As a hardcore melon, there is a saying. Gua Ge’s teammates are really strong, just not suitable. If Anthony S.Paul formed a Big Three. Win the championship early. Apple brand fire extinguishers are not a dream. These three people want money to death. Brother Pao is still asking for money. , Don’t mention it back then. Xiao Si and Gu Ge both lack a top point guard, which is the most terrible. So the Knicks have been unstable and can’t play. Later in Leiting, watermelon, tortoise and pickled peppers could not make a dish at all. The Big Three have no chemical reactions. In general, Gua Ge’s teammates are still very strong, but they are not suitable. I didn’t meet the best you at the best age, and when I met you, it’s not the best age anymore. If you want Gua Ge to sign a year early, and if you want James and Anthony to form a dual-core, three consecutive championships are also appropriate. Perfectly complementary James and Wade overlap more or less. Playing the Spurs and Pacers, this kind of contraction team is too strenuous. As for Persia, to be honest, the Raptors, I think he is still a giant, the Heat never think he is a giant. The role of the playoffs will always be targeted. If he hadn’t picked up a rebound in the finals and had been sprayed to death, it would be better to replace him with a blue collar. Ibaka or Jordan. Don’t talk about opening up the space and so on, the coach, what kind of materials do you want to eat. As for the player Bosh, he also understands that there is no other way. There is only one ball, which can only be used as the team’s third choice. But as the team’s third choice, his sense of existence is too low. If you want a duo in the top Boshwad group, Boss should still play quite well. Of course, if he isn’t in the Heat, he won’t have a championship. There are pros and cons! So if a player of her grade has a lower sense of presence, it should be lower. In fact, the most ideal is James Anthony Stoudemire to form the Big Three. This power, I guess, is no less than the courage of the universe. 1+1+1 is greater than three. No one will delay anyone’s performance, and they can connect with each other. Some of the Big Three are nominal Big Three, and they are not as good as single cores together. The perfect Big Three include Lukai and the Bulls with the post-Sanlian irrigation. If Lu Kai is a few years younger, he will have the strength of three consecutive championships. Perfect play, no one will delay anyone. 1+1+1 is greater than three. Even if he is old, he can still play a tie-breaker with the Heat. There is also the trade between the Knicks and the Nuggets. Basically, the Knicks emptied most of the team in exchange for Anthony. To be honest, both sides suffered huge losses. If Anthony waited a year to join directly, it would definitely belong to the top giants. Even without Paul, he can definitely play against the Heat. By the way, the most ideal teammate for Gua Ge in his prime is James or Paul. Even if Kobe and Gua are partnered, the chemistry of the two of them may not work well. There are too few suitable people and too many unsuitable people. It’s not that teammates are not strong enough.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Let’s put it this way, the most powerful thing about Guami is the first round of the 11-12 season playoffs. The Heat vs. Knicks. At that time, Guami shouted the slogan of “Hold together to win the championship, I will live and die together with me.” , The story of a large number of melon melon powder was born. In the first game, the Knicks slammed the Heat, behind Anthony and even talking and laughing with James. In the second game, he made 26 crazy shots and scored 30 points. Stoudemire only took 9 shots and was so angry that Stoudemire smashed the fire hydrant after the game. I am an old Zhanhei, but I have a bottom line, Anthony’s gun can’t touch James. An old brother said that Anthony did not hold the group and laughed to death. Anthony not only held it, but also failed. The first round of the hold, Bao Tuan took himself as a basic salary. It’s not that he doesn’t want to hold it, so he is not suitable to report to the group or go with others. With star cooperation, he is most suitable for letting go of him as the core, drawing out various scoring records, and then failing to make the playoffs every year. After the end of his career, young fans are left with endless reveries: Anthony has a strong scoring ability, but lacks. Good teammates, otherwise they will definitely win the championship…

5 months ago

Forget what year it was a game, when Melon was still at its peak. James was not stunned in the first half. In the second half, he suppressed Melon on both offensive and defensive ends. He really suppressed both ends as soon as he used his force. I just looked for it carefully. It was a match in April 2014. That will be Melon or the All-Star starter. James scored 16 points in the first half, 22 points in the second half, 7 of 10 three-pointers. The key to Melon is that the offense, organization, and defense are all suppressed. The strength of the ability and the perception of the game are much stronger than the statistics. I remember that Melo was 4 of 17, with 11 points in the first half. In the second half, James defended a 7-for-1 and only scored 2 points. When James was defensive, Melo didn’t score a goal. JR’s 30+ game broke out, so there were a lot of hot posts that day to discuss the gap between the two. Melon played 44 minutes on the spot. So in the final analysis, this is the gap in ability, whether it is offensive or defensive. If the historical status can be determined by the picturesque shooting posture, Melon is definitely better than LBJ. In the 14 Finals, James faced Leonard on 33-for-19 against Leonard

5 months ago

Why don’t I have as many assets as Jack Ma? In fact, it is not necessarily that I am poor, it is that Jack Ma’s assets are really incomparable. You set James as a benchmark. Without him, I really can’t tell why. . . I personally don’t agree with him sitting second and looking, but conscientiously he has to be in the top five no matter what. Gua Ge has always been a player I like very much. He has a good style of play and his body does not suffer. His peak strength is not even inferior to Lao Zhan. And I think Gua Ge has no big problem in terms of hard work, basically it is considered the hardest player in this category. If you have to find a reason, the young and frivolous buckle hurt his wrist, and that moment has a big impact on the softness of his later shots.

5 months ago

Regardless of whether there is such a thing as a peak group, aside from everything, just look at the data of two people, and you will know why Anthony can’t compare to James. I have a classmate who really likes Anthony. He said that Anthony has high shooting ability and good defensive ability. But he hasn’t said one thing, that is, Anthony is particularly not suitable to be a teammate. He likes to show the limelight by himself and he has a good time to play. This is also the reason why Gua Ge’s data did not decline after arriving in the Knicks, but the team’s results were not up. Gua Ge wanted to play by himself and killed all his teammates. As a result, Guage only started to correct his position as a catcher and shooter when his athletic ability has declined and other people’s perception of him is only about shooting ability. Maybe so, we can watch Gua Ge’s game for two more years.

5 months ago

He has the same mentality as Howard, just happy. From the melon rookie season to the present, you have played almost the same way. Offensive kaleidoscope, but none of them are 95-100 points, all are 80-85 points. Defense depends on the mood, you will be serious when you are playing, and the effect is not bad. It’s just that the defensive skills are okay and easy to get ahead. When you are older, the defense either doesn’t want to move or can’t run. At his peak, he cashed out more in time, turning his fame into money, New York, Lara, and the spotlight, and he didn’t focus on improving his basketball. It’s the envy of others to be able to play until now. With this heaven-defying talent, there is still a ball to play like this.

5 months ago

Let’s not discuss according to the results. According to the development trajectory. Both of them are the pride of the heavens when they first joined the league. One is the nation’s top high school student, and the other led Syracuse University to the highest honor in the college league. The reputation is basically the same. Both were determined to be the core of the team during their rookie season, and they were able to slap the ranks at full speed. But Anthony obviously developed more smoothly in the early stage. The rookie season was 21+6+3, and from the beginning of the 03 to the 12-13 season, Melon was the core of the playoff team. James rookie season 20+5+6, won the best rookie, but the offensive efficiency is actually not as good as Melon, Melon hit 42.6, James 41.7, it is obvious that Melon is a bit stronger. And James only started playing the playoffs in 2005, but since 2005, James has only missed the playoffs for 18 years. Melon basically reached its peak in 2006, with 26.8+8.6 in the playoffs, 48 ​​shots, 50 three-pointers, and 28.9 in the regular season. However, the playoffs are basically the rhythm of a single-core one-round tour, and the next two breakthroughs in the second round. This is when there is a strong helper in the team. After James started the playoffs in 2005, he never fell in the first round. Despite the fact that the team had multiple cores, James never lost in the first round with a single core. And this is the gap between Melon and James, and it’s getting bigger and bigger since 05. Melon entered the All-Star level very early, but stopped abruptly on the road to Super Giant, and James has started to go further and further on the road to Super Giant since 05.

5 months ago

Because he watched him go from the second small forward in the league, to the top three small forward in the league, to the top five small forward in the league, and then to the top ten small forward in the league. Billups said he doesn’t care about winning or losing the team, he just wants to score 30 points per game. If you can score 30 points or more, you will be happy, but if you can’t get it, you will be unhappy. Originally, the Big Three of the Heat, the original plan in 2008 was for the three of the Banana Boat Brothers, and there was nothing about Bosh at all. However, Melon chose not to jump out of the final year of the contract. In the peak period, he attacked the kaleidoscope and defended the tens of thousands of pokes. Really happy basketball, basically no defensive attitude, shot selection comparable to Kobe, body management equal to Carter. It is cantaloupe, iron melon, fat melon, happy melon. With the Nuggets, Knicks, Rockets, and Thunder walking along, Melon’s smiles are getting less and less, and now enjoying the joy of basketball in the Blazers, the smile on his face seems to have returned to him who was in Denver more than a decade ago. His biggest shortcoming may be that he is not a contender by nature, from fulfilling the final year player option to the peak salary renewal for the Knicks. It shows more of an easy-going character. I want to say that I mourn his misfortune, and he is indisputable, but after all he has taken hundreds of millions of dollars in his career.

5 months ago

Carmelo Anthony is not a player who can be compared with James, the reason is not talent, but the desire to win. He has always been a player who plays with his own will and talent, and is unwilling to sacrifice anything for victory. Kobe mentioned in the show that in the 2009 Western Conference Finals, Kobe faced Anthony. At first, the two were full of gunpowder and refused to give each other. But soon Kobe discovered that Anthony enjoys physical confrontation. The more you entangle him, the more excited he will be and defensively. The end is especially obvious. So later Kobe chose not to stalk and fight when defending. Sure enough, Anthony’s excitement in defending Kobe dropped significantly. I remember that in that series, Billups slaughtered the fisher Fisher on the offensive end. Yang Jian laughed and said that the fish was about to be turned into a fish head, and Anthony actually complained that Billups did not give the ball. Anthony was very safe in the first two games, because Kobe gave him a confrontation, he can be very cool to defend Kobe. Kobe no longer entangled him behind, his cool point is naturally only in scoring. You see, on the stage of the Western Conference Finals, Anthony must have played well before considering whether to win or not, not to mention the regular season. James is not stingy about himself for the championship. He can do dirty work, go to the top four, to protect the rebounds, and he doesn’t even care about his reputation, not to mention the money. Anthony was unwilling. Anthony has even had 50 points and other data are all zero game data, which shows his attitude towards the game and also shows his super high offensive talent.

5 months ago

Technical characteristics and physical fitness determine the lower limit of Gua Ge; the heart and desire for victory determine the upper limit of Gua Ge: He is a star and a regular All-Star, but he always feels super giant, almost meaningless, let alone history. Ten James. In terms of offensive diversity, probably only Paul Pierce can compare with him, but it is a pity that he knows a little bit of everything, but he can’t practice the big move to the extreme like Curry did. This seems to be somewhat tragic. As for James, although his offensive firepower is not at the top, his team leadership and overall view of the field really exceed Melon. And in order to win, don’t worry about face or face, you should hug each other, you should decide, and go to the dark one by one, it’s a god. The pinnacle of Guaco’s memory still remains when Billups was in the Nuggets, and the Nuggets played against the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. The youthful and chic Melon, coupled with the team’s brain Billups, then the chic but occasionally convulsive JR, and the sudden rise of Birdman, played back and forth with the Lakers. At that time, I felt that as long as there was a top point guard next to Anthony, letting him concentrate on being an offensive arrow and steadily contributing 25+ points every night, the team had something to count on. But he didn’t expect that that year, reaching the Western Conference finals was his last glory. But anyway, he touched the floor of the Western Conference earlier than Paul.

5 months ago

I’m a fan of Melon, let’s talk about my personal views. Melon’s game style is more casual. The shooting choice belongs to the shot you want. The defense depends on your mood. It seems that the ball quotient is not high when reflected on the court. With strong personal firepower and comprehensive offensive arsenal, he is the team’s chief attacker most of the time. LeBron is very precocious, has historic attacking ability and passing vision, and his playing style is relatively more cautious. Melon is someone who will be very happy if he scores 30 or 40 points tonight, and LeBron will study the statistics after the game and will make a dripping speech at the press conference. Offensive and defensive, LeBron with top organizational skills is bound to have more influence on the game than Melon. LeBron is also more cautious in making every choice in his career, as cautious as his shooting choices. From entering the league, Melo, who brought the Nuggets to the playoffs in the first year, lost to LeBron with better numbers in the competition for the best rookie. Since then, whether it is the best team or mvp votes, LeBron has always squeezed Melon. We fans also often ridicule “Second Team Melon”. Maybe it’s the league’s preference, maybe it’s the difference in treatment of the spoon, maybe it’s something else. LeBron has always been a better player than Melon. This is one of them. The reason for the huge difference between the two people’s career achievements is that, in addition to LeBron’s influence on the game more than Melon, there are alternatives to the game. LeBron was in the Cavaliers, Melo was in the Nuggets, LeBron just pressed Melo, then LeBron went to Miami, and Melo went to the Knicks, the two people’s careers opened a huge gap. Melon never encountered a teammate of Wade’s thick eyebrows in his entire life, and his limited achievements were due to his own choice. Fortunately, our mentality as fans is still relatively relaxed, Melon ball is elegant, and we are happy on the court, and we are in a good mood when we look at it. If the champion is not the champion, I don’t have a dime if I take the champion.

5 months ago

James won on the table with hard honors. Although he is the same golden generation, Lao Zhan already holds four championships, four mvp and countless honors, plus 36 years old, and he still leads the team to the forefront of levy management. Everyone is chanting the Clippers championship, the Nets finale and so on, forgetting that James is already thirty-six, and he is already an old man in the league. When the Nets and Ouha were playing, Du Gongli was still there. The Bucks, the letters are booming, the Clippers and the Nets are the biggest champions before they fit together. James is still competing with these peak stars and is still high on the mvp list. Anthony is already on the bench with a basic salary, the Blazers There is no hope of winning the championship. A large part of James’ greatness comes from his long-term vision and shrewd decision-making. Many people have been black and black on James’ change of team. In fact, James’ change of team has brought him great benefits and effects. James is positioned as a leader, while Anthony is positioned as a fighter. James is always included in the whole, but Anthony’s character is too out of the team, and Anthony’s style and appreciation are indeed unique.

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