[# Tesla NEW DESCRIPTION#: The traffic police judges the father of the female car owner to be fully responsible for the car roof rights protection] On the 28th, Tesla released the communication progress and event description of the “rights protection” Ms. Zhang at the Shanghai Auto Show. The explanation pointed out that on February 21, 2021, Mr. Zhang, the father of Ms. Zhang, the “rights defender” at the Shanghai Auto Show, carried a total of 4 family members and collided with other vehicles while driving along National Highway 341. Later, Tesla 400 customer service called Ms. Zhang. During the communication, Ms. Zhang reported that she was playing with a mobile phone in the passenger seat at the time. It was her father who was driving, and she felt that the speed of the car caused a crash. On the evening of the same day, the traffic police judged that Mr. Zhang was fully responsible for the accident because he did not maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

I am a Tesla owner, so it is of interest. I have only one appeal, whether it is supervised or pressured, can you hurry up and tell the general public the truth of the matter. If you can’t find the problem, tell everyone that you can’t find it. If you can’t find it, please tell everyone what to do. Don’t speak up on your Weibo today. He will make headlines tomorrow. There will be no results. It’s up to us to guess. I have been buying a car for more than 2 years, and I have not been so reassuring before. Recently, I have been involved in a sudden out-of-control crash every day as if Tesla was attacked by hackers during this period of time. We want results. If there is a problem with the car, you can quickly recall or replace it, or get out; if there is a problem with the person, you can’t let it go. If you spread rumors or deliberately deal with it properly, just deal with it properly. It’s so loud now, and in the end, you can’t stop it. That’s nonsense! So now I see whoever doesn’t push the matter to be resolved, whoever hates it.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

The rear-end collision is said to break the sky and the rear car is fully responsible. The problem is that you said that the traffic police believes that the accident is the rear car’s full responsibility and what is the relationship between whether your Tesla can brake the car or not. A bicycle rear-ends the car. We also know that the bicycle is fully responsible. What we need now is not who is responsible for this accident. What we need to know is whether your car can brake or not. Don’t be like this. Tesla is also sending milk tea and telling us that the rear-end collision is the responsibility of the rear car. Don’t do that. We all know that the milk tea is delicious and the car is fully responsible for the rear-end collision. You are telling us whether your car can stop the car!

5 months ago

“Stigmatizing the person who raises the problem is an effective shortcut to solve corporate public relations problems.” After carefully reading the description of Tesla’s new incident, I can only say that Tesla is still the same Tesla, and even mild hooligans. Playing hooligans. This shows that, on the one hand, they continue to shape and strengthen the public’s perception of female car owners as “unreasonable harassment, refusal to communicate, ruined money, and someone behind them.” On the other hand, they only pick things that are good for them. In fact, this is the difficulty in protecting corporate rights. Judges and defense lawyers are both their own people. They pick out evidence that is beneficial to them, and then judge themselves to win. The bigger the company, the more likely it is to play rogues. It’s just a quarrel in the air, you say yours and I say mine, but in fact Tesla has many questions that he dare not face to answer at all, and they have all been hammered. Let’s take a look at the real hammer problem of female car owners. They have defended their rights twice, repeatedly, and have an influence on the public order. This is unwashable, but it is only for rights defending. They didn’t smash the car and didn’t hurt people. In the end they were detained. The price has been wiped out. 2. After the matter was fermented, I didn’t find a reliable third party for judicial identification in the first time (regardless of whether Tesla approved it or not, it doesn’t matter anymore), and then sued Tesla. Instead, I helped my platform with the help of public opinion. Acknowledged, because it has already become a big trouble, it is a reasonable operation to take legal action next, instead of continuing to eat hot spots in hopes of saving money in this lawsuit. This is actually a bit naive. Then look at the several problems that Tesla was hammered in in this incident. Basically, they were confirmed by a large amount of evidence. 1. At the beginning of the accident, I completely refused to communicate and adjust with the female car owner. There were a lot of chat records and interviews, including the bad attitude of the person in charge of the store at the time. 2. He offered to sell the accident car at a high price to other car owners. Not a Tesla manufacturer’s pot, we can consider it to be 4s shop garbage. Looking down 3, after the owner has repeatedly defended his rights, he still does not admit that his car has a problem. The owner has repeatedly slandered the car owner, and the owner clearly asked for the full price. When returning the car, the car owner asked for “huge compensation”. This was said by the vice president of Tesla and broadcast on TV, but there was no evidence at all. 4. It is required that car owners can only go to CQC to make accident appraisal reports, and other third parties are not recognized, but CQC itself cannot be qualified for accident appraisal, which means that Tesla’s official after-sales service deliberately digs holes for customers. 5. Before the incident, I always refused to provide any driving data. After the incident, I only provided some evidence that we thought it was beneficial to us. So far we don’t know the pedal stroke signal and all the data of the brake system, but only announce it. A little bit of data is no longer in line with the normal braking performance of a civilian car. 6. When the whole network condemned Tesla’s brake system problems, they did not respond positively to the root cause of the problem, and did not produce enough evidence to confirm that the car was not faulty. Instead, it was disgusting to buy a set of things for fans of milk tea to play rice circle. people. 7. In all official statements, it is not forgotten to stigmatize car owners. It is not a good person to shape car owners. The above are all kinds of behaviors that I think it is very difficult for Tesla owners to accept rights protection in this issue, and it is ridiculous to pick a few of them and put them on car owners of any brand, regardless of whether there is any Let’s not talk about the problem. I can’t accept the so-called after-sales service one after another with this operation, attitude, and routine. This kind of thing actually happens in the United States. It’s very simple. It’s easy to collide, sue, adjust data, file a lawsuit, and rely on facts. If the lawsuit is lost or won, there is a reliable conclusion, but only in China, the localization of auto companies From now on, I started to not follow the normal process, either refused to give data, or prevarication, or pulled fans to stand in line, let consumers civil war, watch the drama on the side, and bought milk tea to wash themselves, this kind of psychedelic operation is really psychedelic. It is very uncomfortable. I deeply feel that it is not easy to protect rights when buying a car in China. At present, Tesla may not be the brand with the worst vehicle safety, but it must be the most difficult brand to protect rights. Not all consumers can withstand such a round of toss. It is very likely that they will settle down in a certain environmental mediation. In the end, there will be hardships, so will you still buy it?

5 months ago

How to get the edr, you can only get it from the car, no one can not let it touch the car: the source is Uncle Xiaote, a person who knows Tesla vehicles very well, and I often toss myself. I only hope that the owner will get on the car as soon as possible. The seal was torn, and the edr data was pulled out and compared with the data given by Tesla. The data can even be directly dumped online by the car owner, so that so many professionals who are watching the matter can analyze it together. Together they came to a conclusion whether there was any problem with the car and who was deceiving. The person trusted by the car owner is obviously not a professional, otherwise there will be no jokes about the default value and steering wheel angle before. And there are many real professionals who are on the sidelines. Will car owners suffer a loss if they give the data to them? The edr data can only be read and cannot be modified. Why are you still fighting against each other here? Quickly take the numbers and compare them quickly, and all speak with evidence. If the owner of the car has been blocking the number and only uses Weibo as a third-party testing platform, I am sorry, I really can’t see that the owner is solving the problem. So who can contact the owner? Let her lift edr quickly. I actually feel very sorry for the owner of the car. She trusts people she shouldn’t trust. She has so many non-interested professionals who do not take refuge, but she is bound to some non-professionals. Be careful of being used as guns. . In addition, I would like to add another point about the relationship between the car owner and Wei Lai. I see this: It is known: A and B have a conflict. When A is being scolded, there is a news that B was instigated by C, and A and C have a certain competitive relationship. Question: Who might have released this news? 1. A2, B3, C4, D, who has a competitive relationship with AC, I think it is not appropriate to guide this relationship, because it is muddling the water. But according to the current situation, the above-mentioned situations A and B benefit the least, because this kind of pretentious information is very easy to falsify and clarify, in fact, it will not have any impact on C. B was purely used as a gun. In the end, the kind of people who have nothing else to say “special filial sons” really do not help at all in resolving the incident, just like the little flying insects that run out of the sewer every summer, except for people Upset, no effect. But Little Flying Insect himself still feels that it’s very cool to fly.

5 months ago

“Look, Tesla is persuaded.” “No, Tesla is hard again!” More than a week has passed since Tesla was defended at the auto show. During this period of time, countless Tesla incidents have been sent to hot searches. Know the dominance. Even the divorce of celebrities has not been overwritten. At the end of the day, even the uncle of the parking lot security knows that “the brakes are not working…no entry is allowed.” Tesla’s attitude is also repeatedly soft and hard. In the beginning, I never compromised, and later I fully cooperated. Later, after the yin and the yang violated, I ordered milk tea for self-comfort. It broke again today, there is team support behind it! Today’s Tesla is another hard day… even Musk, who is far away on the other side of the ocean, sent Weibo support. “Other companies spend money on advertising and manipulating public opinion, while Tesla focuses on production. I believe people.” I used to think: Tesla’s truly technical work, research and development work, seems to be in the US headquarters. And the US headquarters may not be aware of what happened in China… Now it seems that it is not like this… Suddenly, it suddenly felt that the incident was pushed to another level and height. Maybe Musk is an expert in making products. But at present, he is not an expert in service. (Suddenly remembered the previous evaluation of Volkswagen: Everyone studies Chinese cars, but Volkswagen studies Chinese people. It seems that Musk’s Tesla has not studied Chinese people…) Now I understand a little bit, Wei Lai is stunned. Service, it’s the reason to take a differentiated route from Tesla. Returning to the problem itself, there is one point that makes me feel incomprehensible: Tesla’s official website actually issued a “lawyer warning” because “some netizens provided information”? You can add a sentence: “If it is verified”… The end result of Tesla and the user is still unknown. Maybe Tesla will win in the end. And I also hope that Tesla can win. Use real data! Let the client know what you did, the car’s data looks like this… instead of using public relations (well, they don’t), using Weibo, using “lawyer warnings” without a stone hammer. Maybe Tesla will win in the future. After all, it is a big company, right? Maybe it will win the technology and the farce caused by the brake failure. However, it may really lose a lot…In my opinion, it is undeniable that Tesla is an excellent product whether it is 3 or Y. However, Tesla China is bullying consumers by relying on excellent products. The superior sales and the superiority formed by excellent products are constantly making trouble… and don’t involve the thinking of men in science and engineering, you don’t at all. Understand the thinking of real science and engineering men, just use this guise to keep working…

5 months ago

Recently I was thinking about the final direction of this storm, and chatting with everyone. 1. In the lawsuit dispute between Tesla and Ms. Zhang, Tesla has a high probability of winning. At present, there are basically no third parties with software inspection capabilities. What most inspection agencies can do is scene reproduction. From the perspective of brake hardware, there is no problem. As a result, there is a high probability that there is no problem. There was a Tesla stall in Wenzhou before. After testing by the Wenzhou Automobile Engineering Society, the result was that the brake system of the vehicle was okay. The conclusion was that the owner did not step on the brake but only stepped on the accelerator. The main analysis basis is the EDR “black box”. This data cannot be modified, but it may lie. In a sense, even if Tesla looks at the back-end data, it does not think that its vehicle has problems, but in fact, the product may have a design flaw (based on actual measurement by Wang Yin and others). Judging from the current confidence of Tesla, this probability is getting bigger and bigger. 2. Even if Tesla wins the lawsuit, his face is discredited at the level of credibility. The fermentation of the incident is like ripples. The auto show rights protection is the center circle. Now it is expanding out in a circle. The circle is really broken. Everyone will ask what happened to Tesla and what happened. If you let the people look at this issue very objectively, it is impossible. This is a surge of public opinion. Just like the brake door of the Camry back then, on the street, when you see this car, you can hear the people around you ridicule, it’s just that the goods can’t stop. The ending of Tesla can be used by analogy, but it will take longer for Tesla to recover. 3. What should Tesla do? 1) Face the problem. Don’t always think that someone is harming you behind your back. You are a car manufacturer and users have feedback on problems. At least self-examine and check to see if there are serious design flaws. If it is a software problem, only Tesla can solve it. 2) Improving service awareness is the only way for an American car company to truly learn localization. Let’s talk about Tesla’s direct sales model, high efficiency, price transparency, and no bundling sales. This is a good thing, but Tesla is too pursuing large-scale, and there is really no service at all. At least, you have to treat the car owner as a partner. , And not really the leeks that others ridiculed. 3) It is expected that the sales decline will quickly be reflected in the sales in April and May, after which it is estimated that prices will continue to be reduced, and a good attitude will be corrected. But this is an opportunity, similar to the Samsung battery explosion that year, which is good for other domestic electric vehicles. At least, the alarm bell is sounded, and now it is always said that the user is the center, for?

5 months ago

Yesterday, CCTV Newsweek said that one of the major difficulties in this matter is that there is currently no testing agency in China that can test whether Tesla has failed. Although Tesla knows it clearly, it has always emphasized that the owner does not agree with third-party testing (there is only one in the country). It is really disgusting. The whole article has one meaning. Our Tesla car is okay, and the owner is the car. Noisy. Now things are more than just this one. Tesla is still dealing with problems with such an arrogant and arrogant attitude, which is really enough for cerebral palsy. Now the vegetable sellers on the street all know that Tesla’s brakes are malfunctioning. Tesla does not want to think about how to remedy it, responding to public doubts, and still emphasizes that the car owner has a problem. This is the wording from the beginning. The person who believes is still Xinte. Sla, whoever doesn’t believe still doesn’t believe it, what’s the use? Update: I personally feel that it is best to find a multi-party recognized accident identification agency to monitor and restore the scene to determine whether the brakes have affected the results of the accident in this accident. The so-called third-party vehicle inspection agency cannot take due inspection responsibility for this matter, nor can it respond to the doubts of car owners and the public. However, CCTV news also said that there is no monitoring at the scene, so this matter is likely to become an unsolved case, and it will only make the “Tesla brake failure” stay in everyone’s mind.

5 months ago

Hello everyone, I’m BYD. I think Tesla has a good attitude in dealing with problems, and the methods and methods are also very sincere. Really, I personally feel that Tesla is much more friendly to Chinese customers than to overseas customers. I hope everyone Understand Tesla. If you plan to buy an electric car in the near future, I still recommend that you choose a safe and cost-effective car. Safety is the most important thing. BYD’s after-sales service may not be comparable to Tesla, because our cars rarely have problems. As a result, our after-sales personnel seriously lack service practical experience in handling accidents, which really can’t keep up with Tesla. Now, they are all peers. If you don’t blow up, you can’t black out. Tesla is good at everything. It just can’t stop this subtle defect. We BYD, the brakes are too sensitive. Although the customer’s absolute safety is guaranteed, the car insurance is basically completely lost. , BYD users can only enjoy some car insurance incidental benefits, such as car washing and parking. There are pros and cons. I’m not saying good things for Tesla. Just remember one sentence, “Tesla has only that minor flaw.” I wish you the right car and go home safely. Hey, I’m all colleagues. I’ll talk about it all at once, and then Tesla’s sales manager will invite me to dinner again.

5 months ago

It can be seen that car owners, Teslas, and people who eat melons are all sentimental, and there is no one aspect, do they stand up and analyze the problem rationally? Everyone says that Tesla is concealing it, so don’t conceal it, and hand over the complete data to the public authority of the competent department, and then tag it when it is announced by the media, so that it won’t infringe on the right to privacy. . . . Then the right and wrong is clear at a glance. In this way, car owners are fighting for rights protection, and Tesla is fighting for rights protection, neither of the two sides analyzes the problem from a rational engineering perspective. Now that it is like this, one day it suddenly broke out that the owner of the car is actually Tesla. After all, the Internet has existed in the early days, Feng Jie, Mu Zimei, Gan Lulu, etc., the direction is not important, the most important is to be popular.

5 months ago

The reason why the female car owner refuses to extract edr is easy to understand. Because she also understood in her heart that Tesla’s public data was similar to her own impression, and it was most likely the real data. Once she extracts the edr data, after verification, it proves that the Tesla background data is true and valid. Next, Tesla can get rid of the female car owner, go to a third party for testing, and come up with a conclusion that is beneficial to Tesla. As long as she does not hand over the edr data, then the authenticity of Tesla’s data cannot be stoned, and she still has room for activity. I now seriously doubt whether the female car owner really has not extracted the edr, or after secretly extracting it, and found that the data is indeed the same as Tesla, so she started to talk about it?

5 months ago

This statement seems to me more convinced that there is a problem with the vehicle. It is recommended that the female car owner let the agency check the actual car as soon as possible. If it is dragged down, Tesla may find the bug. The background push is fixed, and the female car owner is dead. According to online information, I tend to think that the car owner is indeed speeding seriously, which is embarrassing to the car owner, but in fact it is not important. Even if the car owner is heinous and has their own laws to clean up, the vast majority of netizens actually do not care about eating melons at most. What everyone cares about is whether there is any problem with the brakes. Tesla’s software logic problems, software bug problems, strong actions can reclaim problems, many professionals have pointed out these. In addition, judging from Tesla’s various attitudes to avoid the heavy and the light, and the various guidance to people and not to the car, I have judged that the Tesla brakes are problematic by the keyboard. The brake performance can be improved through the background, and the rear seat heating can be turned on. With such system permissions, the data is still uploaded abroad. It is no surprise that vehicles are restricted in various sensitive occasions.

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