In the upsurge of blind ticket boxes, Tong Cheng Yilong can be said to have seized the opportunity. Taking advantage of this enthusiasm, it launched a new round of “ticket blind box” event. The event started at 10 o’clock on April 22 and will last until April 26. How can other major OTAs be willing to show weakness, before the arrival of the 22nd, have their own blind box products online. On April 19, Ctrip launched the hotel blind boxes priced at 699 yuan and 999 yuan respectively. It also announced that the blind box for air tickets with a price of 99 yuan (excluding airport construction fees) will be launched on the 22nd; on April 20, Fliggy A blind ticket box for 66 yuan was launched. Consumers participating in the event can get a blind ticket box for random destinations across the country for an ultra-low price of 66 yuan after getting help from their friends. On April 21, Qunar launched a ticket blind box for 88 yuan and a blind train ticket box for 66 yuan at the same time… What are the highlights of the travel blind boxes that look similar? What are the logic and purpose of each company’s products? Is the discount so large, is it really purely dependent on subsidies from your own company? In response to these issues that everyone is most concerned about, LvjieMedia interviewed the heads of each department. The person in charge of Tongcheng Travel pointed out that the upgrade of the second-generation blind box is mainly reflected in the following aspects: First, the number of participation in the event and the qualifications have been upgraded. Starting from the second phase of the blind box on April 22, users will have new qualifications for each phase of the blind box event. Even if they have participated in the previous events, they can still participate in the new event. Secondly, on the basis of the WeChat mini program activity, in the second phase of the blind box event, we added the event entrance of the Tongcheng Travel APP to allow users to have one opportunity to open the blind box on the mini program and the APP. Not only that, we have also added more blind box sessions, hoping that users can choose the right time to visit according to their own time, and it will be easier to buy blind box products. Finally, how to always attract young users in the design of blind box products has always been a question that Tongcheng Travel is constantly thinking about. We will also refer to some offline blind box gameplay, such as setting hidden models. “If you want to say the difference between the same journey blind box and other homes, it is that we can directly buy it without the help of friends, and the newly added round-trip ticket, business class, double travel and other hidden games are also very great for young people. Attractiveness.” In contrast, the price of the blind ticket box launched by Fliggy is lower, at only 66 yuan. What’s even more rare is that, in addition to solo participation, the ticket blind box of Fliggy can also be used as a team. Correspondingly, the ticket blind box drawn is also a double ticket for the same route. This is for netizens who yearn for the unknown but are afraid of loneliness. A more balanced choice. “Some of the post-00s and post-90s are actually very random when choosing tourist destinations. They will not have to do a long strategy like before. They want to go to some less popular destinations to avoid the crowds. Based on their needs and curiosity, we launched this blind box product.” Li Chen, vice president of Flying Pig, said, “As for the pricing of this type of product, I think it is only symbolic, because it The value of the ticket is much higher than 66 yuan. And the help of friends is only a symbolic threshold for participation.” The relevant person in charge of Qunar told LvjieMedia, “In fact, we launched the student as early as last week. Blind box, the blind box products launched this time are aimed at a wider range of people. Although the purchase of blind boxes requires the assistance of 3 friends, the more friends assisted, the more routes can be opened, and up to 10 routes can be opened. In addition, in terms of travel time, there are no too many restrictions on the blind ticket box of Qunar. Before May 31, the date is optional and can be redeemed if there is a ticket!” If there is still room for fluctuations in the price of ticket products, preferential efforts Still need to put a question mark. Then, the 66 yuan train ticket blind box can be described as a real subsidy, and the relevant person in charge of Qunar also admitted to the new travel industry: “The biggest purpose of launching this event is to pull new ones.” It can be seen that in order to seize the young people’s market, Where to go can be described as the “blood capital”. In contrast, Ctrip’s hotel blind box products are unique and can help many travel users solve their accommodation needs. However, its price of 699/999 yuan seems to lack “sincerity.” In this regard, Xie Xiaoqing, a senior researcher at the Ctrip Research Institute, said, “Unlike the trendy blind box with’obvious gambling’, the Ctrip Travel Blind Box focuses on inspiring travel inspiration and at the same time has enough quality in the product.” In her view. In the coming days, the blind box products launched by Ctrip are diverse and highly selectable. This blind box includes two types of products: hotel and air tickets; the price is divided into three price levels: classic, petty-bourgeois, and hidden; In terms of travel time, it is divided into two optional time periods: “Happy May Day” and “Staggered Traveling”; although it is a blind box, users still have a certain choice. In addition, high-quality products are also the bottom line that Ctrip has always insisted on. During the preparation period of the event, Ctrip first selected the most popular tourist cities during the long vacation in the past two years to determine the destination range; secondly, according to Ctrip The historical evaluation, scoring, star rating and other dimensions of the hotel have targeted a number of high-quality hotels in the region. After opening the City Blind Box, Ctrip users can continue to purchase other travel products on the relevant May 1st promotion page to customize a more complete quality trip for themselves. OTAs want to take advantage of the enthusiasm of blind boxes. After all, “blind boxes” have become one of the fastest-growing industries and are favored by young people. So, is it possible that blind box products that rely on subsidies will develop in a normal way? Xie Xiaoqing pointed out, “Blind boxes may become a normalized product: on the one hand, the increasing proportion of young users in travel users is a new trend, which requires innovation in the marketing of tourism products. In recent years, With the hot “out of the circle” of blind boxes, various types of blind boxes have seized the market heights, harvesting a large wave of young consumers’ hearts. This also shows that blind box products can capture the consumer interest of young people and satisfy their pursuit of novelty and novelty. Face the unknown psychology. On the other hand, under the well-informed Internet environment, what users lack is not travel information and travel choices, but travel inspiration. As a product with random uncertainty, blind boxes can be used to a certain extent It inspires and influences users’ travel arrangements in order to achieve high-quality travel.” Li Chen said, “Although both blind boxes and Xpress products are used to promote the recovery of the tourism market through marketing methods, as airlines recover from the epidemic After that, there are many new routes ready to resume production, and there must be marketing demands, and there will be more and more marketing. So I think this kind of marketing method is long-term, as for the blind box, free flying form may be ever-changing , But generally speaking, they are all to meet the needs of users.” Not to mention the length of the life cycle of the travel blind box, there is a trend that has become obvious, that is, the popularity of the “ticket blind box” has given the OTA industry a new “traffic competition” “Thinking. In the post-epidemic era, the competitive landscape of the OTA industry is also changing. On the one hand, the mainstream consumer groups in the tourism industry have changed. The post-90s, represented by Generation Z, have become a new force that cannot be ignored in tourism consumption. On the other hand, the popular tourist areas have changed. The sinking market represented by third- and fourth-tier cities has gradually become a “hot spot” in the post-epidemic era. At first glance, the revenue of 66 yuan and 88 yuan brought by blind box products is just a fraction. In fact, the incremental space behind it may become the “key” for OTA players to catch up. After all, in the future OTA battle, it is far from enough to fight for price.


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5 months ago

Let me start with the conclusion: I will definitely go if it is business class or a round-trip ticket. Because I have business class packages from other airlines. I got a ticket to Chongqing. This year, the blind ticket box is really a hot spot, and it has been named. But this is not a bad thing in my opinion? Although there may be some restrictions on time for employees or students and people who are not free in time, they can be refunded if they are not suitable. Moreover, air tickets also filter out the risky areas of the epidemic, and the price is really directly cut by half. I’ve been thinking these days, the same journey can be opened twice + other platforms. Can I travel to several places for less than 500 yuan? For example, I drove from Shijiazhuang to Xi’an on the same journey, then I drove from Xi’an to Changsha when I was in Xi’an, then drove to Chongqing when I was in Changsha, and maybe I drove back to Shijiazhuang when I was in Chongqing. Haha, it’s best to buy a certain one when you don’t want to play at the end. I have another idea. In fact, it is really casual to open this thing. I am really too lonely when I go out. Can I have an exchange group from the same place to the same place when I open the blind box? In this way, everyone can exchange and share experiences, or find friends to play together. There are indeed many uncertainties in this kind of blind box when you travel. Please remember to make a good travel strategy before you travel, especially during the May 1st period. Today I will publish an article on how to make a travel strategy. You can pay attention to me and wait for my update. .

5 months ago

I’m in a hotel in Sanya right now, tremblingly writing this answer! Because my travel comes from the blind box!! I just have a say. Let me start with the conclusion. I think it’s a good thing for us ordinary people to participate. Traveling is a difficult decision for many people. What is the difficulty? In fact, it is not the difficulty where to go, but the difficulty, when to start. The event was shared with me by my friend on the 21st. I wanted to participate at that time, but it seems that several OTAs have not started yet. At the same time, the blind boxes of air tickets of several OTAs are basically random destinations and departure times. . Air tickets cost 66 yuan, 98 yuan, and 99 yuan. To be honest, this little money is basically not enough for a meal during the May Day period. So why not? Finally waited until the morning of the 22nd, the blind box of the same journey started first, and started! After paying 98 yuan, wait! I actually got Sanya! This is the place I always wanted to go, but I didn’t expect it to be taken out for me like this. The flight is still at night, and it can’t be more suitable. I still have 5 days of annual leave without a break. Then when I was about to return, I found that Ctrip could also buy blind boxes, so! I actually got another ticket to go home on May Day. Shanghai flies to Jinan, but in addition to 99 yuan, I need to pay another 50 yuan for infrastructure fuel. Okay, let’s pay him. After this operation, I basically went to Sanya and went home on May Day. The blind ticket box saved me at least 2,000 yuan during my trip. Some people say that there is only an outbound journey and no return journey, which is not a routine! In this regard, I just want to tell these young people, what more bicycles do you need? This province should be spent! If you have this time, take it if you win 51. Don’t you make a lot of money?

5 months ago

I like to travel as long as I say, but I don’t think about blind boxes. Blind boxes are basically one-way. In the final analysis, it is a commercial act in which airlines send unsold positions through blind boxes in order to reduce losses. So here comes the problem. 1’Where can’t the air tickets be sold? This place is not very hot, and there is even no tourist resources. This place has just become a high-risk area of ​​the epidemic, and there may be a risk of quarantine to and from. 2’What else will happen besides these? Airfare discounts when I go, but the return journey is expensive or even impossible to buy. The risk factor is high, and it is not safe for a single person to go and return. The checked baggage allowance is 0, which means you can only go forward with your bag, otherwise you will have to buy 200 yuan for the baggage allowance. You can’t walk with other people at all and you can only go alone, after all, it’s a blind box. . To sum up, I may buy a ticket at will to run around, but I don’t accept that blind boxes bring me too much uncertainty. I think Blind Box is suitable for a group of people who travel all year round or make a living from travel or short video bloggers who make a living from traffic. It is not suitable for students, brick movers, and adults with school-age children at home.

5 months ago

crazy shopping? I don’t think it’s crazy. At least the people around me and people in various communities are not too crazy about the ticket blind box. To put it bluntly, it’s a product of luck. Looking at the current Fliggy, Ctrip, Go Where, the blind box products produced by Tongcheng, without exception, have several common points. First, you can only choose the place of departure, the destination and time are not known, but the price is really fragrant, and the double digits are less than one hundred. Yuan can fly once, but is this a product that young people really need? Although it’s common to say that you can travel on the go, you may be confused if you don’t know when to travel. For example, flight routes like Fliggy, Ctrip, etc. may be tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or a few weeks later. In fact, it is very difficult to plan your journey. You can only follow the route it gives you. Planning and designing routes, to a certain extent, you are led by the nose and many people actually have jobs. Even students at this time period cannot perfectly avoid studying and just leave. So in fact, blind box For most people, it ends up playing a lonely product, and the majority of them choose to give up after opening the box. Of course, if you happen to open your favorite route, the time is just right. , Congratulations, good luck, and the trip to leave is about to begin! But after all, this is a small number of people, just like the blind box of Qunar. You can invite help and open up to 10 routes. In the end, you will be given a ticket deduction coupon. You can choose the right date to fly. I think it is still good. , At least better than other companies. The most disgusting thing is that the time and place of departure of the route are random, and there is only a half-hour hesitation period. I will not name the specific one. This is basically not for normal customers. So in fact, for blind boxes, on the one hand Be rational, and on the other hand, do what you can. Do these two points and start when you think it is appropriate. Otherwise, the decision made by your head will become hot, and the journey will not be too smooth in most cases.

5 months ago

“The world is so big, I want to see.” A walk-and-go trip usually starts with a ticket, and the idea of ​​selling tickets has also increased immediately. The successful listing of Bubble Mart tells the new story of blind boxes and has a market value of hundreds of billions, triggering the wave of “blind boxes for everything”. Bubble Mart’s “bubble” has not dissipated yet, the “bubble” of the blind box ticket has quietly arrived. After sneaker blind boxes, beverage blind boxes, clothing blind boxes, and “Country Love” old iron blind boxes, OTA (online travel platform) also enters the blind box economic circle with “blind box tickets”. During the Tomb-sweeping holiday last month, the blind box ticket made the OTA that was caught in the Black Swan incident once again appearing in the spotlight of public attention, becoming another hot travel service after flying with it. Out of the lap blind box service, various players rush to the blind box track because the blind box has an unshakable position in the minds of consumers. Just as Ma Dong, the producer of the debate variety “Wonderful Flowers”, said, “After all, we are all companies that produce emotional value.” Similar to the logic of Bubble Mart’s blind box play, the blind box ticket brings the unknown, excitement and uncertainty to consumers, and this is enough to impress Gen Z’s adventurous heart. A user who participated in the blind box ticket event during the Qingming holiday said, “Seeing that many people on the Internet have gotten a good place, you can refund the full amount if you are not satisfied. The 98 yuan wool is very worry-free.” From an insider on the same journey. It is understood that the current user group is mainly composed of young people aged 18-30, among which users aged 18-24 account for more than 50%, and there are more female users. In fact, blind boxes are nothing new, and neither are blind box tickets. The new traffic competition is not the only one that stirs up the OTA blind box ticket pool. After tasting the first wave of blind box bonuses, less than a week before the May Day Golden Week, the blind box tickets of major platforms ushered in their return amidst the controversy. On April 20th, Fliggy launched the first wave of blind box ticket activities. Consumers participating in the event can get a blind box of air tickets to random destinations across the country for 66 yuan after the help of three friends. At the same time, get the help of six friends to get a blind box of double ticket. I bought a ticket for 66 yuan, “Cheap is cheaper, I just don’t know when to fly and where to fly”. A random sample of 15 Fliggy platforms’ blind box air tickets was collected and found that the average price of air tickets issued by the blind box was 338 yuan. Rough statistics show that the actual ticket price of blind box tickets is mostly 200-400 yuan, accounting for 27%, and more than 500 yuan accounting for 13%. Among them, the frequency of popular scenic spots in Xi’an, Beihai, and Lijiang is not high. Most of the flight time is within one and a half hours, and most of them are red-eye flights and intra-provincial flights. The platform evened the balance of income and expenditure by controlling the normal distribution of the ticket prices. Tech Planet sorts out OTA collective self-help according to the ticket quotations of the official platform, and the blind box service is normalized? Among all industries, the online travel industry is undoubtedly one of the most severely affected by the black swan incident. According to data from the “China Online Travel Industry Report 2020” released by Fastdata, the number of domestic tourists in 2020 was 2.879 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 52.1%, and domestic tourism revenue was 2.23 trillion yuan, a decrease of 61.1%. Whether it is an airline or an online travel platform, how to escape the epidemic and reduce its own losses is a question everyone is thinking about. At this time last year, the major airlines launched “Fly with Your Heart”, which set off a small travel climax. China Eastern Airlines pioneered the “Flying Weekends” at RMB 3,322. After purchasing this product, users can take China Eastern Airlines flights as many times as they wish on any weekend before December 31, 2020, and fly freely to all domestic destinations except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. According to an insider of an airline in Hangzhou, the average price of a “fly as you wish” type product is about 800 per passenger, and consumers will pay back after flying a few times, but for the airline, it is a loss of money and yelling. From the point of “burning money subsidies”, OTA’s blind box service is similar to the airline’s Xpress flight. In September last year, Fliggy launched the industry’s first “10 billion subsidy” project, aiming to obtain more traffic pools. The other side of the coin is the rebound after demand has been suppressed. With the effective control of the epidemic, the OTA platform ushered in a period of recovery. According to Ctrip’s forecast, the number of domestic tourists during the May 1st holiday this year is expected to reach a new high in the near future, which is more than twice that of Qingming, which means there will be more than 200 million people. Some people in the industry said that as the holidays approach, the prices of the wine travel business will increase across the board, and the products covered by the blind box are mostly low-priced inventory. Compared with whether it can bring profit, the platform is more important to leveraging the increase of new users. The relevant person in charge of the same journey stated that, except for the 98 yuan paid by the user, the remaining face price of the blind box ticket is subsidized by the platform. Although the single ticket seems to be only a few hundred yuan, there are many participants during the Qingming holiday. In this case, the platform actually subsidizes a lot of expenses. It can be seen that “high-frequency services rely on subsidies, and low-frequency services rely on advertising.” The words of Zhang Chuan, president of Meituan to the store business group, are still applicable on the OTA platform. Whether it is flying as you wish or blind box ticket, this kind of out-of-circle marketing activity has enabled the OTA platform to win the entry ticket to the young people’s market and open up new marketing methods for the platform. However, problems such as tail warehouse tickets and red-eye flights still cause complaints. Many people think that the blind box ticket “gimmick is greater than reality, and publicity is greater than practical.” The China Consumers Association also reminded consumers that blind box tickets should be treated sensibly. In the future, whether blind box services will become normal, and how OTA platforms can find new growth points in the post-epidemic era remain to be tested by the market.

5 months ago

This blind ticket box immediately moved my heart. An ultra-low price of 66 yuan for a one-way ticket. The departure time is random and the destination is random. For people like me who have difficulty in choosing, gamble on luck and draw a lottery, which is excellent. But I certainly won’t just walk away. Time? Finished the graduation thesis? Where’s the money? The journey will be very difficult without money, especially in a street far away from home without any relatives. What should I do if I encounter something? Travel planning, pre-play attractions, accommodation, tickets, etc., all need to be prepared in advance.

5 months ago

I’ll take a trip that says I’m leaving but it’s a decision based on my free will. I don’t like others to make decisions for me. I will be responsible for myself. I will brag about my wise and decisiveness and admit my ignorance. This is my own judgement!!! Got nothing to say!! —— I totally appreciate Dreamer, but I am optimistic about the blind box. Positioning is very clear is to give me this kind of leisure. People with money mainly prepared that there is no money and there is nothing wrong with the gameplay itself. If it weren’t for the epidemic, college students would go out to play, take leave of absence for three days and absent from school for two days, for two consecutive weekends, go wherever they want in nine days, and go back with the counselor. It’s not a good thing for those people who have never been in a plane to experience the joy of low-cost plane travel. I think it’s good but it’s not crazy. As for, think about how long the blind box lasts. Compared with the mainstream travel model, it is younger, more immature, and more niche. If you think about it, the number of groups among young people, street parties, house parties, Sports parties, learning parties, etc., go and walk alone. Do you think most young people are like this. Instead of walking alone, it is better to play at home and go for a run. Haidilao has a doll that is blind to air tickets. Box, what ordinary people need to do is to wait for the model to be more perfect, the system to be more user-friendly, and the gameplay to be developed. We don’t rely on this path to make a fortune, don’t worry about it, live steadfastly, study and work safely, and vacation. Go out with family and friends happily, I think this is more important

5 months ago

I will do this, as early as 2010 I have been like this. On weekends, I will arrive at Beijing South Railway Station early in the morning when I have free time. Within 4 hours, I have a ticket back and forth and have not visited a city that has not been played deeply. Buy that one at the earliest departure, and then go for a stroll with a small bag. Then, in the words of the literary youth, it is called to perceive the soul of an unfamiliar city deeply, and then perfect his soul and make him no longer alone. In the words of a young foodie, what is there to eat in this city? Come for four meals, and another one will pack. In the words of normal young people, the essence of most cities in China is in the old city. You can walk in one day and visit 2 famous attractions on the other day. This kind of travel is very comfortable, but it is expensive and difficult to make appointments with girls.

5 months ago

When you are obsessed with a thing, a similar blind box phenomenon occurs, that is, you don’t know whether the thing is worth buying, but you expect to bring a good feeling, you will blindly buy it. Many people bought tapes back then, probably like buying blind boxes now. You don’t know whether the new album meets your own taste, and there is no other channel to get enough information about the album, so you can only buy it first. If it sounds good, listen all the time, if it doesn’t sound good to your own taste, you will listen to it 1-2 times and then seal it up.

5 months ago

I work hard to make money, not to carry a few LVs on my shoulders, to wear a few Audemars Piguet on my hands, all logos on my body, and five-star lives. These are not what I care about, I just do it for the maximum freedom Decisions, such as a trip to leave, a house that you buy and love, and a love you meet when you meet. This is the freedom and willfulness that young people want. The blind box of air tickets has been snapped up frantically, reflecting the self-awakening of young people and their yearning for a better life. We are busy all day long, we accumulate blessings, and we also yearn for faraway places. Maybe we don’t have the capital to squander a lot, maybe we have grown up to be ordinary, maybe we are just a small transparent in the crowd, maybe we will never become the spotlight. This generation of young people listened to music for one night, sad to carry it by themselves, tossed around in the night, watching the galaxy hot, the next day is a new wandering, repeating, daily cycle, no one asks you if you are cold and hopeless. Always understatement in front of people, when it comes to being single, I just have a stubborn face, as if I have never met love before, and I don’t mind being an abandoned house in Heisei, but no one has ever loved an unforgettable person, it’s just that the time is unfortunate. , It would be sad to talk about it again. Twenty years have been dull, unable to become the sun of all living beings, and unable to become the moon of one’s own, living stubbornly, perplexed at nothing, unable to surprise the years, and unable to rewrite the rest of my life. But for us like this, we still want to break through the cage and look far away. It doesn’t matter where the destination is. That is the only remaining light and yearning for a better life of our generation of young people. Your mother, just go, Coke and Coke. We work hard to make money, isn’t it just to be able to do what we want? Perhaps it was a time to see the lake, the breeze was blowing slightly cool, and the setting sun was like duck egg yolk, the string that was originally tight in the heart was also loosened, liberating the heart that was strangled out of the pleats. Perhaps it is to go to a remote mountain, watch the trees block the sky, watch the dew wet the yellow flowers, listen to the birds sing, and the air is filled with the fragrance of earth and wood. Maybe it’s going to the grassland to ride a wild horse, watching the clouds hang like cotton candy in the sky, watching the cows and sheep graze leisurely, watching the flowers budding, watching the rain kiss the moss green, watching the girl show her white ankles and step on it The sturdy weeds cannot even take away the gentleness of the floral skirt. The young people of this generation have the moon of their hometown in their hearts, and they also paint the blue sky in the distance. We live hard, peeking out curious eyes in the cramped copper and iron walls, and we are not eager for a moment to grasp the small fortunes of ordinary life. We want to live toward the sun. A depressing life will generate wind when you run. Just leave, you are born free.

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