There is a prerequisite for this measure: if your original author does not settle in my fast hand, then the plagiarism is still in love with it. It cannot be said that this method does not have any benefit of protecting copyright, but this entry point always gives people a weird feeling: you can determine who is the original author, so why wait for others to settle in and then transfer fans? Why can’t we start to clean up the infringing manuscript number and removal number the moment we receive the original author’s complaint? In the past, when inviting big Vs to settle in, you had to give out a BD to talk about it. Now you don’t have to. I suggest you quickly set up a drafting team to copy other big V’s works, and then send out the invitation: either you settle in, I will transfer some fans to you, In this way, the current situation of plagiarism on this platform is solved; or you do not come, this platform still has your relevant content, and officially signing your platform will not have any content advantages. Understand, this must be Kuaishou BD’s new strategy to expand V KPI. It is said that the text-based big V has no human rights as always, unless you make your own text into a video and enter it in Kuaishou, otherwise the people who wash your manuscript are still helpless. Furthermore, logically, can Kuaishou change the user’s attention at will? Although I also think that the number of manuscripts is Sima, one yard goes to one yard. After reviewing the user agreement of Kuaishou, I did not find that Kuaishou has instructions that can change the user’s attention. In other words, if a washing number is reported for plagiarism, Kuaishou can freeze the title if it is determined to be true. This is written in the Kuaishou User Service Agreement (Article 8 and Point 3), and the user also clicked to agree when registering the Kuaishou account. However, transferring fans and changing the user’s attention object is not in the agreement, and this is actually not the same thing: I followed a plagiarizer, and the Kuaishou platform blocked the number of the plagiarism. This is between the plagiarism and Kuaishou. Thing; I followed a copyist, and Kuaishou transferred me to a fan of the new original author. This has actually become a matter between me and Kuaishou. When it is small, this is without my permission; when it is large, the watch list does not belong to the user. It’s really protecting originality, you just need to concentrate on processing the manuscript number, why do you want to involve users? After all, it is to protect originality, but it is also traffic segregation. Text and image recognition are already very mature. Protecting originality has long been a question of “can’t it” in China, but a question of “willing it or not”. If protecting originality only returns the fairness of a creator, then the platform will not do it, because the traffic brought by plagiarism is also traffic; but if protecting originality can help form a traffic barrier, it can force creators to have their own The platform produces content, and the platform naturally does it. This is also an important reason why various platforms suddenly began to “protect originality” overnight: On the one hand, RCEP and the China-Europe Investment Agreement have clear requirements for the protection of intellectual property rights. This is what the Chinese government has made to other countries and international organizations. Official commitment. Therefore, in recent years, the efficiency of litigation and confirmation of intellectual property rights has been greatly improved, and many of the results of judicial reform are naturally applicable to original content such as text and video. Now that the legal gray area is shrinking, it is better to protect the originality earlier than to wait for an iron fist. On the other hand, traffic segregation is obvious. Chinese Internet traffic, especially social and content traffic, is basically in the hands of Tencent Baidu Toutiao Ali. With the formation of traffic segregation, the cost of purchasing traffic across Shantou is getting higher and higher. Some simply won’t let you buy my traffic, such as Tencent’s Toutiao. The way to attract traffic at a lower cost is content. Because whether it is text or video, it can always arouse attention and discussion, and drive external related traffic to enter the market. “Protecting originality” means not only respecting the law at this time, but also protecting one’s own traffic barriers. It is a new platform competition strategy to make the content of the other party as illegal as possible, limit the content related heat in the other party’s community, and direct traffic to one’s own hands. So it was so “protected”-coercive protection. After all, if you don’t want to settle in Kuaishou and don’t want Kuaishou fans, if no one completely removes your video and just “purely” washes the manuscript, then your losses and plagiarism will continue. So in the end, there was a round of copyright issues, and the meat in the pot was still in the pot. After slapped ten slaps, he gave a jujube, and he had to come forward and grab it.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Moving content has become a norm. Even small authors like me have many people moving my videos to different platforms, let alone larger accounts. In fact, the purpose is very simple, just want to get traffic dividends, what if you make it? A few hundred a month is enough to smoke. So the conspiracy theories below this question look very embarrassing, and they force conspiracy theories without knowing much about the content ecology. For authors, full-platform content operation has become a trend, and one author’s content distribution on multiple platforms can maximize the benefits. As a big IP, one more platform with hundreds of thousands of hundreds of thousands of fans, the business order can quote more than 10,000 yuan, do you think the author will feel uncomfortable? It’s the first time I have heard that I feel uncomfortable after making more money. I don’t make a platform because I am too lazy to operate or are not familiar with this platform. Some people get popular by carrying my content, and I must be very upset, because the money should have belonged to me. I told the platform that the platform deleted this number, so I still have to start from level zero? Of course I want the fans to give it to me. I was originally a fan. What’s the matter, you occupied my house and used it to open a hotel to make money. I have to thank you? This is a purely economic problem, and those who engage in conspiracy theories are a little embarrassed. It must be a good thing. Most of the authors are normal people who love to make money. Fans who come in vain should not be fools.

5 months ago

How should I put it, things are good, but there is always the feeling of a robber. As an original author, the most distressing thing is the silent misappropriation of his creation. Not only did he not earn a penny or reputation, he might even be profited by the misappropriator with his creation. This time, Kuaishou directly attacked. As long as the original author is stationed on the platform, the fans who moved the account will be directly transferred to the original author’s account after the appeal of the removal is successful. On the creator’s side, I am very supportive of Kuaishou. Where is the robber? Is it only possible for the original author to enter the platform to deal with this matter? For example, the moving video was made by the employees underneath. The purpose is to let you come to my platform. If you don’t come to my side, I will carry it, and the traffic will still be there. Are you angry? The right to speak for the original author is really too little.

5 months ago

I tried my best to suppress my emotions, using the most plain brushwork to stand in the four positions of the original creator, the user, the video platform and the plagiarism, and talk about my personal opinions. The reason why I have to suppress my emotions is nothing else…because I am so happy, Nima. I can barely count as an original author in the urban-rural fringe area outside the 18th line. I dare not make a difference with the predecessors in the field of deep cultivating content. I wrote about it for a year and a month. It’s not a long time, and it’s hard to talk about deep cultivation, but I’m still careful when I ask myself. But what kind of year is this…Wow…I’m covering my butt code every day, and whenever there is a gap between my fingers, I have to be exploded by the copycat without the effort of a stick of incense. ! Is this done? Of course not. They will take the plagiarized gadgets, please go home, and properly place them in a high-end bone china plate made in Narumi, Japan, with a Versace table knife in one hand and a Royal Dalton fork in the other, beautifully packaged, and then opened. The camera is facing the big face of Marshal Canopy without makeup…Go to the video platform and put the object in front of the people, one bite, one bite, another bite, and finish it elegantly…the masses don’t know. They stole it from me. They thought it was plagiarizing the dog’s ancestral Buddha jumping over the wall cooking method, so I admired it if I didn’t know it: Wow! This old iron looks so handsome! Pay attention, Sanlian, the big rocket brushed up… Is it all done here? Sorry it’s too early. As I wrote before, I’ve never been the one who jealous when he sees people breaking, it’s too unscrewable. Even if he slapped me, I am not very angry. After all, I am a superficial and superficial person. He did not rob him directly from my pocket. Most of the time I pretended not to see. but! Readers don’t care about the timeline. The preconceived readers will first see his plagiarized products from other platforms, and then if they see my original work in Zhihu, don’t people remember who will be the first and who will be the release time? Many people just gave me one sentence: You copied XX! I have watched the original video! Spicy chicken! Thief! dog! Drink tui! Am I wronged by Nima? ? ? What’s more, the plagiarism himself has been praised countlessly on other platforms, but… he actually came here to leave a message to me! It is said that my work has been rejuvenated by him, and the fragrance inside the wall is blooming outside the wall~! I’d rather be a matchmaker with a professional level, and be bold enough to chase the bandits. The chaos of the three views is similar to the mentally retarded, and the face porcelain is really comparable to a city wall… I go to the platform to complain, let’s not name who it is. I deliberately help Kuaishou to speak… and the platform is like a parent who protects the calf. That’s great. In the domestic rhythm of protecting originality from day to day, these platforms can really watch the nose and the heart for traffic, and compete with the dead body Bodhisattva on the spot. Now, Kuaishou not only responds, but also protects the original author. Can I be unhappy? Can all the big players who rely on their own brain code words, compose music, push plots, and make videos be unhappy? It’s just that people have restraints and don’t like to say things. I can’t hold half of a hot fart in my stomach, so I bluntly raised my arms and shouted that I am very open! This is the light of the right way. Okay, let’s talk about the user level. Anyone has a lifetime of cultivation and has several levels of realm. From seeing the mountains, seeing the mountains and seeing the water, starting with seeing the mountains or seeing the mountains and seeing the water or ending with the water. This life will be perfect. If in the first stage, the mountain you see is a rockery piled up from the stone yard, and the water you see is a depression created by the water he stole from a neighbor’s pipe. This is scary. The raw materials are all fake, so what kind of authentic content can you expect to pile up? Therefore, if all platforms guide readers to pay attention to the main subject, it can be regarded as an authentic way. Some people say that I don’t like to watch the master, such as Lao Er Hushan, you, I don’t like to watch a bitter face! I prefer to see the big-faced plates of Zhang Guo, a copyist, from the first day to the 15th day of the fifteenth day of the plagiarism. It’s okay, if you take it off, I will continue to pay attention to him. The platform can lead you to the righteousness, but the platform does not have the power to legislate, direct everyone to the original creator, and go out with the hand to plagiarize Who is it? cant. He is still alive and kicking, whoever loves to play with him can continue. But I think that if a person can get rid of all the plagiarism by his personal charm, it is really worthwhile to be a video producer. You should go straight to Tianzhu and establish a religion as a leader. From the online misfortune to the offline, it can be regarded as a positive result. The power to focus on lies with the user. Or in the future, the platform will compromise, instead of directing users, just mark “this piece of suspected plagiarism” under the plagiarism video, and then give a link to the original creator. This is the same as Song Chao tattooing a prisoner’s face. If he dares to slap him, he has to put the risk of being labelled, so that users can see at a glance who is a bad person. The user’s eyes are sharp and he sees his own cares. I really don’t believe that public opinion that tends to plagiarize in society can become a common practice. Let’s talk about the platform. As for the Kuaishou platform, I saw a reply saying that it might be that they hired someone to get the content over. I laughed and sucked at that time… Kuaishou is a listed company, comrades, it has only been a few months since it went public during the New Year. Isn’t this fake? You must know that there is no impermeable wall in this world. If he operates in this way, once the wind is leaked, the iron fist of socialism and the iron fist of the capital market will attack the black hand in minutes! No listed company is so stupid to play this way! Such a stupid company can’t make it to the market after struggling for many years! This is one of them. Second, the plagiarist himself showed his face. But any individual who gambled on his life in this way must be for himself. Thinking in another way, you are a contract worker of any company, and your boss asks you to do such an illegal and embarrassing thing, and you have to give up this old face. What is it for someone to ask! If someone really did it, it would be equivalent to the company’s anti-water work to sacrifice the employee who plagiarized the expert position. In the next step, the employee has to sue the company for backhanding! Can you not tell if your reputation and career prospects are all ruined? Therefore, as long as you do not see plagiarists suing as employees in the future, this conspiracy theory will be self-defeating. The premise of conspiracy theory is logical rationality, and conspiracy theories that come from the beginning are called vulgar novels. Therefore, this time Kuaishou is a means of thunderbolt against plagiarism, and the bodhisattva has a heart to the original creator. In this binary opposition, as long as the comrades who are not too crooked in the three views know who they should stand for. In addition, it can be regarded as a model for other platforms, each platform has the figure of old gangsters, how they will do in the future, the model room has been decorated, let’s figure it out. Finally, talk about the interests of the plagiarist. In fact, it is redundant. If plagiarism is still about benefits, rape can also be charged at the price of paying a lot of money. This is not normal logic. I don’t have many thoughts on Zhihu, because my mouth is too broken, and the volume of an idea can’t carry the creepy thoughts that stray from my head. But I just looked at it and found that among the few thoughts I have posted, the proportion of gangsters is quite high, and there are many comrades who agree with it. Explain that everyone’s attitude towards these men is basically the same, and my dragon looks great, so it won’t be wordy. I hope all the original creators will not be slashed in the future, and all the plagiarists will recognize your fate of moving bricks as soon as possible. Don’t put a new mobile phone in your waist. The culture of endless installation will compare you.

5 months ago

Personal opinions, inquiring into and commenting on any matter, and starting to write without investigating and understanding, can easily lead to biased expressions. As for Yu Kuaishou’s transfer of fans of the plagiarism to the original author, many netizens have been discussing whether this move respects the wishes of fans, and some have questioned conspiracy theories. The author happens to have an understanding of Internet governance and legal compliance, so I might as well write about it and discuss it with netizens who are concerned about this incident. Judging from the nature of the incident, Kuaishou’s starting point is actually to combat piracy. We know that short video platforms such as Kuaishou are hardest hit in terms of copyright infringement. In the fight against piracy, rights holders and platforms are often in trouble: the cost of rights protection remains high, and the benefits are weak. What is it? Even though the right holders resorted to litigation, the platform made heavy blows to ban them. Plagiarists are often reincarnated and reborn, which is what the lawyers and creators around the author often laugh at themselves: plagiarism is endless and the spring breeze blows. On World Intellectual Property Day in 18th, I once accepted an interview with a reporter from the Intellectual Property News and said this sentence: Plagiarists should not profit for their illegal activities, and the work should be sweating instead of moving. ​To this day, I still hold this view. The purpose of the plagiarism is to make a profit, so we will fundamentally “draw salaries from the bottom”, and if there are no fans, there will be no platform income. Some people questioned whether the fans who were moved follow their wishes. For fans, their intention is not to pay attention to plagiarism (except for lawyers “fans” who pretend to be fans and collect evidence of plagiarism). From the rights holders who benefited from me and the fans who have been following wrongly, I understand that when Kuaishou removes the wrongly following fans and transfers them to the infringed, they will actually notify all parties – in other words, this is not mandatory. Fans can agree to the transfer or disagree after receiving the notice. If the fans have no objection, the transfer will be performed by default. If you make a slight analogy, you might as well compare it to a similar WeChat official account fan migration, so I must clear the notification procedure, so I won’t make this misunderstanding. As for the transfer of fans to the real rights holders, for the rights holders, it is actually to respect the originality, and those who work hard to create should be respected, rather than falling into the predicament of rights protection. Therefore, in my own eyes, Kuaishou’s move not only compensates the infringed, but also fundamentally weakens the plagiarism’s transportation power. All parties are very happy. It can be seen as an innovative progress in the self-governance of the Internet platform.

5 months ago

This reminded me of the classic Soviet joke: the people on the stage said, “We will all have a good life”, and the people in the audience asked “Then what shall we do?” In fact, the truth is obvious. If it is plagiarism on the same platform, then you will naturally not say that it is reasonable to fight against plagiarism on the same platform. It’s just “direct the attention of fans to the original author”… If you are a user and you find yourself following someone you haven’t followed for some reason, what would you think? Pay attention to who does not pay attention to who, this should only belong to the user’s right. More importantly, it’s obviously 2021. How many people are left in their minds who carry them on the same platform unscrupulously? The current standard configuration is cross-platform handling. Then the idea is actually very clear: if you come to my platform, then I can prevent others from copying your stuff. If you don’t come, I can’t control other people copying your stuff on my platform. If others plagiarize on my platform but can force you to come to my platform, then my platform is not happy, I must give you fans. I am a non-professional creator. My so-called “creation” on the Internet is essentially a cost-free letter. Therefore, I have repeatedly stated that I don’t care much about what others copy me, just like I don’t care about other people’s copying. The downstream of the river in front of my house is the same as drinking water. I am sure that it is almost impossible for you to make any profit by copying my stuff. Don’t be banned and burn yourself out. But this does not mean that I support you to copy other people’s things, because other people’s creations are costly and more valuable. Plagiarizing the results of other people’s hard work and gaining profit for yourself is obviously an act of theft. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with the protection of copyright. The real error is that the current “copyright protection” has changed. Copyright protection is supposed to protect tens of thousands of content creators, but in actual operation, cultural products are different from material products, and their production scale effect is not obvious, so cultural product creators are often individuals or small-scale Small team. Their power is often very small. Even if they know that they have been infringed, it is difficult for them to use legal weapons to defend their rights, and they can only be infringed. Even due to the concealment of cross-platform transportation, they often don’t even know. I have been infringed. It is difficult for copyright protection to directly protect content creators. This is problem one; there is another problem, which may be even more serious. Large enterprises and platforms turn the four words “copyright protection” into a card and use “copyright protection”. “This concept is to engage in competition, to engage in internal scrolling, to coerce content creators to tie themselves, and then the snowball gets bigger and bigger. The ultimate goal is also very clear, which is to form a monopoly. The most typical of these is a must! Win! In order not to digress, I won’t talk about it here. In fact, when it comes to fundamentals, is it not the most basic responsibility of a platform to unconditionally crack down on any form of plagiarism? A platform itself benefits from the prosperous creation of content creators (from the perspective of recent years, it can even be said to be an excess profit). Isn’t safeguarding the copyright of content creators a basic social obligation to benefit others and oneself? Since when, protection of copyright has become an optional topic, and protecting “creators on your own platform from being plagiarized by people on your own platform” is regarded as “extremely valuable”? Maybe it’s because there are too many honest people like us, too honest. Our copyright protection work still has a long way to go. Copyright protection must be done, but it cannot be made into the so-called “copyright protection” that only protects the big trusts in the West and does not protect the real creators. This is a technical problem, I don’t understand, I can only ask for a lawyer.

5 months ago

I can only say that Kuaishou is very smart. Fighting against plagiarism is a difficult task for the platform, and it has little return. After all, the traffic brought by plagiarism is also traffic. If plagiarism is directly blocked, the direct result will be a decrease in the total amount of attention and attention. As a result, with such an operation of Kuaishou, not only will the amount of attention not decrease, but it may increase (if the plagiarism plagiarizes multiple different original authors, and the platform makes its fans pay attention to each original author). The platform side earned it, the original author also earned it, and it also cracked down on plagiarism. But what about the user? “Moving fans” from another perspective is “modifying the user’s watch list”. I don’t know how others feel. Anyway, I don’t want my watch list to be arbitrarily changed by the platform.

5 months ago

I support it because I don’t copy. When quoting, it is necessary to indicate the source, which is a moral issue. There are countless citations on Weibo, Xiaohongshu, Douyin, Tieba, and Hupu. Some indicate the source, some not only do not indicate the source, but also pretend to be original, which is shameful. I have an answer. A small partner in the comment section that analyzes the market performance of Meizu 18 sent me a link, and a buddy who directly copied and pasted my answer was inappropriate, it was really inappropriate. What’s more important is: this buddy is getting more praise from Hupu than I know. All in all, support the practice of Kuaishou, and recommend Zhihu, Weibo, Xiaohongshu, Douyin, Tieba, Hupu, all follow up.

5 months ago

Although the operability of this thing is actually limited, after all, many things are not easy to judge whether pirated or borrowed, or even if it is forced to pay attention, the pirates will follow Tesla’s official shout, and the fans will follow it? Of course, this similar situation is still hoped to be vigorously promoted on platforms including Zhihu. After all, you never know if the things you posted on Zhihu will be taken away directly, without changing the place.

5 months ago

First of all, to combat “piracy”, this is absolutely supported! This is also “intellectual property rights”, but also to create a good creative atmosphere. As for how to fight, this is a new problem. “Pirates” have gained traffic, and some have gained economic benefits or rewards, and they have also gained fans. It may not be possible to fully identify which fans are attracted by which pirated version. Of course, as an absolutely “authoritative” platform on the Internet, it can also dispose of “members” at will within its sphere of influence. For example, banning, banning, and other platform-related operations. Including the “moving fans” mentioned above. “Piracy” is clearly an infringement of intellectual property rights and is an illegal act. Now another question arises. Who will protect the rights and interests of the “members” of each platform? So far I have not heard of who or which member is suing the platform for infringement. According to Baidu Encyclopedia: Chinese Internet users refer to Chinese citizens who use the Internet for at least 1 hour a week on average. As of December 2020, the number of Internet users in my country has reached 989 million, the number of mobile Internet users has reached 986 million, and the Internet penetration rate has reached 70.4%. Among them, more than 50% of Internet users under the age of 40, student Internet users are the largest, accounting for 21.0%. The current platform, as well as the virtual community built by it, has already accounted for the vast majority of the population. The impact on the future is also profound. Most of us have the “identity” of a virtual community and a real online “life” experience. This is also an indispensable part of our lives.

5 months ago

When I write things, people sometimes think that there are too many steps, but they also have little selfishness. I wrote things a little more complicated. Those “collage monsters” and “scissors hands” sitting in the grid might feel a bit unreadable and gave up plagiarizing me. In this way, I have been copied and moved more than 500 times in the past few years. Why do I always show up with a big face in my video? Write a copy and a script, is it bad to collect emoticons and film and television pictures? Yes, but it is easy to be transported. I have seen how to play in the industry in Chengdu. The other party is a plagiarism team with 20 people sitting in the grid, making a direction, relying on washing and editing to absorb traffic. Everyone can quickly edit 10 manuscripts and cut out 2 videos per hour. Can’t leave for 2 months. Most creators do not have the ability to fight back, especially those who are mid-waist. Relying on the report, Zhihu also came forward to get the “Uncle Zhihu” of the year, but it did not make this team bleeding. Relying on the legal team, this is too extravagant. The problem with Zhihu is that many good authors have day-to-day work and no time; the problem with Kuaishou is that many old irons are ordinary people, and even if they have time, they may not be able to defend their rights. For example, young brothers who practice fitness on the construction site, factory assembly workers, farmers who plant the land, and many ordinary people like Kuaishou, are also the label of the Internet industry on the platform. They want to defend their rights, not to mention whether there is anyone to help them, and they may not have the ideals in place. I’ve seen people use this kind of content on other platforms to play “compilation” and second creation-not to mention the division, the plagiarism team familiar with the Kuaishou gameplay also created the personality according to the cat and the tiger, making Lao Tie feel that this is the video itself. After all, if you look at ordinary people, you will recognize the author as a feature of their platform. For many mid-waist original creators, the traffic share given by the platform may cost hundreds of dollars a month, but for mid-waist amateurs, it is also an important monthly income. Maybe the plagiarism in those cubicles is 4000 a month, and the factory sister of Kuaishou is also 4000. I think money and traffic are more important to those real creators. On the short video platform, station b culture naturally keeps some collage monsters out, and the institutionalization of Douyin has its own rights protection capabilities. The operation of Kuaishou is also in line with their development direction. If you want to attract old iron, amateurs, and ordinary people, you have to solve their worries about their inability to defend their rights. The platform has to do this, and the operation needs to be involved. The operation of transferring fans is basically in line with the business strategy of the Kuaishou community. As far as the value of a single fan is concerned, the stickiness of Lao Tie is higher than that of b and shaking, and it is okay to attract original creators who meet their tonality. . On an algorithmic platform like Douyin, it is useful to transfer fans, but if the original author is unfamiliar with the algorithm, it will be of little use. In a community like Kuaishou that treats authors as real people, the migrating effect of plagiarism fans is great; station b is cultural priority, and fans who migrate over may not necessarily buy it. (For example, the lord of the shadow stream, real people actually come here. Generally) At this point, I want to talk about the problem of text authors being plagiarized by videos. Before, I said that the wizard of Finance and Economics moved to know the author, and the Douyin author moved to know the author. This right protection is at the forefront of the industry. Including how to define, obtain evidence, and practice rights protection. Because of the difficulty, a Zhihu feeding a group of plagiarized marketing video accounts is not scaring people, it is quite rampant. I also hope that this problem can be solved in the future. I actually don’t want to make a video with a big face, and I don’t want to read it by myself every time I have a high praise answer.

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