Because the role of Payne enjoys the dividends of the world view constructed in the early stage of Hokage, and at the same time faithfully fulfills its rules. The Payne chapter is a turning point in the popularity of Naruto, and this part can be regarded as a master of Kishimoto. Naruto’s early battle style, according to the battle plan, from basic ninjutsu against each other, from specific ninjutsu against each other, to offering advanced ninjutsu or forbidden skills. Ninjutsu: fire dragon, fireball, phoenix fire, water dragon, earth dragon, avatar. Shuriken. The thunder in the hands of the lightning gathered around, and it is like thousands of birds crying at the same time. The characteristic ninjutsu that demonstrates the style: white magic mirror ice crystal, the curse seal of the big snake pill, the reincarnation of the dead, the absolute defense of Gaara, the pharmacist Pouch of the dead soul technique, Chakra scalpel. The three generations of Naruto’s psychic ape, the dungeon of Jirofang, the angry ghost controlled by the flute, and the spider sticky gold secreted by the sweat glands of Guitongwan. Shikamaru’s shadow imitation technique, Kakashi’s Naruto version of Dou Zhuan Xing Yi. A little more advanced ninjutsu: Uchiha Itachi’s ever-burning Amaterasu, reading the world at will, three generations of Hokage and death contract ghouls sealed, Osaimaru recalls the souls of the dead and reincarnation in the filthy earth of the world. The story of Naruto’s battle also started from constant temptation, to figure out the details of the opposite side, and after exhausting all the strength, finally fight the number of cards, so the battle is anxious and exciting. Oshe Maru and Sandai confronted countless rounds. In the end, Oshemaru took out the long-prepared assassin’s foul soil reincarnation, not wanting to seal his hands with the final trump card of the third generation. Sasuke state 1, pierced Naruto’s shoulder, Naruto added the demon fox with one hand, and hammered back. Sasuke continues to open state 2…Of course, not all battles are like this. There is also Uchiha Itachi who returns home from the fog, and the first kill is clean and tidy. In the second part, the author expands his imagination, and the world of ninjutsu is urged to its peak. The sand iron of the scorpion, the puppet of the human, the 18th art of Deidara, the 5 hearts of Jiaodu, the curse of the flying section. In addition to Amaterasu and Moonread, Uchiha Itachi is the demon god of Chakra, Susano. At this point, what can make you exclaim is never the superiority of blood, you will find that even if there is no family behind, ninjas can have unique and exaggerated abilities. Sasuke’s Chidori, Snake Ryuu, and Huo Dian were trained by his own teacher. The writing wheel can only penetrate the movements of others, distinguish chakras, and cooperate with Chidori. Naruto’s shadow clone, spiral pill, and spiritism, the first part suffered a lot in order to learn these. Just like Kai taught Xiao Li, your ninjutsu talent is average, but physical skills are accomplished. Just like Xiao Li: There are two types of geniuses, one is talented genius and the other is hardworking genius. Like Deidara, like the Red Sand Scorpion, like Kakashi, and so is Ji Lai. With a story of more than 300 words, the structure has matured, and Xiao’s boss has lifted the veil. Payne’s battle with Jiraiya still followed the usual process of temptation, dismantling, trying hard, and comparing the hole cards. Since the opponent is Akatsuki’s leader, Jiraiya beckons with a killer-fairy mode. Here, it is still Kishimoto’s style. The premise of this wonderful duel must be to show you a brand new ninjutsu that you have never seen before. Before Jilaiya, I had never heard of the fairy mode at all. Here, Payne, who gave orders, could perceive the intruder through the rain. The last time I saw the perception of ninjutsu was only the Chakra feeling and Shigeo’s bird, he was about to commit the crime, but he turned and walked into the experiment. He was lying in a slot while the person in the other slot was awakened. He was also called Payne. Jilaiya finally met with Payne, the two still knew each other. Payne’s psychic beast has also changed the style of the summoned beast in the past, and it is not simply a behemoth full of power. His lizard will become invisible, and his dog will split indefinitely. His spiritism is also a psychic. The memory was immediately pulled back, and these two people are most likely people from other cabins in the laboratory. The three of them still have open eyes, are they good brothers? As soon as the fairy came out, it was really extraordinary, the tongue slashed the lizard, and the oversized spiral pill stormed. However, the fat man was not surprised at all. He absorbed it directly. Helix pills were resolved by the opponent for the first time. Helix pills can be eaten, damn, this is Naruto’s big trick, huh, oh. In the second wave of the immortal’s attack, the smoke bounced his hand and put the little toad to attract attention. After turning around, he released the fastest and the widest Qianben. Payne turned his back to the defense and didn’t mess with it. The fairy used the channel to divide the Payne team. The fat man was covered by the fire, and he attacked the blind man first. Huang Quanquan fixed him and dragged them into the chanting illusion to kill him. Jilai is worthy of being Konoha’s main force, one of the three ninjas. With many years of combat experience, he is on-the-spot combat, planning skills, accurate and fast, even if the opponent is the number one killer of Akatsuki, he is defeated. . Jiraiya: Nagato, instead of leading the world with pain, I hope you can use power to transcend pain. Bye now. everything is over.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Not strong? Yes, you have watched the 720 episodes of Hokage, and you have seen the Kaguya Six Ways of Immortals, Six Ways of Six Ways, and the Eight Gates of Kaixu, Zokakashi, Sasuke Liudao Naruto. At this time, I felt that Payne was not good and there was no problem. But yeah, in the more than 300 episodes, there were no six tracks, and the intercolumnar spots did not show up. The Akatsuki organization is still the ultimate boss gathering place, and even the shadows of other villages don’t know a few who have any abilities. At this time, Konoha showed the strongest actual and strongest is Jiraiya. Even the strongest of all the authentic characters that appeared in Hokage during this period is basically Jiraiya (this can be discussed, but Jiraiya also ranks in the top three without a problem) However, Jiraiya was also killed by Payne, and later learned The demigod Hanzo was killed by Payne long ago. The former Akatsuki organization either sneaked in to do the task, or hurried away after finishing the task, without much entanglement. But when he arrived at Penn, he entered the village of Konoha with the strongest strength and wreakly destroyed it. It can be said that a person caused Konoha to be uneasy and suffered a heavy loss. What kind of strength is necessary to achieve this level. How powerful is Kakashi, when Jiraiya is dead and the cat is holding Tsunade’s nurse, Kakashi is basically Konoha’s strongest person. But such a strong person plus Ding Zuo, who is also the backbone of Konoha’s strength, plus Ding Ci and a bunch of ninjas, sent away Ding Ci’s information at the cost of group destruction, and the enemy was only Heaven and Shura. What kind of strength can achieve this level. What was ninjutsu before? What was the ninja battle like in the past? But when it comes to Payne, the vision is shared, the hell road is resurrected, the ninjutsu comes and is directly absorbed, and in the end, it is directly flying into the sky, and the biggest and strongest ninja village is blasted into a pit. The most exaggerated is that All the people who died in battle have been resurrected? ! What kind of strength can achieve this level. If you were a Hokage who had been chasing after you in your early years, you would not think that there is any problem with the title of “God” Payne at this period. On the contrary, it is extremely appropriate, because compared with other ninjas of this period, the strength that Payne expressed is fully in line with his title of god.

5 months ago

Let me answer a different angle. Kishimoto shaped the feeling of Penn toward God. The names of Penn’s avatars first come from myths: Heavenly Dao, Asura Dao, Human Dao, Animal Dao, Hungry Ghost Dao, Hell Dao, his appearance seems to be the Six Paths of Reincarnation, a mythical figure in this world. On this basis, Payne is the first character to play with the eyes of reincarnation. The various skills that Kishimoto gave to the reincarnation eye, such as the Vientiane Heavenly Guide, the Shenluo Heavenly Sign, the Earth-Explosive Heavenly Star, and the most fantastic reincarnation nature, are all beyond the reach of a human being-manipulating gravity and bringing people back to life. Not only does it control a part of the world’s rules, it also involves the realm of the real soul-the eye of reincarnation not only controls death, but also controls life. These skills have never appeared before, and Payne’s personality is elevated by this. This is not simply because he is so powerful that he feels like a god, but these are indeed not areas that one can reach. No matter how Naruto can rub balls, he can’t be born with reincarnation. When Sasuke had no reincarnation eye, he couldn’t bring the dead back to life with a hundred unicorns. Then, Payne appeared in Konoha in a judgmental posture. His name comes from the homonym of pain, and his lines show that what he represents is not just an individual, but a concrete manifestation of the suffering caused by the war in the world. When he came to Konoha, his position was high, looking down on the world. He casts Shinra Tianzheng like an angry god to release judgment on Konoha: this can be said to be a real backlash brought by Konoha, and even the fight for supremacy of the Ninja world, which makes people feel that this world is alive, and he has wounds. The pain is bleeding, and the blood scab is called Payne. Coupled with the aria bgm that Penn began to broadcast when he appeared on the stage, he walked around the world like the incarnation of a god, imposing divine punishment on those who violated the rules of the world, just like deforestation, which is prone to soil erosion and even outbreaks. Hong cement stone flow like that. It was from Payne that Naruto officially opened an era of mythology, and none of the final bosses was not in touch with the myth. The last Kaguya Ji himself was the god of Chakra. As the first to appear, Payne can be said to be the character who opened the door of mythology, allowing Naruto to see for the first time that there is a reincarnation eye in this world. He represents one of the supreme powers of the Ninja World, and he is a symbol of God. . Such a character is made out, it is not a god, what is it?

5 months ago

Just destroy the battle of Konoha. It’s up to you. Kakashi silently died without saying. Ding Zuo was also beaten to death. It should be noted here that Payne did not make up for Ding Zuo, what does it mean. It means that in Penn’s eyes, Ding Zuo’s regular tolerance does not pose a major threat to Penn. In contrast, Kakashi was cautiously compensated. A series of dragons endured, the guard was killed. A large number of ninja civilians were injured and maimed. The captain of the torture team can’t fight against a single Payne (Beast Road). When Tiandao came to Hokage, Tsunade and his guards were both cautious and cautious, and they didn’t dare to act rashly. This kind of oppression, from the perspective of expressiveness, can be used to fight Penn’s paintings with one’s own strength. Shadow-level ninjas are also easy to deflate, not to mention that before, a Konoha legendary three ninjas had already been killed in action on other people’s turf. Then come back to the outliner. How are her slugs and Payne’s big moves? If you say that Payne’s rice is just to demolish Konoha’s building complex, then Tsunade is already at the end of the battle afterwards, and has almost no combat effectiveness. In other words, if Naruto had no rescue, Tsunade would have actually died in battle. If you say Tsunade doesn’t need massive slugs, then guess how many ninjas Konoha will die? From the plot of the first movie, helix pill can blow up the water tank. And this power is enough to paralyze most ninjas, even the elite Shangren who claims to be “similar to Kakashi”. And that large-scale Shenluo Tianzheng directly changed the landform. One more thing. If you count the story of an officially authorized game. Oshemaru was also repelled by Payne. Counting this way, Konoha Sannin was deflated in Penn’s hands. The last one that caused Konoha Sannin to eat at the same time was called a “demigod” by people. coincidentally. “Demigod” also died at the hands of Payne.

5 months ago

Of the top five bosses of Naruto, the only one that gives people the feeling that they are not strong is Huiye, although in theory she is the strongest. There are four people left, Dashemaru, Payne, Daito, and Madara. In fact, the shooting with dirt and Madara’s appearance actually overlap. This caused the spotlight with soil to be snatched away by Madara. Among the three big bosses of Oshamaru, Payne, and Madara, only Payne and Madara are the only ones that give people an invincible feeling. The first part of Oshe Maru is also very oppressive, but it is not “invincible.” In fact, the three generations of Hokage, who are aging and declining, have come back and forth with him, even without considering reincarnation, the third generation of Hokage will have the upper hand. Jilai is also one of the three ninjas, and is portrayed as a positive role that can compete with Osha Maru. In other words, as a villain, the Oshe Maru is very oppressive, but it is far from desperate and irresistible. When we watched it, it was clear in our hearts that Oshemaru is not invincible as a villain. There are more than one person who can compete with Oshemaru in the positive role. Not to mention that Dashewan was cut after three generations. Even in the villain, Kishimoto left behind the foreshadowing of a stronger opponent. Itachi and the Akatsuki organization behind him, the pressure on people at this time was actually stronger than that of Dashewan. The Dashewan hit Konoha by all means, but Akatsuki is still lurking in the dark, showing only the tip of the iceberg. When Payne appeared and Jilai died in the battle, we were shocked: At this time, Payne was invincible. Using the fairy mode, Jiraiya’s combat power has surpassed the first three generations of Hokage and Oshemaru at the peak of the first battle. However, it is still defeated by Penn. Penn has all six ways, and Jilai also died. We will worry about the protagonist, because within the known range, no one is Penn’s opponent. Another person comparable to Payne is Madara. Bian Li crushed the Five Shadows, also within the known range of the plot, no one can beat. The way to deal with Payne is to forcefully influence. The way to deal with spots is to mechanically descend from the gods, resurrect between the pillars, and revive the six immortals. So these two people have been appointed gods. The audience who looked down on Payne waited for a small group of people.

5 months ago

Because the appearance is too classic, no matter how you pull the hips in the later stage, the audience will only remember the shock he brought at the beginning. Payne to the later stage of the Ninja World War is indeed at the level of elite monsters. After all, Ding Ci can master the technique of doubling. It is not an exaggeration to wrestle with the outgoing golem. But when it comes to Naruto, who first thought of the smelly and long Ninja War? What impressed everyone was the Chunin test, Sasuke’s recovery, Akatsuki’s appearance, the battle of brothers, and the death of Jiraiya. For the same reason, there is Ning Ci, who mentioned that everyone thinks of Ning Ci is the genius of the Hyuga clan, the boy who does not succumb to fate. But in fact, look at the later stage, Ning Ci is a genius!

5 months ago

It’s been a long time since I went to Zhihu. I clicked on this question today. I laughed at first sight, brother. Have you heard of generations of versions and generations of gods? Oshe Maru was also named a taboo in the name of God back then, killing the two great shadows alone, isn’t it awesome? Don’t you feel awesome? That’s because you have already read it, not when you were limited to those things in the early stage. Is Jilai strong? He was surprised by Naruto in the state of the tail beast’s coat and was seriously injured on the spot. Is Payne strong? Being chased by Naruto in the state of the tail beast’s coat, he was defeated on the spot. This is just in the tail beast state, before the full body is displayed, is the full body nine-tailed strong? With one-handed grip between the pillars, can you say that the nine tails are not strong? Are you thinking about peaches? Oshemaru: Early God Payen: Mid-term God Uchiha Madara: Late God Payen is clearly “not strong”, “both” is not as good as “Uchiha Madara”, brother, are you sure you have watched Naruto? Can you distinguish the limits of combat power levels? How did your “du” come out? How do you look down on “Uchiha Madara”? Do you understand what “Uchiha Madara” stands for? The reason why Payne and Madara can be enshrined is not only because of their strength, but also because of their unique charm and atmosphere. Does anime character enshrining have to look at their combat effectiveness? Wrong brother. Charm, compelling, face. These three are the most important. Sansho fish Hanzo, demigod of Ninja World, NB? NB. He was awarded the title of Sannin. It can be seen that at the time, if he played alone, he could be stronger than all kinds of shadows (mainly relying on poison, plus the sword and physical skills are not weak, and the war of attrition is also strong). But he, a demigod, can you ask how many Naruto fans admit? Poor with few scenes, Dirt is still sealed by Mifune (Samurai, very good strength, shadow rank), demigod? Why are you? Just rely on the official seal? No way! Payne God, strong! Pushing Konoha Ninja Village horizontally, in addition to the various old monsters running out in the later period, the early and mid-term is simply an invincible pusher, the protagonist? Neither can you! (Senna the Hedgehog with a big stick all over) Sasuke Uchiha? The long one is not bad, although I don’t see how handsome it is, it is far worse than Itachi. Character loves loaded to force, but the strength is not enough, all the way to grow to be the name of the finale, but that is how God ferret brother, nor grade is too low, and no matter how beaten, do not forget loaded to force, simply to force the king and then the world Well! Uchiha Itachi, Sasuke’s brother, strong strength, good looks, gentle and firm character, few flaws, Itachi God! But turning it back, Itachi is indeed good, but if it compares with Payne and Bam? Can this delay people’s deity? Don’t delay! It is no exaggeration to say that in the entire Akatsuki organization, most of the members came in after being beaten by Payne. You said Payne is not strong. Are you sure you have seen Payne’s record? Ninja demigod Shanjiao Hanzo [Akasaka Revenge, Penn’s pure restraint in all aspects, ninjutsu (Hanzo’s information on Penn is unknown), physical strength (Hanzo is too old), and Penn’s immunity to toxins (Hanzo’s strength) Most of them rely on poison. No matter how powerful they are, poison will destroy most of them)], Xianren Zilaiye (Unknown enemy information), Direcion Yujiaodu (the heart is instantly broken in front of a fight), Xianming (known enemy information) , The same defeat), Hagi Kakashi (a nail was sent to hell), Konoha Ninja village was pushed horizontally (if it weren’t for Nagato’s resurrection of the dead, Konoha village would not be regarded as the strongest Ninja village in the later stage. The strength is severely insufficient. Elites such as Hagi Kakashi made sacrifices, and the villagers died and wounded countlessly.) Can you ask the other characters when Payne was still alive, who else could do it? It can be said that before the birth of Uchiha Madara and Rokudo in the late stage, Penn was simply a certain limit of the strength in the early and mid-term. Nagato’s body did not have the strength to fight. Unlike the dirty mode, he can act alone, but needs Penn as a carrier. . But it’s not an exaggeration, even if Raikage was allowed to face Penn’s Six Paths at the time, the outcome was unknown, and there was a chance that he would kneel. Raikage is not strong? Naruto Kiraby, Naruto, and Sasuke Wang, have nothing to fight back. Isn’t that enough? Raiking can already be said to be no weaker than Xianren Zilai. With the same unknown information, do you think Raiking can win? (It’s an exaggeration to say that it’s the same strength as Xianren Zilai, but it’s true in terms of expressiveness. The deviation doesn’t deviate too much, at best. It’s also the strongest in Sanninri, and it’s definitely in the Xianren mode. Not weaker than the shadows in the late Five Shadows vs. Spots period) You know, Payne Tiandao alone is not very good in the late stage, but he is indeed the first to break the balance of the combat power ceiling! In the hundreds of episodes at that time and later until the appearance of Five Shadows, it belonged to the ceiling player! Combining the complete works, his strength lies not in his strength, but in the timing of his appearance… Just like Frieza in Dragon Ball, there are hundreds of thousands of rookies pecking each other in front of him, and he is directly 500,000. , Five million, fifty million, one hundred million, so forget it, someone else’s family just came out of the novice zone, and as a result, they directly met you as the ultimate black hand. Who can bear it? Even if there are more bosses and stronger bosses behind, can this delay Frieza’s classic and brilliant? Just like cultivating immortals, I just broke away from the state of ordinary people and came to the innate realm. Those who are a great realm higher than me are just like playing. It can be called an old monster. As a result, you directly gave me the ceiling of the cultivating realm. The legendary taboos? Are you fucking me? Pushing Konoha Ninja Village horizontally, killing Konoha’s various famous ninjas, this kind of oppression, Penn is enough to conjure the gods! Is Dashewan strong? In the early and mid-term settings, three generations of Naruto were killed, which is not strong enough for Jiraiya, but this is the case of the fairy mode. The fairy mode is already a super-scale thing in the early and mid-term Naruto, and when the villain is eliminated, Lai also belongs to the strongest among the characters who appeared alive in the early and mid-term. The Three Ninja Wars belonged to the first real battle of the masters. The other previous battles, whether it was not to cut or Konoha’s rebellion, were just a small fight. With two against one, Oshemaru could not be said to be completely at a disadvantage. And here, Jilai is also poisoned, Oshemaru’s hands are blocked, Tsunade consumes a lot of chakras, Oshemaru has pockets, and Tsunade also has Naruto. It can be said that both sides have their own advantages and disadvantages, but in general, Oshemaru is innate. Sex is still at a disadvantage, but this kind of situation can still be played back and forth without entering the fairy mode, which is enough to witness a lot of things. Is the yellow flash strong? The four generations of Hokage, without knowing the information, can bring the power of the gods to the ground (some exaggeration). It can be seen that both the combat IQ and the strength are top ranks, the result? The husband and wife died at the hands of Kyuubi (this is not to say that Watergate is inferior to Kyuubi. After all, there are many reasons for the death of Watergate. For example, to let Kusina see Naruto in the future, but no matter how you say it, if it is to let the post Was Madara’s suppression by one hand? So there is nothing to refute here. There is a scepter between the pillars and asks Watergate: Nine-tailed thing can also kill people? Have you actually thought about it, for pillars? It is indeed a fact. For him and Madara, Kyuubi is a pet that has been calling for a change. When you pinch the Kyuubi with one hand, it will become empty. Can that thing kill people?) The god of the Ninja World, Senjujuan, the first time During the Konoha rebellion, what I heard had been rumors before, but the performance with the second generation was not impressive. It can even be said that there was no strong at all at that time. The two played back and forth with the third generation. Only when he played in the later stage did he show his strength, and he almost frightened Shuiyue to collapse. When he was alive, he pinched the nine tails with his bare hands and did not explain. The combat power of the dirty soil form is very good, but it is not a bright spot. It may be because of the six modes of the spot, and the various moves of the old three generations in the water gate are endless, and the movies of the past dynasties have competed to show themselves. (Speaking of the column, I remember the big trick of Dilu, that is the monk who died in the hands of Hidu, who played very high on the stage, when the animation was performed at the time, it was really very similar to the column) Uchiha Madara , I don’t even bother to say about other achievements, vs. Five Shadows of the modern era, large-scale installation of 13 scenes, step by step to make Five Shadows feel desperate, especially for the old folks here. Here is not to look down on Penn’s Six Paths at the time. Among the five shadows, I remove Gaara and the other four (thunder, earth, water and fire). You can choose two at random. In the end, Penn may not be able to win, and the two shadows are the best. At least it can remain undefeated, especially Lei Tu, which is even more exaggerated, maybe it is a complete crushing game. Of course, he was talking about Penn controlled by the living Nagato, not the dead Nagato. The most important thing is that Uchiha Madara is not in full strength in this filthy state! (Anything that Uchiha Madara developed during his life after the suspended animation, such as the fusion of inter-pillar cells, reincarnation eyes, etc., is not included.) You tell me this kind of record that “even” Uchiha Madara can’t compare? Smile, besides the various six modes, when can Uchiha Madara also be used as a crossbar of combat power? Really think that the per capita column? The pharmacist became so mad in the late stage, he had to pretend to be a grandson in front of Uchiha Madara, and he didn’t even dare to appear directly! Sa Ming’s six modes are the same as Uchiha Madara when working together! If it weren’t for Uchiha’s Madara to be overcast, the last Ninja world would have been nothing more than per capita!

5 months ago

Do you look down on Uchiha Madara or Zadi Madara is already the second strongest boss in all Hokage? Is it possible that only Kaguya can be a god? Isn’t that right, isn’t Uchiha Itachi also enshrined it, the god Itachi is screaming hard. Can Uchiha Itachi have a one percent strong spot? Itachi can be a god, is there anything wrong with me carrying rice to be a god? As we all know, the anime character Fengshen never looks at combat power, only looks at the force and face of Uchiha Itachi. He is too handsome, Fengshen Payne is heavenly, and the style is above me. Fengshen Tuanzang is too wretched, and the dog is closed. Sasuke, I’m too fond of pretending, I guess my strength is not good, I’ll be the king of Sansho Fish Hanzo, there are too few scenes, Kishimoto’s official appointment is useless, trash Kaguya, IQ is too low, I guess I can’t even beat Madara , Staff-making…If it is sealed according to combat power, should Konoha Maru also have to seal “God of Penn in a second”? It’s a pity that he’s too low and he doesn’t look good, and his early performance is not likable. This thing can only be based on the audience’s preference. If the audience loves you, they will give you a seal. If they don’t give you a seal, they will climb up. The old thief, as the leader of Akatsuki’s organization, was already domineering in the Ninja World, who knew that so many monsters would emerge from behind. Most people used their first impressions. They saw that Payne was shocked, and the stronger boss behind him appeared. Except for Madara, there was no shock to Payne at all. The long-awaited leader of the Akatsuki organization finally came out. Konoha who had been attacked so many times was pushed by Tian Daoping, who should have relied on the immortal mode. The first battle was also killed. Naruto, who had just practiced the immortal mode, was also inserted. On the ground and I can guarantee that without the song “Ritual” by Takanashi Koji, Payne would be less than a third of any member of Akatsuki’s organization, and given him this kind of face, he could be blown to heaven. The shock of carrying the rice is reached, who still has the mind to analyze the combat power? Cool and it’s over

5 months ago

Quite simply, he is the first person to break the ceiling…what is the ceiling? It’s fire, water, thunder, earth wind, scorpion, ferret, snake, frog, worm… He broke the ceiling, that’s a god, don’t say he calls himself a god, even if he doesn’t say so, in the hearts of all Naruto fans who chase more Naruto, Payne is a stage There is a special presence inside… When the ceiling is broken, you will find that Nagato is just a chimney on the roof… And above the house, you can see Sasuke riding on the back of an eagle… You can see floating on The Senjujuan in the cloud…you can see the Uchiha Madara sliding down the sky…you can see the earth-synchronized Naruto moving around the earth…and the Kaguya far above the moon I am looking up to…and from The form of Mars… At this time, you look down again… Even if you break the chimney, you are embarrassed to call God?

5 months ago

The unfinished character is definitely better than the normal character, but when playing Payne, most people in Naruto said that he was a masterpiece. At that time, Kakashi died, and many people thought that after playing Payne, they would be finished. When Uchiha Madara appeared, Hokage was completely unfinished. It was already tasteless and a pity to abandon. I don’t represent everyone. Anyway, I think so. It’s boring. It’s because after all, the reason behind Hokage starts in fourth grade. Look, I’ve watched it for seven or eight years. After so many years, I can’t stop watching it. Uchiha Madara and Kaguyahime and Yuhabakh behind him are almost all the same. Yuhabakh is better than Aizen, but the plot of death during Aizen’s period is much stronger than Yuhabakh’s ending.

5 months ago

Are you sure you are not strong? Six people died and the immortal came. Heavenly Dao, Shura Dao killed Kakashi and Ding Zuo. Xian Ming can win because of Kishimoto. Finally, Naruto’s fairy mode is over, what ability does he have to carry that Shenluo Tianzheng? And why does Penn use Shenluo Tianzheng? Is Vientiane Tianyin bad? Let’s analyze Penn’s battle. In the war that Payne participated in, if you follow the anime, he has played Jiraiya, Liuwei Yu Gao, and Xianming. These three battles have a beginning and an end. The paradox is that both Jilaiya and Yugao played together and cooperated with each other. Where’s the narrator? Shura Dao first sent a head, then Hungry Ghost Road was hit by a frog group hand and then sent another one, and then the Human World Road was hit by the wind escape spiral shuriken. These three people died without a single move, and the Animal Dao went back to the list. After being killed by Helix Lenmaru, Hell Dao resurrected Hungry Ghost Dao, and then let Naruto play a routine to kill Hell Dao. Hell Dao did not make a meaningful shot. Hungry Ghost Dao absorbed the fairy Chakra and turned it into a stone. Finally, Tian Dao and Naruto One to one. That’s not how you play Warcraft 3C. Let’s look at Payne’s response to Yugao. The Beast Dao summons psychics. The Hungry Ghost Dao absorbs ninjutsu to cover the Heaven’s Dao. The Human Dao and Hell Dao cooperate with the close-range attack. Six tails pass through the body of the Human Dao with a change of voice. Just as soon as they shout, they are killed by the Beast Dao. The chameleon caught him, and then Liuwei used corrosive liquid to corrode the tongue of the chameleon. Finally, Tiandao threw out six iron rods that sealed the chakra. Hell Road resurrected Tiandao, and Shuradao directly released a large number of bombs, targeted attack, and got it done. Look at Penn’s vs. Jiraiya, Jiraiya does not have that illusion. Even the three combinations of Human Realm, Hungry Ghost Realm and Beast Realm may not be able to win. The physical skills are seen through, and the ninjutsu is absorbed. When the six lanes are on the stage, they can only run if they can play freely. With a combination of six attackers, there is no room for Jiraiya to fight back. Of course, Jilai was already seriously injured at that time. However, even if he is not injured, there is not much he can do. Fighting against Naruto had a dumbfounded look, even if Tiandao could not release ninjutsu for the time being, the remaining five would not be sent up one by one. There is one more thing I didn’t want to understand. The Earth-Blasting Star sucked Yawei Naruto into a ball, and Naruto wanted to release the nine tails and was blocked by the water gate, and finally sealed it again. I can understand all of this series. After the end, Naruto stood directly on the outermost surface of the Earth-Booming Star. ? ? ? ? ? Kyuubi didn’t come out, but just stuck out his head, why did he break it like this? ? ? ? In the end, Penn’s Shen Luo Tianzheng, Naruto summoned a bunch of clones and stopped. Then Tiandao knelt down. Why are you kneeling? Do you want to fight Naruto? There is no clue that the way of heaven has reached its limit. Nagato can finally release the reincarnation innate, there is no chakra. Moreover, he also said at that time, 5 seconds, this distance should be enough. That trick can only be released at close range. It shows that there were enough chakras in the way of heaven at that time, so that they would not kneel down. Happy New Year? But looking at Payne’s regular operations, he can only run away in the face of Jilai and face Kakashi. Strictly fighting, after a loss, he chose to kill at a mid-range. Although the power of God was information he didn’t know, it could be regarded as killing Kakashi. The crappiest singled out with Naruto was also single-grabbing Naruto. Without Hinata, Naruto had completely lost the anger of the Nine Tails at the time, and was even a little confused. Such a person, before the Ninja World War, was well-deserved as the ceiling of the Ninja World. The collapse of the fighting power in the later period naturally cannot be compared with it.

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