For Huawei: Time is too late! Huawei’s progress this time is very fast, it can even be said to be too fast. I thought about starting the internal beta in April or June, and starting the public beta in June or September. At this time, I was thinking about learning the Hongmeng language and reviewing Huawei’s entire mileage: Huawei’s chip foundry was banned in June last year, that is, 9 A month ago, in theory, even if the user base of Huawei (including the original Honor) mobile phones is still large, at best, 16 months later, according to statistics, 52% of users may replace Huawei mobile phones that have been in hand for at least 2 years. . That is, in 16 months, Huawei’s terminal users will lose half, and in another year, there may not even be 3 Chengdu. Judging from the current situation, the Hongmeng system is going to grab food from Google, but the basis for the popularization of the system is the huge number of Huawei users, but if users change their phones, the base will be gone. Therefore, the sooner Huawei must popularize Hongmeng, the better. The sooner it is popularized, the more feedback you can get. The current Android users upgrading Hongmeng is to perform a super-large-scale public test. Now that the huge base of Huawei mobile terminal users have experienced Hongmeng, can they have confidence in Hongmeng and promote the use of third-party manufacturers. The new mobile phone is equipped with the Hongmeng system. Shopping malls are like battlefields. For enterprises, the competition of enterprises is war. So shopping malls are like battlefields. Therefore, it is okay to use public opinion war as a war, no matter which side of the war is. Therefore, regardless of whether Hongmeng is a case or not, in the end, we still have to speak with its technical capabilities. No matter how to denigrate Hongmeng now, if Hongmeng’s functions cannot be realized, it will not be able to prevent users from buying Hongmeng phones; I personally think that Huawei will face 2 problems: 1. Hongmeng system The stability of Hongmeng, can Hongmeng have the performance and stability that can be promoted? Of course, there should be no big BUG, ​​this is a hard and fast rule; 2. Where are the two points of the Hongmeng system? Can Hongmeng come up with the highlights of the new era of IoT system that users can immediately experience? In addition to stable performance, the features of Hongmeng’s IoT system were promoted by Huawei at the beginning. What are the highlights of Na Hongmeng that can be intuitively understood by users and have to be used? I think these two points are the key elements of whether Hongmeng is accepted by users. They are analyzed and sorted out with product thinking. Do not spray


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

1. The target of this upgrade is still the developer, and it is strongly not recommended that ordinary consumers take the main model to upgrade. Consumers who meet any of the following are not recommended to upgrade Users who only have one Huawei mobile phone in their hands. Users who don’t understand or understand how to fully backup user data. Users who don’t understand or understand how to deal with unexpected users such as crashes, crashes, and bricks Users who will not roll back to EMUI. Users who have important files, data, and information in their mobile phones cannot accept users whose system is unstable. Second, large-scale consumer-oriented public testing will be followed up in the future. There is a quota limit for the face-to-face developer test, please do not follow suit and apply for and occupy the developer quota. 3. For users who have applied for and received HOS push notifications, please keep confidential. Fourth, let others quarrel. As a Huawei user, if you really want to try, you can quietly wait for the follow-up large-scale public test.

5 months ago

This boot interface is pretty cool! Finally it’s not power by android. I don’t know if Google will have any comments on changing this interface. Let me give you an analysis of the development stage of Hongmeng: Defense phase: support all Android .apk, and encourage developers to develop their own apps. It doesn’t matter what the extension is, it is important to run. At this stage, there are Android kernel and Hongmeng kernel at the bottom. Stalemate stage: The amount of equipment equipped with Hongmeng is too large. At this time, it will enter the strategic stalemate stage. Head apks such as certain treasure, certain Q, certain letter, etc., should be apk if you apk, you are bigger and you are reasonable, but some new ones or Developers with a small volume must use Hongmeng’s special format to enter my app store or system, or they won’t be put on the shelf for you. Counterattack: If Huawei’s Internet of Everything is really realized, the amount of connected devices will definitely crush the mobile phone. At this time, all those who want to enter the Hongmeng ecology must adapt to Hongmeng, even the head software manufacturers must adapt independently, just as they did with iOS back then. Obviously, the stalemate stage may be very long. At this stage, you can definitely find out the shadow of Android, but this is not important anymore. Someone attacked Hongmeng under the guise of discussing technology, saying that since the new system should be like a BlackBerry, it should have its own independent app to run the apk on a virtual machine. People who say these are not bad or stupid, and they don’t look at how BlackBerry is. Regarding the system, Huawei can’t afford to lose, so it chose the safest transition method. Starting from supporting Android, and finally developing its own Hongmeng when the ecology is completed, if the ecology is not completed, it can continue to be compatible with Android. EMUI is much better than xxUI. The current high-level strategy is Jiangzi. Of course, the above is all my guess…

5 months ago

I announce that the Huawei Hongmeng system has entered the third stage. 1. Hongmeng publicity stage: take it out! 2. Hongmeng release stage: PPT system! 3. Hongmeng product stage: Android case, it must not be lagging smoothly! 4. Hongmeng differentiation stage: it’s weird if the ecology can be cultivated! 5. Hongmeng ecological development stage: far worse than Android! 6. Hongmeng growth stage: whoever loves it, I don’t know how to use it anyway! 7. Hongmeng unified stage: Monopolize the market, don’t talk about military ethics, disgusting! Now it is basically the third stage. Huawei will have a lot to face next. The Hongmeng system has long roads and obstacles. In addition to the difficulties in research and development, there is also a part of the nozzle that does not require every Individuals support it, and don’t require everyone to buy or use it. At the very least, can’t you think of the Huawei Hongmeng system rationally? Where did such great malice come from? There are always people talking, and there are always people doing things. Come on, Huawei Harmony OS Hongmeng system. The journey is long, only struggle!

5 months ago

Hongmeng is finally available. This is a very critical step for Huawei mobile phones. The next key step is to produce 28nm lines nationwide. Then, all-subsystem-made, safe and controllable mobile phones (including Kylin Soc and Hongmeng operating systems) should receive a large number of orders from customers with security needs such as government agencies. For these customers, is the soc of the 28nm process a problem? Not at all, they don’t play games. Those who hope that Huawei mobile phones will die are bound to be disappointed.

5 months ago

As an iPhone user, I actually look forward to Hongmeng. After all, I just bought the iPhone because I don’t like Android’s permission management. I saw this question on the homepage and wanted to come in to see the sharing of user experience. As a result, it turned into a mutual question on both sides? Let’s not talk about Huawei’s blackness. I think pollen should share more of the advantages and experience of the system, at least show it to iOS users like me, let us know more about it, may we join you in the future?

5 months ago

This is an important step for Hongmeng mobile phone system. Although the Hongmeng system has been used in cars, smart screens, and other smart devices, the mobile phone operating system is the most concerned and consumers care about. The Hongmeng mobile phone operating system has been questioned since the beginning of the project. This is normal for a new operating system, but the storm of public opinion is too terrible. There are malicious taunts and degraders, and blindly exaggerated and exaggerated ones. The real way to solve this storm of public opinion is to implement it. The mule is pulled out by a horse. The developer beta this time undoubtedly shows that the Hongmeng mobile phone operating system is not far from the official launch, only the last one or two rounds of optimization. According to this progress, it is very likely that the first batch of mobile phones will be officially upgraded in June. It remains to be seen whether the Hongmeng mobile phone operating system will work, and whether it can become another moat after Kirin.

5 months ago

The sprayers are desperately looking for new angles and new ways to play. If they can’t find it, they continue to shout for Android swapping. The pollen group saw a group of people applying for the closed beta. It’s spraying or blowing, first experience it and then say since you can’t control it. Just keep others’ mouths, then you have to work hard to be yourself. Judging from the videos of those giants who risked violating the non-disclosure agreement to release videos, they are doing a good job. The obstacles are long and long, keep on! ! ! (I don’t know if the Honor Play4 Pro can be upgraded. Looking at the screenshots of the Harmony OS secretly released by the giants, I feel very anxious.)

5 months ago

Technicians discuss the Hongmeng operating system is more inclined to develop independently and so on, and I was like this in the early days. But then I gradually came into contact with politics, so my concerns changed. In fact, what we should be most concerned about is whether this operating system is independently controllable, that is, whether the entire system is sufficiently understood. If someone on our side can take all the architecture and details of Android, then we can say that Android is an independent, controllable and autonomous operating system. Now everything has to look in the direction of war. The fact that Huawei can take all of Android and make in-depth modifications already meets the country’s strategic needs, and other things are not important.

5 months ago

The effect of the system has to be looked at. The only thing that can be determined is that the system is fully controllable by Huawei. This is very important. No matter whether the implementation method is a special release of open source Android or re-implementation, it is not easy, leading the industry. Things. For example, is it easy to repair Varyag and build Shandong ship? It’s not easy. If there are 001, 002, there will be 003. Now Hongmeng has been over-marketed, and some are added. Those who write these things and those who read these things may not even read the book on operating systems. In fact, there is no need to raise this matter to a high level. After all, this system is consumer-oriented, and the significance is not as big as imagined by many boiling essays. The biggest significance lies in training the talent pool in this area and setting a way for it. For ordinary consumers, which one is better to use.

5 months ago

There are a few in the comment area that I really don’t know if I don’t have eyesight or I have a problem with my comprehension ability. What’s wrong with using Huawei and buying apples for my partner? Turnip and green vegetables have their own loves, and her magicbook pro is also recommended by me. Huawei’s reputation is stinky by you guys. Hurry up and speed up the adaptation. It’s approaching 618. If you don’t push the public beta version on a large scale, a large number of Huawei users will choose to switch phones at this stage. With the fourth round of sanctions on Huawei coming into effect, there is no way to expect much new production. Users, it is true to stabilize the current market. And this April, Apple’s price cut is particularly severe. Today, I just gave my girlfriend a tens of billions of subsidies for a 128g 12mini, which is only 4599. By 618, I am afraid that the price will be more attractive. If you don’t speed up, you will lose a lot of users. At present, holding mate30 can still persist.

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