eating a Michelin meal. Sweet, sour, salty and spicy flavors, hearty. This episode was absent for a day because Xiao Kai went back to Beijing to record the Huacai teenagers. Two people, Xiao Dong and Haoran, who drove from the Sichuan-Tibet line to Dali, Yunnan, were on the way. They passed by the place where Xiao Dong once filmed the movie “Delan”. —Dongwang Township, Xiao Dong was gentle and gentle all the way, but suddenly he released his brilliance. He talked about the experience of not taking a bath for four months, and talked about homesickness secretly crying in the bridge cave. Eight years later, the Dong in memory Wangxiang also changed his appearance. He suddenly saw the convenience snacks of the Bai nationality that he used to eat many years ago, and ran over. My heart also looked forward to it. Will it still be the previous boss? I remembered the mood of going back to school after many years. The yellow horns here are still the same, but the walls of the classroom have been newly whitened. The rice noodles on the second floor of the cafeteria are delicious, but now they are sold instead of snail noodles. It’s a pity that I can’t eat it anymore. After ten hours, I finally arrived in Dali. Although I was very tired, I was very excited in spirit. They opened the car window to blow the air and felt the moist air in Dali. Singing loudly together to go to Dali, it is better to go west to Dali… The dialogue between Haoran and Xiao Dong about acting in awe of acting while watching cartoons made me feel a lot. I think of Xiaokai. He has been on stage for so many years, but every time he treats the stage, he is full of awe. As his partner dancer said on the 7th anniversary, Wang Junkai seems to have stage love syndrome, and every time he tries his best to give the best. The state of injecting emotion into the song and dance, like an evaluation I saw at station B today, his dance has a sense of story, and his singing is the same. Acting is also the same. When shooting a TV series or movie, you will be immersed in the role. Fans who are familiar with him will know at a glance which photo of the role he played. There will be a look and temperament that is exclusive to that character. Habits, even guest-star movies and TV dramas will not be perfunctory. Before shooting the 1921 sacrifice drama, I would shut myself in a small black room without eating or drinking to achieve that state. TV dramas glorious far away, and I would go to get script materials long in advance, again and again. Running on the bridge full of oysters, Meng Chao of the broken bridge insisted on eating boiled meat dishes for four months, keeping his weight within 100 kilograms, Zhuang Wenjie of the Gate of Rebirth, An’an of the Super Junior Code, our It’s the same with Dong Zijian in his youth, Wu Tong and so on. Although I don’t see many of his works, from this variety show, I can feel the keen perception of his surrounding environment. Looking at the meteor in Yuzixi, Watching the sunset from the hillside of Aden, Daocheng, strolling around Litang between meals, five minutes of quiet live broadcast by the lake, and waking up early to feel the morning breeze of the Erhai Lake on the balcony of the hotel. I believe he can perform more and better works. After Xiao Kai arrived, the style of the literary film turned into a sand sculpture and more joy for children. The three of them are really happy riding motorcycles on the roadside, Wang Junkai deserves to be you, shouting “I wish you happiness” to the lovers on the roadside, my mood all followed up, although the trip is very hard, but it is that simple One year, our family went to Sanya for a trip. One of the scenic spots in the middle was to climb a mountain. I forgot which mountain it was. The scenery was not impressive. The happiest thing was to go up the mountain. When we crossed with the coach going down the mountain, we yelled at each other, ah~, everyone was embarrassed the first time, sparsely, and everyone yelled super loudly at the back, and laughed after the call. , So happy! In the end, it was the tricky part of Dong Zijian’s birthday. I really giggled all the time. They didn’t do anything particularly funny, but why is it so funny. When the word next to the cake changed to Liu Yuan, I laughed silly. Haoran looked at Xiao Kai with question marks. Xiao Kai really wouldn’t lie. Her face turned red, and she kept pulling on her clothes, so she quickly changed the subject. When I went in to wish Xiao Dong a happy birthday, Xiao Kai laughed and rolled on the bed like a little cat. Xiao Kai sitting on a stool to cut meat, Xiao Kai fried spicy chicken, Xiao Kai who was helpless, Xiao Kai who smiled to show her tiger teeth, Xiao Kai who blew candles and wished, Xiao Kai who cooked longevity noodles, each one I like it so much. I really want this variety show to be recorded like this. Let’s come for a season every year. Update: I discussed this variety show with a friend last night. She said that Xiaokai didn’t like to talk in private. It is true that he will not grab the shots. Deliberately making stalkers, but every word he said is just right and interesting. It is a talent, but it is also a temper. On the way, Liu Haoran cueed other out-of-tune singing artists. To put Wang Junkai on his body, it is really impossible to imagine how many black forums will open. Posted, saying that he does not respect women, labeling him, and wantonly verbal abuse. In the record group variety show that year, there was also an episode that was tricky. Xiaokai was anti-tricky. As a result, he was insulted by some teammates and fans for many years. Some things would develop to such a magical effect on Wang Junkai. I think he has grown up well. He is already in a state of reconciliation with himself. He doesn’t want to talk and doesn’t talk. Although he looks cold, he always does the warmest things. Say less, do more. Convention, some small details: When Dong Zijian talked about Delan, his eyes were moist. Liu Haoran wanted to eat noodles at every meal. After Xiao Kai chose the room, he asked: Is it milk powder? The glass door leading to the balcony reads, “You look so good today to destroy the cake. Xiaokai took a small step, chopsticks stirred the cake and licked Xiaokai. The first night was high, and the next night he slept with stitching. Bed, the night flight back to Beijing on the third night, recording the Huacai teenagers from 3pm to midnight, leaving for Dali at 6am, and after 11 o’clock to Dali, recording it until midnight for Xiao Dong’s birthday, Xiao Dong met Xiao Did Kay sleep in the first sentence? The three of them ate dinner, ate cakes, and finally ate a big bowl of longevity noodles


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7 months ago

I thought that birthday was a surprise, touching, and sensational. However…I didn’t expect it. This is too true, Xiao Dong knew from beginning to end that Haoran was going to buy cakes, and then did not pretend not to know, but chose to be tricky. There really is no script for this variety show. Then the three people are really not used to lying. The reaction was really too real. Then Xiaokai cooked delicious food and wanted to eat it. Xiao Dong went to the filming location in Delan and was really touched. Feeling that the roads have been built in the mountains, the children who go out to work can go home. The barrage is all thanks to the country, China is so good. I’m from Chongqing, and I really understand that there is no road in the mountains. When I go out, I have to get up at 5 o’clock and cross the mountains for several hours before I can get on the bus in the town. But 10 years have passed, and almost all of those mountainous areas have access. It is true to achieve complete poverty alleviation. This variety show is too real. There was laughter and moved.

7 months ago

Does anyone like me watch this show as a big pleasure is the childish ghost Liu Haoran, please see our “Crayon Shin-chan” imitation show by Hao Ran Didi, the childish ghost Liu Haoran’s “Crayon Shin-chan” imitation show, the expression tone is too expressive, it really is. I especially like to see that I feel very touched about Dong Zijian’s return to the filming place. I remember that he saw a familiar store before and wanted to go there to see if the previous boss was far away and found out that he turned his head and left immediately, maybe because he was afraid of affecting his mind. The memories in the depths are also somewhat disappointing and sad…A lot of things have changed in eight years. The boy does not want to play again. The boy boss is not the original boss. Many houses have also been demolished… Only the back then remains. memory

7 months ago

To be honest with everyone, the mask I laughed is white, and the creases on my face are getting deeper~ You three pay me for the mask (bushi Haoran wanted to see Ding Zhen, I was a little bit lost because I didn’t see it, but when Xiaokai went back to record Huacai teenager, when Xiao Dong suggested that he could meet Ding Zhen again when he had time, Haoran said that Xiao Kai would not go there. Oh my god, I had tears in my eyes. It was like making an appointment with a good friend. Where to go, after all the ups and downs, I finally got the chance to go, but he was absent, and I suddenly felt that the scenery there was not so good. How to say? Probably, the scenery is just a foil, and the person next to him is Who is the most important. Xiao Dong really feels sorry for Xiao Kai. The first sentence to pick up Xiao Kai is: Are you sleeping? This kind of careless care is really prickling. The after-sales service of the little devil group is still So warm. The three wanted to experience the coolness of the convertible, so they dismantled the car with bare hands. Halfway through the dismantling, Xiao Kai suddenly said: Why do you want to dismantle now? Someone will come in after dismantling. I am afraid that others will steal things and take away my down jacket. Hahahahahahahaha is really a little clever ghost. Try to screw the screw there, imitate it in the air, it is really funny, how is he so cute? Is he really 21 years old? Up to 5 years old, alright! There is also the funniest thing , I dismantled the hood and met the sand truck all the way, ate dirt all the way, and regretted removing the hood. What kind of comedy is this, welcome to “The Three Stupid Sons of the Landlord’s Home on a Mistake” Tricky Dong’s birthday After a second, Xiao Dong saw through, and then was instigated to rebel and became a double agent. While discussing countermeasures with Haoran with a guilty conscience, he didn’t dare to look at Haoran’s eyes, while talking with Xiao Dong. The three “have ghosts”, Liu The top stream is still too naive. Hahahahahaha. Finally, the three of them made a wish for their birthday together. I have seen Ceng Eat Ceng drink and have never seen Ceng make a birthday wish, Wang Junkai, your comedian is really hammering!!! This show so far, every time The first installment was very funny. I heard that the death of a man was so greasy as a teenager, but now it seems to be divided. Xiao Dong is a child of his father, and he still feels so young, which is absolutely amazing. Riding an electric bike, Xiao Kai slipped on his side for the first time and hit Xiao Dong for the second time. He quickly said: Don’t look at me, go, go. It’s like an elementary school student caught by his parents by doing something wrong, a little frustrated and inexplicably wanting to laugh. In order to alleviate the embarrassment, I can only ask everyone to walk away and hide themselves and think about smirking. Seeing passers-by taking wedding photos, they shouted: I wish you happiness~ Then the other two also shouted: Happy wedding~Happy wedding~ Don’t be stingy with blessings to others, and hope that the whole world can live in peace. It’s nice to be the little boy who stepped on broken glass and took out candies from his pocket. He grew up full of doubts, accusations, and verbal abuse. But I can still maintain an innocent mentality. I can understand why Xiao Dong and Haoran like him so much. The three people are really inexplicably harmonious, Xiao Dong’s careful and soft, Haoran upright, Xiao Kai’s naughty, everyone is It’s just the right expression. When driving, Xiao Dong takes the lead, and Hao Ran is responsible for nagging, Xiao Kai makes up for the rest, so that the whole journey is no longer so boring; when doing strategy and analyzing road conditions, Haoran plays the main role and works with Xiao Dong. Discuss , Xiaokai doesn’t need to use his brain to lead him to play; cooking in the kitchen, Xiaokai begins to assign tasks so that everyone can participate and make a delicious meal together. Heart-warming cooking longevity noodles for Xiao Dong, what kind of angel is this?

7 months ago

This variety show is really healing, sometimes it makes me want to cry, and the three words of youthfulness are interpreted vividly. This group of teenagers riding small motorcycles by the beach, passing by the newlyweds taking wedding photos, galloping past the newlyweds like a gust of wind, yelled, “I wish you happiness” and “Happy wedding.” The three people will also seriously dispute whether Tiga Ultraman is handsome or not. This is their little hero who guards their childhood. Passing by the place where I used to film, my memories flooded with moist eyes. The teenager in the play said to the girl I liked, I just like you. In reality, the same teenagers have never concealed their love and marriage. Whoever says that being a father is not a teenager. Remove the roof of the car, even if it is dusty and the temperature drops, but still enjoy it, as long as the brothers are around, there seems to be no way to go, even if you breathe in the oxygen cylinder, you can laugh and bloom. The sense of youth is the earnestness and firmness in the eyes, it’s to be in the rivers and lakes, but there is always a place in the heart for the former innocent heart, to treat this world with the utmost sincerity and kindness, it is planted in the desert of the Gobi. Flowers come. Whenever the afterglow of the sunset falls on them, I feel that the world has become beautiful because of them. Is it touching? It’s so touching. Finally understood, what is dazzling makes people want to cry, beautiful makes people want to cry.

7 months ago

I was quite envious of Dong Zijian’s traveling with his brothers. Hao Ran’s younger brother was in charge of the billing. The three-character brother was in charge of singing. But when I found out that the three-character brother was gone, Haoran’s brother was still a workshop maiba. “Dong Zijian, you worked hard” I know the truth, but who can explain to me what kind of milk tea Xiaokai drinks

7 months ago

Highlights of this episode Dong Zijian Liu Haoran drove 12 hours to Dali, passing by Dong Zijian when he was 19 years old, and revisited the old place where “Delan” was filmed. Recalling that he didn’t take a bath for four months, missed home and cried in the bridge cave, etc. People who are still ugly say that they know that they sing badly and they still sing because of my fate. I can’t help but pass the exam for the opera musical drama. Dong Zijian’s birthday and Wang Junkai counteract Liu Haoran’s two different cakes. Did you find it from When Dong Zijian in the car started to suggest, I never stopped and smiled and said that Liu Haoran felt more like a double agent in Xiaokai. It’s really hard to mention a little bit Liu Haoran imitated Crayon Shin-chan. It really made me so cute. Recommend to watch The whole article is really super funny. In addition, I put two photos that I like very much. The scenery in Yunnan is really beautiful. The three people are also very happy. It happens to be a great variety show that young people who love slow variety can’t miss!

7 months ago

In this issue of Cake Infernal Affairs, Xiao Dong is very smart, and he quickly sees through Haoran’s plan, and Haoran has been rectified, but Xiao Kai is the hardest one. The double agent, asked by Haoran’s eyes, makes me nervous across the screen. The child can’t lie, he can only change the subject, it’s so cute, the scene was once very embarrassing! These days, spies have to work part-time and cook. Life is not easy, Mao Mao sighed! Hahaha!

7 months ago

Liu Yuan was counter-tricked: The clown was actually myself following “Father’s kindness and filial piety.” Dong Zijian: Knowing the difference between bowing and making a wish, Liu Haoran was reversed. I don’t know if you have been chasing the variety show “It just happens to be a teenager” recently? This variety show can be said to be the latest source of happiness on soul, a variety show for dinner. From the point of view of the program settings, slow variety shows are suitable for people who are busy with work and study, relax and relax, and it can be seen that the program is very real and everything is determined by the three teenagers. After visiting the western Sichuan route, after Wang Junkai left due to work reasons, Liu Haoran and Dong Zijian suddenly decided to “kill” all the way to Yunnan, so they had a plan to “protect Lijiang and contend for Dali”. Suddenly, the director group, who learned that the teenagers’ plans had changed, was stunned. After discussing it, they also said they would make progress together, following in the footsteps of Dong Zijian and Liu Haoran to the beautiful Yunnan. There should not be many variety shows that can freely set the route like this! Judging from the guests on the show, Wang Junkai, Liu Haoran, and Dong Zijian, the three met in “High-Energy Youth League”, they are friends, they are particularly open, interesting and pedantic. Therefore, the variety show “It’s a Boy” is really interesting and brings happiness to many people. For example, in the previous program, Dong Zijian lay there feeling the beauty of nature. Wang Junkai and Liu Haoran were “bye bye” mischievously there. After the show was broadcast, Dong Zijian took screenshots and posted a blog saying: It’s kind of a filial piety for the father and the son. The three have a good relationship, it’s not just talk. Because only if you have a good relationship can you play this way. A week later, on the evening of April 25, Wang Junkai commented on Dong Zijian’s Weibo. “Sure enough, the happiness of human beings is not the same. I don’t know how to explain it to my dad.” Suddenly I remembered that Wang Junkai said in the program: “My brother only cares about happiness”, it seems to have a little meaning. However, Brother Kai, is your internet speed a bit slow? Later, Dong Zijian replied to Wang Junkai: “Uncle’s internet speed is faster than you.” I see, good friends are used to fight each other. The interaction between the two is so interesting. While recording the show in Yunnan, it coincided with Dong Zijian’s birthday. As friends, Liu Haoran and Wang Junkai are going to celebrate Dong Zijian’s birthday. Because he is a good friend, Dong Zijian asked everyone to make a wish together in the last part of making a wish. Because Liu Haoran and Wang Junkai bent their waists to make a wish, Dong Zijian tweeted “joking”. “Thank you brothers, I wish us a long and sweet life, and I hope you will soon understand that there is a difference between making a wish and bowing.” However, the careful Dong Zijian also specially drew a cake for Xiaokai. The original plan was that Liu Haoran and Wang Junkai secretly bought a cake for Dong Zijian, but Dong Zijian knew the plan of the two people accidentally, so Liu Haoran left to get the cake. At the time, Dong Zijian was straight to the point. Ask Wang Junkai: Liu Haoran took the cake, right? When Dong Zijian asked such a question suddenly, Wang Junkai was stunned. So Dong Zijian suggested to come together to fight against the tricky Liu Haoran! So in this way, under Dong Zijian’s persuasion, Wang Junkai “instigated rebellion.” After making a similar cake, the two little bad guys even went to make a small spoiler. Seeing that the cake was messed up, Liu Haoran was still thinking about how the cake was broken. When Wang Junkai and Dong Zijian took out the cake that had been “swapped”, Liu Haoran reacted and said, “There is an inner ghost.” Yes, that’s right, the “inner ghost” is a kid like Wang Junkai. The happiness of boys is so simple.

7 months ago

It’s really amazing. This is a reality show, this is a teenager, and this is youth. Just leave and drive for 12 hours to Dali. Although it’s very tired, they will remember it in the days to come. Starting this moment is a particularly meaningful thing. The relationship between the three people is really very good. They will quarrel about which Ultraman is good-looking. They are also very naughty. Xiao Kai and Liu Haoran, who secretly prepared surprises, did not expect that they would have been seen through and reversed by the parties from the beginning, haha. Dong Zijian was really warm, because when Liu Haoran was whole, he ordered a new cake with the name written on it. When making a wish, Xiao Kai didn’t have a cake, so he posted the same one on the photo.

7 months ago

This is really the best way I can think of traveling with others. Buddhism but not calm, childish but not boring, contradictory but not conflicted, driving for 12 hours in the car did not show any negative emotions, no impatience. Haoran and Xiao Dong took good care of each other, especially here. They were very tired after driving the car for a day, but even if they took the co-driver on Haoran, they didn’t sleep. I always feel that this is also a support for the driver, even if there is no need to communicate too much. Not to mention that the three people in the back “have their own ghosts,” and I was trembling with laughter on the bed. Xiao Kai is the most difficult one. On the one hand, he has to conceal the Haoran cake, and on the other hand, he secretly cooks noodles for Xiao Dong. Being overwhelmed by the panic under “questioning”, he can only change the subject and keep picking up his clothes hahahaha. Don’t be too happy from God’s perspective~

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