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As for this, I still have a better say. First, I just finished my wedding in January 202. Second, I am a wedding person who has been in business for 8-9 years. The requirement of bridesmaid dress is purely based on yourself. 1. If you want something special for them to wear at the wedding, you can only spend your own money, of course you set a budget yourself. (The bridesmaid dress I prepared for the bridesmaids is a black velvet dress, and it is not the kind bought by ordinary evening dress shops. I paid for them by myself.) The budget depends on your own ability. I have seen many Customers decide the style of clothes to see their budget, you can also decide the budget to see the style like me. 2. You can also choose to rent. Generally, normal bridal shops will be matched with bridesmaid dresses. I don’t know what pricing is in your city. Here in Ningbo, if you order bridal dresses, the rental fee is basically free. If you go separately The basic price for renting a few pieces of bridal shops is between 50-100, which is not expensive. 3. There is another kind that you can go to the second-hand platform to buy it at a low price, but I personally don’t recommend the kind. First, there are almost no good-looking bridesmaid dresses purchased. Second, the bridal shop has a gift. Why do you spend this money to buy it? It. All of the above methods are okay. This will not affect the relationship between you and your friends, nor will it affect the beauty of your wedding, as long as you choose the right one. Think about the time when I was a bridesmaid, the bride must not prepare, because I know that being a bridesmaid is happy, and the bride takes you to heart. And I go to the wedding because they are important, so don’t think too much about it. If the economy is rich, buy it. If the economy is tight, then the bridesmaid of the bridal shop will take it. During the epidemic, save some if you can save it. Weddings cost money. These are not the only places. When you finally calculate the total expenditure, I am afraid it will scare you. Finally, I wish you a happy wedding in advance.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

“Does the bridesmaids pay for their dresses?” Is the next sentence to ask: “Does the bridesmaids pay for their accommodation?” “Do you want to return the small red envelopes the bridesmaids took when they blocked the door?” “The red envelopes of the bridesmaids? Do you want to take it?”… Emma, won’t your conscience hurt? The correct approach should not be: discuss with the bridesmaid(s) the color, material, and size of the bridesmaid’s clothes. You can place an order and send them to try on. Or go to the wedding market with the bridesmaid(s), refer to each other, buy the wedding dress and the bridesmaid’s gown together, and you pay for it. At the end of the wedding, bridesmaid dresses are given to bridesmaids. Although they may not be useful if they are kept, it is useless if you keep them. Don’t accept the bridesmaid’s red envelope. On the contrary, in addition to the “hard work” obtained by the bridesmaid themselves, you should also pack a bridesmaid and groomsman red envelope, which is a hard expense for others. When the bridesmaids get married, pack a big red envelope to attend the wedding. This is the reason for coming and going. They are all married, and it’s time to grow up and be a pre-man.

7 months ago

Coordinates in Guangdong. When I got married, I told the bridesmaids and sisters a color system in advance. They can find them on Taobao. I also sent a link to them for reference, trying to be consistent in style. Then let them take pictures by themselves, because they can be returned and exchanged easily if they are not suitable after they are tried on. After deciding on the clothes, I looked for shoes to match each other. I didn’t participate in this. After their dresses are confirmed, I will give them red envelopes, indicating that this is the cost of their dresses. I don’t need a dress for just one day. I don’t think it’s expensive to buy more than 100 sets on Taobao. They will make arrangements for how to deal with them after the wedding. On the day of the wedding, each of them will be given a red envelope for a small amount, and a souvenir will be prepared separately for them. I think this is a normal thing. The most important thing to be happy everyone

7 months ago

Are you talking about human words? People treat you as a sister, and you still have to compare, like someone who invites others to a picnic but asks them to bring their own fruits, drinks and food. They are all grown-ups, and everyone’s time is precious. If it’s not really good, who wants to be a bridesmaid. Don’t you think people owe you the food at the wedding banquet? It’s hard to say that the wedding banquet is a Michelin three-star chef at the full banquet level of Manchu and Han Chinese! In order to witness her happiness on the day of her good sister’s wedding, the bridesmaids need to take time off (full attendance is gone), take a car far away (transportation), and get up early in the morning (four o’clock) to a place where they are unfamiliar. , I also need to care about your makeup and dress up, I also need to say something to my heart, and go down a set of cumbersome procedures that even the bride finds ugly and long, but the bride will endure this once, anyway, it’s her own At the wedding, the bridesmaids are generating power for love! Your good sister pays attention to all the wedding process like an old mother. When the team arrives, the control of the blocking time, the active atmosphere, prompt the groom appropriately, pay attention to the progress when changing clothes, help the bride pack a set of costumes, notify the master of ceremonies, Pay attention to the red envelopes without a given name, confirm the guest’s name as soon as possible, and hand over the red envelopes and the couple’s belongings properly after the wedding. Not to mention that there are bad habits in some places, making bridesmaids or even wiping oil while they are in a mess. The bridesmaids are not easy to play with. If my good sister attends a wedding as my bridesmaid, I will not only want her red envelope, but also give her one. The subject is still considering letting the bridesmaid pay for the dress? Is this reasonable? This is not a beaver.

7 months ago

No need to. I have planned thousands of weddings and met countless couples, 90% of whom will prepare suits and dresses for bridesmaids and groomsmen. It can be rented or bought. After the wedding, the best man and bridesmaid will be given a 120 red envelope and a carefully prepared souvenir. After all, on the day of the wedding, the best man and bridesmaid are not more relaxed than the new couple. They are both grabbing relatives and welcoming guests. Sometimes they need to sing and dance for a live performance. To be honest, anyone who has been a best man and bridesmaid knows that it is really tiring. Of course, this is all out of heart. If you have other ideas, if you like, it is not impossible.

7 months ago

This matter, everyone thinks differently! When I got married, I was a best man and a bridesmaid! When renting a wedding dress, I asked if there is any special bridesmaid dress rental! People say that there are 3 sets of bride’s clothes (ordinary wedding dress + mopping wedding dress + toast dress) + best man and bridesmaid dresses totaling 800. I directly ordered them together at that time! Moreover, greet the best man and bridesmaids in advance without giving us wedding red envelopes! Also gave them a small red envelope of 200 in advance! To be honest, people who have been married should know that best man and bridesmaids are generally good friends of their own. People who can help are to give their own face, no matter how they say they can’t be too much! Moreover, on the wedding day, the best man and bridesmaid are busier than the bride and groom! Many things must be handled by them! So, if you want the wedding to go on smoothly, you have to know what to do! The above are personal opinions, for reference only!

7 months ago

What’s wrong, do you think the bridesmaids are beautifully dressed and have nothing to do with posing poses at the wedding? Bridesmaids are very busy on the day of the wedding. They have to deal with all kinds of guests, and they have to act on the spot and be flexible. It is a kind of manual work that requires both emotional intelligence and physical strength. Unless the relationship is good enough, most people are unwilling to be bridesmaids. Then just here, you let the other party pay for their own clothes. I think after this operation, the friendship should almost come to an end.

7 months ago

I have been a bridesmaid four times and have invited friends to be a bridesmaid. Among the choices of brides-to-be, we are to pull a group of sisters, and send the intended bridesmaid dress to the group for them to choose. Good sisters also help to find good-looking bridesmaid dresses. Then vote for one (normally the bridesmaid clothes sold on Taobao will have several different styles of the same color). The bride-to-be will ask the bridesmaid for the specific code number and style in private, and then buy directly and send them to different addresses to try on. It is not suitable. Just change the number or style~ Normally, the shoes will not be bought uniformly. Most beautiful women also have their own high heels and single shoes. Just look at the matching. The bridesmaid dresses are directly given to the good sisters, and at the same time, give a red envelope and hand to the bridesmaid. The groomsmen dress process is similar, and it is also given to the groomsman, plus red envelopes and souvenirs. People around you do this. I have never heard of bridesmaids paying for their dresses.

7 months ago

According to tradition, since the bridesmaid is the guest invited by the bride, the bridesmaid’s clothes should be purchased or rented by the bride, and the bridesmaid does not need to prepare them by themselves. It doesn’t matter if the bridesmaid prepares it by herself. Generally speaking, the bride prepares it. If the bridesmaid prepares it by herself, it is usually her own clothes. If you are a bridesmaid, you will not spend money to buy a piece of clothing that you can’t wear later. of. You can rent bridesmaid dresses or buy them online. If you buy them, it is recommended to buy the ones that you can wear in the future, so that the money is not wasted.

7 months ago

I don’t know where you are from, and what’s the customs on your side, but in Qingdao, the bride and groom have to give red envelopes to the best man and bridesmaid. The red envelopes are more casual, but this process is required because of the best man. And the bridesmaids are here to serve you. If the relationship between sisters is good, that person also has Mrs. Li in the house. It’s ok to demolish and rebuild, right, then if you want to buy separately, they don’t need you either. If you are renting a wedding dress here If I rented a dress by the way, that would be reasonable. If your question really comes from your actual situation, and if you find yourself in a dilemma, I feel that the relationship between you and the bridesmaid may not be much better.

7 months ago

I have been a bridesmaid twice. It is said that I can’t get married three times. Hahaha, I have to hurry up. T^T’s first time is a hotel. There are four bridesmaids, uniform champagne color short dresses, and slightly different styles. The choices are all suitable for the bridesmaid’s own characteristics, such as V-neck, straight shoulder, tube top, and no shoulders. This skirt was bought by the bride. At that time, we also said that it would be fine to rent it. She said it was okay, only two or three hundred pieces. There are also bridesmaids souvenirs, a box of beautifully packaged flower teas and dolls~ The second time is at home. I asked the bride in advance what color the bridesmaid would like to wear (the other party’s economic conditions are not very good, and I said it doesn’t matter at home. ), I have a lot of skirts that can match the color the other party wants. She said pink, so I brought my pink dress. Look at the wedding budget of the couple and the distance between them. After all, they are the home court. If they decide, they will accept it openly. If they are not decided, they will ask what style they want, and then they will bring it, and show their respect for each other. However, the operation of paying for the bridesmaid’s clothes is a bit difficult to accept, because wearing high heels to welcome the guests for a few hours, accompany the newcomer to take pictures, serve cigarettes and drink, get up early to make-up, decorate the room, accompany the newcomer to toast, may be It’s not easy to be tricked and spoofed. I don’t want to be a bridesmaid if the relationship is not in place, nor is it the skirt in the picture hahaha.

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