Everyone, don’t forget that this time is a limited Zhongli re-engraving pool. Zhongli’s popularity and intensity are aimed at “cute new” players who do not have Zhongli at all stages, especially novice players. Even if Zhongli is not drawn, novices can have decent rocks. Shield, ice shield and fire characters. If you are a veteran player, you can skip it and you don’t need to argue. You can wait for the pool of Xinyi, and you will also draw if you want to. Moreover, this version of Zhong Li does not have exclusive weapons, which can better achieve graduation for the Krypton Moon Card Party in Micro Krypton, because separating the pool can better collect the original stone, which is also to stimulate the flow of water for Mahy. Most people start to speak on the premise that “everyone’s maid is basically full”. In fact, there are not a few who do not have a full-life maid and want to be full. Please don’t represent everyone. Finally, I would like to say that the root cause of the public opinion shock of some players is the problem of overflow of life. Noelle is just innocent. Of course it’s not bad for mhy to get out of the pool, but it’s not very kind… even if it’s not Noelle this time. Next time there will still be other characters carrying this pot. The real need of most people is to modify and improve the rewards that overflow from the life seat. Some people step on Noelle to take advantage of bbll. I am embarrassed to break you down. Accept rational discussion, but don’t accept brainless ridicule. For some people who refute me without reading it and understanding what I’m talking about, I just want to say one thing: smart, you are right

Let me talk about myself first, the player who opened the server, the maid is still alive. This life seat came from my Puchi. There is no cat, I was thinking that he could get a cat this time, but he turned up. Moreover, the Autumn Festival is also one of my free gifts at the Sea Lantern Festival. If I didn’t give this optional item, I still haven’t got the Autumn Festival. I have Zhongli, but I think Zhongli’s life is not bad. Besides, I just got out of the house and didn’t draw a shot. I was far from the bottom line. The maid and the cat are not planning to practice. Yan Fei and Youla I prefer Yan Fei, I plan to take it. I’ll leave as soon as I am, so this pool is very good for me. But it doesn’t prevent me that the time interval between maid ups is short. Not for the maid, you can’t stand the four stars you want even with three pools up. Therefore, the essence of this time is that the life constellation is too bad after overflowing, and the cost of the game for five stars and four stars is the same for the official, so it must be five stars first. As a result, the four stars will be full sooner or later except for the Yusanjia, and it will be a loss if they are full and get nothing but stardust. But speaking of this kind of overflow, it is very difficult to correct it. After all, some people had forced the krypton to pass the fate seat before, and it was very troublesome to change that wave of people.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

It’s not an up frequency at all. I think it’s time to unify the plan to increase the number of overflowing stars, four stars return two draws, five stars return ten draws, this is the real benefit. The up frequency of the rush is as if the plan will listen to it. If the water in the pool is not low, it doesn’t make sense for you to rush it casually. And this pool is Zhongli, plus a new four-star, how can the water flow be low. Xingqiu is also up in both versions. Some people also say that Xingqiu is separated by two ponds (short pond, four weeks), and Noelle is separated by a pond (three weeks), which is different. Funny, isn’t this going all around? After seven more days, can you save a big guarantee or what? Xingqiu is nothing more than the six-star true god, not many people go to rush. In the future, there will be more and more full lives. I can’t always charge every pool. I have five or six full lives. Anyway, my desire is to increase the overflow return. Unless Mi Huyou can divide the pool, start with Dao Wife. The role of Meng De Liyue was separated, otherwise the future return of the pool would be 10% off, which would be really disgusting.

5 months ago

It can be explained by using the invitation of Noelle and Maomao in the next version, so the UP characters plus the new characters, or it can be explained by the fact that the four characters can be shielded and have the same points. It can also be said that Mihayou is just like Deliberately dismantling the role of the whole road, in fact, instead of Up Noelle, but replaced by Fischer, Xingqiu, Zhongyun, etc. estimate that most people are still dissatisfied, the only solution is Ningguang.

5 months ago

The ugly words may offend some character chefs, but to be honest, the up pool is in the hands of the rice factory and he can do it whatever he wants. The rules of going down in so many pools are obvious. God five stars match the general four stars plus the role of meal, and God four stars match the meal up five stars. The meal here refers to not only the intensity, but the number of players in the hands of the player, with microkrypton 0 krypton as the standard is four stars, high life, five stars, 0 life, low life. Master Abedok’s running water doesn’t work, just put a thumbs up, and condensed these cost-effective four-stars to enter. Then you need to expand the box and have to pump. If you have dozens of shots before, you can only make Amitabha’s small guarantees or the character burst for ten consecutive times. Stop it or wait for the position to be liquidated. People who can’t get it will most likely not get away next time they are up, so if you get it, you’re worried about it. And the maid already has a lot of players in the hands of a Gundam, and then draw it is like a five-star, followed by some players in the hands of cats are full of life. As for like four stars like brother, instead of thinking about going to the up pool to fish, it is better to exchange it in stores such as Tun Xinghui. After all, four stars are not guaranteed. There is Xin Yan in the next eula pool, and then 1.6 like brother. Will be put in the pool, it’s really disgusting

5 months ago

Dissatisfaction is understandable, after all, the maid has just been up. But there are also people like me who have been out for Wendy for the first time, so they have been spared the second Wendy up. And I don’t have Zhongli, the maid and the cat are not full. For me, this pool is just making money from smoke and blood, and the maid makes a lot of money (because I have practiced, I can’t hurt my life without my life, but the shield is very thick), and Zhongli Maomao does not lose money. So you ask me what I think, I’m sorry, I’m quite satisfied with kuso, there is no maid, Yan Fei died, the cat is full…

5 months ago

No one will take it out when the light is up, right? If you want a five-star, you can draw in the pool, if you are satisfied with a four-star, you will continue to play in the pool, and if you are not satisfied, stop. The four stars in the UP pool are also happy. It was originally a 50% probability to choose one of three, and unlike the five-star guarantee, true love can be full of life across the pool, and it will not come out after a few flashes of golden light. King Rock plus new role 2 with 2 As expected, Noelle and Diona’s new invitation to enter the pool is barely a claim. Ningguang and Panshen obviously need their positions more. In this period, you can complain and complain, but it is really unnecessary to mess up your mood or set the rhythm for a four-star UP.

5 months ago

Is there any good comment, comment that Mi Huyou should be changed to UP? Then: Didn’t the filial sons say that Zhong Li will not be up with Ningguang? that’s all. One more point: As a player, what we really need to do is to let the planner publish the UP rules, or announce the next version in advance; provide a better solution after the end of life. Seek benefits for the majority of players, instead of wantonly venting their emotions on the Internet, the party is the same.

5 months ago

mhy wants to absorb fresh blood Wendy, son, and Zhongli’s pool together can understand Wendy. Needless to say, the human rights card, blow it and it’s done. Give you the second team of sugar monsters and Lei Ze master c, the maid can shield The milk can also hit the son pool, the emperor, Rosalia, Barbara, Barbara can make up for the second water, the emperor can also be a Zhongli up pool for forming a team, Zhongli human rights, send a new fire To make up for the problem of lack of fire c for the novice, the maid Shuangyan can also give a shield and milk. The Diona human rights auxiliary card is drawn after it is formed. Don’t underestimate the maid. The maid’s help for the zero krypton and the novice is really better than expected. Much bigger, but for veterans, the benefits are far inferior to Yusanjia and Ningguang Bennett, who lack the way to obtain the life zodiac. But before the four-star life zodiac system is changed, the real priority to change is the five-star life zodiac. Overflowing the system instead of four stars, otherwise Krypton is unhappy and opposes the change, and mhy will definitely not change the four-star natal system to help Krypton fight for profit. Sometimes it will bring you closer to him. My personal suggestion is , Count and return the five-star life stars that overflow the standard pool, and change them to the universal life stars of the standard pool characters. Later, you can produce an exclusive weapon made with the standard pool role life stars or directly use it for level 90 breakthroughs. Show off the number of universal life stars, mhy’s flow on Krypton guys will not be low because they belong to the up pool full of life, if you are happy, you may have more life stars overflowing from Krypton players can also relieve their pressure. Pico Krypton can also reduce the damage to benefits. It can be more open to Krypton up pool and month card players. It is temporarily useless, but sooner or later I have to run into it and no one will help. Now even if it is changed, there is no loss. I feel that mhy is also moving. Going in this direction, the standard pool character is gradually losing its status except for Mona, and needs to have its own unique strength to support. However, mid-krypton and micro-krypton players are also facing a crooked life or Mona 77 whether to continue. The problem of pumping up pools can then gradually change the four-star fate system. For example, if you draw 6 times and ten consecutive, the next four-star character must be your designated up pool four-star, or overflow into a four-star fate, three You can change to a self-selected up pool, four-star life star, etc.

5 months ago

Let me start with the conclusion. The routine operation of capitalists, making money, is not shabby. The game is fun and the company behind it wants to make more money without conflict. mhy is not for charity. The only goal of the company is profit. Doing the game well is just to serve the pursuit of profit. As for putting crumbs in the chocolate (don’t spray, this is the voice of many people and does not represent personal opinions, my maid The operation is not full of life), nothing more than to maximize profits, this matter is placed on Apple, everyone should buy and buy, and it makes sense in Yuanshen. In a word, players and game companies each get what they need, you love me, it’s business not to be emotional.

5 months ago

Frequent UP is not a big problem for me. The question is whether the character after full life can produce something else. Based on the current situation of the original god, the five-star rate is much faster than the four-star. The new version may not have the new four-star. But there must be a new five-star. Sooner or later, your four-star characters will be full of life. The problem is that there is no difference between being full of life and not being full of life. There is even one missing life seat, but you may still get this character repeatedly. Yusanjia (Kaiya Ambrissa), I really haven’t seen the remaining four stars. I basically started with four lives. Some of them are full of life early. For me, Xingqiu Maid Xiangling Barbara said this to me. I definitely don’t smoke the pool, and I don’t even have plans for the next pool.

5 months ago

The question is not who is up, but the life seat overflow compensation. The card pool rules are very clearly written. Every 10 rounds will have a purple. If your character is full and you continue to play, you will give 5 stars, which is just enough for a single draw. In Ganyuchi I sent out 6 Xiangling in a row until Ganyu came out with Xiangling, but my Xiangling was already full of life, this is equivalent to what, equivalent to I only got a five-star Ganyu when I sent 70. In addition, I also gave me 35 stars, which is a 7-round single draw. What is said in the rules, every 10 rounds must be a purple, but if you check me like this, then there is no difference between me and such an outrageous compensation. With warehouse inspection, the rules are directly broken.

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