From a tough attitude to a change of attitude after the roll call, to the provision of data that is considered to be amended, if the rights protection problem can be solved through normal channels, who is willing to defend rights while pregnant?

Tesla frequently bursts out negatives, which arouses public anger. It loses the trust of users. It changes from a tough attitude to a post-calling attitude, and then it is suspected of modifying the data if it can solve the rights protection problem through normal channels. , Who wants to defend their rights while pregnant? As a car owner, if the car encounters a problem, it is frequently dumped. Forced to be helpless, as a last resort, who wants to show up and use illegal means to defend their rights? 1. As the global vice president of Tesla, he is responsible for the government affairs, public relations, market and brand in Greater China. Tao Lin, who was the vice president of Tesla in China, is responsible for maintaining the relationship between users in the Chinese market. . In this incident, it was supposed to come forward to extinguish this wave of fire, but as soon as he came forward, he used the words “uncompromising” to push the original anger to the extreme. As a professional manager, this is a failed public relations crisis for itself. Therefore, she is negligent of her duty. As such an executive, she could have other ways to deal with it, but the direct commander of Tesla is Musk. So, behind this, Tao Lin must carry this pot. 2. From an internal point of view of Tesla, this incident is undoubtedly a huge challenge facing the development of the Chinese market. The challenge is not only in the market and public relations, but even in quality issues. If it is a public relations issue, then Tesla in the Chinese market can continue to expand the public relations team and increase public relations costs. At this point, there are some meanings to follow the customs. When a car is sold, it is necessary to maintain the car as well as the user. Some users are relatively simple. If there is no problem with the car, there will be no problem. Even if there is a problem, there is no time to bother. But for users who dare to protect their rights and interests, they are not easy to mess with. No matter who is right or wrong, car companies must choose a reasonable and appropriate way to maintain it. You know, there is only one car company, but there are thousands of car owners! But if there is a quality problem, it is really troublesome! This is undoubtedly smashed his own sign. Many experts also believe that Tesla’s software may have a bug, and that the appearance of a bug may not even be detected by Tesla itself, let alone fix the bug. Tesla started with intelligence and electrification, and if these two points become Tesla’s problems, the advantages that it once took pride in will become arrogant and will eventually lead to flames. 3. Regarding why Tesla was introduced. There are two theories. One is that as a catfish, it stirs the domestic market; the other is that it stimulates the supply chain and promotes the development of electric vehicle parts. Of course, the first point, undoubtedly, did it. From the previous localization point of view, Xiaopeng P7 and BYD Han are competing products of Model 3. In this auto show, many new energy models, from the price point of view, directly point to Tesla. And the second point is not very agreeable. Because from the perspective of the electric vehicle supply chain, the main difference between most domestic new energy vehicles and traditional vehicles lies in the three powers (that is, batteries, motors, and electronic controls). The three-electric supply chain is already very hot in China, and many domestic new energy car companies use local supply chains. So I have to talk about the third point. As a purely foreign-owned auto company that has attracted investment from the Shanghai Municipal Government, it is 100% foreign. This is unprecedented, overturning the past that foreign investors who want to enter the Chinese market must have a proportional joint venture with local car companies. Of course, as a market for technology, China’s auto market has a price from the 1980s to around 2010. The price is that the money is earned by foreign capital, and foreign capitals only need to give the car models (technology). But this price is worth it. Therefore, there are currently outstanding national automobile companies such as Geely and Great Wall, and they have begun to work hard. Without the introduction of these foreign capitals, a large part of today’s auto market would still be occupied by foreign capital. This background does not seem to be related to Tesla’s story today, but it is somewhat related. It is precisely because our automobile R&D and manufacturing have largely got rid of dependence on the macro level, so letting Tesla come in at 100% is not for technology exchange, but for employment and taxation. At the beginning, Weilai was the last step to build a factory in Shanghai, but Tesla was the first to make it. Tesla and the Shanghai government have also signed a gambling agreement: The Shanghai Super Factory will have to pay 2.23 billion yuan in taxes every year from the end of 2023. If this condition is not met, the corresponding land must be returned. At the same time, Tesla must also invest RMB 14.08 billion in capital expenditures in the Shanghai plant in the next five years. The domestic investment promotion policy is only divided into big and small, there is no difference between China and foreign countries. The annual interest rate of Tesla’s loan in China is 3.9%, which can be said to be a very low corporate loan. With the land and capital, the next step is to build and sell cars. As for the others, they may not be able to take care of them anymore. 4. If it is said that because of the economic development, Tesla is letting Tesla go out of style in the country, maybe Shanghai can have this tolerance, but the whole country, and the citizens, are not so high. Taking European and American media as a comparison, they are mostly judged by double standards, while the domestic media is too gentle. Until recently, the major official media began to criticize, and before the official media, the audience’s sentiment towards Tesla was also picked to a very high point. Although this kind of heat is flow, it is a big problem for Tesla’s future development. If a media or some netizens start to criticize, it is normal. And when most people start to criticize, no matter how strong Tesla is, if it is not done and understood, then the follow-up market will follow. To the public, to the media, and to official organizations, they will not let him have good fruit. In the light of suspension investigation, the most important is the cancellation of qualification; if there is a quality problem, the cost of the recall is also very high. For Tesla, these results may be acceptable in the short term, but the negative impact will be far-reaching in the long term. So in the end, is the public really concerned about Tesla’s brake failure? –attention! But more attention is paid to Tesla’s attitude and approach to the public.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Let’s talk about the current thoughts. More than a week has passed since Tesla was defended at the auto show. During this period of time, countless Tesla incidents have been sent to hot searches. Know the dominance. Even the divorce of celebrities has not been overwritten. At the end of the day, even the uncle of the parking lot security knows that “the brakes are not working…no entry is allowed.” Tesla’s attitude is also repeatedly soft and hard. In the beginning, I never compromised, and later I fully cooperated. Later, after the yin and the yang violated, I ordered milk tea for self-comfort. It broke again today, there is team support behind it! Today’s Tesla is another hard day… even Musk, who is far away on the other side of the ocean, sent Weibo support. “Other companies spend money on advertising and manipulating public opinion, while Tesla focuses on production. I believe the people” suddenly felt that this immediately pushed the incident to another level and height. Maybe Musk is an expert in making products. But at present, he is not an expert in service. (Suddenly remembered the previous evaluation of Volkswagen: Everyone studies Chinese cars, but Volkswagen studies Chinese people. It seems that Musk’s Tesla has not studied Chinese people…) Now I understand a little bit, Wei Lai is stunned. Service, it’s the reason to take a differentiated route from Tesla. Is Tesla’s technology good? Yes, I have praised Tesla’s technological leadership in Zhihu more than once. The excellent three-electric technology, control strategy, and scientific development method have not been fully benchmarked and put in place power-on and power-off control strategies. They are all examples for us to study seriously. Including Tesla’s technical product strategic route, they are all perfect. It is precisely because of this that Tesla has gained countless popularity all over the world. It is precisely this way that Tesla’s technological innovation and advancement are also different from other car companies’ practices. ), this is a typical example of using the user’s trust in the brand to force users to learn and adapt to the operation of their own products. ——Of course, some netizens have analyzed that this is very likely to be the cause of some Tesla vehicles’ sudden stalls. In fact, I really think that Tesla’s operation method is for future autonomous driving services. From the earliest three pedals (clutch, brake, accelerator), to the current two pedals (brake, accelerator), and then to the very popular one pedal (single pedal, only accelerator control), they are gradually doing subtraction. In the foreseeable future, the pedal is completely cancelled and fully controlled by autonomous driving-but the premise is the disappearance of human drivers… Therefore, Tesla’s goal is very clear, everything is for the future, everything is for the liberation of mankind. However, Tesla is obviously That is, the steps have taken a lot…Master said well; therefore, it is normal for users to fail to keep up with Tesla’s thinking. However, even with a single pedal, the driver can actually practice, and there are some advantages in controlling the deceleration of the vehicle well. In order to conceal the current loss of short battery life in the current winter, Tesla forces users to use “standard” energy recovery, which can effectively increase the mileage, and secondly can force the cultivation of users’ driving habits. Therefore, such users may be suffering from labor pains. It must exist, but how to make a smooth transition between the traditional driving experience of the driver and the aggressive development strategy is a very important thing. So, weigh it down. I think the best strategy at present is to give users the right to choose. Because everyone’s driving habits are different, I’ve even seen it. I never step on the brakes, turn on the ACC, and then I’m responsible for stepping on the accelerator and letting the ACC of the vehicle slow down by myself… Standard Tesla strongly recalls the compulsory benchmarking video; the end result of the see-saw between Tesla and the user is still unknown. Maybe Tesla will win in the end. And I also hope that Tesla can win. Not with PR (well, they don’t), but with real data! Let the customer know what operations you have done, the car data is like this… Maybe Tesla will win in the future, after all, it is a big company, right? Maybe it will win the technology and the farce caused by the brake failure. However, you may really lose a lot…

5 months ago

If you go to Tesla’s Weibo, you will find that there are still people calling for severe punishment of car owners who make trouble, because this incident not only has a negative impact on Tesla. And it also makes others become the image of “people are stupid and money is more guinea pig” in people’s eyes. It has to be said that even today when the concept of consumption has been improved, car consumption is still deeply tied to face. Obviously, they did choose the wrong brand. I’m doing a car review. Actually, Tesla’s brake problems are not new to people in the industry. If you search for articles before the trouble, at least you can see that many media have called for caution in buying. It’s just that the current self-media influence is limited. The more you call Tesla, the higher the sales, and the fans ridiculed. But in any case, for many of us in the industry, Tesla has long been an untrustworthy brand. After this incident, Tesla may work on public relations or continue to do its own way. In any case, my advice is: It is best not to touch this brand for three to five years. Reason: This incident basically ruled out accidents caused by damage to brake-related parts. Coupled with Tesla’s firm belief that he was right. My guess is that there is a high probability that it is a software bug, and how this bug was generated may not even be clear to Tesla. This is what really makes people feel scary. Finally, let me say something that I didn’t have: I started as an editor of the automobile website in 2014, and then moved to the media. The understanding of automobile technology exceeds that of ordinary people, and it is not as good as the master of the auto repair shop. Almost every year, brands invite us to visit factories and laboratories. We have witnessed many crazy and cool technologies, but… they only exist in laboratories, not because of lack of mass production capacity, but not because of lack of mass production capacity. To foolproof. For example, cancel the wiper and use ultrasonic to break the rainwater on the car windows. It is not a new thing, but it is not used by car companies. In addition to cost considerations, the more important point is: the more complex the technology, the greater the possibility of problems. This is also the reason why people always think that the old car does not break down, because its old (mature) structure is not bad at all. An iron rod is used to solve the problem on the Fit engine, while the BMW engine uses more than a dozen parts for the same solution. The latter is more advanced and precise, and the more problems that follow…

5 months ago

There used to be a sincere Chinese market in front of me. I didn’t cherish it. If God gave me another chance, I would like to tell her that I would cheat you. If you have to add a time limit to this pitfall, I hope it will be 10,000 years. Tesla returned to the question. This matter has been deeply engraved in public memory. Good things do not go out, bad things spread for thousands of miles. The general public can remember Tesla’s gradual universal problem. If you have to make an analogy with individual things, only Samsung, which was extremely “safe” at the time, and Tencent, which was once keen on “original”, can fight. If you don’t believe me, ask everyone, now let’s talk about Samsung phones. Many people’s first impression is guaranteed: Oh, that brand of mobile phones exploded! Tender. . . Tencent won’t talk about it, knowing it naturally. Once the brand is qualitative in the eyes of the public, it is not easy to reverse it. Especially in China. In this wave, if Musk did not have good public relations, or did not give the public a suitable statement and improvement in braking. That this time is likely to be the biggest crisis that Musk has encountered in China.

5 months ago

In fact, Tesla’s rights protection incident is no longer a pure rights protection incident. Now, do you feel that online news is flying all over the sky, and there is everything? That’s right, since it was revealed that the female donor was not pregnant, the female donor took the Weilai car to defend their rights, the female donor took the media card to enter the auto show to defend their rights, the fans gave milk tea, the fans sent video self-certification and so on. It’s almost a performance of Tesla’s public relations. Recently, I have actually seen a lot of “positive energy” comments under my own answers and the answers of others. People with a discerning eye will know what is going on. The people who read these comments are really embarrassed, no matter how the event ends up, it is just because Tesla’s operations are offensive. Biting people everywhere, dragging both Weilai and Webasto into the water, in exchange for questioning and the two companies’ statement “warning”. To be honest, no matter what the truth is, at least I am not optimistic about Tesla’s series of operations at the moment. The people who eat melons will feel that these are manifestations of guilty conscience. If I have a dispute with others, and I have solid evidence in my hand to prove that I am right, I am too lazy to entangle these things with you, and I will directly show strong evidence. The certificate is enough, and these Sao operations are not required. The current situation is that in the end, regardless of whether Tesla wins or loses, the hearts of the people are definitely lost. It was what I said that day, this water is really muddy; Conan said, there is only one truth, I am going to eat melon quietly

5 months ago

No, Tesla represents high-tech and coolness, rather than public relations and emergency response capabilities. You said that a company that is leading a cool product is going to be cool because it can’t play PR? Not yet. If it is really a product quality problem, it will not. After all, it is an industrial product, even if it is an airplane, who can guarantee that the airplane will not disappear for no reason? However, if there is a problem, you have to hold on to the hidden problem and still not solve the problem, and you have to fight back and win the game by selling miserables, then it really will be abolished. If you have a problem, think of a solution and face the problem. If you have a problem and don’t solve the problem, it’s pretty cool to want to win the game with a few cups of milk tea.

5 months ago

Recently, as a melon-eater, I have paid more attention to Tesla’s problems. First of all, the issue of car safety is really a big problem, because once something goes wrong, it is very easy to happen. But Tesla doesn’t take it seriously. This is what makes the people who eat melons feel disgusted. Secondly, Tesla’s solution to the problem is illogical, and the public’s loss of trust in Tesla is not caused by one accident, but by the superposition of multiple accident responses. The Shanghai Auto Show’s rights protection is only the introduction to the outbreak. For example, throwing the pot to the State Grid and getting slapped in the face, for example, when a staff member reappeared on the spot, he hit him again. It turned out to be a problem with the ABS safety system. Once this impression is labeled, it doesn’t matter whether Tesla has any problems. Recently, many short videos on Douyin have produced content for Tesla. For example, the driver is not willing to pick up Tesla. Pull orders, regardless of whether the matter is true, but such content can bring traffic, and it is also in line with the mainstream voice. And if there is no problem with the car, I think Tesla’s solution should be to announce the facts when the woman started fighting for rights. The biggest turning point of the whole incident was that Tesla still chose hard steel the day before. As a result, because she was named, she immediately apologized, and the woman responded with hard steel to the end. Attitude began to soften. And when the data was disclosed, it gave a very absurd scenario. This is very inconsistent with the traditional Chinese impression. At the same time, the data also reported some problems, such as insufficient braking power. If Tesla does not have a problem, the core method to solve the current crisis of trust is to find a third party trusted by the public, be transparent throughout, and support third-party investigations to solve the problem through third-party conclusions. Rather than engaging in behaviors that Chinese people feel very confusing, Tesla owners are very supportive of us, and even buying afternoon tea for us will only make the people who eat melons think that you are doing nothing, fooling around. First place. To be honest, except that the method of solving the problem at the exhibition at the beginning is in line with the national conditions, other actions are simply very abrupt.

5 months ago

Looking at the ratings of Tesla Model S, doesn’t this mean that Tesla has already lost the trust of consumers. Brake failure On the one hand, car owners are worried. Brake failure is not as simple as mobile phone jams. As long as there is a high probability, there will be a relatively large traffic accident. These car owners will pass this feeling of use to others, and Tesla will be uncomfortable. On the other hand, consumers who are interested in buying Tesla are almost at a medium income level. If they are interested in buying a car, they will definitely read online reviews. When they see news about Tesla’s brake failure on the Internet, their The will is definitely not so strong anymore, and I will definitely consider it again and again. Tesla will be difficult!

5 months ago

It’s really hard to say. Do you know why many domestic parents are willing to buy imported milk powder for their children after repeated quality problems with imported milk powder? It is not that imported milk powder formula is more suitable for Chinese babies, nor is it that imported milk powder must be of good quality, but because domestic media and customs find out that there are problems with imported milk powder from abroad. If you are not a student of Er Lengzi, you must know what I mean.

5 months ago

I remember that from 2005 to 2006, China started to play supercars on a large scale. Then the Porsche 997 was particularly popular at the time. The main reason was that Porsche was relatively cheap in supercars. Of course, most people bought the 4S or less for budget considerations, as well as Kaman and boxster. But before many people played supercars, they probably only drove a car or even a car, because the sudden evolution from low horsepower to high horsepower, the sudden acceleration to less than 5 seconds, it is difficult to adapt, and many accidents have occurred. Coupled with the lack of understanding of performance, as for the rain and snow, there are many accidents caused by rear driving. I said that this is not really washing the ground for Tesla, nor is it that Tesla is okay, and I just sent it to the user. The purpose of technological progress is to be enjoyed by ordinary people. The problem is that the price of Tesla determines that most people may be the first car in their lives, or come from an ordinary family car, and then within 6 seconds, and the electric car is not linearly accelerated. This span is actually very large, and there is also the so-called single-pedal mode. Even if Tesla has no problems with hardware and software, theoretically speaking, it is actually easy to cause accidents. In fact, while emphasizing high performance, new energy vehicles should carry out a certain degree of driving training for owners. But it is more difficult to think about it. The advanced driving courses carried out by supercar brands are basically around 20,000 per day. Even if the low-end point of inclusiveness teaches a little bit of entry, I think it will cost tens of thousands, and it is impossible for the manufacturer to force people to learn. I think it might be better for the government to add a category for new energy vehicles to the driver’s license category from the source. In fact, the biggest difference between C1 and C2 is that the three pedals have become two pedals. From two pedals to one pedal, the essence is different. Of course, disabling single-pedal mode is also an option.

5 months ago

Volkswagen can be divided into three parts 1- Tesla fans who bought the car 2- Potential car owners who did not buy but intended 3-passenger competitors are not included in Volkswagen for discussion. In this part of 1, part of the trust is affected. Look at the media of used car dealers in Kuaishou Douyin. I like watching videos of these businesses. Recently, many car owners have come to sell Teslas (I think we can’t just perform deliberately. (Explanation from the perspective of filming), some car owners in the video said that on the one hand, their confidence in selling the car was shaken, and the key family members were very worried and ordered him to never drive a Tesla. However, a considerable part of the Type 1 population will not lose trust. On the one hand, brake failure is a small probability event, and these car owners may not encounter it for a lifetime. Another important reason is that if they own a Tesla car, they must have a good word for Tesla, otherwise the price of their car will be very much lower if they are sold in the future. Therefore, these car owners have to support Tesla unconditionally before disposing of their Tesla vehicles. They and Tesla are bound by interests. Tesla is declining and their cars are devalued, so they are a community of interests. Potential car owners of Type 2 people who have not yet spent money to buy a car to become a member of Tesla car owners, there is no interest binding with Tesla. There is no interest binding, as long as there are other options, facing the current negative potential of Tesla, most of this group chooses to wait and see, at least they will not give money to get on the car. The passerby of the third group of people, who was not too cold towards Tesla, is now negative. Therefore, Tesla has to win the brake failure race. If it wins, all 123 categories of people will be positively affected. If the stone hammer brake fails, 123 categories of people will continue to be negatively affected.

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