On the 26th local time, WHO Director-General Tan Desai said that the global new crown epidemic situation is still deteriorating, and the number of new cases has increased for 9 consecutive weeks. The number of new cases worldwide last week “is almost equivalent to the first 5 months after the outbreak. The total number of cases”. In addition, the WHO said that the number of people infected with the new crown in India has increased exponentially, which is “very shocking and heartbreaking.”

The reasons include the lack of preparedness that residents do not maintain social distancing, poor social management, insufficient medical standards, and virus mutation caused by laissez-faire. 1. Lax preparedness and failure to maintain social distancing; Indian people celebrate the Big Pot Festival in other countries, including my country. Inside, the people gradually relax. 2. Due to inadequate management levels in backward countries, people cannot achieve a certain degree of isolation; there is no running water, no sewer pipes in slums, and there may be only wooden boards or iron sheets between residents, which are very prone to the spread of infectious diseases. 3. Insufficient medical level is reflected in: severe lack of personnel and equipment, hospital management chaotic, and insufficient ability to track viruses (1) The mutation is very serious due to negative epidemic prevention, long infection time of patients and free movement of most infected persons. Common problems in Indian medical institutions include insufficient oxygen and ventilators, the infectious ward is not divided according to the “three zones and two passages”, the medical staff is not fully protected, and the patient’s family is free to move around in the infectious ward, and so on. The video of nesmto in the Indian hospital under the new crown has 15,000 broadcasts. Because the mutation is completely random, the more people infected, the longer the infection time, the more out of control the infected people, and the greater the probability of mutation. India first discovered 240 mutated viruses at the end of February 2021. Later, in the samples collected from 18 states in India, 771 new coronavirus mutations were found in 771 samples. Among them, 736 were positive for the British variant, 34 were positive for the South African variant, and 1 was positive for the Brazilian variant, covering the global category. Subsequently, the researchers found as many as 7684 virus variant genomes in more than 5,000 samples, which means that some patients were infected with more than one variant virus. 1 Untimely sequencing may prevent new variants from being discovered in time. According to New Delhi reports, Gujarat still has no idea whether there is a SARS-CoV-2 mutant in the state because it was sent back to the National Institute of Virology in Pune ( NIV) The samples for genome sequencing have not yet been reported. The newspaper reported that whole genome sequencing (WGS) results of samples collected from COVID-19 patients (some of which were sent earlier than March) have not yet been received by the national health department. At the beginning of April, the state had sent 646 samples to NIV, but only received reports of 181 samples. [2] 4. Mutations may affect the effect of antibody immunity. In the January survey, 56.1% of residents in New Delhi had antibodies, indicating a history of previous infections. According to the traditional view, January has reached the level where most people have antibodies, and it is not far from “herd immunity”. The epidemic should gradually slow down, but there has been an outbreak recently. The possible reason is: when a person is vaccinated and infected with an evolved pathogen (the pathogen carries a new antigen), the immune system will produce antibodies against the original pathogen. This is because specific B cells prevent the activation of naive B cells, resulting in a weak immune response against the pathogen.


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5 months ago

This group of people are all experts. They eat on epidemics, vaccines, and data every day. How could they not understand. The World Health Organization is not ignorant of the epidemic, but powerless. For example, the epidemic broke out at the beginning. At that time, the World Health Organization issued a warning to all countries, but the Americans did not listen, and the Europeans did not listen. This is considered to be the world’s top-notch countries. I expected this group of countries to come out and take the lead, but they crossed it first. In such a situation, the WHO can’t help it. It also interspersed with short stories about Taiwan’s non-stop BB after it failed to join the WHO. Finally the vaccine came out. The meaning of the World Health Organization is to let all countries in the world distribute a little bit to other countries, so that at least every country’s medical staff can have a vaccine. As a result, the United States directly said that the United States has priority. Not giving a single shot to the whole of Europe has taken the lead in spreading rumors about vaccines from China and Russia. . India was originally known as the “World Vaccine Factory”. After exporting less than 50 million vaccines in total, I first injected 100 million shots. As a result, everyone has seen that India’s current population of more than 1 billion is estimated to be unable to get a vaccine this year. Under such circumstances, the WHO is also powerless. Including the United States, WHO, Europe, India, and China, everyone actually understands that airborne diseases like the new crown cannot rely on a single country, vaccines or control. The whole world must unite and play a role. But at present, what we see is that, for example, the United States and India are still using the vaccine epidemic for diplomacy and targeting. The result is also obvious.

5 months ago

From the development law of the spread of the virus, although it sounds terrible, in fact, “the number of new cases in the world last week was about the sum of the five months before the epidemic” is a normal phenomenon. The spread of the virus is exponential. For example, if the basic infection number R0 is 2, then the number of cases per month during the outbreak period is roughly equivalent to the total number of cases in the previous five months. At the beginning, the actual communication factors were very complicated, and it was impossible to follow a perfect mathematical curve, but the basic laws were the same. It can be seen that the slope shape in the early stage of the new crown epidemic was more gentle. On the one hand, this was due to the good control of China in the early stage, and on the other hand, the overall epidemic prevention conditions in modern society were better than in 1918, so the initial flatness was normal. The second wave of the Spanish flu is the most ferocious, and the second wave of the new crown should be the same. China and Western developed countries are not very good directly compared with the 1918 flu, because China’s social management capabilities are too strong, and the West has vaccine blessings. India, which has a large population density, poor environment, and weak social governance capabilities, will have a final trend similar to that of the 1918 flu. When it flourishes and declines, India’s current state should be close to its peak. Once a critical point is passed, the number of cases will drop rapidly. (The premise is that the virus does not undergo major mutations and there is no obvious immune escape.) In any case, I hope that the world epidemic will end as soon as possible.

5 months ago

In fact, the United Nations is empowered by the nuclear bomb carrier armies of the Wuchang family. If Wuchang does not give the rights to the United Nations, what is the difference between the United Nations and the National Dental Defense Group? In an era where the older brother is weakening and the second brother is strong, everyone is busy standing in line, and international organizations are actually a very embarrassing existence. The WTO group includes professionals in the field, as well as those who have practiced in the field of government affairs. If you say that they understand the virus and the medical system, they are afraid they understand better than anyone else. But the problem is that they don’t have a nuclear bomb carrier, and no one listens to them. And out of balance, they can’t stand in line. They dare not comment on the group of people who are already in the line. Otherwise, their living space would be gone. The international environment is actually an illusion. What about other countries, it really has nothing to do with your own country. Even if other countries die, more benefits and opportunities will be brought to you. This is not out of hatred ideology or lack of love. The ancients didn’t mean to cultivate oneself and rule the country with one family, one must always do it step by step. There is nothing wrong with being narrow. To make things simpler, there is no problem with the Indian ruling class, and India is still India. Going deeper, as long as the eldest brother, the second elder brother and the third elder brother are still healthy in this world, there will be no chaos in the world order.

5 months ago

It is entirely due to the outstanding contribution of the third brother. There is no tsunami or blowout growth in confirmed cases in any country. However, this miracle can be easily achieved by the third brother. Millions of people marched to take a big bath in the Ganges River. Nearly 60 to 70% refused to wear masks, did not maintain social distancing, and were even more unwilling to lock down the city-a man-made disaster to a community or an area, As for the Ugly Country, you can bring disaster to your own country, but the only one who can bring harm to the whole world is your third brother.

5 months ago

1. Why does this phenomenon cause the above phenomenon? In summary, it should be the following: 1. A large number of testing reagents are on the market 2. The attitude of various countries towards the epidemic is changing 3. The Indian election is imminent. So far, people are not like it. Facing the epidemic at the beginning, I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do, and I don’t have the same medical shortage and food as I did at the beginning. The related epidemic prevention materials caused looting, which made it difficult for the people at the bottom to obtain epidemic prevention materials. On the contrary, due to the outbreak of the epidemic, a large amount of production capacity has been invested in the production of anti-epidemic materials. So far, it has been saturated and surplus. As a result, manufacturers of related products have to consider how to deal with related products, and the market is sinking. Although the situation of the epidemic situation is as shown in the report, the number of new cases has continued to increase, but the corresponding expansion of the tested population. This phenomenon is actually good for the control of the epidemic, breaking the ostrich-like state that there is no problem without detection. So far, with more and more relevant research data, people have a deeper and deeper understanding of the epidemic. Many countries have also realized that the so-called universal immunization has little practical value in solving the epidemic, and they have to choose to face the epidemic seriously. This change in attitude can be said to have been deeply corrected with the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. The arrogance of Westerners caused them to pay a heavy price in the arduous journey of fighting the epidemic. This painful price is destined to leave a strong mark in the current turbulent situation. So why is the Indian election mentioned in the above summary? Looking down on the situation map of the epidemic situation for the past week, we can find that India’s so-called secondary outbreak contributed the most to this large-scale surge. Why did the epidemic in India explode like this? I have written in an article. The real situation of the epidemic in India has always been a mystery. Why? Because the government in power needs it to be a mystery, and does not want to spend too much energy on the investigation of this issue, it does not want to show the world that its epidemic situation has actually developed to a situation that it can no longer control. For a country with a strong class consciousness, there will not be too much sympathy for the people at the bottom. You can turn to a related video by Guo Jerry to have a deep understanding of this. The people at the bottom of India are like cows, horses, and livestock. Their lives and lives are not cared about or paid attention to by the upper class at all. As long as their interests are not affected, the number of deaths is just a number. Therefore, for India, it is not important to them to spend a lot of manpower and material resources to explore the true numbers of the epidemic. The important thing is how to maintain their economy and not to the point of collapse. Therefore, it is difficult for us to have clear data on the real situation of the epidemic in India. The previous Indian epidemic did not break out, but many Indians were not tested and treated at all. If it weren’t for the upcoming elections, India may still be quiet in the reports. In the face of the epidemic, they will be able to pass by drinking more water from the Ganges River. But now that it has increased the number of tests, it only coincides with the local elections in Tamil Nadu and West Bengal from March to April. If the opposition party wants to regain power from the Bharatiya Janata Party, the Modi government must be shamed. exposure. The epidemic data has become a big killer for the opposition parties. Therefore, India’s sudden increase in the number of tests and the sudden outbreak of the new crown epidemic are actually elections, elections, or elections! Those who perverted Modi are joining forces to make the Modi government embarrassed. Rather than the Indian government suddenly discovered its conscience, it began to pay attention to the bottom people. India is a country with a large population and a large population with a large number of people at the bottom and severe stratification. As far as the current situation is concerned, with the increase in the number of people tested, the number of new coronaviruses in the country will continue to increase sharply. It is actually very scary to think about it. With such a large gathering of people and population density, as far as the current situation is concerned, India may have lost its ability to contain the epidemic. For those who have thought to go to India this year or in recent years, I personally recommend a wait-and-see attitude. The best thing is to make another choice. 2. What impact will it bring? With the continuous expansion of the testing population, the number of new cases may continue to increase for a period of time. When it is possible to a certain extent, people will become more numb when facing the number of new cases. With the continuous expansion of the testing population, the infected population is getting closer and closer to a certain model. People will understand more and more clearly the superiority of a socialist country, which will pierce the ugly mask of the Western democratic system even more bloody. Let more countries represented by India realize at the cost of blood that the Western democratic system is a pit and a trap. Let more developing countries realize that the western democratic system has great harm to their development. In fact, as long as we sort out all the history of developed countries in the world, we can discover that none of the western developed countries has become prosperous by the Western democratic system. They have made their fortunes by centralization and colonial plunder. The implementation of democracy in these countries is a strategy that they implement only after they become rich. Why do they dare to implement it after they become rich, because this system is very cost-intensive. And this is a pit it has laid for developing countries. Without accumulating enough wealth, rashly learning from others to implement this system will make it difficult for oneself to develop. On the contrary, it will easily become a tool for other countries. The Western-style democratic system has extremely low decision-making efficiency, and various parties are torn in Congress all the year round. This is because policies that benefit the country and the people cannot be implemented. Like the prime minister of India today, Modi has many and good ideas. Centralization of power and land reforms are hampered everywhere, and no policy can be implemented. Governance requires planning and continuity, and it needs to formulate development strategies for more than 20 years. For some national policies, no results can be seen after more than 10 years. They can only look at long-term gains. However, we can find that developing countries that implement Western-style democratic systems are increasingly doing everything they can to get votes. As long as they can be elected, it doesn’t seem to be important. Usually elected people only do things that have short-term benefits. This is why we feel that many countries that implement Western democratic systems, including Western interest groups headed by the United States, have a feeling of strong momentum and lack of stamina. Didn’t they realize it? Of course they realized it and came up with a countermeasure. Just like the scene in “Three Fools Raising Bollywood”, since I have no room for improvement, I use the weakness of human nature to send pornographic magazines to my competitors one by one to disrupt their learning rhythm. Everyone else has gotten worse, so I’m still number one. So why don’t they go up, but keep still? Those who know the history of the development of the United States know that they themselves are a group of businessmen, a group of pirates, and a group of capitalists with a community of interests. Only a chaotic political environment can guarantee their interests. And this kind of America is destined to be a paper tiger as Chairman Mao said. Facing the current situation, it is also as it said: as long as we maintain the style of hard struggle, as long as we are united, as long as we adhere to the people’s democratic dictatorship and unity. International friends, we can quickly win victory on the economic front. With the arrival of the climax of economic construction, it is inevitable that there will be a climax of cultural construction. Our national defense will be consolidated, and no imperialists will be allowed to invade our country again. We not only have a strong army, but also a strong air force and a strong navy. Let the internal and external reactionaries tremble in front of us, let them say that we can’t do this, that’s not good either. The unyielding efforts of the Chinese people will surely achieve their goals steadily.

5 months ago

It means that if you don’t eliminate the epidemic, it will eliminate you in turn. If you ignore it, it will leave you with a deep memory in its own way. Although underreporting and underreporting can make temporary data look good, it can still cause greater disaster in the long run. It shows that seeking truth from facts is the key to everything in the face of the new crown epidemic.

5 months ago

Alas, it’s really annoying, the global epidemic has been raging for more than one and a half years, and it hasn’t been controlled yet! In fact, with the exception of us and a few countries that can control the epidemic, other countries can say that they have not controlled it at all. The so-called wave and wave are false propositions, but in fact the first wave of the epidemic is still there. A screenshot of a friend’s answer is attached below. To be honest, I really hope that this epidemic is the same as the 1918 pandemic a hundred years ago. It’s just as good that it can slowly reduce its spread. I know that the virus cannot be eliminated, but I just hope that the world can Recover as soon as possible.

5 months ago

Weng and losing their horses are the source of good fortune and misfortune. Vaccines help prevent the epidemic physically, but psychologically, they say that after the new crown was hit by extinction in China, it has acquired free-reproductive habitats abroad, and it has rapidly evolved radiation. The adaptability and infectiousness have been greatly improved. At this time, the vaccine came out. Although the number is limited, the vigilance of all countries has fallen. Governments: “Anyway, there is a vaccine, so control can be relaxed.” The people of all countries: “Anyway, there is a vaccine, so you can have fun.” We all see the ending. It’s here, so our country has always emphasized the “normalization” of prevention and control.

5 months ago

Unexpectedly, the Director General told people on behalf of the WHO two weeks ago that the optimistic estimate that “the new crown epidemic is expected to be controlled within a few months” was falsified so soon.
If we want to talk about the impact, the Indian epidemic has once again proved that the WHO’s reality and future direction of the world’s new crown epidemic is basically a smear, and there is no credibility at all.

5 months ago

I personally think that because the epidemic has never actually been controlled. As the number of infected people increases, the speed of infection is getting faster and faster. Here is a new article I wrote. It mainly writes about India, but India itself is a typical representative. The current situation of the global epidemic situation is similar to that of India. The outbreak of the epidemic in India, experts from all walks of life conducted various analyses on the reasons. Here, I also try to give my own understanding of the current round of the outbreak in India, and give a reasonable explanation for the various phenomena in India’s fight against the epidemic. This article will mainly elaborate from the following aspects. 1. India has never contained the epidemic; 2. India’s anti-epidemic results are based on the concealment of real data; 3. Several questions about the Indian epidemic; 4. The run on medical resources has revealed the truth; 5. Be alert to global outbreaks. India has never contained the epidemic. Why has the number of people infected with the new crown in India suddenly skyrocketed? Some said it was due to the mutation of the virus, some said it was due to the gathering of people, and there was speculation that the vaccine was defective. I think the real reason is: India has never contained the epidemic. The first wave of the epidemic in India has not passed at all, and even worsened. Over the past year, the number of infections in India has been increasing rapidly, and it is now an astronomical number. Because there are too many infected people, India’s existing resources can no longer cover it. My reason for making this judgment is that India has never taken sufficient measures to control the epidemic. In last year’s book “This Epidemic, How Does the United States Fudge the World”, I once listed several necessary conditions for complete control of the epidemic. They are: 1. The whole country, the unity of thinking, in order to save people’s lives As the primary goal; 2. Closing the city, basically stopping the movement of people and economic activities; 3. A strong central government for unified dispatch; 4. Sufficient funds and medical resources; 5. The full cooperation of the people. India does not have these conditions. At the beginning of the epidemic, India did implement a strict lockdown, but it was quickly lifted. In addition, India has not taken any particularly effective measures. Compared with China’s anti-epidemic measures, how can India be able to control the epidemic? India’s anti-epidemic results are based on the concealment of real data. At this point, readers and friends may be slightly confused: official statistics clearly show that the epidemic in India is improving. At the beginning of this year, the number of new infections per day has dropped to a low level. Around 10,000, and there is no evidence of the worsening situation in India being reported. What’s wrong? The answer is: all official statistics on the epidemic in India are false. We don’t have to spend too much time on careful thinking, just make a simple comparison, you can easily get this conclusion. Compare India and the United States, and consider a question: Why does India do better than the United States in dealing with the new crown epidemic? According to what we have discussed above, neither India nor the United States has adopted any effective anti-epidemic measures. The population distribution of India is denser than that of the United States. India is poorer than the United States, its civilian living conditions are worse than that of the United States, and its physical fitness is also poorer. There are many American civilians who look down on illness, but even the lower-class American civilians enjoy better living and medical conditions than the poor in the Indian slums. Why, India’s cumulative number of confirmed cases and deaths is lower than that of the United States? It can only rely on: data fraud. According to official statistics, more than 16 million people have been infected in India. According to the latest accounting test results, almost 20% of people in India already carry antibodies. In New Delhi, this proportion has reached 30%. This means that at least 20% of people in India have been infected with the new coronavirus. The total population of India is approximately 1.35 billion, and it is easy to calculate that the true number of infected people is at least 270 million. Even if we cut the number in half to 135 million people, that is eight or nine times the official statistics. Therefore, the official statistics are untrue. Several questions about the Indian epidemic. If we believe that the Indian epidemic data is not true, then our reasoning seems to have two contradictions with reality: If the number of infected people in India has been rising rapidly, then many people will die. Then this time Before the outbreak, why were there no reports of mass deaths? And why hasn’t I heard of any serious medical run in India? In fact, if you think about it carefully, the answer is simple: because India’s previous infections were mainly poor. The poor are forced by their livelihoods to go out to work, and they do not have the money to buy sufficient masks and other hygiene products, so they are more likely to be infected. The poor live in densely populated areas such as slums, and the epidemic is more likely to spread. The poor live humble and die more in a period of time, and they will not cause widespread concern. As soon as the body was burned, it was thrown into the Ganges River, silently. The poor can’t afford medical expenses and can’t go to the hospital. Naturally, it doesn’t matter that they cause a run on medical resources. Some people may think: If hundreds of millions of people are infected, the death toll is bound to be many, how can there be no movement at all? So let’s calculate the number of deaths. China’s new crown mortality rate is about 5%. Using this as the lower limit of India’s mortality rate, the minimum death toll is 13.5 million (270 million times 5%). Double the death rate and take 10% as the upper limit of India’s death rate. The maximum death toll is calculated to be 27 million (270 million times 10%). It seems scary. But don’t forget that India also has a lot of natural deaths every year. We use India’s natural death rate of 0.728% in 2018 to calculate the number of natural deaths in the past year at 9.82 million. Note that the main natural deaths are the elderly, and the main ones killed by the virus are the elderly. Therefore, the populations of the above two causes of death are highly overlapped. In other words, among the people who died due to the epidemic, a large proportion of people would have died naturally even if they did not have the new crown. Therefore, the actual number of deaths in India this year is only twice as many as the number of natural deaths. From the perspective of ordinary people, I used to hear that one person died every year, but two or three people died this year. For the poor in India, this is not worth all the fuss about. In addition, the number of people who die every day due to the epidemic has gradually increased over time. Therefore, most of the deaths actually occurred in the most recent period of time. I suspect that this is exactly the reason why the death toll in India has increased sharply in the past half month. This also explains why there has been little heard of large-scale deaths in India this year, because most people died in the most recent period of time, and the number of deaths in the first few months of the epidemic is very small, which is not enough to cause it. The vigilance of the surrounding people and the media. The run on medical resources revealed the truth. Originally, after the poor in India died, they might not be able to use the crematorium at all. According to Hindu traditions, firewood was set up and poured into the Ganges River to finish the matter. In daily life, the poor and the rich in India seem to live in two completely different worlds, with few opportunities for contact with each other. The middle class in India was admitted to the hospital after being infected and counted in the confirmed data. This is the official Indian statistics we have seen. This data has been declining in the past six months until this outbreak. Recently, coincides with the Big Pot Festival in India, and the Bharatiya Janata Party also organized a political rally. On these occasions, people of different classes are gathered together, which gives the Indian middle class the opportunity to get close to the virus, leading to a sharp increase in the number of middle class infections. The influx of these middle-class infected people into the hospital caused a run on medical resources, the death rate soared, and the crematorium was overwhelmed. The media exposed it, and the epidemic could not be covered. At the same time, the number of infections among the poor has also risen sharply, and the number of deaths has soared on the original basis. Many of these dead were not sent to the crematorium, but were burned by firewood, resulting in a shortage of firewood. This is how the scene of large-scale open burning of corpses in the news came about. If the source of the corpses were only the three hundred thousand newly added daily, it would definitely not cause such a strain on funeral resources. Even if the death rate reaches 10%, there will be no more than 30,000 deaths per day, while the number of natural deaths in India is almost 26,000 per day. Everyone, especially readers who have stayed in the countryside, imagine that a village usually kills about two people a year, and suddenly five people die in one year. Even if the corpses are all cremated with firewood, will it cause a shortage of wood in the village? Be wary of the global outbreak. If it were not for this medical run, the world would still be kept in the dark. Even the Indian government believed that the number of new diagnoses per day fell below 10,000. India is not far from overcoming the epidemic. The BJP even organized A political rally. Statistics continue to improve. At the same time, the virus spreads quickly and secretly. The poor cannot afford medical expenses, and they are not even worthy of becoming part of the statistics. They can only die silently. And in the world, like India, there are a large number of poor countries at the bottom because they cannot afford the cost of treatment. How many countries are there? Mexico? Brazil? Even the United States? There are also many poor countries where the gap between the rich and the poor is huge. In these countries, whether the statistics are getting better or worse, is the epidemic really as optimistic as the statistics show? The facts are already very obvious. At present, the only strategy that has been proven to be effective in controlling the epidemic is to adopt a strict epidemic prevention policy like ours. Otherwise, there is little chance that the epidemic can be controlled. How many can we really do this year? Perhaps, India is not the only one who failed to control the epidemic. Even the first wave of the global epidemic has not yet seen an inflection point.

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