Is it that cooking is not good? Personally, I think that the whole hot pot has the same flavor, and stir-fry can be varied, and you can order whatever flavor you want. But why does everyone love hot pot? Cause I am a little disgusted with hot pot now.

Seeing this question, I immediately remembered a question that Cai Lan once answered every day. “If a dish in the world disappears, what kind of dish will disappear” Chua Lam said: “I think let the hot pot disappear.” Chua Lan gave the reason: “Because hot pot is the most uncultured dish. The way, when the things are cut and thrown in, what’s so delicious?” Let’s take a look at the chief director of “China on the Bite of the Tongue”, how Chen Xiaoqing answered this question. Chen Xiaoqing said: “Canteen dishes can be eliminated.” The reason given by Chen Xiaoqing is: “This is completely without any cooking technology content. I think the problem is that the first essence of the canteen is nutrition and safety. As for whether it is good or not, it is…” No I know if you have discovered that, whether it is hot pot or canteen dishes, the dishes that two gourmets do not like, they have one thing in common, that is, a high degree of standardization, a simple cooking method, and a high degree of replication. (Of course, in terms of taste, hot pot is definitely better than most canteen dishes). This is the same reason why the restaurants opened by celebrities are hot pot restaurants, because hot pot restaurants are simple to make. The requirements for the staff in the back kitchen and the front hall are not high. When making hot pot is a “simple” thing, everyone is making hot pot, isn’t the marketing and publicity of hot pot all overwhelming? Eating hot pot, eating hot pot, is like brainwashing by MLM, moisturizing things silently sneak into our minds… This is a favorite for hot pot restaurant owners. From the perspective of consumers, some people don’t like spicy food, and some people don’t like to eat this or that, but everyone likes hot pot, or people who don’t like hot pot will not hate it… The audience is very wide. I don’t know if you have discovered that when we have dinner together, especially company dinners, we always eat hot pot… because choosing hot pot is a “dish” that does not require thinking and does not care about other people’s tastes… just like Cai As Lan said, “Hot pot has no culture.” Although I like hot pot very much, I agree with it. Although hot pot was born from the wharf culture, it is not called culture, it can only be called source. Although I am a catering, hot pot has indeed promoted the development of the entire catering industry. But I still hope that there will be more cultured dining.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Not only hot pot, all kinds of stews, grilled fish, spicy hot pot, etc., restaurants with only “one big dish” are squeezing the living space of cooking. It’s just that the other types are generally for customers with less than 6 people. Hot pot can be more. First of all, it is convenient for the store. The big pot of stew is to stir the pre-cooked ingredients and sauces, and then you can eat them when heated; hot pot is more convenient, the ingredients that come up are simply raw, and the customers cook by themselves; the spicy fragrant pot and grilled fish are a little more troublesome, the former The store needs to fry it by itself, and the latter needs an oven. But it’s much easier than cooking one dish at a time in a stir-fry restaurant. The result of convenience is fast. The bottom of the hot pot is served right after the hot pot is ordered. Hungry customers can make their own snacks to cushion their stomachs; large pots of stew, spicy hot pot and grilled fish are slow, but fast. The customer experience is better than cooking. Convenient and fast, and another result is cheap. Cooking restaurants may also need specialized chefs, and the cost will rise again. Had it not been for the strong demand for single-person takeout, it would be difficult for small cooking shops to compete with the above.

5 months ago

Because you are not participating in a business dinner or a government dinner. In a formal business dinner or government dinner, you still have to eat fried chicken, duck, fish, beef, lamb, meat, vegetables, soup, staple food, and all you need. For these occasions, you have to eat chicken, duck, fish, beef, lamb, meat, vegetables, soup, staple food, etc. Drinking, eating and drinking. At gatherings between friends, it is more convenient to eat hot pot. First of all: Don’t worry about the wrong taste, the ingredients are ordered, and the taste is adjusted by yourself. Secondly: I don’t worry about waiting for the dishes. If there are too many people, I can’t come to cook for a long time, so I’m in a hurry. Also, don’t worry about the taboo. You can rinse everything you eat. If you can’t eat spicy food, eat mandarin duck or clear soup. Finally: Eating hot pot has more atmosphere, do it yourself, and have fun in cooking and shabu-shabu. Before, I basically didn’t eat hot pot. Now, as long as I am not entertaining people, I eat hot pot when I go out to eat. The food on the side where I work is too spicy. I can’t eat it at all unless I go to a government canteen or a high-end restaurant. The rest of the places are terribly spicy. Now I’m going to eat hot pot, a mandarin duck pot, to solve all the problems.

5 months ago

Poor students, who can’t afford to eat stir-fried vegetables, only eat hot pot to make ends meet. Why can’t you afford it? Each has its own taste. You ordered braised pork. Classmate A “Huh~It’s so greasy and disgusting.” You ordered steamed fish. Classmate B “It’s all too much trouble, right?” You ordered pineapple fried rice, classmate C. How do you divide this?” TMD, I’m so annoyed; going out to eat a stir-fried dish is more expensive than hot pot, and everyone has different tastes, which is troublesome. what? The taste is the same? That’s even more troublesome, just three lion heads, how do you want to divide the four of you? Cut a person? Finally, let’s eat hot pot, everyone loves it, and it’s cheaper than stir-fried dishes (although ordering meat is too expensive). Adult meals include chicken, duck, fish, beef, lamb, vegetables, soup, beets, and white wine. Whoever likes to eat which dish, order. Who doesn’t like to eat which dish, there are other dishes. A large table of people, talking and laughing, bragging. Don’t we poor students like to eat? We just can’t afford it.

5 months ago

Very simple, hot pot is easier than ordering. For example, for a small gathering of three or four people: basically a hot pot is eight or nine dishes at a time, a few drinks, everyone sits together, a few large portions of meat and a few dishes, and nothing to eat. You can order more if it is not enough, basically there is not much left. You can choose a variety of soup base, clear soup, spicy tomato or even water. You can also choose the small ingredients as you like, and control the taste yourself. The biggest advantage is that the food is served quickly, and no one says you are not good when you draw a full pot. If you are cooking, you have to order six dishes and one soup, right? Have to take care of everyone’s tastes, right? There should be spicy or non-spicy, sweet and salty, meat dishes and vegetarian dishes. Finally, you have to have a staple food, right? Then there will usually be a pile at the end of the meal. If the order is particularly unpalatable, there may be no chopsticks moving. Some dishes can’t be served for a long time, and other dishes are finished. This dish is still being prepared. You are more restrained to eat. For example, if you order a dish that is scrambled eggs with shrimps and green beans, you like the shrimps in it, but there are not two shrimps in front of you. At this time, you can’t run to others to pick up the shrimps. Of course, if hot pot can be cooked hot, to a certain extent, hot pot is more hygienic than cooking, because it is disinfected with boiling water.

5 months ago

Because after eating a lot of online celebrity shops in commercial streets or commercial complexes (such as Wanda Plaza, Xincheng Wuyue Plaza and other commercial complexes), you will find that most of them are semi-finished cooking package heating stores. Especially the stir-fried vegetables in the Internet celebrity complex are semi-finished products processed, and the taste is really bad. But hot pots are generally available now, and they can still be eaten fresh, such as meat and vegetables. It’s better to eat the ignition pot and process it yourself, and you can eat more meat. It’s a lot of sanitation by yourself, and you can also eat the atmosphere. The most important thing is that the more people do not need to be, the less the cost of the pot will be spread to everyone. Rinse as much as you eat, and save energy, environmental protection, and money. For example, Haidilao’s combination of various net celebrities eats. If you are a close friend, it is recommended to buy a hot pot base directly at home and sell the ingredients at the hot pot supermarket to eat for yourself. At least half of the money can be saved to eat the ingredients of the Wanghong hot pot restaurant.

5 months ago

1. The taste of hot pot is uniform. If you want to talk about Sichuan cuisine, Shandong cuisine, Hunan cuisine, Guangdong cuisine, Jiangxi cuisine, it can be noisy. This one cannot be eaten, that one is not tasty, etc. But if it is hot pot, I believe most people will be fine. Diners like it, this is one of the main reasons. Hot pot skewers can be unified throughout China. Two years ago, when I was in the remote town of Gansu, I found Xiaojun Liver. Rejoice, eat with friends every day. Later, I went to a certain city in Hebei. My friend said that we have opened a very famous hot pot skewers restaurant, let’s go. Me: Go. It turned out that it was Xiaojungan. Then I went to Beijing. When I didn’t know what to eat, my friend said, I’ll take you to eat delicious food. That’s right, it’s Xiaojungan. It really is a unity that has never been seen before from south to north, from east to west. Let me put it this way, I saw it in Tibet, Xinjiang, and Xiamen. 2. Fast food. Not only hot pot, but also barbecue and pot. These are all you need to prepare the ingredients, and the customers can cook them when they come to the table. Save meal time, relieve meal pressure and reduce costs. As I said before, traditional dishes are doing everything they can to keep fresh and speed up the meal. The diners don’t pay the bill. The business is also desperate. Changing to such a one-pot dish saves time and effort. The diners are happy, and the businesses also make more profits. 3. Profit. Traditional cooking requires several chefs. To switch to hot pot barbecue with so many dishes, you only need waiters, chopping boards, and vegetable washers. Save a lot of costs. You know now that a chef can earn ten thousand dollars a month. And all ingredients except vegetables can be used for a long time. There is no deterioration cost and pressure.

5 months ago

Because ordering food is difficult to serve, you mean 2-4 people. After all, if 5 people or more eat hot pot, the people sitting on the side can no longer reach the pot, and the dishes can’t be cooked. One person has one chopstick. Just have to wait again. It is the most difficult to order on a scale of 2-4 people. After all, meals are expensive now, and CD-ROMs are also advocated against waste, and most people only have one dish. Even if there are acquaintances at the same table, there is usually someone at the same table who does not eat beef and mutton, does not eat pork, does not eat fish, does not eat fennel, chives, and garlic, does not eat offal, does not eat spicy, and does not eat food. Raw food, no marinated barbecue, no fried food, etc. Let’s just talk about three people. There are three dishes on the table. There is a salad specially for the recent weight loss, one for meat lovers, and one for the spicy fish. The three-person cross-combination has only two dishes that each person can eat. You said go to the buffet. The average meal is one or two hundred per person, which is too expensive. Moreover, if you eat less money and lose your health, it is not worthwhile. Eat hot pot. The advantage is that three people can order 6-8 dishes. You can order whatever you want. You can choose the clear soup or the red oil. You can prepare the seasonings you want. You can choose the coriander or the fuel consumption. Agree, and decide in detail what to eat when you arrive at the scene. What’s more, take-out is so convenient now, if it is purely to solve the appetite, even if you want to eat roast duck, roast goose, 50 or 60 can be delivered home. There are only hot pots. It is worthless to eat hundreds of times by one person. If a few people eat together, everyone can share it equally.

5 months ago

Because dinner parties may not have conversations, and hot pot can make the scene less embarrassing. Imagine a group of unfamiliar people gather at a table for a small stir-fry. For example, we all experienced dinners in the club departments during college, celebrating birthdays for class assistants, gatherings of a large group of high school classmates, etc…. The waiter came in and set the dishes, you took a chopstick, and I took a spoon. If the scene does not get hot, it may freeze the atmosphere when embarrassed (personal experience)… But hot pot is different. No matter how bad, I can still talk about food. It ranges from the blending of soul sauce to the order of blanched vegetables and desserts, or the combination of various ingredients in Haidilao, or the taste of different parts of beef in the beef hot pot. Even if you are a stranger, you can say a word or two, and the atmosphere will not be so bad as to freeze. So the most real reason is probably that people are more willing to stay at home, and many gatherings are out of being forced to socialize…orz

5 months ago

The tendency of capital is undoubtedly a very important point. Another point is that the modern market determines that hot pot is easier to survive. A hot pot restaurant, if you join, basically does not need a chef, and the preparation materials are relatively simple; while for a 400-square-meter Chinese restaurant, the chef needs two, and the types of storage materials are several times that of hot pot. In terms of personnel costs, warehousing and management costs, it is forcibly increased by tens of thousands of yuan per month, assuming 40,000. Calculated based on 50 gross profit, a monthly turnover of 80,000 will be required to be equal to the profitability of the hot pot restaurant. So many can’t hold it anymore. The unit price for everyone is the same, hot pot restaurants can be open for longer, chefs have to rest, and hot pot restaurants can cook a pot at any time… The West will develop into standard fast food and flood the affordable market, and chefs are all high-end catering, which is also in line with the future The direction of development. To put it bluntly, it’s not that there are fewer and fewer Chinese food gatherings, but that we can’t afford Chinese food more and more. To be honest, China’s major urban areas are already heading towards what we said before, in the direction of expensive services and abundant supplies of Western developed countries. In many senses, this is a good thing.

5 months ago

I was in the unit before, and I ate in the cafeteria at noon. Everyone lined up with iron plates and surrounded a table with a few well-connected dishes. I didn’t eat the dish you made. I didn’t eat it. Eating is basically placed on the table and eaten together, and it is not much different from eating stir-fried dishes in a restaurant. Except that sometimes the leader eats near you too, you don’t want to give advice loudly and martially, and disagree with your colleagues. After work, my colleagues and I would definitely go to eat hot pot. The No. 1 hot pot restaurant is crowded and lively. You can discuss whoever you want, and you won’t have ears on the wall because of the silence. Our female colleagues are very gossiping, and which leader and who slept with each other were very lively talks. The second hot pot is easy to increase feelings. Sometimes a new colleague joins our team and goes out for an afternoon tea. It’s not warm when everyone is holding a cup. Let’s have a hot pot. If you next chopsticks, I will get a chopstick. It’s hot and full of atmosphere. Also mature quickly. The third is that it’s boring to eat stir-fried dishes. First of all, there are so many people ordering food. Who will order it? Fourth, hot pot can eat a lot of meat. Although Haidilao is more expensive, what if a group of people eat French food and eat Japanese food? I can’t eat a few slices of meat yet. If a colleague who eats a big stomach eats too much, it would be unfair for everyone to share it. Fifth, I’ve had enough in the work unit. A group of people are cautiously eating stir-fried vegetables around the table. After work, we just want to be ourselves, we just want to frantically mix meat with meat and drink beer! You can sum it up, that is, we all love meat.

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