Recently, a paper on “Boiled Eggs Rebirth and Hatching Chickens” has attracted online attention. According to public information, the paper was published in the June 2020 issue of “Photo Geography”. The author is Guo Ping (real name Guo Huaping, also known as Guo Ping), principal of Zhengzhou Chunlin Vocational Training School, and Bai Weiyun, chief physician of a hospital in Henan.

According to the latest news, Guo Ping, principal of Chunlin Vocational Training School, has apologized to the public for the thesis incident. Guo Ping said that she felt very guilty about the development of the matter up to now, and she felt that the experiment was not rigorous enough to publish it publicly. From the bottom of my heart, I feel very sorry for everyone, which caused trouble to the public. (CCTV)

[Written by the essays on the rebirth of boiled eggs and hatching chicken]

On the evening of the 27th, Guo Mou, the principal of Zhengzhou Chunlin Vocational Training School, the author of the thesis on the rebirth of boiled eggs, contacted the reporter. She said that a friend of the thesis department wrote on behalf of her and she would apologize to the public for her rashness.

During the interview, Guo said that this paper published in June 2020 was not written by herself, but by a friend. Guo said that because she had published something before, people would call her regularly and ask her if she wanted to publish a paper. “Photo Geography” also found her at the time and asked if she wanted to publish it. She didn’t plan to publish it, but the other party said that the fee is not expensive and cheap. She thought about it for six to seven hundred yuan, so she published it.

Guo told reporters that publishing the paper was her personal behavior. What she did not expect was that this paper published last year would cause such a big disturbance. She hopes to apologize to the public through the media and obtain everyone’s understanding. “I’m so hasty and caused panic in the society. I feel very, very sorry about this. This is what I really said. Whether it is true or false, this matter of me has already caused (influence) everyone. I think I am A small hobby, not a professional, I don’t want to argue about this thing, I don’t want to do it again, I don’t want to add chaos to everyone, and I don’t want to add chaos to the society. Ideas.” (CCTV News Client)

[The author of the paper on the rebirth of a boiled egg cries bitterly in front of the camera: I have never lied when I grow up]

Recently, a paper on “returning boiled eggs to incubate chickens” caused heated debate. Guo Ping, the first author of the paper, cried bitterly in front of the camera, saying that “I have never lied when I grew up.”


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

You tmd explain to me what is “not rigorous enough”? Guo Ping cried bitterly in front of the camera and said, “I have never told a lie when I grew up.” You looked at it and said, before all kinds of hard lips, does a principal even have no common sense? This is not a feudal superstition. A boiled egg can be resurrected, and a person can be resurrected after death. Then the whole world must worship this fellow! Now it is said that the paper is written on behalf of the department. This is a naked deception, and money is spent to send the manuscript. There is a situation of accepting bribes in it, and I hope that it will be strictly investigated and the academic environment will be cleared.

5 months ago

Isn’t this the newcomer who is going to hit the comedy class? You are a few dozen years old, and you still can’t tell the difference between writing essays and lying, so forget it. You are a few dozen years old, and after doing the experiment casually, you really believe that cooking can bring you back to life, that you can rejuvenate when you grow old, and that things can come back to life from death? Are you teasing me? But that’s fine. The key is that you can still post and post it in a serious manner, regardless of morality and truth in the face of interests, that’s fine! After all, the ancients said that knowing one’s mistakes can make great improvements. So let’s take a step back and let’s not talk about whether you can be good or not. I know if you are right or wrong. I think there is a way to discuss it. Come up is I never lied? Will there be a negative correlation between old age and lying? The older the age, the lower the probability of lying? Is this right? This is wrong. Therefore, if you don’t want to be a comedy newcomer, here is a suggestion. You can really know the mistake beforehand. This can’t be forgotten. Let’s not say that you are cheating on science. Believe it or not, I think it needs to be examined. Anyway, it’s true that it was published for profit in the end. Let’s talk about you deceiving yourself and finding someone to write a paper for your benefit. Is this deception? Is it possible to write essays as one’s own, this is not a deception? If these are not counted, then sorry, I was wrong. I believe you are right, you who are a few decades old really can’t lie, after all, you have been living in your own world.

5 months ago

I have to say, top-level public relations, I laughed to death. I said that there is a problem with your paper. You said it was written by someone else, and the experiment is not rigorous enough. Isn’t the problem even bigger? Hahahahahaha, remembered a paragraph, the traffic police inspected the traffic police for violations: “Why don’t you follow the traffic rules?” Driver: “Comrade police, I bought this certificate, I haven’t read the traffic regulations.” Traffic police: “You dare to fake a certificate.” Driving on the road?” The driver: “Drinking and courageous?” Traffic policeman “Are you still drinking?” The rest can’t remember that such a person can also be a principal. The reality is really interesting.

5 months ago

I am not convinced. At the beginning, I saw all kinds of stiff mouths. What Copernicus said he was burned to death. What three seasons people. What summer insects can’t talk about ice. What we don’t understand, we cannot deny science. I almost believed it. Then you suddenly came out to apologize? I don’t believe in apologies. I insist that the rebirth of a boiled egg is the same great subversion as Copernicus’s heliotrope. Chunlin trained, trained for so many years, and done so many experiments, what water escape, earth escape, which is not a great scientific invention that can aspire to the Nobel Prize, how much money was spent, and how much money was made. Now, just an apology? I do not believe. I want you to persevere, get out of water escape, earth escape, and fire escape. I want you to persevere and bring the boiled eggs back to life. My hope of immortality was broken by your apology. I can not be reconciled.

5 months ago

Pulling out the radish to bring out the mud was a fantasy work before, but now it has become academic misconduct. The most interesting thing is that since it is all academic misconduct, it can still be a fantasy work. How low is this generation of writing market entry barriers? Up to now, the principal has not realized the nature of the error in his heart. He just feels that someone can replace the pen. The price of the manuscript is low, and the test is only “not rigorous enough”. Oh, you are the principal. you win. The principal of this vocational school explained with practical actions that some vocational school education really has a “bright future.” This geographic magazine has taken practical actions to explain that certain journals really “just have money” to publish manuscripts. There is also a second author who is a chief physician of a certain hospital. I don’t know if it is to make a name evaluation or to leave an article titled and write an axis. In short, he saves the wounded with this attitude and thinks carefully. The so-called stubborn anger is probably what it means.

5 months ago

As long as the person concerned is not embarrassed, the embarrassment is the whole world…? The weird science fiction articles are published in journals that look good, as well as citations and document retrieval numbers. This is true, one is really dare to write, the other is really dare to post, as long as the person concerned is not embarrassed, the embarrassment is the whole world. Netizens ridiculed in a crowd, this is an insult to their nine-year compulsory education. In addition, President Guo also has related “writings” such as objects passing through the walls of the bottle and the re-emergence and sprouting of cooked mung beans. Even after the turmoil was overwhelming, Principal Guo still didn’t let go, saying for a while, “I don’t know the principle but the phenomenon”, and then he said that it was because of “reverse time.” Why do such low-level deceptions have to be published in “academic journals” and package themselves as science? What is the motivation behind this? Although Principal Guo’s training organization is called “vocational training”, it is actually engaged in the business of “child prodigy training”. It is aimed at parents’ wallets. On its official website, there are fast readings of atomic energy fluctuations, super-sensing potential and holistic brain. For “brain science” training programs such as left and right brains, Mou Cai’s target is the parents of “chicken babies”. Is the name “Speed ​​Reading of Energy Fluctuations” a bit familiar? More than a year ago, the media exposed the training scam that claimed to read a 100,000-word “Quick Reading of Quantum Wave” within 10 minutes, which caused an uproar. In January last year, the Ministry of Education specifically banned the illegal training under the names of “quantum wave speed reading” and “whole brain training”. Principal Guo’s training class is also doing this kind of “human potential” and “brain science” business. This kind of deception raises the banner of metaphysics and misappropriates a few scientific terms. It is also “quantum fluctuation” and “whole brain development”. After learning this set of skills, your child will “get through the little Zhou Tian” and be able to make heavens and humans. Sensing and foreseeing the future. “Boiled eggs and chickens” and “cooked beans sprouting” are equivalent to “life and death, flesh and bones”. What kind of Peking University or Tsinghua University with this ability, directly pursuing sentient beings, standing Buddha, and wholesale Nobel Prize! Behind this is the old deception in the name of supernatural power. Mind transfer, whole-brain memory, quantum wave learning, etc., come with high-tech auras. To be less, they have been engaged in scams for more than 30 years, harvesting crops of leeks one after another. Only a few years later, they will release a new version, and the focus of bragging will change. Previously, they may emphasize the cure of all diseases, but now they are talking about child prodigy education in response to the fierce competition in education. For example, Yin Damin, one of the witnesses of “Boiled eggs hatching chickens” in President Guo’s paper, is a staff member of a university. According to his online self-report, he is the group of people who debuted in the craze of qigong and human science in 1980. , Docking with Zhang Baosheng and other “Qigong sages”. You think that President Guo is so stupid that she believes in “boiled eggs and incubating chickens”, but she did not expect that she aimed at the blue ocean market of child prodigy training, and there are so many “chicken babies” parents who believe in this kind of scam. And in this gray industrial chain of “special functions” and “whole brain development”, the “Photo Geography” is also one of the links, endorsing and supporting the crooks. The respondent’s survey found that “Photo Geography” can be called a “mass-produced papers” assembly line. The papers published are denser than those of rice. Each issue of the journal has as many as 298 pages, and 15,000 papers can be published a year, and the page fee is as low as 650. Yuan money. This is no longer issuing papers, but printing RMB directly with academic credibility. The journals and pseudo-scientific training courses that dared to publish with the money, the two blessed each other, and they were in a fight. You said that “Quick Reading of Quantum Waves” was not credible, so they published their papers, and if you said that “Blessing of Mind” is pseudoscience, they published “academic titles.” There are papers and the truth, enough to fool many parents for a moment, and they can’t help but pay a huge sum of money to report for classes. From the “Quick Reading of Quantum Waves” that was suspended last year to this time of “Boiled Eggs and Chickens”, why the old tricks can always survive tenaciously and still live well? The problems behind this are very complicated. There are not only the low level of scientific literacy of the whole people, but also the factor of “chicken baby” causing individual parents to lose their minds, as well as illegal agencies that “wholesale hats”, unscrupulous magazines and scammers that pay money. We teamed up to make the game.

5 months ago

I have begun to sympathize with some “unambitious” folks. If they know some ways, they won’t be able to hold their shocking theories all the time but no one will take care of them. People who really believe in their nonsense theories are turned into ridicules, and those who don’t believe in their nonsense theories are all ridiculous theories. As long as you are in the right direction, you can have a bright future. Poverty and wealth are often only one step away, but they are just between thoughts.

5 months ago

If there is only a problem with the content of the paper, it is at most a problem of insufficient personal level, which is not a major issue. But what is the essay writing… this is the big problem of academic misconduct or even academic corruption? So what kind of weird operation is this? In addition, “I have never told a lie when I grow up”, starting from this sentence, “How likely is the probability that a person who is a few dozen years older will never tell a lie in his life” is the subject of a thesis.

5 months ago

There are two sentences in it, which make people feel that this apology is useless and there is no repentance. Rather than saying apologize, it is better to say that I feel abnormally wronged.
One is: the experiment is not rigorous enough, just doing what I did decades ago;
One is: I’m a tens of years old, how can I panic.
In this world and society, that rule stipulates that there is no lie for people who are tens of years old?

5 months ago

A paper written by a friend, if you send it out without reading it, it means that you are also responsible, right? Which is worse, fraud or writing? If the content is reliable, then from the perspective of scientific research history, ghostwriting only involves the issue of naming rights. Lopida bought the intellectual property from Bernoulli. Modern students learning Lopida’s Law may not necessarily need to be corrected and condemned. . And fraud such as cardiac stem cells wastes scientific research resources… This case may have both, but due to the extremely low level of fraud, scientific research resources will not be wasted on the contrary.

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