The tactics of a basketball game are derived from the process of serving the result of a goal. And the first 8 three-pointers are 100%, which is a direct reversal of the process from the results. Since the result is directly determined by skipping the process, the process immediately becomes no longer important. You can bypass everything originally framed in basketball tactics and directly change the basic ecology of the sport: for example, you don’t push at all in the fast break. Convert and shoot a three-pointer directly from the backcourt. For example, bring a foul-only second team on the court, and the defensive end will directly stare at the worst free throw on the opposite side. It doesn’t matter if you score 12 or three of 16 free throws in eight rounds. Anyway, our offensive end will shoot a three-pointer directly from the backcourt. . For example, each game is only played in the last five minutes, and after 7 seconds of petrochemical in place, he will shoot a three-pointer in the backcourt. For example, in the final critical moment, he didn’t run tactics at all, but ran under his own basket, and shot a three-pointer directly from the backcourt. In case of indecision, three-pointers in the backcourt; hesitation in offensive, three-pointers in the backcourt; defensive hips, three-pointers in the backcourt; final lore, three-pointers in the backcourt. You are not only the living Shintaro Midorima, but also the ruthless destroyer of the opponent’s defensive enthusiasm. In every game, the opponent will fall into the huge confusion that they don’t know what to do on the defensive end. There is no need to defend the position, because you directly make three points in the backcourt; there is no need to double-team, no matter how many air defenses you are in, you directly make three points in the backcourt. ; Even just hurting you is not enough, because as long as the person is still alive, you will go straight to the backcourt with a three-pointer in a cast. People have long hearts, and defensive enthusiasm needs to be slowly cultivated by positive feedback. Your basic kicking Newton punching Gauss is enough to make your opponents have a huge self-doubt about whether they need to continue to engage in professional basketball. The total collapse of the team’s will will first gradually spread to the whole team from the enemy’s vanguards and role players defending you. They are all unwilling to fight. How do you say this ball is played? Even-even if you and your opponent know the essence of your three-minute real man, even if you stand on the court as a substitute, it is also a huge deterrent. Because your opponent knows that they are already behind by more than 12 points at the start! At least four games in the playoffs, your opponent actually let you at least 48 points at the beginning of the game, how do you say this ball to play? When a team knows that they have lost 48 points at the beginning of the series, how can they be determined to win the game? There are classes in the NBA. The goals and demands of superstars and role players are not exactly the same. In good times, everyone can say that there will be contradictions and divisions within the team in adversity, especially those who have fallen behind before the game starts. In the extreme environment, how many teams can maintain unity and good professionalism in adversity like the Cavaliers of the Lakers for 20 years and 16 years? What’s more, your appearance is enough to change the basic environment and structure of a team: you don’t need to sign too many bench gangsters, because the players who play at the same time with you only need to be responsible for fouls and rebounds. There is no need to sign the Big Three, because once you enter the critical moment, your appearance will eclipse Jordan James. Two giants + four or five powerful rotations + you, the core lineup of seven or eight people is enough to create a team that is all-in-one. Just imagine when the Lakers have four or five Schroder Harrell-level players in addition to Zhan Mei. What a terrifying dominance will that be? So to sum up, the emergence of causal weapons is not just as simple as those three-pointers, but completely revolutionizes this sport. In the face of the wave of revolution swallowing everything, you can’t defend and can’t dribble the ball. What can you count? It may be just a routine operation for you from winning consecutive championships to retiring. All that remains to be done is to make a small statement to those weak teams when participating in the draft: If you are forced to pick you, you have to go to Europe to play.


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5 months ago

Think about it, you averaged 8 shots per game in the NBA, shooting 100% from the field, and averaging 24 points per game. Think about your level again. Your team only lets you in the last quarter every time. On the field, averaging 24 points per game, your opponent will collapse more, of course, those tragedies will not be counted and, with a player like you on the field, your opponent is estimated to send your team’s defensive vanguard. Guard against you, it is estimated that you can double-team after halftime, and under the premise that these eight goals are 100%, you can’t even pass the ball to the open teammate, let alone you have a certain field of vision. Able to accurately deliver the ball to the hands of open teammates. This kind of tactical value and the role of creating space for teammates can be said to be the only one in the league. It seems that there is no player who can make such a contribution. Letters would want a teammate like you. As for whether he can win the championship, O’Neal and his grandmother should be able to play with this kind of tactical containment and stable and unsolvable scoring ability.

5 months ago

At most one. You will be banned from participating in the league the following year. Because you have used more than normal abilities to disrupt the original process of the game and make the game lose its suspense. Any team that signs you will not need to play in the future. As long as you change players, you will add 24 points and it will be over. The result is set, what’s the point of the game? The game is meaningless, where are the fans watching it? Without the fans, where is the commerciality? Commerciality is gone, what else is necessary for the alliance? Therefore, if the alliance wants to survive, it has to block you. At any time, when you don’t have enough resources to play around, you can balance everyone you have to face. If you simply master something and skills that are only good for you but not good for others, and when others can’t play with you, you will have nothing but death. The important thing is never technology, but profit. China has joined WT, and under the WT rules, the U.S. imperial government will not immediately prepare to take WT to start a new stove and not play with you? If China does not backhand the Belt and Road Initiative, rcep, and the China-EU Investment Agreement are all signed, isn’t it just waiting to die? Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes. If you don’t take the first place in the exam, you will dominate the world. Because exams and rules are all set by people.

5 months ago

Why? 8 three-pointers, which is 24 points, don’t remember the front. If I were a coach, I wouldn’t let you go. You are the last quarter, even the last 5 minutes of the weapon, as long as I don’t fall behind 20 before the last 5 minutes. Above points, the ball is basically set to win. In the 5 minutes of the game, everyone has no energy, and then you go up and kill, and at least 24 points, the first 8 three-pointers hit 100%, and the opponent just collapsed. As for how you grasp your first 8 shots, this is up to you. Generally speaking, when you hit 3-5 three-pointers in a row, there will be at least one and a half people in front of you. If the three-pointer hits consecutively within 3 minutes, the opponents and other players will also watch you. In this case, you can pass the ball, and you are still in your quota. You have the right to dominate the game. Anyway, when your teammates can score goals, you don’t have to struggle. Your teammates can’t score or the game is at a critical moment. At that time, you just make a three-pointer. This game is simply not too good to play. Of course, if the game comes to the finals, then your skill is simply a god. Everyone knows that you are averaging 8 three-pointers per game. Who dares not guard against you? Your range is still available from the backcourt. Someone may have to keep staring at you from the backcourt. Once you get the ball, you are basically in front of you. For two people, even so, you can still easily hit the first 3 three-pointers to make them even more pressing you. Next, it is up to you to decide whether to pass the ball, break through, or do other things. The championship, everyone else is fighting for the runner-up.

5 months ago

The question is-if you, that is to say, you represent us as ordinary people, not professional players. If I stand on an NBA court as an ordinary person, the defensive effect is almost zero, and it can no longer be described as poor defense. Confrontation, bounce, lateral movement, height, speed, and consciousness are all bottom, so I must It is the most ideal state to reduce the time on the court and throw eight three-pointers in the shortest time. But even this is very difficult. First of all, I can’t dribble, let alone find a chance to pass the ball. The opposing defensive player will never give me this opportunity, and my own quality can’t do it. If you get the ball, you must throw it right away. Anyway, the hit rate is 100%, but it is difficult to catch the ball. Even if you can throw it in the backcourt, as long as other teams are aware of my attacking distance, they will always send people to defend close to my body. And the ability to get rid of, it is difficult to catch the ball. Even if you receive it, people already know that your shooting percentage is 100%. Let’s come directly to a shark-slashing tactic and send me to the free throw line. An ordinary person, after experiencing even one round of NBA-level confrontation, the free throw percentage basically depends on the sky. And this will increase the number of rounds I have on the court until I have made eight three-pointers, which may take more than a dozen rounds, and the defensive end is directly blown. And the problem is to win the championship and rise to the intensity of the playoffs finals. I think I can’t play. Even after the fracture, my three-point shooting percentage is still 100%, but I really can’t play…

5 months ago

If it were me, I would probably win five or six championships. First of all, my physical talent can’t adapt to the NBA’s confrontation, so I can’t be the core. Those who are YY are big nuclei, just get 24 points 100%, and lose more points. Therefore, the positioning is the sixth man of the strong team, who specializes in ambushing and throwing the key ball. You can choose to hold the leg and go to which team has the thicker leg. For example, the current Lakers and Nets specialize in the corners and weak sides, and James of these two teams is capable of giving me 8 three-pointers. Then it’s simple, first win a championship, averaging 24+ in the playoffs, the core shooter of the championship team, the team decisively renewed the signing of 100 million in 5 years. It is not a big problem to win two championships in 5 years. But after three consecutive championships, it is estimated that the core of the team is scattered. When the contract expires, he will switch to another strong team with more than two thighs. Although the opponent should have special tactics to restrict my shots, the opportunity will naturally come out with more thighs. It is not a big problem to change 120-130 million for five years after signing the first sign. Mix two or three championships and choose to retire. Also, you don’t have to talk about the 8 must-have three-pointers, unless you have a professional level, or you must be a role player, and you can’t play too much time. When Thomas was 29+, the Green Army was unwilling to sign a long-term contract with 20 million. Just because these 8 must hit three-pointers, to a certain extent make up for the shortcomings of not being able to defend. But I really want to be the core force, just because of my physical condition, let alone whether I have a chance to shoot 8 three-pointers per game, I dare not say if I can persist for several seasons. Jeremy Lin was the core back then, and he wouldn’t be able to play for a few seasons. And he played for 11 seasons, 80 games per season, made 7,000 three-pointers in his career and scored more than 20,000 points. Proper first scorer, Hall of Fame, five or six crowns in hand, seven or eight best sixth men. unprecedented. What a top shooter, all stand aside

5 months ago

These questions are the same, depending on your physical fitness. For the physical quality of an ordinary person, if you can achieve 8 three-pointers, then your opponent can also do it, that is, you can get what you want from your head. Not to mention this, how do you dribble the ball through halftime, how do you get rid of the defender to catch the ball. If your teammates all come to give you pick-and-rolls, it may cause your mobile pick-and-rolls instead. If your physical fitness is at the NBA level, but the technical level is ordinary, then it is enough to send a drinking fountain player to mark you for unlimited fouls. Anyway, your free throw percentage is not 100%, but it may cause the ball. The team’s offense is even more difficult. If your physical fitness and technical level are at the NBA level…then you go straight to the draft, you don’t need this kind of hang-up. However, as long as you have a 50% free throw percentage, plus your 8-of-8 three-pointers, you will at least become the first 250 club member in NBA history.

5 months ago

Take as much as you have! If you think such a player should start directly, arrange his tactics first, and finish the field after he completes eight shots. It seems that the understanding of basketball can be further improved. Although basketball is ultimately based on scores to judge wins and losses, after the start of the game, both sides have always been fighting for the initiative in the game and trying to destroy each other in momentum. I have never heard of a team that chanted when it was five points behind the opponent: “We played so great, we are destroying the opponent!” Then it was ten points behind, “We are simply the gods, and the opponent is vulnerable. !” Twenty points behind, “Our talents are exploding! The sky is our limit!” Even if they are stumbling, they would not play like this. A player who will hit the first eight shots only needs to start from the opponent, or he needs to take the game ahead of time and play at the final moment of the game. You just need to give the ball to your defender first, and then design a tactic that even if you give four screens to Bizhong, and then hand in hand, the rest is celebration. Although such a fight will not guarantee that you will win every game, at least you can achieve a fight for everyone, and it is worthwhile for everyone. It only takes two or three seasons for Bizhong’s team to be widely recognized, and it can get the big fish, or be taken away by the big fish. Just like this, there is no need to average 24 points per game, no need to have enough physical fitness, as long as the brain is not bad, every game only needs to stand up from the bench, change the trend of the game and it is over, and then wait to enter. Hall of Fame.

5 months ago

I don’t think the situation is as exaggerated as Gao Zhan said… Assuming it is an ordinary person, a non-professional player, even if the height is two meters. The only difference on this basis is that the first 8 three-pointers you must make every day can actually be said to be a three-point ability that evolves to the end, and then all other abilities are epic weakened Curry (? Then I think other teams are in the majority You won’t have a lot of headaches at the time. If you score a three-pointer here, you can play backhand there. In the decisive battle of Qiyong, James and Owen kept looking for Curry to single out that strength. As ordinary people, you can also defend against it. How many times. So if you play with enough time in the first or two quarters, the score that can be pulled is not as good as the 24 points you think, and it is likely to be 8 points or less. Therefore, the playing time is particularly important. Because the ability to make the first 8 three-pointers is the most important thing is the psychological blow to the opponent. In other words, the opponent must not be aware of the upper limit of “8”, and they must form “you can do every three-pointer.” The illusion of “going”. Therefore, you must decide the outcome with a goal at the end of the game, or in the middle of the fourth quarter. When the opponent wants to chase points, you must beat the opponent’s arrogance. So you need a strong teammate to make The game can be dragged to your most suitable playing time, so your salary will not be very high. Otherwise, facing a team like the Zhanmei Lakers, it may cost you before you play, as long as the secret of “8” is not discovered. , Wait until you find out that the good days may come to an end. The easiest thing is to not guard against you. When attacking, I will ask you to go heads-up. What do you say? You can also make a few fouls and get you off the field. The first eight I must go in and I didn’t say that I will make eight shots on the court

5 months ago

Think too much, take your hobby to challenge other people’s career. When you played on defense, you gave it for nothing. The opponents directly shot and practiced and got 8 2-pointers. You must know that Arenas, who has retired for a few years, made more than 90% of the three-pointers in practice, and Curry did not shoot three-pointers for half an hour. Lose one. Then you are worth less than 8 points. Ask a strong and long hand monster like Rondo to cover you. You will not be able to catch the ball. If a middle ball is broken, there will be less than 5 points left. As a marksman with more than 20 points per game, he must have a salary of 30 million dollars, which directly occupies a top salary position. Just like last year, the Lakers lost a big eyebrow. Even if they averaged 5 points per game, they are still a mid-lower team, not to mention from time to time. There are super teams. In previous years, the Warriors averaged more than a dozen points per game in the playoffs. So in fact, you can’t get the maximum salary at all. The high probability of your final ending is to go to a bad team in the big market that needs gimmicks, such as a New York team. I sit on the bench every day, and when the last shot of a game is still 2 or 3 points away, the coach has to pinch his nose and call you on the field with the look of dung bugs, betting that you can receive the ball and throw it out. , Even if you don’t get a steal, you get a free throw for a foul.

5 months ago

The question is not detailed enough. Situation 1: If you ignore the defense, as long as you take a shot, you must be able to make a shot. The ideal state of the offensive end (regardless of fouled free throws) is an average of 24 points per game, and the defensive end is almost useless. One in and one out, a net win of 8 shots The ball scores about 3-5 points. This player is suitable for the rotation time of the main force’s off-court rest to maintain offensive firepower. It should be possible to get a middle-class contract. But in fact, the player may not have a chance to play in the second or third game, because as long as the opposing team pays a malicious foul, such as a collision, it is enough to hurt ordinary people. Situation 2: If it means getting rid of the defense and not being blocked, the first 8 shots can be hit, then the actual score is zero. Ordinary people playing in the NBA should be almost impossible to get rid of defense shots. The player has little value in the NBA.

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