Catching cattle and crossing the bridge should be a means to achieve requirements. It is not like a real requirement in itself. The interviewer needs to dig out what the customer’s core requirement is and then give a good solution. My original answer missed a point that Huawei attaches great importance to: if it is clear that the cow is a customer’s pet and needs to be transported to a designated location far away across the river, and the customer originally hoped that Huawei would send the cow across the river, then Huawei’s marketing staff must We will dig deeply into what work the customer has for others to do after the cattle cross the river, and then give a better solution to make customer satisfaction exceed expectations, so as to start further cooperation. Of course, this is the job of marketing and sales. If it is an interview for R&D positions, you can remind the marketing and sales to ask more questions without going further. : First of all, the market must reconfirm the customer’s needs: clarify the reason why customers want cattle to cross the bridge, whether they want to eat beef or live cattle; if they want to eat beef, can they replace the cattle with beef of no lower quality If the answer is yes, the actual demand of the customer is to eat beef, and crossing the bridge with live cattle is no longer a customer demand that must be fulfilled. Experts are called to re-evaluate the solution. If you want live cattle, can you use cattle of the same quality on the other side of the river to meet customer needs? If the answer is yes, the actual demand of the customer is to live cattle on the other side of the river. Crossing the bridge is no longer a customer requirement that must be fulfilled. Convene experts to re-evaluate the solution. If it is confirmed that none of the above is confirmed, the cow is a customer pet and must be delivered to the customer’s new home on the other side of the river full of tails vigorously; in other words, the expert’s assessment is that the cow crossing the bridge is the best solution. Then the customer demand is refined into: send this 800 kg live cattle to the other side of the river. The difficulty in realizing the demand is: the bridge deck bearing only 700 kilograms. Good, the project leader (product manager) convened internal relevant personnel to start a brainstorming meeting, and the meeting time was strictly controlled within 1 hour. The following solutions were obtained during the meeting: 1. Reduce the pressure of the cattle on the bridge deck. Ways to achieve this include feeding the cows for a day; attaching a hot air balloon to the cows; 2. Strengthening the carrying capacity of the bridge. The evaluation found that the maximum load-bearing capacity of the bridge pier is 1000kg, and the load-bearing bottleneck of the bridge is on the bridge deck. It can be strengthened by laying pallets when the bridge is facing, and the cattle will be restored to the original state after passing; 3….Record the meeting conclusion, send it to R&D, and request R&D to give it Optimizing the plan, risk assessment, and avoiding measures. After a feasible plan is formed, the person in charge of the R&D project convenes a plan review, and optimizes and refines the plan according to the review opinions. If there are fatal problems or too many serious problems, the plan is reversed until the final The plan is confirmed by the market, and the market interface person confirms the feasibility with the customer separately, and the person in charge of the bridge confirms the release. After getting the pass instructions, they will be executed immediately, and the project leader will follow up in real time. The above actions must be formally recorded and filed for future reference. In the event of an accident, the entire organization will assume the responsibility and do its best to recover unnecessary losses. After Niu crossed the bridge, relevant personnel summarized the experience and cases for reference by colleagues. The conclusion of the meeting during the whole process may be very simple, but this meeting is still necessary. The purpose is to introduce the ability of the organization to reduce accidents and reduce risks. At the same time, it can reserve the resources of the entire organization so that various accidents can be dealt with in the process of crossing the river. Respond quickly. Let me talk about the hidden purpose behind this question: if the interviewer directly gives a specific and reliable solution, then this interviewer is more suitable for the basic level of R&D; if the interviewer gives a solution, not to say that he can finally If it is not achieved, you can be the project interface person; if the interviewer gives a full set of solution perspectives, he has either done his homework, or he can indeed lead the team to do the project. Tell me a little bit about the other respondent’s diss Niu Qiao question/interviewer’s opinion: Regarding whether Niu He Qiao is a good question, I think if I really encounter it in the interview, I still have to work hard for win-win cooperation, it is best not to face it. After I sent my email back to the company, I despised the interviewer. I sprayed it to show that I was very good. The professional circle said it was big and big, but when I went to the bottom, it was really small. There are encounters in the mountains and rivers, and there may be future encounters and cooperation. It is not necessary. And I think this question is pretty good in the interview. You think it’s a bit absurd, but in fact, doing engineering is like pulling a big cow across the bridge too much. Assuming that Xiaomao’s company is thriving and has money, he wants to buy a thermostat (equipment for temperature and humidity cycling to verify the reliability of the product), and the busy boss orders: Xiaomao, go buy a large thermostat and come back, I think we are old The third-party laboratory xxxx incubator that spends money to do experiments is good, and the money is enough. Can Xiaomao open Taobao/JD directly and buy a xxxx thermostat? If you buy it back and find that the laboratory door is 10cm smaller than the incubator, is it embarrassing to be unable to get in? I dismantled the door frame and dragged it in. It was found that the power distribution in the laboratory was 10% lower than that of the thermostat. Isn’t it annoying that the power distribution must be modified? When the after-sales service personnel of the thermostat were called to install after the power distribution reformation, the sales and service personnel commissioned the thermostat wiring and said in front of Xiaomao and the boss: Oh, this model is very old. , The volume remains unchanged, the size is 11cm smaller, the power consumption is 30% lower, the price is the same, and the installation, maintenance and use are very good. You see, if you buy the latest one, the door and the electricity are actually… Do you think the boss would really want to expel classmate Xiao Mao at this moment?


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5 months ago

Is it a buffalo? Simple, throw it into the water, and drag the rein in your hand. What? You said it was a scalper? Simple, 200 hydrogen balloons are tied up, and the drag is over. What? Say you can’t use a hydrogen balloon? Simple, cut the scalper and divide it into two. What’s the matter? Do the cows have to live in the past? Simple, what happened after tying up a few 30 kg load DJI? You said you can’t use anything that increases the cost? ? Simple, drag the cow 996 every day, do not feed the grass, and the cow will lose weight to 600 kilograms. Not only does it not increase the cost, but it can also reduce the cost. You look at the interviewer with sincerity and say that I am willing to be this cow. Then the interviewer will make a decision, you, will be on the job tomorrow-welcome everyone to pay attention, in fact, I am a fun writer, just look at the interest and time.

5 months ago

As a person who has worked at Huawei, I have an annual performance A at Huawei. The year-end award You can’t imagine to get the right way to work is: (The original beginning is: As someone who has worked at Huawei, the correct way to do it internally at Huawei is: )1. First contact the cattle manufacturer, owner, buyer, bridge builder, local government, river management unit, and bridge management unit. 2. Next, pull everyone together, welcome join the conference! Convene important meetings to ensure that important leaders of various departments are fully present and can play a role in promoting the resolution of the problem. 3. Express the opinions of all parties and fully discuss the following issues: the importance of cattle crossing the bridge, the importance of the bridge, the consequences of the cattle not being the bridge, the consequences of damage to the bridge, and the cost of building another bridge. 4. Next, the leaders of each department explained that their department’s work has nothing to do with cattle and bridges. Finally reached an agreement to get a solution: let the cattle choose by themselves, and Niu wanted to take all the responsibilities for the bridge cattle, not the issue of various departments. Niu is not a bridge, this problem does not exist.

5 months ago

The answer should be: According to the engineering design manual, the design load generally has a safety margin, so don’t be afraid of the bridge breaking, go directly and challenge the design redundancy. Because this question is easily reminiscent of another question: According to the “Labor Law”, the working hours shall not exceed 44 hours per week. How can I work for 72 hours? The rules and regulations are redundant, and understanding and implementation are flexible. Humans should be brave enough to explore their own potential.

5 months ago

This question seems to be: what will you do if your ability can’t keep up with the demand. It is actually: what should you do if the other party’s ability to accept it does not meet our minimum standards. It seems impossible to transform the bridge, it belongs to the other party. There are only two ways. The first is to lower our own standards. For example, find ways to make the cows hungry and thin. Of course, it will take at least one month. The second is to change a partner, that is, to change a bridge. In reality, the best way is to find a new bridge. Your company is too weak and does not have the basic ability to cooperate with us. Let’s switch to another one. Not to mention 800 kilograms, are there even 800 tons of weight? But in reality, sometimes there is no bridge nearby, which means that there is no suitable partner nearby. What should I do? For Huawei: We have a design plan to produce 5nm technology. What if China can’t find a 5nm lithography machine? There are only a few solutions: 1. Persist in R&D and design schemes, do not give up the strength of R&D, and look forward to the emergence of enterprises with such production capabilities. (Keep raising the cattle, find a bigger bridge, or find a way to build a bridge) 2. Lower your standards, lose yourself weight, go to the low-end market (be hungry to be under 700 kg before crossing the bridge) 3. Because the gap does not count It’s very large, and you can give your partners some help, such as providing a certain amount of funds to strengthen the bridge and improve the other’s carrying capacity. The reality is much more difficult than this, because the mainland does not produce 7nm. Therefore, the original optimal plan is 3, and Huawei can only choose 1. 2 is a dead end, it is impossible to be hungry and thin.

5 months ago

Many people fall into the misunderstanding of bridge collapse or nonsense, which is more layman or the implementation level stays at the technical level. If this question is true, then the interviewer should be PM. If you carefully observe the answer, PM is answering the question. Although the majority of PM brothers have their own methods, the ideas are basically the same. This question is a standard project implementation. It is not a test of your skills. What company lacks a rope for you? This is to test your project implementation standard process, let’s talk about the PM process framework. Of course, I am also a rough frame that has been tailored. There is a lot of water and water leaks. The project leaders give more opinions to let me be able to bear it… The bridge does not collapse, how much money should I pay if the bridge collapses, and the project plan for the bridge collapse. And so on in the risk assessment manual, signed by the relevant parties to confirm the implementation cost. Whether the bridge collapses or not does not matter what you transport the cattle across the bridge. If Party A can bear the cost, it will be transported directly to him. If Party A cannot afford it, the project does not have to be over. Project: Niu Guoqiao Project Authorization: Who requires cattle to cross the bridge? Apply for written authorization (very important, written authorization belongs to the beginning of the project, you will not start the project without authorization, and no one will listen to you without authorization). Define the relevant parties of the project: Party A, Party B, suppliers, road administration, supervision. The project is integrated to formulate the charter, and the document is issued: the risk assessment manual (a comprehensive assessment of the bridge risk, and any risk is not let go). Clarify the scope of the project and send the cattle across the bridge (key points, if there are changes after the scope is determined, the change process must be strictly followed, and the scope of the project should not be expanded after the cattle are transported and the bridge is repaired!!!). Work out the schedule, disassemble the task list, and formulate the bridge schedule plan (the technical aspects such as the brainstorming bridge plan are reflected here, that is, many clever answers to this question are listed here, no matter how nonsense the idea is, it is considered as a technical expert’s suggestion, but Technology is not the whole project). Plan the project cost and formulate the bridge budget (including the maximum risk budget of the bridge collapse cost, this budget can refer to the organization process assets). Estimate activity resources and obtain necessary resources, including human resources (participation of related parties such as road administration and engineering). Establish bridge teams and plan team communication (regular meetings, progress reports, etc.). Plan project procurement and implement controlled procurement (contracts are signed at this step, such as transportation, bridge reinforcement subcontracting, etc.). Project implementation, according to the progress plan (pay attention to the milestones, report the phased results on a rolling basis, the left front leg of the cow went up, half of the cow went up, all went up, and the bridge was completed). Control the quality of the project to ensure that the cattle cross the bridge on time and quality (according to the project standards to accept the project results, live cattle, dead cattle, staying position after crossing the bridge and other standards, kpi performance reflects) Output the project results, the cattle have passed the bridge, and Party A signs for delivery (important, the success of the project depends on whether the results can be output). Kneel down to Party A and ask for money (crossed out). The project is over, stand up and quietly call the beautiful receptionist 🙂 Celebration party. Summarize relevant experience and output the project organization process assets, including all documents of the project management plan (if the project is terminated early in the above process, then summarize the lessons here, why it was not successfully implemented, etc.). The key point of the project is that Niu passed the bridge, whether Party A signs for the delivery documents, not what technology Niu used to cross the bridge, it can even fly over! The key point is whether you finally output the project results. All the milestones, such as reaching the bridge head, crossing the bridge, and crossing the bridge, should be result-oriented, rather than entangled in the technical cost of whether the bridge will collapse. It is the technical experts who consider technology, and the cost is contained in the budget. If the budget is not approved, the project will be terminated. The reason for the termination is insufficient funds (resources). Everything can be established, and even nonsense projects should be standardized and streamlined. At last! Keep in mind that one thing is completed one by one, don’t superfluously ask Party A’s grandfather what to do with the cattle! I beg you! Honestly, transport the cattle over to finish the project! In a low voice: Don’t forget to invite the beautiful front desk lady Oo for the PM celebration party for single men! The dividing line on April 28th;So many praises all night. Let’s start with the technical experts who are clever in this topic. The first is to cross the bridge with a spur or a jio or pull a rope to cross the bridge. Second, launch and cross the bridge. Third, slaughter the cattle and divide the corpses across the bridge. Let me ask these big tech guys who deal with cattle right away. Whose cow is this? Is it provided by Party A, or does it need to be purchased by Party B? Do you dare to move if Party A’s cow is not authorized? Is there any performance standard for the cattle purchased by Party B? Bull or cow, how old is the tooth, what color, and what breed? If there is an authorization process for Party A, why not write it down? Did you think that Grandpa Party A’s verbal imperial decree allowed you to do it? You have worked hard to transport the cattle, there is no authorization letter and no acceptance criteria, and Party A does not admit it. Are you sitting on the ground crying? Cry day to night, night to night, can Dong Zhuo cry to death? This is why the project emphasizes results first instead of demand first, because the results can be accepted, and the performance of what cattle are transported to which location can be evaluated, and Party A’s needs are unlimited. So can I ask one more step for the sake of Party A? You think that one more question is to show your service attitude, but in fact you dug yourself a huge hole, because Party A will not answer questions according to your thoughts at all. Sun: Why do you transport the cattle? We can provide more suitable solutions for your needs. Ye: Well, if you are tired, please change the river to me. Actually, I don’t want to take the risk of transporting the cattle across the bridge. Sun: Kow your head, let’s go back to the topic just now, where do you stop when you cross the bridge? Ye: You can’t do such a small thing if you change the route. I think your company’s strength is worrying, or both of us will consider it again. The sphincter was relaxed on the spot, and I gave myself 108 mouths. Why can’t I control my mouth! This is the meaning of each thing as soon as it is completed. The cattle will be transported according to the standards. The technology and funds of the cattle transportation can be borne by your team. Everyone is happy that this business is profitable. Isn’t it fragrant to invite a beautiful receptionist to have a celebration banquet? So what should a relatively correct requirements analysis look like? Keep in mind the three determinations. First, determine power. We need to do 1234 processing of cattle, and hope you authorize it. Second, determine the scope. Please confirm whether the cattle transported to this location meets the standards. Third, determine the risk. There are the following 1234 risks when transporting cattle across the bridge. We have prepared a plan and hope you approve it. Grandson’s three poses, is it abolished in school?

5 months ago

It’s actually quite interesting to spoof these kinds of problems on the Internet. But I hope everyone can see at least one serious answer besides spoofing. After all, many young people may encounter this kind of junior position problem. I hope that at that time, except for the hahahaha in the front row, there is a corner in your mind that contains at least one answer like mine. This is the answer that can really help you. Let’s talk about the logic of the question first. In the interview, it is wrong to answer such nonsensical open questions around the question itself. Because this kind of question itself is set up to judge whether you are “being a questioner”. Because the interviewer does not want to know how the cow crosses the bridge, but is testing the interviewer’s ability to abstract problems and problem-solving methodology. It looks funny to use cattle and bridges as variables, but it is replaced with giant equipment, such as the fan blade transportation of power generation windmills; replaced with special products, such as vaccine transportation that needs to be stored at minus 80 degrees; replaced with ordinary needs to match special environments, such as how to Transporting materials and people in war-torn areas… is a very serious business issue. In reality, all the problems caused by the mismatch between “business goals” and “basic environment” are all problems of Niu Guoqiao. People and scenarios with such problems are our business opportunities. All the means to solve such problems are the industry solutions we should think about and deliver. The following is the answer from the “solution” perspective: first analyze the needs of the incident, then review the capabilities and resources on hand, and finally develop a solution based on the needs of the user (the payer). 1. Analyze the demand 1. Why does the cow cross the bridge? Is it necessary in the complete business flow? Is this need itchy or painful? 2. Whose problem is that the cow can’t get to the bridge? Who caused the conflict? Is the bridge unable to meet the load-bearing demand, or the cattle have to force the bridge to basically meet the demand. 3. Is the incident reproducible? Is there a need for many cattle to cross this bridge? Do you have to cross many bridges behind the cow, and you will be at risk of getting stuck on the bridge? Does this bull have any risk of being stuck in other business streams? Second, re-distribute resources. We can provide immediate support for the entire business flow where Niu Guoqiao is located, and which ones need to be made up. We will make up resources according to the degree of pain in each link. We can build roads and bridges to meet the needs of cattle traveling on a fixed route. We can make temporary bridge reinforcement middleware to solve all the problems of cattle crossing bridges under non-fixed routes. We can do air transportation to solve the problem of cattle that do not have the basic conditions for crossing the bridge. It can also be used as a cold chain to split cattle across the river. 3. The solution provides corresponding services based on the combination of the first two parts and user intentions and quotations. In this process, it is necessary to accumulate solutions for the cattle crossing bridge business to provide services for similar customers or similar businesses.

5 months ago

For professionals, I think it should be the answer to this question. “I judge for myself that this problem cannot be solved at my level. I will immediately report this problem to my superiors so as to report the risk. Rather than thinking about some crooked ideas and doing it arbitrarily, neither This risk will be hidden and not reported or concealed, and mine will be buried in the company.” Sometimes hr’s brainstorming questions are not for you to give concrete solutions, but to see what you are doing. How to deal with stress. Similar to this kind of question, it is obviously not a consideration of your professional technical ability, so the answer is not to entangle how I transport the overweight cow across the bridge.

5 months ago

The core problem is how to analyze and solve work problems. Find out why you need to cross the bridge and what to do when you cross the bridge. Each goal has a different approach, and each approach has corresponding costs and benefits. For example, if the purpose is to eat beef, the cattle can be slaughtered before crossing the bridge. If you continue to have cattle to cross the bridge, you should consider whether to strengthen the bridge and increase the load-bearing capacity. Each possibility has a corresponding answer. If you are responsible for a project at work, you also need to consider these. The same way of thinking, but the content has changed. Replace the cow with a truck and the bridge with something else, and it’s still the same. So it’s not a brain teaser. This is actually a kind of “black talk” at work. You have the thinking to analyze problems in this way, and you know how to solve them when you see them. The seemingly nonsensical interview questions are just to screen out the right people with the code. There are a lot of cleverness in this question, but Shangzhihu is not just for cleverness, it is always good to expand some knowledge.

5 months ago

Sorry everyone in research, I am the old comprador you hate most. The old comprador tells you how to cross the bridge. Qiaoxi sold scalpers and got 19 thousand dollars. Send cattle to the restaurant and bring the money to Qiaodong. Ten thousand bought buffalo, two thousand went into the pocket. Three thousand buy yellow cloth, four thousand invite the audience. If you ask if the buffalo is not a scalper, you will help you to stop the ball. Don’t you see, Hongmeng is still self-developed, scalpers and buffaloes are one family. See you, by the Yudai River, the yellow-robed buffalo is mooing. By the Dongshan Lake, the national conscience laughs haha.

5 months ago

Using basic physics principles, it really works. The method is as follows: Use sluices to block the water downstream of the river and raise the water level until the bridge deck has just been passed. In this way, the load-bearing capacity of the bridge is more than 700 kg, plus the weight of the water discharged by the bridge as a whole (that is, the buoyancy of the bridge). Assuming that the volume of the bridge exceeds 100L, the mass of water discharged exceeds 100kg, that is, the load-bearing capacity of the bridge increases by 100kg. And the volume of a bridge is definitely much larger than 100L. Therefore, as long as the water does not pass the bridge deck, it will definitely increase the load-bearing capacity by 100 kilograms, so that the cattle can cross the bridge smoothly.

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