Yesterday, when I squatted on the ground crying, my boyfriend jumped from me with a goat. I was very sad. What kind of mentality does he have, should he break up?

First of all, thank you for your concern. I am still together with him. It has been almost four years and the relationship is very good. I originally thought that if we were lucky someday, both of us could get the certificate, and then come here to ask questions and make a wish. But I didn’t think there were too many interesting answers, and I posted two hot searches on Weibo in two years. Today, I saw something really ugly, so I tried to distinguish two sentences with my vanity. He really doesn’t say some nice sentences to comfort people. He was very distressed back then, and now he thinks about it and sometimes he hates the roots of his teeth. But thinking of someone a lot of age willing to play with me like a primary school student, I couldn’t bear to part with him. Finally, I wish you all happiness.

I don’t think it is necessary. The second most difficult problem in the world is girlfriend crying. The first problem is that the girlfriend is crying on the ground. You said that if you just want to bring rain and tears to your face, you can give a shoulder to being a man. It is not a sin to say that you cry, cry, at least there is a shoulder to comfort you. But squatting down to cry is troublesome. I can’t even give it to my fucking shoulder. When you squat there, you are a world of your own, whether you are hysterical or silent, you are a golden bodhisattva, landed in a minefield, and with the will of a submachine gun, every tear takes away an enemy. Tu Tu Tu, Tu Tu Tu. It’s prohibitive. When you are a boyfriend, one step forward will be overwhelming, and the next step will be elusive. At this time, you must not persuade you, baby, you want to start, be happy, there are any obstacles that can’t be passed, then you look up With tears in the corners of his eyes and hatred in his eyes, the boyfriend took a breath. Can’t afford to provoke, can’t afford to provoke. You see, the key to the problem is that many times verbal comfort is not useful, and human sorrows and joys are not connected. Most of the time, the most useful thing is to shut up. I sit there as a wooden stake and a statue of Buddha. When one side is against people’s walls. Boyfriends can’t say a word, don’t say a word, you will lose if you talk too much. I thought the best solution would be to wait for you to cry and become exhausted. He smiled and his eyes glowed. “Would you like me to give you food?” Warm and erotic, with a touch of comfort and teasing, leading this situation into a two-person, interactive situation. But your boyfriend is different. Let me say that he is the light of a boy, a little genius who has not been born for thousands of years, a good hand in love, and a master in Contra. It’s a coincidence that I was thinking about this problem some time ago. Although I don’t have a girlfriend, I also made some philosophical speculations. It was not until I saw your boyfriend’s operation that I suddenly realized it, and I felt like an initiation. How to turn passive into active? How to reflect a man’s glory? Only the goat jumped. This jump, although it is a small jump for you, is a big jump for our boys. This jump, out of the shackles of history, out of the romantic style, out of the core competitiveness of our Homo sapiens to rule this planet in just tens of thousands of years-creativity and imagination. It can be said that this goat jump allows me to see the bright moon shining on the river and the setting sun from the desert. It is a unique pioneering action, a postmodernist performance art. Let’s start from the beginning. You squatted on the ground and cried, you were sad, you cried, and you were invincible. Boyfriends are all, I come, I arrive, I kneel. The best operation that can be played theoretically at this time is to break this situation and pull you out of crying alone, but the verbal comfort is all ineffective, and the physical actions are limited to, come, I will give you A shoulder, of course, you squatted on the ground to eliminate this possibility, and your boyfriend was in desperation. Human beings do not erupt in desperate situations, they perish in desperate situations. I can imagine that your boyfriend is also very helpless and helpless. He thinks this fucking, five thousand years in China, sixteen years of quality education, and no one has taught me how to do it. So he had many thoughts, set you in a squatting posture, and thought of the goat jumping about youth and joy in the playground of the experimental elementary school under the sunset a long time ago. His pupils diminished, his scalp was numb, the hormones and neurotransmitters in his body complemented each other, he was impulsive, he dedicated himself to love, he ran, he was a pioneer in history. Accelerate the run-up, single up and down, rocking arms and jumping, with chest and waist tight. He never expected that more than ten years ago, his physical education teacher said meaningfully to him that you must keep in mind these sixteen-character formulas. If you can use it later, he will really use it. He leaped past, he landed smoothly, and the air may not have turned 360 degrees, but he thought to himself, if the full score is 10, then my jump will be at least 9.9. No, I will give him twelve points. This jump directly rescues you from crying and sadness. You look at his landing posture and look back confidently. Your eyes widen, you can’t believe it, and you even want to laugh. Do you want my old lady crying here, you fucking playing goat jumping on my back? You must think so, right, and as long as you think so, he will succeed and he will achieve his goal. He broke your sad situation for a living, allowing the whole scene to have a relationship with humor in a nonsensical form. It’s even a bit funny. How to relieve worries? Only the goat jumped. You have interacted, you are connected, you are moving forward, this is the supreme essence of the three words boyfriend. So I can only applaud him in front of the screen. I think this is the reason why others have a girlfriend and I am single. He has a kind of fearless courage. The so-called one jump to relieve one thousand worries. The wheel of history will be here, turning with your back as the axis. In the future, the greetings between boys may no longer be “Did you drive black today?” or “Did you eat chicken today?” Instead, “Did you dance today?” I thought about a hundred years later, when boy and girl friends quarreled, became angry, and cried, they can all be a goat jump. This is the heritage of ancient human civilization and is made by old trees. Xinya, I even thought of a name for this sport among lovers, so I called it Dancing. Jumping is happier. It’s also interesting not. Finish.


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5 months ago

I specifically came to search for this question! ! ! Why? Because exactly the same thing happened today, my mentality collapsed because of the postgraduate entrance examination. I squatted on the ground and felt uncomfortable alone, and the male ticket jumped from me! Good guy, pissed me off, and asked him if he was looking for fluke? He said that he had seen this problem in Zhihu before. At that time, it was really a brainstorm. When he was at a loss, he suddenly thought of knowing this problem, so he put it into practice….Practice it…Important It was in the playground at that time, there were a lot of people, brother! Am I shameless? ? ? Having said that, talk about how I felt at the time. I was stunned for an instant, and I felt a “whoop”, and a black shadow flew over me, cutting off my sad thoughts abruptly. As soon as I looked up, my dear! The brother looked at me incredulously in front, as if it wasn’t him who had just jumped over. I can be stupid, what’s the matter with you stupid? I was on fire at the time, and stood up and shouted at him: What do you mean? He was also nervous, stammering, saying that he was moving faster than his brain, and did so before he could react. This, this, I can’t stop it, what can I say, and then I walked to the side of the stand and sat there. The male ticket also hurriedly asked me if I was thirsty, and then hurried to the side of the playground to buy me water. The more I sat there, the more I thought about it, the more funny it became. Finally, when he came back from buying water, we both left it there and laughed for a while. I have to say that although the method is a little weird, it is quite useful. I have completely forgotten what I should be sad about. Some parents pay attention to me, but I still want to hide my face…

5 months ago

Sorry for answering the Lord, I actually rushed to watch the excitement from other answers… But I talked about this with two of my friends. They are also boys and should understand this behavior better. Since they tend to just make you laugh, then I will also vote. Your boyfriend may not realize that you were very sad at the time. Maybe he thought you were just playing a little temper or playing with him, and then he subconsciously made a gesture of intimacy between boys and wanted to transfer it. Your attention. The point should be his reaction after jumping over, whether to look back at your expression first, or to continue walking nonchalantly. Is his personality the one that likes to be funny? Is the style of painting between the two of you more unusual? Anyway, I think he can make that action. First of all, I can be sure that it is yours. The relationship is indeed very good. In his mind, you should be able to trust, be more generous, and play a joke of this degree. Communicate more and tell him when you can make jokes and when you really need his comfort. It’s actually not easy to get together. It would be a pity that I would do it for you if I divide it up because of such trivial matters. [So why should I pretend to be a single dog to answer an emotional question a year ago? It really is too little homework] I hope I can help the answerer [Although it is basically impossible]

5 months ago

I think this is an expression of loving you. Imagine your face is blushing, hiding your face and crying, squatting on the ground like a little milk cat. How many choices does your boyfriend have at this time? One, “Are you really angry again? What do you think, labor and capital are gone!” Then he snorted and walked away, hiding his merit and fame. ——This is definitely not working. Second, “Don’t be upset, baby/Who is riding the tiger? It’s all my fault/It’s all my fault and won’t make you angry next time…” What’s the meaning of such comfort? You must have heard it many times, perfunctory, impatient, and unconvincing. Think about it next time you get angry/sad/grieve/Ordovician crying, he repeats this sentence again, baby don’t be sad/who is riding a tiger/I’m not good/all my fault next time It will annoy you…Do you think in your heart: What use is it for me to ask for this male ticket? Third, the goat jumps. This is the only option. -Everything must have a motive. “A man who loves you will always take risks for you.” Zarathustra Blue Melon Crisp. We have all had this experience: because of something sad, my nose and tears, this At that time, a circle of people will come to comfort you, don’t cry, don’t be sad. This is actually useless, because the phrase “don’t cry, don’t be sad” is a typical useless nonsense, and even “drink more hot water” has a greater effect than it. You said that if you don’t let me cry, I won’t cry? I don’t want face! cry! I just cry! Wow. Of course, we are powerless in most cases of other people’s affairs, so comfort can only stop here, without blame. So when you squatted down and wailed, you must have thought about it: “Should I also squat next to her, pat her shoulder and tell her not to cry, not to be sad… “This is the safest one, and it’s a personal city. However, your male ticket obviously does not want to fall into stereotypes, and you do not want to become a person who is not as good as “drinking hot water. For you, he is willing to take risks. At the end of the long road is a night sky full of stars. This gorgeous adventure has no real you to accompany me. Cheer Chen’s “Gorgeous Adventure”, the goat jump, is the risk your male ticket took to make you happy. He knew that if he failed, it would become a funny problem for Zhihu. But he loves you so much, so “Although there are thousands of people, I am going.” Then, this goat jump is actually an invitation he sent to you: the road is still long, this gorgeous adventure, true I am willing Walk with you. What about you -What the hell is Goat Jumping? With the gradual advancement of socialist modernization, the Chinese people are getting richer and richer. Unknowingly, obesity has become a serious social problem. And what is goat jumping? It just happens to be a perfect sport that integrates “sprinting”, “gymnastics”, “yoga” and “parkour”! So your boyfriend also thought about other ways to comfort you, but after his careful consideration, he gave up one by one. Goat jumping can make you happy and exercise. It is really an essential skill for home travel to comfort girlfriends. Beautiful, wonderful. -Amazing creativity and execution E=MC*2 The faster the speed, the slower the time. Now, let’s recall the first time I saw this formula and knew that “time will slow down and fast” for the first time. Did you think Einstein was really fucking awesome? Subverting common sense and experience in life is “creativity.” But creativity is not enough. “It’s not too difficult to come up with a brilliant idea. What is really difficult is to put it into action.”-Redmond Sugualan’s so-called love words, so-called routines, are searched everywhere online. Then why do most people look like they are real when they look at it, but when they are flirting with real guns and live ammunition, they are confused? Then why do so many people always dare not speak when they face the girl they like? This is the lack of execution, counseling. A true warrior dared to face the bleak life and face the dripping blood. ——Lu Xun’s “Remember Liu and Zhenjun”, your male ticket, in order to make you happy, dare to jump with goats when you are babbling. This execution power is probably second only to the sun that persists in rising eastward and setting west every day. -In summary, your male ticket not only loves you, but also has terrifying creativity and execution. You really found the treasure. good luck.

5 months ago

On the surface, he is jumping a goat. In fact, he is healing you. It is well known that sad emotions have a negative effect on the body, and many diseases grow up at this time. If I’m not mistaken, your boyfriend is from the Guwu family. He has psychic eyes and can see the disease that is growing in your body. If he treats you straightforwardly, his identity is exposed. For this reason, he has to concentrate all his skills. When jumping the goat with both hands, the moment he touched your back, he scared the illness to death. After successfully protecting you, he will certainly not explain so much to you because this kind of hidden family cannot reveal its identity. Fortunately, ordinary people will never know that they can ask if they are interested.

5 months ago

He replaced your sadness with anger that aroused you. If afterwards he can still let you beat him into the hospital with heartache, I think it would be a kind of “comfort” for slashing away. Sadness is difficult to eliminate, but it is extremely easy to be instantly eliminated by another extreme emotion. You often see this segment in the movie: someone is so scared and sad that he loses his mind and wakes up with a slap in the face of a friend. This is the truth. Anger and fear can eliminate sadness. The principles of brain science can also be understood, because these emotions are controlled by one part of the brain: the amygdala. Speaking loosely, a new extreme emotion can “squeeze away” the original extreme emotion. Therefore, this behavior of your boyfriend cannot be said to be completely nonsensical. Of course, after a serious nonsense, I will tell you the truth: boys of the same age are generally more naive than girls. But being naive does not mean being heartless. For example, my 5-year-old daughter will always show some empathy that shocks my jaw. And whether we should break up, the most important thing is to look at the distance between the souls of each other. What is the distance of the soul? Simply put, whether you want to tell him what is in your heart, can your intimacy be satisfied in him. If this basic condition is met, the issue of breaking up can be ignored for the time being. How to deal with this kind of harmless and extremely insulting behavior of boyfriend? Next time, if he is playing goat jump with you, just smash it with a brick, and he has the right to vent his bad feelings.

5 months ago

The subject, whether you and your hopping-goat boyfriend will stay together for a lifetime. This experience of jumping goat will become an unforgettable memory for your life. If you are together, when you are old, sitting in a recliner basking in the sun, you look at this man who has been with you for a lifetime, and think of this time jumping goat, you will say: “Dead old man, you have not been serious in your life~ “This sentence is sweet. If you are not together, when you are old, sitting in a recliner and basking in the sun, you look at the sound of salsa leaves outside the window, and think of this trip to raise the mountain, you would say: “It’s nice to be young~” The words are full of feelings. Subject, you may think that what I said above is too emotional and somewhat impractical. Like all other answers, all fucking nonsense. In fact, I have a theoretical basis. Behind this seemingly nonsense perceptual answer is my rational brain. The American writer Chip Walter’s book “Return to the Scene of Human Evolution” wrote such a passage: “Laughter is a unique skill of mankind. Humans have evolved the ability to laugh, which adds a lot of richness to the social attributes of mankind. Ways to express emotions. Laughter can narrow the distance between people. There are many things that cannot be expressed in words. Two people can resonate with a smile… From the perspective of both sexes, women love to laugh more than men. This is because men always try to make women happy. According to the research reality, women are more inclined to marry men who can make them laugh. This does not mean that looks and money are not important, but it is also very important to make oneself happy. Factors…I believe that the subject of this book, your boyfriend should not have read it. However, your boyfriend’s intention to make you laugh has proved that he subconsciously wants to marry you as a wife. However. , As a young man in love, who has not done some incredible things. When I was young, I chased the bus in order to make my girlfriend happy. I got off at platform A and followed the bus sneakily Run behind the car, chase three traffic lights, and then get on platform C. Pretend that you can move instantaneously and meet your girlfriend sitting in the car. Isn’t that stupid? Stupid. But this is the naive man showing himself The expression of love. The subject, whether it is the emotional side or the rational side. What I see is dog food. Although this dog food is full of the immature of a silly boy and the incredible of a young man. However, Subject: I have eaten your dog food. It’s delicious, it’s really delicious, the warm dog food is stuffed in my mouth randomly…

5 months ago

Seeing that there are a lot of answers in the answers, they said they wanted to laugh, and then said that the boyfriend of the subject is cute.
But why do I feel so sad! The people closest to you when you are most uncomfortable not only can’t understand, but also play treasures around yourself. Doesn’t this make the pain add to the pain!
I don’t understand, is this the reason why I have been single?

5 months ago

Girlfriend squatted on the ground crying. Ordinary boyfriend: I don’t know what to do if I go around my girlfriend and scratch my head. Literary boyfriend: Silently light up a cigarette and stand up when you finish crying. Second, forcing her boyfriend: Goat jumps. Girl, the fact is that the sky and the earth are cracked in your place, and the wind is calm and calm to him; the pain in your heart is so painful, and it is unreasonable to make trouble with him. I don’t know the specific reason why you are so sad and cannot make a value judgment, but I know that at the moment when he leapt over you, you were not in the same dimension.

5 months ago

To be honest, I really hate this kind of low-intellect. He may not have any malice, nor does he love you, but a kind of heartlessness. This kind of heartless person exists naturally. In my opinion, next time you squat on the ground and cry, suddenly stand up when he comes back and throw him all over the sky. Then wiped away the tears, and kicked him a few more times. I am Lin Youshang, focusing on emotional analysis, and anyone with intractable emotional problems can trust me privately.

5 months ago

I have to answer this because I do the same! The difference is that I’m a girl, and I didn’t cry when I squatted on the ground. I don’t remember exactly what happened. It was probably because he was speechless to me. He squatted on the ground and couldn’t laugh or cry. It was on the basement level of Wanliu Shopping Center. There is no one in a squat area of two or three meters. I think this is really a good opportunity! After all, I haven’t jumped with a goat for many years. I attacked decisively. I was two or three meters away from him. The jumper was still on his back. Because he was taller, he squatted down and jumped quickly. Then he just jumped over. The face is cute, and I can’t laugh or cry even more after I understand what’s happening. Hahaha, the reason for my goat jumping is to relive childhood games.

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