After buying a house, I lost all desire to consume. Two days ago, the phone fell on the tile and the rear screen was broken. I picked it up in a hurry. The glass slag was a bit cut. I just pulled a few sheets of toilet paper to pad it. When I got home from get off work, I turned over the box and put it in the cabinet and bought it two years ago. One of the mobile phone cases is installed. It’s impossible to change the phone. I don’t even have the desire to buy a new phone case for more than ten dollars online. It just works in my eyes. I used to think that eating good food is the only fun in my dull life. Now I’m not even interested in eating out. Occasionally, the Chuan Chuan shop downstairs can take care of it for a long time. The shame seems to have diminished. At eight or nine in the evening, I will go to “Mother Qian” with a group of aunts to grab discounted vegetables. In order to enjoy a discount, the advertisement will be forwarded in the Moments of the opening bargain. Friends who organize holiday trips will also frankly refuse and explain the reason for lack of money. I was lying on the sofa and brushing everyone’s circle of travel friends on the National Day of May 1st, but I didn’t feel excited at all, but I felt very satisfied and enjoyed. Black rice crisps and potato chips have once again become the new favorites of snacks in my family. Become very concerned about small things. My husband has to enlarge half a cup of tea every time he makes black tea. After drinking it for a day, the color of the tea is also very strong, which I think is a waste. He would be scolded by me if he smoked more than 30 yuan, even if he explained that it was for distribution to customers. I think it was a waste of him to order a barbecue to take out at night, even if he is too hungry because he is working overtime until ten o’clock, I always want to go to the kitchen to fry him an egg and fried rice. Spending money on the blade has become an unconscious psychology of me. Last week, my friends came to Chengdu to visit me. I still took them to take the subway. They wanted to take a taxi. I think that as the host, I should treat me. I found out that I had uninstalled all the taxi-hailing software. Suddenly, I realized that I haven’t taken a taxi for more than a year. Subway buses and shared bicycles are the limits of transportation in my eyes. The desire to squeeze the wool has also decreased, and I feel that everything is a consumption trap. I have never used up the consumer vouchers issued by Chengdu during the epidemic. I used to grab a 50% discount on Orange V coupons on Dianping every week. I felt that I was earning blood. I took the coupons and went to restaurants and felt that it was a huge bargain. If I didn’t get the coupons, I still felt a huge loss in my heart. Dianping has now been uninstalled. The weekend started to become less expectant. Because most of the weekend is also lying at home for two days. I have forgotten the pleasure of shopping. I have been shopping with friends a few times, but I didn’t buy a single item. I actually felt very lucky in my heart. Before it was released, how disappointed it was to go shopping and not buy anything. If you want to go out on weekends, take your husband to the park. I actually feel very satisfied after strolling around and sitting in the sun for a while. It is impossible to have a baby. At least not at this stage. I’ve been so stingy, I don’t want to be so stingy with my children. I still hope that my children will grow up in a family without financial pressure. People around me said that early birth is good for girls, but I really don’t care. I think my mental health is more important. Fall in love with all the research and examinations. This year, I finished the CPA professional exam, and I also took the intermediate exam this year. I will prepare for the comprehensive and tax injection next year. Colleagues persuaded me that the examination of the tax registration is meaningless, but I want to take the examination. After all, there is nothing more that can bring me satisfaction and pass the time than research. Some commenters said that this kind of life is boring, self-inflicted and so on. I want to say that I don’t feel that I have lost the joy of life. It’s that things that used to be interesting are now boring. I did not restrain myself from consuming, but a spontaneous mentality of not wanting to consume. Whether this is the change brought about by my age, or the change brought about by the sudden drop in the economic situation of buying a house, I am happy to accept it. Maybe someday I want to consume it. When that day came, I might have become an old lady who was thinking about hot pot hairy belly all day long. I saw a joke on the Internet saying that I can express myself very poor in six words-“I won’t go.” It feels too real, hahaha, it’s me. Whether it is an appointment with friends or colleagues for dinner or going out to play, I want to say these six words to them.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

After working overtime today, I suddenly thought of this problem. The difference between buying a house and not buying a house is probably-before I opened my eyes every day, my first thought was, why do I have to go to work today? Didn’t I go to work yesterday? But now when I open my eyes, I can immediately think of me having a mortgage of several million. I just signed the house purchase contract, and I couldn’t sleep well for several days, dreaming about how to get the down payment, how to repay the huge loan, and what to do if it is overdue. I wake up very early every day, go to bed at 1 o’clock, and wake up at 6 o’clock. It seems that if we wake up earlier, we can pay off our mortgage earlier. Having lived for nearly 30 years, I never knew I could be so picky. Both men and I like to eat beef. I used to cook and buy beef several times a week, but since I bought a house, I might not eat beef once a week. Because beef is too expensive, I replaced beef with chicken. 300 grams of beef costs more than 30 yuan, but 300 grams of chicken costs just over 10 yuan. For one meal of beef, we can eat two meals of chicken. Now I have become particularly fond of wool. Some time ago, KFC held activities every Thursday. Suck finger original chicken 9.9 buy one get one free. Every day, I would go down with my colleagues to slurp the wool. Each person would suck finger original chicken for only 4.95. I asked her if she wanted something else, she said no, she couldn’t afford it, because she just bought a house. A piece of original chicken is equivalent to a meal, and we save a little bit. Later, the original chicken activity disappeared. We moved to a convenience store. A hot and sour noodle was 12 yuan, which is a bit more expensive than original chicken, but it was already considered a very cheap dinner in Shenzhen. I never knew that I could be so pretentious. In the past, after washing my hands, I would draw 2 paper towels to wipe my hands, but now I feel that one is enough and there is no need to waste it. I used to go out to the restaurant if I didn’t want to cook on weekends, but now I feel that the next restaurant will cost us a week’s food. It’s not cost-effective, so let’s do it ourselves. Also, now I, as well as the male ticket, have become extremely passionate about work, and also become very afraid of unemployment. Although he always says that even if you are unemployed, you can quickly find a job, but if that day does come, we will panic, because the current situation cannot afford any of us to be unemployed. The previous few times I changed jobs, I used to resign nakedly, but now I don’t dare to compare naked resignations with the house, which seems trivial. Now I am afraid of death, although I was afraid before. Sometimes I think, if I die, how will I repay the mortgage by myself, and sometimes I will worry about how I will repay the mortgage if he dies. So I started to think about buying insurance. In case of an accident, the other person can still have a little protection. A funny thing happened two days ago, because we ate purple dragon fruit, our urine turned red at the same time. At that time, the male ticket was panicked and frightened. He said, what if we both die suddenly. Then I thought about it, if I die, I don’t have to pay the mortgage. As many people have said, buying a house greatly affects the quality of life, but it affects a person’s state more deeply. It can change a person inside and out. We used to be afraid of not being able to buy a house, anxious and anxious, but helpless. Now we have bought a house and began to have a vision for the future. Our house is small, less than 50 square meters, but it It represents a bright future. Even if there is nothing in the future, we can still keep a house as the last resort. I have never had such a strong desire as I do now. I am eager to replace my current small house with a 200-square-meter house, to decorate the house into a home that everyone envy, and I am eager to get rich overnight and solve the loan problem. I have never done my best to restrain my desires like I am now. Even for a dollar, I will spend more money. I don’t need to buy new clothes, I don’t need to travel, I can eat less food, as long as I can save a little more money to repay the loan. If you give me another chance, I should still make the same choice and get in the car when it’s time to get in. The moment I saw this house, I felt that if I didn’t buy it again, I might not have the chance to change in my life.

5 months ago

Before I bought a house in Coordinate Imperial Capital, I had to bear a monthly rent of 7,300. After buying a house, I had to bear a monthly mortgage of 10,000, including the provident fund. Compared with paying the rent, the pressure to repay the loan was not much different. After moving and buying a house, the dolls in front of the TV cabinet were all placed in a row. Before buying a house, I was watching the landlord’s 32-inch TV ten years ago. After buying the house, there was Sony’s flagship 65-inch TV hanging on the wall of the living room before buying the house. I use an old pulsator washing machine. If the clothes are not placed correctly during dehydration, the washing machine will convulse. After buying a house, I don’t even need to dry the clothes. I just dry the dishes before buying the house. I wash the dishes by myself. I don’t want to cook after I buy the house. Washing dishes with the dishwasher, cooking every week, before buying a house, raising a kitten is frightened, for fear of being driven away by the landlord to buy a house, the living balcony is left to Yi Yi De Yi in the decoration design, and finally gave Mao children a stable and comfortable little Before buying a house, communicate with the property through the landlord. After buying the house, communicate with the property with confidence.

5 months ago

I must write a sad story anonymously: My wife’s father, that is, my father-in-law, came to Shenzhen to work in the metal processing industry in the 1990s. It can be regarded as a deep drift in the early generation. It is said that that generation can come to Shenzhen. Working hard at the forefront of reform and opening up has already been ahead of its peers by a large margin. About 2000 years later, his father-in-law has been in the industry for more than ten years. He has practiced a craft and saved 500,000 homes. It was definitely a huge sum of money in that era. At that time, Shenzhen’s top luxury mansion. About 6000 square meters, 500,000 yuan can buy a large fourth house in Luohu (the city center at the time). But my father-in-law was unwilling to work for someone all his life, and made a brave decision: with his skills and 500,000 principal, set up a business in the sea! Looking at it at the time, this is simply the golden spirit of Shenzhen! In order to start a business, the parents-in-law even fostered my wife with relatives in my hometown, and suffered a lot of grievances since childhood. But the road to entrepreneurship was bumpy. The factory opened for the first time soon closed down due to poor management. The father-in-law felt that it was impossible to go alone. He brought in a few friends in the industry to raise funds, start a joint venture, and set up a second factory, but unfortunately, he broke up due to conflicts between the partners. The father-in-law, who has been frustrated repeatedly, did not get discouraged. With the support of his mother-in-law, he borrowed from the bank and started his business for the third time. At that time, his father-in-law wanted to “work hard for another year and never return to his hometown”. Do you think this is a story of a failed business that led to the inability to buy a house? No, the third venture was very successful, because the father-in-law did business with good quality, and the delivery was on time and on-time. It slowly gained the approval of a group of regular customers. The factory has been operating steadily until today, under the impact of the new crown. Still maintained profitability. Even because the orders are too full, the father-in-law sometimes has to go to the production line himself to catch up with work. The life of the wife’s family has also improved. Last year, he finally borrowed 70% to buy a two-bedroom and one-living house in Dongguan. It is really gratifying, gratifying!

5 months ago

When renting a house, use the latest iPhone, go to the hottest restaurants and supermarkets, just go out and take a taxi. Double eleven, buy, buy, go out as long as you have time, go to the hot springs in winter, and the sea in summer But when I came back from a five-star ocean view room, I could only sleep on a mattress of a few hundred yuan, sitting on the landlord’s dilapidated sofa, and even the expensive computer chair I couldn’t bear to buy. When I buy a computer, I only consider a notebook, and only choose the cheap ones. , Be ready to move at any time. . . I still have to buy an iPhone when I buy a house. This is just needed, but the old mobile phone has to be sold back. It’s not like giving it to relatives and friends at home who want it, and no one wants it. It’s expensive to eat. I still have to go, but only on New Year’s Day or on meaningful days. It’s not like going to the supermarket when I want to go. I don’t even consider the supermarket to wait for the promotion. Before you buy something, you need to see if the credit card has a discount, if there is any. It’s not a rush or tired to go out if you only lose ten yuan. But if you want to go out and play by bus, you will still go, but there are fewer places to go on vacation, and all you go to are tourist places, which saves you a lot of learning. Cooking at home thanks to a good wife, some dishes taste about 70% or 80% of the outside, but the price may only cost 30. This is part of this year’s Double Eleven. I used to stock up on the closet. I stock up on the memory, and now I stock up on the refrigerator; but now I’m sleeping in a comfortable bed, and sitting in a comfortable chair when I use the computer, I bought the ps4 from my heart, and gave it a big TV to invite friends to eat You can take out a complete set of tableware. There is an oven at home, and there are various baking tools. If you want to toss, there is still a little toss, but it is very important. For a very fat person, it’s just a torment. Now in my own house, I use toilets and smart covers, so I can wash my ass. It’s cold and warm, and it’s happier to shit. There are many other things. I won’t talk about it. Now when the two of us are resting, we like to stay at home, because our homes are designed and decorated according to our own ideas, and staying at home is the most comfortable. So you ask if there is a difference. That difference is too big, but I don’t. I dare not say that that kind of lifestyle is better. It all has advantages and disadvantages. It depends on what you want. Maybe if I am 20 years old this year, my life is going to be chic, but next year I will be 30 years old. I think I Of course, I think it’s a question of whether to buy or not. If we buy, what we buy is another question. We have also considered buying a house that has reached the limit of the economy in one step. Later, I think we should still be smart and follow. Finding a balance between stability and stability. After all, the house is in good condition, but it is only an important part of life. It is not all of life. It is really necessary to sit in the house and eat pickles and porridge. I personally cannot accept it.

5 months ago

Delivery in 2019. I haven’t repaid my mortgage yet, but I think of it a little bit pressure. In 2015, my husband and I wanted to buy a house and found relatives. Relatives thought about it and sold one of them to us. The relocation house of the relatives I bought was located in the second phase of the community where we lived at the time. The building started in 2016, and I will visit it every day, hoping to build it soon. In September 2019, we notified us to collect the house, gave us the keys, and signed the contract. We were stunned as soon as we walked in. The hard decoration has been decorated for us! The living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom are all renovated. Hurry up to call and ask about the situation. The relatives said that other houses in his house were decorated in the same community, and they also installed your house by the way. Two rooms, one living room, one kitchen and two bathrooms, the indoor area is 76 square meters, and the cost of hard decoration is 70 thousand yuan. The picture below shows when our relatives were older when we closed the house, so the style tended to be Chinese and old-fashioned.

5 months ago

The last thing I regret doing in my life is probably buying a house. My hometown is Changsha. I work in Shenzhen. The longer I stay in Shenzhen, the less I want to go back. I like this city more and more, but my mentality was not three years ago. In this way, three years ago, I felt that I could not gain a foothold in Shenzhen. I couldn’t afford to buy a house in Shenzhen anyway. So I should go back to Changsha after struggling for a few years. If you think about the problem of children’s education, you can spend it. I bought a house in Changsha with only my savings, more than 12,000 square meters, not cheap, but our first home qualifications were used up, and many unpleasant things happened during this period, which is a lifetime pain when I think of it. But everything was late. I rented a house in Shenzhen, and my family stayed in a two-bedroom peasant’s house. They saved less than tens of thousands of yuan a year, but they didn’t want to leave. Money buys a house in Shenzhen, but I don’t know where the transfer opportunities are. If you take a dead salary, you can’t really afford a house in Shenzhen for a lifetime. I advise everyone who has not bought a house to consider whether the house is just needed or for investment, and do not easily use up the first set of house purchase qualifications. The plan will never catch up with the changes.

5 months ago

At present, the main theme of national property market regulation is to stabilize house prices and prevent them from rising rapidly, but do not allow house prices to fall rapidly, so that the overall house prices are stabilized at a rise or fall of about 5%. And in this upward and downward trend, Uncle Peng thinks that the high level should be more willing to keep house prices rising slightly, so you can see that the housing prices of new houses in many cities are rising. Unless the real estate bubble bursts in the future, house prices across the country are unlikely to fall sharply. When the real estate bubble bursts, no one knows exactly when it is. Perhaps this bubble has not burst? Can you afford to wait for the bubble to burst? If you really just need it and you have money, Uncle Peng feels that if you meet the house you want, you should buy it or buy it. Buy early and enjoy it early. Just don’t treat real estate as an investment product, and treat it as a consumer product. Just change this concept. The houses mentioned above are all kind of high-quality houses. If you are an ordinary person and you only buy an ordinary house, then you don’t have to worry, you can see that the price of ordinary second-hand houses can’t go up at all, and all the increases are high-quality houses. .

5 months ago

Get on the bus in September 2020. The biggest difference is that before buying a house, you can get by. Consumption per month = salary. Work barely, just don’t pull the department back. Take out three meals a day, go out for big meals with friends and colleagues four times a month, and two-day trips to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai twice a month. On holidays, there will be a long-distance trip of 5-7 days. After buying a house, plan carefully to increase revenue and reduce expenditure. In order to save rent, I moved to an old house where my relatives had been idle for a long time. The time spent on commuting on the workday was about 3 hours. Three meals a day have changed from ordering takeaways to buying half-price vegetables in the supermarket at the time. The protein has been changed from beef and lamb to eggs and chicken breast. A fixed monthly expenditure of 2,000 yuan for food and accommodation will be implemented in January 2021. Every expenditure will be recorded. I don’t know if there will be some money left this month. Yesterday New Year’s Eve, the boss issued a red envelope in the department group and grabbed 200+ yuan to offset the food for the past few days. I am now struggling with whether non-salary income should be added to the fixed expenditure. (Hey, the sorrowful buyer) After the grandma passed away, only the mother was left. She is now retired, and she is very worried about living alone in her hometown. Discussed with my mother about living in Hangzhou next year. The mother and daughter living together saves my mother’s worries and my worries. I hope my mother can like Hangzhou. Before buying a house, I had no idea about salary. Starting from 2016, my mother will be fixed at 1,000 yuan every month, and 3,000 yuan for the month of the new year. Even when unemployed, the money will not be cut off. After buying a house, I suddenly realized that 1,000 yuan is too little. I was considering whether to add more or buy insurance for my mother so that my mother could have a peaceful old age. In the month when the deposit was paid in September 2020, at the end of the month, I was urged to submit documents by the leader. For the first time in that month, I took the initiative to submit it without waiting for the leader to urge me. Not reluctantly at work, I began to wonder how to do better. In the internal declaration of the company in 2020, the leader was no longer reminded three times a day, and he took the initiative to ask HR when it would start. (The performance appraisal in 2018 meets the grade declaration standards. In 2019, I was urged to report information by the leader every day, but not urged.) The performance of the previous new year was waiting for the indicators under the leadership, but after buying a house in 2020, he took the initiative and requested the leadership Improve performance standards. The leader was stunned. Is Xianyu going to stand up? Maybe it’s because I’m single and I’m very comfortable at work. Before buying a house, I was a little confused about life. I don’t have much plans for the future. I just want to maintain the status quo, so that my mother is healthy. After buying a house, I began to have a plan for the rest of my life. Grandma and grandpa have passed away, and there is no need to worry about the hometown. Take her mother to Hangzhou and let her spend her twilight years in this place with mountains and rivers. When I bought this house, in addition to placing my ever-increasing number of books, there was also partly because of my mother. Originally wanted to write the mother’s name, due to household registration restrictions. I hope that in a few years, I can buy another house in the name of my mother, so that she will have no worries for the rest of her life. At work, I started thinking about better development from the past. How to improve business ability, how to make yourself more valuable in the workplace. In addition to enhancing the value of the workplace, he is also learning financial management. If you have time, maybe you will open a Taobao shop to sell some things you like. Come on, come on~

5 months ago

I just signed a contract last weekend and bought a house of more than 150 square meters and 1000W in first-tier cities. Before buying a house: 50+ I am always thinking, when will I retire? Why is this boss so silly? I don’t want to do it anymore. After buying a house: I always think: Well, I can do it one more day! Well, it’s better to work, don’t panic if you have surplus food! Well, I still have to work hard! Well, from the perspective of the boss, there is some truth to her thinking like this! Yes, people are so realistic, PiaPia, slap in the face! Therefore, if you are in the comfort zone, have no fighting spirit, and want to retire early, then buy a house quickly. You will find that there is a huge difference between buying a house and not buying a house. After buying a house, all your hypocrisy, self-pity, arrogance, and laziness Thoughts, swept away, you will become the confident man who will borrow from the sky for another 500 years!

5 months ago

Tell me a story. After 90s, after graduating from junior college in 13 years, most of my classmates bought houses in 16 years. At that time, it was rumored that Chengdu had to limit purchases. Every day my classmates called me to buy a community with them. At that time, the community was 8000 square meters. It’s relatively expensive, and it’s an off-plan property. It was handed over at the end of 2019. I had more than 100,000 in my possession at the time. I was embarrassed to tell my parents. The down payment was 210,000, which was tens of thousands of yuan. At that time, I thought to myself, I earn a year of savings. If I had enough down payment, I bought it again, and then the purchase was restricted in 17 years. I was instantly stunned. At that time, my social insurance period was interrupted once, not for 2 consecutive years. I was thinking about the purchase restriction and waited until the social insurance was enough. Everyone knows the rest of the situation, the house price has doubled. I had enough social security in 18 years. I got on the car next to the community in the middle of 19 years. It was 18,000 square meters. Damn, the family gave some money, and I spent more in an instant. Although 1 million is mortgaged, my heart aches. 1 million, we ordinary wage earners, have to save for 20 years, and the gap with friends is instantly widened. My friend got married at the beginning of this year, and now it’s almost full moon. I also picked up a car in full, and all the major events in life were completed in an instant, and I was alone and in debt. The same salary, the same education, but because of different choices, just buying a house, the gap between the two is getting bigger and bigger

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