I am a freshman. When I first started buying a computer, I wanted to buy the rescuer y7000p, but the official website was out of stock and I had to wait. I was anxious to use it and listened to my dad’s recommendation and bought the thinkpad t15 (my dad is a software engineer) , I didn’t know much about this computer at the time, thinking that the more expensive it would be better. It turns out that the configuration is equivalent to about 5000 computers, and I regret it now.

Only for a little while I regretted it. Most of the time, I felt that this was the right choice. I think one of the core reasons why the subject will raise such a question is because the modern definition of business notebooks is too different from the traditional definition. And most people don’t like this or that. They pay attention to the notebook market for a long time. They usually choose to look at the big Vs like the cuttlefish upstairs, or the giants like Navis Li or the turkey test. Or simply choose a laptop based on feelings. “Your problem is not whether it is business-oriented or not, but rather that you have chosen a computer that is not suitable for your own needs. Unsuitable products will naturally not be easy to use. For example, the little girl who used to only edit with text was bought by Amway. , And had to consider the tragic event like dragging a suitcase to class.” The traditional definition of business machine: “A kind of enhanced portable computer with high security and strong ICT management capabilities, with general notebook computer performance. Starting with Intel Core i The typical is: Intel vPro processor, SED OPAL specification, with TPM encryption, pre-installed Windows Professional Edition system notebook computer, the whole is based on a mainstream thin and light notebook and secondary development. In other words, when these machines are designed The target is almost aimed at Office editing, Acrobat, and some non-computing core-based professional software (such as financial Wind/Bloomberg terminal, industrial CAD 2D graphics, etc.). Modern definition: a thin and light notebook computer , With long battery life, high quality and strong workmanship, usually have good support on the C and B sides (for example, the Macbook Air of the cuttlefish upstairs is not a business machine at all in the traditional sense, but the share of Mac in modern practice It has the momentum to surpass Dell Latitude and become the third largest business machine brand) Apple’s B-side procurement support and C-side Apple Care support are in line with commercial specifications. ThinkPad’s definition in recent years has been rather fascinating, T14/T15 in the traditional sense They are all standard employee laptops, and the feature is that the three-point quotation is exaggerated (MSRP is often $2,000 at every turn). The actual price depends on the customer representative. The half price is trivial (this difference on the C side means that the business machine is an IQ tax. Main source) The materials used are relatively general, and it is highly customizable (from extreme lack of conscience to slightly higher than the mainstream market or market top-level). The performance is only the mainstream light and thin notebook level, and it has a large number of characteristics that are very common for C-end consumers (China The market has also generally castrated TPM. Only high-end models have vPro, which is more like a business machine in the name.) Therefore, it is normal for you to find it difficult to use. There is no outstanding point. The quotation is exaggerated and the configuration is Low. It’s up (previously the default is only 1X3 is really poor, B-end default is 3 years on-site repair with accident insurance). If a person really needs high-performance configuration and chooses this series of machines, it is absolutely necessary Regretful. Regarding my own feeling of regret for a moment, it also comes from this. In January, we wanted to assume that the future world would use Bitcoin as the carrier of transactions, and then found that the Cyberpunk 2077 game can simulate this idea very well. So My friend suggested that I also play a game (after all, I’m completely white on PC games) Well, after reading the configuration requirements, I can’t afford it. The laptop with the highest configuration in my hand is only 8665U, even though it has 64GB of memory. , Bringing this kind of game is also manual funny, and it was a bit regretful at that moment Annoyed, because my three laptops didn’t even have a high-performance computer, and it successfully affected the old man’s money. (Otherwise, I might have a heavy position in January, and now the assets are at least 200%+) But think about it, other times. Except for the FZ-55, a 13-inch full-featured notebook, it runs around the world, a weight of 908 grams, a quad-core processor, and 36GB storage. It has almost never been stretched. It can be powered on continuously for 150 days+. It gives me the greatest sense of peace that despite the ability reasons, I have not made a good enough “business” because of these excellent business jets. For example, in the past when we used Panasonic notebooks, some older brothers almost had to earn back the value of this book 1000X on one notebook. At this time, these stable and excellent features are of great benefit. When the order was signed, the book crashed and restarted. The client suddenly lost patience and did not take it down after a few more weeks. So an swear word blurted out. Therefore, if you really need better stability in the statistical data of business jets, you will not regret choosing them. They are higher than the mainstream materials and excellent materials, keyboard, battery performance, lightness and thinness. , Can bring value. Of course, I still don’t recommend most college students to buy a business machine, because you really have a lot of unexpected needs, you will suddenly use high-performance applications, or you need a game when your hands are itchy. High-performance business machines usually have another term in modern times, called workstations, and the price of workstations is not affordable for ordinary students. There is nothing special, so just skip it. I guess your dad bought you T15 based on his feelings. The baby who went to college this year was probably born in 2003, and the old man was probably born in 1975. He went to college in 2000 and was from ThinkPad at that time. The T series included a high-performance model that was later split into the W series, so he recommended this product to you because of his empiricism, and you didn’t do enough homework, which caused you to fall into this pit. It’s a tie. Solution: Take advantage of the fact that T15 has not yet fully launched the latest model, quickly stop the loss and sell it, and then buy a normal game notebook and use part-time work to make up for the difference. As for a reliable business notebook, I also recommend one, DYNABOOK X30L-J, which has all the good qualities and fine traditions of traditional business notebooks. Because of Toshiba’s own business investment problems, this brand is independent, but the goods are still as strong as ever. . (Of course this is also because the X series is the flagship), it can be expanded to 40GB of memory, the core of Japanese practical design, full interface, and the final weight is less than 900 grams (the laptop bar evaluation weight is 875 grams), which is the lightest X1Nano than ThinkPad It’s all half the weight, and there is no compromise in the interface.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

No regrets… The two main machines I currently have are strictly business books. The main portable ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen6, usually go out with it, just use it when you type. The main performance is the ThinkPad P71. I like using both machines when modeling games. The experience is also very good. How can I regret it? The subject feels uncomfortable. I think there are two reasons. First, I didn’t figure out what my needs were, so I was taken into the car by my parents and chose a business book. If you use your computer at school to play games and cut videos, most business books will let you down. The second is that parents won’t choose, and they choose the worse model in the business book. ThinkPad T15 is not worth buying under any demand. It can only be said that the subject was cheated by his own father, which is a pity. If you only have text office and web browsing needs, buy a x1 carbon with this small 1w, I think you will never have any complaints about the business book now.

5 months ago

As long as you do your homework beforehand, you will generally not regret it. The exception is to buy new and more suitable products within a short period of time. The subject is obviously not doing his homework in this situation. I chose Y7000P from the beginning to speculate that the subject’s needs should be a game notebook, whether it’s for games or other applications that require graphics card performance. However, just because my father, who is a software engineer, casually recommended it, I switched to ThinkPad T15. Just spend 5-10 minutes before placing an order to understand the configuration of T15, read two review articles or ask someone, you should be able to understand this immediately. Not the model you need. As for the subject’s father recommended a T15 that is not suitable for the subject’s needs, there are usually two possibilities: the subject wants to play the game but is embarrassed to tell his father, and his other needs T15 can be met; the subject’s father Although he is a software engineer, he doesn’t pay much attention to the hardware. In addition, although it is said that the Y7000P is out of stock and urgently needed, there should be many other options. For example, HP’s Shadow Elf 6, Honor Hunter, and Acer’s Shadow Knight • Engine, although the price is not as good as Y7000P, but Y7000P can be considered when it is out of stock and urgently needed. Even the almost-almost Dell travel magazine, ASUS Tianxuan, MSI GL65/GF65, and Mechanical Revolution Z2-R, which have obvious shortcomings, should all be more suitable than T15.

5 months ago

I fully understand the confusion of the subject. In fact, the subject bought the ThinkPad T15 and felt it was worthless and regretted it. This is completely normal. Because the positioning of the ThinkPad T series in recent years has been slightly biased and awkward. The ThinkPad T series itself is an “engineer’s laptop”. The idea is to provide 14- and 15-inch laptops with strong performance. It’s just that, in the end, this product can’t keep up with the times: T14 and 15 are in the same mold, and the T14 has a general heat dissipation. The graphics card that is not the main performance release is the MX250/350/450. It belongs to the entry-level graphics card and cannot be opened. The gap between thin and light notebooks is very embarrassing. The T14/15 2021 model has not upgraded the 16:10 screen ratio so far. It is still the wide bezel. The expandability is very general. It cannot bridge the gap with ordinary thin and light notebooks. If you imagine an engineer’s laptop, then What engineers need MX250/350/450 level graphics cards? And why is the heat dissipation capacity of the T series not outstanding at the end? So this leads to products like T14 and T15, which are very embarrassing. In the end, everyone can buy carbon directly, which is extremely thin and light, and its performance does not lose to the T series except for its independent display.

5 months ago

There is no exact definition of the business book itself. Generally speaking, business book is a specialization of flimsy duties. First, sacrifice some performance to control wind noise. Second, spend more money to add better after-sales services, such as door-to-door service, two-year machine warranty, and free repair of hard disk data. Finally, in some small details, such as camera privacy , Dual microphones and more. There is no problem with the existence of the business book itself. For business people, the business book is very friendly, but the game book is rubbish in the eyes of the target group. It’s heavy and thick, and the rest of the performance can’t be used by itself. It’s really nothing to look for. Why do you regret it, because you are not the target user. In fact, there is nothing you want, it’s just. We are not the target user in terms of price.

5 months ago

In fact, my impression of ThinkPad is just two words: durable. The older generation of IT professionals in China trust ThinkPad. (That’s why your father recommends you to buy ThinkPad. I really have a good impression.) I bought a ThinkPad before, and it’s not a high-end model, just the E430. At that time, the E series just came out. The big brother didn’t learn well, and the workmanship was rough, but he inherited the spirit of endurance. My E430 hasn’t dropped too much, and the keyboard can be removed directly, so it can be used again. It really doesn’t work when playing games. In the summer, playing World of Warcraft can get stuck hot, but press it directly. Press and hold the power button to force the shutdown, and the startup can continue to play. Hey, if you talk too much, it’s a tear. Unless you think you don’t like this machine anymore, you can add solid state, add memory, and it will last for seven or eight years. Anyway, it’s a business office. Durability is actually synonymous with stability. Check out this introduction. And security seems to be doing well, thinkpad is considered an earlier business book. But because it was done early, it does look a little conservative now.

5 months ago

I personally do not recommend students to buy a business book (in the traditional sense). But what do you regret for not spending your own money? Doesn’t the performance meet the requirements, the portability is poor, or you want to play games? Many people now think that the notebooks used for office work are business notebooks. But in the traditional sense, I think the most important feature of business books is to B, which meets the office needs of business users. Of course, the boundaries between home laptops and business laptops have long been blurred. Many business laptops will also be sold in the personal market, such as ThinkPad, ThinkBook, Hewlett-Packard series, Elite, and Dell achievements. Compared with household products, notebook products that are positioned as “business” tend to pay more attention to reliability, expansion capabilities, interface configuration, keyboard feel, low heat, low noise, after-sales service, etc. I usually call these “business attributes”; Consumer-grade thin and light notebooks are more concerned about the narrow bezels, high appearance, excellent screen look and feel, and performance release. The question is, what kind of expansion, interface, and door-to-door service do students want? Isn’t it all about looking good, playing games (crossed out), and meeting learning needs? A generation of classic schoolbooks, the G50, which are sold in the consumer market, are generally divided into these levels: Entry-level business notebooks: main interface, expansion capabilities, on-site services, such as mainstream thin and light notebooks that retain RJ45 network cable interfaces. , But Zhan 66, ThinkPad E series, ThinkBook 14/15 are all retained. Expansion capabilities are also good, except for Z66, the fourth generation basically supports the addition of a second solid state drive. Although Achievement 14/15 is the name change of Lingyue, dual memory and dual hard disks are also rare in mainstream thin and light notebooks. The more Lingyue has one year on-site service. The first Zen3 architecture low-voltage processor and the 66th generation Ryzen version: mid-range, entry-level high-end business book: high is not low, slightly embarrassing, the typical is the ThinkPad T series. The thinness, appearance, and screen configuration are obviously not as good as mainstream thin and light notebooks, and the difference in workmanship and detail experience is not obvious. So it gives the impression that the product is not outstanding and the price is expensive. Relatively better ones are War X (EliteBook 800 series mold), ThinkPad X13, and cross-border ThinkBook 13s. Thin and light, relatively pragmatic pricing, and some detailed experience of the keyboard and interface also have advantages over mainstream home laptops. Latitude 7000 is basically not in the consumer market, not to mention here. ​Flagship business notebook: For business elites, this level of attention to detail experience is even less suitable for students. Basically, it does not pursue performance. The focus is on industrial design, lightness, battery life, magnesium alloy, carbon fiber material, military standard testing, etc. . It satisfies the needs of business people who pursue brand, reliability and portability. Of course, there are high-performance business laptops, but the price is much higher than that of game laptops with the same configuration. It is impossible to have a price-performance ratio.

5 months ago

I have no chance to regret it, because I have never bought a business book. When I chased my wife, she was also given to Shenzhou Ares. To say who hates business notebooks, it is my former colleagues. The Thinkpad or Lenovo thin and light notebooks purchased by the government in the past two years are more difficult to use than the other. When they want to buy a laptop on their own, they ask me for recommendation. I always recommend Shenzhou Ares. It doesn’t take much to say, because they already believe that business is an IQ tax.

5 months ago

No regrets, because I haven’t bought it. . . The business book is a model that is “segmented” according to the target consumer groups in the light and thin camp, and its essence is still light and thin. Judging from your description, the model you want to start with is the savior Y7000P, then what you are looking at is the release of the machine’s performance, most likely to play games, so what you need is a high-performance notebook, which is what everyone says Game book. Because the official website is out of stock, you followed your dad’s recommendation and bought the ThinkPad T15. This shows that you don’t know much about computer hardware and bought a notebook that is not suitable for you in a hurry. The hardware parameters of the ThinkPad T15 is a thin and light notebook, because the focus of positioning is that its performance is still conservative in the thin and light notebook, which naturally does not meet your needs. So what you need is a game notebook like the savior, not a thin and light notebook.

5 months ago

This question is a mirror question, right? Correspondingly, “Do you regret buying a game notebook?” and “Do you regret buying a flimsy notebook?” The answer to questions like this varies from person to person, and the answer depends on the notebook you bought. Whether you can meet most of the needs, if you are satisfied, you will definitely not regret it, and vice versa. So, in reverse, in order to avoid the situation of regret, we must figure out our needs before choosing to buy a notebook, and whether the selected goal can meet our needs.

5 months ago

No, because I don’t play games. The advantage of the business book is that the driver support time is long and the parts are easy to buy. The Dell Latitude D630 bought by the university in 2007 was also a cheap and good-quality business notebook. The magnesium-aluminum alloy body was placed directly in the shoulder bag without leaving any traces. The interface is also very complete, there are actually serial ports and Firewire ports. The upgrade ability is also very good, and finally upgraded to T8300, with full memory and SSD. The most important thing is that the accessories are easy to find. Nothing was broken during the three-year comprehensive warranty period, but afterwards, the independent display went down, and Taobao bought a set of display motherboards and replaced them. Fans are also easy to buy, but they are all sold now. 14 years later, it can still be used when it is taken out today. In terms of service, the driver has been maintained for several years. From XP to win7, including BIOS, it was updated a few years ago. The home laptop is basically factory-driven, and there is basically no update. Later, I changed my job to ThinkPad X230, and the gameplay became even more. Change the keyboard, change the 2K screen, change the 4 core CPU, spare parts are as good as always. In contrast, I bought the 17-inch Shadow Knight 2 game book later for the convenience of reading the drawings. The intuitive change is that the plastic body is not so resistant, and the spare parts are not easy to buy. It has only been used for 5 years and now I can’t even buy a fan. .

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