As of April 26, India has set a new global record of new confirmed cases of new crowns in a single day for five consecutive days, with a cumulative number of more than 17.31 million cases; the country’s new deaths have also reached a new high, and the cumulative number of deaths has approached 200,000.

The WHO expressed concern about the spread of the epidemic in India, saying that it will provide medical supplies and deploy personnel to assist India in fighting the epidemic. Due to the shortage of hospital beds, many Indians had to buy oxygen cylinders and drugs on the black market and were forced to treat them at home.

According to the website of the Chinese Embassy in India, the spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in India Wang Xiaojian said on the 26th that the Chinese government and people firmly support the Indian government and people in fighting the epidemic. China will encourage and guide Chinese enterprises to actively cooperate, provide convenience for India to purchase all kinds of necessary anti-epidemic materials, and provide India with the necessary support and assistance.

The outbreak in India is out of control. What impact will it have on China and the global epidemic prevention and control situation?

If only speaking from the domestic epidemic safety, I still have confidence. I believe that the research and development of vaccines for new variants has already begun, and it is inevitable to guard against death. With the protection of the Himalayas, it is still difficult for India’s new variant viruses to enter our country. Here, thanks again to the martyrs for regaining Tibet under extremely difficult conditions! pay tribute! But from the perspective of medium and long-term economic development, the impact is great. The collapse of India and the spread of the virus will inevitably spread to neighboring countries. Both Pakistan and Myanmar are India’s neighbors and important partners of our One Belt One Road strategy. If India’s virus spreads to ASEAN, it will be even more fun. If India collapses, we may just give some supplies; if Pakistan, Myanmar, and ASEAN are to collapse, we must send a large number of medical teams. At that time, there will be a shortage of medical resources in the country. The doctors and nurses should work overtime until they cry! India engages in human nourishment and cultivates the most lethal and spreading mutant virus in the world, which may lead to a new wave of global pandemic of the new crown, and the recovery of the world economy may be indefinitely indefinite. China must continue to guard against it, and the operating costs of the entire society and economy remain high. But one thing is not only bad but not good. The epidemic in India will turn many of Modi’s previous performances into botched farce. His attempt to use Hindu immortality to strengthen centralization would have lost all previous efforts and even eliminated the possibility of latecomers taking this path. India’s bulk state can continue for some time. India wants to develop industry, and its plan to compete with China for the international industrial chain will be delayed indefinitely. Due to the selfish performance of the United States in the fight against the epidemic, their efforts to construct the Indo-Pacific encirclement network will also face more difficulties. This is also a good thing for China.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

As long as the country is closed and medical supplies are sold, there will be no impact…maybe it will be able to rise peacefully. If you have to sacrifice China to save it…it’s hard to say. Now it’s India desperately not wanting us to help. We go to begging India to help… Maybe Master Yin gives a good face, and our country has to sacrifice a group of medical personnel for the invaders who just invaded our country… God knows ps: For one thing, I dare not say that there is no brain support, that is-there is no bottom line to kneel and lick international friends… ps: India is a country with a billion people, a country with a billion people, the whole country collapses, and Looking at the national conditions of India, think about how many resources we have used in Wuhan? Unless our country devotes all its resources to the country, it does not have more than a hundred times the material and manpower to assist Wuhan. Isn’t it funny to say that it helps India? Throwing tens of billions of materials into India will not make a noise. Many people think that if you give some help, India will get better. What is this dream? China’s assistance will not help solve the epidemic in India at all. Most Chinese imagine that India will get better soon with our help… This is all kind of naivety. How much money does China have to fill the bottomless pit of India? Speaking of people who help India, wake up, our country can’t afford India… ps: Some people think… we have to help India, and India will gladly accept it… This is all mindless. Most of the brainless people think that we help, they will be grateful, even if they are not grateful, they will stop… Actually, this is a kind of arrogance. The more serious the epidemic situation in India, the more intense it will be against China, and the deeper it will participate in the siege of China internationally. The more we aid, the more India’s anti-China campaign will become more severe. India will only gain an inch, ask for resources, money, and everything it can, including our sacred and inviolable territory, and will become increasingly anti-China…but what if we don’t help India? But in the face of an India that is increasingly anti-China and the epidemic is collapsing, what should we do? Kneel down to be a grandson? Of course it is to guard strictly…this is the only way. China has no choice. India will not give China a choice…

5 months ago

The epidemic in the United States has been out of control for more than a year, and the degree of economic integration and the density of personnel exchanges between China and the United States far exceeds that of India. Is China affected? A very counter-intuitive thing is that although China and India are neighboring countries, the density of personnel exchanges is actually much lower than that of the United States, because China and the United States not only have a high degree of economic interaction, but also have unimpeded and low-cost shipping channels. Between India and India straddle the Himalayas. Praise the Himalayas, it is worthy of being the place where the emperor built the golden throne. It is really a treasure of geomantic omen. It has been more than a year since the epidemic in the United States has been out of control. They have been out of control much earlier than in India. Has the sky fallen? We have repelled the epidemic in the same way. We are not affected by the plague in foreign countries. It is essentially a problem of border prevention and control and port management capabilities. After more than a year of fighting the epidemic, China’s border prevention and control and port management departments have withstood severe tests and are well Fulfilling the mission entrusted by the party and the people, as a capable and efficient team, it has demonstrated good professionalism and tenacious fighting spirit in the complex and severe border prevention and control and port management struggles, proving that it is a recruiter. Coming soon, the fighting team that can come and win, and the border situation between China and Myanmar is far more complicated than that of China and India. They have successfully controlled the epidemic in the port cities, not to mention the density and complexity of personnel exchanges are far simpler. China-India border? Please give our border managers a minimum of trust and respect, which is what they deserve. China and India are not a smooth and unobstructed road. If this is the case, based on the expansion enthusiasm and combat effectiveness of the ancient Chinese empire, do you think there will be a civilization like India in the world? No matter how severe the epidemic in India is, it will only make us lose a little economic interest locally. Taking into account the serious hostility of the Indian side to Chinese commercial activities after the Sino-Indian border conflict, as well as India’s consistently poor business environment, the actual economic benefits that have been lost It must be extremely limited. In the past, China has accumulated a huge amount of medical protective equipment production capacity. These production capacities are now idle and surplus as the domestic epidemic subsides. It is the right way to find overseas markets for them as soon as possible to deal with the Indian epidemic. Not only should we not be worried about the outbreak, but we should be happy, because the excess capacity finally has a way out. What you see is the epidemic in India, and what I see is the employment and cash flow of related manufacturing industries. Medical protective equipment is different from civilian consumer goods. Its supply and demand are very rigid. No matter how hostile India is to China, when it needs it, we will not refuse it when we sell it. In addition, small vendors and small shops are the backbone of the Indian economy. In fact, it is difficult for Indian officials to effectively control the large-scale dumping of our medical protective equipment in the Indian market. This can not only bring us a huge amount of cash flow and jobs, dump excess capacity, but also consolidate the small domestic vendors in India. The dominant position in the economic structure further undermines the Indian government’s ability to control the domestic economy. At the same time, dumping of our cheap and high-quality products can destroy the relevant industries in India, delay their industrialization process to the greatest extent, and stifle their investment in relevant industries. The possibility of forming an endogenous supply capacity is extremely beneficial to China’s long-term national interests. India is not North Korea, not Russia, not Tanzania, or even Japan, South Korea and Vietnam. They do not deserve our mercy and help. The bones of the martyrs in the Kalwan River Valley are not cold, and their blood is not cold. We must not do anything to disappoint them. Standing on the hills several kilometers high, overlooking them struggling in the plague quagmire below our feet, is what we should do.

5 months ago

It is impossible to have no effect at all. India has a population of one billion people, an immeasurable number of infections, and Indians flying around the world. If India completely loses control, it will be a disaster for the whole world. We are already helping. The Twitter account of the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka stated on the 26th that 800 oxygen generators have been airlifted from Hong Kong, China to Delhi, and 10,000 will be shipped this week. This is not “repaying grievances by virtue” or “Mother’s feelings”. It is simple internationalism and humanitarianism. “Long live the unity of the people of the world” on the right side of Tiananmen Gate is written there. India’s pro-American politicians and fascist fanatics are one thing, and the innocent Indian people are another. Even if we defeat the slave-owner gang in the future, shouldn’t the people under the gang’s rule be gentle, enlightened, and united? The Chinese nation has not been a cold-blooded, selfish and shameless nation since ancient times. We are different from imperialism. If we do not occupy the moral high ground, the enemy will occupy it; if we do not hold the banner of righteousness, the enemy will hold it. Politics means making fewer enemies and making many friends. Public opinion on the Indian Internet has begun to change, and pro-US and anti-China remarks have been reduced. Therefore, if we are able to support oxygen and medical supplies, it is not a big deal, but it cannot be given for nothing. If a company wants to make money and its employees need to eat, we must give priority to protecting ourselves. We must strictly control the entry of Indians and we can support them, but Indians are asked to help themselves at home and not to poison East Asia. In fact, there is no need to worry too much about this. With the Himalayas there, the Indian people will not go east. It is enough to control the airport, port and other transportation hubs. In fact, I also dislike the middle and upper-class elites and the media in India. They have now begun moral kidnapping. For example, when the Indian media “The Wire” published an article by Jerome King, the director of the International Institute of Vaccines, calling for China-India cooperation, the picture used was India’s aid to China that went to Yan’an during the War of Resistance Against Japan. Doctor Ke Dihua. “Can vaccines contribute to India-China relations as Dr. Ke Tihua did more than 80 years ago?” Dr. Ke Tihua is a great internationalist. He went to China in 1938 to help the wounded of the National Revolutionary Army. He felt that the national army did not fully resist the Japanese aggression, so he went to Yan’an in February 1939, joined the Eighth Route Army medical team, and fought with the Japanese army in the Jinchaji border area. Of the wounded, and used his own body to test the treatment of infectious diseases that were prevalent in the border area at that time. He served successively in Yan’an and the North China Anti-Japanese Base, serving as the chief surgeon of the Eighth Route Army Hospital and the first dean of Bethune International Peace Hospital. The people of the border region called him “the second Bethune.” Dr. Ke Dihua joined the Communist Party of China in July 1942. However, the arduous environment and heavy work caused him to become ill. He eventually suffered from repeated seizures due to epilepsy, and the rescue was ineffective. He died on December 9, 1942, at the age of 32. At the memorial service held in Yan’an, Chairman Mao sent a handwritten essay: “Indian friend Dr. Ko Dihua came to China from afar to assist in the resistance against Japan. He worked in Yan’an for five years in North China, healed the wounded, died of overwork and sickness, and the whole army lost a helping hand. The nation has lost a friend. The internationalist spirit of Dr. Ke Tihua is something we should never forget.” Ke Tihua is the Eighth Route Army, the Communist Party of China, and a great internationalist fighter. We will always remember this friendship. However, if the Indian media took him out for hype, it was suspected of moral kidnapping. May I ask the communist Ke Dihua, how much does it have to do with the populist and fascist Indian government today? In 2020, what is India’s attitude toward us from the official to the private sector? When Dr. Kottiwa was in India, he was persecuted by the Indian authorities for resisting colonialism and was forced to drop out of school…Does the Indian government’s actions last year deserve to have an internationalist like Dr. Kottiwa? To be clear, we are helping the innocent Indian people, not the Indian government of Modi, nor is it a comprador regime with imperialist heads.

5 months ago

There are many countries surrounding India, but also bordering India and China. For example, Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Bhutan, etc. are all developing countries, or directly underdeveloped countries. The epidemic prevention capabilities of these countries are inadequate. In addition, border control of many countries is also difficult, and there are even countries such as Afghanistan and Myanmar that are in a period of domestic turmoil. If India is unable to control the epidemic, causing the epidemic to last too long, and new variants with penetration capabilities continue to emerge. Once the Indian epidemic spreads to neighboring countries and causes the neighboring countries to be unable to control and control, and triggers a cross-border wave of some refugees, then our The pressure on border control and epidemic prevention will increase exponentially. Even the invasion of its new variant virus may invalidate the vaccination work being carried out in the country. Myanmar is also connected to the ten ASEAN countries. ASEAN is currently my country’s largest trading partner. Once ASEAN falls, it will have a great impact on our economic recovery this year. Therefore, although the confrontation between the Indian side and us last year aroused the extreme dissatisfaction of the domestic people with India, considering the threats we may face in the future from the prolonged epidemic in India. The government should still give India some help to eliminate the epidemic in India as early as possible. You have to recognize it even if you pinch your nose…

5 months ago

The biggest impact of the second wave of the epidemic in India this time is to make the Chinese soberly aware that “herd immunity” is not feasible. It has been more than a year since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, but only recently the situation in India has made people feel the feeling of the great plague of the century. In just one month, India became a purgatory on earth! For the country of India, its lower limit is very low. It can be said that no bottom line is India’s bottom line. Senior virologists warned that the current wave of epidemics still has two weeks to reach the peak of 500,000 infections per day. Sumia Swaminathan, the chief scientist of the World Health Organization, said in an interview with CNN on the 26th that the number of confirmed cases and deaths of new coronary pneumonia currently reported in India is “severely underestimated”. India The actual number of infected persons may be 20 to 30 times higher than the officially reported number. In January, in the fifth round of sampling surveys conducted in the Indian capital of New Delhi, one out of every two people tested positive. This means that at least half of New Delhi’s 20 million people have been infected with the new crown pneumonia virus. Therefore, the Indian media claim that 70% of Indians have gained herd immunity through infection. It is this illusion that made India greatly overestimate their ability to control the epidemic, causing a humanitarian disaster in the country and turning the entire country into a hell on earth. The mutation of the new coronavirus is very fast because it is a single-stranded RNA virus. This wave of epidemic in India has proved that “herd immunity” is not feasible. For China, this lesson is particularly important. In fact, during this period of time, bad experts have advocated opening up the border after a certain percentage of vaccination. This will destroy our achievements in epidemic prevention and control.

5 months ago

Look at it in two ways: 1. The good side. The epidemic will cause India’s economy to regress, and China’s foreign trade is beneficial. 2. The bad side. The epidemic in India is spreading, and the virus is likely to mutate into a super virus (India has poor sanitary conditions, high population density, and relatively strong self-immunity relative to the people. Once the new crown virus mutates in India, it will be terrible); if the epidemic in India becomes the second in the world With the outbreak of the wave, the world economy once again stalled and regressed, which is not good for the world. The city gate caught fire, and the pond fish was hit.

5 months ago

I think it will have an impact. In addition to direct effects, there will also be indirect effects. The possible impacts are as follows: 1. In order to pass on the contradictions, India has begun a new round of provocations. 2. Indians spread across the border to China through Hong Kong and other ports. 3. The fleeing of wealthy Indians to Europe and the United States will inevitably affect Europe and the United States, as well as neighboring countries. For example, the fleeing of wealthy Indians to Europe will basically have to pass through Moscow and infect Russia. It is very easy to trigger a new round of epidemic in Russia. I know Russia very well, and there will be another round of mutated viruses. If Russia bursts, it will greatly affect the China-Europe Belt and Road Initiative. 4. The game between countries is a dynamic process and interactive behavior. India’s neighbors will not sit still. Small South Asian countries are also very nervous when they see India like this. They are negotiating with China, seeking China to take the lead in establishing a circle of friends against the epidemic against India. 5. The Chinese trapped in India are now very dangerous, and all their neighbors are infected. I think it is necessary to organize a complete evacuation of overseas Chinese. It is safer to find a few islands after evacuating the overseas Chinese and observe them in isolation for more than a month. 6. I wrote in the last answer that I think that if it is allowed to develop, India will die 10% of the population. That is more than 100 million people. This is my prediction. (Interlude an undocumented “expert estimate”. It is reported that India is not infected with 300,000 infections every day, but it is infected with more than tens of millions a day, and deaths are more than 300,000 a day!) In my opinion, the main factor leading to the deaths of Indians, One is because the new coronavirus mutation spreads all over the floor and continues to mutate, unable to defend, and the medical system has long been penetrated. The poor can only wait to die. And people with other diseases are not treated. The second is famine. Due to production stagnation, a huge famine will be triggered. Many people lose their source of livelihood and starve to death one after another. It became the first human tragedy in the 21st century. But this is not the end. The COVID-19 pandemic will continue globally for several more years due to India’s demon. We must be prepared for globalization to be severely blocked within ten years. The two tracks, dominated by domestic tracks, seem to be the norm in the near-medium historical period. We must find ways to cultivate our internal strength within these ten years, and strive to make up for the shortcomings in the country. In order to welcome the huge changes in the lives of illegal immigrants in the world that have flowed like a tide after the road to globalization has been unblocked ten years later. If you are not ready now, it will be too late. A huge social price must be paid. There is no way, whoever is rich, strong and safe, the immigrants of the world will vote with their feet.

5 months ago

There is no doubt that the out-of-control epidemic in India will definitely affect China. The core of the problem now is how much impact the epidemic in India will have on China if it is out of control. If the border control is strengthened, the spread to China may be slowed down. In the context of economic globalization, as long as India cannot completely eliminate the new crown epidemic, it will definitely spread to China in the future. At present, the most important thing is to speed up the development of vaccines that are effective against mutated new coronaviruses. However, the speed of vaccine research and development is definitely not able to keep up with the speed of virus mutation. At present, the best way is the Chinese model.

5 months ago

As far as I have seen many answers about India, whether it is the mainstream media or the major forums, they are basically nonsense, and even many of them confuse the interests of the various parties in India, but there is no way, the internal religion of India Factions, interest groups, classes, and even foreign investment (including China) represented by interest groups are complicated, making India too complicated. Since it’s all nonsense, I’m also blatantly talking nonsense. As a business cycle researcher’s perspective. India has accelerated its rise after 2004. This is the middle of the fifth Kangbo overheating period. Let’s look at the countries that have risen during the previous Kangbo overheating periods: China in 1950-1960 and Germany in 1908-1918. Germany launched a war during the Campo overheating period, but the Spanish flu broke out during the period of overheating and stagflation. Then Germany was defeated in the non-local war, and Germany collapsed. Hitler came to power 13 years later and launched World War II. China was in the fourth Campo overheating period. In 1957, it reached the peak of the Great Leap Forward. In 1959, overheating turned into a stagflation period. Three years of natural disasters broke out. Seven years later, Wen G broke out. Similarly, the fifth Kangbo officially entered a full stagflation period in 2018. The new crown. This time the new crown, the biggest variable, should be in India, which can be regarded as India’s millennial change. The countries that have risen in the mid-term of Kangbo generally have a very big problem, that is, the industrial development and its imbalance. In the case of overdevelopment of a single industry, before the entire industry can develop, it will enter global stagflation or recession first. . This is a great blow to a rapidly rising country and nation. What can be expected is that both the population growth, the mid-term rise of Kangbo, the unbalanced industry, and the sudden cliff after the leap forward. India will have a high probability of a food crisis. God can cure poverty, but God cannot cure it. Hungry, from a historical point of view, in the next ten to fifteen years, India has a high probability of only two paths. Either it is Germany, where strongmen will come to power, purged, and expand abroad, or it will be a cultural revolution and go to the next cycle. Of course, history is changing and repeating, and India may be able to take a third path. A path of development with faith. PS: As soon as the epidemic broke out, the wealthy of the high caste slipped away early. Where did the British new crown outbreak come from? India was originally a British colony, and there are policies to support the immigration of Indians and Hong Kong people to Britain. India now, or India in the next 20 years, belongs to the bottom people of India for the first time in a thousand years. How about a change? Some people say that the cycle is a box and everything is inside? Right, isn’t all knowledge a frame? But you can’t believe that this box is right. We have to track and correct it. Correcting it requires special treatment. Isn’t this the unity of opposites between the universality and the particularity of contradictions?

5 months ago

Of course it will affect China. The epidemic in India has caused a major setback to the US strategic plan to contain China, and it has already declared failure in advance. The cornerstone of the US Indo-Pacific strategy-the United States, Japan, India and Australia, the most important is India. The United States has cultivated him as an economic surrogate country and a military pioneer in China. It was unexpected that an epidemic would completely collapse India and be conservative. It is estimated that in the next five years, India will have to focus its energy on solving the domestic epidemic and the economic and social problems caused by it. If it is not resolved, India will even risk a popular revolution to subvert the regime and divide the country. The epidemic in India has also allowed some Indians to wake up from irrational national pride and religious fanaticism, truly realize the gap between themselves and China, abandon unrealistic illusions and gambling behavior, and re-examine China and India, The relationship between the United States and India has provided some rational voices and public opinion pressure for the Indian government to handle China-India relations in a pragmatic and cooperative manner. At the same time, this epidemic has also allowed those international capitals who were optimistic about India’s economy and development momentum to see the significant gap between India and China, and truly understand the endogenous nature of India, a semi-modern country that objectively cannot develop further and is destined to remain in the developing stage. , Structural issues, and promote international capital and technology to be more optimistic about China, and inject certain external power into the domestic and international dual-cycle system. In addition, in the short term, we must also pay attention to preventing India from taking the initiative to provoke incidents through border and other issues, shifting the focus of public opinion on the domestic epidemic’s ineffective handling, and taking the opportunity to provoke the election. These are the impacts that I can think of on our country, and welcome to add.

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